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European HF Championship   2017   Aug 5   Comment Summary

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NP4LW   SO SSB LP   152017-08-05 14:21:30
[log removed from comments]


CREATED-BY: Win-Test 4.25.0
ADDRESS: 00685
SP1JQJ   SO Mixed HP   9,6122017-08-05 15:22:18
Band Mode QSOs Pts Yea Pt/Q
14 CW 10 10 1 1,0
14 USB 168 168 53 1,0
Total Both 178 178 54 1,0

Score: 9 612
1 Mult = 3,3 Q's
DJ1YFK   SO CW LP   56,1602017-08-05 15:30:44
K2, 10W, Vertical (10m long, 12m high)

Slow start but condx on 20/15m improved over the afternoon.
Had to QRT a few times due to thunderstorms and household chores :-)
80/160m is no fun with my antenna (neither for me nor for those who have to
copy my signal), so I went QRT a little early.

Great to meet so many old and new friends! One of my favourite contests.

Fabian, DJ1YFK
DL8MBS   SO CW QRP   38,1002017-08-05 15:35:25
Hah, at least 3830 allows "qrp" while it sadly is no category in this
short distance contest :-(
1 K2, 5 W, 2 lowwires
2 CW ops worked got their licences 2015/2016
73, Chris
F1AKK(@F6KHM)   SO Mixed LP   146,2502017-08-05 17:05:10
I was at qrl all day long!

Despite qualifications for wrtc are over activity was good!

Started around 17z only so i missed wall 10/15m and middle of 20m!

Was nice to run bit in low power!

Rig 90w , 10..20M KT36XA , 40M 2el , 80m dipol , 160 27m vertical

No rx ant.

Tks for qso.
LY5W   SO CW HP   304,2882017-08-05 17:14:00
Best hour only - 137
6 Band QSO:
Nice number - OK2RRR 599 1907
Nobody from 2016, 2017, 2012, 1951-1954.
73 Sam
LY4A   SO SSB HP   380,8352017-08-05 17:17:14
Tnx all for QSO's...

First time used SO4R but realy in this test mostly SO2R :) by band change
limits. This setup helped for fast band change.

Rolandas LY4A
skype: rolkaxx

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HA3LN   SO CW LP   81,8402017-08-05 17:23:38
Despite the all day long 40+ C temperature I could finish the 160m extension for
the 80m Inv-L however had no mood to fine tune after the first measurement.
This contest was sacrificed again for the low band antenna tests as the Yagis
are still grounded but it seems this elevated structure does work as well as
has the chance to survive the weather as well to leave it permanent
configuration. (so far the verticals needed to be rebuilt for every contest in
filed day style).

160m was pretty noisy but had a great 15mins after the move the upper ones was
pretty good as well.

Thanks for the calls.

Csaba HA3LN
S51A(S55O)   SO SSB HP   293,8592017-08-05 17:24:10
Thanks for the QSO's! It was a hard one, but really fun as usual :)
Very nice to hear lots of friends on the air and it's always nice to hear you

I thank again all that went QSY for me to get the needed mults on the higher
bands. It was tough from here to get any run on the 21 and 28 band.

As last year, LY4A was the place to be! Congrats Rolandas for a great score!
The work done @ your station is paying off a lot! My hat is off to you!

Thanks to S500R (Miha S51FB) for a close race at the end and the guys @, it was fun to see how the race went and it kept me on my toes
all the contest! The real time scores add more thrill to the contest!

All worked flawlessly and thank god for the k9ay, so i could at least hear a
little with a storm going on and the summer QRN on 40/80/160, it was hard!

Log on LOTW soon as usual!

We love this game!

Bostjan - Ian S55O
OH2PM   SO CW HP   421,0322017-08-05 17:28:51
Very poor 10 and 15 and QRN on 80 and 160.
A great fun as always.

73 de Pertti, OH2PM
YT4W(YU1KX)   SO CW HP   227,8512017-08-05 17:34:34
tnx for every one for nice fun, gl next year
OK2BFN   SO CW LP   217,1982017-08-05 17:42:57
IC746, Roof Vertical, AH-4 tuner, inv. L on 160m.
73, Tom
HA3OU   SO CW HP   25,1852017-08-05 22:06:13
Thank's for the calls guys!
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SO CW LP   42,0502017-08-05 22:07:12

TNX QSO's...

