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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2006   Jul 15   Comment Summary

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K7BG   SOSB/6 LP   56,4002006-07-16 12:58:56
Phenomenal conditions Saturday. I am writing this from Chicago as I had to catch
an early flight Sunday so missed all the good stuff today. Was working double
hop all the way up to 0500utc and beyond Saturday night (Sunday morning).

Rig: TS690S @ 50 watts
Ants: 5 ele CC @ 20 feet / 5 ele 20 meter yagi at 83 feet
VE3XD   SOSB/6 LP   1802006-07-16 13:24:27
First time in this or any VHF contest. To escape the heat I retreated to the
shack and connected a manual tuner between the FT-100 and Cushcraft X7 HF
antenna. It tuned up quite easily and most contacts were good on the first or
second try. All except one were in the EM or EL grids. I really didn't know
what to expect but after this brief experience I'll have to give this one
another attempt.

73, Don VE3XD FN03
KI9A   SOAB LP   15,6422006-07-16 14:08:46
ICOM 746 100W
3 ELE 6M YAGI @ 25'
17 ELE 2M YAGI @ 20'
VO1HE   SOSB/6 LP   4,1472006-07-16 14:19:45

Rig: FT-920
Amp: SB-220
Antennae: SteppIR 3 Element at 60ft
Multi-band dipole for 40/80 at 56ft
KI6T Linear Loaded Half Sloper for 160 at 55ft
80/160 Coax Receiving Loop at 10ft
Program: N1MM 6.5.8

The 3 days leading up to this contest were the best I've seen in my short
tenure on 6M so I figured I'd give this one a try too.

The band was dead at the start and never really opened until a couple hours
later. Never heard any Europe at all until the final contact so all the QSOs
were into the US and Canada. No Caribbean either.

Had some good runs going for a while. Managed to work over 100 stations in a
short period of time. Then the band got finicky. Over the course of the rest of
the time I was awake, it came and went sporadically... hence the name :)

I managed to get a few new grids but imagine my surprise when, from the noise,
came a CW tone.... was that a VE7? I listened intently as it repeated and sure
enough it was VE7DAY. I called but no luck. A few minutes later I heard another
stronger, but still weak, signal come out of the noise.... VE7SL. This time I
managed to get him! Coast to coast gn37>cn88! Ended up getting a couple more in
W7s from WA before the band dropped completely. Not bad for a newbie!

Next morning I got an early start but heard nothing. I managed to work 5
stations all day, the last one being a CT1... my only Europe.

Loads of fun though. Thanks to all who called me and sorry to the ones I know I
missed. CU in the next one.

73 de Paul VO1HE
NØKE   SOAB HP   116,4362006-07-16 14:31:06
Great conditions for mid July! I've never worked this much DX in a VHF contest
before but still no Europe. Lots of rovers, probably because it is a lot easier
to do 2 bands. 6m was so good I only had time to make 4 QSOs on 2m..Phil
K9GY   SOAB LP   60,4502006-07-16 14:45:47
3L Cushcraft @ approx 40 ft (6m)
4L Arrow @ approx 46 ft (2m)
Rohn pushup mast in the backyard (attached to clothes pole, hah!)

Setup time was better this contest since I left some of the parts together from
the ARRL VHF contest. Only took about 2-1/2 hrs (15-1730z). Enough time to take
a shower before the start since it was super hot outside, yikes! This contest
was a test of the Yaesu repair to the 857D on 6m. Works great now! Yaesu got
the radio on June 23rd and I had it back at the house on July that is
service! It had intermittent xmit before the repair (found out about it on C6A

Had great fun working all the grids! WOW! Many FK68 (Puerto Rico), Upper NE
Canada, Upper NW US/Cdn, Phoenix, southern TX, and southern FL. Excitement for
sure! Awesome!

For some reason the Heil setup with the 857D gave me only one ear...Umm, need
to fix that. Other than that Murphy stayed away, yahoo!


73, Eric
Lansing, IL
OK1WMR   SOSB/2 HP   25,8722006-07-16 15:04:13
average tropo conditions, but my ODX is CT1EAT IM68 (QRB 2124 km) via Es. Few
station on band :(

Used equipment:
TRX R2CW without PreAmp
PA with GU43b (700W)
PA with RE025XA (300W)
PA FET (100W)
4x10el. DK7ZB, 14m AGL, rotary
1x10el. DK7ZB, 10m AGL,rotary
2x7el. DK7ZB, fixed to east
4x4el. DK7ZB, fixed to west
4x4el. DK7ZB, fixed to north

more information from CQ WW VHF on my web page

73! de Michal, OK1WMR
VE5UF/R   Rover LP   40,2612006-07-16 15:35:02
Roved through 6 grids, 6M only:
DO51 90Q 45G (hilltop)
DO52 88Q 61G (hilltop)
DO61 24Q 21G (mobile on the road)
DO62 24Q 19G (mobile on the road)
DO71 17Q 13G (hilltop)
DO72 4Q 4G (mobile on the road)

247 Qs, 163 Grids
WB8JUI   SOSB/6 LP   3,1852006-07-16 15:35:51
Had hoped to have my tower and beam up this weekend, but an error
(measurement/location) with the auger had me repairing the septic main on the
hottest day of the year! 96 degrees Saturday in Northern Ohio. My XYL is
pretty PO-ed at me, so it's probably best to wait a few weeks before talking
about the tower. "Measure twice, dig once"! You know, the sofa is not that

Thanks to all who dug me out of the noise.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
80 meter dipole
VE3KZ   SOAB LP   91,2542006-07-16 15:38:26
A genuinely wild ride on 6m on Saturday! 2m suffered from lack of participation
up here, under the circumstances. Definitely a weekend to remember!
6m - 4el at 100'- <100W
2m - 13el at 50'- <50W

73 Bob VE3KZ
KG4IGC   SOAB QRP   2,8352006-07-16 15:41:54
Hi Guys

This was my first time in this contest and I really had a good time making
contacts on both CW and SSB. Ran 5 watts out of my Yaesu FT-847 with the FC-20
Autotuner and my Heil Gold line. Just got done building a second copper squalo
for six meters so that I could stack it with the one that I made previously
about a year ago. Many TNX goes out to my elmer and very good friend Alex Krist
KR1ST and also Joel Hallas W1ZR for all the help with teaching me how to build
the phasing harness, I couldn't have done it without you guys! Got the stack up
2 hours before contest time and I have to say, I thought that they performed
wonderfully for only running QRP. Once again I want to thank all who listened
out for the little guy running flea power and hope to see everyone in the next

Cheers and 73,
Frank KG4IGC
K8MR   SOAB LP   78,9372006-07-16 15:51:23
What great propagation!

