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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2003   Jul 19   Comment Summary

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N3AWS   SOAB QRP   912003-07-20 04:29:51
Participated as a "Hilltopper". Typical Florida in the summer
time--thunderstorms, heat, bugs--had a ball. Accidently deleted one QSO while
trying to edit the log which was a new multiplier, too. Murphy had to show up

73, Jim N3AWS EM90
W3BBO   SOAB LP   2,4002003-07-20 14:34:09
Fun contest and 6 Meters was really great. Used homebrew antennas for this
contest. A 6 Meter Moxon and a 4 element 2 Meter Yagi (WA5VJB Cheap Yagi). Both
were used on a 10 foot section of pipe. Wasn't on a hilltop, so I was real
pleased with the Moxon. The 2 Meter Yagi needs a hilltop! Hi.
NW5E   SOAB HP   115,2302003-07-20 14:50:22
Conditions were good most of the time. Amazing how different the prop can be
just 40 miles away. Worked K2DRH EN41 on 2 in the last couple hours of the
N3HBX   SOAB HP   72,2162003-07-20 15:25:56
Horrible power-line noise (40 dB over in the worst direction) made it not much
fun! There was only one direction (out to sea) that the noise was bearable, and
you could hear anything! Not my best contest, though the conditions were pretty
good considering how late we are in the season.
KI9A   SOAB LP   2,8002003-07-20 15:47:05
First time on 2 meter SSB/CW in 25 years of hamming, what a blast! Wish I had
chose the right times to be on the air, had many things to do this weekend.
Seems like I caught the tail end of the 6 meter openings both days, never got in
the middle of one. 2 meters really turned me on, seems like contacts there are
more unique - anyone can work IA or CO on 40 tonite, but, working them on 2 is
something all together different! Now, gotta get the 16 ele KLM up higher than

73-Chuck KI9A
W5PR   SOSB/6 LP   32,1552003-07-20 15:48:31
Great contest. I hope to have an amp soon!
Used 756PROII and 2 homebrew 6el yagis.

Chuck W5PR
KØJJ   SOAB LP   6292003-07-20 15:53:11
Conditions fair. Low activity. only heard 2 stations the last 6 hours. Best
contacts Mexico and Alaska. Station IC-551D 80 watts to 4 el yagi at 20 feet
on 6 mtrs. IC-706 10 watts to 4 el at 15 feet on 2 mtrs. Still picked up a
couple of new grids.
KU8E   SOSB/6 LP   6,4132003-07-20 15:53:54
Equipment : IC706MKiiG - 100 watts - Full wave 6 meter loop

Missed Saturday....
Good "E" opening to east coast on Sunday morning but not much after that. Short
opening to South Fla. and Texas Sunday afternoon. Worked V31WD for only DX with

a couple minutes left in contest.

73 Jeff KU8E
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   130,1522003-07-20 17:47:17
Tnx QSOs. Tnx CQ for sponsoring this contest.
All W3SO QSLs to W3TEF.
See for station description and club photo.
K3ZO   SOAB HP   99,5282003-07-20 18:43:43
Great condx. Nice European/African opening Saturday
afternoon, bit of aurora Saturday night, e-skip
almost all day Sunday. Surprised when K2DRH EN-41
asked me to QSY from 6 to 2, but when he said "I
just worked FM19 there" I went and we made it.
This was 2 meter tropo, but skip was so good on
6 that I couldn't spend much time taking advantage
of the opening on 2. One would hope that this
disproves the conventional wisdom that this is
too late in the season for good sporadic E condx.
I have never worked as many 6 meter grids in any
previous VHF contest as I did in this one. CQ
created a winner when they shifted this contest
off of the IARU contest weekend. Looking forward
to next year's.
KE8RO   SOAB LP   34,9652003-07-20 19:03:27
This was my first attempt at operating this contest. The contest started off
great with a nice 6 meter opening! Once 6 meters faded out, Aurora was next.
Made some nice AU contacts on both bands. After the AU, I finally made it to 2
meters. I ended up the night with a nice contact out to EM18 on 2 meters due to
great band conditions on 144 MHz. I also managed to work into EN40 & 41..

Sunday I was greated with band conditions much less to brag about, not to
mention some nice electrical line noise on both bands. Had a few 6 meter band
openings that broke up the day. 2 meters seemed in pretty good shape with some
enhancement yet lurking as I was able to work down into EM77 & EM96.

In conclusion, the contest had many highlights including 2 new all time new
grids worked on 2 meters not to mention a handful on 6 meters. Thanks to all of
those that worked me during the contest. Other than some electrical noise,
things ran smooth with no complaints as of yet from my neighbors. I like the
two band competition as I can actually work "all bands" with this one : ) as I
only have 6 thru 432.

