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Michigan QSO Party   2011   Apr 16   Comment Summary

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KO7X   Single Op HP   26,0252011-04-16 20:57:34
Nothing heard on 15 or 10 meters. Great job by the mobiles.
WØPAN   Single Op LP   1282011-04-16 21:19:42
Good opening on 40 before the QRN took over.
N4PN   Single Op HP   58,0562011-04-16 21:33:10
Thanks again for another great MIQP...
Lots of activity and thanks to all who participated..

Special thanks to those that ran around all over MI
especially, with the price of gasoline now...
Jim. K8MR & crew led the way with 26 Q's...followed by N9JF
with 11 Q's, K8IR with 9, AE8M with 6 and W8ZZ with 4.
Lots with 2 and 3 Q's....

Worked K8XXX snd K6JSS/8 all over....with K8XXX being
the only contact on 15 meters...

Good luck to all and hope everyone got back home safely..

73, Paul, N4PN
K6JSS/WASH(KT8K)   Single Op QRP   53,5682011-04-16 21:34:48
The bands were pretty darned good up here in Michigan. It was tough operating
with such a long callsign but I wanted to help commemorate the 50th anniversary
of the QRP ARCI club. I and 9 other Michigan QRP-ers used this same call with
our county appended to it like the mobile stations do.
Unfortunately I had many stations persist in calling (and probably logging) me
as K6JSS/8 in spite of my never sending that suffix and always using the /WASH
suffix as much as possible. Some people head heard of the anniversary and
understood what we were doing, but others just go confused, so I hope the log
checking software is smart enough to work through the inevitable confusion.

I also had quite a few stations thinking I was a dupe. Some I could reach with
an explanation (uses up a lot of time, though) so I made it into their logs, but
a minority insisted that I was a dupe and refused to work me (another huge waste
of time). Those kinds of issues made it tough going, but otherwise this was -
again - a great contest that brings an excellent turnout and a lot of fun.
Thanks to all who persevered in pulling out my QRP signal. I got the
impression I was being heard pretty well, fortunately, even by the marginal
stations, so it was a good time.

Next year I plan to be kicking butt under my own call (or trying to), even if I
don't have that big tower I want Best rx & 72 to
all de kt8k - Tim
K8MM   Single Op HP   40,8002011-04-16 21:36:02
I'm in the middle of rebuilding my shack so I decided not to do a full time SO2R
effort this year. I couldn't get my mic to work so operated 100% CW. Between
watching the Redwings playoff game and trouble shooting the radio/microphone I
spent about 5 1/2 hours on the air.

Nice to work many of the NCCC sprint guys and many MRRC'ers too.

Ian - K8MM
W4UCZ   Single Op LP   12,9922011-04-17 06:06:39
What a fun Saturday - working the Michigan mobiles while listening to a
Braves (winning) double header in the background.

Thanks to K8MR (19), K8IR (9), N9JF (8), K6JSS (6) and AE8M (4) and to
the organizers and fixed stations that made it all fun.

Mark, W4UCZ
KE3X   Single Op LP   3522011-04-17 07:32:31
We had severe thunderstorms and guests visiting this weekend, but managed to pop
into the shack a few times. 73,

Ken KE3X
K9NW   Single Op LP   5,4562011-04-17 08:10:44
Stopped by the radio for a few minutes here and there throughout the day.

73, Mike K9NW
NF4A   Single Op HP   2,7882011-04-17 08:18:15
Had a very short time to be on the air this weekend. Thanks to all the mobiles!
See you in the Florida QSO Party !
N6MU   Single Op LP   25,3682011-04-17 09:08:28
Nice to see 15 open again. Had to ask many to go there. Top mobile for me was
K8MR with 46 Qs(Jim was willing to QSY everywhere)followed by K8IR and N9JF
with 11 Qs each. Lots of activity. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 4BTV
F/WA4PXP(@F4JRC)   Single Op LP   722011-04-17 09:10:16
Not easy to bust through in the early evening with 75 watts from the south of
France. I tried to concentrate on 40 meters early, before 23z and congrats go
out to W8OAK and W8RT for hearing my weak siganl way before sunset in

Also heard W8AB and K8MR/M. Did not hear as much action from Europe except for
the BIG signal from OM2VL who can hear and work mobiles on 40 that I can not
hear. Of course 3 over 3 is a lot better than a vertical.