I sat down about 2000z to make a few qsos before heading out to work in the
yard. I got up about 7 hours later. So much for the lawn.

I worked more west coast than in all previous operations put together. I think
I worked 45 of the lower 48 states, missing VT, DE, and WY.

Most worked grids (six meters):
QSOs Grid
28 EN91
12 DM79, FN42
10 EN81
9 EM12,**CN85**!!!

Six meter skip was as close as FN20 and EN62 (about 400 miles). I occasionally
checked for Es on two meters, but nothing heard. Not much activity on 2,
although conditions Sunday morning seemed quite good.

73 - Jim K8MR
K8IR   SOSB/6 LP   8,8362006-07-16 16:05:05
I wasn't planning on getting in on this one, since I worked the NAQP RTTY on
Saturday, but I heard what great shape 6 was in, so I ran the CW CQ machine
while doing some other things around the shack on Sunday.
N3XLS   SOSB/6 LP   1,2802006-07-16 16:11:51
Didn't give it my all just handed out some points and called CQ a few times.
gave more effort to the NAQP RTTY contest this weekend. Sounded like a fun
contest. Will have to get a better 6 meter antenna besides a commet GP-15
vertical antenna. however, i beleive i did make some good contacts spite the
poor antenna. 73's all.
N3HBX   SOAB HP   231,4952006-07-16 17:31:20
There were good 6-meter openings on both days - turning this into largely a
6-meter contest
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SOAB LP   49,7732006-07-16 17:49:09
Six meters almost felt like 20m for a while on Saturday night.
I worked W4MYA with the beam to Europe on 6m Sunday morning. He was 20 over 9
on a meteor peak.. by the end of the qso he was S1.. that was neat.
Fun time on 6m. Very little action on 2m.
73,Rick K3OO
W9IIX   SOAB HP   58,9952006-07-16 18:03:55
great vhf conditions for a change, feels like all that $$$ spent on gear was
worth it....73, Doug
K8ZIZ   SOAB LP   47,0122006-07-16 18:22:00
good to hear everyone , had fun single op for a change ...

Jason K8ZIZ EN81wi
KV1J   Hilltopper QRP   7,1982006-07-16 18:24:03
Nice to see 6M open!!
KØUK   SOAB LP   7,6592006-07-16 18:57:51
Started the contest with my best hour ever since doing a VHF contest with 52
contacts and 28 mults. Then with the phone calls regarding neighbors getting
TVI from the IC706 which only runs 50watts on 6mtrs. It a converted JA model I
purchased used many years ago. I then went to cw for my first ever contacts on
cw and that was fun. Had to send everything by hand and not the computer.
Shades of the good old days. Sunday had church, tried to get on and one
neighbor came over. His wife sent him..I was running 20watts which yesterday
per their test didnt interfere with the tv but today it was so. Well I just
quit and turned my score in and went to other things. Need to raise the 6mtr
antenna up on the tower..Maybe in the future. Had fun and it was a good
opening for me here from the radio challenged area of Orchard Mesa. Worked N0KE
on two band and both modes on 6mtrs. Heard W0EEA at the beginning of the test
but with his antenna's east and the east coming in they didnt hear my west side
signal. Same with W6ONL but I did work Jay K0GU on cw rather easily.
Fun was the name of the game while it lasted. Maybe more next year. PTL God
Bless, bill K0UK
N9ADG   SOAB QRP   2,7952006-07-16 19:12:29
Rig IC-756-Pro II at 10 watts
4 el steppir w/6 meter option at 75'

A lot of fun! 10 watts was exhilarating and frustrating at once -- couldn't get
W6OAL no matter how much I tried, but got P43JB on the 3rd or 4th call.

Thanks to everyone who tried extra hard to hear my signal this weekend. Being
new to 6m I invite any pointers. Terrible QRN at times to the SE from my
K2DBK   SOSB/6 LP   20,2352006-07-16 19:30:12
This is a new personal best for me for a VHF contest. I hadn't really intended
to put much time in this at all, but the conditions on Saturday were so good
that I couldn't pull myself away for about 5 hours after starting. I was hoping
to make "VUCC in a weekend", but because I lost about 4 hours of good activity
Saturday night plus the last 3 hours on Sunday due to other commitments, I fell
just a bit short. However, I'm still really happy with what I got for this "spur
of the moment" operation. Thanks to all who worked me. I had a great time.
K7JA   SOSB/6 LP   8,7212006-07-16 20:54:14
I hope everyone enjoyed the "great" conditions on Sunday, because we had zilch
after a very brief double hop opening early Sunday morning; it was dead the
rest of the day; I see no SoCal spots on the Prop Logger all day. :o(

On the other hand, I was at the beach "portable" all day Sunday, with cool
ocean breezes and lots of curious YLs wearing Spumoni bathing suits. . .so who
cares about 6 meters?

73 de Chip, K7JA
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOSB/6 HP   10,9202006-07-17 00:43:39

Antenna:- Vine {UK} 4 El @ 50ft
Amp:- Acom 1000 500/750 watts out

Thanks to all for the Q's and to the organisers.

Condx not as good as midweek, but did better than last year.

Even managed a few Stateside Q's.

73 and cu in the IOTA Steve.
K1TN   SOSB/6 LP   6,4322006-07-17 02:47:18
100 watts, 80-meter dipole
NØUNL(WDØBGZ)   SOAB LP   77,3682006-07-17 06:12:11
good contest, had fun for the few hours i was able to put in and with the
2-meter beam stuck in the northeast direction, i thought 51 contacts was pretty
good on 2-meters....
NN1N   SOSB/6 HP   162,8102006-07-17 06:46:06
I started up at 8:20 PM Saturday night--just to see if the band was open. Wow.

Probably should have stayed up most of the night and/or gotten up earlier, but
I wasn't really competing--THEN, ha. Oh well. I bet 1500 QSOs was possible
from here this weekend.

I don't think it closed until about 2 hours before the end (and even then some
guys like W5PR were sneaking through but were unworkable).

Zero EU QSOs, but did hear SV1DH again, and once again was unable to raise
Kostas. Didn't hear any others. Lots of Central America and Caribbean. good
to hear my XE buddies whom I met at the FMRE conventions including XE1MEX,
XE1KK, and XE2YW! It was also great to hear so many of my old friends from the
midwest calling in.

7 el M2 at 35 feet.

