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Maryland/DC QSO Party   2015   Aug 8   Comment Summary

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WC7Q   Standard LP   1322015-08-09 16:49:12
Band condx were terrible Saturday at my location. Heard only one MDC station
that was loud enough to work. When I did work him on cw, he gave the exchange
in reverse, he sent county and then club which was confusing to me and to
N1MM+ the contest program I was using. Conditions improved Sunday but where
were the MDC stations? I checked 20 and 15 looking on and off all day and only
heard 3 stations calling. I know the WAE contest seemed to take over the entire
20 M band and it was hard to hear MDC but I seriously tried. When operating NAQP
and Salmon Run I usually get many Maryland stations in the log and I tried to
reciprocate but!!!
Sam WC7Q
VA3GKO   Standard LP   4,6282015-08-09 16:49:56
Thanks for the multi band contacts.
See you all next year.
Greg va3gko.
W8KNO   Standard LP   2,7242015-08-09 17:10:26
Propagation was not as good as in the last few years and on Sunday the broadcast
stations took over 40 meters by 2215. Thanks to all that worked me.
K4DLE   Standard LP   4502015-08-09 19:29:01
Bands were noisy, and I was only able to work a bit on Saturday, when the
picking were pretty slim. But it was fun anyway. Thanks to all the MD/DC folks
who showed up!
WN4AFP   Standard LP   4,2872015-08-10 05:24:09
Score includes bonus station contact. This was my 3rd MDCQP. Worked the contest
most of Saturday with limited time on Sunday. As many have noted, band
conditions weren't the best on Saturday and they seemed to improve on Sun. Due
to my location, 40m was my best band, able to work stations anytime. I did
experience a moment of short 'skip' into MD for about 15 minutes on 20m, so I
made the most of it. Overall activity seemed lower than previous years and most
activity was on Phone. Where's all the CWOps? probably working WAE. I worked
W5VPR, K3CCR, N3TCR, K3CAL and W3C club stations, most on different modes and
bands. I worked two mobiles including K0BAK and KB3QWC. Thanks Pete for
multiple counties. A special thanks to many of the stations who were willing to
QSY to other bands and modes. Thanks to all of the MDC stations for the Qs. My
best approach was S&P on phone, running was challenging on phone and
fruitless on CW. Also, I missed the following counties in my hunt... Allegany,
Cecil, Charles, Talbot, WDC and Wicomico. Please enlist more club stations in
these counties. It was one of my more challenging QSO Parties and I had fun
playing in it.

Everyone is invited to THE BIG EVENT on September 19th at 1400z. Yes, the South
Carolina QSO Party will be on the air. Visit for all of the new
rules and to RSVP. It's a "new" SCQP! 73s Dave WN4AFP.
K4BAI   Standard HP   482015-08-10 07:49:25
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Primary focus this
weekend was on WAEDC CW, but called every MDDC contest station I heard and
worked all three. 73, John, K4BAI.
W4UT   QRP QRP   1,5452015-08-10 11:57:10
KX3 with TB & wires. Condx seemed very poor here. Didn't hear much CW
activity from Maryland.
AD4AX/4   Standard LP   122015-08-10 12:23:34
I heard very little activity on the CW bands for the Maryland-DC QSO party. I
heard a 3rd CW station calling but they were gone before I called. I was also
looking for Maryland on RTTY and didn't hear anything at all.
W1END   Standard LP   2722015-08-11 03:25:59
Hung around the shack much of the day doing odd tasks while listening to the
radio. Heard a few on 40M and none on any other band - all CW of course.
Lots of free time between QSOs.
FTdx500o and Butternut vertical.
Thanks & 73, Eldon - W1END
VA3RKM   QRP QRP   4232015-08-16 14:52:22
KX3, 5w, vertical. Very few MDC CW stations on the air. The mandatory summary
sheet needs an overhaul or to be scrapped.