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Michigan QSO Party   2017   Apr 15   Comment Summary

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NV8N(N8RY)   Single Op HP   45,7652017-04-15 18:53:24
First MIQP for me since adding 2 harmonics and a qth change.. Used an 80 meter
dipole and a tuner for the whole contest. Bands were rough, but all in all I
didn't do too bad for my working conditions. Good tune up for fd and iaru.

Hope everyone had fun!
AD8J   Single Op HP   30,5362017-04-15 19:39:27
Gave up after 10 hours as ran out of stations to work, hadn't heard a mobile for
hours and wasn't picking up any new mults.

Remote operation:
TS-480 - Acom 2000A
SteppIR DB-36, 80 meter inverted L, 75 meter inverted vee
W4NBS   Single Op HP   1,7922017-04-15 20:47:27
150w; FT-1000MP Mk V; 80m dipoel @ 35ft

Tough sledding. QRN on 80 10db-2db over at times.
40 wasn't a whole lot better.
Never heard any mobiles but not surprised considering the QRN.

Thanks for all the Q's and patience copying me through the noise.

Hope to see you all in the AL QP in June.

73, Tom, W4NBS
K8MR   Single Op LP   5,1922017-04-15 21:07:02
After many years of driving around Michigan for the MiQP, I do feel an urge to
show up for MiQP. Following K8IR around a lot of the counties I visited many
times was fun.

I was able to keep plugging away on 20 during the day, but the last two hours
after an evening engagement were brutal. Storms in MI and WI must have made
things tough up there, as a number of loud stations CQ'd in my face on 80, and
were not hearing other callers as well.

See you from the road in the Florida QSO Party in two weeks.

73 - Jim K8MR
K7HKR   Single Op LP   562017-04-16 02:15:44
80 watts, homebrew 5-foot magnetic loop from AZ

40 meters was very noisy and missed a lot because of that (75 must have been
noisy too, but I barely checked), 20 was okay, never heard any mobiles. Glad
at least one of the prolific MI stations was working 20 late, as the band was
still open at 03UT.
K4MM   Single Op LP   8,2942017-04-16 03:10:52
Nice activity. Fair condx. My usual line noise that "Florida Power and
Light" won't fix. K8IR/M & W8RU/m kept me busy chasing them. Hope to
work MIQP next year.

RIG: FT-950 90W
ANT 1: A4S
ANT 2: 40M Sloper

Thanks to all that worked me. 73
K4MM Tom Colyard
N2CU   Single Op LP   10,2482017-04-16 05:49:46
What a difference a year makes. My enthusiasm for operating this event was
quickly squashed after finding horrible band conditions. Of course, nothing on
20m, 40m signals were weak, and only two stations were found on 80m during the
day. Pretty much made for a no-band contest from my QTH located in far Western
NY. My first hour netted only 32 QSOs, compared to 56 last year. By the second
hour stations to the East and South were almost twice my QSO count, so I knew
there would be no repeat victory. Only one mobile worked (K8IR) who was quite
often the loudest MI station on 40m. Thanks for being out there.

Can someone turn on the propagation switch for the next contest?

K3/100, TH6DXX 48'(DE traps repaired this week), 40m dipole 30', 80m wire

73, Tom N2CU
N5MKY   Single Op LP   6,8402017-04-16 06:33:38
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's Michigan QSO Party Contest Log 3.6
NAME: Glenn (Smokey) McCray
ADDRESS: 17 Maryland Dr
ADDRESS-CITY: Battle Creek
SOAPBOX: Everybody went to bed before the Easter Bunny came.
K1RO   Single Op HP   39,4562017-04-16 07:37:09
I was surprised to find loud Michigan stations on 40 meters at the start. From
what callers told me, the long band put a damper on in-state QSOs. 40 meters
was my money band, although in the evening the band went way long and I
couldn't hear MI anymore. 80 meters was hard for everyone with the ridiculous
static crashes. I had short spurts of propagation on 20 meters in the afternoon
and probably should have worked that harder.

I ended up with a lot fewer CW QSOs and multipliers than I expected from
looking at the results of past MIQPs. Don't know if that was my operating
choices or the activity/conditions this year. There were quite a few casual
phone ops to keep my interest, although the last couple hours were pretty slow.
K8IR led the mobile pack with 15 QSOs and 14 counties. Also worked W8RU (6/4),
K7TH (5/5) and W8UE (3/2).

Thanks to the sponsors and all the Michigan stations that got on even though
conditions weren't the best.