Didn't hear Delaware, but think I worked the rest of the lower 48.
W7RN(K5RC)   Multi-Op HP   32,4122006-07-17 07:26:13
Had clock hours of 81 and 92 on Saturday morning. Outstanding condx from my QTH
outside the normal E2 skip zone.
VE1SKY   SOSB/6 LP   50,1762006-07-17 07:44:12
Great weekend! I missed the first 6 hours and lots of great activity in that
period. Propagation was so good I couldn't resist entering the contest, even if
it was a late start. Thanks to all who worked VE1SKY!


KD2MX   SOAB LP   6,8672006-07-17 07:47:36
This was my first CQ VHF contest and I've been looking forward to it as I had
missed the June contest and the the 6M fireworks. This weekend capped an
amazing week of what is my first Es season in many, many years as I was lucky
enough to catch the opening to Europe on Wednesday.

The contest was a blast as the band was wide open much of the time and I was
able to pick up many new states & grids, using just 100w into an attic loop.
Though I wasn't able to grab any of the double-hop on Saturday afternoon or
crack a few of the pileups, I had a great time. The band died out Sunday at
about around 1800 here, making me wish I had gotten an earlier start, but I had
elected an early morning bike ride instead.

I didn't know that this is pretty much just a 6-meter event and was
disappointed at the lack of 2-meter activity. Oh well, I guess everybody has
too much fun on 6 to bother.
K1TEO   SOAB HP   337,3862006-07-17 07:54:17
Wow - best 6M condx I've ever experienced in my years of contesting. I agree
with Dave, NN1N that with a full-time effort 1500 Qs' would have been possible
in this one. Perhaps K3EAR, K8GP, K2DRH or K1TOL? With the June, Sept and UHF
tests as full-timie efforts, and the 10 ghz test upcoming as well, I always
plan to operate this one part-time. Though the band was open I went out to
dinner Saturday night with my family and pulled the plug before mid-nite, and
got a full 7 hours of sleep. Had to leave for a family picnic so ended my
operations before 1700z with the band still wide open. Hindsight - this was one
well suited for a full-time operation. Still, doubled my previous high QSO total
on 6M ( albeit 6M operating time isn't hindered by 10-band operation in this
one, hi!). And 248 grids beats my previous 6M high grid total by over 60! And,
that was without 15 local grids I worked in the June contest. I just never
really moved the beam around as they were coming so fast and furious on 6M

With 11 hours of operating on 6M, I averaged right around 100 Q's per hour. I
was truly amazed - there seemed to be a bottomless pit of stations to work.
Even as I shut down mid-day Sunday there were multiple callers - my last half
hour of operating netted 50 Q's and 6 new grids. Felt like 20 meters - anytime
a run stopped a simple "QRZ" usually got things restarted. To see how
widespread things were, here's a summary (6 meters) by Field:

Field QSO's Grids

DM 71 34
DN 14 9
EL 78 13
EM 367 83
EN 372 63
FM 43 15
FN 124 14

Other Fields worked included , CM, CN, CO, DO, EO, EJ, EK, and GN. Several
folks stopped by Saturday to mention that EU ws coming in but working 100+ per
hour was too much fun to turn the beam and and do some Dxing.

If there was 1 small down side of the 6M condx it was that 2M was deader than a
doornail. I went over there every so often and called lot's of CQ's with few
takers. I did enjoy getting in on some E-skip on Saturday evening working EN21,
31 and 41 and hearing several other W9 grids.

Anyway, tnx for the Q's - hope to have 6M condx like these again sometime and
be better prepared to operate full-time when that happens!

Rig: IC 756 (6)
TS- 2000 (2)
Amp: SB 220 (6)
8877 (2)
Ant: 7 el @ 75 ft (6)
4 X 12 el @ 70 ft (2)

73, Jeff K1TEO
K2OAK   Multi-Op LP   31,7442006-07-17 08:13:37
Good improvement for us, 6 opening was great news. 2 was slows, but still worked
NE from NY. Would have been nice to work some midwest grids during the e-skip on
2 but apparently they were busy working on 6. 73, WV2ZOW and W2WJO
AD1C   SOSB/6 LP   11,4212006-07-17 08:44:49
Radio: IC-756 Pro-III 100W
Antenna: G5RV (102 feet) up about 35 feet (10 meters)

I have never operated in this contest before. I spent Saturday in the NAQP
RTTY contest and shut down about 10 p.m. Switched to 6 meters and could not
believe all the activity! In 8 seasons, I have never heard the band so good.

It was great to have guys in DM65 and DM33 answer my CQs. I only worked one
station in CO, one in TX, nothing in 6-land, nor any northern W7s. At times
K2DRH in IL was pinning the needle! Lots of short skip too from PA, MD and

A Diamond 4-element beam that W1JR gave me sat in pieces on the ground all
weekend. I had spent Friday night getting my 15 meter delta loop repaired for
the RTTY contest. I might have made the wrong choice :-)

73 - Jim AD1C
K3IXD   SOAB LP   14,8232006-07-17 09:16:26
What an exciting contest. With 100w and a loop at 30 feet for 6m, I worked 78
grids and heard more but couldn't break the pile ups. I worked VE3CRU/R in
grids and KA0KCI/M in two grids. The N1MM Logger rate summary showed one 60
minute run of 58 QSOs per hour, not bad for 100w and a loop. From this VHF/UHF
waste land of SC, finally in a VHF contest CQing was productive. The down side
to 6m being open was I only worked three stations on 2m, thankfully all in
different grids.
73, Ed
KØPC   SOSB/6 LP   4,1162006-07-17 12:48:52
My first shot at a VHF contest. Next time I will actually put up a 6M antenna
instead of using my HF beam! The SWR was < 2.0:1 so something was going out.

K2DRH   SOAB HP   708,0722006-07-17 17:28:33
I’d thought June was a barnburner, but this was a contest to end all contests.
Conditions were nothing short of phenomenal on BOTH bands. Even better than
the 2003 CQWW VHF where we had more widespread tropo conditions, but not nearly
as much Es. It was the longest and most intense Es opening I’ve ever seen
while contesting. It opened early, stayed open both days and well into the
night. A high-pressure dome over the Midwest made tropo conditions excellent
in all directions well past 500 miles.

