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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2014   Jul 19   Comment Summary

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W9SZ   Hilltopper QRP   1,7112014-07-19 23:29:47
Murphy did not want me in this contest. As I was putting the antennas together,
I dropped several pieces of hardware into the alfalfa field where I was setting
up and lost them. I managed to dig up some pieces that would replace them. Then,
when putting the antennas up, I broke an element on my 6m beam. I managed to
scrounge and patched it together, too. Something was not right with the 6m beam
after that, though; the SWR was high. I still managed QSO's with it.

Conditions were mostly poor to dismal. 6m kept promising to open to W1 but a
big opening never materialized. I only worked two W1's outside my immediate

I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I chose wisely for my 6 hour stretch as a
Hilltopper, or if a big 6m opening materializes then.
VE3GTC   SOSB/6 HP   482014-07-20 10:24:48
Conditions were challenging. I did hear many very weak stations making contacts
but they were far too weak and far to susceptible to QSB. I did manage a mix of
CW, SSB, one digital contact. Spent many hours in the chair, made only a few
contacts, and had to call it quits a few hours early. Contests are always
interesting, you never know what you will get out them until they are over.
VE4VT   SOSB/6 LP   8642014-07-20 14:08:22
Spent what little radio time I had Saturday in the NAQP RTTY. Sunday there was a
eak opening from late morning to 2100z to the S and SW. Unfortunately largely
uninhabited areas. It has not been a great 6m season so far so this contest
does not deviate from this years norm.

I am sure there will be a grand opening Sunday evening! :)

73 Ed
W2GR   SOSB/6 LP   1,0922014-07-20 14:09:33
Boring day...But got stuff done in the shack while the auto CQ got a workout!
WA7LNW   SOSB/6 HP   3002014-07-20 14:09:46
Busy day of family activities, but worked last 30 minutes of contest on 6

Forgot contest ended at 2100 UTC.

73's de Jack,WA7LNW
AG6RB/Ø   SOSB/6 LP   2852014-07-20 14:18:21
Built the 6 m Moxon during the first few hours of the contest with N0HJZ and
W0ERP. The mast still needs work, and for the few hours on Sunday where I was
operating, the antenna was around 15' above ground, though still 20' or more
beneath the tops of most of the buildings in the area. Lots of apartments and
townhomes nearby, but a moderately clear area to east-southeast. Many of the
signals I heard were fading quickly, going from noise level to booming in and
back in a few seconds.

I had fun building the antenna, and it seems to work well despite the poor
location. For next time, it will have a new mast and a better location.
K5ND   SOSB/6 LP   2,2572014-07-20 14:22:48
Missed Saturday as I was working the NAQP RTTY contest. Delighted to get in on
the Es on Sunday afternoon. Running Elecraft K3/P3 into Cushcraft MA6V
N6ZFO   SOSB/6 LP   3,9002014-07-20 14:26:40
Good conditions on Sunday made this contest a pleasure. No dx worked or heard,
but some double-hop Es. added a few grids to the 66 worked in arrl test in

Three stations in FNxx worked easily on sunday. . w2gr, kb2esy and k3zo all on

CW 41 q's; ssb 37 Q's

Pro II and 5-el M2.

73 bill n6zfo
AA4CF   SOAB LP   2,4852014-07-20 14:29:03
Ran 100 Watts, using mostly a 5 element Yagi up only 22 feet. Sometimes used
wire antennas, as well. Conditions were tough most of the time. On Sunday
morning I heard a few very short openings, mainly to the North, and the best
opening I heard was Sunday afternoon for the last 2 hours of the contest to the
west. On Saturday I worked VA2AW, and on Sunday I worked a couple stations on
the West coast. The couple of small openings were a lot of fun!

