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Croatian CW Contest   2013   Dec 21   Comment Summary

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YU3AAA(@YU7U)   SOSB/80 HP   107,1362013-12-21 23:53:46
Very low activity:-(
7S7V   SOSB/40 LP   12,4802013-12-22 00:35:26
A few QSOs to give points to old friends, within the darkness.
YUØT(YU1WS)   SOSB/80 HP   49,7082013-12-22 01:36:39
Only half time on the air.Many JAs stations,tnx for calls.73 for all.
Dugi YU1WS / YU0T West Serbia Contest Club
LY7Z   SOAB QRP   43,0522013-12-22 06:00:14


73! Andy
OL5W   SOSB/20 LP   14,9652013-12-22 06:01:37
Thanks for all QSO and who called me!.
Nice XMAS and Happy New Year 2014 with lot of fun in contests!

73 Tomas OK1IC / OL5W
9A286A(@9A6A)   SOSB/15 HP   80,0802013-12-22 06:03:03
RIG: TS 690S
PA: 1kW
Ant: 3 el Yagi
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   52,0602013-12-22 06:08:07
High winds, lots of rain (about 4") and a thunder storm kept the station
unplugged for most of the day and night.
VE9AA   SOSB/10 HP   17,7842013-12-22 06:10:58
Decided to try 10m SB again this year, but only just for FUN, as I knew my time
would be quite limited. Worked 1/2 the time as compared to last year for
roughly the same score (tells you about band condx from last year)

First morning @ 1415z or so, I fired up for about 45 minutes. 73 Q's in the
log, then I had to go snowblow for a while and perform other honey-do's. Even
mounted LED Xmas lights to my car. Hey,.. I have the Xmas spirit ! Came back @
1730z but 10 was stone cold dead.

On day 2, I got up early and was working the louder EU's just at sunrise, but
band was very empty. Most guys on 20 & 15 I guess. THe RBN said IW as
making it into DL/HA/S5 @ 20dB+, but nobody home,

ARound 1330z 10m had a very hollow sound to it and some moderate echos, making
the louder stations hard to copy as they were QRMing themselves, hi hi

I had brisk wind, freezing ice pellets and heavy wet snow all at the same time
making the weaker ones hard to copy through the QRN and my antenna bouncing
around in the wind imitating QSB !?> The thrashing on my shack window made
me turn the headphone volume up to ear bleeding levels !!
(sorry Tony VE1ZA for making you repeat so many times).

At 1345z, 15 mins before contest end, the QSB (real QSB) was very deep and
rapid and I would get the first 1-2 letters of a call and maybe the last
letter. This was tough sledding and was hard to get the full call, let alone
the serial #. The smart ops repeated everything twice and that made it easy.

No intention on winning, I believe K2SSS has that in the bag.

MErry Christmas everyone.

See you in the RAC Winter and the Stew Perry !!!

Mike VE9AA, IC7410, N1MM, 5el@24', 500w
YU/S56A   SOAB LP   141,7802013-12-22 06:14:36
Three days wasted fixing 39m windom with RG-58 BNC short :-( No 160 m antenna.
Overslept Sunday morning for 80m grayline DX. RBN reports great 9A activity but
I can't work them close on the higher bands. ODX ZM2IO on 20 m. Only PY Iron
Ham left :-)

MX & HNY & 73 de Mario, YU/S56A, N1YU
N5AW   SOAB LP   113,1202013-12-22 06:21:52
N4GG   SOAB HP   9,5042013-12-22 07:18:27
Through a thunderstorm. Good time to check Rx antennas for noise properties :-)
N4AF   SOAB HP   825,9302013-12-22 07:28:47
Full breakout @
Thanks for the QSOS and best wishes to all in the New Year.
73, Howie

START DATE: 21-12-13

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Howard Hoyt N4AF
ADDRESS: 549 Bluebird Trail
ADDRESS-CITY: Blounts Creek