TS-590S (x2), SPE 1.3K-FA, ACOM 1000
Force 12 XR6 (2 el) at 25 feet for 20
Inverted Vs at 30-40 feet for 40 and 80
K9NW   Single Op LP   7202017-04-16 07:51:13
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K8BKM   Single Op LP   23,8082017-04-16 08:33:39
Part-time operation as I just returned from a 2+ week business trip overseas and
I didn't think contesting was the best use of my time this weekend. However, I
really enjoy the MiQP because I like to work folks from different counties in
the upper and lower peninsula.

Conditions were really tough. I got on for the first hour and 40 was long. The
only stations I could work were locals in the counties surrounding mine, and
the most distant in the upper peninsula. Lots of out-of-state folks at this
time of day on 40. Took a very long break and came back in the evening to find
40 pretty much abandoned and worked another hour or two on 80 splitting time
between phone and CW. I only worked one mobile, K8IR/M in MACK, who responded
to one of my CQ's on CW. Never heard them again. K8MQP had the strongest
signals on the bands but I was also really impressed with the signal from W8PSP
in HOUG(Hancock according to QRN on 80 was really bad from a line of
storms that crossed the upper lower peninsula. Switching to my receiving
antenna on 80 didn't help at all. Really had to pull out some weak signals
calling from out of state but thanks for your patience.

I was only on for 3.5 hours but activity really seemed down this year, probably
because of band conditions and because of the Easter holiday weekend. Having the
first 80-degree sunny day of spring doesn't bode well for sitting in the shack
all day.

Thanks for all the QSO's and the activity across the state.

73, Tom
N4UL   Single Op LP   5,6762017-04-16 09:00:14
MI QSOPARTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2017-04-15

CallSign Used : N4UL
Operator(s) : N4UL

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : MIXED
Default Exchange : 001 KY
Gridsquare : EM78DF

Name : Vernon Nunn
Address : PO Box 4804
City/State/Zip : Louisville KY 40204-0804

ARRL Section : KY
Club/Team : KCG
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6164.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 CW 26 52 7 2.0
3.5 LSB 4 4 0 1.0
7 CW 26 52 20 2.0
7 LSB 23 24 16 1.0
Total Both 79 132 43 1.7

Score : 5,676
Rig : TS-940S

Antennas : 80m Windom, 40m vert loop

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2017-04-16 Signature : Vernon Nunn
NF8M   Single Op LP   15,3112017-04-16 13:02:18
Thanks to everyone who gave us a call!
K7DR/8   Single Op LP   6,7082017-04-16 13:30:22
FTdx3000 80w
130' Inv L at 25'

Family priorities(and 82 deg WX!) kept me out of the shack during the day.
Tried to make-up on 80 in the evening, but the 82 deg WX brought plenty of QRN
K8IR/M   Mobile Multi-Op LP   77,2202017-04-16 14:53:35
Many years the weather isn't that big a factor for us out on the road. This
year the weather was the story.

After driving five hours through the rain to get to our starting point, the
skies cleared and we were enjoying a very nice afternoon. The temperature got
up to 82 degrees along the southern part of the route, and conditions began
better than we had seen in recent years. The notable difference from last year
was what we saw in the Wisconsin QSO Party last month, that the lack of
sunspots pretty much eliminated the short in-state propagation on 40. That
would be on 80/75, and although we checked out 80 early, the only station heard
was KM8CC from KZOO who was booming in.

Then we headed back up north, and the line of thunderstorms met us just below
the Mackinaw Bridge. So by the time the crowds migrated to 80, it was too
noisy for us to be heard by most stations. We managed to pick up a few mults
through S&P, but running on 80 was mostly unsuccessful. So we ended up
with our lowest mult total since the first year I went out in 2002. Although
it was plenty noisy on 40, that band still worked for us to the end.
Unfortunately, the fog slowed our trek across the U-P, and we got to MENO with
just 2 minutes to go. We apologize to all who were waiting at the end when the
clock ran out.

