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Michigan QSO Party   2010   Apr 17   Comment Summary

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KB9OWD   Single Op LP   1,5082010-04-17 21:10:07
Not alot of time to play around in this one. Turkey hunting and a surprise 80th
birthday party for my wife's grandma took priority today. Jumped in for just
over an hour S & P to give out a few qso's and grab a few new counties.
Sounded like good activity. Signals were down on 40 here but 80 seemed to be
in decent shape. Good luck to all the serious entries!


KS8O   Single Op QRP   8,6622010-04-17 21:14:17
Late start today. QRP was rough going with all the amp's out there. I managed to
miss most of the mobiles except K8IR who I worked in two counties. I heard no
other stations from Menominee County, so I probably should have gone high power
to qet the q's out there.
Thanks to all the stations that worked so hard to hear me and I hope all had
as much fun as I did with the Michigan QSO party.

K6WSC   Single Op LP   1,1402010-04-17 21:17:10
Thanks for the contest and the Qs!

Bill K6WSC
N4PN   Single Op HP   56,1602010-04-17 21:17:52
Thanks to the sponsors...this is always fun...
Special thanks for the Q's to: K8MR (29); K8IR (14); NE9U (12);
W8CAR (8); N9NE (7) and WI9WI & W8JJ (4)
Bettered my score over last year by little over 10k points..
Thanks to all - mobiles and fixed stations...
73, Paul, N4PN
K9NW   Single Op LP   1,4402010-04-17 21:20:05
A little bit here, a little bit there. 40m was longer than it has been recently
- could only hear the UP and upper half of the LP.

73, Mike K9NW
KU8E(@W8CDA)   Single Op LP   11,0502010-04-17 21:24:35
Operated from my dad's station in Ohio. Put in a few hours between visiting him
in hospital. Going home Monday and back out on the road next weekend in the FQP
with K4BAI as W4AN. It's been a busy few weeks between GQP and the FQP.

Jeff KU8E
N2AA   Single Op LP   3,8882010-04-17 22:15:32
Fun contest. 20 not useable. 40 so so.
K8MM   Single Op QRP   114,3972010-04-17 22:19:21
It seemed like there were a lot of new hams on this year which is great. I ended
up with 62 counties for a PB. Good to hear W8JJ going mobile. OM2VL and DL3DXX
were everywhere and had a great signals.

Q's Mults
455 x 139 = 114,397
N2CU   Single Op LP   31,1042010-04-18 04:47:44
Not having 20m propagation really hurts the score. Thanks to mobiles K8MR(14),
K8IR(8), NE9U and W8CAR(7), N9NE(6), WI9WI(3) and W8JJ(2) for keeping the
interest up.

TH6DXX 48'
40m sloper
80m 1/2 sloper
K9AY loops

Tom N2CU <><
K3 #3582
KS5A   M/S LP   14,1752010-04-18 05:19:56
Spotting clusters use puts me in the Multi class. Normal mid day blahs on 20m.
Afternoon and early evening activity was good on 20m. I checked 15m often
without any luck. Both 40 and 80 were very noisy out west with 40 most
productive the last few hours of the party.

Many thanks to the Mad River Club for the sponsorship and especially to the
mobiles and portables that always make the contest: K8MR(16), K8IR(10),
NE9U(7), W8JJ(6), N9NE(4), W8CAR(4), WI9WI(2).

Big weekend ahead with the 7QP, County Hunters, INQP, and NEQP (May 1-2). See
you in those for sure.
W1NN   Single Op LP   6,5522010-04-18 05:21:45
Sorry that I could not do my normal solo mobile run this year in Michigan but it
was fun to participate from out of state too.

I'm only about 100 miles from the Michigan border so 40 can be tough from here,
but I was pretty satisfied to log 30 stations on that band.

Sorry to hear about K8MR's encounter with a deer. Three or four years ago
while driving back from a mobile run in Michigan, I hit two deer on the Ohio
Turnpike at about 2 AM, doing considerable damage to my rental car. Must be
something about the season.

Hope to be back in Michigan next year.

73, Hal W1NN
Medina Ohio
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   722010-04-18 05:35:26
Did a quick sweep of the bands for MIQP activity while doing the Ontario QSO
party and watching the Cavs/Bulls game.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
W1TO   Single Op LP   1,3642010-04-18 05:58:44
A bad cold kept my participation low.
KO7X   Single Op HP   21,4622010-04-18 06:25:36
Very close to last year's score. I missed the first two and a half hours.
W4UCZ   Single Op LP   5,9202010-04-18 07:42:21
Great fun with stiff competition from back deck time on a beautiful day
down here. Seems like I sepnt a lot of time being too short for one
band and too long for another.

Much appreciate the mobiles, especially K8IR for 10 - mostly "new ones".

Usual super-station setup : K3 into a 55' random wire up 10'.

Thanks to all for the fun and the QSOs. I'll be back next year - possibly
with an actual antenna. Watch your back, N4PN (hi).

Mark, W4UCZ
AD8J   Single Op HP   41,6302010-04-18 07:55:18
My QTH near Pittsburgh, PA is just too close to MI for 20 meters. Even 40
meters had it's problems with signals being there one minute and not the next.
My top mobiles were:
K8MR/M 17
K8IR/M 10
NE9U 10
W8CAR   Mobile Solo Op LP   50,2502010-04-18 07:58:33
Hard to operate while driving( and stopping) through some of the most beautiful
lake areas in the world. Other than a few technical glitches all went well. Fun
time and no breakdowns or deer hittings!

K5LH   Single Op LP   11,3002010-04-18 08:32:22
Had fun. Thanks to all the mobiles for their heroic efforts. Pretty bad QRN
from local thunderstorms here on 40 and 80 meters, so 20 was best band,
especially to upper peninsula. CU next year. 73, Chris

Rig: OMNI V, wire dipoles, Aetherlog for Mac.
WF7T   Single Op LP   1,5862010-04-18 10:39:07
Did not plan to be on the radio but got pulled in! Thanks to all!

73 Brad WF7T
WB2ABD   M/S HP   27,3602010-04-18 10:39:13
M/S HP ... used spotting and had the amp on for early 40m hours and last hour on
80m. Motivation was filling out some CH needs: finished Mi.CW-2, Mi. all-40m and
have 5th time Mi. whittled down to 2 left. 40m seemed to hold out for almost the
whole contest... nil on 20m. As usual, thanks to all the mobiles, who again
demonstrated superb hearing!

K3 inv vees @ 60ft TL922 N1MM/uHam MK
K4BAI   Single Op HP   12,0362010-04-18 11:58:12
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Time was limted
mainly due to yard work and a high school class reunion. QRN was bad on 80.
Thanks for all the QSOs. Hope to work most of you from FL next weekend with
KU8E as W4AN/M in many FL counties. 73, John, K4BAI.
WØBH   Single Op HP   12,8702010-04-18 12:24:35
Could only manage a part-time effort and missed 20m completely, but was very
impressed with the number of counties on in the time that I did operate. The
mobiles were definately out there, but there were a surprisingly high number of
fixed stations calling CQ as well. Compliments to the MRRC on that one!

Overall, I worked 60 unique calls and 50 unique counties in four and a half
hours. Many thanks to the mobiles: K8MR/22, K8IR/4, NE9U/4, W8JJ/4, N9NE/3,
WI9WI/3 and W8CAR/2. I particularly enjoyed the fast-switch CW/SSB operation
of K8MR. It makes quite a difference in total number of contacts. Top fixed
stations were K8MQP/4 and N8SS/4 (remember, no 20m for me).

A fun time. Thanks to all for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
NØIJ   Single Op HP   55,6762010-04-18 13:31:33
This one just about didn't happen! On my way out to my lake station in far NW
Wisconsin (36 miles from home in Duluth, MN) had serious flat tire and ended up
losing over an hour at the start and the resultant loss of a few counties. In
spite of that downer, had a great time and it was lots of fun jumping from CW
to SSB. Only a good antenna and high power allowed the 4 contacts on 20 with
the predictable big fixed stations, so was surprised I did as well as I did.
Used low (50') rotatable dipole on 40 and my only antenna on 80 is a 4 Square,
which surprisingly did pretty well for this close in stuff. It didn't take
long once I got on to figure out that the guy to beat from outside was N4PN.
Played catch up and almost made it, but think Paul probably came out on top.
Congrats, Paul. Would have been nice to have 20, but think I had some better
opportunities on the low bands. Enjoyed following the mobiles using the
schedule from K8DD (thanks), but never heard WI9WI! All the rest were pretty
much on schedule. Couldn't hear the UP guys for the first 2-3 hours (2 almost
esp Q's with K8IR and NE9U excepted), but they really came through in the later
times. Jim, K8MR, was strong 95% of the time and his abilities and
resourcefullness are really amazing! The mobiles obviously made the contest
really fun, and all are to be commended for a long day and good work.

Mobiles stats are: K8MR 33q'S IN 16 COUNTIES, 20CW/13PH, K8IR 18 IN 12
(13C/5P), NE9U 17 IN 10 (10C/7P), W8CAR 12 IN 7 (10C/2P) **noticed you only had
6 phone q's so honored to have 2 of these!), N9NE 7 IN 3 (4C/3P), W8JJ 5 IN 5
ALL CW, W8RU 3 IN 2 (1C/2P). All the mobiles were very willing to go to the
other mode when conditions allowed, which was really helpful, hopefully to us

I probably did more mult moving in this contest than I have ever done! Nice
showing by the fixed stations as ssb cqing quite worthwhile. Less so on cw.

Not sure how to rate conditions, but heard EU stations calling the fixed guys
and K8MR on 20, 40 and even 80. 80 did get noisy at times.

All in all, a very fun contest and hats off to MRRC as sponsor. Thanks for all
the Q's.

John, N0IJ
KB3JVD   Single Op LP   1,2422010-04-18 13:37:26
QSOPARTY Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2010-04-17

CallSign Used : KB3JVD
Operator(s) : KB3JVD

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : MIXED
Default Exchange : PA
Gridsquare : FN11AX

Name : Charles Sharpe
Address : 1062 French Rooney Rd
City/State/Zip : Genesee PA 16923
Country : USA

ARRL Section : WPA
Club/Team : Allegheny Valley Radio Association
Software : N1MM Logger V10.4.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 LSB 30 30 18
7 LSB 16 16 9
Total Both 46 46 27

Score : 1,242
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :
W7WHY   Single Op HP   2282010-04-18 15:29:35
Bands were very bad here in the PNW. Didn't hear many stations on 20. Did move
to SSB for stations that asked me to move.

Had to go to a wedding in the evening, so missed the low band activity.

73 and thanks's for the Q's.
N2WN   Single Op LP   8742010-04-18 15:36:39
Not much time to play this weekend, too sunny, grass too high!

Nice to work a few mobiles on 80.
N8Q(N8XX)   Single Op QRP   21,4762010-04-18 16:10:42
Total operating time about 8 hours - started a bit after 1 p.m. - ended at a bit
after 9 p.m. with a couple breaks to get some coffee at the local gas station
and to do a bit of sight seeing along the Kalamazoo river - with two
Hydroelectric dams!

Cold, windy, but nice park. Found that there WAS a 110 VAC outlet, so things
worked out easier than I figured. Temperature was cool when I started setting
up, got colder during the day, with winds reported over 30 MPH. I stay inside
my van for operating, it was warm and out of the wind, though the wind shook
things from time to time.

Rig was my trusty Drake TR-5, cranked down to <5 Watts, using a Heath QRP
wattmeter as the judge.

Antenna was a 80 metre dipole, sorta an inverted V, up 40 feet in the middle
fed with 450 ohm ladder line, tuned with a 1960's era Johnson Matchbox.

When I fired up the computer to run CW, the thing barfed when I plugged in the
USB to COM port adapter - don't understand this but it must mean I didn't use
it for contesting since a hard drive cra$hed. Without internet connection I
couldn't find the driver, so had to use a trusty olde Vibroplex bug for
sending. Apologies to the newbies who have trouble reading my "Lake Erie
Swing." :)

80/75 was the workhorse, for a while I could "run" on 40 or 20 CW, but bands
were kinda rotten for QRP. I "ran" on both 80 and 75 - very surprising to me
for QRP to command responses on phone. 75 phone beat out 80 CW for the first
time for my effort. For a while it was "wall to wall" almost, from about 3780
to >3850 KHz with stations operating MiQP.

KD8HNF came up to operate at the same spot mobile/fixed, so I got one NEWAygo
county contact and a phone multiplier.

Don't think the N8Q call was a help - especially with QRP - many folks asked
for "fills" on the "Q" station - so N8XX probably would have had similar
results. However, using a 1X1 is fun to this casual contester!
W4PM   Single Op LP   6722010-04-18 19:22:42
I just had a short tome to play on Saturday.

Puck W4PM
KE7DX   Single Op LP   5,8752010-04-18 19:54:34
Great fun! Thanks to the mobiles that activated multiple counties, and thanks
to the MRRC for sponsoring this great party! Hope to see you in 7QP in May and
AZQP in October!
K8MQP(@W8MJ)   M/M HP   512,3162010-04-18 20:44:21
This was our second try at the MiQP from W8MJ's QTH in Livingston County.

Last year, we had three stations QRV: 80 CW/SSB, 40 CW/SSB and 20 CW/SSB and
made 1722 QSOs (before logchecking). This year, we hung a few extra dipoles in
the trees in Ken's yard and had five stations: a CW only station, a SSB only
station, a CW/SSB station, a 20 CW/SSB station and a 15/10 CW/SSB station. The
mode-specific stations were both on 40 during the day, then both switched to 80
at night, while the CW/SSB station did the opposite (i.e., 80 during the day
and 40 at night). Despite optimism that the high bands might cooperate after
good condx in recent contests, the 15/10 station failed to produce a single

20M SSB was very good at the start, producing well over 100 QSOs in the first
hour. After the first couple of hours the rate slowed considerably, but we
made QSOs on 20 during each hour of the event. One encouraging thing was that
our 20 CW total was up about 50% from past years.

40M didn't seem very good this year. While our CW total was up a little, SSB
was down quite significantly. Part of the problem may have been due to the
inter-station QRM between the CW and SSB rigs trying to coexist simultaneously
on the band. However, signals began to pick up nicely by late afternoon and we
made up some ground as time went on.

80M was pretty good the entire contest. About an hour before the start, we
heard N9NE/m from the U.P. with good signals along with K8MR/m closer in. With
40M so poor, 80M is the big band for Michigan stations to work each other for
county multipliers. OTOH, it was cool to work OM2VL on 80 CW with just a

This was a good year as far as multipliers for us. Last year, we had 102 on CW
and 119 on phone for 221 total, while this year it was 111 on CW and 117 on
phone for 228 total. The mobiles did another great job this year and were no
doubt a major factor in our totals.

The station took an entire day to put together, and another day to take apart
so Ken could get it back into single-op configuration to operate the Florida
QSO Party next weekend :-)

Our team thanks everyone for all of the QSOs, and we hope you all had as much
fun as we did.


N8M(K2KW)   Single Op LP   206,2482010-04-19 04:53:46
Many thanks to Dave, K8CC for letting me use his FB station again!

I got off to a good start with 85 QSOs in the first hour, nearly all CW. After
that, it felt like there was less activity than last year. In the end, I had
nearly the same number of QSOs as in 2009, but 17 more mults and a slight bias
towards CW this year.

There seemed to be better propagation to the U.P. this year on 40m, but other
than that, no short skip again. Maybe that will change for the OhQP in

DX activity was up this year, but missing were some of the regulars.

Many thanks to the all the mobiles who handed out QSOs to some rare counties.
K8MR was easily worked for a whopping 23 QSOs. Thanks also to K8IR, N9NE,
NE9U, WI9WI, W8JJ, and W8CAR for all their QSOs and QSYs too.

Also thanks to the many stations who QSYd to help with the MULT count.

73, Kenny K2KW
WA8REI   Single Op LP   34,2002010-04-19 06:24:52
100 % CW. RIG: FT-897D 50 watts; battery power; 80 m. dipole up
45 feet; LDG Z100 autotuner

QTH super-secret 1500' ASL hilltop; wx: snow / sleet; all QSOs OGEMaw County
TNX all stns who pulled me out of the QRM QRN QSB; Lots of participation!
N8SS   Single Op HP   203,4562010-04-19 08:21:03
There is no meters like 80 meters for this contest with another year of bottom
of the cycle propagation. 20 never really got going for me and my hopes for
anything on 15 and 10 were wasted.

My worst out of the gate hour in 4 years. I didn't get one SSB QSO to move to
CW though I did get KC8YEJ to move at least QRB and make my single contacts on
15 and 10.

Working N8M and seeing that he was ahead always gets me to bear down. I have a
Sweepstakes mentality where I focus on rate and let the mults come. Looks like
I need to work on my mult moving as I got smoked on multipliers. K2KW really
kicked sand in my face by coming to Michigan and beating me with low power.

All in all I still had a lot of fun. I really want to be able to do this
contest when all the bands come into play. 75M didn't leave a bad taste in my
mouth though I did run into some QRM from somebody on 40M. It was great to see
all the activity from the Blossomland guys in Berrien County. In the QSO
distribution in my log they were tied with Oakland county and I only had more
QSOs with Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Go BARA!
AK7P   Single Op LP   3242010-04-19 11:43:00
As a first time outside participant, I found the Michigan operators to be
friendlier than most contest stations I have encountered in the past. Next year
if I am able to participate again, I will attempt a full 12 hour operating time.
I have a paper log able to be submitted with QSO info less "time"...for those
Ops who so wish to have copies.


Rueben Descloux
WI9WI/M   Mobile Solo Op LP   29,1602010-04-19 12:17:14
Four of the past five years I've done the MIQP in the UP starting from my cabin
in Sawyer Co Wisconsin. From there the drive just to get into MI is about 90
mins. I've done a variation of the same 7 western UP counties during those
times. I didn't do it last year because I had done a lot of driving in the WIQP
in March, plus hit a deer to the tune of $3000 on the way back to the cabin
after it was over. I just didn't feel like doing another 800 plus miles of

This year I decided to do it again. I jumped at Scott, NE9U's offer to stay at
his place in Long Lake, WI the night before. He is only 13 miles from MI there.
After a bit of consultation with him and N9EN before driving up I decided to
make the long drive from Long Lake to KEWE to start the contest. I've always
wanted to do this, but was put off by the long drive. It was expected I'd be
the only activity from that county. N9EN and NE9U would operate from the other
counties in the UP.

I left Madison on Friday about 1:30 PM, and made the 276 mile drive to NE9U's
place in about 4 and a half hours. For you wildlife fans I saw a very large
Grey Wolf between Rhinelander and Crandon on US 8. I arrived just after NE9U
and Art, N9BCA did. Todd, N9EN was already there. We went to dinner at the
Brule River Lodge and then went to bed. We were up early and I left at 7 AM.
The drive to KEWE was 130 miles and took 3 hours with a stop in Houghton, MI
for gas, coffee, and a look at my maps. I found a nice little park about 2
miles inside the county line and set up the radio and antennas. Initial set up
takes about 20 minutes, and takedown and set up between operating locations
takes about 8 minutes each. I use a Bugcatcher mounted on my roof rack for 40
and 80, and a mag mounted Hustler for 20. Unless I am driving a short distance
between operating positions I take them down for driving on the highway. The
tip of the Bugcatcher is quite high and has caught on overhanging trees in the
past. Plus, I don't guy it. The radio is an IC-7000 with an LDG 7000 tuner. CW
is with a microham keyer and the computer is an Acer netbook. Though I can walk
and chew gum at the same time, I cannot operate and log safely while moving, so
all operation is while sitting in parks, boat landings or occasionally by the
roadside on non-busy roads.

The others and I made a plan to start on 80 for a few minutes to give them a
shot at KEWE. Before the contest I worked W8CAR/M on 80, and then never heard
him again. The first QSO was with a very weak N9NE/M in IRON on 80 CW, about 70
miles distant. We tried SSB, but couldn't make it. I never heard him again, nor
did I ever hear NE9U. I heard nothing else on 80 and quickly went to 40. I
planned to stay in KEWE for at least 2 hours to give as many people as possible
a shot at it. After a couple of QSO's I started having RF get into the computer
causing it to lock up. Troubleshooting revealed that the Bugcatcher had tilted
over almost onto the roof of my Subaru in a very strong wind. Tightening up the
mount solved that problem. I ended up staying 2 hrs and 30 minutes and made 102
QSOs including a nice run of 25 on 40 SSB. I only made 2 other SSB QSOs the
whole contest. The loudest station I worked all day was KD8JAM about 3 miles
south of me in HOUGH on 40 SSB.

I packed up and made the 46 mile drive to near the HOUGH/ONTO line. This took
about an hour and 23 minutes including take down, setup and driving through
Houghton/Hancock. I spent an hour there and made 46 QSOs before moving about a
mile down the road into ONTO. There I made 44 QSOs in 49 minutes.

By now it was 6 hours into the test. I had a dinner date with my friends on
Augustine Lake east of Glidden, WI for 8:30 or 9 PM local, so I packed up and
moved on to GOGE at a wayside on US 2 just west of Bessemer. It took close to 2
hours to drive the 75 miles with a stop for coffee. I spent about 30 minutes
there and made 25 QSOs. Activity seemed to dwindle as the day went on. After
KEWE I had no luck on phone in spite of calling CQ on 40 and 20 from each
county. The only 2 SSB QSOs outside of KEWE were moves from CW. I finally
started to hear signals on 80 CW in GOGE but had no luck working anyone for
about 10 minutes. I finally quit and packed up when I realized that I was
having RF problems into the radio on 80 because I forgot to change the tap
point on the Bugcatcher coil when switching from 40. By now I had been on the
road over 12 hours and was quite tired.

I packed up and made the 62 mile drive to my friends, arriving at 2100L about 2
hours before the end of the contest after 319 miles and 14 hours on the road. A
quick shower, a few 807s and dinner put a good cap on the day.

The next day after breakfast I drove the 55 miles to our place in Sawyer Cty
and picked up a 20 m HyGain 204BA I'm selling to AI9L. I then drove home to
Madison arriving about 6 PM.

KEWE 102 QSOs in 2.5 hrs
HOUG 46 QSOs in 1.0 hr
ONTO 44 QSOs in 0.8 hr
GOGE 25 QSOs in 0.5 hr

Total miles driven 910, about 4.5 per QSO
Total time in car, about 24.5 hrs

I made about half the number of QSOs in roughly the same amount of operating
time as I did in the WIQP 4 weeks earlier. Forty seemed good. Twenty was OK but
signals were weak. Eighty was non existent, though I quit before sunset.

Thanks for all the QSOs


K8MR/M   Mobile Multi-Op LP   200,6182010-04-19 13:31:43
By county, in order of operation:

MIDL 22 2
GLAD 27 3
BAY 32 0
AREN 27 6
OGEM 30 8
IOSC 26 4
ALCO 37 8
CRAW 44 20
ROSC 54 21
KALK 15 3
MISS 43 19
WEXF 31 13
OSCE 25 1
CLAR 32 4
ISAB 20 2
MECO 30 7
MCLM 39 2
GRAT 59 3
CLIN 30 3
SHIA 27 5
INGH 11 10
LIVI 12 14
WASH 26 3

S/P/C 39 29
CTY 25 28

Another nice visit to Michigan. The weather was colder than the past few years
and rather windy, but it was a good day for everyone else to be playing radio
and not mowing their lawns. I often see my last snow of the year on my MiQP
trip, in some shady areas in the very north. This year we saw snow, but in the
form of a few flurries in the air.

This year with K8IR covering the northern part of the lower peninsula were were
able to do a nice compact route around the central lower peninsula. I
successfully used the "gray line" mode of route planning: if a non-numbered
road is shown on the state road map (as a gray road) it is probably a decent
road. Found a nice such shortcut through Alcona and an good efficient route
through Kalkaska and Missaukee. I needed to be back to Cleveland for some early
family events on Sunday, so we ended the contest closer to Ohio than in most
years. Sort of a waste putting on common places like Livingston and Washtenaw,
but I couldn't afford to end up any further north.

The sunspots that have been around most of the year of course disappeared for
MiQP, but still conditions seemed pretty good by recent year standards. 40 was
a bit shorter, with guys in places like Indy and Cleveland being loud for much
of the day. But most of the rest of MI was missing on 40. However we were
prepared with both 80 and 75 available full time, and on 80 CW with the help of
the mobile frequency on 3545 we were able to find some activity throughout the
day, and move most of those guys to SSB. Worked N9NE several times, and W8CAR
and WI9WI once each among the other mobiles.

It was fun watching, and being part of, the horserace between N4PN and N0IJ.
Both were very good at finding me and moving me between modes. DL3DXX showed up
a lot in my log, as did OM2VL. I even had three 80 meter qsos with OM2VL, and on
the last one, ten minutes before the end, he was pushing S9 on my meter.

The bummer of the trip was a qso with a deer on M66 in Mecosta county around
0100z. Body shop estimate is $2600 (covered by insurance), but luckily we were
able to continue the drive home, carefully watching the temperature gauge all
the way.

Our score was up about 10% from recent years, and if it holds up with log
checking will be the second highest in my 11 years of MiQP mobile operations.
Thanks to all who participated. Hope to see you all in the Ohio QSO Party on
August 28, and possibly from West Virginia in June if I can find a bike riding
driver/operator to make it a twofer trip.

73 - Jim K8MR
KT8K   Single Op QRP   64,1702010-04-19 15:48:09
Murphy stopped here just before the start. I went out for contest food and came
back an hour before the start only to see my 550' horizontal loop lying on the
roof of the house, the broken ends somewhere high in a nearby tree, leaving me
with only my 20/40/80 inverted vee. I hate having only one antenna (I'd
previously removed 2 others to make room for a new lazy H vertical.) Faced
with the choice of trying to fix the loop or hurriedly cobbling my new vertical
into some kind of shape, I chose the latter. As a result I lost the first hour
of the contest working in the wind and snowflakes, and the cobbled vertical
sadly never outperformed the old 20/40/80 inverted vee, so the vee was my
transmit antenna for the duration.

That must have upset me more than I realized, as I QLFed for the next hour. I
made all kinds of operating mistakes until I eventually found my rhythm and ran
A LOT from there on - a great pleasure for a QRPer - doing better and better
right up to the end. I never heard anything on 15m and never even checked 10m,
and the other bands were poor at best here early on.

The mobiles were great, though I didn't specifically chase them (lesson for
next year). I did put the 2009 MiQP article on the screen behind N1MM (happy
to be using that this year), reading and re-reading the analysis of what I did
wrong last year and working to correct myself and do better. Looking at last
year's score and analysis was a great motivator.

Fortunately, though 20m was too long to get me anything much closer than
Florida, 40 and 80m got better and better, and I was pleased to get calls from
a half dozen Eu stations, mostly on 40m, and a lot of very nice compliments on
my signal.

I don't expect to ever catch K8MM with my wires in the trees, but I will learn
and do better next year - maybe I can worry him a little. :-) It was great to
work my old friend KM6I during the event, too. Thanks for all the Q's,
everybody, and best rx to all. C U in WPX CW and maybe one of the events
before that! 73 - Tim, KT8K
K8IR/M   Mobile Multi-Op LP   146,9162010-04-19 18:27:43
Congratulations to K8MR on another great score!

We added over 100 QSOs to last year's total, helped by heading below the bridge
for several extra counties. The mults were the same as last year. From the
numbers, it looks like 40 wasn't as good as last year (nor anywhere close to
what it was a month ago during WIQP), but a fairly quiet 80 meters made up for
it. I probably erred in not getting to 80/75 earlier, but we had a lot of
power line noise in the western and central U-P, and it was hard enough hearing
on 40 and 20.

Murphy did visit as the computer locked up a few times mid-QSO, and then
locked up for good in Antrim County. We lost about 25 minutes setting up the
backup computer, which decided not to talk to the radio, so I decided to stay
on 80 CW from that point on. Fortunately, there was plenty of business on 80
for the last 4 counties.

I suspect a lot of people needed ALPE, since the pileup was especially
deafening in that county. Conditions were quite amazing on 80. OM2VL was as
loud as many stateside stations, and DL3DXX wasn't far behind. Both were in the
log 3 times on 80 in the last hour or so. N0IJ was tops in the log with 18
QSO's, one ahead of N6MU and WB2ABD. Amazingly DL3DXX was tied for 4th with
W8EDU at 16. In all, we had over 40 DX QSO's in the log.

The trip was pretty uneventful, a little windy at the start. We saw a few
deer, but fortunately they stared at us from the ditches. No exotic wildlife
this year. We did see quite a few law enforcement vehicles. On two occasions,
state troopers in the U-P decided we were interesting enough to follow for
several miles, but didn't stop us.

My thanks again to Eric, KG9GH who supplied his vehicle and his expert
navigation. We arrived in the last county with 25 minutes to go, right on

Thanks to all who called in.

N4JF   Single Op QRP   4,8962010-04-19 19:13:32
WO1N   Single Op HP   11,0882010-04-19 19:19:49
Station: FT1000D, C3-SS@38', DX-LB@55', 80M Vert dipole, N1MM

Local N1IW/8 offers up his divine inspiration (a bottle of single malt to
whomever shows up in his log the most) to get some of us on the east coast on
for this event each year. So, I aimed to please with probably 6 hours in
the chair on a cold and rainy Saturday.

From an out of state perspective there seemed to be less participants but
those Q's were replaced by working the folks who were in the contest on more
bands and modes.

20M closed soon after the start to Mi from Ma. 40 played well for the entire
12 hours. It took an hour or two after dark here before 80M became reliable.
Initially the only way I could make a contact on 80 was with the low dipole
even though the received signal strength was higher on the vertical dipole.
Eventually both antenna worked equally well (or poorly).

CQing was not productive and only added the challenge of logging non-MI Q's
and ONQP participants in a separate logging app running besides N1MM.

Overall, a nice event and a great web site to support it.

K9BTQ   Single Op LP   9,5042010-04-19 19:28:20
Nary a Q on 40! It was somewhere between long and nonexistent. Could hear
Michigan only on 80, and then only those directly across the lake until later
in the afternoon.
NE9U   Mobile Multi-Op LP   90,2002010-04-19 21:50:12
Because I was on spring break with the XYL and kids during WQP, Art (N9BCA) and
I decided to give Michigan a try this year. (It also helped that I now have a
cabin 12 miles from the Michigan border...this may become an annual affair!)

Going into the contest, our expectations were not very high, and we did not
meet them. hi

Compared to our usual MinnQP and WQP mobile efforts, this seemed like pulling
teeth. Our rates stayed low on CW and on SSB we never could do anything CQ'n
and got CQ'd in the face calling people. Ughh..... But if we do this again
next year, we already have plans for a more productive route and better

Thanks to Art N9BCA for his driving (we've been doing this for about 15 years
now). Thanks to WI9WI and N9NE for bunking with us Friday night. We had a
great steak dinner and accomplished a lot of BS'n. We took lots of pictures of
the 3 vehicles and ops if anyone is interested in seeing them.

73 until the next time!

Scott NE9U
KN8N   Single Op HP   9,1122010-04-20 08:56:21
This was my first MiQP and it was great fun. I had planned on being mobile from
Kalamazoo via US 131 and I-75 to the Bridge and then back down US 31 to pick up
some sparse counties. Plans fell through on Thursday so I stayed home and
played radio when time permitted. Hopefully, we can devote the full time to it
next year!
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op HP   31,5812010-04-20 13:24:02
My second MI QP - great contest. In 2008 I had 142 QSO, 90 MULTI, 22.140pts
total and 65 different counties - worked mostly on CW. This year I was
hesitating about the way of contesting: worked mostly on CW and get ROVERS from
the moust possible counties or exchange CW and SSB allthough I knew the risc of
this way (missing some counties on CW). I decided for the second way, and I
think that was the right decission. On 20m answered on my CQ on SSB many
stations from Michigan, and I got also multipliers. Of course when I was on SSB
missed some (or many :) ..., I dont know )rovers. Worked total 79 stations on
20m SSB. Sometimes I had a little pileup. I think 49 multipliers on SSB are so
good. Somebody told me that many stations are on 40m when I CQed on 20m SSB, I
tried 40m, but I dont heard any station .... :(( so I back on 20m. My first
contact on 40m (when closed 20m!) was at 2335Z and on 80m at 0008Z. 40m was not
so good and changed 40m and 80m. Sometimes I ll tired 40m SSB and made 10 QSO,
but missed many stations worked over 7200.... I can work only until 7200. 80m
was excellent. 80m SSB I dont tired because I can work only until 3800 and
stations from MI worked under 3800. But on CW made 22 QSO and also 9
multipliers. I made QSO with all stations which I heard on 80m, only once had
some problem make QSO : K8IR/M from ALPE cty called 15min, but at the end we
made QSO :) I think he had big pileup from the USA.


NE9U/M 16/9 (QSO/CTY)
K8IR/M 15/12
K8MR/M 12/10
N9NE/M 5/3
W8CAR/M 4/4
WI9WI/M 2/2

Worked with 64 different counties. (1 less than in 2008)

7. BAY
10. BRAN
11. CASS
12. DELT
13. DICK
14. EATO
15. GENE
16. GOGE
17. GRAT
18. GRTR
19. HILL
20. HOUG
21. HURO
22. CHAR
23. CHIP
24. INGH
25. IONI
26. IOSC
27. IRON
28. JACK
29. KALK
30. KENT
31. KEWE
32. KZOO
33. LAPE
34. LEEL
35. LENA
36. LIVI
37. LUCE
38. MACK
39. MACO
40. MARQ
41. MECO
42. MIDL
43. MISS
44. MTMO
45. MUSK
46. NEWA
47. OAKL
48. OGEM
49. ONTO
50. OSCE
51. OSCO
52. OTSE
53. OTTA
54. PRES
55. ROSC
56. SAGI
57. SANI
58. SHIA
59. STCL
60. STJO
61. TUSC
62. VANB
63. WASH
64. WAYN

Thanks a lot for the nice contacts and a FB contest. Please QSL cards for my US
County award.

My working condx:

TCVR: IC7700 + OM3500 amplifier

80m: 2el YAGI 50m up + Beverage
40m: 3/3 YAGI 46/21m up
20m: 6/6/6 YAGI 38/25/12m up
N6MU   Single Op LP   22,3202010-04-20 21:26:48
Lots of action both fixed and mobile. Nary a peep on 15 once again. 73...

John, N6MU
N9NE   Mobile Solo Op LP   120,8342010-04-23 05:58:23
On Friday afternoon, I drove about 160 miles from my QTH in Amherst, WI up to
NE9U's cottage just a few miles south of MI-WI line where Scott had graciously
invited me and Jim, WI9WI, to join him and his driver, Art, N9BCA. We had a
nice meal at a local watering hole and enjoyed talking about ham radio and our
respective routes and strategies over a few 807s before hitting the sack.

Art woke us up at around 6 am ... it was below freezing and very windy. After
coffee and 'good luck' wishes, we dispersed to our starting points. Jim had a
long drive north to the Keweenaw Peninsula to activate KEWE, and I had a 65
mile jaunt to far northern IRON, just a few yards short of BARA. My strategy
this year was to cut down on the mileage, as I cannot safely radio, log
contacts on the laptop, and drive at the same time (although I did make a few
SSB Qs while in motion). I ran just five counties: IRON, BARA, HOUG, ONTO, and
GOGE and drove only 62 miles during the contest, parking off-road to make my
contacts (the last three hours were spent in the Lac Vieux Desert Casino
parking lot :).

The two plus hours per county gave me ample time to pursue county multipliers.
I employed two Hamsticks for 40 and 75 SSB, as well as the main three-band
Hustler arrangement for the CW frequencies. This allowed me to quickly switch
from CW to Phone with the K3. The antennas were all mag-mounted atop the
minivan and guyed. The stinger on the 80M Hustler was 13'8" above the road
surface, so I was always on the lookout for low branches and bridges. It is
remarkable to see how many bridges do not have the clearance marked on them.

As many have pointed out, 20M was good for a while, 40M was so-so, and 80-75M
was the workhorse band. I was able to grab a number of MI counties but suspect
that the long skip -even on 80- limited access mostly to the southern portion
of the lower peninsula.

I was pleased to have a number of strong EU stations call me. And I continue to
be amazed at K8MR's apparent ability to run, and search and pounce at the same
time! Thanks to Jim's calls, we were able to add a number of county mults on
both CW and SSB.

The 155 mile drive home was uneventful, a radical departure from the past few
years which were dominated by fog, mist, rain, and even a T-storm or two.
Although there were many eyes peering out from the side of the road, none came
out to meet me.

Thanks to the many stations who followed us mobiles around for the day, and to
the MRRC for sponsoring this fun event!

VA7ST   Single Op LP   1,3202010-04-27 23:30:33
Just on here and there for a total of less than 1.5 hours between chores. Bands
weren't all that good from B.C. to Michigan, though it's usually a slam-dunk
path most hours of the day. Most Qs required several tries to get attention,
but it's always enjoyable to make the connection, especially with the rovers on
the road.

-- Bud VA7ST
N1IW/8   Single Op LP   125,7122010-05-03 06:56:17
Arrived at the cabin north of Atlanta on Friday morning after doing battle with
Delta for custody of my 2 checked bags on Thursday evening. Nothing like
charging $30 a bag to the 60 or so folks on the flight to Bay City from Detroit
and then failing to put any of them on the plane. Can you say "Knuckleheads"?
But I digress... Here are the Cliff Notes:

Snowed off and on most of Saturday afternoon with a couple of whiteouts from
passing squalls. Gotta love springtime in Michigan! My brother drove up from
Grand Rapids on Monday and we spent some time Morel hunting before I flew back
to NH on Wednesday. Gathered 100+ (Yum!)

Started off with a goal of 500 Qs/100K points. New rig this year: borrowed an
IC-7000 from a friend to test drive it as a replacement/upgrade to my
IC-706MkIIG. I'm a convert; an IC-7000 is definitely in my future. Thanks Bill

Started out at 16Z on 20M CW, netting 47 Qs in the first hour compared to 43
last year. By 19Z I had left last years score in the dust with 147 Qs compared
to last years 78! Pretty much stuck to the SSB at top of hour, CW at bottom of
hour guidance unless I had reasonable rate going. Crossed the 500 QSO boundary
just after 0300Z with my friend W8TOM, also in MTMO. Tom said he was waiting to
pounce on me for #500. Also worked yet another MTMO: K8LEW (the Lewiston Area
Amateur Radio Club crew).

Ended up completely crushing last years score and set a new personal record:
559/144 for 126k pts. Best hour was the last on 80/75 with 76 Qs, with 4
greater than 60 QSO hours. I logged 42 MI counties and only missed SD, VT, NV,
HI for WAS. Looking at the scores posted so far, I am extremely pleased with
the performance of my austere "up north" station.

The off-center fed dipole + 100W also netted me 24 DX QSOs while running. A
sign the bands are improving. OM2VL and DL3XXA were everywhere; worked them
both on 20, 40, and 80. Nice to see the participation from Europe.

Thanks to the Mad River Radio Club folks for hosting a fun event. See you all
next year!

Rig: IC-7000, 100W
PC Interface: Microham MicroKeyer
Antenna: 80M off-center fed dipole up 30 feet (80M, 40M, 20M, no tuner)
Software: N1MM Logger
K9UIY   Single Op LP   8,9302010-05-07 16:47:26
I wish I would have had more time to operate in this contest...40 was for the
most part too long and some noise on 80...all in all a nice contest! CU in the
2011 edition!
40M vertical & dipole
80M inverted L & dipole