RUN/SEARCH: 979/109 Qs

SOFTWARE: TR4W v.4.248

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Countries
80CW 102 102 560 29
40CW 311 310 1764 39
20CW 228 226 649 41
15CW 266 265 815 44
10CW 182 181 559 37

Totals(null) 1089 1084 4347 190

Final Score = 825930 points.
VE1RGB   SOAB LP   19,8882013-12-22 07:59:21
Vy poor cndx
K2ZR/4   SOSB/40 LP   8482013-12-22 08:08:25
Rig: K2@65W Antenna: 40M Windom Logging: N1MM

I worked everything I heard.
Dick, K2ZR/4
"The End Of The Road"
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   5,0182013-12-22 08:13:42
KX3, 5 watts ,verticals. Excellent conditions for QRP. Thanks for working a weak
K1ZZ   SOAB HP   1,167,2732013-12-22 09:25:07
Congratulations to Mladen on another great score from Krassy's superstation!
K4BAI   SOAB HP   98,8432013-12-22 10:06:07
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Fun contest. Thanks
for all QSOs. Bands 80 through 10 were pretty good, but the low bands has a
lot of QRN from an oncoming cold front. Happy Holidays and New Year to all.
73, John, K4BAI.
9A5W(@9A1A)   SOSB/160 HP   127,6962013-12-22 10:20:13
I have choosen 160M which is my favorite band on CW mode.
Nice CONDX. At JA sunrise/USA sunset nice pile-up mixed by JAs and W/VE stns.
I had problem with NW beverage for USA/VE reception , and I fixed it after 2
hours listening W/VE on SW beverage !
Sorry for asking to repeat your report !

When I solved problem I had nice run with W/VE including from AZ,MT,WY,UT and
even OR. At 0640Z N7JW came with S9 signal on my beverage! He is usualy the
strongest from No 7 Area,but I do not remember such strong signal from him.

Also thanks to LU8DPM, PY1NB and specilay to KH6AT who called me. KH6AT was
very patient, waiting to me to copy his call and report.I did not have beverage
to N direction, so S direction beverage which is quite short was very helpful.
KH6AT is my the first KH6 on 160M.
I heard quite good KL7KY but I came to his freq just when I lost reception or
he moved from it.

Due to family obligations I had to live location at 0700Z.

Thanks to all who called me. Hopefuly see you in Stew Perry next weekend.

Nikola 9A5W
OZ4CG   SOAB LP   38,4802013-12-22 10:50:59
RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W)
ANT: G5RV up 8m
Software: N1MM logger V13.12.1
KN4Y   SOAB LP   1,9202013-12-22 11:25:15
Contest started great, then the bands went Ka-put. Got some great activity later
on 40-meters.It was fun.
VA7ST   SOSB/40 HP   7142013-12-22 11:30:11
Playing around with the 2-element quad for a few minutes, long after normal
closing hours for 40M over the pole from here. Conditions were surprisingly
sharp and great copy for a few minutes.
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   170,6782013-12-22 11:59:59
HA8VK   SOSB/20 HP   33,1682013-12-22 12:18:10
JST135, 2ele Quad up 17 m
Z39A   SOAB LP   4,4442013-12-22 12:52:08
I think that did not calculate my score properly in this contest. 73
to all and CU in the next one. Merry Christmas. Chris, Z39A
ZM2IO(@ZL3IO)   SOAB HP   41,0882013-12-22 13:23:21
No serious entry but gave out the ZL multiplier to a few stations. I was
surprised to hear at least 4 other ZL's changing numbers.
73 & mry xmas
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SOAB LP   122,6252013-12-22 14:07:35
Equipment used: K3, 5 meter wire with ATU on balcony

Score was down from last year. Nice propagation on 10m/15m. Strong signal from
EI station usually skipped at the beginning of the contest. But high band
closed earlier and 40m skipped early. On top of that stormy weather forced me
to fold down whole my antenna system so no operation after 21Z on Saturday.
Daytime propagation on Sunday was ok. Not many DX as only one JA worked on all

73 Kazu
SP2LNW   SOAB HP   374,6012013-12-22 14:38:12
Tnx for Q's.
73 Slaw
EA5KV   SOAB HP   121,0722013-12-22 14:40:36
Thanks for all calls and for the patient.