I found a spot around 50.150 and managed to hold for hours it even with the
occasional QSY to 2M by adjusting up or down a few KHz as the band shifted
around from the NE to the SE to the West, sometimes open to all three areas. I
have three separate 6M antennas and found that the two low antennas (both 5el CC
at 20 feet) were really effective for quick switchovers from the dominant
direction. The band stayed open to the NE just about all afternoon and I kept
the stack pointed there unless the West Cost was heard. Didn’t stop to look
for DX at all since the rate was unbelievable for VHF, over 100 the first hour
and 130 plus for the next two hours. Did work a lot of West coast stations.
Signals were loud and sometimes stations were very close in. Kept looking
every time I went to 2M for Es but even though I had reports I was 60 over I
found none. Finally K1TEO called me on my run frequency and QSY’d me to 2M
where we hooked up on Es and I went on to log several other stations in the FN

Despite the 2M Es I had very few 2M QSOs in the log until I left a still very
productive 6M at over 60Qs/hour at sundown and started making some very loud
and easy QSOs in a lot of far off grids. The rate went down but the 2M Qs and
mults came way up. When it came time for a WSJT sked with K3EAR at 0430Z 6M
was still open but considerably thinned out so I worked them on SSB on our sked
frequency the we QSY’d to 2M where the tropo ensured that I heard them every
sequence, sometimes the entire sequence. I looked for randoms on both 50.260
and 144.140 but heard no one calling. Things were pretty quiet by 0630Z so I
took almost a four-hour nap until 1030. I had over 900 Qs in the log already.

While things were very slow at first early Sunday morning, 2M was really open
and in a few hours I’d logged a lot of new grids. I got on 6M just as it was
starting to open up again and held onto a frequency between 140 and 145. It was
harder to hold and the rates were lower since the band kept shifting around from
the NE to the E to SE the SW, occasionally opening on long single hops to the W.
But somehow still managed several consecutive hours with over 90Qs an hour.
K3EAR was kind enough to yield a very clear run frequency back to me when I
came back from a 2M QSY. K8GP came up on my spot after a QSY too, but they
were fairly light at the time and quickly left. Thanks guys, you are all
really courteous and definitely first class ops.

Unlike an op who’s call I didn’t recognize who moved in 1KHz up only a
short while after he’d worked me and while I was still there and running. I
went up and asked him to QSY and didn’t wait for a reply, but he didn’t
move either. The second time he was so defensive I lost my cool a bit, so
shame on me. He refused to move claiming he’d been there for hours despite
the fact I knew I’d just worked him, his area had been open for me for a long
while and I had to be totally blocking his receiver. So I tried to reason with
him blaming a changing band and asking him to squeeze a half up while I would
squeeze a half down. He agreed. I did my part; he reneged. Good thing I have
a great receiver and most of the calling stations were strong, but I apologize
for all the repeats and to anyone that I could not pull out because of this
unwarranted and unnecessary QRM. He apparently left after about 10 minutes, I
guess finally realizing that he couldn’t get anything going with me there so
loud and so close. It takes a lot longer for some stations to QSY than I do,
and I quickly learned ask them to QSY, then work several more in the pileup
before going when I was sure they were waiting for me there already (most
times) to cut down on run frequency challenges like this. Some were not there.
I suspect they don’t realize how much you have to juggle or how difficult it
is to keep a clear run frequency on a crowded band, but most are very patient
and I really appreciate that.

The biggest thrill of Sunday was when EA7KW called me in the pileup. I
struggled with the call since it was so different but thanked Jose and kept
right on going although I was sorely tempted to QSY to the DX window! We
don’t hear much European DX here on the border of 9/0 land and in reality
they are just another grid mult in this contest. Later I did have a YV, KP4
and a KP2 call me fairly close to one another. We have a good path into the
Carribean so it caused me to give up my run freq and go multiplier hunting
across the band, a very productive 15-minute excursion that netted some other
DX and a lot of rarer grid stations that call CQ and don’t tune the band
much. I’d had a few local friends alert me to stuff I should go and pick up
like that and I thank them all very much for that. The calls from the FN grids
were fewer in the afternoon and I concentrated more to the SE and the SW.
Several stations told me they had heard me on backscatter the day before but
could not get through.

Signals were strong again and I got a lot of 60 over reports, even on the low
antennas. With this of course comes the inevitable “you’re splattering
all over the band” or “turn down your audio/compressor” comments usually
dropped right in the middle of a QSO and almost never accompanied by a
callsign. Usually there is only one or two and in the past they have been more
polite, but this time there were several and they were abrupt. I get a bit
annoyed at this since it’s rude and I know I run a clean station with good
audio. My usual reply is to thank them, tell them I don’t think so, maybe
advise them to turn off their noise blanker and then move on. Most went away
but some wanted to stay and argue. Occasionally I got deliberate QRM for
several minutes immediately after such an interruption. Sometimes I got
deliberate QRM out of the blue. I guess with the advent of more HF rigs adding
6M not only are there more stations to work but also some marginal HF ops have
arrived, bringing some really annoying habits with them! Just like on HF it
seems to take all the fun out of it for them if you just ignore the QRM, acting
as if it wasn’t there.

The station was in good shape going into this contest as evidenced by the 17
hours of 60 plus QSO hours, but Murphy is always waiting in the background.
Early Sunday morning my tower top stopped rotating, but it was just a loose
cable connector in the shack. Had a few bad moments when I pointed one of the
low antennas right at the house to work 6M into TX and the logging computer
locked up. This happened 4 times until I finally found the right combination
of cable dress and ferrite beads. Lost at least 15 minutes and still had a 90
QSO hour! This was the most QSOs I’ve ever made in any VHF contest, despite
being several hours shorter than the ARRL ones. It was really a marathon, and
with both bands so open for so long more like a domestic HF contest as far as
rate and participation is concerned. Definitely one for the record books.

KE9I   SOSB/6 HP   61,9652006-07-17 18:12:11
Operated the RTTY contest on Saturday, was just going to fool around on 6M
Sunday, the band was so good decided to have a bit of fun ! Worked a couple of
EU, some Carribean, and SA ! This is the best I have heard the band multi Es
Thanks for all the Qs.

Old brokend down Cushcraft 5 el at 40 ft with 200' lossy RG-8.
Pair 3-500Z, about 800 W out
N9DG   SOAB LP   86,9752006-07-17 19:59:46
Well for a contest that I didn't think I'd be able to get on for I actually did
pretty good. As luck would have it the things that were going to keep me from
participating didn't happen. That turned out to be a very lucky turn of events
too given how great the propagation was on both 6 and 2.