73! Andy
YO9HP   SO CW LP   252,6282017-08-06 00:39:05
It was nice to see some activity in bands where we complain every day of
"no propagation". Did not expect wide openings on 15/10 m, but at
least they produced some multipliers.
Thanks to RBN, I had some good runs even on 80/160 m. Nice race on against SN7O, YR8D and UZ5DX. See you all in WAEDC! 73,
Alex YO9HP

Rig: IC-7600
Ant: OB17-4, OB11-5, Mosley MP33, Inv-V (80+160m)
S58Y   SO SSB LP   109,4942017-08-06 00:58:27

Nice summer contest, long just enough. I had a lot of fun, not only with QSO's
and propagation, also with coaxial cable issue on 40m antenna.

Icom IC-7300, 100W
TH6DXX for upper three bands
One element delta loop for 40m
Inverted V dipole for 80m
Inverted L for 160m
Log N1MM+

73 ES GL DE Robi, S58Y.
PE3ES   SO SSB LP   1,1752017-08-06 01:06:41
First time in a contest, enjoyed it very much!
Used FT450D on a simple dipole attached to side of our house pointing east.
OHØX(OH6KZP)   SO CW HP   410,2632017-08-06 01:17:48
As far as I can recall, this was my first EUHFC (in at least 18 years...), so I
was a bit clueless.

Fortunately the activity more than made up for the poor band conditions.
Looking at the breakdown, I screwed up with the 40m band. I also put a lot of
time into esoteric 15m/10m QSOs in the beginning of the contest (at the cost of
rate), frantically gathering mults while thinking those bands might not open up
again. Alas, I was proven wrong by nice openings later on...!

Anyway, fun and nice rates abounded. It was also fun to follow the race on the
live scoreboard at Within the band change rules, SO2R was useful
mostly in finding 10m/15m openings, making quicker transitions from one band to
another, and moving a few multipliers.

Congratulations to Pertti OH2PM in our tight local competition! :)

S56A   SO CW LP   239,5252017-08-06 01:53:30
The result of my 12 hours CW activity in EU contest. Good condx on all bands in
this part of Sun cycle. RBN helps with relatively rare multiplier of 62, year
of first hamradio licence. Room temperature was over +30C all the time. USB
extender was sometimes blocked by RFI. The worst case was on 15 m with CQ loop,
many callers and me helpless :-(

The above is my Facebook comment with the map of mults worked!

73 de Mario, S56A
RM2D(SM6LRR)   SO CW HP   351,5942017-08-06 02:54:21
One of my favourite contests all categories.

This year, 10 and 15 were not as good as last year from Moscow, but still some
decent openings at least to get some reasonable multipliers on those bands.

Was nice to keep pace with stations I normally have no chance against in other
contests due to less aluminium in the air and possibly other reasons...

AMP: Expert 1.3
Power: 1 kW

10, 15, 20: SP7IDX Hexbeam at 19 meters
40: Vertical with 2 elevated radials
80: Vertical with burried radials (@ 2 km)
160: Inverted L with 15 meter vertical part and remaining part dropping
to ground.
YT2AAA   SO Mixed LP   244,9842017-08-06 03:23:01
IC746 PRO + wires on balcony
IZ3NVR   SO CW LP   12,0062017-08-06 03:44:24
Basically no time to devote to this one plus the antenna situation is still a
work in progress. Did the contest mainly running and had fun.

Rates were not super but that was mainly due to bad conditions.

EUHFC - 2017-08-05 0000Z to 2017-08-07 0000Z - 177 QSOs
IZ3NVR Runs >10 QSOs:

2017-08-05 1210 - 1331Z, 14058 kHz, 55 Qs, 41,0/hr IZ3NVR
2017-08-05 1628 - 1654Z, 14049 kHz, 27 Qs, 63,9/hr IZ3NVR
2017-08-05 1656 - 1709Z, 7027 kHz, 16 Qs, 74,6/hr IZ3NVR

Nice to work Kim, OH6KZP @ OH0X and am glad I could QSY from 40m to 15m to give
him the mult just before hitting the switch and going QRT. Great score, Kim!