73, Charlie
NØJK   Hilltopper QRP   12014-07-20 14:30:06
Checked the band several times during work breaks. Station MFJ-9406, 1/4 wave
whip. W9RM DM58 was very loud, Jay hears well and the band was stable long
enough for the exchange. I had partial contacts with K2LIM and KN5O. Band very
WX4G   SOSB/6 HP   3842014-07-20 14:31:18
K4WI   SOSB/6 HP   5,5292014-07-20 14:32:17
only had sunday to play around and six finally opened to west coast about 1
PM... fun but no real big opening!
VA7FC   SOSB/6 HP   6,6042014-07-20 14:35:24
No Ess til sunday morning ... nice opening to California and Mexico, my Amigo
XE2CQ ... there was also a few EM grids worked as well ... thank to the Rovers
for being there it is appreciated the time and effort you put in ..
Not alot of action but anytime that 6 meters is open is a good time !
thanks to those who called me Cu Next time

Cheers Perry CN79
K4BAI   SOSB/6 LP   6,2542014-07-20 14:49:04
IC756Pro, 100W, 4 el yagi at 60'. Generally poor conditions this year. But,
the first two hours on Saturday brought a marginal opening to the W1/2 area and
the last three hours brought a marginal opening to W2 and a fair opening to
W5/6/7/0. Worked 7 all time new Grids. Thanks for all QSOs, especially to the
Rovers. I think I may have missed an opening during church on Sunday as I heard
a weak K2 station when I returned home just before lunch. No DX heard at all.
73, John, K4BAI.
K7ULS   SOAB HP   20,2002014-07-20 14:50:38
Powder Mountain (9000')
I was planning on using two 2m12's for EME as 6 has been
dead as of recent so before the contest I worked a couple
of new 2 meter EME stations but 2 hours before the contest
something happened up on the tower with the phasing harness
and the SWR went sky high so down they came to remove one of the
antennas. I put it all back up in the nick of time only to work 6
stations the first day via meteor scatter so I really could have
taken my time to fix the problem but oh well. Woke up Sunday to work
a few more on MS then six opened around 15:00z for E's and didn't
stop till contest end which really brought up my morale from the previous day.
Nice runs for a contest this late in the season with double hop to MD and FL
also DX to VE7,VA7,VA3,VE4 and XE2. Thanks to the radio Gods for the wonderful
opening on Sunday Amen.
de K7ULS
W7FI   SOAB HP   21,4892014-07-20 14:55:39
6m - K3 + amp, 7 el. M2
2m - IC9100, 12 el. M2
K9JK/R   Rover LP   13,0382014-07-20 14:56:00
More like a fall VHF Contest but did find some prop on 6 to Maine, Quebec and

Different Grids worked: 13 on 6, 14 on 2.

Different Calls worked: 19 on 6, 21 on 2, 27 total

Op time does not include driving time (probably an additional 5 to 6 hours).

Thanks to all who were on and to CQ Magazine & Contest Director Steve,
N8BJQ, for their continued support of the CQ WW VHF Contest.
NØHF   SOAB HP   10,4302014-07-20 15:17:12
Saturday was pretty much a no-go due to condx, much better Sunday. '73 Dan
N4GG   SOSB/6 HP   4252014-07-20 15:26:08
Missed the few meager openings there were...
FTdx5000, KW TV-Video Brick, 3EL M2 @ 30 feet
NT9E   SOAB LP   1,7502014-07-20 15:41:01
Would have liked better propagation openings in the mid-west.
K9NW   SOSB/6 LP   4252014-07-20 15:43:40
Not much time in this one. Band was open to different areas in the short time I
was on but not many players.

73, Mike K9NW
WØPAN   SOSB/6 LP   752014-07-20 15:43:47
Pleasantly surprised to get EN10 and EN41 with my vertical. Tough going with
horrible band conditions.
N2BJ   SOAB HP   7142014-07-20 15:52:23
only had about an hour or less this weekend to play with this contest
Too many family commitments.
N4PN   SOSB/6 HP   2,5902014-07-20 16:09:45
Busy weekend .. not much time on the radio...condx not good..
opening then shut down...opening different direction for a
short time...and then gone...good ole 6 meters...
Several strong California stations plus very strong W7RN..
Thanks for the Q's....
73, Paul, N4PN

FT5000DXmp/SB220 - 1kw
6 el yagi @ 55'
K1GI(@N6RO)   SOSB/6 HP   5042014-07-20 16:15:01
I need to be patient in most of time. Worked VE7JH and XE2JE are my only DX
station. Thank you for the nice contact for all of Qs.

VE3VZ   SOSB/2 LP   42014-07-20 17:05:48
Not too good. My good antenna had not been repaired yet. Rain all weekend. So I
fixed up the simple old 4 element beam and put it on a 15 ft. post in the rain.
Swr was 2:1 so I used it Connected it with 25 ft of rg58. Listened for a
while,nothing heard. So I thought I would call for a while. No repply.So I gave
up after a little time. I only wasted 1/2 hour. Good to get my simple antenna
going again.Thanks to the two guys who did work me.
73 Don
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   11,8992014-07-20 17:12:49
I have no complaints about this one--ended up with an average score among my QRP
entries in this contest over the last ten years. Of course we QRPers expect some
lonely times. Parts of Saturday were very slow (mowed the lawn and did some
other chores) and Sunday morning was tiresome until 6 opened at about 1530 UTC.
(Even some who actually feed power to their antennas found some slow times on
Saturday!). The opening on Sunday was widespread across thinly-populated
regions in the West, so I got quite a few grids but not as may QSO as I would
have liked. About 1/3 of my QSOs were on cw. Thanks to all who pulled out my
weak signals. 73, k9aks
KCØDEB   SOSB/6 LP   4,1582014-07-20 17:22:56
I really thought that this contest was going to be a total bust!
On the first day I did not log a single QSO, not even a local one....
I heard nothing but M/S pings, very disappointing . Day 2 was a of a different
breed, with contacts from both coasts at the same time!
There was no way to make up for the 1st part of the contest , but it sure was
fun to hear the band wide open again...., just in time!

Thanks for the Q's ! ( W7QQ/R tu for the new one! )


Icom IC-746PRO @ 80w, 5 Element Cushcraft at 26ft.

Band Mode QSOs Pts Grd
50 CW 12 12 10
50 USB 65 65 44
Total Both 77 77 54
Score: 4,158
WØETT   SOAB HP   27,3902014-07-20 17:23:05
Poor band conditions on Saturday resulting in only 50 contacts or so, all in
state except for a QSO with K0BJ DM99 in Colby, KS. It seemed like a January
contest when all you do is work locals...and Sunday morning was shaping up to
be just the same. BUT, we were saved from boredom by a three hour 6m Es opening
in most directions and I was able to make 175 Q's and a bunch of needed grid

In Colorado, Saturday's heros were W3DHJ/R and AB0YM/R who activated many front
range grids. Thanks Jonesy DHJ and George YM for your roves! Sometimes the
conditions were so poor that we had a hard time reaching the rovers on
Saturday, but things did improve on Sunday. Then, about three hours before the
end, we had a FB opening and we were off to the races for QSO's.

Ken, W0ETT

Rig: 6m: pro3 and 500w amp to 7 el at 65'
2m: IC910 with 400w amp to 17 el at 85'
VE3AAQ   Hilltopper QRP   4052014-07-20 18:06:19
FT-817 (5w out)
6m Moxon rectanle up 16ft
2m 4el yagi up 20ft
one 7Ah 12v SLA Battery

This was my first effort as a Backpacker entry.

I tried hiking to the highest spot in Gatineau Park, Quebec on the Luskville
Falls Firetower trail (370m ASL). I found my load of 20ft of fibreglass masts
(five 4ft sections) was just too heavy, so I settled for a lookout about
half-way up the trail. I was propped up on a rock with no shelter, on a warm
(29c), cloudy day.

Running QRP with small antennas made it hard to be heard, and I sure called a
lot of people who could not hear me.

I heard some fleeting Es propagation on 6m, but made only one Es QSO: W5PR in
EL29. WB5JJJ in EM35 and N5JB in EM13 were loud around 1730 to 1745, but they
could not hear me through the QRM.

I started operating at 1415 GMT Sunday, and made my last QSO at 1812 GMT, about
four hours later. Then the rain started. Light at first, so I covered up the
rig and took shelter under a tree. Then stronger, so I gave up, and took the
station down in the rain. When I got the least thing packed away, the rain

I limped home, tired, wet, sweaty, and footsore, but I did have fun.
W7QQ/R   Rover HP   20,9842014-07-20 18:08:26
Bands were pretty dead Saturday, with only 3 sporadic E contacts. We did find a
great site for troposcatter QSOes in AZ, DM53, Blue Vista on Hwy 191. We
overnighted with N2IC in Silver City and headed out in the morning to Emory
Pass, DM62.