Most of the talk seems to be about 6M but here in the Midwest 2M played very
well indeed. I didn't really get into the 2M Es like some did not too far from
here. I was however able to make good with the tropo that was in there really
strong during the evening Saturday. It was still pretty good Sunday morning

In the end I worked VUCC on 6M in less than a 24-hour period and 56 grids on 2M
over that same timeframe. I think it might even be the best I ever done on 2M
for multipliers in a contest. All of it done with 150-160 watts on the two
K4XR   SOAB HP   80,9642006-07-17 20:20:20
6 was GREAT! 2 not so good, no Es or tropo. Hadn't planned to operate for a
lot of the contest, but conditions were so good that it was impossible to quit.
Unfortunately, I had a new type of equipment failure. The shack is located on
the 2nd floor of a detached garage, and is cooled by a window air conditioner.
The air conditioner failed about 4 hours into the contest, and the temp in the
room quickly rose above 100 F. Lost about 3 hours buying and installing a new

I've never seen 6 like this before for an entire contest. Highlights were
having CQ's answered by EH8BPX and HK3JRL.
WDØT   SOSB/6 HP   275,3172006-07-17 22:10:04
Unbelievable 6m, I have never seen it that good. The grid map basically
the coasts of the US, and blanketed the grids from Michigan east to Maine and
south to Texas.

Saturday was solid from 1800-0300Z, made 875Q's and over 200 grids during that
time. Sunday was slower, but still very steady. I didn't operate much Sunday,
as had family time also scheduled in there.

A really great time, thanks for all the Q's, God Bless, Todd WD0T
W1XX   SOAB HP   291,5402006-07-18 07:39:55
We'll leave it to others for the superlatives in this the 2006 CQ WW VHF

Rather, the historical significance of this record breaking event needs to be
thoroughly documented. Thus, all stations are urged to submit a log.

Log submission references: June CQ Magazine, p. 83
July QST, p. 92
WA7BNM Contest Calendar
Paper loggers please take advantage of post contest on-line submission. Click
the "Web Form" link on Thanks to WA7BNM for providing this
valuable service. There will be a fistful of certificates awarded so don't
hesitate to submit your entry. "Submitted Logs" is updated regularly on

Your soapbox comments, sidebar stories, and photos are always appreciated for
publication consideration.

Thaks to all for making a great contest. 73!

-- John Lindholm, W1XX
CQWW VHF Contest Director
OK1KIM(@OL4A)   Multi-Op HP   267,9322006-07-18 11:07:06
We have rebuild our antenna farm after almost complete destruction from 100mph
wind + 4 inch ice on DEC6 2005 !! (have a look at - QTH section).
This year as the gods of propagation were extremely nice to the NA hams they
have OMITTED us.

6m was very slow - nothing much. There was not even decent opening to G or UB5
or some other fairly populated area. We have only observed on the net what was
going on eselwhere....How ever some Eu QSOs in very weak strength could be made
among the massive TV jam. The Best DX as always some EA8 - this time EH8BPX with
3500 km.

2m Was as could be expected. The nice tropo opening to G which was in friday
almost vanished during night and only the G big guns made it through in the
strength according to their setups. Very sad was observing nice Es opening
sunday afternoon - we have heard whole Eu working CT+EA but not those. We could
observe as the Es moved toward East but not quite to us. We could only snap 2
EA7's oposed to stations as close as 30 miles west from us who worked CT+EA7 in
the line !!! So the best DX was EA7TL with nice 2203 km from Es marginal to us.
As always not much activity in Eu, made almost the same amount of QSOs as last
year on 2m. We have gave up Meteor-scatter operation this year (well OK1DFC is
now in W6 and no-one was brave enough to try first MS QSO during the
contest...- me included, I will work on it...) - so "ONLY" 96 LOC here
(actually MS gave us 8 LOC last year...).

Overall the score some 11% less then last year mainly due to bad propagation on
6m, also 2m was a bit worse than last year. With massive propagation on 6m I
strongly doubt we will make it to 1st spot WW this year - maybe next year will
be better for us.....

As always some statistics:
Sum of km pts.: 240 831 (compare to 270374 from 2005,197716 from 2004 and
152468 from 2003)
average 409.6 km/QSO
ODX : EA7TL in IM66VO at 2 203 km

Nr of DXCC : 22 (last year 25)
DXCC :262xDL( 89639) 105xOK( 16045) 48xPA( 27679)
30xI ( 18922) 22xF ( 13785) 17xON( 10743)
16xOM( 6496) 11x9A( 6480) 11xG ( 10592)
11xSP( 4332) 10xHG( 5296) 10xYU( 7962)
8xS5( 4004) 7xHB( 3875) 5xOE( 1883)
4xOZ( 2645) 3xSM( 1634) 2xEA( 4183)
2xLA( 2008) 2xUR( 1350) 1xLX( 540)
1xT9( 738)

Nr of WWL : 96 (last year 108)
WWL : 41xJO70 36xJO31 20xJN49 19xJO43 18xJO60 18xJO50
16xJO30 16xJO22 16xJO21 16xJN89 14xJO41 14xJN48
13xJO40 13xJN79 13xJN69 12xJO32 11xJO61 11xJN65
10xJO62 10xJO51 10xJN99 10xJN39 9xJO52 9xJO20
9xJN58 8xJN98 8xJN54 7xJO53 7xJO42 7xJO33
7xJN76 7xJN38 6xJO44 6xJN97 6xJN94 6xJN88
6xJN59 6xJN47 5xJN85 5xJN37 4xJO80 4xJO11
4xJO02 4xJN95 4xJN68 4xJN55 4xJN29 3xJO65
3xJN87 3xJN75 3xJN67 3xJN19 2xKN18 2xKN04
2xJO90 2xJO81 2xJO74 2xJO73 2xJO54 2xJO46
2xJO23 2xJO10 2xJN86 2xJN66 2xJN64 2xJN57
2xJN45 2xJN36 2xJN28 2xJN26 2xIO92 2xIO91
1xKN08 1xKN06 1xJO94 1xJO93 1xJO91 1xJO83
1xJO75 1xJO72 1xJO71 1xJO64 1xJO59 1xJO56
1xJO38 1xJO01 1xJN78 1xJN63 1xJN44 1xJN35
1xJN34 1xJN09 1xIO94 1xIO90 1xIM86 1xIM66

TOP 10 - only the 2 ES - what a pity.
1. EA7TL IM66VO 2203 km
2. EA7GNO IM86US 1980 km
3. M0IPX IO94EB 1094 km
4. G4KWQ IO92AQ 1088 km
5. LA0BY JO59IX 1061 km
6. G3NAQ IO91HL 1041 km
7. G7RAU IO90IR 1038 km
8. G4DBL IO91JH 1029 km
9. G4DHF IO92UU 979 km
10. LA9Z JO38HC 947 km