73, EA5KV, Vic.
S52W(@S54O)   SOAB HP   747,2732013-12-22 20:25:17
RIG : TS590 + IC2KL (500W)
ANT : 3el + wires

73 Damjan S52W
9A6C   SOSB/40 HP   215,3922013-12-22 21:10:39
TS590+HM QRO 1 kW
Vertical/4 radials and Inverted V@9 m agl

Quiet rural location helped my RX, but poor antennas did not make my signal
stronger. Was doing OK within EU, but in all DX zones I was not strong enough.
Nice to be called by VK6 in the evening and ZL in the morning, though. Hope
they managed to log somebody else, so my mults stay.
Surprisingly good first hour with 105 qsos - seems that high bands were not in
good shape? Plenty of stations, but being a singlebander on 40 m last four
hours did not yielded much.
S57DX(@S51V)   SOSB/160 HP   66,5642013-12-22 22:12:45
Thanks to Silvo S51V to give me chance to use his superb 160M station with 4SQ
and beverages! Thanks for great hospitality Silvo!
Good condition to west but not many participants. On the east direction
conditions not so good. All Ja's comming back with low signals and deep QSB.
Thanks to all for contacts!
Slavko S57DX
ES5RY(@ES5TV)   SOAB LP   266,1662013-12-22 22:59:56
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

YL95AIW(ES5ZF)   SOAB LP   411,9202013-12-22 23:41:21
Thanks for patience listening to my long call :)
Season greetings to all!

73! Kas YL1ZF
YUØW/QRP   SOAB QRP   91,0522013-12-23 01:04:26
9A CW 2013, hard core scenario this year. 5W and single wire antenna with
manual tuner Mostly cq-ing because is too hard to tune every time . I did
not work at night. Still tired. Thanks to all with good nerves. :-)

Contest : Croatian CW Contest
Callsign : YU0W/QRP
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : QRP
Zone/State/... :
Locator : KN04FT
Operating time : 14h27

160 9 0 5 50 5.56
80 149 1 29 406 2.72
40 76 0 20 244 3.21
20 71 0 24 89 1.25
15 42 0 19 66 1.57
10 15 0 6 29 1.93
TOTAL 362 1 103 884 2.44
TOTAL SCORE : 91 052

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operator : ALEX YU0W
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 4.10.0
DL1CW   SOAB LP   345,8572013-12-23 01:55:47
Very first SO2R operation, still far away from a competitive setup. Interesting
experience, not to hear your transmitting signal anymore.
Online score board is a real thrill on top. Merry xmas and hny. Arno
N2CU   SOAB HP   18,9422013-12-23 03:51:48
Noise from approaching storms was pretty bad.

K3, L7, TH6DXX, 40m delta loop, 80m wire vertical, 160m inv. L, N1MM

Tom N2CU <><
IN3FHE   SOSB/40 LP   18,9002013-12-23 06:08:04
Some hours as training for the next RAEM contest. Band condition was not good
during the night , but lot of fun .
100w -ic756pro3-vertical multiband antenna ,QARtest our fantastic software ,
nothing else.
Greetings and merry Xmas to all contesters.
Helga, IN3FHE
9A28EU(@9A5K)   M/S HP   2,332,7522013-12-23 07:44:24
Station was completely reorganized during last couple of months.
Failure on 40m antenna was fixed couple of minutes before contest start.

Many thanks to 9A5LUG and 9A9T for support and Ivo-9A1AA for joining the team.

Thanks for qsos everyone and Season's greetings.