After a half hour of working El Paso, Las Cruces and Alamogordo hams, the band
opened with Sporadic E to the midwest and south east. We worked that for
an hour and a half until we decided that we needed to move on. The opening
continued while we were in motion, while we were stopped in DM64, moved on to
DM63, where we ended the contest. The band was in with Sporadic E nearly all of
that time, to the midwest, south, south east and northwest. It seemed to fold
about 15 minutes before the contest ended.

The gear included a K-2, DEMI transverter, and TE systems 300W amplifier for
each band. The 6M antenna is a Moxon at 13 feet and a W7QQ 8ft boom Yagi for
at 12 feet. One of the highlights of the trip was working K2CEI on one of his
tranverters. We also took that 13 ft high Moxon through a 12 ft 7 in tunnel, a
12 ft 6 in bridge, and a 12 ft bridge without touching any structure.

We doubled our score from last year, so we are pretty happy. And tired.
WA2VNV   SOAB LP   11,3432014-07-20 18:17:07
Conditions were pretty flat. 6m only opened for brief spurts to my grids for
about 2-3 hours Sat & Sun afternoon. The contacts would quickly come up out
of the noise and then just as quick, fade away - almost like meteor scatter.
Most openings were to EM60-EM80 areas of the South East.
N9TF   SOAB LP   5332014-07-20 18:25:22
Set Sunday aside to play in this contest. Played in NAQP RTTY during available
"radio time" hours on Saturday. From what I have been told, I didn't
miss much. Apparently I caught the tail end of a 90 minute opening to the south
and southwest EM and EL grids Sunday afternoon. Too bad this contest didn't
happen a couple weeks earlier. Seems that's usually the case!

73 Gene, N9TF
W7QQR(@W7QQ/R)   Rover HP   20,9842014-07-20 18:34:45
Bands were pretty dead Saturday, with only 3 sporadic E contacts. We did find a
great site for troposcatter QSOes in DM53, Blue Vista on Hwy 191. We
overnighted with N2IC in Silver City and headed out in the morning to Emory
Pass, DM62.

After a half hour of working El Paso, Las Cruces and Alamogordo hams, the band
opened with Sporadic E to the midwest and south east and we worked that for an
hour and a half until we decided that we needed to move on. The opening
continued while we were in motion, while we stopped in DM64, moved on to DM63,
where we ended the contest. The band was in with Sporadic E nearly all of that
time, to the midwest, south, south east and northwest. The band closed 15
minutes before the end of the contest.

The gear included, for each band a K-2, DEMI transverter, and TE systems 300W
amplifier. The 6M antenna is a Moxon at 13 feet and a W7QQ 8ft boom Yagi for
at 12 feet. These can be rotated in motion. One of the highlights of the trip
was working K2CEI on one of his transverters. We also took that 13 ft high
Moxon through a 12 ft 7 in tunnel, a 12 ft 6 in bridge, and a 12 ft bridge with
no untoward incidents.

We doubled our score from last year, so we are pretty happy. And tired.
WQ5L   SOSB/6 LP   1,7762014-07-20 18:51:15
Played around a little Sunday afternoon. 100W to HF wires through the tuner.
Northwest was definitely the favored direction. Double hop to the Pac NW was
remarkably persistent. I worked seven CN grids which is unusual for me.
Elsewhere, it was all over the map -- worked grids in DM/DN/DO/EM/EN/FM/FN --
but just not many of any. 73,

-- Ray WQ5L
N6SS   SOSB/6 HP   1,9242014-07-20 18:55:19
Rig: K3, SB220
Antennas: M2 7EL at 50', 8EL LFA at 100'

Condx much improved on Sunday.
KG9Z   SOSB/6 LP   6722014-07-20 19:08:46
Low activity and poor prop.
N1PRW   Hilltopper QRP   122014-07-20 19:17:39
Portable QRP operation from Holt Hill in Andover, Mass. Weather was overcast,
dry, and 74F.

Station Equipment:
- Yaesu FT-817ND
- Elk 2M/440L5 portable log periodic antenna
- 1/2 wavelength 6m dipole, homemade

Equipment in good condition and working as designed.

Made successful Qs with two of the three stations I heard calling CQ. No band
enhancement noted. Calling CQ yielded no response.

