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Makrothen RTTY Contest   2010   Oct 9   Comment Summary

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KB4KBS   SO/Single Xcvr LP   204,3942010-10-09 21:12:03


IT9VDQ   SO/Single Xcvr QRP   483,4882010-10-10 08:21:15
Just at home with few watt & 'Ribakov' vertical antenna, but a lot of fun....
73 de Gius, IT9VDQ
N8BJQ   SO/Single Xcvr HP   833,9762010-10-10 09:05:48
Fun contest - not much time to operate - weather is too nice. Did get the auto
band switching with my Dishstronix amp working.
KI7Y   SO/Single Xcvr HP   621,4902010-10-10 09:06:04
My first time in Makrothen. Lots of fun with the QSO points.
WØRAA   SO/Single Xcvr LP   344,3802010-10-10 09:14:08
When I got started, the band conditions on 20 were pretty miserable. Then they
perked up a bit and I had some fun. I only operated 4.5 hours in the whole
contest, and getting a call while calling CQ from a station is S. Korea was the
highlight. At least I knew my peanut whistle signal was getting out to far away
places. This is a fun contest and I like the 8 hrs On/8 hrs Off format. It
gives us old geezers a chance to rest. Hi Hi.
WB2RHM/2   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,107,6982010-10-10 09:30:04
SO1R - Vacation mode: operated from Saugerties, NY, in my in-laws basement,
using my trusty Kenwood TS-440SA/T @ 100wts into a multiband,
tripod-on-the-ground mounted homebrewed vertical.
W7WHY   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   745,6642010-10-10 09:36:55
Really like the format of this contest. Seems like this is the fairest way to

Again, conditions were pretty poor here in the PNW. Didn't work the DX on 40
like I did in the WPX RTTY. Did pick up a couple of new band countries on RTTY
so that was good.

I was going to get up and work the last segment, but as the bible says, "The
spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." I woke up OK, but rolled over and
went back to sleep. The bed was just too warm and comfortable! Two AM is
awfully early :-)

Thanks for the Q's and CU next time.

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + SB-200 ~ 400 watts
Radio 2 TS-450SAT

80 meter dipole, 80 veter vertical, 40 meter dipole, 40 meter vertical,
homebrew 2 el 20 meter beam, 15 meter GP at 10 feet.

N1MM Logger 10.10.0 + MMTTY
K2DSL   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,110,0582010-10-10 09:49:13
Got to operate more this year then last year since the Giants are away and I
don't need to head to the stadium.

First night I had R1ANP (Antartica) come back to my CQ on 40m for 24,762
points! Went to bed with 88 Q's in the log all on 40m & 80m. On Saturday after
our clubs hamfest when I got back on, 15m was dead for me. I made 1 Q the
entire day on 15m. 20m was fine though and where I spent most of my time until
6pm when I switched to 40m. I stopped about 30 mins early to eat and prep for
the NA RTTY Sprint that was about to start and finished the 2nd day at 210

Woke up Sunday morning and got on the air again about halfway through the final
8 hour segment. 20m was doing well to EU and Russia and I worked all the new
stations. I then switched to 15m and I was able to log about 13 stations in a
row before switching back to 20m. I ended up logging just one 15m station on
Saturday and 18 15m stations on Sunday so 15m was much better for me. I hit 1
million points at 1451z on my 255th logged contact.

Definitely a fun contest with the 3 segments and the distance based grid
scoring. Thanks for all the Q's!

100w G5RV wire Kenwood TS-2000 N1MM MMTTY
K8SM   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,027,1442010-10-10 09:55:57
Thanks to everyone that participated. I really enjoyed this one, especially
when my score hit the 1,000,000 mark!
N3CHX   SO/Single Xcvr LP   893,3302010-10-10 09:58:40
ICOM IC-746 @ 100W to a Kenwood AT-200 Tuner feeding Inverted Vee @ 50Ft > 20Ft
Great to see 15Mtrs open but 80mtrs activity was poor!
K4GMH   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   6,334,3802010-10-10 09:59:35
Thanks to the organizers of the Contest. Lot of work goes into putting on a
contest. Thanks also to all who were kind enough to work me.