Looking forward to the Alabama and Florida QSO parties. I know I can work some
on 40 early and will also be in there on 80.
N1IW/8   Single Op LP   147,2342011-04-17 10:29:58
Another fun one! Reminded again why I love to come back to Michigan and put
Montmorency county on the map for the MIQP. Arrived Thursday afternoon from NH
with temps in the 40s and no evidence of snow. Set up the IC-7000 after
unpacking and stowing the vittles, and soon realized that the 80M off-center
fed dipole needed some work; high VSWR on all bands. Up on Friday at abt 0800,
sunny and 29F. After breakfast I made a quick repair to the OCFD (one end had
become disconnected from the balun) and quickly got on the air and checked out
the bands. I called CQ on 17 CW and SSB and was answered by Europe... Cool!
Connected up the MicroKeyer and PC and set up my CW macros and recorded wave
files. A few ferrites on the cables (paddles, audio, coax) to clean up some RFI
issues and I was ready to rock-and-roll. From 0000Z to 0100Z had a nice round
table chat with friends back in New England on 40M SSB; they also confirmed
that my wav files and audio balance was OK. Conditions were excellent, like
chatting on 2M.

It was raining when I got up on Saturday morning and it eventually turned over
to light snow after dark on Saturday night. (BTW, 2" of snow on ground this
Sunday morning with off and on squalls all day.) Good day to play radio. At
1200Z, I opened up on 20M CW like I usually do trying to build my mult count
from west of the Mississippi, and posted a 57 hour. I soon realized that 20M
probably wasn't going to have the legs it did in the past with the higher solar
numbers making the band a bit long. I had a total of 31 DX QSOs this year down a
bit from past years but OM2VL managed to track me down for 6 band/mode QSOs,
tied with KO7X (WY) for most QSOs in log. Best DX was Z31A on 20CW.

During the next 2 hours I stayed agile between 40M and 20M keeping in sync with
the CW/SSB mode changes recommended in the rules. Picked up Alaska (NL7V) at
1723Z for what I believe was my first AK in the MIQP; still looking for that
first HI. The 1700 and 1800 hours both netted 69 QSOs, at which point I thought
maybe 60 QSOs per hour might be a good rate goal to shoot for. Unfortunately
while grabbing a quick snack during the 1900 hour I got distracted by the Red
Wings game on the tube and only put 13 QSOs in the log that hour. I also spent
some time checking out 10M and 15M. Guess I'll blame NBC for that hour as we
only have off-air TV at the cabin, no cable or satellite. The Wings did win
(the end of the game was a nail biter) and now lead Phoenix in the playoff
series 2-0. OK back to radio...

I was back in the groove in the 20Z hour with 82 QSOs (best hour). 40M remained
most productive until 0100 when I switched my focus to 80/75. My rate was pretty
consistent thru this transition with the last 4 hours netting 57-49-48-51 QSOs.
I blew through last years score (~125k) at around 0230Z and knew then that I
would likely make my 600 QSO goal. Final QSO in the log was with OK1AOV at
2359Z on 40CW. I spent more time running this year and less time chasing the
mobiles; I nabbed K8IR in a couple counties and K8MR in only one county. I
didn't feel the need to go county hunting as I knew my county numbers were up
from the great local conditions on 40M most of the day. I made a point,
especially on SSB, to give our friends up north (Ontario QSO Party) the correct
exchange for their logs too. Was also happy to work my own county this year,
with K8CIT over in Hillman stopping by during one of my 40M CW runs.

Final Stats: 634/159/147,234
2011 634 QSOs, 58 Cty, 45 sta/prov, 10 countries
2010 570 QSOs, 42 Cty, 46 sta/prov, 15 countries

Finally, special thanks to fellow YCCCers back east who searched me out and
likely kept the spots fresh. KB!

Station: One man/one radio/one dipole
Home brew 80M off-center (45'/90') fed dipole at 30'
N1MM Logger w/Dell laptop and Microham Microkeyer

Best 73 and see you all again next year!
NØIJ   Single Op HP   40,2932011-04-17 11:46:27
Fun contest as always, but too bad I had a brain fade and adjusted the
difference from EDST to CDST the wrong way and didn't get to my remote station
until it was too late! Lost almost 2 full hours.

Last year, it was easy to keep track of the competition--mainly N4PN, as we
were on the same 40 meter guys all day. This year, it was like two different
contests. I never heard the leaders until near the end--never! Also, last
year there was activity on 80 during the day, so the total lack of 20 meter
propagation for us in close guys wasn't so serious. This year, from far NW
Wisconsin, it was a one band contest until it got nearly dark, and 80 came to
life (a bit). Obviously, 20 was pretty good for those far enough away, so the
very few active mobiles spent a lot of time there, and there were periods of
pretty quiet activity. I had K8MR 33 times last year, and only(!) 21 this
year. Jim does an incredible job and is a joy to listen to. Being a mobile
contester myself, listening to his dexterity is pretty cool. The other Jim,
K8IR, also does very well, and even though, the path to the UP seems to be not
so hot on 40 early, we managed 10 Q's. N9JF was in 5 times and W8FSM 1 to
complete the mobile activity! Missed NE9U this year. A few more mobiles in the
LP would surely be a plus for this contest. The fixed activity was excellent
and the multiple K6JSS guys did a great job--especially as they were all QRP.

All in all, a neat event and big thanks to the MRRC guys for their efforts.

John, N0IJ
K6JSS/MECO(N8XX)   Single Op QRP   30,5272011-04-17 13:27:20
One of 9 stations operating as K6JSS/COUNty in celebration of the QRP Amateur
Radio Club International Golden Jubilee. Someone asked legal gurus at ARRL HQ
whether operating the same call on the same band and mode was legal - the
answer came back "As long as each station is under local control." This gave
me the idea that,
since QRP ARCI was celebrating it's 50th anniversary with operations in each
state for a week during the year,
why not make this a feature of the Michigan QSO party,
adopt the convention of mobiles who operate with four letter suffixes of their
and have a party within a QSO Party?

Some operators I contacted found it a bit incredulous that they could work one
station in the Upper Peninsula once, and a few minutes later found me down in
MECOsta county, 400 or so miles away. I explained, especially when on a phone
contact, that we were fixed stations, celebrating a special event, and they
seemed to understand.

Conditions in MECOsta were strange, 20 was a bit noisy, probably because of
rain, and propagation was marginal. 40 had short skip throughout the state
until well after dark. 80 was okay, but not nearly as many CW ops there as in
past years, probably because of the great conditions on 40.

All in all, a great event. Thanks to MRRC and the MIQP organizers!

72/73 de n8xx Hg
Operated as K6JSS/MECO during MIQP 2011
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   2,6002011-04-17 13:34:50
The contest started off fairly well. I was able to hear a few mobiles on 40,
but then the band seemed to go long, so I QSYed over to the Ontario QSO Party
to work some of the fixed stations across the lake.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
W8TM   Single Op LP   38,6882011-04-17 13:54:26
Thanks to mobiles/portables N9JF, K8MR, K8IR and AE8M. Found special event QRP
stations K6JSS in Wash, Sagi, Meco and Gene, 4 of 9 total.
K8IR/M   Mobile Multi-Op LP   135,7002011-04-17 18:23:23
At the top, I need to thank my drivers: Eric, KG9GH, who has been with me for 5
years, and Chris, N9JUD, came along to find out what this contesting is all
about. We started in the rain, and spent the last half of the route in an
April snowstorm. Eric and Chris are the heroes for taking care of the hard
part. I just came along for the ride.

The weather slowed us down so that we missed the last two planned counties. We
hit DICK at 0402. It also affected us in other ways. I had a couple of good
runs on 40 phone earlier in the contest, but I discovered in Houghton County
that no one could seem to hear us, except for ourselves, as distorted audio was
coming through the car radio speakers (the radio was off). There seemed to be
some RF feedback when using the 75/40 meter phone antenna. I had to turn down
requests for SSB later in the contest. We checked the system this morning
before taking down the antennas, and all was well, again. I'm thinking the
ice/snow buildup on the antenna and guy ropes may have caused the problem.
Hopefully I won't have to worry about antenna icing again for several years.

On to the contest. What a difference a few sunspots make. 20 was smoking,
with some huge pileups of both US stations and DX. We had 9 EU countries in
the log. It was nice to see 15 open again. 40 was in good shape with plenty
of activity up to the end. 80/75 activity was scarce during the day. They
were noisy enough at night that we had a hard time being heard, although there
was a pipeline into nearby Wisconsin.

The log by county:


Thanks to everyone who called in and especially to those who followed us around
the route. At least 10 stations were in the log 10 or more times. K8MFO found us
the most, 17 times.

It was my 10th MIQP trip, and certainly one of the most memorable. I'm ready
for spring, but there's more snow in the forecast this week!

AE8M   Mobile Solo Op LP   55,7042011-04-17 18:51:49
Thanks to all who called. Special thanks to those who gave me multiple Q's
including K8XXX (7), N4PN (7), K8MFO (7), K8RYU (5), K9DU (5), N6MA (5), NS9I
(5), OM2VL (5), W4UCZ (5), WA3HAE (5), DL2HBX (5), K1PQS(5) and a host of
others at 3 and 4 Q's.

I worked a total of 17 EU's. There is something stimulating about sitting in
your car with your modest mobile setup and working Europe, especially on 40M.
It makes you forget about the howling wind shaking the car and the freezing
rain and snow. It was also stimulating to work KL7DX in AK twice. I wonder if
his weather was as bad as the Michigan weather.

My Honda Accord has 2 antenna mounts and I rotate between Hamsticks of 20M,
40M, 80M and 75M. The rig is a K3.

My on the air time was about 6 hours and driving consumed about 4 hours.
As the summary shows, 80 and 75 were a major disappointment. I wasted
considerable time CQing on 80 and 75 in each county visited. This has been
producttive in other contests, but not this time. I heard very few stations on

I stayed in a motel near Pentwater, MI on Saturday night. I operated Mason
County from the motel parking lot. The motel maintenance man came out to
verify that I was a motel guest and not some pervert. I explained that I was
in a radio contest. He saw the laptop in my lap and suggested that I come
inside out of the snow and wind. He never grasp that I was on the radio. He
concluded that I was playing games on the internet and went back inside.
KL8DX   M/S HP   5,4902011-04-17 23:15:53
Fun time chasing Michigan stations with some favorable propagation.
Band was up and down but my hit and miss times of operating were all
Search & Pounce.

Mobiles did an outstanding job! K8MR was worked the most with 13 QSO's,
assuming I scanned my log correctly. I worked Jim many times on UHF/VHF
when I lived in Northern Ohio, so it's always a pleasure to follow him
around on his mobile adventures. Other highlight was working K8RO, who
was at the key of N8LC. Dale and I go way back as well, from the days
when I had my Ohio callsign, KE8RO.

My time operating was limited and I spotted a few mobiles so my category
shows multioperator. Again, great job to the mobiles and they sounded
good here in Alaska!

Phil KL8DX
Denali National Park, Alaska
K6CSL   Single Op LP   602011-04-17 23:58:11
I just worked these few in between stations in the MM All American CW Contest.
Bert, K6CSL
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op HP   34,3382011-04-18 13:25:14
NA8V   Single Op LP   73,1142011-04-18 15:13:33
glanced at the BNM contest calendar Friday and lo and behold the MiQP was this
weekend. Saw on the website that no one had signed up for St. Clair county, so
thought I'd make sure it was available. Operated more than i had planned, was a
lot of fun.

Used TR4w for the first time and that was a learning curve. Had to stop a few
times and search for settings.

KD8GRG   Single Op LP   1,2322011-04-18 15:15:41
2011 Michigan QSO Party KD8GRG


QSOs QSO pts. Mults.
80m 14 14 6
40m 30 30 22
TOTALS 44 44 28

Claimed score = 1232
K9RON   Single Op HP   56,5602011-04-18 16:17:45
DL2HBX(@DF9LJ)   Single Op HP   25,7302011-04-18 22:31:52

thank you for the QSOs in this year's Michigan QSO Party. It was fun to meet so
many friends from my time in MI. I was fortunate to be able to use Jörg's fine
station. Conditions appeared decent from the DX side and there was no hour
where I could not make at least a handful of QSOs.

15m was wide open during the day and allowed for several QSOs with the MI folks
who had realized it. 20 was open way past midnight local time. 40 was not bad
either but as the antenna is tuned to CW, I could only make three QSOs on phone
in the lower portion of the band with reduced power. 80m was disappointing, I
only heard three stations out of which I was able to work two.

Most worked mobile/rover stations:
K8MR 21 QSOs

Most worked fixed station was K8XXX with 6 QSOs on 4 bands, then several 3 band

TenTec Orion II + Alpha
Optibeam OB17-4 (40-10m) @ 60ft
Wire vertical (80m) in the trees.

73! Uli, DL2HBX
N4JF   Single Op QRP   20,7002011-04-19 08:45:20
K9BTQ   Single Op LP   21,3282011-04-19 08:59:44
Lots of activity and really strong signals. 40 stayed short well into the
WI9WI   Single Op LP   11,4702011-04-19 12:52:21
Five of the past 6 years I've operated this one mobile from the UP. This year a
combination of things, mostly the weather, kept me in Madison. Also missing
from the UP this year were Wisconsinites N9NE and the NE9U team. Rather than
drive 1000 miles, spend 24 hours or up in the car, have to rent a motel room
for at least one night if not two, spend north of $200 on gas and fight
freezing rain, icy roads and snow, I opted to operate in the comfort of my
basement and watch hockey on TV while S&Ping the MI stations.

This was pretty much a 2 band event from south central Wisconsin. Forty was
nice and short and played well all afternoon. Eighty picked up around sunset.
The only station I worked on 20 was K8XXX on backscatter CW. I heard a few
others, but couldn't raise them, at least with low power. Mobiles were in and
out. Maybe only about 10 mobile QSOs. There were times I found big pileups on
them, but couldn't hear the mobile station itself, especially on 20. Worked a
total of 48 counties. Hopefully next year I'll be back up in the UP for this

Thanks to all the MI stations for good activity.


WB2ABD   Single Op LP   1,1972011-04-19 14:20:50
K3 inv vees @60 ft N1MM + GHE Radio Boss
KN4Y   Single Op LP   5,7722011-04-19 18:22:09
I was happy to find not all the CW operators in Michigan had retired and moved
to Florida. I enjoyed working the fixed stations and the mobiles when I could
find them. 80-meters was noisy, good band conditions on the pothers. God
willing I will do it again next year.
WØBH   Single Op LP   5,6702011-04-19 20:47:55
Got in for a few Qs throughout the day and found K8MR/m, N9JF/m, K8IR/m and
W8FSM/m enjoying the ride. Conditions were incredible into Kansas. I don't
think I worked a MI station under S9, and most were well over including the
mobiles. Didn't even turn on the amp. This would have been the year to put in
a full-time effort!

Thanks to all for the Qs, and thanks to the MRRC for putting on another fun
Saturday in April.

73, Bob, w0bh
AA8IA   Single Op LP   6,3922011-04-19 21:11:50
Fun time. As usual, I failed to put on a full effort, and now I'm kicking
myself for not doing so.

Thanks to the sponsors and all of the MI folks who got on the air, especially
those who went mobile, portable, or flew in to activate rare counties. Heard
lots of mobile activity.
W1END   Single Op LP   6,9662011-04-20 04:26:36
Two years ago 20M was about zilch; this year it was hot. There was almost no
40M during the day at my house.
Thanks to all.

Eldon - W1END
K8MR/M   Mobile Multi-Op LP   211,4322011-04-20 21:39:52
By county, in order of appearance:

County CW SSB
MONR 22 2
WASH 33 2
JACK 35 2
INGH 36 2
EATO 33 3
CLIN 40 14
SHIA 48 5
SAGI 20 1
GRAT 41 7
MIDL 48 10
ISAB 39 8
CLAR 39 13
GLAD 43 0
BAY 38 1
AREN 52 10
OGEM 49 11
ROSC 38 8
CRAW 53 4
OTSE 30 5
ANTR 35 6
KALK 26 2
GRTR 17 0
WESF 27 1
OSCE 39 2
LAKE 39 4
NEWA 33 4


ST/P 40 24
CTY 29 11

This year my regular driver of late, AC8E, was not able to do the trip to
Michigan, so I invited Gary, AF8A, a veteran of the roads of Michigan, to join
me. We had hoped for good weather to be able to follow up on Sunday with a bike
ride on the White Pine Trail rail-trail, but as everyone noted, that weather did
not happen! This was only the second mobile trip I've done where I split
operating time with my driving partner. Not as much fun driving as running, but
with $4/gallon gas it was good to be able to split the costs in addition to the
operating time.

I had a long day on the road. I left my QTH before 7 am to drive to Sharon, PA,
to pick up my mother to attend a bridal shower for my daughter. Back home at
9:30am, to switch vehicles to the decked out, ready to go minivan. Reached the
MI border about 2 minutes before the contest started, and had a few glitches in
the opening minutes. But got things straightened out and off and running about
two minutes in.

How wonderful to finally have good propagation! Great pileups on 40 and 20,
some successful moves to 15 meters. One QSY from 15 CW to 15 SSB failed because
there were no clear frequencies on 15 SSB! Forty meters was working in-state, so
very little activity needed or used on 80/75. Things turned into a rate fest, so
we spent less time than usual scraping up MI counties, especially on SSB. This
broke the QSO record for MiQP mobiels, but we needed about 11 more mults to
break the all time MI mobile score record from 2003.

Mobile phone contesting is always tough. Probably 75% of my phone qsos were
moves from CW, typically to 14151 or 7130/7133. As time goes on I am beginning
to think the best way to generate phone activity is to just pick up from a busy
CW run and move to SSB, hoping lots of those guys in the CW pileup will follow
me to SSB.

Lots of fun following, and being part of, the races between various serious
competitors. I missed the usual shootout between the big MI multis, K8XXX and

MiQP is my emotional beginning of spring. Often in MiQP I see the last snow of
the year, usually lying in a shaded embankment up north in some place like
Cheboygan county. This year MiQP hopefully will be my last snow, but instead we
had the most snowfall I've encountered on a mobile trip. Snow started about
sundown in Crawford county, and continued quite heavily through Osceola county.
Not much was sticking on the relatively warm roads on US131, but with strong
cross winds it made for extra care and less than full freeway speed. We had to
chip some ice off the antennas when we took them off the van Sunday morning.

Thanks to all who participated, and to the faithful gang waiting for us as we
moved from county to county. We hope to see you all in the Ohio QSO Party on
August 27. I may also show up for the West Virginia test on June 18, if I can
arrange to combine things with a bicycle riding driver.

73 - Jim K8MR
K8XXX(@N8CC)   M/M HP   746,4722011-04-22 12:59:44
The contest started very rough for us with a shortage of ops and interference in
the CW shack. The weather was crummy but the bands were good. Fifteen was a
real pleasure this year, with over 300 Qs. Now if we can just get 10m to come
alive! We had plenty of food, lots of laughs and good time was had by all. We
did miss the challenge from the K8MQP gang and hope they're back next year.
Thanks to all who gave us a call, we'll be back next year.

73, the XXX Gang