A big thank you again to my driver, Eric, KG9GH, who between rain, fog, and
deer (we saw more deer through the UP at night than we had in-state mults), got
us safely around the route. And thanks to all who called in and especially
those who followed us through the contest, including WB5JID (22), K4MM (19),
K8RYU (16), K1RO (15), and many others.
N8XX   Single Op QRP   22017-04-16 16:04:30
Didn't calculate the score, because the scoring robot always does that better
than me. The robot on his form made me make a calculation, but it's a SWAG

Conditions were very marginal from here. And, the amount of time spent
probably is low as calculated by N1MM because I'd give up after 20 to 30
minutes which no contacts, and do something much more satisfying. :)

Lettuce Prey that we're nearing the low of this sunspot cycle, but I fear that
this is NOT the case.
N8FYL   Single Op LP   10,9802017-04-16 16:40:18
Whew, that was a slog. Most years I'm with the N8LC crew from L'Anse Creuse
ARC. Life events made that not possible this year, but I got a higher score
than my last effort from home. More CW QSOs made a big difference.
K8PL(K2PM)   Single Op HP   11,4542017-04-16 19:49:42
Rain starting and stopping on ladder line took out one amp. (changed
match)Interference from logging computer once batt was fully charged. (didn't
count on that-took 2 hours to "fix") Balun went bad. Was tired from
driving to Milwalkee to get a new radio the day (night) before for this event.
Felt I was too far behind, so I gave up and went to sleep.
KA6BIM   Single Op HP   3,7382017-04-16 19:51:12
Very poor band conditions, lots of QRN & QSB. Tnx for the qso's
K8QKY   Single Op HP   44,8382017-04-16 22:30:24
SteppIR Big Vertical 40 - 10 m. I made six Q's on 80 with 50w using 40 m
position on my SteppIR (SWR 12:1 :-) ).

This is my first effort from my home station in MiQP. However, I've been a
guest operator at K8XXX and W8UM -- its not exactly my first time ever. But,
man was it ever tough to pull in station call signs and exchange info.

I almost quit when I first got on (Hour late starting) but did manage to stay
on 9.4 Hrs.

Nonetheless, I had fun. And to boot, I actually operated SSB ! As most of you
know, I operate almost exclusively on CW. And, had fun doing SSB. Also thanks
to all the SSB guys who stuck with me to get both of us in the log.

Looking forward for next year with better conditions.
K9GDF   Single Op LP   9882017-04-17 05:01:29
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   4,3182017-04-17 06:54:30
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Limited time this year,
but band conditions seemed poor. Not many mobiles, but those did a good job.
Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
KN4Y   Single Op LP   1,6282017-04-17 13:24:58
Worked up and down the band contacting players in the Michigan QSO party. I
heard later K8IR was mobile, only worked K8IR in one county. Several MI
stations could not hear me, I even stomped my feet. Operating mobile with a
serial number in the exchange is difficult, some operators start with the
number 1 when into a new county, this screws up the fixed station who now
several one's for the same call. Hope MI reconsiders exchange change, Name and
State (Name, county) is fun.
WQ6X(@NX6T)   Single Op HP   1,1882017-04-17 13:59:08
This is another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T.
My main focus was the CQMM contest however I had a log ready for when I heard
MIQP stations.
You can read more about WQ6X operations at:
KT8K   Single Op QRP   19,0822017-04-18 23:21:30
Toughest conditions I can remember. I fooled N1MM+ into thinking I took time
off, just because I couldn't be heard for more than a half hour several times.

Still, it was fun, and I coped with the frustration of 7 QSO's per hour, hour
after hour.

It was great to hear a lot of other Mad River folks on the air, but conditions
made it sound like there was almost no participation.

Thanks for the QSO's, and to all who listened hard to hear me. Believe me, I
was surprised how often I was listening hard, too.
72 to all de kt8k - Tim

station equipment:
- Tentec Orion, MFJ Grandmaster Memory Keyer with Bencher BY-1 paddle
- XP laptop running N1MM+ (and nothing else!)
- homebrew RS-232 to keying interface (thanks Dan KB6NU - catch his blog!)

- 20/40/80m multi-wire dipole at 30 feet, fed with RG8x
- 40/80m wire vertical fed with TV twin lead and LDG Z-11 autotuner, feed
at 12 feet above ground, 2 radials per band

Thanks for enjoying my ham radio (and other) songs:
"I Want a Big Tower"
"If You Ain't Runnin', You Ain't Winnin'"
All this and more at "I LIVE for those
hits!" (and QSO's)
NA8V   Single Op HP   124,8482017-04-19 14:04:40
I realized right at the beginning that scores would be way down. In the first
1/2 hour, I managed to work only one Mi (local) on 40, although the longer skip
was quite good. Took some time off hoping for the band to shorten up, it never
did. When I came back worked a few UP stations and a couple up north. The
only hope for score was to work state/province mults and depend on 80 to come
thru. I worked half my MI mults on 80 the 23z hour. Once it got dark, the
noise started coming up making contacts anywhere tough to come by and I started
taking more time off. Managed to work only 44 total counties (21! on cw),
usually get 65-70. the 65 mi mults was about 1/2 of past events. Never heard
K8IR. Did work W8RU/sani, the next cty over from me.

All in all, it was a pretty good event. Participation seemed good. With some
short skip it would have been even better.

K8MQP(@W8MJ)   M/S HP   172,8722017-04-19 18:48:23
This was our sixth K8MQP multi-single operation from the QTH of Ken, W8MJ in
Livingston County. Pretty much the same antennas and station arrangement We
had two full-time and three part time ops to keep the rigs covered.

We started out on 40M with good rates, but even then the band seemed long and
not a lot of in-state stations were worked. The big surprise was 20 SSB
providing 108 QSOs during the 18Z hour an additional partial hours of good
rates later.

75M phone started producing well as early as the 21Z hour, but the band got
very noisy as darkness fell and we had to resort to using Ken's K9AY loop and
beverages to hear many of the signals.

The lack of short skip made it difficult to hear the mobiles (not that we
didn't try). So we had only one mobile QSO, with K8IR/CRAW on 80 SSB of all
places. As the result, our mults were down but our QSOs were up, and all the
ops had a good time.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs,

73 de Dave/K8CC for the K8MQP Operating Team
KA8O(@K8PGJ)   M/M LP   209,5602017-04-20 09:36:04
This was the 6th Multi/Multi Operation for the group which includes 4 wins as
the W8OAK EOC Team and the 2015 win as KA8O in the MIQP Contest. KA8O was run
from the home QTH of Pete, K8PGJ, sitting on 0.75 suburban acres in the City of
Troy located in Oakland County, Michigan. Seasoned Operators were K8ED Mark,
K8GT Gerry, N8LJ Lee, WE8P Fred, WF5X Randy and K8PGJ Pete.

Propagation seemed very long at the start of the event and shortened only
slightly thru the night but the bands were very quiet for noise registering
S3-5 on 40-15 meters. 80 Meters opened early with increasing noise thru the end
of the contest. Michigan stations and even those of the surrounding states and
Ontario, which was holding its own Contest, seemed very difficult to find and
work. We were surprised at the lack of stations on 20M that could be worked and
that out 80M contacts almost caught our 20M contacts.

Most of the antennas were put up portable style just before the event due to
HOA Considerations. Improvements in antenna locations and type helped for the
Contest. Antennas included: 80M Dipole E/W, 40M Dipole N/S, 40M Inverted V N/S,
20M had 2 Element Beams for each the SSB and CW station plus a N/S Dipole and
15M had a 2 Element Beam. Effectively, the Dipoles were all Nevis Antennas.

Radio Upgrades and dual filters contributed to the minimized Intermod. This 5
Station operation utilized 3 K3’s, a Kenwood 590S and an Icom 7600 for
Radios. 100 Watts was used for all the contacts.

We were able to work 53 of 83 Counties, 48 of 50 States (missed ND and they
were holding a contest), and we worked a few Europeans, South Americans and
Caribbeans. The Operation was 40% CW.

Thanks to all who came out to Contest during this Easter Weekend event.
W8RU/LIVI   M/M LP   42017-04-22 07:04:47
Passed thru LIVI on our way to other counties.

73, Ron (W8RU).
W8RU/GENE   M/M LP   5712017-04-22 07:07:08
First stop on our 4 county "multiple portable" operation.

Thanks for the QSOs and 73,

Ron (W8RU).
W8RU/SANI   M/M LP   3742017-04-22 07:09:05
Stop #2 on our "multiple portable" operation.

Thanks for the QSOs and 73,

Ron (W8RU).
W8RU/HURO   M/M LP   1,1342017-04-22 07:10:31
Stop #3 on our "multiple portable" operation.

Thanks for the QSOs and 73,

Ron (W8RU).
W8RU/TUSC   M/M LP   2,1002017-04-22 07:12:00
The final stop on our "multiple portable" operation.

We sure had great fun!

Thanks for the QSOs and 73,

Ron (W8RU).
W1NN   Single Op LP   2642017-04-22 12:45:19
Sorry I couldn't put in more time this year. Conditions were very poor and I
had S9 QRN from local thunderstorms. Next year!
73, Hal W1NN
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   3,1452017-04-26 15:29:20
40M was my only hope in this race! Very tough conditions.
73s Dave WN4AFP