73, Alexander N1PRW
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   29,8352014-07-20 19:20:08
Elecraft K3 > KW
6M7jhv @ 55'
6M5 @ 27'
6M5 fixed East @ 40'
KF5GYD(@AB5EB)   SOSB/6 HP   6,9602014-07-20 19:29:10
I decided to operate as time allowed, and my son (KF5GYD), wanted to give it a
try towards then end of the contest. So, this is what he did in 70 minutes of
operating. It was a pleasure to watch, he did great for a 12 year old. He did
struggle at times with the pile, but stuck with it, and had a decent rate for
his first contest entry. I am very proud of him.
~Mike AB5EB
NP3CW(@NP3CW5)   SOAB LP   422014-07-20 20:05:40
Six meter band was open to NA from early morning and at 17:55 started to fade.
When the contest started at 18:00 UTC the propagation was closed complete
between Caribbean and NA.

Only made few local contacts and the only QSO out of PR was Fred NP2X in USVI
in St Croix.

Is very common not to have propagation when contest starts.

Hope to be lucky next time with propagation
N7IR   SOSB/6 LP   1,9802014-07-20 20:41:30
Spent 15 minutes on Saturday and a little over 3 hours on Sunday operating
between family activities. Caught a good Es opening to the north at the end of
the contest. 50/50 split between CW and SSB contacts this time.
Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
K6CSL   SOSB/6 LP   2472014-07-21 01:26:53
Saturday was a total bust here. At the end of the day I had 3 Q's in 3 mults,
CM97, CM98 and DM07. Thankfully Sunday was a little better. Bert, K6CSL
N3JT   SOSB/6 LP   182014-07-21 04:25:23
How exciting.
KØPK   SOSB/6 LP   1202014-07-21 05:35:51
Very little useful propagation way up here. Local noise sources were quiet.
Worked all 12 stations I heard.
N5RZ   SOSB/6 HP   7,8662014-07-21 05:37:22
Monitored 6M while operating the NAQP RTTY contest on Saturday, but no opening.

Band finally opened late Sunday morning & operated off & on thru the
end of the contest between chores & a FB visit from N6TR & family.

Had some good short skip and worked more Oklahoma stations than I have in my
20+ years on the band!

Thanks to all for the QSO's!

Elecraft K3 + SPE Expert 2K-FA amp
5 el @ 40' fixed NE, and 5 el @55' Rotary
N1MM Logging Software

73, Gator
K2DSL   SOSB/6 LP   1082014-07-21 06:16:40
Just playing around giving out some Qs. Worked local stations and FL.
N6ZE   Hilltopper QRP   62014-07-21 06:50:18
Pete, N6ZE, very briefly operated during the 2014 "CQ" VHF World Wide
Contest in the QRP "Hilltopper Category " from Coronado Beach, CA in
Grid DM12. Contacts were made with KG6IYN on both 2 meters & 6 meters in a
5 minute time period just before Sunday breakfast. (Pete was visiting San Diego
for a couple of days with his XYL, Robin, and another couple.) The "Hilltop
QTH" was a sand hill, some 10 feet above sea level & the rig was an
FT-817 + whip antenna. N6ZE's 'nano effort' was an effort to show PARTICIPATION
in VHF Operating/Contests, NOT to demonstrate a large score.
KN4Y   SOSB/6 LP   2,9972014-07-21 06:56:26
The QSO rate started slow and slower to the point of non-existent signals. the
QSO continued at a negative rate until Sunday afternoon when a thunder storm
came through the area and washed all the negative vibes from the earth
enclosure.I worked one QSO after another, then the contest ended to the
enjoyment of my butt.
AA5UK   SOSB/6 LP   1042014-07-21 07:11:41
Last minute, modest effort to help the Society of Midwest Contesters club. I
mostly was Running versus S&P. Six Meter band was hot when I first started
operating but the band quickly faded after 50mn. Still, it was full to work the
few stations from my Buddipole. When 6 meters is open even a modest antenna lets
you jump in on the fun.
K3OQ   SOSB/6 LP   62014-07-21 07:28:15
Horrible conditions. Not having any fun. Worked 3 locals and called it quits.
KN5O   SOSB/6 HP   10,2242014-07-21 07:29:45
Just playing around handing out LA mult.. Not a serious effort.. Picked up a few
new grids.. Good opening to the far northwest on late Sunday morning. At the
same time, getting occasional calls from the mid-west and New England to the
mid-Atlantic... No DX... Band openings were generally brief. Contest did not
appear to be well subscribed. Thanks to all for the Qs..

