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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2016   Dec 17   Comment Summary

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DL2SAX(@DL2CC/DL2SAX)   Single Op HP   1,9762016-12-17 23:55:02
Good Propagation to US. Worked my first W6 on topband.
N2CU   Single Op QRP   1,7162016-12-17 23:58:32
Surprising what QRP can do. Still, some big signals just CQd in my face while
weak stations came right back. Worked 17 Europeans including 9A, DL, E7, EI, F,
G, GM, OK, ON, S5 and UR. Pretty cool for 5w.

K3 @ 5w
Inverted L @ 46'
K9AY loops

73, Tom N2CU
G3BJ   Single Op HP   2,7822016-12-18 01:09:23
Nice quiet band conditions, but propagation not too good to the western states
and Japan. In total 142 trans-atlantic QSOs for me, but nothing west of
Colorado. ODX was HS0ZIA.
PJ2DX(KB7Q)   Single Op LP   4,0162016-12-18 02:38:21
Another remote operation into Signal Point, Curacao. This time to a barefoot K3,
and a single Beverage RX antenna aimed Stateside.

Conditions were quite good at times, and towards morning QRN almost totally
went away - wowser! I did take an hour nap in the middle, so a semi-BIC effort.
:-)Averaging 12 raw points a QSO did keep me going.

Gene, KB7Q
VO1HP   Single Op LP   2,0602016-12-18 03:36:33
K3 - K3mini remote
Inv L + FCP (thanks Guy)
200ft BOG under the snow NE-SW
K4WW   Single Op HP   3222016-12-18 04:01:52
Thanks to all for the contacts, and Happy Holidays.
EI2CN   Single Op HP   2,4842016-12-18 04:15:07
Well that was interesting and fun. Conditions are definitely up from last
year but still no QSOs with the west coast of W land and I suspect very few if
any west of the Mississippi. So we have a ways to go with our propagation.
I think conditions may have been a bit better on Friday night for the Russian

The QSO rate is not great as there are just not enough stations. I found the
CQWW had much more activity on TB even though the other bands were also in use.
This is a contest to build upon. I like the fourteen hour limit and single
night effort - thank you.

My energy gave way at 04:15 UTC our local time. The Q rate was quite low at
this point so I decided to hit the sack for two hours and get up at 06:15 UTC.
I did manage this and was better off. It seems that many european stations do
the same as EU activity was up considerably at this time. People wanting to
catch the grey line. Unfortunately even though propagation to W land was
improved some it was still not going to produce a KH6 or ZL let alone a W7RAT.

I am pleased to have worked K5RX a radio friend in Texas. Jim was good and
loud though I suspect he had some problems with my signal though perhaps it was
QRM we both asked for repeats on the Grid. Sending only the grid locator is a
good idea.

For the Russian contest on the previous night there were complaints that I was
not hearing weaker stations calling from NA but my two receive antennas were
for the most part switched to UA land for higher point QSOs. I used two
Hi-Z antennas one 8 circle and one 4 square tied into the two receive antenna
inputs of the K3 with sub receiver. This allows cutting down on QRM and
Noise. I can switch rapidly and if desired can listen in both directions by
switching one antenna to another direction. Switching antenna directions is
much faster than turning a Yagi and a bit like the forward, reverse and
bi-directional capability of the SteppIR.

Thank you Boring Amateur Radio Club for not presenting the contest on December
26 when typically we are asked out to dinner at frieds. This is very much a
family day in much of Europe and should be avoided for contesting less there be
strife. Thank you Boring Amateur Radio Club for the great contest and also
thanks to all who took part.

73 Doug EI2CN
N4AF   Single Op HP   1,4502016-12-18 04:22:04
Sweet Eu sunrise opening to both EU and left coast.
73, Howie
VE1ZA   Single Op LP   1522016-12-18 04:30:25
FT1000Mk5 Barefoot and 80m Vert, 40m Vert and dual band Inv-V for
80/40 all connected in parallel! Not optimal!!! but made a few
contacts. 73 Tony
AA4GA   Single Op QRP   3332016-12-18 04:41:17
Had a gig last night and was too tired when I got in to get on...put in a little
time when I woke up Sunday morning.

KX3 at 5 watts to inverted-L
N3QE   Single Op HP   2,4252016-12-18 04:46:48
BEST EVER in a Stew !

Not only conditions were spectacular to EU for several hours, but also I think
having the contest before Christmas results in more EU being on, compared to
having the contest between Christmas and New Years.

Actually, conditions weren't just spectacular to EU for those hours. W6's could
call me with my receive antenna pointed towards EU, and they were just plain
loud at those times too. Magic!
N3AM   Single Op LP   3292016-12-18 04:55:14
Remote operation from S. FL. When operating remote control, I leave my K9AY
fixed on the NE direction. I am amazed at how it pulls those signals out of
the mud to a clear S7 - S9. I must find a way to remotely switch this antenna!
Signals were quite good Sunday morning with some booming in from the west coast
well past sunrise. Amp is out for repairs so there were some folks who just
could not pull me through. Next time!.....
VA2WA   Single Op HP   4,0042016-12-18 05:10:33
RIG: TS-590S + ALPHA 89
ANT: Top loaded vertical 16.5 meters high
RX ANT: Short BEV to EU

Thanks for all the QSOs!

73 es HNY ))


K2AV   Single Op HP   3,0032016-12-18 05:12:13
Very sorry for the many repeats to get through to me.

Most of evening dominated by incredible violent storm along arctic air front
pushing into 40 degree (F) warmer gulf air in southern USA. At one time string
of nearly continuous lightning stretched from Houston to Cleveland. Storm
spawned seven tornadoes in western Tennesee, northern Mississippi, eastern
Arkansas area.

Most of the night it might as well have been July for the QRN. However, the
conditions between the static crashes were pretty good. Far and away personal
best on Europeans worked in Stew Perry. Same for score. Blew the planning for
Sunday morning and left an hour unworked. Bad Guy. Bad, bad. Guy. Band went
away like a light switch at 8 am local.

Also noted a lot of fast and very deep QSB, which chop off the second half of
the grid square like a knife.

Station: K3 + 8410, Inverted L over FCP.
N1IX   Single Op QRP   9332016-12-18 05:12:14
Fighting a cold/flu so I took a short nap at 8:30 local. Woke up at 2:30AM.
I guess I missed some great conditions. I was still able to get DL, G and EI at
their sunrise. K7CA was my furthest Q to the west.
KM4HI   Single Op HP   5142016-12-18 05:18:48
Somewhat noisy band, not very busy. Best score for my third SP.
Merry Christmas HNY. CU in 2017. Thanks for the Q's.
73 de Jim KM4HI
NW2K   Single Op HP   1,3122016-12-18 05:22:16
AL-80B at 600W, inverted-L at 60', three short Beverage antennas.
W2GR   Single Op LP   9482016-12-18 05:22:59
FTDX 9000D @ 100w and wacky inverted L for xmit/receive. Very very bad S9+ noise
here made my ears bleed. Thanks for the QSOs and your patience!.
AA1K   Single Op QRP   1,0832016-12-18 05:31:21
Casual and intermittent operation. Woke up just before European sunrise and
managed to put 10 Europeans in the log. But many West Coast USA couldn't hear

K3 @ 5 watts
3el K3LR parasitic array (4 el toward Europe)
BS/EF TX array
Multiple phased Beverages and short vertical arrays for RX
NCC-1 phasing boxes
OL1A   Multi-Op HP   2,1552016-12-18 05:34:24
Good contest. We prepared 3 beverages. W,JA abd PY direction. Listen several
west coast. K7CA and others. Wkd NA7TB, OA4TT, KV4FZ. 96 NA. No JA. Much fun.
Thanks everybody for QSO
Vlada and David
W5ZN   Single Op HP   1,8142016-12-18 05:38:04
From 4:00-6:00 PM local time had one severe thunderstorm warming and two tornado
warnings. Unusually high temp (75 deg F) dropped 50 deg down to 25 in 5 hours
after the storms moved through. Band finally quieted down here and I made a
decent run. Condx from Arkansas were not too good to Europe or to JA but
managed to nab a few DX. 73 Joel W5ZN
WØUO   Single Op LP   2,3232016-12-18 05:38:36
Late start this year, first QSO 01:13.
K1VMT   Single Op HP   3052016-12-18 05:40:24
Thanks for the Q's..

K1TR   Single Op HP   1,5932016-12-18 05:42:07
K3/P3, W6PQL LDMOS 1kW, Inv-L over FCP, short beverage

This was a fun contest with better propagation than we had in the ARRL a couple
of weeks ago.
K3PA   Single Op HP   2,1842016-12-18 05:52:05
Good conditions, but heavy snow QRN in Kansas. Ice played some havoc with
antenna tuning as well, but that was workable.
W9DCA   Single Op HP   4732016-12-18 05:56:32
Filled a few states and even heard KH and KL in qso's but, no contacts. Mainly
S&P with a few attempts at runs.
K3WW   Single Op HP   2,2932016-12-18 05:56:41
stayed longer than planned, pretty good conditions, reception to west seemed
easier than towards EU for me.
K7XC   Single Op HP   1,0242016-12-18 05:58:52
Was a fun event, Operated as much as this old mans back would allow. Noisy
conditions but the station performed pretty good. Used a very old IC-746
driving an AL-80B to 700W into a 25' tall 175 long Inverted "L" with
4 radials. My plans to have at least Beverage up and running fell through
before the contest, but I plan to have one up soon for the rest of the 160M DX
season. 73s from Northern Nevada. Merry Xmas!
W7FI   Single Op HP   1,5132016-12-18 06:04:21
S5 and OA for new countries.
K3, AL-82, Dipole, BOG
W1EQ   Single Op LP   8322016-12-18 06:05:09
Lots of fun. Antenna was 160 inverted L. Operated Low Power. KPA500 has to be
put back together after being received from Elecraft.
K4AFE   Single Op HP   832016-12-18 06:06:19
Thanks for the QSOs. Had to unplug for most of the contest due to the storms.

Kenwood TS-590SG
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft Horizontal Loop
K1RO   Single Op HP   7102016-12-18 06:12:22
Nice to work a number of Europeans and West Coast stations in the short time I
was on. Inverted V at 40 feet, K9AY loops
WS9V   Single Op QRP   3272016-12-18 06:13:12
Lots of Ice to contend with so had to try low power First time out Great
K5AX   Single Op HP   6222016-12-18 06:15:02
Thanks for the Qs. Operated from 1027 - 1400. Some winds blowing my SAL-30
tightening cords around. Inv-L horizontal section flapping around. But they
stayed up. I must say the SAL-30 was really showing its stuff this morning.
Worked a lot of stations that I could not even read with the TX Antenna, but
were Q4-5 on the SAL-30. Definitely think I like this SAL-30. In fact,
sometimes I get a little frustrated because I copy stations so well, and they
are asking for repeats. Bwahaha!
WØDLE   Single Op LP   1,6032016-12-18 06:19:16
Not much DX, I wish high band DX contests were scored this way. Worked a number
of GMCCers. I usually can get quite a few JAs, but none were found.
K4XL   Single Op HP   1,2662016-12-18 06:22:12
Despite lots of QRN Sat evening, I still managed some good runs into Europe. I
had lots of interruptions, so BIC time was not as great as planned. The DX
window seems to be forgotten although I did manage to pick up a few Caribbeans
in the window. Most of the Europeans were lower in the band and some had
fantastically loud signals. As usual QSB and QRN frequently made copying the
grid number difficult, but good old 160 mx perseverance usually won out. Heard
and worked lots of PVRC folks. This is my first Stew, and I found it to be a
little challenging and a bunch of fun. Tnx for the Qs everyone.
NE7D   Single Op HP   1,3412016-12-18 06:25:01
K3/P3 N1MM+
Shunt-fed tower
500' Beverage

Tnx for the Q's
Rock NE7D
W8KTQ   Single Op LP   7452016-12-18 06:25:02
Lots of QRN and QSB to contend with. Had fun anyway! 73 to all.
N9TF   Single Op LP   6252016-12-18 06:25:18
Band got pretty noisy Saturday when the snow started falling. Usually my noise
floor on 160 rests at -95DBm. But for most of Saturday night the floor was at
-80DBm with occasional static crashes. Quieted down after midnight. There were
some very strong west coast stations worked from this QTH late Saturday night
early Sunday morning. The first 9 pointer in my log was appropriately, K7RAT
Boring Amateur Radio Club Station, at 0359UTC. Then not quite an hour later,
W7EW was in the log. From then on the west coast stations started lighting up.
I worked a total of 12 9 pointers along the west coast.
Also worked 2 DX P4 and KV4 for my only two 12 pointers. Bettered my score from
last year by 24, before log checking. Worked 95 grids, which is 22 more than
last year. All S&P, working all heard and searching for the distant
Always a lot of fun. Thanks for all the Q's!
Operating conditions, K3S/P3 100 watts to a single wire TX/RX W8AMZ short half
sloper at 35' apex, sloping to 2' above ground aimed to 60 degrees.