Stefano, IZ3NVR

RTX: FT-950 @ 80W
Ant: multiband vertical
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SO CW LP   102,7702017-08-06 04:26:19
Rig - Elecraft K3 100W
Ant - 20 mtr endfeed wire Inverted-L up 12mtr

Nice Contest with OK conditions.
Thanks for all the contacts - also the hard ones on 160m!

Vy 73 de OU2I/OZ1BII Henning
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SO CW HP   250,4392017-08-06 04:44:23
S59AA   SO CW HP   327,7562017-08-06 04:58:34
Bad QRN in the evening on 80 and 160.
And, getting to slow in pile-ups with
my multiplier (50). Thanks everyone
for patience, cu next EUHFC!
Franc S59AA
OF6MW(OH6MW)   SO CW HP   215,7302017-08-06 05:34:34
HG7T(HG5DX)   SO CW HP   366,9802017-08-06 07:34:49
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
S54X   SO CW LP   245,1572017-08-06 07:46:32
Yaesu FTdx-1200

10/15/20m - Spiderbeam + 3 band double ZEPP
40 m - vertical GP
80/160m - 2 x inv vee dipole
RU1A(RV1AW)   SO CW LP   307,5842017-08-06 08:36:52
SO1R and without Internet access.
I2WIJ   SO CW HP   147,8062017-08-06 08:41:51
Without good antennas for 10-15-20 it was a struggle.
And on 160, an Inv-L without radials is not a proper one.....
But I had fun anyway.
CU next one.
Bob, I2WIJ
OF1F(OH1TM)   SO CW HP   382,5362017-08-06 14:13:11
I had problems aat the beginning with the CAT control of the rig. It was
difficult to operate with spots without CAT... Finally I decided to repair the
Microham cable and lost totally about 30 minutes. My contest really started
after this and at that time I was >100 qsos behind the others,

Conditions were not good at the beginning on 10/15 meters and I spent too much
time there, later they opened better. Other bands were quite OK.

Thanks for QSOs!
IT9RGY   SO SSB LP   97,4162017-08-07 00:09:44
It has been a nice contest as usual!
In a really hot summer a 12 hours shot is the only way to make some QSO :)
Thanks all for this almost 500 Qs, especially the ones on 40-80 where I had
some RF problem in my microfone.

tribander + dummy load 40m
Short dipole 80m

73 de Gabry IT9RGY
IQ1RY(IZ1LBG)   SO Mixed HP   480,8862017-08-07 02:45:37
Despite bad condition at start on high band it has been a nice one. Pileup was
constant and this year there has been a lot of activity also on SSB.

Thanks to all for QSOs!

Filippo IZ1LBG
IT9RBW   SO SSB LP   128,1362017-08-07 02:54:04
A very hot and fun weekend. About 35 o'clock on the station. I started on 20 m
with an ear on 15 and 20. I was the first on band at the opening, the same
thing on 10 m. I chose the category conscious of suffering, especially on the
low bands, Beautiful battle on contest ru with ec5nj, s58y and in the final
with ik6vxo. Nice local competition with my dear friend it9rgy (I look like a
nice cold beer, -)). I have a break because of the hot weather and some
physical problems.

Set up
rigs Icom 756 Pro 3
Ant 2 elem momobeam at 8 m (10,15,20)
vert. 40,80,160
OL6P(OK2PP)   SO CW LP   223,8722017-08-07 03:41:44
Second weekend I operated for Fun from my home station.
It is too difficult make more QSO on high bands from middle of EU. Especially
on 15 and 10m...

Thanks all for QSO!