Icom 756PRO with Cushcraft 5 element @ 55 ft and Cushcraft 6 element @ 30 ft.
Icom 821H with 13B2 @ 65 ft or so.
Software: TRLog.

73, Phil KE8RO
Downtown EN81
N4GN   SOAB LP   44,4882003-07-20 19:13:00
Wasn't really planning to get on for this one, but the terrific 6-meter opening
before the contest lured me in! Unfortunately, the Europeans went away for us
just before the start of the contest, but we still had some nice openings on 6
(best DX was V31WD) and terrific tropo on 2.


Tim Totten, N4GN
N6MU(@N6NB)   SOAB QRP   28,1522003-07-20 20:31:50
Nice two hour opening to Pacific Northwest Saturday evening on six. Otherwise
pretty sparse. Last two Qs Sunday were double hop - band opening just as contest
ended. Typical! 73...

John, N6MU
W4MYA   SOAB HP   78,4802003-07-21 03:08:00
As Fred, K3ZO, said in his remarks, "CQ created a winner when they shifted this
contest off of the IARU contest weekend". It was fun from here. EU for 1.5 hours
(1920 to 2050)produced 22 grids from I, F, ON, S5, G, GW, OE, GW, PA, GD and GI.
Lots of folks to work from many directions until things slowed down about 2100
and it became a grind to work the closer in folks. Sunday started to the SW and
slowly moved South and things ended with several EM13 stations were still weakly
coming through. I might have spent a little more time on 2M, but 6 was so much
more fun!
Thanks for the Q's.
Take care
K1TEO   SOAB HP   72,9602003-07-21 06:23:39
Promised the family I'd only operate when there were interesting condx. With the
UHF test and 10 ghz in the next few weeks needed to save up some brownie points.
Took the family out to dinner Saturday night and got 8 hours of sleep - a little
different than the usual contest, hi! I'd say 6 of my 7 hours on met the condx
criteria - I snuck in a little time on 2 to work some locals too! Missed the
first 35 minutes which were likely pretty good condx as my first half hour on 6
was really hot. Only operated aboout 1.5 hours on Sunday; none after about noon

Basically this is a 6 meter contest so with 6 quite good there was lot's of
activity. For the last few years of the revived contest 2 has seen little
activity here in the NE. Band hasn't been too good during those years so it
would be interesting to see what would happen with some enhancement. I do like
the format of not needing to run around the bands so I think Gene's (W3ZZ) idea
continues to be a winner. Helps when 6 cooperates as it did this year to make it
interesting. Worked 4 new grids on 6 and 2 new countries (IS and V3). About 15
qso's on Au Saturday evening too. Tnx to W1XX and CQ for sponsoring the contest.
WØRUN   SOSB/6 HP   11,1472003-07-21 09:47:55
Used an Alpha-6, really pounded it, it ran at 1.5kW all weekend with no probs.
Antenna was 3 element M^2 at 170 feet, radio was IC-746. First 2.5 hours of
contest were the best- in fact, if I had worked a little harder, I could
probably have got the same score in the first 3 hours, and then taken the rest
of the weekend off! When condx were poor, cw was best- I wish more people had
taken advantage of this. Taking 5 minutes to complete one QSO on cw beats
spending the same 5 minutes fruitlessly calling cq on ssb.....

K2PS   SOSB/6 LP   22,3602003-07-21 10:34:16
Great propogation! Open at one time or other to all potential areas except the
West Coast.
LY2TA(@LY7Z)   SOSB/2 LP   3202003-07-21 10:36:30
Rig: FT-897 50W
Ant: 5 ele YAGI @10mh

Activity more lower than in VHF FD :-)

73! Andy LY2TA
KB9WZJ   SOAB LP   21,3852003-07-21 10:47:27
Great contest...first real effort at contesting. Over slept during a good
opening early in the morning. Worked several new grids on two. Only have 100
watts and five elements on 6, and 2-twelve elements on 2 with 200 watts. Thanx
and 73 to all who I worked.
KØUK   SOAB LP   3,4832003-07-21 12:28:09
W3ZZ   Multi-Op HP   456,7682003-07-21 14:29:45
What a blast! K8ISK, W4XP and I operated from Reddish Knob, WV, elevation 4399
ft in FM08jl. We are all part of the K8GP group but this time it was a one bus
affair - not enought space for more - and from a mountain 2 hours closer than
Spruce Knob. After mediocre conditions last year, this year was fabulous. For
once all the HF tricks would have been useful - second radios, big separation
between separate antennas, multiple operators on each band. Excellent Es
conditions on 6 meters on Saturday. Decent Europeans the second hour of the
contest but their signal strength was such that I couldn't work large numbers.
Wish I could have abandoned the SSB run freq and run on cw. A strong aurora
Saturday evening about 2300Z - but better further north. Massive tropo opening
on 2 meters starting about 0300Z Sunday. We were on the eastern edge of the duct
and worked as far as EN10, 12 and EM08 , 09 to the west.
K4SCH   Multi-Op LP   57,9692003-07-21 16:05:51
From Mount Mitchell NC EM85
NØKE   Rover HP   1,6462003-07-22 02:35:47
Very limited operation of only 7 hrs. Certainly not any great conditions during
the time I was on from DM69 and DM79. Better luck next year. 73 Phil N0KE
OK1KIM   Multi-Op HP   70,5122003-07-22 03:05:59
We just wanted to try if we can do on 2m the same or more than F6IFR in JN09TT.
I do not know what they made this year but it is going to be close. They had
short period of "real contest" while working stations in the UK (which we could
not hear) and we had a short period of OK/OM activity contest in Sunday.
We also wanted to find out what is possible to make during one weekend without
(!) serious contest activity in Eu. During a serious Subregional contest it is
possible to make around 1000 QSO - 2 weeks ago in "July" contest we made 1026
QSOs. Far from that now.
We never found any serious Es or Tropo propagation . There was only Aurora in
Saturday evening, but we were too far south and worked only SM0KAK.
Here is short statistics.

ODX : SM0KAK in JO89XK at 1 026 km
Nr of DXCC : 20
DXCC :171xDL 141xOK 29xPA 21xOM 18xI 16xF
7xHG 7xON 6xOE 6xS5 5x9A 5xHB
5xT9 4xOZ 4xSP 3xSM 1xLX 1xUR
1xYO 1xYU

Nr of WWL : 78
WWL : 54xJO70 22xJN89 22xJN79 22xJN48 20xJO60 14xJO61
14xJO42 14xJO31 14xJN69 13xJN88 12xJN59 10xJO32
10xJO22 9xJO30 9xJN99 9xJN54 8xJO80 8xJO50
8xJO41 8xJN98 8xJN58 7xJO51 7xJO21 7xJN78
7xJN68 6xJO52 5xJO20 5xJN97 5xJN49 4xJO71
4xJO62 4xJO40 4xJO33 4xJN75 4xJN47 4xJN38
4xJN29 3xJO23 3xJN95 3xJN93 3xJN76 3xJN39
3xJN37 2xJO65 2xJO55 2xJO53 2xJO43 2xJO11
2xJO10 2xJN87 2xJN67 2xJN63 2xJN45 1xKN18
1xKN07 1xKN05 1xKN04 1xJO89 1xJO81 1xJO76
1xJO73 1xJO72 1xJO67 1xJO64 1xJN94 1xJN86
1xJN85 1xJN77 1xJN72 1xJN66 1xJN65 1xJN57
1xJN55 1xJN46 1xJN44 1xJN28 1xJN25 1xJN09

QSO v QRB - in km.
< 100 63x
100 - 199 80x
200 - 299 62x
300 - 399 92x
400 - 499 47x
500 - 599 58x
> 599 50x
ALL 452

The following scores are in European style scoring - i.e. 1 point=1 km as is the
practise in Eu.
Time QSO Points Av. DX Call N NE E SE S SW W NW
14-15 8 2863 357 596 IK2DDR 1 1 - - 1 2 3 -
15-16 16 8943 558 691 I4GYG - - - 3 1 1 8 3
16-17 12 4488 374 584 PD0RKC - - - 1 2 3 2 4
17-18 11 3208 291 466 DG5BD 2 - 1 1 - 2 2 3
18-19 23 9329 405 845 F6IFR - - - 3 3 3 9 5
19-20 53 18005 339 836 YU1EV 3 1 2 5 1 27 9 5
20-21 23 8122 353 642 I1ANW 3 1 2 1 1 2 7 6
21-22 23 10281 447 716 ON1DO 3 - 1 - 4 3 7 5
22-23 16 5771 360 1026 SM0KAK 1 - 1 1 - - 7 6
23-24 10 4660 466 701 IZ4DJD - - 1 - 2 1 1 5
05-06 5 2114 422 595 F4CVQ - - - - 1 1 1 2
06-07 8 2915 364 613 PE1OLM - - 2 1 - 1 1 3
07-08 10 5370 537 842 T95DFE - - 1 6 - 2 1 -
08-09 96 27199 283 787 YO2IS - 2 26 40 8 7 10 3
09-10 53 17375 327 713 T94DU - 2 14 12 10 1 7 7
10-11 41 12511 305 914 I6WJB 3 1 10 7 7 3 5 5
11-12 25 3928 157 509 S53AC - 2 5 6 6 2 3 1
12-13 11 4644 422 855 F5PKH 2 - - 1 2 2 1 3
13-14 8 701 87 203 OK1KQT - - 2 2 - 1 - 3
Total 452 152427 337 1026 SM0KAK 18 10 68 90 49 64 84 69