73 Gene, N9TF
K4OWR   Single Op LP   7862016-12-18 06:25:43
Band was incredibly noisy. Even my beverages didn't help. Had to quit at 9:30,
then tried again at good. Then got up at 4AM to try...much better. As
usual some weird DX just popped out of nowhere.
N2BEG   Single Op LP   1,0772016-12-18 06:28:48
Thanks for all the local contacts, good EU signals this time, only managed about
5 ours total but tried to make them count. Still have an issue with my K9AY but
it did help with EU QSOs, more gain than the BOG. Manual switching rec
antennas is a pita. New box from DX engineering on my Xmas list. Best DX was
OK2LC, 4225 miles. When my neighbor John (WF2W) is on I have to go WAY up the
band. No amount of filtering will keep him out of my rig for about 25kc.
NA7TB   Multi-Op HP   3,1562016-12-18 06:32:53
The 8-Circle antenna performed its magic once again. This was one of Milt's
favorite contests, so we wanted to make sure the station was participating in
his memory. Thanks for all the QSOs.
K7EG   Single Op HP   1472016-12-18 06:33:05
Submitted Checklog - ran assisted. IC-7851 & Alpha 9500. Inverted L. Two,
200ft RBOGs for RX. Vy low noise here. No DX except for a few JA's. Shut down.
YT2AAA   Multi-Op LP   7982016-12-18 06:36:18
ICOM 746 PRO + low INV-V from urban QTH
W6RW   Single Op HP   1,1352016-12-18 06:43:29
My 43 foot vertical never worked very good on 160. I wanted to enter the Stew
Perry and XE2K suggested that I use the 43 foot vertical as part of an inverted
L. So I spent Saturday attaching a 90 foot piece of wire at the 40 foot point on
the vertical and sloped it down to a 10 foot pole. That gave me 130 feet for the
inverted L. It worked a lot better than the vertical ever did! I worked
everything that I could hear and had a few decent runs. And as always....I had
a great time! GO OUTLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
N4PN   Single Op HP   1,8002016-12-18 06:49:31
Great to see 160 open all again....not great to find all the QRN Saturday
night....lots of repeats - catching call between static crashes...lots of EU
stations DX SV3RF @ 9036km for 19pts...lots of others like, S57DX,
E70T, and ole friend KH6LC on Sunday morning...tks Lloyd for
Longest call by far..DL30EUDXF!!...Some really strong stations out in W6 and W7
land and also VE7's...Thanks to all...
73, Paul
FTdx5000/AL1200 - 1200w..
Invert Vee @ 85'
Small rx antennas - EWE's and short beverage...
Logging w/Win-Test
W8CAR   Single Op HP   8652016-12-18 06:49:42
Lots of fun. Had QRN from storms somewhere so sometimes copy was tough. Best dx
17 pts. Lots of fun! MX and HNY
VE2FK   Single Op LP   1792016-12-18 06:53:08
80/40m low dipoles + Tuner.
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   3,4732016-12-18 06:58:45
Sounded like good activity.

Only EU heard was an Italian working W7EW with a good signal. Never heard him
again or anyone else. Managed 48 JAs - but no other Asia. Nice to be called
by OA4TT and HI8A.

Rig: Elecraft K3 + Alpha 77
TX Antenna - 77 foot tower with MonsterIR on top
RX Antennas - Hi-Z 4 square + Beverage to the East

Have some kind of local noise that comes on around 0430 - with bands of noise
that drift around the band. Sounds like some kind of power supply with poor
design. Might have to search it down. Sorry for brief times of being nearly
deaf as it drifted through my frequency.
K5KG   Single Op HP   1,2492016-12-18 07:00:31
K3 + Acom 2000A
Inv L
Pixel Loop
NO3M   Single Op HP   4,3022016-12-18 07:00:37
Path to EU was decent, 164 EU worked over several hours. Best raw point value
QSOs were three 33 pt VK QSOs (2x VK3, 1x Vk5) and a 37 pt QSO with VK6VZ.
Steve/VZ was an easy 559.

The VK QSOs came well before sunrise and were all decent strength / copy, so I
was expecting a nice opening to JA and watched the clock in anticipation...
closer... closer... nothing yet... SR!! Not a single JA heard LP or SP! What
a strange band!

Given the usual busted QSO allowance, this should be a new all-time SOHP QSO
total record (unless someone else raced by!), currently held by K9DX at 777
QSOs set in 2009. I came close, within 5 QSOs, back in 2012.

Fun contest as always despite hiccups here and there, looking forward to the
Spring edition!

73 Eric NO3M
VE9AA   Single Op HP   2,8292016-12-18 07:02:04
Closest to 3333 pts ?(after adjudication)
Most UK worked?
Most grids worked?

Rig and computer were on all day and worked perfectly, however when I sat down
at sunset, something instantly happened and my SO2R controller was acting
bizaare and I had no audio or rig control. No keying either. WTHECK???!

I doubt I qualify for anything this year. Feeling ill, I lost motivation just
around 3am local and the sun had not even risen in western DL yet. EU stations
were still coming through, but I felt quite poor, so I pulled the pin, tossed in
the towel, raised the white flag and said "enough is enough".

Prior to being overcome with nausea however, the contest was enjoyable. Brief
periods where I could only hear the S9 guys due to some snow static.

Times when there was nothing across the pond, so I would aim to the SW and then
some loud EU would call and I would beam back to EU, work 1 or 2, then nothing.
At that point, only w1,2 could hear me, so I would aim back Stateside.

This went on for hours and in the end, I put the 2-el array into more-or-less
Omni mode and used it that way. If I would hear some station very very weakly,
then I could search NE, SW or NW/SE(Omni) to see if I could squeeze that last dB
out of it and try to hear them.

There was about an hour where I was working almost exclusively EU and W6/7
which was really kinda cool. A lot of fun, that.

I apologize to some of the guys, no doubt QRP or LP fellas, who called but I
could not pull them through even when rotating through the 3 directions I have
here. I have an electric (horse) fence mere meters from my antennas and tonight
the pulses were 20/9.....I can run the NB and push them down to S3-5, but the
band goes to heck, and there are phantom signals everywhere when I do that. So
I mostly ran with the NB "OFF" and tried to make do with the cr@p I
endure from next door.

It was fun to hear so many west coast & EU, but because I gave up early I
did miss hearing K7RAT and W7EW and some of the UK and Scandanavia guys. There
was no sign of KH6LC, although it was dark in the Pacific when I threw the big
switch... Another 5-5.5 hours would've produced perhaps 100-150 more Q's if I
had slogged it out.

Next time !

I am sure with condx the way they were, someone is taking home the
YR TREES ANTS (3333 pts) plaque this yearI invented.

Mike VE9AA
IC-7410, 2-el array of inverted L's, NE, SW or NW/SE, N3ZN paddle, N1MM+
K3AJ   Single Op HP   4452016-12-18 07:04:56
Radio - K3/P3
Amplifier - Acom 1000
TX Ant. - Inverted L
RX Ant. - 2 X 240 ft. beverages/K9AY
N1MM+ logger/Win 10 PC
N6RO   Single Op HP   1,2072016-12-18 07:05:28
Couldn't get on until the 08Z hour - my usual conflict with music business on
weekends. Nice JA opening in that hour, but none later on, and good east coast
sunrise run.
NG7A   Single Op HP   8322016-12-18 07:07:39
Ant: End Fed half-wave sloper oriented Northeast

Eagle 599 with 500W amplifier. TR4W logging software.
VE3MV   Single Op LP   3222016-12-18 07:08:05
K3,P3 @100W to 3el SteppIR @ 70ft, and Butternut vertical for 160, 80 & 40M
N4GG   Single Op HP   5562016-12-18 07:09:25
Limited time for this one. The thunderstorm 100 miles to the NW from here made
for a lot of QRN Saturday night, although the band sounded FB. Sunday morning
the storm was still there but the QRN was gone? Sunday AM condx were great,
with the West Coast easy to work, with good signals. It's always nice to end
the year with a name exchange and quick chat with old friends.
All S&P Saturday, some running Sunday.
16,189 Contest QSOs in the log for 2016. Thanks everyone for the Qs in the
best hobby in the world. 73, HNY and MX... Hal, N4GG
W3UL   Multi-Op LP   2072016-12-18 07:09:54
Band QSOs Pts Pt/Q
1.8 103 207 2.0
Total 103 207 2.0
Score: 207
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
W4FS/2   Single Op HP   5862016-12-18 07:17:08
This operation was completely remote. This was my first time participating in
Stew Perry and I had a good time operating for a few hours.

Elecraft K3 (and K3/0)
Inverted L antenna

W4FS (W4FS/2)
LY2XW   Multi-Op HP   1,5112016-12-18 07:19:07
One more nice contest weekend is over. As it should be in Xmas season it was
really pleasant - quiet band, improved conditions, no equipment failures, nice
views of white and mild winter in countryside station location. Even the gifts
have been presented at our sunrise - OA4TT called with a huge signal and
appeared in log as most distant contact - 11990 km. Another exciting qso made
with W1FMR - after some serious mutual efforts completing the exchange, he
disclosed being the qrp station :), many thanks for great patience!

Rig : TS-2000, 1kW PA, Inv L, beverages

Vygis, LY2XW
N7IR   Single Op LP   1,9202016-12-18 07:19:13
Band noisy here. Don't know how much was local consumer junk and how much was
mid-west thunderstorms. Hard to hear some callers - sorry. Actually heard
Europe (DL2SAX) for the first time in many years. Best DX was with JH2FXK and
JA3YBK. See you in the CQ WW 160 next month.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.

Gary, N7IR
W7IV   Single Op HP   1,1752016-12-18 07:20:54
Software fought me every step of the way. Hand keying in the middle of the
night is not my forte. 10 JAs and one VK (called me!) will do the heavy
lifting for the score. Thanks for the Q's and your patience.
WA7LNW   Single Op LP   3422016-12-18 07:21:19
Made a 38 mile round trip to my HF remote site Saturday morning and performed
minor repairs on 160 meter dipole only to discover upon my return home, a
second round of wind damage had occurred. Ragging 30 MPH north winds with a 9F
degree chill factor discouraged any thoughts of a second attempt. Ended up
using the TS-480 factory ATU which allowed 100 watts. Distorted antenna
pattern, (damage yet to be determined) was the limiting performance factor. I
heard many stations, but only 115 of the strongest returned my calls.
Thanks again to all who ended up in the log this year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
73's de Jack, WA7LNW
K9CW   Single Op LP   2912016-12-18 07:26:59
IC746PRO with 100w to an 80m inverted V up 65 feet.
W1UE(@W1KM)   Single Op HP   4,4442016-12-18 07:37:41
That was a lot of fun! 213 QSOs >= 10pts! I thought conditions were strange
when I had VE7s calling me in the 0100Z hour- that's 6pm their time! I was
hoping to top the contest off by working a JA or two, but didn't hear a thing-
and didn't hear anybody else work one (one can usually hear the West coast guys
working JAs).

Best DX VK3IO 34 pts
Second Best DX KH6LC RL4A both 17 points

Band was very noisy when beaming USA- the warm and cold fronts colliding were
causing a lot of noise. When beaming Europe, it was much quieter. The new
beverage helps some, but mostly used the 4-square because of the ease in
changing the beamed direction.

Beat last year's raw QSO total by almost a hundred, but already 225 points
ahead of last year's total without the QRP/LP Rx points added in! I've been
playing in this contest for a few years, and this year conditions were the best
I've heard for a Stew.

There did seem to be more European participation this year as compared to last,
but maybe a little less USA participation. It will be interesting to see how
the log totals come out.

Thanks to Greg W1KM for the use of his great station, and for the Boring
Amateur Radio Club for their sponsorship of this event.

Dennis W1UE
K5MXG   Single Op HP   3442016-12-18 07:38:09
City lot, wires in the trees. Tons of fun.

Thanks for the Q's

W2VJN   Single Op HP   1,1102016-12-18 07:40:06
Saturday morning I worked 10 JAs before the band quit. In the evening the band
was long and the east coast stations were louder than the W9s and 0s. Worked 8
countries including S57DX for my best DX at 19 points.

K-line and shunt fed 110 ft tower.
K8AJS   Single Op LP   6212016-12-18 07:41:25
Thanks to all for the contacts!

Rig: Elecraft K3/P3 100 watts
Antenna: Extended inverted L
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6006.0
NDØC   Single Op QRP   1352016-12-18 07:42:27
Played just a little bit: 1 hour Saturday night and 1/2 hour Sunday morning.
Tough sledding with 5 watts to a low 80m dipole tuned for 160! Lots of
requests for repeats! Thanks for everybody's patience.
K2ZR   Single Op LP   5142016-12-18 07:44:53
RIG: K2 @95W
ANTS: 660\' CF WIRE - 425\' EF WIRE - 160M WINDOM
limited time to play but I had fun running LP.
K2PO   Single Op LP   6552016-12-18 07:46:21
Token effort this year. Golden ears award to JA3YBK for responding to my 100w


/Bill, K2PO
WØETT   Single Op LP   4562016-12-18 07:47:44
Signals were pretty good but activity seemed low. VE9AA was best DX on Saturday
evening with no EU or Caribbean DX heard. Sunday morning sunrise, I worked
KH6LC but only heard JA3YBK since he couldn't hear my LP.

While I like the unique distance scoring for QSO points, it seems more could be
done to spruce up the "excitement" in scoring to keep participants

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker, CO DM79

Rig: IC756pro3 to shunt fed vertical tower
N3HEE   Single Op HP   1,5022016-12-18 07:50:29
Amazing extended opening to EU !! I have never heard such strong signals from
EU before on 160 meters. Nor have I ever worked so many EU stations in one
evening. Plenty of strong west coast stations to work as well. This is my
best score in Stew Perry. I nearly doubled last years score. Lots of fun !
WA5FWC   Single Op LP   3002016-12-18 07:51:24
I just had a lot of fun working you guys on CW. My time was limited as many
things going on this time of year. I worked Three hours Saturday evening. The
band was in great shape and I picked up a few States towards my 160 WAS,as I
have been stuck on 38 for some time. This is a band where I need some antenna
improvements. Thanks for the patience you guys have in copying me through the
QRN lots of static and my weak signal made my signal a bit of a challenge most
of the time. I had better results on the distant contacts than the locals. I
did work w0ou who is in the DallasFtworth area and Jim had an outstanding 599.
I have been working on a 160 full size Vertical for a while but it is only
about 70 percent complete and not available yet. This was another chance for me
to work on my CW skils which have been dormant for many years. Gary WA5FWC

Almost three hours
W2EG   Single Op LP   6242016-12-18 07:51:49
My first Stew Perry -- good fun! Though I heard several EU, could
work only one. It's clear that my dipole at ~45' just does not do
it, even with my downhill to the NE. Unfortunately, it appears
I'll not be able to put up something better for this band. Only
one 15-pointer, one 14, and four 10's. Conditions seemed pretty
good, though a bit noisy at times.
Thanks for the Q's. 73,-Rich, W2EG
LA5LJA(@LA7TTT)   Single Op LP   3802016-12-18 07:52:59
I must say...conds was so so..
But big thank you to the following dx-station's
That copied my tiny signal..on sunday morning.
Set up 100 w and W8AMZ Slooper.
W2FU   Single Op HP   2,5892016-12-18 07:58:51
I found EU conditions were pretty good did my usual too much DXing in the Stew.
Operating remote from the warmth of my desk in Florida once again, makes this
all the more enjoyable. Best DX was VK3IO for 33 point QSO, then I just ran
out of gas and called it a night. From what I hear, no JA made it this far
North East, so I probably didn't lose too much not staying to sunrise.

K3 - K3-mini, Alpha 87a
TX wire 4 sq w/elevated radials
RX 4 sq 16'
4 Beverages

Congrats to those that posted outstanding scores.
NØKE   Single Op HP   8512016-12-18 08:01:50
Hrd S57DX weak for a long time and traces of other EU stns, No EU QSOs only
JA3YBK wkd in JA, Hrd JH2FXK. DX wkd 1 JA, 1 KH6, 2 KP2, 1 P4, 1 PJ2, 12 VE
KØPK   Single Op HP   1,3542016-12-18 08:06:00
Well, that was fun! Lots of QRN & QSB most of the night. QRN sounded like a
summer night and it was -15 F here. Made copy pretty rough at times. Used my
low-noise RX site 33 mi. away to help (and it did) but there were quite a few I
just couldn't pull out of the noise & fading. Sorry I couldn't get you in
the log.

Worked a few EU and a couple of Caribbeans but not much heard from down that
way. Good prop to west coast but not much farther. Got KH6 but KL7 called in
and was too weak to work. No JA, VK or ZL heard.

Station: IC756PII/AL80B 700w, 90' T.L. Vert. RX on 80m IV, Short 1/2-BOG or
remote K2 & 1/2-sloper.

Thanks for the Qs and thanks to BARC for putting this on! It wasn't Boring...

MX HNY 73 - Paul, K0PK
W4WWQ   Single Op LP   1362016-12-18 08:15:02
Started a day late and $2 short . . . Couldn't find any activity on the bands
and had forgotten about STEW. Then found all the activity on 160 so joined in
for a few minutes.

K3, Inverted L over a couple radials.

Pete W4WWQ
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   Single Op LP   8932016-12-18 08:17:26
Nice opening to North America at Sunday morning.
Could log few of them. K1LZ loudest signal.
My new 160m antenna works good.



73! Andy
N7US   Single Op HP   3062016-12-18 08:21:54
K3/P3, 87A, 160M inverted vee, N1MM+
KE4S   Single Op LP   2532016-12-18 08:26:30
Rig- K3/P3
Ant- BevFlex4, 80m horizontal loop, W7LK Skyhook 2 inv. L
KZ5D   Single Op HP   4602016-12-18 08:29:05
Off to a very late start due to a wedding commitment. By the time I turned the
rig on at 0530z, a huge thunderstorm was quickly approaching. Lots of signals
buried in the static. Had too ask for countless repeats. My apology to the guys
with that frustration. After 1 1/2 hours, I threw in the towel. What a
difference a day makes, because the night before 160 was terrific in the RAC
from down here.
Merry Christmas to all. See you next time.
W6JTI   Single Op LP   1,8332016-12-18 08:50:34
This score is the points based on distance, multiplied by 1.5 for low power.
W7RH   Single Op LP   1,4812016-12-18 08:51:45
This was the third contest operating using my private remote. Band conditions
were very disturbed with not much to get excited about. Asia was weak, no UA0,
no SA and no VK. The highlight was a brief opening to Europe to work HA4XH and
SP5DX in what appeared to be a spotlight opening. They had few if any callers.
This was the first time I heard good signals form Europe this season do to work

With my 11 year remote project complete I'm still getting used to operating
from home. No mud, no snow and a nice warm bed not to mention hot meals. The
new data link installed works flawlessly. Now I need to work on scripts for
antenna direction change to speed up the process. The current set up takes
several seconds to switch from JA to NE or East for those weak early morning
contacts. I'm also a bit rusty at times. So excuse my dirty paddle

Next in line is CQ160 CW. It looks like there will be a big battle in the
multi-op category out west this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bob, W7RH
K9NR   Single Op LP   2,1002016-12-18 09:00:03
Good propagation. A lot of QRN in spite of the cold weather! Was unable to put
up European Beverage in time for the contest. Had to make do with two wire E/W
Beverage. West coast was loud. KH6AT was loud. Best DX was OL1A.
N6WM(@K6LRG)   Single Op HP   6342016-12-18 09:00:43
Interesting to see how the score will actually calculate..

I fascinated by 160M and this contest is a fun way to utilize it. Once again
like the ARRL 160 being qrv a couple hours prior to sunset would have been
productive, and as that terminator approaches surprises happen. what an
interesting and challenging if not perplexing band.

Basically all running with a couple of band sweeps (literally 2) looking for
distant stations. found a couple workable in Caribbean from W6, called by
several in HI, AK.. KP2(one Caribbean stn found me I guess).

This 2.5 hour effort brought to you by...
a K3/0 > K3 > Expert 2KFA(this amp is not junk!!!)@K6LRG

Antenna: Inverted L with K9YC Choke at 1850ft. (hilltop stn).

Hope i was able to offer a QSO to put one in the log for all my friends either
locally or around the country playing for real.

From what I could observe, participation was OK. I pulled the plug shortly
after K7RAT called (thanks Tree for the call and the contest!).

73 and seeya next time
N4IQ   Single Op HP   3022016-12-18 09:06:26
Band QSOs Pts Pt/Q
1.8 130 302 2.3
Total 130 302 2.3
Score: 302 Op Time: 2.5 hours

Propagation was good Friday evening. Lots of strong signals.
Static crashes moved in after a couple of hours
of operating. Did not plan to make a major
effort of this as my 160 Windom was down but the
160M 52 ft Tee Vertical was working well.
TS590; 1KW; TX- 160 52 ft Tee Vertical; RX- K9AY Loops +
K3WJV   Single Op HP   9242016-12-18 09:09:59
Certainly wasn't a serious effort but just playing and giving out Q's. Worked
more Europeans than I thought I would since my 124ft trapped inv v doesn't
exactly light up the sky. Worked what I called and had some answer my CQ.

stn 1 FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv v 40mtr sloper @55ft
Palstar HF-AUTO tunes either for 15&20

stn 2 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO Hexbeam-6 bands @24ft Green Heron rotor controller G-450A
3 band two legged fan inv vee broadside N/S @ 55ft 40&160 trapped/80

Rx ant 200ft RBOG/kd9sv - additions are planned

SO2R >> TopTen Dx Doubler Band Aides A/B relays

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
KØVXU   Single Op HP   7552016-12-18 09:10:00
K3, TL-922A, Inverted L

Wow! Very noisy this winter. I had tough time picking weak ones out of the QRN
that was a steady S9+10-15 dB. Even the Beverage had trouble knocking down the

That said, it is always a fun contest. I was surprised that I could hear
anything outside of the US but there were a few stations strong enough to mount
my QRN. It was especially nice to have a couple of KH6's answer my CQ.
European signals were strong but the QRN was stronger. It is always amazing
how signal propagate on 160. Sometimes you hear them, sometimes you
don't...but just wait for them to come around again.

Thanks to all who wrested my signal from the noise and who provided a QSO.

Russ - K0VXU
K6MR   Single Op HP   1,3022016-12-18 09:11:21
K3, KPA1000, almost 1/4 wave vertical.
OU2I(OZ1BII)   Single Op LP   672016-12-18 09:19:09
Elecraft K3 - 100W
20mtr Inverted-L up 12mtr

CUAGN in the next CW Contest.
Vy 73 de OZ1BII Henning
K9CQ   Single Op LP   4222016-12-18 09:23:09
Any 160 contest is a fun one for me. If it would have been a day earlier there
were much better conditions. The storms across the south were bumping the
noise floor up 20db for several seconds at a time. I did manage the P4 and PJ2
using low power with an inverted V @ 55ft and no receiving antennas. I am still
learning with the Anan 200D but having great fun along the way.
AD4EB   Single Op HP   9202016-12-18 09:25:02
Lots of noise due to storms caused by the huge cold front approaching TN.
Participation was strong, which made it quite an enjoyable contest. Thanks for
all the repeats, it was really tough hearing at times.

Station: 750 watts to an inverted L, no RX antenna

73 - Jim - AD4EB
K9DR   Single Op HP   4692016-12-18 09:35:51
This was my first Stew Perry TBC. Glad I entered and wish I could have put in
more time. Slept through my alarm, so missed a shot at working Asia this
morning. No EU or SA. KV4FZ and KH6LC were my only 10 pointers.
EA1DR   Single Op HP   7722016-12-18 09:35:54
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2017
EA1DR Oscar Luis
W2XL   Single Op HP   1,9842016-12-18 09:39:38
I thought Condx were pretty good, but the static due to all the storms was
pretty pesky. Nice to work several old friends that I haven't seen in a while
UW2M(URØMC)   Multi-Op HP   3,1262016-12-18 09:40:48
NS7V   Single Op HP   4172016-12-18 09:44:00
Many US signals with sporadic heavy QRN. I was constantly tuning the NCC-1 to
steer the active receive array away from the noise, and that worked to a large
extent except when it took out the station of interest as well as the noise! I
only heard just 3 or 4 stations not in the US, though I could hear the east
coast working EU. A couple of JAs turned up before sunrise here, but though I
could hear them they could not hear me. I was so tired that I actually worked
a couple of stations on a dummy load! This was right after I got back up
Sunday morning after 4-5 hours sleep. I guess I was still asleep. Only worked
the contest Saturday evening into Sunday morning and am sorry I missed the
previous evening.

K3, Acom 1011, Inv L with 2 elevated radials (need to add a third!), N1MM+.

I'm submitting this as a checklog only as I did use my skimmer hoping to find
some new countries on 160.

Thanks to everyone who worked me!

N6XI   Single Op HP   7772016-12-18 09:47:23
Weak sigs! ARRL 160 and even RAC the previous evening were better.
KA1J   Single Op LP   5652016-12-18 09:53:52
An unfortunate timing here and couldn't start till almost 5 hours after sunset
and then had to be up early and unable to participate in the morning. I went
through the band S&P one time and then went back to the DX window to
hopefully get some more DX.

I thought the band was in pretty good shape in that I heard many more DX than
back in the ARRL160. I was working low power in this one at 80W and there were
only a few DX I heard that I didn't reach. Frustrating to hear a DX station S5
and them not hear me after 20+ calls... But that's the game I chose, could have
run full power and worked everyone I heard so there's no sour grapes whatsoever.

I had fun and love this contest.

73 & see yo9u in the next one, God willing.

N2AN(@WC4E)   Single Op LP   1,0742016-12-18 09:54:15
Part time. Good activity. Happy to have a few EU call me.
FT1000 MP - Inv-L/FCP
N4XD   Single Op HP   3,0112016-12-18 09:55:14
Thanks to Tree and crew for once again organizing this excellent and fun
Alpha 91b
Phased 105' towers
multiple beverages and HiZ 4 sq

This was maiden voyage for the phased towers. All in all seemed to work well.
Conditions were very good except, as the midwest stations are sure to mention,
the constant storm.

I had the real time lightening web page open. Storm was first from about EN34
go about EM79. LOTS of lightning strikes. Storm then grew to cover a line from
LA to WV. I appreciate the patience of the many stations who hung in there to
give their calls and grids multiple times.

While I don't have exact records I believe this is an all time high score for
me. Weren't many slow times and the west coast and many EUs were very loud. Not
inclusive but some stations I noted as exceptionally loud: DF0WRTC (first EU
worked. At 2214, UW2M, R7NW, K7TJR (consistently loud throughout the contest!),
DL6NHW, OZ7YY (like a local!), IV3PRK(also like a local), G3OLB (many of the G
stations were loud).

Had a very funny thing happen, which has never happened to me before in any TB
contest. A EU started calling CQ under me and, of course, could not hear me. I
moved a little in an attempt to uncover from them. Then I heard EI6FR tell the
other station to QSY! And they did. Of course I worked EI6FR so thank you to
him/ her for moving the other station. I continued on that freq for quite a

Thank you to all that stopped by to give a call. Now, time to get ready for


K3TN   Single Op HP   7472016-12-18 09:55:54
A small ice storm in MD/DC area moved many things I had to do from Saturday am
to Saturday pm, so only a few short bursts of operation. Had a few EU respond
to CQ near the start, but managed to catch the tail end of the EU sunrise
opening when the EU stations were really loud - much better conditions than the
160 tests.

I miss years past when K7CA would be in far South America and getting that
17-pointer or whatever it was - I think my highest point QSO was a few 15

K3/KPA500 to 51' T antenna on 160
N2WN   Single Op QRP   5432016-12-18 09:56:43
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Tennessee Contest Group
NAME: Julius Fazekas
ADDRESS: 256 Red House Rd
ADDRESS: Blaine, TN 37709-5246
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V14.2.0
VE3CV   Multi-Op LP   1,5022016-12-18 09:59:32
Left the cluster on, so will be Multi-Op or Check Log, but all S&P entry
and just kept trolling.
Good conditions to West Coast, but never heard KH6 or KL7. No VE6 heard, but a
few VE7s. Thanks to VK3IO for pulling me out (I hope) for a 50 pointer! Just a
whisper on the 270deg BOG. Stayed up for total EU sunrise for the first time
this season and glad I did. First EU was 9A5W with big signal at 0500Z and
closed by GM4Z at 0800Z for 22 EU QSOs. Good pipeline into Germany. Also OA4TT
at 0700Z was only SA in the log. Big periods of terrible noise with local big
snow storm and some freezing rain, but at least the antennas all stayed up.

Thanks to all the super Ops with good RX antennas....only a few alligators
found, but some EU stations have to take a break from the F1 key (CQ) and
listen! Could barely get my callsign out at 19wpm between their calls.
Frustrating....5 second minimum repeat should be built into N1MM.
Looking forward to CQ160 as Top Band conditions are definitely improving. Now
to just get JA in the log.
73 Jeff VE3CV

FT-1000MP (1995) with Inrad filters 100W.
TX Antenna:
80m doublet at 50ft apex used as Top-loaded vertical with 14 radials
RX Antenna:
Temporary 600ft Beverages for NW, NE, S
200ft BOGs for W and E
PA0RDT Active Antenna built on VE3FEX board at 40ft.
HC2AO   Single Op LP   2302016-12-18 09:59:53
Another repeat of ARRL 160. NA working NA with no effort to listen to South.
K7RAT pikced up HC but gave and he was the best - the vast majority would not
even pause.
VA2WA was worked 2 hours before local sunset, which comparable to a summer
sunset in the North.
UW2M called for the best Q over 11 000 km.
S57DX, 9A7V, 9A5W all deserve special thanks for having fine ears and logging
me without much trouble.
N9NA   Single Op HP   6562016-12-18 10:05:15
Ten Tec Omni 7,Ten Tec Centurion & 160 meter inverted L
ON7EH   Single Op LP   2,0642016-12-18 10:05:29
I am always happy to participate in the Stew Perry, I like the concept.

Trx: Elecraft K3/100
Tx-antenna: the amazing inverted L 15m high down to 11m (radials covering
Rx: BPF (google YU1LM 160m)+ 2 orthogonal Beverages (60m to NE/SW, 130m to
N1MM+ logger

RUN did produce many QSO's in EU but returned very little, further away.
So the band was S&P-ed many times.
We started working NA some 2 hours before our sunrise, at high rate: in total
some 60 US/VE went into the log.
Points/QSO averaged at 6.6.
Thanks to all participants and the organisation!
Seasons greetings,
Michel, ON7EH
NØAX   Single Op LP   2782016-12-18 10:11:19
Winter weather kept me at home using the doublet-turned-flat-top but it was fun
to tune around and make contacts. Best DX was "in the corners" -
WWA, LAX, FL, and MA. Not bad for some jumpered-together stuff! Sounds like
conditions were decent and lots of EU-East Coast action. Hope the West Coast
picked up some Pacific and East Asian goodies! Happy New Year to all - see you
in the NAQP contests.

73, Ward N0AX
K5CI   Single Op HP   3512016-12-18 10:13:35
ALS-1300 at 700 watt out
Low hung 80m inv L with series inductance to allow for antenna matching.
NJ4F   Single Op HP   1912016-12-18 10:14:52
IC-7800, Alpha 9500, Palstar AT1500DT
160m Dipole, Shared Apex Loop Array (RX) (160/80)
N1MM Plus
S&P only
N5OE   Single Op QRP   1682016-12-18 10:16:18
Wow, basically I am just hoping that I was able to hand out my QRP points to
others for Q's. Awful time here but was determined to stay with it. 40MPH+
Northerly winds and sub freezing temps evidently knocked tree limbs on the
lines or something to cause the commercial supply here to go out. I was about 1
hour into the contest when the commercial power went out, so I grabbed some
extension cords and fired up the old 1970 Onan generator out in the shop. Ran
temporary power into the shack and got everything up and running again.
Commercial Power came on and off no less than 30 times through the night, and I
could hear on the band a good 20 over 9 QRN every time it would try to come
back. Between that going on and storms NE of my QTH, really caused me trouble
being heard and especially hearing others. Probably my worst ever attempt at
this FUN and exciting contest, but all in all, I still had a good time winging
it as things kept falling apart everywhere around me:) At sunrise, the family
and I were greeted with 11deg F temps (That's ugly cold for TEXAS y'all) ,
still 15-20 mph winds, no water to the house or shop, no electricity, 6 gallons
shorter on gasoline supply, and bone tired.

Thanks for the Q's and all the patience on the fills.
W9RE   Single Op LP   2,7342016-12-18 10:18:27
Thanks to WD8DSB who again helped me find an annoying noise that bothered 160
mostly. He came to my QTH last Thursday in 20 degree and windy weather. The
temperature had dropped very sharply on that day and we had a hard time
the electric fence noise because of all the sudden power line noise. My power
provider actually came out this week to search for noise but most of it was
gone by that time and I was pretty worried that I would have the power line
noise again this weekend because weather predictions were a high of 40 degrees
F on Saturday and dropping fast Sunday morning but I had no power line noise
all just the QRN from storms on Saturday night for several hours.

Activity seemed up a little bit since normally I've been in the 500 Q range.
It's too bad we here in the Midwest didn't have better DX propagation that we
have had during the last couple weeks on occasion. On my 2nd radio I heard a
lot of east coasters working a lot of Europe and I could hear some of the
Europeans but none called me until very, very late in the opening and I didn't
find many calling CQ. So my over 10 pointers were only 20 with 2- KH6's. I
heard K1LT work a VK6 who called him but as far as I know he never called me.
Best DX was a 16 pointer.

About the only station that could not hear me was KS7T who I called many
with no luck. Several others I called with no luck but came back a while
and was then heard.

Surprised to have a very mini run of 7 stations in 5 minutes around 7 A.M. and
thought things might really pick up but no.

I really love this contest because it is a great way to do SO2R if you have 2
transmit antennas and several rx antennas. Running LP I was able to receive
while transmitting within about 1 KHz of my transmit signal. I used an open
wire fed 80 meter dipole for my 2nd transmit antenna and it worked almost as
good as my 1/4 wave vertical with a radial field.

For the first time in this contest I used a pair of YCCC binomial rx arrays
combined for the NE/SW direction in one ear and my main 160 EFBS (8
in the other ear.

Thanks to Tree, Lew and the Boring Group for sponsoring this event.

---- ------ ----- -----
22 98 98 98
23 90 90 188

0 71 71 259
1 57 57 316
2 69 69 385
3 44 44 429
4 27 27 456
5 26 26 482
6 19 19 501
7 18 18 519
8 24 24 543
9 11 11 554
10 0 0 554
11 24 24 578
12 26 26 604
13 10 10 614

K3MAW   Single Op LP   1902016-12-18 10:25:23
I used assistance so my log was submitted as a checklog.
W4UT   Single Op HP   1342016-12-18 10:27:48
QRN was very heavy at my QTH and made it hard to copy.
N7QT   Single Op HP   2,2642016-12-18 10:27:55
Band QSOs Pts Pt/Q
1.8 382 2264 5.9
Total 382 2264 5.9
Score: 2,264
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
N3ZZ   Single Op HP   4862016-12-18 10:51:57
K3, 87A, 55' top loaded vertical.
N3KN   Single Op HP   1422016-12-18 10:53:05
Tough QRN.
KØEJ   Single Op HP   7942016-12-18 10:54:39
arrived at contest QTH just before 2100Z to thick fog and a lite drizzle. By the
time I quit at 02Z, it was pea-soup and a steady downpour. Between the noise and
QSB, it was a challenge (just as the event name indicates!).

Merry Christmas to all - 73, Mark
WØMB   Single Op QRP   6662016-12-18 11:09:22
NTS: Kenwood TS590 Inverted L 560 foot Beverage.
I operated all SPS ( search pounce spot ) and never called cq. The real test
hear was the guys that had to hear me running qrp. It was a lot of fun and even
got in some cw practice. Was able to work some of the dx that I found and some
with few repeats. I ran into a few friends also. This was a first time for this
contest but was fun.
NR4C   Single Op HP   1192016-12-18 11:12:09
No time for the contest, too busy with Christmas, but did get a couple of

Had fun, this is the first time I heard about this contest before it started,
and not when everyone was posting scores.

KX7L   Single Op QRP   4352016-12-18 11:21:01
These pre-Christmas Stews make it a little tougher to get BIC time in, but I
still managed to beat my score from last year, even with less time. Conditions
seemed better than during the ARRL 160 - lots of east coast stations heard, most
of them merrily working the Europeans I couldn't hear. Thanks for digging my
signal out!
W2RR(WA2AOG)   Single Op HP   7972016-12-18 11:22:49
Single antenna - 1/2w inverted vee @ 50'
K6IJ   Single Op HP   4062016-12-18 11:25:29
Very bad power line noise, making hearing the weak ones just about impossible to
copy, I gave up after 2 hours. Seemed to be lots of action.

73, Fred K6IJ
KT8K   Single Op LP   592016-12-18 11:28:41
I don't have an antenna for 160m any more, so I used the 80/40m wire vertical
with one elevated radial, fed with TV twin lead by my LDG Z-11 autotuner.
Running 5 Watts it was clear it was going to be a long, hard contest with very
few QSO's, and I wasn't doing an all-out effort, so I kicked the Orion up to 55
Watts (tuner rated for 60) and was able, with difficulty, to make a few
Thanks for listening hard, everybody, and see you in the next one.
73 de kt8k - Tim

- Tentec Orion w. MFJ Grandmaster memory keyer, Bencher BY-1 paddles, WGA
TR-2000 headset
- ancient XP laptop running N1MM+ and home brew RS-232 keying interface

- 80/40m vertical with 1 elevated radial per band and 2 leftover 43' elevated
radials, feed point and radials about 12 feet up, fed by 90 feet of TV Twin
lead lying on the roof under 8 inches of snow and an LDG Z-11 autotuner
- 20/40/80m 3 wire dipole at 25 feet was used only for auxiliary listening

Thanks for enjoying my ham radio (and other) songs: "I Want a Big
Tower" "If You Ain't
Runnin', You Ain't Winnin'"
K4BAI   Single Op HP   8032016-12-18 11:36:44
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, tee vertical. Band conditions seemed pretty good, but
we had high QRN. Almost everyone I called could hear me. Only a few QSOs into
Europe and most of those near European sunrise. Strongest signal from Europe
who could not hear me (and many others) calling was TM5X. And I got F5IN on
the first call. TM5X might need better receive antennas. Stations in
Caribbean were strong and seemed to be hearing well. Thanks for all QSOs. 73,
John, K4BAI.
K1LT   Single Op HP   3,3812016-12-18 11:38:57
For this running of the Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge the only
preparation I did was to tweak the 2-element end-fire receiving array
to properly null the transmit antenna. I found that moving the
resonant frequency of the verticals above the desired null frequency
vastly improves the null depth. Some day I'll have to try modeling
this antenna and transmission lines to see how it really works.

A nice 60db null maximized at 1820 kHz (rather than 40db at 1805 kHz)
makes SO2V operation much more practical.

There is definitely a problem with my combination of equipment for
SO2V operation: K3, Writelog, and a homebrew WinKey type keyer. If I
jump from one VFO to the other "too quickly", the K3 applies maximum
power to the amplifier on some random in-band frequency which trips
the amplifier. If I proceed more sedately, the problem does not
occur. As I get more proficient at SO2R, I can press the keystrokes
more quickly and trigger the problem more often. My suspicion is the
problem occurs when PTT is applied while the command to change VFOs is
in progress.

The solution seems to be to bang the 'escape' key to terminate the
broken transmission, press the up and down arrow keys to have Writelog
resend the VFO change command, wait for the amplifier to recover, and
then transmit again. The problem most often happens if I try to
insert an extra CQ on my run frequency while the S&P station I just
called sends his exchange. The end-result is that the S&P station
gets my exchange delayed and at low power (18 watts often worked).

I ran the whole contest at 1000 watts in order to keep the amplifier
from turning on the operator harassment device (the blower). I
cranked the power once for VK6VZ who was having trouble hearing me
through some QRN and QSB. Fortunately I could hear his instructions
very well.

I am unable to decide if better conditions drives better participation
or if the anticipation of better conditions as the sunspots fade
drives better participation. The weekend prior to Christmas and New
Year's probably makes a difference as well. Conditions did seem
decent except for the static and fortunately the static gradually
declined all evening. The man-made noise has been reasonably minimal
this year.

No surprise multiplier but working P4/K4BAI followed later by just
plain K4BAI was a bit surprising.

Best DX was VK6VK for 37 points. Second best was VK3IO for 32 points
and third best was a 3-way tie between SV3RF, UW2M, and RW7K for 18
points each. First European DX was EI5KF at 2210Z. No JAs heard. No
Africans or Asians worked so no Worked All Continents this time.

DX worked: 9A (2), DL (26), E7, EA (2), EI (3), F (7), G (12),
GW, HA (2), I (2), KH6 (3), KL7, KP4, KV4 (3), LY (4), OA, OE,
OH, OK (8), ON (3), OZ, P4 (2), PA (2), S5 (4), SM (3),
SP (4), SV (2), UA, UR (3), VK (2), and YO.

Equipment: Elecraft K3/100, P3, K3/10, Alpha 8410, homebrew SO2R
stuff, too many computers, 65-foot "tee" vertical over 70 125-foot
radials, 2x4 broadside end-fire array of short verticals and SDR
receivers for beam steering to the east, 2x3 broadside end-fire array
of short verticals and SDR receivers for beam steering to the west,
and 800 foot Beverage for EL96.

Note that determining whether or not someone is calling is done by
consulting 3 waterfall displays and listening to the distinct audio in
each ear. Usually this process rapidly finds a caller, but the
process is particularly slow and ineffective for stations at a
particular distance due North (Michigan, northern Ohio) or due South
(Tennessee, Florida, South America). Skip zones?

This table seems to suggest patterns of activity and propagation:

raw raw points cooked cooked points cooked-raw
year QSOs score per QSO QSOs score per QSO ratio

2005 491 2033 4.14 483 2439 5.05 1.22
2006 604 2224 3.68 didn't submit log in time
2007 691 3712 5.37 669 4293 6.42 1.19
2008 633 3328 5.26 617 3895 6.31 1.20
2009 761 4006 5.26 737 4871 6.61 1.26
2010 642 2477 3.86 623 2931 4.70 1.22
2011 656 2501 3.81 642 3169 4.94 1.27
2012 679 3214 4.73 667 3986 5.97 1.24
2013 723 3559 4.92 710 4525 6.37 1.30
2014 667 1937 2.90 655 2474 3.77 1.28
2015 620 1934 3.12 614 2440 3.97 1.27
2016 759 3381 4.45

average 3.85 5.41 1.25

Repeating from previous years: the "points per QSO" number seems to
a potentially useful figure of merit. Since the "cooked" score is
consistently about 25% better than the raw score one can take the
cooked "points per QSO" number as a decent measure of
2010, 2011. 2014, and 2015 were bad years, 2007 - 2009 were good years
along with 2013 (sunspot enhancement), and the rest must be
This year was apparently a "normal" year.
KE2D   Single Op LP   8332016-12-18 11:45:34
Best conditions I've ever seen in a 160m contest in my admittedly limited
experience. Worked 10 Europe stations and numerous others from the west coast
in the CN/CM grids. Wish I'd had more time.
N1LN   Single Op HP   2712016-12-18 11:50:14
Was only on from 21:40 to 22:40 then out to dinner with the neighbors and to see
Rogue One. Not real impressed with the latest Star Wars flick. Should have
stayed home and played on 160.

Even in this daylight hour I had 5 EU Qs and 2 South America. Was sounding
like it was going to be a great DX night.

Bruce N1LN
KU8E   Single Op HP   1,1912016-12-18 11:52:12
K3 / KPA500 - 500 watts and Inverted L

Band was noisy due to nearby thunderstorms that made it challenging sometimes
to pull out calls. Weak to EU from here. Worked one near my sunset and a
handful at EU sunrise.

How about a medium power class for those that don't or can't run 1500 watts?
I'm probably at least 10 db down from those running 1500 watts but get the same
number of points. Then maybe I would operate more.

Jeff KU8E
KE8M   Single Op HP   7022016-12-18 12:04:12
STEWPERRY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-12-17

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : EN81
Gridsquare : EN81RG

ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6006.0

Band QSOs Pts Pt/Q
1.8 168 702 4.2
Total 168 702 4.2

Score : 702
Rig : Elecraft K3s + Ameritron ALS 1300 @ 1kw

Antennas : shunt coil + coil loaded 60 ft tower 175 various sized radials
600 ft bi directional beverage NE SW

Soapbox : Christmas in July ! static levels from nearby storms were too much
went qrt 6pm to midnight
my Thanks go out to those that hung in there
my apologizes to those i just could not copy well
VE6JY   Single Op QRP   2692016-12-18 12:08:39
Just a few hours dabbling as conditions seemed decent. KP2 KH6 PJ2 heard me,
called with no luck for P4 KV4 OA and a few others.

Sure nice and quiet (in the room) without the amp running.

73 Don
W1END   Single Op LP   1862016-12-18 12:11:23
Hadn't planned to operate this one but at last minute connected the feedline to
my low lying long wire during our Saturday snow storm. Operated early evening
with very high VSWR; had to retune transmitter when moving up/down the band.
Surprised at the results. Most qso's were sort of local guys. Maybe I can get
up enough ambition to erect a real 160 antenna next summer.
Thanks and happy new year to all.

Eldon - W1END
K5KC   Multi-Op HP   2,0972016-12-18 12:37:23
Another fun contest at K5KC. Thunderstorms were a problem. The station was
not, everything performed well.
WJ9B   Single Op LP   2,5002016-12-18 12:53:31
I heard one EU but too many calling for me to be heard with LP. I worked a few
Caribbean, Kh6, kl7, vy1aaa, and a few JAs. Thanks for the good fun, and happy
73, wj9b
KØACP   Single Op LP   7522016-12-18 12:56:38
What can I say, but another great Stew is in the books. Saturday was tuff
sledding with lots of QRN at my QTH. However, Sunday morning was excellent,
wish that I had gotten an earlier start Sunday morning. Thanks to BARC for
hosting this event.


NQ6N   Single Op HP   2152016-12-18 12:58:55
Before the contest I took the KX2 around the house looking for sources of RFI.
It turns out one set of holiday lights was generating a lot of noticeable
noise. I wound a choke with the end of the cord and added a few snap-on chokes
which seemed to reduce the noise quite a bit. I also identified a few very
noisy wall warts, so I think this sort of house survey was long overdue.

However even with the lights unplugged the noise was S9+20. The K3's noise
blanker was able to reduce it to about S8 which was remarkable, but not quite
good enough to pull out weak signals.

The noise suddenly appeared on 160 a week or so ago as more and more holiday
lights appeared in the neighborhood. My spirits sank a bit as I realized it
might be very tough going in the Stew.

So last evening I saw the new Star Wars movie with family members and then did
a few hours of work, finally getting on the air around 0800Z.

Matt NQ6N
VE7SL   Single Op LP   1,3132016-12-18 13:16:29
Conditions were so-so and QSB was very rapid causing a ton of repeats for
everyone it seemed. Always a fun event.
VE3CFK   Single Op LP   1,8992016-12-18 13:18:16
Good and bad conditions.
Long propagation, but QRN and deep QSB.
Happy with the results.
K2RD   Single Op HP   7772016-12-18 13:18:28
Band seemed good from Northern Nevada. Excellent opening to Europe from 0550z
through about 0630z. Worked OK, 9A, E7, S5, DL. Heard TM5X but couldn't get
their attention. Good sigs from Caribbean from KP2, PJ2, and PJ4. East coast
in solid all night starting before sunset here.

Thanks for the patience and qsos.
K1SX   Single Op QRP   4022016-12-18 13:26:53
Still have a lot to learn about 160. This was better than the "pre",
with improved antenna(s). Best was N9RV, on one call, 7 pts. But no DX again.
Genesis G11 SDR, 135' cf doublet at 50' with ladder line shorted and a 135' efw
at 10' as counterpoise. Also tried a 67' vertical with base loading coil and 16
radials, which wasn't too much worse. Tnx all for pulling out what must be a
very faint signal!
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   2,3242016-12-18 13:30:20
Our Saturday morning conditions and results looked promising. Unfortunately,
Saturday night brought lightening and rain static. Definitely not one of our
better years. Many thanks for the contacts and we hope to work you in the
CQ-160 CW Contest.
Mahalo & Aloha
Lloyd KH6LC, Curt AH6RE, Rob NH6V
KL7SB(@KL7RA)   Single Op HP   2,0062016-12-18 13:35:37
Tough slog from up here. Good propagation to JA, plus a few VK/ZL, so a lot of
big points, but very little to Midwest or East Coast, nothing to EU. Still
fun, and a bit emotional doing a TopBand event from Rich's station.
W3TS   Single Op QRP   1,4102016-12-18 13:35:45
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion at 5 watts.
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: 300 foot NE/SW short beverage and 300 foot SE/NW beverage and a NE
and NW Flag. The best I can do on a 150 x 200 foot town lot with the help of
understanding neighbors.
Logger: N1MM
RW7K   Single Op HP   2,9502016-12-18 13:38:06
Nice to meet so many friends !!! Mary Xmas and Happy New Year !!! 73 ! Andy ex.
W6SZN   Single Op HP   632016-12-18 13:38:20
Check log
DL3TU   Single Op QRP   1,1552016-12-18 13:54:21
Participated for the first time in this contest and liked it, even though it was
part time due to many commitments before Christmas.

I wonder why some stations would not send "TU" at the end of the QSO.
This is anoying because you can't be sure whether you're in the log, especially
when signals are marginal.

Nice opening to NA on Sunday morning and again surprising what QRP can do!
Worked 17 NAs and 1 Caribbean. Some stations came right back to my call.

Special thanks to those who didn't spare the effort to pull my signal out of
the noise, in particular W2FU and K3UL among many others!

It was lots of fun. Hope to cu in the CQ160.

K3 @ 5w
Sloper (TX/RX) @ 15m
Magnetic Loop (RX)

Tnx QSOs, MX/ HNY,
Roman - DL3TU
VE7XF   Single Op HP   6022016-12-18 14:03:55
Better than I expected, except that I never heard a thing from off the
Not even a few JAs in the early hours.
I'm constantly amazed at how well my 260' doublet at 75' does (on all bands).
The temporary inv L with two elevated radials offers a different perspective,
but the local noise is about 5 db higher. Gotta do some sleuthing, or put up a
good noise antenna for my otherwise useless noise canceller.
Come summer, maybe a loop of some kind, after getting rid of the blackberries.

Ralph, VE7XF, CN79

K3, Acom 1000, N1MM classic
NA8V   Single Op LP   2,9662016-12-18 14:11:13
raw points = 1977, used 1.5x multiplier

Now *that* was fun! By far my best result in the TBDC, both in raw QSOs and
points. Never had any real rate but it was steady until the wee hours. Worked
my first EU of 54 total at 2213z. They were infrequent and sporadic until
nearly 05z when i started getting steady answers to my CQs. It's really rare
when I can run Eu on 160 in a contest to any major effect. Didn't work any z16
or z20 and only an OZ represented Scandinavia and the Baltics. I had hoped
there would be more South American activity but only worked KP2 (4), KP4 (1),
P4 (1) and PJ2 (1) in that direction. Was shut out to the Pacific, heard KH6LC
and one other KH6 calling people but they never called me and I couldn't track
them down CQing. Highest point value was a modest 15 but there were quite a
few of those. Such a treat to have good condx fall on a contest night.

The past couple years I've had a problem working 6's and 7's but this time
worked pretty much every one heard sooner or later and had many call me. Took
off at 0830z with the plan to get back on at 10z and pick up my last 3 hrs.
Dozed off watching a terrible b&w WWII movie ("Bitter Harvest")
and didn't get back on until 11z when I found the band absolutely wide open to
the whole US with very, very loud signals. Everyone was s9 regardless of which
Rx antenna I used. Would have been nice to have been on a bit earlier but
probably no real effect as there weren't all that many new people to work.

I only have beverages NE and W and with the QRN had to use them most of the
time. If it's reasonably quiet I can hear well enough to the S and SE but I'm
sure I missed some folks down that way and apologize. Even on the beverages it
was quite noisy and took a couple hours to find the right combination of rf

Thanks to Tree and Lew and the Boring Club for sponsoring such a great contest.
I just wish more folks would join the fun. I had about this many contacts in
the ARRL 160 the first night in approx half the time.


TS590sg + invL, 48ft vertical. 450ft bev NE, 450ft bev W

21 41
22 56
23 50
0 48
1 57
2 43
3 47
4 26
5 30
6 49
7 27
8 13
9 0
10 1
11 27
12 25
13 10
TO 550 (inc. 13 dupes)

Country Prefix 160 Percent
------- ------ ---- ---- ----
1 Croatia 9A 3 0.55
2 Fed. Rep. of Germany DL 15 2.73
3 Bosnia-Herzegovina E7 1 0.18
4 Spain EA 1 0.18
5 Ireland EI 5 0.91
6 France F 5 0.91
7 England G 5 0.91
8 Scotland GM 1 0.18
9 Wales GW 1 0.18
10 Italy I 3 0.55
11 United States K 461 83.82
12 US Virgin Islands KP2 4 0.73
13 Puerto Rico KP4 1 0.18
14 Austria OE 1 0.18
15 Czech Republic OK 6 1.09
16 Belgium ON 3 0.55
17 Denmark OZ 1 0.18
18 Aruba P4 1 0.18
19 Netherlands PA 1 0.18
20 Curacao PJ2 1 0.18
21 Slovenia S5 2 0.36
22 Poland SP 3 0.55
23 Canada VE 25
WI9WI   Single Op HP   1942016-12-18 14:17:02
Got on for one hour about MN local. Band actually seemed pretty good.
N4UM   Single Op HP   1822016-12-18 14:24:25
400 watts to a 1/8 wave inverted L at 20 feet. A real slog!
KN4Y   Single Op LP   1,2452016-12-18 14:32:12
Got on the air and all the external problems started. Finally lost my cool
cussed a few times and shut down and went to bed.
KEØTT   Single Op LP   2172016-12-18 14:32:59
K3/10 using all 12 watts to a 260' inverted vee with apex up about 50' in a pine
tree. Feedline is a twisted pair of cotton-covered and varnished solid copper
wires about 70' long and no tuner. Had some good rates of S&P, and even
CQ'ing, which is unusual for this op. Seemed like the band was open, except
for QRN in the SE US. Thanks for your copy, and C U next time. 73, Dan
K1KI   Single Op HP   4,5362016-12-18 14:51:26
Much better conditions than last year. Worked roughly 190 Eu stations, no Asia,
no Africa, only 3 SA, and 3 Oc. But generally, the QRN was low and the NE and W
beverages worked well.

It was good to be able to work some west coast stations around 01z and later,
though they didn't peak until 08z. Antenna worked pretty well, wish I could
hear better so I can tune while transmitting, but that's a tough job. 85% or
more of my QSOs came from answers to CQing. Lots of weak signals!

I may have finally matched W1UE in this one.

73 Tom
K2CYE   Single Op LP   112016-12-18 14:53:55
No 160 antenna so I tuned around for a few minutes after getting the OCF tuned.

W9XT   Single Op LP   1,8192016-12-18 14:59:18
Heavy snow made for a very noisy band until about 0500Z. Then it quieted down
nicely. Beverage and K9AY really helped a lot. Much better than last year
with a few European contacts. Best opening to the west coast in last several
160 contests. Lots of 8 & 9 pointers raised average pts/QSO by almost a
whole point compared to last year.
Lots of fun as usual.
K9CT   Single Op LP   3752016-12-18 15:05:24
Holiday party, bad weather and ice detuned antenna lead to short operation.

Always fun....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

73, Craig K9CT
WX3B   Single Op HP   1,0272016-12-18 15:21:37
Well that was FUN!! And yes, there were some big signals from out west and many
EUs calling in. Was a different world...And my beverages work Thanks to Tom
K3AJ for the Snap-N-Seal RG6 "F" connectors and appropriate tools.
It does make a difference.


Jim WX3B
WB8RFB   Single Op LP   402016-12-18 15:23:46
Snowstorm dumped nearly ten inches of snow on this QTH and made conditions tough
here. Just having a 135' random wire 8' off the ground didn't improve the rate
either. This was a late effort to get a signal on the air so after nothing else
worked, I installed a Palstar HF-Auto Tuner to get the wire to radiate but it
was still tough sledding all Saturday evening with QSB and QRN from the storm
making repeats necessary. Had to go outside and shovel and use the snow blower
twice on Saturday and was pretty tired after that. Was in the rack by 2330
local and didn't even get back on Sunday as there was more snow removal to do
this morning. My kingdom for a decent antenna and enough room to put it up!
N9RV   Single Op HP   1,8572016-12-18 15:23:58
Wow, nice conditions to the east coast. Not much of a DX contest though.
Certainly had a good time while operating.

Just a few JA's and Carribeans here. Not a peep from across the Atlantic.
Such is life.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   2322016-12-18 15:27:30
Three elevated 1/4-wave radials and an FCP isolator (but the wires are no yet
folded counterpoise style -- will try that this spring). Inverted-L has a very
droopy far end, making it a upside-down end-fed V.

Year Qs Pts
2016 65 232
2015 50 175
2013 123 775
2012 92 628
2011 67 273
2010 52 238
2009 108 615
2008 93 420
2007 155 1032
2006 51 133
2005 124 858
2004 43 238
KIØI   Single Op HP   1,1422016-12-18 15:46:43
Condx at my start were awful.A line of T-storms to the SE was making so much
noise the AY loop or the beverage were no match. Crashes took out calls and
info every 10 seconds. Finally around midnite the noise settled down and the
band opened to Europe.I was pleased to have several callers from across the
water come to my CQ. Unfortunately there were some I just couldn't copy well
enough to get a callsign and grid. I had one station sign /QRP , but that was
all I cud get. I thot it was IT9xxx/QRP but that may be wrong. It must take a
lot of patience to use 5w on a noisy busy band like last nite ! hihi
Along about 08:30z I went into a COMA and didn't revive til about an hour
later. So I moved to a recliner for a nap before sunrise. The Fone rang at
5:00am CDT and my work wanted me to come in and clear ice and snow we had fall
Saturday evening/night. I work for the road dept so I had no option but go and
miss the morning bunch on the Band. I heard from a friend the condx were a lot
better Sunday morning , go figure.
Hope all had fun with the challenge, see ya next time!
73 Thanks
Mark KI0I
VE3PN   Single Op HP   2,2022016-12-18 15:52:38
LOTS of QRN from static NE and SOUTH thanks to all who held in to finish QSO
The Receive 4 square drove me nuts the QRN was about 20dB lower than beverages
so I thought it had broke but all the western stations were very clear
I have to make a push button controller
WS7L   Single Op HP   2372016-12-18 16:08:04
Sorry, my 160 antenna system is in some disrepair as a side effect of other
construction plus storm damage. So I didn't make a full effort. Hoping to get
it back up to snuff for CQ 160!

Still, condx seemed pretty nice, worked a couple JA's pretty easily. Heard a
P4/DL... pretty loud but couldn't make myself heard.

73, Carl WS7L
K7TJR   Single Op HP   2,9702016-12-18 16:51:08
Missed the first Saturday morning as I had set up writelog wrong. It was too
late when I finally got that going.
Still fighting noise to the NE and N. Highlights were being called by HI8 and
HP1 and best DX of BU2AQ. Thanks everybody for all the calls, it was a ball!
N2NC   Single Op HP   4252016-12-18 17:07:49
Conditions seemed very good.
KH6CJJ   Single Op LP   2072016-12-18 17:50:32
Thanks for all who copied my 100 watts from a very compromised antenna. Except
for KH6LC, all my contacts were at least 2500 miles away.

73 and Aloha,
NE9U   Single Op LP   1,0952016-12-18 18:19:33
Wanted to play from my quiet cabin location, but snow storm convinced me to stay
Noisey and no RX antenna....
I do have a bit more vertical on the inverted L at home , and the Europeans I
could hear through the noise seemed easier than on my shorter L at the

Scott NE9U

50 foot inverted L
W6JBR   Single Op LP   2442016-12-18 18:52:23
160 has been pretty good this month for for me.
I worked to the east coast and Alaska, so I was happy.
Rig TS-450SAT 100W, MFJ tuner
Antenna 40m inverted v with shorted feedline, fed as a 'T'
Software WIN XP, N1MM+
Happy Holidays!
W6NF   Multi-Op LP   2362016-12-18 19:07:01
Actually single op but I used the cluster so had to, much to my dismay, enter as
multi. That sure makes things difficult for someone running low power with a
poor antenna (my XYL and I live in an apartment) and makes further
participation problematic from this location. That said, conditions must have
been quite good. I was surprised at the number of stations I worked in 2 hours.
No DX outside of VE, but that was not a surprise with a "cloud burner"
WQ5L   Single Op LP   6162016-12-18 19:17:30
The meter read 100W but I felt a lot weaker. REALLY had trouble being heard. Not
sure if QRN was the problem (it was annoying here, but far from debilitating) or
I have a bad connection in the TX feedline. Probably the latter... 73 de WQ5L
WO1N   Single Op LP   2192016-12-18 19:30:51
Station: FTdx5000, trap loaded vertical w one raised radial

Just playing around with a compromise antenna. Spotlight into Eu was
at times...

Ken - WO1N
W7EW   Single Op HP   2,9862016-12-18 19:53:04
Another fine contest in the books. Very good propagation throughout except for
no Sunday morning enhanced conditions out to the west. It may be time to change
out the TX antennas from wires in trees to wires off of towers. We'll see this
summer. Thanks to those that called. Sorry for the fumbled exchanges at times
as it is hard to proficiently operate while executing REM sleep. Nothing quite
like waking up with a bunch of beeps in your ears and being not quite sure of
why these people are bothering me while establishing what solar system I seem
to be in.
KG9X   Single Op HP   1,4962016-12-18 19:54:18
Lots of snow QRN Saturday made for tuff going. Many repeats needed with static
crashes. The RX NE/SW unterminated BOG was used for most QSO's and that
helped. I noticed signal levels improved from ARRL 160 test after I lifted the
BOG wire on top of the several inches of snow we have here.
TNX for the Q's, 73 Fred
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   4,7652016-12-18 20:05:57
K3 X 3
OM2000 (@ 1200W)
Win-Test Software
Three EL Vertical Array @ 240 feet
Beverage RX Antennas NE, E, S. SW, W, NW
Hi-Z Four

We started the day of the Stew battling bad weather. It's normally a two hour
raod trip from NNJ for several team members to reach the station 90 miles to
our south. The day dawned with an inch or so of snow/sleet already on the
ground, and a steady freezing rain falling and rapidly accumulating, the
temperature being only 21F/-6C. Roads were largely uncleared/untreated so the
going was slow. Fortunately the WX forecasters got this one right for a
change - the temperatures began to slowly rise above freezing by eleven a.m.
and the rain eventually ended by mid-afternoon. We were very fortunate on the
east coast when compared to the severe weather building in middle-America.

AS ususal we had a number of outdoor antenna tasks planned but with the
dreadful wet and cold conditions, only the most critical (installing a new
preamp on the HI-Z Four RX system) was actually completed. I suppose that says
we're getting either older or wiser.

This weekend we achieved our best M/S HP TBDC score ever, exceeding by 10% our
previous best recorded in 2009. We felt band conditions were about average
never what you could call outstanding. Take a moment and read K1LT's score
posting under SOHP - his analysis of conditions over the last twelve December
TBDCs is quite interesting. It felt to us entrant participation was higher
this time and there were clear periods of enhanced propagation both to our
and west. The severe weather produced some QRN discomfort from time to time.

The operating highlight of the weekend was the propagation enhancement that
occurred during the EU sunrise period. The 05/06/07 hours offered strong
signals and outstanding rate. Overall we achieved 252 contacts with a point
value greater than 10, about 225 of them were with EU. Our average contact
value was an amazing 6 points, representing a distance of roughly 2650 Km. And
our best DX was a 21 pointer with 7Z1SJ, just as he reached his sunrise peak.

Thanks to the Boring ARC for continuing to sponsor and manage this contesting
gem and to the owners of WYRS-FM for allowing us to use and enjoy their
wonderful transmitter site facilities.


John, W2GD for the TEAM.

QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | Rate |
| 21 | 53 | 30 minutes
| 22 | 92 |
| 23 | 90 |
| 00 | 83 |
| 01 | 55 |
| 02 | 79 |
| 03 | 58 | Longest Distance Contact 0343z 7Z1SJ 10486 Km
| 04 | 66 |
| 05 | 76 | EU Peak
| 06 | 59 | EU Peak
| 07 | 41 | EU Peak
| 08 | 18 |
| 09 | | 68 minute off time
| 10 | 22 |
| 11 | 17 |
| 12 | 10 | 28 minutes

| | 819 |

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WO9S   Single Op QRP   1772016-12-18 20:18:59
Didn't catch the good weather to install a resonant sloper.
Hope to get it in before the end of January.
HSØZIA   Multi-Op HP   1,4632016-12-18 20:40:08
Conditions seemed OK Saturday night but just not much activity. Our best DX to
the East was N7UA for 24 pts and G3BJ for 19 to the West. Average pts/Q 11.6.
Sunday evening was almost nothing. Still our best effort yet. The HiZ 8 circle
array continues to impress. Thanks to Peter for coming to operate and help
setting up the station. This is a great contest with the best scoring system in
radiosport. 73
N6TQ   Single Op HP   7722016-12-18 21:03:21
Namaste -

Must support the Stew. Thanks to all for your patience and, of course, the Qs.

73, Jim Colletto, N6TQ (a.k.a., 'the California Dreamer' ...)
KU1CW(@W4AAW)   Single Op HP   3,5802016-12-18 21:47:03
I have not operated in SP probably for the last 5/6 years or so.
Thanks to Mike, W4AAW, for the opportunity to get on the top band!
That was remote operation OR to VA, so EU was a bit closer and louder :)
At the beginning of the contest there were a lot of QRN due to storms down
south and quite challenging RX conditions. I would expect few busted reports
Otherwise, it looks like band is in a good condition.

Thanks for the QSO's!

73, Alex KU1CW/7
K7SS   Single Op LP   1,1152016-12-18 21:50:23
Good fun in the Stew !

A nice opening to the Northeast US and Maritimes.
worked the band til 0730z, and after tuning and not hearing anything new,
called it a nite.... and got up for the sunrise opening.

Amp is in the shop, so 100w effort here. The inverted L with 2 radials
performed very well... and was able to strike a nice balance of being usually
able to work what i can hear thru the city qrn.

A nice chance to say howdy to lots of great radio pals.. thanks to all for the
good contest fun all through 2016.
and here is to continued QSOs in the new year.

73 de Danny K7SS
N6DZ   Multi-Op HP   2,0332016-12-18 21:50:58
22 JA, 6 south-central EU
N7KN   Single Op QRP   7292016-12-18 22:04:32
KX3 into an inverted "L" with folded counterpoise. 150 feet of LMR
240 for the feed. Didn't make my target because contest software (un-named)
imploded just after midnight local (tried to give me a score of -4 million
something... Time to go to bed. Heard very few DX, early evening DL's and
after midnight JA's. No Joy with contacts.
VE7NY(@VE7CC)   Multi-Op HP   3,9342016-12-18 22:54:09
Propagation pretty good, except no EU worked at all. Only EU called was E70T,
very weak, but no response. Lots of lightning static at times.

JA 63
K 442
KH6 5
KL7 3
KP2 3
OA 1
P4 1
PJ2 1
VE 27
VK 2
XE 1
ZL 1
Total 550
S57DX(@S51V)   Single Op HP   2,9532016-12-19 00:59:30
Thanks to Silvo S51V for let me use his ufb station!
Full size vertical with 120 radials, 4 x beverage.
Bad conditions to east but fairly good to west. Nice USA pile up Sunday
Thanks for all contacts!
Slavko S57DX
9A5W(@9A1A)   Single Op HP   3,1912016-12-19 01:03:25
Expected more JA'a. Worked them only after my sunset time, just one JA on their
Band was very quite, probably because of high A and K, so I could listen USA/VE
on my TX slopper antenna. Sometimes they have been more readable on slopper then
on beverage.
I took about one and half hour pause at 2215 Z. That was bingo! At 0530 Z
propagation towards USA/VE became excellent. Within one hour cca 60 QSOs
between them stations from CA,NV,UT and my ODXs HC2AO and the longest OA4TT.
OA4TT was very strong,stations from CA and NV too.But band opening was very
In total 27% QSOs from NA.

Thanks to all who called me.

KV4FZ   Single Op HP   5,2932016-12-19 05:27:19
Made serious attempts to buy a used Elecraft K3 for the Stew and ran into at offer for $1100 which turned out to be to good to be true. When the
ham who asked for a Pay Pal payment refused to give me his address and telco
number, along with the fact that his callsign did not have the same e mail
address, I regarded it as a scam. DX-Engineering came to the rescue and shipped
me a Icom IC-7300 as my second choice for what I call a "poor ham's
K3." It has a 2KHz dynamic range specs, according to the Sherwood tests,
very close to a K3. The 7300 has spectrum display, waterfall, and touch
screen. With these features it is really simple to operate by changing values
at the touch of a finger. I used the IC-7300 as a receiver side by side with my
IC-7410 for a serious A/B analysis especially on the incessant key clicks I
usually experience from a close by QRO station. The chop chop chop I normal
recieve for him were totally gone with the IC-7300 plus I could see where he
was sending from the spectrum display. I stayed on one frequency for the whole
contest as S&P was not possible with the other close by station moving all
over the place.

Several Beverages, that were checked before the contest appeared deaf so I used
a north Beverages for both NA and EU. The west coast stations and KH6 were good
on the West Beverage but for some strange reason my NW Beverage wouldn't do
much. This is normally my best NA antenna. Not having it made Midwest
stations a real chore in copying well. Also other than LU5OM the normal
complement of PY's were just not there although I was constantly switching to
the south east and south Beverage. Nothing from VK3IO, ZL3IX, nor VK6VZ. If
I learned anything from this Stew is that the Icom IC-7300 is a real winner and
worth every penny. I would sure like to hear opinions from others on this
"Poor ham's K3" as I call it.
K7WP   Single Op HP   1952016-12-19 06:15:23
Under the weather, but had to make a little showing at least in THE Stew.

Merry Christmas to all...


John K7WP
Go AZ Outlaws...!
VY1AAA(K1EP)   Single Op HP   2452016-12-19 06:29:58
First time doing a 160M contest from up north. Did not hear Europe or SA, but
did hear some East Coast stations. K1KI was the loudest New England station I
heard, but I never worked any FN grids. I did hear JA and KH6 and worked them
both. The band was quiet for me, but I suspect that there was a lot of one way
propagation which made it frustrating! Thanks to J, VY1JA for the use of his
great station.
P4/DL6RAI(@P49V)   Single Op HP   3,5022016-12-19 07:26:22
Tnx to KU1CW for installing a multi-band dipole that I could use as a quiet RX
antenna on top band. Compared to my first effort from this QTH in 2014, this
year's TDBC was fun and I could hear much better.

DL3DXX indicated though, that there are at least two additional layers of
callers I could not copy this time - and I believe he is right. Sorry for you
guys, but I'll be back again!
NP2X(K9VV)   Single Op HP   6,0212016-12-19 07:52:34
I love my K3. What great filters and weak signal rx.
N2KW(@K1TTT)   Single Op QRP   3,1112016-12-19 08:24:52
There should be an award for the station that logs the most weak signals.
I cannot believe that VK3IO heard my "peanut whistle in a gale."

Thanks to K1TTT for his bospitality, his mentoring, and the use of his fine
station. When the snow static subsided, I could hear a flea fart in Fresno!
N5FO   Single Op HP   7252016-12-19 08:47:02
On just enough to "test the waters", which were not so good. The
noise level on Saturday night was pretty high due to the storms in the central
& NE part of the country. Not a single EU heard, nor anyone heard working
an EU. Only a couple handfuls of JA's in the morning. Try again next year!
K9MMS   Single Op LP   3652016-12-19 08:47:56
Nearly continuous static/snow precipitation(?)crashes and rapid QSB made for
very difficult conditions. Had to ask for way too many repeats -- even in my
own state. Not enjoyable, so decided to QRT after only 150 QSOs. Conditions
were far better in the ARRL 160.

73 and Merry Christmas
Gary . K9MMS
K1WHS   Single Op HP   3,7392016-12-19 08:50:45
My goal in the Stew Perry was to have some fun and try out my newest beverage
wires at 180 & 290 degrees. I was amazed at how well the 290 wire worked.
In fact, I found myself using it almost exclusively for contacts out west. I
was amazed at the strengths of the W6s and VE6 and VE7s on the beverage. I was
just tuning around the bottom end of the band late at night, and heard VK3IO
calling CQ around VK sunset. He was actually quite loud on the new wire. I
called him and he came right back! I was very impressed with everything I heard
well to the west all night. VE6JY was good copy here, and I just recently saw on
3830 Scores, that he was running QRP! The two KH6s I worked were also nice copy
on that wire. Some people cautioned that the wire was too long, but I am going
to leave the wire as is. If anything, I might try to parallel a second wire
with it and use the NCC-1 phaser to steer it. I can space the wires about 3/4
wl apart. A job for next year. Too much snow now.
I started at about 2030 UT and worked very few EU stations at first. I was
setting up my computer at 1900 UT and was hearing EU weakly at that time. EI2CN
was very good copy then.. When I started operating at dusk, it was slow to non
existent to the East. One interesting fact was that noise levels on the various
wires changed in no relation to the levels I observed at mid day. The JA and 290
degree wires were quiet at mid day, but were quite noisy at night. The East wire
and south wire were quiet at night, but had big noise bursts on them. The static
crashes to the South were awful. It felt like Summertime with all the noise. I
needed a lot of repeats as lightning would wipe out parts of calls. The Europe
wire was the quietest of all. It had much less storm static on it too. I quit
for dinner, but then ran all night up to about 1030 UT for my operating hours.
I probably missed some time to play, but I did not want to exceed my 14 hour
time limit. I am not sure how to add up break times, so I played it safe. Later
I found that I had an other hour and a half for my sunrise. Oh well, I had

MY TX antenna has been constant for two years, a 1/4 wave single vertical tower
next to my barn. This year, I added another 1400 ft worth of radials last month
for a total of about 120. Make that 119 radials as my snow thrower just
happened to eat one of them up while I was not paying attention! I built the
two new beverages this Fall. One is aimed due South. The other completed just a
few days ago is a very long 1300 ft one that starts near the house but ends up
way up on top of the hill all in the woods and aimed at 290 degrees. I was
amazed at how well it worked. I have bad power line noise that ruins the two
beverages aimed at 220 and 260 degrees. The 290 wire is quiet and a joy to use.
It was the reason I could hear WL7E calling me from Alaska! It also was
effective for the Pacific NW. The W7s and VE7s were all easy copy with the new
wire. I am really glad I slogged through the woods in the snow cutting and
chopping my way along the new beverage path!
All the interest in the new wires made me pay less attention to the East,
which was not a good idea, as those Qs are all very valuable, but I wanted to
check out the new wires in other directions. I still ended up working 153
European stations. I lost a few in the QRM though. I'll bet I missed a bunch by
not having The EU wire chosen more often. The South wire was effective as well,
and HI8A and OA4TT came blasting in with it along with the other Carib
I used a new solid state amp for the first time, a SPE 2K-FA and it ran
well at 1500 watts. The heatsink temps hit 46 C so it was rather cool and a
pleasure to run. The Stew was it's christening! My old homebrew 3-1000Z sat
idle. I love that amp. It weighs a ton and the loading Vacuum variable in it is
as large as a Christmas ham covered with glaze. Hard getting used to an amp that
does not glow.
Thanks to all who were QRV and thanks to the Boring Radio Club for
sponsoring my favorite HF contest.
NA5Q   Single Op LP   4652016-12-19 09:01:36
First time in this contest. 75 watts with Flex 6700 into XMIT antenna Sloper and
RCVD antenna 200 ft. BOC. BOC reduced my noise level. Now I need to get a good
pre-amplifier for ant. receive.
K9DJT   Single Op LP   3502016-12-19 09:05:43
I started my Saturday by snow-blowing my driveway and sidewalk, and then doing
the same for four neighbors. Took a short nap and then attended a Christmas
party. Got home at about 11:00 and figured I'd go into the shack and do an
all-nighter. After all, this was my first Stew Perry. Needless to say I
wasn't all that sharp. Was really having trouble copying. Not having a
separate receive antenna, and then with the QSB, it made things even worst. My
S&P run rate was really low compared to normal but I kept pushing. Well, at
about 3:00am I was toast and decided to pack it in. It was still fun which
means you can expect to hear me in future Stew Perry's.

73, Gary
OT4A   Single Op QRP   1,8332016-12-19 11:06:10
First time i decided to take place in this contest and run qrp.

Tx antennas: quarterwave sloper system from 100 foot tower,100 radials
Rx antennas : beverage into the East,K9AY system, EWE.
Rig: Kenwood 590S

Its hard to believe how good ears some stations have! Congrats.
Tnx all for the points.

W9AV   Single Op LP   8452016-12-19 12:07:52
A lot of static crashes early in the evening. Things got slow a bit after
midnight, and so I quit when I reached 200 Q's.
KØDI(@N2CEI)   Multi-Op HP   2,5072016-12-19 12:38:14
No VY,VK,ZL KL7 or JA in the log.
W6SX   Single Op HP   4062016-12-19 13:06:11
Score from Tree's 191205Z tabulation. This is how contests should be
adjudicated. Bravo and thank you Tree.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 36* feet with MB-V-A, N1MM+

*Rain followed by wet snow left antenna with 4" diameter ice coating and
ten feet lower than normal.
HP1XT   Single Op HP   1852016-12-19 13:21:28
37m long wire hanging out bedroom window at 70m...when noise came up,
discovered my 'beverage', i.e., 33ft vertical dipole on roof of building at
80m, worked great.
AEØEE   Single Op LP   1,3532016-12-19 13:44:18
100 W, dipole at 30', keyed exclusively on a Vibroplex bug.

Despite recent meteorological events detuning my top band antenna, which was
tuned over bare ground and not 15-30 cm of snow, I had a pretty good contest.
There seemed to be less participation than in the 160 contest, which meant I
could do a bit more running lower in the band. Being able to run essential for
me on 160 m when my antenna isn't happy---retuning every 10 kHz is no fun.

While I probably missed a one-night WAS, I did manage to get KL7 (barely!), KP2
(barely and for a new band!), and was nearly knocked out of my chair with
surprise when KH6 called me at my sunrise on Sunday (easily readable) for the
best DX of my log.

Thanks for the contacts!
K4WDR   Single Op LP   332016-12-19 14:04:43
I actually only operated for about 10 minutes. Maybe 15 minutes. Was late
setting up and once set up and working a few calls I decided my heart wasn't in
DAØYOTA(DK6SP)   Single Op LP   5322016-12-19 14:57:29
ICOM-IC746 (100W) & 2*40m Dipole

Many thanks for all the QSOs!

73 de Philipp, DK6SP [@DA0Y(oungsters)O(n)T(he)A(ir)]

N2GC   Single Op HP   6162016-12-19 15:12:47
IC756PRO3, AL-1200, Double L @55' (upper wire slopes down to35' lower wire 3'
off ground)

Conditions were pretty good the short time I was on. Wish I could have spent
more time in this one. 29 EU
K7CA   Single Op HP   3,9012016-12-19 16:28:33
Conditions were good except for some qrn from thunderstorms in the midwest which
was reduced by using the NE beverage to receive east coast stations. I was
pleasantly surprised by a call from VY1AAA which was also worked in the ARRL
160 for the NWT multiplier. I used to work VY1JA but have not heard him for a
while so hope that VY1AAA keeps coming up on Top Band. Worked about 50 stations
from JA but that doesn't compare to some of the east coast stations that
reported over 200 10 point or more contacts. Sounds like EU support for the
Stew Perry contest is growing. Sure would like to see the Chinese stations get
on board the 160 bandwagon. Hope to see you all in the CQ 160 next year. 73, Al
W8WTS   Single Op HP   2,6262016-12-19 18:03:24
I was planning to do a full effort, but I fell ill on Saturday. I only made it
until 0651Z before sinuses sent me to bed. Nevertheless, TBDC is always fun.
My log is posted at
K2QO   Single Op LP   3042016-12-19 18:37:50
I ran the first 100 or so Qs at 5W but then about midnight some DX from EU
started coming in. They could not hear my puny signal so I went to 100W to have
some more fun. So much for a great run using only QRP power for the past many

K3, NE0U Inverted L with a single counterpoise and Skookum Logger on a Mac

Mark K2QO
W1FJ   Single Op QRP   6122016-12-19 19:07:26
Thanks to the good ears people especially n9rv and k7ca.
YR8E(YO8RHM)   Single Op HP   1,1932016-12-19 20:46:41
First time in Stew Perry...
K3 with SPE Expert 1K3 FA, 27m vertical , two beverage, 250m NE and 200m NW and
AS-SAL 30 Rx antenna.
KC9UJS   Single Op LP   3042016-12-19 22:14:01
Very Part time effort, but first time entering this contest.
OK2BFN   Single Op LP   5472016-12-20 02:01:21
IC746, inv. L, no RX ext. ant.
KV8S   Single Op LP   1832016-12-20 05:37:17
Little time to operate, antenna fail due to high winds, noise.....still had a
fun time.
KK4R   Single Op LP   3092016-12-20 07:30:53
After taking care of all my family and Christmas responsibilities, including
going to a party, I gave the contest a try. After an hour, a dangerous trend
ensued. At intervals I would wake up with my fingers poised over the keys,
ready to transmit. This was not a good thing. So ended the contest for me.

K3UA   Single Op HP   9172016-12-20 08:53:29
Only called stations - no CQing. Amazing conditions - loud Europe and very loud

Some of the best USA to Europe conditions I have ever heard.

Great fun.

Phil K3UA
TM6M(F1AKK)   Single Op LP   1,4772016-12-20 10:09:33
Don't know about my score wintest said that but as low power i think it may
increase a bit! :-)

As i was all day long to qrl i didn't expect to take part in "SP" !

When endeed job i feel tired and didn't want to put up any bev!

So 100w into 27m top loaded vertical has been the choise depsite hugh qrm on
antenna as we're close to city center!

I added att 6 or 12 db or boths!

It worked well and i was able to heard lots of stations!

I did about 80 N/A qso so for sure conditions were far better as ARRL 160!

I tryed hard with OA4TT , NA7TB but thems didn't hrd my poor low power !

Average of 6.1 isn't so bad

Lots of 11-13 points/qso!

Congrats to UZ2M who have great TX/RX heard him on lot of NA !

Not much W0/9 in the log , nothing far away as Texas

K5RX is best dx , after come K5KC , P4/DL6RAI !

Hope for good conditions in a bit more than a month in WW 160 we should be

Merry Xmas

See you in 2017 !
AI6O   Single Op HP   452016-12-20 20:00:40
This one was a bust! Got around 8 pm and the 18 Qs in about 30 minutes and then
something happened to the antenna. SWR went crazy. So, next year!


Ed, AI6O
KM6I   Single Op HP   1972016-12-20 21:53:07
K3, KPA-500, Inv-L (tx), Inv-L + multiband dipole @ 60ft (diversity rx)
W1DX(@W1AN)   Multi-Op LP   2,2022016-12-21 17:38:39
[Initial raw QSO pts, prior to 1.5X power multiplier, = 1468 pts]

First time Stew Perry TBDC M/Op participation for us. Decided on Low Power
category for challenge and add'l pts multiplier. Host W1AN filled in at breaks
(and opened us into EU too) while W1WBB handled majority of operating.

Good opening thru the evening into Midwest through West Coast. We had 15
contacts into CN/CM (and west DM SoCal) grids which was nice with our 100
watts. Only a handful of EU was worked up until 0500z, when things broke open.
A total of 45 EU QSOs were made, last one about 0817z. Took a rest break
shortly thereafter for about 80 mins with 280 QSOs logged; resumed about

After 1100z, was shocked to stumble upon a copiable VK3 calling CQ. After a
number of calls he heard me! We cfm'd callsigns, I easily copied his grid, but
he struggled with my grid; after many repeats he still didn't have it. I tried
again and again but the QSB, nearby QRM and band noise seemed to worsen ... and
then he was gone! The Big Fish got away...

Nonetheless, just exchanging callsigns with a VK on 160m using 100w was a first
here, and certainly a contest highlight! Thanks to all for our TopBand QSOs.
With the scoring scheme, this is *always* a cool operating event.

Rig: K3 at 100 watts; N1MM+ Logger
Tx/Rx ant: Wire 80 ft. T-vertical, 16 gnd radials
other Rx ants: 560 ft. beverage to EU
560 ft. beverage to JA (seldom used)

Thanks to host W1AN for sharing in the TopBand fun with me. 73, Bill W1WBB
WA6URY   Single Op LP   4252016-12-22 05:11:31
100W and 40m dipole at 63 ft with a SG230 antenna coupler at the feedpoint. Tnx
for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
N9ADG   Single Op LP   202016-12-22 21:13:28
Maybe thirty watts pushed into a SteppIR BigIR Vertical tuned to 40m with 8
ground radials. SWR measured as "infinite". My ICOM 7410 was very
unhappy about trying to tune this antenna, and didn't really.

The first morning was one of those classic 160m experiences -- when the
boundaries of the 160m horizons seemed very far in the distance. Could hear JA
stations booming in on the vertical, and I was surprised by the lack of local
neighborhood noise. Bet some folks were able to make some great Qs. Worked
W2VJN in CN83 for the farthest grid in the first hour of the contest. Tried
many others, but they couldn't hear me. Saturday evening, KL7SB had the best
ears, and was able to hear me in a couple of calls. In the last hour of the
contest, JA stations were just ESP, but I was still able to make it over into
Oregon for a couple of Qs.

Lesson learned: a plain old 40m vertical might be a good compromise 160m
receive antenna, as I could hear many more stations than I could work.

See you next time!
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   2,4482016-12-23 05:34:04
Lots of QRN. Decent condx to western EU in the couple hours leading up to their

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
W5MX   Single Op HP   2,5172016-12-23 18:04:16
I know this sounds a bit extreme, but I was about heart broken over this
contest. One of my favorites of the year, and as luck would have it, there were
thunderstorms and very high winds. As of about 22:00, these storms were a few
hundred KM the west of me and moved very slowly eastward. Eventually right on
top of me and finally moved off to the east. So my sincere apologies to all for
the ? all night. I normally hear very well, but even beverages couldn't escape
this. I had to pull the plug for about an hour or so right at central and
western EU sunrise as the lightening was right over my QTH. I could hear EU
strong all night, condx seemed great! I really struggled to pull out calls from
anywhere as the crashes became near constant. By the way, we maybe only get 1 or
2 of these type storms over the winter, slim odds to land right on top of what I
consider a major contest for me. I know all of us in this part of the world
suffered through this one.
But I guess it's the unpredictability of this game that makes it even that much
more intriguing.
Finally after storms moved east and using SW, W and NW beverages I could hear
well again - about 09:00 Z when casual NA ops were in bed. The 620 Q's I did
manage were a lot of work both for the contact station as well as myself, so
again, I appreciate the patience.
Otherwise, everything worked well in the station. Did discover the next day
that the high winds had knocked limbs down on several of the beverages. Got
those cleared off during the day Sunday. Hopefully this wont happen for the
CQWW 160!
Thanks to all for the Q's and see you in the next contest!
K1RZ   Single Op HP   1,7462016-12-26 06:53:09
KB2HSH   Single Op QRP   42016-12-26 17:54:25
QRP with a low 75' end-fed antenna. Not many QSOs, but still loving 160m!!!
K3CCR(N3UM)   Single Op HP   1,1862016-12-26 19:26:20
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. For the
Dec. 2016 Stew Perry only I (N3UM) was available; I went SOHP.

Propagation was excellent; K index had been low for days. Got
on at 2108Z and ran well, 72 Qs in the first hour and 231 Qs for
541 points in the first 4 hr., 58 Qs/hr and 135 points/hr avg.
Six EUs answered my CQs; an EI at 2221, then an E7, 2 DLs, and
an OK 23-00Z, and a 2nd EI at 0053Z.

I kept CQing for 15 min. after the 4th hr. ended at 0106Z, but
my rate dropped abruptly, 8 Qs in 15 min, 32/hr., so I went to
tune and pounce. Rate was steady but slow; 76 Qs and 216 points
in 3.1 hrs. 0106-0412Z for 25 Qs/hr and 71 points/hr avg. Got
2 EUs in that 3.1 hrs, near 03Z.

Much more fun after 0413Z; ran again for 1/2 hr; 7 EUs and
11 others answered CQs, then I tuned. Only 24 Qs 04-05Z but 144
points, 3rd-best hr. of the test. Next hour 05-06Z was best by
far; only 29 Qs but 246 points, 177 from 13 EU Qs and 52 from
W. coast K/VE and other NA. Then I got 3 more EU Qs and 2 US for
44 points 0600-0608. After 0608 heard no EUs, and all W/K and
VE were dupes, so QRT to sleep.

I claimed 1186 points, 439 more than the 747 points I got in
2015 at K3CCR. Why? Because I got 31 EU Qs this year for 418
points plus 119 points from W.-coast Qs, vs only 7 EU Qs and
NO W.-coast Qs in 2015. Also better than my best at N3UM, in
2012, 930 points and 12 EU Qs. Some of this was the amazing
propagation, but I think improving our T antenna this year,
~75 vs 50 ft. high with more radials, also helped.
HA4XH(@HA3DX)   Single Op LP   2,0932016-12-30 03:05:59
Rig: FT2000 Ant: Delta loops(NW-SE) (SW-NE) full size, verticaly polarized.+
Thrill of joy I got a call from OA4TT and W7RH.
Propagation to Japan and Asia as well as to Middle East was very poor and

Thanks for all QSO's.

73's from Hungary.HNY!

K6CSL   Single Op LP   962016-12-31 08:23:01
Not very good, but still fun to see what I can do with my 100W and my 40m Delta
Loop. TNX to the 31 ops who pulled me out of the noise. 73's and a Safe and
Happy New Year to all. Bert, K6CSL