Nr of DXCC : 28
DXCC : 52xEA 36xDL 32xOK 12xG 11xF 7xCT
5xEA 5xOE 4xI 3xGW 3xIT 3xSV
2xEA 2xLZ 2xSP 1x9H 1xCT 1xCU
1xEA 1xEI 1xGM 1xHG 1xIS 1xOM
1xSV 1xUR 1xZ3 1xZA
Nr of LOC : 100

Antennas on 2m
6 x 22 Y (9.2 m boom)
4 x 19 Y (8.2 m boom)
6 x 8 Y (3 m boom)
8 x 6 Y (2 m boom)
4 x 14 Y (7.5m boom)
3 x 10 Y (5.5m boom)
1 x 10 Y (5.5m boom)
If you sum it up you get "only" 400 elements - 32 booms of total length 174m
(compare to 212m last year - hope for more next year !).
IC756PROIII + FT1000MP into 2pcs of DB6NT TR144H 14MHz version transverters + 7
x preamp with GaAs ATF trans. +
PPA with GS35b.

on 6m only a single 9Y-13m long @ 16m + IC7400(IC746PRO) + PPA 2xGI7B

Thanks to all for QSO + 73 !

VE3VE   SOSB/6 LP   3,3302006-07-18 14:34:26
If only 6m was not so close to other commercial devices (cordless phone and TV
Ch:2, Alarm systems etc) I would have surprised myself with a good score. The
neighbours were up in arms. Had to shutdown after an hour of a good run on
Saturday night. Exceptional conditions. Running 100watts to a 'vertical', yes a
vertical at 30 feet. Never missed the 5L beam that was still not mounted.
Thanks to all that stopped by.
KC5R   SOAB LP   31,8242006-07-18 16:29:20
Lost power at QTH in last hour. Ran with generator until lightning strikes
forced QRT. Too bad, I had a good run going. Couldn't it have happened when the
band was dead?
N1SV   SOSB/6 LP   18,3042006-07-18 18:51:04
Put up a 6m yagi a week ago and have been having fun ever since. Is 6m fun or
ON6NL   SOSB/2 LP   54,7332006-07-19 04:32:23
Nice contest but little activity. Glad the DQ and DR stns were so active
A short sporadic E opening on sunday afternoon brought 5 stations of over
1800km > (1000mls) but it gave me only 2 new multipliers.
Rig IC756 + transv about 150W into a 13el at 20m up (50m asl)
Hope they will invent a low power (50W?) class for this contest!
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   181,1682006-07-19 05:29:27
FT650+Amp 700W
M2 6M7jhv @ 55'
K4JSI   Hilltopper QRP   2,3792006-07-19 10:40:41
Wow - single and double-hop E skip on 6M. Apparently there was some sporadic E
on 2M as well, though I didn't hear anything via that mode. My FT-817 had some
problems due toand sunlight on the rig snd it's consequent operating
temperature. Although I fancy I'll have about the lowest QRP Hilltopper score
(I should have had a bunch more QSOs on 6M), the 100 mile drive each way was
still worth it. Glad I participated, and my thanks to those who copied me and
to the contest organizers
K5RPD   SOSB/6 LP   100,6202006-07-19 10:56:22
My rig is a Yaesu FT920 using a Heil ProSet+ headset and a laptop with Writelog
for logging. My antenna set-up was a 30 foot push up pole that had a homebrew
moxon at 30 feet and a Cushcraft 3 element beam pointed the opposite way at 20
feet with guy wires directly under the beam at 20 feet. Feedlines were RG213/U
type coax with PL-259 type connectors.
I ended up with 645 qso's and 156 grids for a claimed total of 100,620 points!
Not too bad for little antennas and no amplifiers. I really enjoyed the contest
and saw some really high qso rates at times! Maybe next year I'll have some
contact outside the US and Canada...
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   91,5042006-07-19 11:38:57
This is the best CQ-sponsored VHF contest I have experienced since the 1959
version. The usual strategy for me as a QRP station is to search and pounce:
dig, scratch, plea, call on cw, shout (well, shouting doesn’t help much at
this power level). But on 6 meters in this contest I was able to sustain long
runs calling CQ on SSB, some over an hour. In between these runs I visited the
CW part of the band and usually came away with a handful of Qs there; I made a
total of 100 CW QSOs on 6. Some of these runs were made possible by the
intense single-hop skip to the highly populated Philadelphia to Boston Axis.
Highest Q totals on 6 were with FN20 (34), FN31 (30) and FN42 (24). But, the
conditions were so good and so widespread that sometimes I actually held a
frequency for a while working wider areas. I had worked 98 grids on 6 meters
in June running QRP portable in Michigan. I didn’t dream that I would exceed
that in this contest.

Two meters was also good in the Midwest, although I limited my time there
mostly to late Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. I was quite pleased
that most people heard me on the first call, thanks to the good conditions.
Greatest distances worked were North Dakota, Oklahoma and Eastern Ohio, from my
QTH in northwestern Illinois. I missed the Es on 2; guess I was having too much
fun on 6.
N5UM   SOAB LP   13,3022006-07-19 16:43:58
6 Meters - IC756 100W to small loop in attic

2 Meters - IC706MK2G 50W to loop or 5 el yagi in attic

Antennas were all < 20ft above ground in attic. Not much I could hear on 2
meters, but 6 meters was great.

73 de Al N5UM
Z36W   SOSB/6 LP   20,1002006-07-20 10:32:40
Condx not enough good to worked USA, expet two stations form KP4 land.
Tnx to NP4A and KP4EIT for new one on 6m. Thanks for to all q's and till
next one greetings from Macedonia !

73 Venco Z36W
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   87,5682006-07-20 11:32:50
WOW!!! What a great contest. The first 3 hours in FN04 ran slow, as did the
last, FN13 with about 34 QSO's each on 6 only. Left 2 at home, which lowered
my score. In FN03 and FN14, the band went wild, and I was challenged keeping
up with the pileups using paper logging. Took only cold water, so had time
loss for restaurants, anticipated. The marine deep cycle batteries performed
well, running the 756 ProII, with six 28 amp SLA batteries for backup.

Leaving the farmer's field in FN03 after dark, I heard a scraping noise and
other noise in the 1/2 mile drive to the expressway, so got out on the ramp and
looked up. The beam was spun 150 degrees, with broken tree branches on all
elements like an upside down Christmas tree. Got on the minivan roof and
realigned it for the 30 mile (50 km) trip home. The beam was 11' above the
road for this trip, down a foot from the usual 12.
Most of the branches dislodged driving at 75 mph. Drove 70 miles (110 km) back
east Sunday to start in FN14. I never operate contests while in motion as I
will not jeopardize anyone's safety, so travel time during the contest period
is also lost time.