And finally our antenna farm:
6 x 16 Y (10.5 m boom)
4 x 16 Y (10.2 m boom)
6 x 8 Y (3 m boom)
8 x 6 Y (2 m boom)
4 x 14 Y (7.5m boom)
4 x 10 Y (5.5m boom)
3 x 13 Y (7.5m boom)
(all the antennas my own design)
If you sum it up you get "only" 391 elements - 35 booms of total length 212m.
2 x FT1000MP (once MP-V) + transvertor HM + 7 x preamp with GaAs ATF trans. +
PPA with GS35b.

It was frustrating to see what was going on 6m. Maybe ?!?! next year with 6m. we
could probably put into the air some 6m antenna... who knows.

73 !
W1XX   SOAB HP   101,4122003-07-22 16:03:00
Operated portable from Catamount [ski area]@ 1900-ft on the NY-MA border...800
ft into NY. Ran 500 watts on both bands w/2X FO12s on 144 and 2X K1JX modified
5 el CC Yagis on 6. Condx were super. EU and Caribe DX on 6...AU..tropo. What
a blast. Thanks to everyone who participated in making this a great VHF
contest. Please show your support for the CQ VHF Contest program by submitting
your log, regardless of effort. Certificates for the 2002 contest will go out
shortly. I think this contest demonstrated that given good conditions there is
tremendous support for VHF contesting that does not require equipment from DC
[well 50 MHz] to light. 73. -- John Lindholm, W1XX, CQ WW VHF Contest Director
VA3OR   SOSB/6 LP   4762003-07-24 05:30:15
Jumped in and out of the shack a couple of times. I guess I missed the openings.
This makes 239 grids worked in 23 months, but only 64 confirmed. I guess people
just dont want to QSL. 73 all, Kevin.
K8CC   SOAB HP   25,3892003-07-24 20:23:46

6M IC-756/8877, 7L @ 95', KB6KQ Loops @ 70'/50'
2M IC-746Pro/8877, 26B2 @ 90'

First hour of contest yielded first ever 100+ hour on VHF from this QTH (50
MHz). 6M was very good for first 90 minutes or so, then dropped off. 2M was a
wasteland for the first six hours, but then activity picked up.

Could not operate on Sunday due to other commitments. Activity seemed much
improved over last year - it's amazing what a little 6M propagation will do
towards interest in a contest.


K2DRH   SOAB HP   212,9522003-07-25 16:14:38
WA2FGK(K2LNS)   SOAB HP   123,8762003-07-28 06:14:11
The write up from last years contest, inspired me to give this contest an
effort. Tremendous conditions and activity kept me going. I wish there was more
144 mc activity. Looks like the CQ WW contest is going in the right direction
TA2RC/P   SOSB/6 LP   65,7582003-07-29 12:10:15
Operated from a Mazda pick-up:)),IC-706MKIIG,power 100 W,antenna ZX 3 el yagi,
350 m ASL.
Two times I reached to 100 QSO/hour speed.
And surprise:This is my 4th day on 6 m(Unfortunately,a written permission is
necessary for 6 m work in TA!)
Z36W   SOSB/6 LP   1,8562003-07-29 16:49:34
My first enrty in this contest.
VE2PIJ   SOAB LP   1,2222003-08-01 12:03:04
lot of qso's during Aurora
73 de Pierre VE2PIJ FN35qi
Grid square list + vhf contest calendar + all vhf-uhf contest info
N8II   SOSB/6 LP   21,0702003-08-02 06:05:33
Best score in a VHF contest ever from this QTH. The first 45 minutes
were the best rate with many W0/W9's into some populated areas
(Chicago/Milwaukee/Minneapolis). Then propagation shifted to SW and NE with
EH8BPX, abd CU1CB in log along with loud VE1/9's. About 2000Z the 6M band opened
to S. Europe with I4YSS, EH7RM, G4RCK, ON4IQ, and new DXCC's IS0GQX and 9H1XT
logged. About 5 other Eu heard including EH6DD. On Sunday, the band opened to FL
for most of the day with some fairly short Es into TN, AL, LA and GA at the
start. Only DX heard/worked was TG9NX and V31WD (WD, new DXCC, peaked up only
about a minute, just long enough for QSO).
KB8U   SOAB HP   47,8642003-08-06 17:24:52
Great conditions once again for the CQ VHF contest. I think this contest is
growing in popularity. It's nice just to have only 2 bands to juggle (compared
to the other VHF contests).
W4GRW   SOSB/2 LP   41,0262003-09-01 19:51:25
great contest...cant wait until 2004..
73 de w4grw