Not sure what Class/Category I am in, but submitted my log as a Class 4, single
operator, multiple radios. Guess that is how SO2R operation should be
identified based on the rules.

Bands were in okay condition. Not as good as in the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest a
couple of weekends ago. Still 15 m provided good openings to Europe from the
East Coast USA during the second and third sections.

20 m was good as well as 15 m. Didn't spend enough time in the first session
to get a better feel of the 40 m condition. 80 m seemed to be good even with a
broken Beverage ant. for Europe. Found the break between the first and second
sessions which was caused by a large, dead tree falling across the Beverage
wire. Fortunately, the Beverage wire is aluminum electric fence wire allowing
an easy splice to be made. Should have checked the Beverage antennas before
the start of the Contest. Still the broken Beverage work okay, just not as
good as it should now that I know it was broke.

Got a couple of excellent 40 m distance contacts with VK5NPR/3 and VK7AD in the
last session. Thanks for both the 16K plus KM distance points.

Nice to work Don, AA5AU, on 20 m using his new SteppIR ant.

Mike, K4GMH
R9CB   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,041,7622010-10-10 10:19:55
Thank you for the nice contest. See you next year, full time probably.

S51D   SO/Single Xcvr LP   600,6002010-10-10 10:45:10
Thanks Qs...

Cu in next one!

73 Simon
SM2JUR   SO/Single Xcvr LP   538,7882010-10-10 11:02:22
Nice test sri was not active the hole time.

Kenwood 940/sat 100W
Loop Horizontal all band

Bennthy - sm2jur
W1MAT   SO/Single Xcvr LP   2,054,7502010-10-10 11:20:30
73, Matthew W1MAT
VA7ST   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,007,2262010-10-10 11:22:14
Thinking the bands would be better than last year, I decided to run low power
but still set a goal higher than last year's high-power score. I was secretly
hoping for a personal best-ever regardless of power.

2010 -- SFI= 75 | A=4 | K=1
2009 -- SFI= 69 | A=2 | K=1
2008 -- SFI= 69 | A=2 | K=1

As it turned out, the bands were not better than last year -- but perhaps
equivalent. The high A-index was driven by some elevated K indices over the
past few days. I expected only so-so bands and that's what they were.

20M was open to Japan in the first couple of hours Friday, but not a lot of
depth there any more. Had a tough time on 40M that evening, and again in the
final session, which added very few new Qs on 40M or 80M.

Every year I'm amazed at how few ops get on 80M -- it's a treasure-trove of
points just waiting to stack up with a 2x multiplier, but I just never hear
many there. This year was especially paltry with just 7 Qs on 80M.

15M was open just enough to work one station -- not a PY or W4 as I expected,
but KB9DVC on an east-west path.

Not very good DXing totals -- best QSO point-maker was RD3A on 40M for 12,032
points (incl. the band multiplier). Best straight-up distance was ZC4LI on 20M
for 10,172 kms.

Wasn't pleased with the way the three sessions unfolded, and spent a lot more
time working on projects than CQing. Only put in 7.5 hours on the air, though I
was in the chair many more hours than that but ignoring the lousy lower bands.

Band QSOs Pts
3.5 7 18524
7 54 257188
14 136 728872
21 1 2642
Total 198 1007226
Score: 1,007,226

Ended up with fewer Qs than all but one previous year (2005), and
second-highest low-power score. It was far from the 2004 low-power personal
best of 1.5M points.

------------- Points/QSO ---------
Year Qs Points Hr 80M 40M 20M 15M All Pwr
---- --- --------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---
2010 198 1,007,226 8 2,646 4,763 5,359 2,642 5,087 LP
2009 335 1,798,316 13 4,690 4,748 5,741 0 5,368 HP
2008 250 1,156,332 10 5,251 4,732 4,071 0 4,625 HP
2007 374 2,051,462 13 4,534 5,026 5,745 0 5,485 HP
2006 220 876,480 11 3,015 3,860 4,174 3,820 3,984 LP
2005 184 809,920 10 3,139 4,168 4,703 0 4,402 LP
2004 272 1,522,626 19 3,361 4,540 6,033 5,506 5,598 LP

Great fun despite conditions! Thanks for the contacts.

-- Bud VA7ST
NØKE   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,117,2162010-10-10 12:33:40
First time in this contest. I like the idea of 3 separate 8 hour operating
AA4YL(@K9MUG)   MO/Single Xcvr HP   3,799,4772010-10-10 12:38:35
Many thanks to K9MUG for the use of his station and antennas. A great experience
for me. Darrell is a great friend and a true gentleman radio amateur.

The Makrothen has become my favorite contest of the year. I like the 3 separate
operating times and the grid exchange. Makes for a very interesting and fun

Thanks to all for the contacts and repeats.


Cheryl, AA4YL
VA7AM   SO/Single Xcvr LP   791,0362010-10-10 12:42:41
Part time but lots of fun.
S53M(S51FB)   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   2,393,9182010-10-10 13:11:38
Thanks for all QSOs.

Part time event, on air just in second period and at the beginning of third,
all in parallel to Oceania DX CW.

No QSO on 80 an 10 and no real SO2R attempt, some problems with setup.

Miha / S51FB
DJ1OJ   SO/Single Xcvr LP   938,8892010-10-10 13:19:53
FT-1000MP 100W - ANT: GAP-Titan
IK1DFH   SO/Single Xcvr LP   603,9042010-10-10 13:56:28

ON6AT   SO/Single Xcvr LP   405,6082010-10-10 14:22:06
Band QSOs Pts
7 22 89984
14 71 210404
21 33 105220
Total 126 405608
Score: 405.608

Logprog: N1MM TX: FT-950 + micro KeyerII Ant: Cushcraft R8
73 de ON6AT
W3LL   SO/Single Xcvr HP   6,136,1582010-10-10 14:26:37
Really like 24 hours split into three segments. Thanks for such a well organized

First hi-power rtty contest completed without an amp failure.

Bands were not in the best of shape with some signals floating just above and
below the quiet noise level.

Thanks for all the Q's. Much appreciated!


Bud W3LL
VE7NSR   MO/Single Xcvr HP   934,4302010-10-10 14:41:42
Only worked first and second session.

First session on Friday evening saw 20m stay open only for an hour after the
start. A few JA's, the odd EU station and LT0H for a nice 10k+ points peppered
the log.

On 20m & 15m we can run a little extra power into the 3 ele SteppIR, but are
barefoot into wires on anything lower. Consequently though providing many Q's
in the first session, 40m is rarely a DX band in these smaller contests.

High noise levels in our urban setting doesn't help matters much either but the
band multiplier does add a good incentive to keep plugging away. The only DX
station worked on 40m was RD3A whose signal was pounding into the west coast.

The second session would be much more rewarding. The early start saw lots of
EU's on 20m with searching and pouncing being more fruitful early on. 15m
provided only 6 Q's with the only DX being LT0H again.

After a 1 hour lunch break we just pointed the StepprIR E-W in bidirectional
mode and just ran, and ran and ran on 20. Along with a raft of NA stations, EU
& Asian stations very regularly answered our CQ's, that is something quite rare
at this station.

We didn't run the last session and I don't think, for us at least, it would
have provided anything more than dupes.

No M/S entry from us last year. I was S/0 LP then as VE7NSR with 450,000pts
from 120 Q's in 7 hours. Our 40m total, with it's associated band multiplier,
and the extra power on 20m were the keys this year.

Hope to see the same level of activity for the JARTS next week.