73 - Ted

ICOM 756 Pro III with modified Drake L-4B - 1KW
M2 - 7 element @ 50 ft.
W5PR   SOSB/6 HP   76,4402014-07-21 08:15:42
As others have pointed out, Saturday was tough. I only had about 5 contacts out
of the area, but surprisingly, one with a CA station and one in the NE. Sunday,
after about 1000 local time made up for the boring part. On Sunday I worked a
number of WA, but no VE7. Never got the far NE W1s either. Only a smattering
of FL stations. No DX :-(

QSO/Grid by hour and band

Hour 50M Total Cumm OffTime

D1-1800Z 13/10 13/10 13/10
D1-1900Z 6/4 6/4 19/14
D1-2000Z 5/2 5/2 24/16
D1-2100Z 3/1 3/1 27/17 37
D1-2200Z 8/0 8/0 35/17 35
D1-2300Z 4/2 4/2 39/19
D2-0000Z 3/0 3/0 42/19 26
D2-0100Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0200Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0300Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0400Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0500Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0600Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0700Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0800Z --+-- 0/0 42/19 60
D2-0900Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-1000Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-1100Z - 0/0 42/19 60
D2-1200Z 5/0 5/0 47/19 43
D2-1300Z 13/5 13/5 60/24
D2-1400Z 8/4 8/4 68/28
D2-1500Z 10/5 10/5 78/33
D2-1600Z 30/19 30/19 108/52
D2-1700Z 113/45 113/45 221/97
D2-1800Z 98/26 98/26 319/123
D2-1900Z 78/19 78/19 397/142
D2-2000Z 93/14 93/14 490/156

Total: 490/156
VE7XF   SOSB/6 HP   10,9442014-07-21 14:25:46
The prop gods giveth, and the prop gods taketh away!
This year, they seem to have taketh away.

If I'd known that Sunday was going to be so good, I'd have paid more attention
on Saturday. I let many local Qs go past on Saturday, after not hearing
anything on the band for days (weeks, maybe!), expecting the contest to be a

The band opened for me about 1700z on Sunday, and stayed open until the end of
the contest. I even had a couple of 4 QSO minutes, pretty good for 6m!
Nice to hear lots of CW activity, too.
Overall, about 1/2 of last year's score.

Ralph, VE7XF
K3, P3, SB-220, 6M7JHV @ 55'
ACØRA/R   Rover HP   101,0242014-07-21 14:31:19
First time out as a rover for this contest. Not quite what I expected but had a
good time. Contest was pretty slow on Saturday and finally picked on Sunday
when six meters opened for the last 5 hours of the contest. Then when six
meters opened I couldn't find anyone on 2m. Highlight was making my second ever
EME contact early Sunday morning. Tried out MS to but got to tired so I headed
for home for some sleep. Will surely do this contest again next year and go for
a better score.
IT9XTP   SOSB/6 HP   44,6402014-07-21 15:48:40
ACOM 1000

PARTICIPATION. Thank you for giving CONNECTED.

W3SO   Multi-Op HP   42,6422014-07-21 16:34:03
Saturday was v e r y s l o w.

Sunday had sporadic (pun intended) short term openings, both some Es on 6m and
tropo on 2m. Did work one station on the west coast (CA), a handful of 0s (in
scattered states), more 5s (mostly TX), and a bunch of 4s (and others) in GA
and FL.

Ending at a civilized time of 5pm (local) allows for a nice leisurely dinner!

Bob, w3idt (
for the Wopsononock Mountain Operators, W3SO
LZ2WO   SOSB/6 HP   14,4482014-07-22 02:27:55
Contest : CQ World Wide VHF Contest
Callsign : LZ2WO
Mode : MIXED
Category : Single Operator - Assisted (SOA)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 50
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : DX
Locator : KN23LL
Operating time : 2h54

50 168 3 86 168 1.0
144 0 0 0 0 0.0
TOTAL 168 3 86 168 1.0
TOTAL SCORE : 14 448

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators : LZ2WO
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 4.11.0
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SOSB/6 LP   5282014-07-22 05:57:03
K3, Buddipole, Win-Test

QRV only on Sunday afternoon. Signals from JN97 (HA) were constantly strong
then heard and worked E7, OM, OE, SP, IT9, EA6, LY, CT, EA, OK, OH, S5, 9A, LZ,
EA8, UR, F. It is always different propagation than 10/15m.

73 Kazu
K3YDX   SOAB LP   5462014-07-22 06:13:56
Not much to write home about with this one. Some very sporadic openings popped
in then were gone on 6 meters. Hamfest attendance took away some time Sunday
but it is always fun to see what happens with these vhf events.
Thanks for the QSO's.
W9RM   SOAB HP   73,8712014-07-22 13:55:47
Well, wasn't THAT special...

Not a single sporadic-E QSO all day on Saturday and the normal mountain west 2M
activity, in other words, nil. Had reasonable success overnight on meteor
scatter, using the by-the-rules chat. I didn't solicit schedules like in June
and worked all contacts by calling (and answering) CQ's, as I wanted to compare
the two different approaches to digital operations. It seems they are roughly

My log had a total of 56 contacts when the clock turned over 1600Z and all hell
broke loose, with 6M suddenly tearing open to the southeast and midwest. There
was very little warning here. Slighly before 1600, I had gotten back in the
chair, as 6, which was still only 'scattery', started to sound 'different'.
Within a few minutes, different had turned into bedlam, with openings
coast-to-coast and VE5 to the Gulf states and, for the next 5 hours, I was
kicking myself for putting off that second 6M antenna. There were times when 3
or 4 would have been better. This was a great example of not having 'too much
antenna', as my little 5 el with nominal directivity and broad front lobe was
able to work 'round the compass without having to constantly rotate. Many
openings were skew path or backscatter/sidescatter, so it was always a guess
where to point.

After stringing together a number of 100+ hrs, what only a few hours before
seemed a utter disaster actually turned into a decent performance, considering
this was really a 4-5 hour contest.

Oh, I'm pleased to be N0JK's single contact.
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SOAB HP   6,8502014-07-22 17:53:34
Poor conditions,low participation...and good outside WX lead to little seat
Not much at all on 2m while I was on.

75% of all QSO's were on CW.
Nice to see CW activity on 6m.

Rick K3OO
K2DRH   SOAB HP   106,0662014-07-23 14:19:21
It looked hopeful when the during the first hour of the 2014 CQWW VHF there was
a smattering of brief spotlight Es bursts to small areas in the FN grids out as
far as VE1SKY in FN73. Between that and working a lot of tropo contacts from
locals hoping for a sustained 6M opening, I managed a 70 hour. That was by far
the best hour of the contest, nothing else even came close. The second hour was
half that with no Es to speak of, and it tapered off quickly to a 10-20 per hour
or less grind until 1600Z Sunday when we had more spotlight Es openings until
the end of the contest, but mostly out to the west where pickings are slimmer.
After the initial hour on Saturday 6M was pretty much brute force out 400 miles
and the one highlight was working W9RM in DM58 on CW, probably more ionoscatter
than Es. Of course I heard him again for an hour or more on Sunday sometimes 20
over as I called CQ with few takers in that direction. 2M tropo was relatively
good out 500 miles or so Saturday night and Sunday morning. Grid totals on
tropo were very good, there were just not a whole lot of stations taking
advantage of it.
The WSJT portion of the night worked out really well too and added a lot of
grids on 6 and 2. I made 3 skeds beforehand, but worked W9RM and K1TEO on 6M
before our sked times (N0KE my 3rd sked reported he heard me 59+ calling CQ on
Sunday afternoon with few takers, and I was the only station he could hear on
the band). The rox were quite good as they usually are for this test, so I
announced a few CQs and responded to several others I saw on the PJ page,
working a lot more that way too. After such a slow day it was very welcome to
see a lot of stations calling CQ spread out on different frequencies, and by
inference from the announced TX sequence what direction they were looking in.
Much better than having everyone stacked up on one calling frequency. I did
check for JT65 on 50276 off and on but did not see any activity … of course I
only looked while the band was not open. Taking 6 minutes to make a single Q
while the band is actually open isn’t really very appealing to a contester.
When I’d worked pretty much everyone I saw on the PJ page I noticed that the
moon was above my horizon, so I looked for stations calling CQ on EME. Could
not hear most of them but HB9Q was loud and finally worked him on 2M after
several tries. First time I have ever added an EME contact to my contest log.
Sunday morning was a long slow slog with rates in the 10’s for the most part.
There were a few rovers around like K9JK/R, K9PW and AC0RA/R who I found in
multiple grids. AC0RA/R made sure we swept in all his grids by keeping me
informed and calling me on 6M after the band opened when I was busy calling CQ.
But there seemed a lot less rovers than usual and I worked very few others on
Es. Having 6M open to the west for the last few hours really helped the score
a lot and I was really glad I had concentrated on 2M in the evening and morning
since very few called me that were local enough to do 2M (or even had 2M). It
was moving around very rapidly to different areas and I wish it had stayed
longer in the more populous areas. As it progressed it swung further south and
every once in a while I’d work a small cluster of 4 or 5 landers, but each
time it would dry up quickly. I was getting very few callers during the last
hour and all I heard calling CQ were dupes, so I went back to 2M to add a few
more there. Conditions seemed good and I snagged WB7PMP in EN88 right at about
400 miles, but was disappointed I didn’t hear anyone else in that direction or
much of anyone at all. Worked a long distance trucker (that I had worked near
Chicago on Saturday) in two other grids in the last hour at around 200 miles,
so 2M had to be pretty good.