73, Petr OK2PP
ES4RD   SO CW HP   57,4562017-08-07 05:16:08
Really prevented a strong thunderstorm and followed by a lingering rainstorm. It
was something fantastic, in 50 m easures nothing was visible, a continuous wall
of water. I had to stop working in the test, very sorry.
OL5Y   SO CW LP   250,7122017-08-07 05:55:15
One of my most favorite contest - I call it "afternoon contest"
because I can seriously participate (and have a lot of fun) and still am able
to do other things on Saturday morning and Sunday. In the rules there is
serious limitation for SO2R (up to 10 band/mode changes in a hour) but still
there is some room for using advantage of SO2R setup. CONDX: from central EU it
is hard on HB: ZERO QSO on 10m (heard ES5RR only), very few on 15. But NO QRN
(as last weekend) so LB were quite efficient.
Thanks to all who heard / call me!
RIG: SunSDR MB1 + IC756, microHAM MK2R+, Station masters, Stack master,
ANT: 3el tribander ECO @ 19m, stack of SpiderBeams @ 17+25m, 2-el Quad for 40m
@ 25m, Inv. V for 40/80/160m @ 19m
YO7SR   SO SSB LP   146,8462017-08-07 06:53:22
All my equipment works very good. It was a good contest despite poor propagation
on high bands.

Wotking conditions was:

Elecraft K3, Icom IC-756proII

Yagi Tribander 14/21/28
4 SQ on 7 and GP
INV V for 3,5
INV L for 1,8

TNX all for QSO and see you in the next contest!

73, Stefan YO7SR
UR6EA   SO Mixed LP   257,5462017-08-07 07:55:16
Long wire, Delta, GP
YP7P(YO7LFV)   SO SSB HP   231,4202017-08-07 10:01:45
No comment.
HA3DX(HA4XH)   SO SSB HP   224,7542017-08-07 12:55:20
Rig: YAESU FT2000 PA:HENRY 3K Premier
Antennas : 5 el monobander Long John Yagis for 28-21-14MHz and 4 el/3 band
Trival Quad on 20/15/10 mtrs. Lazy-H antennas for 7 MHZ (NW-SE/SW-NE),NVIS for
7 MHz (N/S), Single Quads for 3,5MHz (SW-NE)/NW/SE/ + NVIS for 3,5 MHz (N/S)
Delta loops for 1.8-Mhz (NW-SE/SW-NE) / K9AY

Very poor CONDX at start on 10m and 15m and QRN on 80m and 160m.
Despite having high power this year I had lower score.

Up to now it was my most tiring 12 hours contest as I had more than 40 Celsius
in the shack but I survived and luckily the rig too.

Thanks for nice contest!

Best regards from Hungary!

Charlie HA4XH
ES5RR(ES2RR)   SO CW HP   478,6682017-08-08 00:22:15
Thanks to all for QSO's and thanks to ES5TV for letting me play again. The
station worked flawlessly, propagation was poor on high bands and the operator
was a bit rusty.

73, Toivo, ES2RR
ES7GM   SO Mixed HP   420,0782017-08-08 04:54:18
After a lot of preparing, constant station testing and all the tiny work that
was done during the "off season" my station was ready to go. Start
was really satisfying. Decided to start on 20m SSB and 1st hour rate was
~180ish. I was well ahead of the cqcontest claimed results and then somewhere
around 2nd hour I lost my tribander that was fixed south. I got infinite SWR on
all bands. That literally felt like losing a leg or something. Took a little
break to bring some water and see what happened with the antenna. Thoughts of
quitting went through my head but I decided to see what will happen, and
carried on. Aaaaaand somewhere at the end of the contest I lost my 160 antenna

Despite everything, this contest is always lots of fun!
IK4AUY   SO CW HP   96,8242017-08-08 09:35:16
I enjoied the contest. TRX TS-590SG, lin ampl 500W BLA600 RM ITALY, Ant
3el yagi Ultrabeam, dipole 40-80 morgain, software QARTest. Max power
used 500w.
9A7DX(@9A1CCY)   SO SSB HP   67,1182017-08-09 10:23:42

Fun as always. Time on 6hours.
EQM: PRO67B + 80m dipol

EW1TZ   SO SSB HP   129,7892017-08-16 13:18:25
yaesu ft-1000mp, linear yaesu vl 1000 quadra 600watts, 7ele tribander CT-HF37
GP-40,and IN.VEE-80.
73! Serge (ew1tz).
MWØBRO   SO CW LP   13,7752017-08-18 04:40:05
Enjoyed a short spell in this contest, always learning.
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   SO CW HP   342,4322017-08-18 15:10:25