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Ontario QSO Party   2008   Apr 19   Comment Summary

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NG7Z   SO CW LP   3,3482008-04-20 10:48:25
I was very disappointed to work only 22 unique ON hams. Maybe it was just the
crummy propagation from WA to ON. But usually I have very little problem
working them. Even Chris, VA3NR was very weak here and he's usually at least
569 on all bands. Could it be that their beams were facing south? Anyway,
thanks for the q's and see you in the FLQP next weekend.
73 to all Paul NG7Z
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   4,6202008-04-20 10:50:33
Score includes 4 - 10 point contacts with VA3CCO & VA3RAC.

Poor conditions between Northern Ohio and Ontario with 40 meters long most of
the contest. Managed a few 20 meter weak signal "VHF tropo style" QSOs.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VE3XD   Single Op LP   113,4602008-04-20 11:50:13
Person best in the OQP.
VY2LI   Single Op LP   1122008-04-20 12:02:13
First but feeble entry.CW not my thing but actually worked more CW than
Phone.Wow!!With hockey playoffs and other committments only able to sneak a
little over an hour.Hope we got in your log.73,Bill
VA2SG   Single Op LP   7,7002008-04-20 12:23:21
A annual spring rendez-vous with the neighbours to the west. 73 you all!
N9FC   Single Op LP   1,6002008-04-20 13:33:03
N4PN   Single Op HP   32,2922008-04-20 13:47:55
Good weekend....grand daughter finished 3rd in the state at her gym meet.
Up from 11th last year...
Then...condx not too bad and low QRN on 40/80/160 for the ONQP..
Not near the activity that I had anticipated bases on the VE3's that
show up for all other contest..
Nice to see many old friends including Art, VE3UTT, VE3KP, VE3KZ and
others that I hear many times during the year...Also, w8UE, finish-
ing up in MIQP and heading up to Canada...thanks for the mults..
73, Paul, N4PN
VA3KAI   Single Op LP   35,9102008-04-20 13:48:56
Pretty poor conditions overall but great County representation for small number
of stations found operating. Lots of fun regardless.....73
VE3RER   SO CW HP   18,0182008-04-20 15:29:00
Used N1MM logger to calculate score. Mults are from section column
VA3NR   Single Op LP   67,8242008-04-20 15:55:49
[Mk-V field, DX-CC dipole at 35', HF6V vertical, 160m inv-L]

Could only manage part-time effort but had fun. Condx ok. Somewhat better
than last year, and way better than year before. Next year should be good.
Thanks to all the regulars that stopped by to keep the runs going and help out
with a few points. Cu agn soon.

73, Chris VA3NR.
VA3DF   Single Op QRP   41,7762008-04-20 16:22:11
A personal best for this contest. Saturday night is always interesting on 80 m.
Thanks for all the qsos.

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


VE3NB   SO SSB LP   9,1122008-04-20 16:40:39
Bands could have been better,but that is contesting.

Rig's: Kenwood TS850s/TS480sat
Antenna's: TGM MQ34SR, Alpha Delta DX-B, G5RV

Thanks to everyone that worked me.
73 Mark VE3NB
K4BAI   Single Op HP   4,0962008-04-20 17:33:16
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Thanks for the QSOs.
Please look for me and KU8E as W4AN/M in many FL counties next weekend in the
2008 Florida QSO Party. 73, John, K4BAI.
VE3RZ   Single Op HP   94,6282008-04-20 18:29:32
Good fun, in between yard work, house chores and other distractions... Nice to
work lots of ON stations. Thanks to all who called me.
VA7ST   SO CW LP   1,7482008-04-20 18:39:25
Almost everyone I worked was a familiar call. Thanks guys. Nice to see you

80M was in great shape Saturday night. Strong VE3 signals and low noise -- just
hardly any CW activity. Sounded like very thin participation this year.

Heard nothing on 40M CW the few times I popped in to check. I must have been
either too early or too late.

Called CQ on 20M CW on Sunday morning for 20 minutes and worked just six ON
callers -- not what I'd call productive time. Had plenty of non-VE3 callers who
didn't care that I was sending "CQ VE3." After a couple of little pileups with
no VE3s in them, I gave the dial a final spin, worked five more S&P up the
band, and went to watch playoff hockey, hi.

A couple QSO parties and NHL games with the season on the line. All in all, not
such a bad way to fill the gaps between contest weekends.
K7QQ   Single Op HP   25,3602008-04-20 18:42:23
Tried 15M No Good, More activity would be nice.
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   Single Op HP   265,1762008-04-20 18:43:34
Thanks to all who called in. Hope to see you in future contests.
VA3OR(VE3RCN)   Single Op LP   43,6762008-04-21 04:06:44
I was well into the contest...then the exchange of HAL comes up. I cant find it
on my list!!! OH NO, using old version of the OQP. Stop contest, down load new
version and re-enter previous contacts and fix the times. Beautiful weekend for
yard work. Work and contesting = tired person = bed time at 11pm. The new
Kenwood 2000 helped me multiply last years score by four times. Now, I must
reorient the 40m dipole for N/S propagation for next weeknds FQP.
N2WN   SO CW QRP   5042008-04-21 04:47:29
Didn't have a lot of time this past weekend, but worked everyone I could... Was
surprised by a 20M QSO, no one heard on 80 when I was on.