Chris - 9A5K
9A5CW(@9A1P)   SOSB/160 HP   75,7942013-12-23 07:54:30
Part time in the contest due QRL both days, solid condx. Otherwise would be
fight with 9A5W ;)
Highlights KH2/N2NL, PY1NB, XE2S and few west coast NAs.

Hope LU8DPM will call me next time ;) Not just spot me ;)

RTX:FT1000mpMk2 + contest pwr
RX: NA Beverage 270m long, SA/OC unterminated Beverage 200m+ long + HM BPF for
160m by S58A with K7IUV preamp and 6 X 3 RX magic-T S55M Beverage switch.

Thanks to all for calling and QSO's, wish you Merry Xmas and HNY, see you in
Stew Perry and CQ160m CW test's.

73, Patrik 9A5CW

9A5CW - Continents
All bands - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

| EU | NA | SA | AF | AS | OC |
| 66.1% | 27.7% | 0.3% | 0.3% | 5.1% | 0.3% |

Powered by Win-Test 3.27.1
YU1ZZ   SOAB LP   5,6612013-12-23 11:55:24
IV3ZXQ   SOSB/40 HP   67,8482013-12-23 14:44:41
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

IT9VDQ   SOAB LP   5502013-12-23 23:01:05
Just to say Hello to some friends! Merry Xtmas de Gius, IT9VDQ
9A4M   M/S HP   2,110,4442013-12-24 10:32:49
Croatian CW contest is always big winter fun for us. This year without snow but
was funny with old friends, summary of this year activities with a lot of talk
about plans for the future :-).

Good start and end of the contest on 10m with the nice opening to US. Missed
good ant for 15m. Lower band as usual. Good activity from neighborhood
countries but no so many 9A's.

We are satisfied with our results.

Used eqUipmment:
10m: 5el yagi
15m: 5el. multiband yagi
20m: 2el. yagi
40m: vertical, dipole
80m: delta loop, sloped dipole
160m: sloped dipole
beverages: W, NW, N, NE
K9AY loop
RIG's: 2xFT1000MP, IC781, TS930
PA's: OM3500, OM2500, IC2KL
SW: N1MM logger.

Thanks to everybody who called us and for participation in the contest.
Specially thanks to all of my friends who come on contest location this preXMAS
weekend especially to 9a2kd and 9a3xv for hard work during preparation of the
station for M/S configuration.

Marry XMAS and HNY to all.

Mate 9A4M
NA8V   SOAB LP   289,7842013-12-24 13:18:48
Started out with a bang on 10, things declined from there.
Low bands very noisy and ~0200z the rain started freezing. SWR went high on
all my antennas and the 80 L's lost their pattern. 80 never seemed to
"blow open" the way it had been in previous days but it could have
been the ice on my antenna as it sagged down several feet putting the lower
couple feet laying on the snow. High bands opened very, very slowly Sun. am.
At least nothing broke!

fun contest! thanks for the Q's,
DK8ZZ   SOSB/10 LP   5,3282013-12-25 08:14:57
Bad condx on 10m, just for fun with 100w and 3 el Moxon Beam approx. 7 meters
high :)
Please remind: this year I will be not sponsored SOAB MIX Zone 14 Plaque.

73s, Zik DK8ZZ
9A7T   M/S HP   1,230,9762013-12-25 23:36:38
This was our 17th entry in Croatian CW Contest. We only missed 2010 edition. We
have put new antenna before the contest. Due to technical failure we were late
one hour for start, but we managed almost 1200 QSOs. Propagation was very good
on 40 meters, quie a few west coast stations were worked with strong signals.
Multiplier numbers are low, but we enjoyed contest anyway. Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year 2014 to all contesters!
73 de Zlatko, 9A2EU
9A5Y(9A7DX)   SOAB HP   2,636,3822014-01-15 05:25:59
I finally came to our contest location to submit LOG...

It was great fun, but unfortunately missed few easy MULTS to beat our national
record from last year. Maybe next time ;)

73s cu, Ved