I anxiously await the tabulation of all scores by CQ, after spending 7 hours
converting the paper log to computer entry. Many new records will be set, due
to the great opening. Last year I scored top in Ontario with 1,344 spending
little time on 6, so am in disbelief at the gain in my score.

Thanks to the sponsors, to all who had qso's with me, as well as others caught
in the pileups trying. It is hoped that all contesters had as much fun too.
The high spirit of this contest will be remembered for a long time.

73, Bill VE3CRU/R
K8GP   Multi-Op HP   539,8642006-07-20 14:45:20
Extremely high noise, S3 or greater, on 50 MHz made it impossible to "listen for
the weak ones!" Reddish Knob is nothing like Spruce Knob when it comes to
N5BO   SOSB/6 LP   82,1732006-07-20 14:52:12
Florida Contest Group - Panhandle
6M5X @ 25FT
TS2000 @ 100w

Band was amazing leading up to the contest, but quickly slowed down after the
first hour. I had a rate well above 200 for the first 30-40 minutes of the
contest, but ended with 156 Q's at 1900z. 6M was very marginal and spotty for
the remainder of Saturday after the first couple of hours. I could never get a
rate going and mostly heard the big guns going at it. Sunday was not any
better, mostly spotty openings so I gave up on the contest to find some new DX
to work. Was happy to find 5B4FL CQing on 50081 and worked for new one! The
band finally picked up again at 1900z and I was able to produce a prety good
rate on CW and SSB.

Was nice hearing some decent acitivty on 6M CW for a change! Also thanks to
the rovers who visited the multiple grids. I'll have a better setup next year,
so I hope to produce a better score if the prop gods allow!

W4WA   SOAB HP   132,5002006-07-20 15:39:10
I put up another 6 meter yagi at 20 feet on Sunday morning during the contest to
be able to switch to a higher angle for the short e-skip. It seemed to pay off
with better signals than the antenna at 110 feet. I had Power line noise the
entire contest in many directions. It was hard to find anyone on 2 meters to
work but 6 meters sure was hot.

Ron W4WA
K4EA   SOAB HP   200,6342006-07-21 05:28:58
I spent several hours on Friday and Saturday morning trying to get my 2m amp
working with no luck. As it turned out, 2m was poor here, so no great loss.

Line noise was in its typically bad state on Saturday, but much quieter on
Sunday. 6m was very hot here too. I thought my numbers were good, but I was
blown away be many of the other numbers posted so far. Noticeably absent were
the W6's that had been in regularly all week prior to the contest. Texas
stations that are typically so strong were virtually non existent. Lots of Eu
stations. Even heard ZC4LI and 5B4FL but could not break through. Had I
worked either of them it would have been 5 continents in one contest!

This was one for the record books! See you all in September.

Neal, K4EA
KC9BQA   SOAB LP   172,1442006-07-21 05:39:37
Wow! After having to miss Saturday of the June ARRL QSO party, I can't believe
we had just as spectacular band conditions just one month later. Well heck,
this contest was actually better because 144 was very enhanced here in the
Upper Midwest, in addition to 6 being wide open!

I concentrated on 50 for the first 9 hours of the 'test on Saturday. I worked
very hard to hang on to a frequency with 100W and switching between a pair of
Par Omniangles (OA-50)@70/83' and a M2 6M5X beam up 100'. Honestly I noticed
little difference. The band was so open that I was really better off with the

I was aware that 144 was really enhanced; I just hoped that others were also
pigging out on 6 and I wasn't missing too much there. I was too hesitant to
QSY to 144 and lose what little territory I had staked out on 50.

By about 10:30pm on Sat., 6 was shutting down Es wise and the band got a lot
quieter. However, the tropo on 6 was just fantastic, as well. In 3 years on
6, I don't recall ever being able to work 400 miles with S3/S5 signals. So I
switched between 50 and 144, and stayed up all night. Made at least 3/4 of my
144 contacts between 0330Z and 1130Z Sunday.

Actually kept things going for a time overnight by seeing who was on 146 FM
simplex. It was very active in the Upper Midwest. Guys were amazed at being
heard from Central Minnesota, Eastern Iowa and even as far south as Terre
Haute, IN. However, I did reread the rules for this contest and using 146.52
to solicit or make contacts is prohibited. So while a good time was had by
all, I have to toss out 9 contacts and 1 unique grid. This reduced my score a
little over 4000 points. Too bad 146.52 is a no-no; I think if guys go over
there and stop in to say hi and explain what's going on, we may very well
develop some new contesters. But as with 144.200, make way for others.

As the sun kept rising on Sunday, 6 was open again before 1300Z. I kept
pounding out CQ's for many more hours. I noticed that toward noon or so, I was
having a hard time saying the "Quebec" portion of my phonetics, like I was
either drunk or out in 20 below zero cold. I could tell I was losing it, after
having been up 30 hours. I had asked a few folks to QSY from time to time and
they were kind enough to. But as I was losing it, I started hearing a rover
from 4-land who was building in strength. I know how hard it is for rovers, so
I just sort of smiled and faded away. I hope he was able to work 50167 for all
it was worth right up until the contest ended. I stopped CQ'ing @1815Z,
realized I had 599 Q's on 6. I figured that wasn't right, so I called W9IIX on
his freq. and got him easily (semi-local) That was QSO *SIX*-hundred, and that
felt like the right time to quit.

This contest was a ball -- but it was intense. I still haven't had the
slightest urge to turn the rigs on since I went QRT on Sunday. Kind of a radio
hangover I guess, hi. August UHF contest will cure that!

Todd KC9BQA EN63ao 50-1296 with 2304 by August (knock wood)
KB1DFB(KB1H)   SOSB/6 HP   114,9202006-07-21 05:50:12
Oh how I wish I had more time to operate this one. When we couldn't find why the
2M station was not receiving we decided to let me do a SOSB/6 effort. Rates were
unbelievable. All operating Saturday was done with the antenna pointing at 271
degrees and never moving. Worked all over the place. With the rate as it was I
didn't take time to rotate the antenna!

Had I known there is this "1000" club I would have put in more effort to join
this elite group. Totals being reported is phenominal. I guess this weekend
proved why I love this band. I am sure many others discovered what a blast 6M
can be.

Thanks for all the QSOs and see you all in September.

Dick - KB1H
K3EAR   Multi-Op HP   648,9182006-07-21 12:39:28
This contest was about as good as the best ever (June 1987): 6m Es for most of
the contest, some 2m Es as well, and the midwest had some nice tropo. Did
anyone see any 222 Es like in 1987?

From FM19, 6m was open to W5 at the start of the contest. The opening moved
north & also extended to the west coast with some nice double hop. Double hop
openings to CM & CN grids from Pennsylvania seem more frequent & stronger than
from Illinois (my home). More than 150 QSO this weekend were multi-hop. Much
of Saturday evening’s opening stayed into W0 with shorter contacts into W9.
During this time, 2m opened into MN for us. Perhaps we didn’t notice it in
time or everyone else was on 6m, but we should have done better on 2m Es.

On Sunday, six opened into some new areas (W4) as well as W0 & W9 & W5 again.
A few contacts into Europe, Central & South America as well as the Caribbean
certainly helped the grid total. Significant rover activity also helped.
VE5UF provided 3 unique grids. K1DW/R in EM41 was grid number 300. (Two
minutes later he called from EM51 for number 301.) Who would have thought 300
grids was possible?

Rates stayed under 100/hr on 6m for the entire contest. Partially because from
FM19 most one hop openings are not into densely populated areas. Our line noise
& crowded band & changing conditions slowed things down. Probably should have
moved higher in the band than 50.209 MHz. But even on Sunday, most hours had
30 to 50 contacts.

We also had a little bit of tropo to EN52-EN53 on Sunday morning.
Unfortunately there was very little activity. I suspect the 6m opening & the
midwest’s 2m opening to the southwest is why. Persistence on 2m eventually
got us over 300 contacts.

This was our first CQWW VHF. It is one contest we will never forget. Having
strong competition & great openings makes it more fun. Congrats to K2DRH on
his record score.
KØHA   SOSB/6 HP   377,5722006-07-21 14:56:58
To see my QSO per grid maps go to:  
See which grid came in second behind the 71 QSO's that I had with FN20.
I discuss a bit more detail about the contest at that site as well. QSO per
grid maps of my June 2006 ARRL VHF Contest effort are also there...
WØETT   SOAB LP   63,8402006-07-21 15:01:01
Fantastic conditions on 6m. Like others, I spent most of my time on 6m while
the band was open while only making 7 Q's on 2m. Unusual in this vhf contest,
25% or 100 of my QSOs were on CW moving along from 15 to 25 wpm.

Wkd GMCCers: W0EEA, N0KE, N0POH, K0NR, K0FX and WW1M.

As for RMVHF+ net members, worked W6OAL, WV0H, WA7KYM, K0GU, KC0MEA, KR0VER,
and W0CAR. Sorry if I missed listing anyone.

My new IC756PROIII worked like a champ on 6m. I felt it was more sensitive and
selective on the magic band compared to my old original IC756. It looks like a

73 Ken, W0ETT
W3DHJ/R   Rover LP   46,7192006-07-21 19:27:09
5.5 hours rover'ing from DM68mn to DM78rf on Saturday.
7.5 hours as rover in DM78, DM77, DM87, and DM88 on Sunday.

Great band condx. Great WX -- but HOT!

73, Jonesy W3DHJ
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   378,3342006-07-23 17:02:39
Best conditions on 6m for any of the many VHF contests we have done over the
past ten years. Largest grid total on 6m ever, Europe, Caribbean, West Coast,
Western Canada, and everything in between for most of both days. Our 2m QSO
count was down. The station details are at <>.

For the Wopsononock Mountaintop Operators,
KB8U   SOAB HP   303,0282006-07-23 19:55:37
Extraordinary conditions on 6m. There were numerous times when the band was
open to the East, South and West all at once, including double hop to the west
coast USA. Heck, it was probably also open to northern Canada, there's just no
one up there to work. I made one of my longest multi-hop Es skip QSO ever to
southern Italy (alas, he didn't sent a grid, only RST so it didn't count for
contest credit). The computer said it was exactly 5000 miles!

The skip was by no means all long, however. Normally, the densly populated
parts of W1 and W2 are in my skip zone so I'm lucky to weakly hear a few of the
big guns. This contest, they were in LOUD for hour after hour on Saturday and
came back in on Sunday for a repeat! Similar short skip was worked in
abundance in other directions. No 2m Es was heard, though.

On top of that, tropo to the west and northwest was good to excellent. There
were several stations out 400-500+ miles I first worked on 2m and then moved to
6m for new multipliers. I was still a little disappointed there weren't more
people on 2m, though. I can't blame anybody for sticking to 6m under the
circumstances, though. Tropo was so good I even took a few minutes off the
contest and worked an all-time new grid on 432, number 100 for me! Letsee, if
144MHz is 2 points, 432 oughta be 6 points... naw, I guess there's a reason
they call it a VHF contest.

Normally this contest has only about 1/2 the participation of June. This time
I think there were more people on. Let's hope they'll return next year. Until
then, Best regards from EN71 -Russell KB8U
NØJK   Hilltopper QRP   92006-07-23 22:00:53
I had to work both days of the contest weekend and my XYL had relatives from
Germany arriving Saturday afternoon - so only had an hour or so to play in the
contest. I set up "hilltopper portable" Sat. afternoon with 10 w and a whip on
6M. Despite the simple low power station I worked Lefty, K1TOL FN44 (good
ears!), a very loud VE4EAR EN19 and WA0MHJ in rare EN38!
VE5SIX(VE5MDH)   SOSB/6 LP   1,0852006-07-24 03:32:25
Enjoyed the contest!
KFØQ   Hilltopper QRP   19,0442006-08-01 07:53:42
Had a great time here in SE MN operating in the Hilltop category for the first
time. Wish more stations were on 144 as that was open too .. but the near
mayhem on six kept me busy any way. Awesome contest!
W4VHF/R   Rover LP   120,4602006-08-14 11:38:42
GREAT conditions on 6M to many parts of USA. 2M very quiet due to
the action on 6M. We had FUN! - W4VHF/R
OK1KDO   Multi-Op HP   20,5802006-08-28 15:37:11
We run FT-857 on 6 m with 20W only (local law max. pwr) to 5el Yagi ant,
and on 2 m we use PA with 250W to M-2 long Yagi ant.
Our QTH 1042m asl. JN69JJ hill Cerchov near Domazlice town.
DX propagation and weather was very good. Thank´s all for nice contest and
and we hope to see You next year.
73 Standa OK1WN 1.op OK1KDO