73 de Bob2
VA3PC   SOSB/6 LP   252014-07-23 16:47:48
Long waits between qsos.. :-)
K5QE   Multi-Op HP   208,0802014-07-24 07:45:14
Conditions on Saturday were terrible. 6M finally picked up Sun afternoon. We
were saved by a stellar performance on 2M EME.
W3DHJ/R   Rover LP   22,7362014-07-25 10:52:23
RoverLog QSOs by Activated Grid:
Grid QSOs
DM77 7
DM78 16
DM79 15
DM87 81
DM88 45
DM89 6

RoverLog Score Summary:
Band QSOs Value QSOPts Mults
50 137 1 137 93
144 33 2 66 19

Totals: 170 203 112

Claimed Score: 22736

Saturday -- offered wretched propagation. There were no
out-of-state contacts and in-state propagation was poor.
Even 2M propagation was bad. I'm assigning blame to the
RF attenuation caused by the N.W. fire's smoke that we
had in Colorado. HI!HI!

Sunday -- started out to be a repeat of Saturday. No sigs
until 1430Z, and that was poor regional 6M and 2M ground
wave again. Finally, 6M came alive at 1600Z and propagation
to all points of the compass carried me through the rest of
the contest as I handed out DM87 and, lastly, DM88.

Jonesy, W3DHJ
KS7S   SOAB HP   5982014-07-25 12:03:28
K3/K144XV KPA500/HL-350VDX 6M5X@27'/13B2@30'
WW7D/R   Rover LP   60,2482014-07-25 17:23:38
It was a fun contest with a spectacular Es opening for the last few hours.

The detailed story is here:
KO9A   SOSB/6 LP   5,2652014-07-26 07:33:04
Not a whole lot to add to the observations were similar to
everyone else's:

- Saturday was pretty terrible, although scatter to W1 was pretty good along
with very spotty Es openings. Went to bed with ~55 x the time this
seemed terrible but reading through the scores it likely wasn't half bad.

- Sunday continued with some really good scatter and a few hours of very
marginal Es. The opening to the west didn't help much here...a few grids were
added but no volume at all. It was a struggle to work the big guns. W9RM
peaked out around S3 for 5 minutes or so, N0KE needed to be worked cross-mode
and peaked at S1, and K0YW was the best peaking out around S5 for ~20 minutes.
All of those guys are typically bending the S-meter needle on a decent opening.
Our best Es was to W5 land but the opening wasn't nearly as good as a similar
opening during the ARRL June 'test.

Radio: TS-2000X (100W)
Ant: CLP5130-1 @ 30'

73 & tnx for the QSOs!

Jim KO9A (EN52xc)
K7BWH   SOAB HP   2,2632014-07-27 05:12:17
Nice opening on Sunday into California from Seattle, great fun.
VE3SMA   Multi-Op HP   6,1362014-07-28 10:51:54
Conditions were rather poor on both bands. There was Es on 6m from time to time
both days, in various directions, but it was it was mostly rather weak and
always quite brief. It was fun to get together with an old friend and put
together and operate a better station than either of us can muster from home,
while giving out a rare grid.

Steve VE3SMA