KØPK   SO CW HP   24,9642008-04-21 06:04:23
Didn't hear a huge amount of VE3 activity, but had a good time anyway. Was
surprised by a single VHF-like contact on 15m. The 20m short hop to
southeastern Ontario was fairly good. It was nice to work VA3CCO and VA3RAC on
several bands and W8UE/VE3 mobile from several counties. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Paul - K0PK
VE3KZ   Single Op HP   434,7632008-04-21 09:05:04
Two weeks ago it was CQing on QRP in the ARCI contest. Last week it was S&P on
HP in the GA QSO Party. Good practice for the Ontario QSO Party. This was a
record score for me in this contest and I used all the time available for a
Thanks to all who participated. Worked 257 VE3/VA3 QSO's with 108 different
VE3/VA3 stations. 314 QSO's with the U.S.A. plus 273 DX QSO's round out the
picture. I wonder what some of the DX stations working the YU contest thought
of the HTN appended to the 59904? Maybe a Canadian salutation?
Great fun! Time to lock down the old 204BA on Florida for next weekend!

73 Bob VE3KZ
VA3CCO(VE3CX)   Single Op HP   343,4762008-04-21 09:29:34
Thanks for all the QSO's, and to CCO for the use of the club call.

Worked quite a few FL stations on 20 SSB Saturday afternoon, and I will be
looking to return the favour next weekend in the FQP. Was also good to work
lots of MI stations on 40.

Nothing heard on 10/15 except for working two locals.

Just an amazing EU run on 20 on Sunday. Signals were not strong, but I started
off calling CQ. Took a minute or so, and then would get one or two callers.
Slowly built up to a buzz, and was hard to pick out calls. Was surprized when
not one but two C31 stations called in. Seems they are there doing some
station building.

Looking forward to the next one already.
KN4Y   Single Op LP   2,4842008-04-21 10:54:23
Good band conditions, Sunday I have a good 15 meter opening to VE3 land.
VE3CRU/R   Mobile Multi-Op LP   23,4002008-04-22 17:57:16
Final Score includes 3,000 bonus points from qualifying in KAW, PET, DUR, TOR,
YRK, PEL, HTN, WEL, BRA, BFD. Missed out in NOR and HAM (hard to believe).
Worked the 10 point stations 13 times.

The contest started out bad, as I discovered enroute to KAW that my 40M Hustler
whip had fallen off the vehicle and new mount. Was counting on 40 as a prime
band. Switched to 80, we heard several loud stations but the prop was one way
or the angle of radiation bad, for not heard by any. Got rolling on 2 meters.
Only 3 dx heard and worked in PET on 20. NOR zero. A good supper got me back
on track, as I always do good at TOR-YRK-DUR areas. The Valor 160 whip behaved
very well tuning on cw and ssb ends of the band, had both 75 and 80 whips. Shut
down after midnight. Biggest error was failing to change batteries after 6-7
hours as I had enough battery power to last the weekend but the power had
dropped considerably with final voltage 11.7 no load. Charged fully

Sunday, dashed across TOR to start in PEL. Always slow at 8 am but got 4. On
to HTN, got 8 Q's, better. WEL was best for the day with 10 Q's, HAM a
surprise 1 only at 1501Z. BRA got 6 Q's, including a lucky find of a ham sag
wagon ahead of orange cones on the roadway, a turning point for cyclists in an
event. He informed me that cyclist VE3JNJ was on 146.460 so caught him then
worked the sag wagon as he took off, VE3KMW. BFD found 7 qso's. From HAM to
the end it was all 2 and 6 meter contacts.

Only Rovers in the log are VE3TQT/R, VA3OPN/R. Learned later that VE3KKP/R was
doing well till tranny problems at Hamilton made them QRT Saturday evening, most
unfortunate as they were doing so good.

Everything gained this year was from perseverance, not from best performance.

Many thanks to all who gave us points, and to all who entered the contest,
especially the many newbies both as Rovers and base stations. A special thanks
to Don Cassell VE3XD, Brian Campbell VE3MGY and all in CCO who work so hard to
bring the contest from advisory to completion and awards.

73, Bill VE3CRU/R and Bob VE3ADJ
WØBH   Single Op HP   9542008-05-08 09:39:20
Score includes bonus points for contacts with VA3RAC and VA3CCO.

Enjoyed working the Ontario QSO Party and the Michigan QSO Party at the same
time. During the time I was on, band conditions were really good to both. Sorry
I had limited time this weekend. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh