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Maryland/DC QSO Party   2014   Aug 9   Comment Summary

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WN4AFP   Standard LP   4,1872014-08-10 17:33:42
This is my 2nd year working the MDCQP! I could only work MDC area on 40m which
was difficult during the daylight hours. I worked 12 club stations along with
the Bonus station W3VPR. I missed Kent, Cecil, Alleghany and Talbot mults.
Another MDCQP in the books, looking forward to next year...

73s Dave WN4AFP
W7KAM   Standard LP   2162014-08-10 17:41:27
Disappointed at the number of MDC stations on 20 meters this year. I was gone
Saturday night so I didn't get to work any nighttime on 40 meters. Conditions
were not good all weekend. Usually do much better in this one. Wait until
next year.
KE3X   Standard HP   89,2322014-08-10 18:10:57
First time participating in this contest - did not work any other DC stations
and only got half the MD counties. 20 Phone seemed to be the only place with
any rate, and was called by lots of DX there between 5-7PM local.

This was a very different experience from other State QSO parties like OH, PA,
FL, TX or CA where most activity is on CW and there is a rush to work the

I tried calling CQ on 15 and 20 CW, but I kept getting called by European
friends who wanted QTC's so gave up. It seems WAE CW on this same weekend
makes those band/modes basically unusable.

Multiplier breakdown: 14 MD Counties, 46 States, 4 Provinces, 50 Countries.

Thanks to Anne Arundel club for hosting this event.


KD5J   Standard HP   2612014-08-10 18:47:43
Did not find too many MD stations on the air.
W1END   Standard LP   6712014-08-11 03:31:39
Includes W3VPR bonus. Maybe I spent more time hunting this year which produced
a better tally than in the previous years. Nothing on 20 meters CW. Maybe the
WAE contest covered them up or they just skipped over me. Heard a few weak MD
stations in QSO with others but could not find them CQing. Got no responses to
any of my CQs. It was time well spent. Thanks to all.
FTdx5000 (100w) and Butternut vertical.

Eldon - W1END
CF3NAVY(VE3RCN)   Standard LP   4102014-08-11 05:38:59
Lots of head scratching with this call sign. Worked stns as I heard them running
down 40m. Go NAVY!
W4UT   QRP QRP   1,7022014-08-11 08:42:36
Worked W3VPR for 50 points