73 Dave
VY2LI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,444,2802010-10-10 15:09:05
Because of family committments, I knew my participation would be limited.Managed
to work the first leg of the test for close to 6 hours,before old timers caught
up to me and I had to sack out around 2:30 AM.Any contacts logged after that
were purely of the walking through the shack variety, one of which was demoing
RTTY to VY2AD,Ralph,(my 83 YO father-in-law and original Elmer) who is no
longer active.He was pretty impressed with RTTY as opposed to his his day and
contesting in general.

I like the format of this contest which is particularly suited to older ops
like myself with the 8 on/8off concept.Longest distance was R1ANP on 40 at
9432mi for 25,084pts.Tks! Look forward to working a full test some year.Hope we
got into your log.73,Bill
KI7MT   SO/Single Xcvr HP   920,0122010-10-10 15:29:47
Part Time effort, a bit both days. Too many good contests this weekend. OC DX,
SA DX, AZ/PA QSP, was bouncing between logs both days then the PJ's fired up
Sunday which made it even harder to stay focused :-) I've been working 20M's in
the last couple tests (tough going fer a peanut whistle station), looking
forward to working 40/80 in a similar fashion.

Conditions were much worse this weekend than during the CQWW RTTY test, however
there were moments of suprise: DS5DNO calling in with a solid S9+ sig, then ZS2Y
waking me up Sunday morning with a big signal, not to mention the 16K in points
:-). Was nice to catch KG4SS in the test, was the loudest I've heard them all
week even though they are close to us here. CN8KD had a nice signal as well.
Very few JA's this time around. Normally they account for a large portion of
the DX in my RTTY contests, but as said, too many choice contests this weekend.
Would have been nice to have a hundred or so 8K Q's :-)

TNX to the MCG for putting on the event, really like the Grid format, it's like
the Stew Perry without all the classes. TNX to all those who participated.

See ya in the next one.

W6SX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,219,0082010-10-10 15:42:14
Love no RST in exchange. Love the Grid exchange.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, N1MM.
KX7L   SO/Single Xcvr LP   382,1802010-10-10 17:51:54
Things seemed to start out pretty well Friday night, but I decided to go to bed
early. Woke up at 1:00 to do some more but I forgot about the 3 contest
periods, so the band was empty of RTTY. Did work a few guys in the OC contest
though. Saturday was pretty good on 20; put some good DX in the log. Thought
I'd take another stab at the late night scene on 40 and 80, but things were
pretty dead. Lots of JA's on CW though.. Still beat my score from last year,
with one less qso! Thanks for the fun!
VA2UP   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,019,2542010-10-10 19:31:10
Just a few hours here and there between family chores. It was great to be able
to test the new antennas. Only using one radio and testing the station more
than anything else. Had a lot of fun in the process. Good opening to EU on 15M
sunday morning here was a real treat.
This is a fun contest!!
73, Fabi va2up
VE4EAR   SO/Single Xcvr HP   753,2422010-10-10 19:51:49
Really enjoyed this concept for a contest. However, only really spent about 4.5
hours all weekend on it as their were plenty of other things going on.

At the start Friday night conditions to Asia were already past prime at the
start of the contest. Did manage a few JA's and a run of 4 stations from Norway
over the pole. On 40m, only a couple multi op EU power house stations could be
heard. 40m was awash with auroral flutter on all signals except due south. I
was about to pull the plug when a fairly strong R1ANP called in from MC80, a
distance of 11,063 miles for a whopping 26654 points. Definitely a highlight of
the contest for me.

Saturday morning I found 15 and 20 open to EU but I only spent about an hour
when other chores called. With the temperatures at 26C degrees for October, I
could not justify staying in the chair when I could be outside doing fall
yardwork in shorts. A real treat for us Winnipegers. So I missed the bulk of
the EU DX on 20 and 15. With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, family
commitments were a higher priority than contesting.

See you all in 2 weeks.

W7MRC(NG7Z)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   675,3942010-10-11 04:41:28
With all the contests going on this weekend, there was plenty to do. I like the
segmentation of this contest. Leaves plenty of time to rest and eat. I only
participated in the first segment so I could do other contests. Thanks for the
contacts. 73 Paul NG7Z
IW1QN   SO/Single Xcvr LP   3,115,8642010-10-11 04:58:37
I'm still Verify all my Log.....
Good contest and Good propagation.
Good idea to 3 work for 8 Hour and then 8 Hour of pause.....
I think that a good idea to assign also 1,5xQrb for 15m and 2xQrb in 10m.
With this Rules is more interesting to make activity in 10m.
With the Actual Rules there isn' t reaseon to make activity in 10m.
73 de IW1QN Federico
UX5UO Print Italian Reference
TeL: +39 338 7950672
N2WN   SO/Single Xcvr LP   400,2822010-10-11 06:12:28
OK, have to admit I had the most fun in this one, basically because my best DX
was QRP. JM1XCW picked me right out. I was mixed QRP/LP in this one, about 30%
of the contacts were QRP.

Like this format too, it is a real DX test!
VY2SS   SO/Single Xcvr HP   5,643,4682010-10-11 06:35:38
K3 > verticals and tribander.

My homebrew amplifier was not operational on 80M so I missed out on the double
klickers on that band. Instead I spent a little extra time on 40M and then
listened to my body and went to bed at midnight(0300UTC). I had about 750,000

I made 3 million points on Saturday thanks in part to a nice JA run on 20M.

On Sunday morning I worked some VKs for 26 kilo-points apiece which looked very
good in my log. After that I spent 2 hours on 20M and last 4 hours on 15M. Condx
on 15 were a welcome surprise.

Many thanks to all the ops I logged and I apologize to a few that I was unable
to print.

I really like this contest. Many thanks to the sponsors.
AA8IA   SO/Single Xcvr LP   354,6542010-10-11 07:27:14
Scored tallied by N1MM. Fun way to start the weekend while waiting for the
PaQP to commence. Thanks to the sponsors and those who worked me!
KG4SS   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,904,0822010-10-11 08:22:31
Only got to work about 8 house due to other commnitments.
NJ1Q   SO/Single Xcvr LP   191,4742010-10-11 10:26:57
This was my very first foray in the Makrothen contest. I had a good time
VE3RCN   SO/Single Xcvr LP   43,5222010-10-11 10:46:13
First try at this. Only had a few minutes.
GMØFGI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,520,4682010-10-11 11:12:15
Other priorities restricted operating time this weekend. Nice to see better
conditions on 15m.

Thanks to organisers and for all contacts.
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,505,2512010-10-11 11:22:13
VA1CHP   SO/Single Xcvr HP   4,140,7362010-10-11 12:16:51
Like the format--R1ANP was the winner for most points per QSO- Thanks for the
Q's see you in the next one.

OH8KTN   MO/Single Xcvr LP   2,325,1682010-10-11 12:47:35
First time in this contest, QRP sucks.
No good condition for this contest, I hope better luck next year.

God bless all the qrp station.
NA2M   SO/Single Xcvr LP   642,4582010-10-11 17:18:18
Transceiver: Elecraft K3
Antennas: 40M Delta Loop
80/160 Inverted "L"
K7VIT   SO/Single Xcvr LP   738,5962010-10-11 17:19:21
Always enjoy the FB Makrothen Contest. Wished the band conditions had been as
good as some previous weekends from the Pacific NW. Some day, it's going to get
consistently better.

CU in the next RTTY Test. 73, Jerry K7VIT
PA3EWG   SO/Single Xcvr LP   498,2982010-10-14 00:54:47
Op time was in two parts, first 9 oct 1:55 hours and second on 10 oct 5:27 hours
W4UK   SO/Single Xcvr HP   864,0052010-10-17 18:23:30
Wire dipoles only.
F5RD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   631,6462010-10-19 13:39:59
Only 193 QSO's this year. I was not at home for the first part
and I began the contest at 20:00 TU Saturday
I enjoyed myself on 20 m and 15 m, there were a lot of stations
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again in 2011.
F5RD Bernard