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Makrothen RTTY Contest   2016   Oct 8   Comment Summary

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W6RLL   SO/Single Xcvr HP   416,2012016-10-08 16:03:21
Thanks for the QSO's. 73 de Joe.
NA6O(@N6RO)   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   1,144,0202016-10-08 17:08:12
K3 (x2), ACOM2000, AL1200, Yagi stacks.

My first try at SO2R in any form. Dual CQs isn't hard at all once you figure
out a rhythm. A few QLFs here and there. Now I see how it messes you up when a
guy hand-types his exchange at 5 WPM! Some noise problems on 20, and the 10m
stack has an electrical issue so I could only run 100W. 15 was open most of the
day. Too bad there were so few JAs; RBN said we had a huge signal over there.

Thanks to Ken for use of the station.
KN5S(K5WW)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   365,0602016-10-08 17:12:27
The Makrothen contest is far from dead! :-)


Erik - K5WW
K6LRN   SO/Single Xcvr LP   331,7462016-10-08 17:21:33
Heard at least one station calling CQ after 0000Z, but guess if contest not
'official', call CQ all night.
Thanks for the Qs...CU in JARTS
KA2FHN   SO/Single Xcvr LP   98,5682016-10-08 18:22:31
Wondered why there were hardly no one working this contest. I thought bad
propagation was to blame as I heard only a hand full of DX stations.
Went online later in the day and found out that the contest was DISCONTINUED!

That's a shame as this was great fun scoring by distance. I hope that someone
will pick this up. The staggered timed frames allowed me to do other things in
the day as well.

73 de KA2FHN
N2LEE   SO/Single Xcvr HP   296,3222016-10-08 21:42:29
MAKRORTTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-10-08

CallSign Used : N2LEE
Operator(s) : N2LEE

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : FM18
Gridsquare : FM18HX

Name : Lee Love
Address : 485 Montalto Drive
City/State/Zip : Herndon VA 20170

ARRL Section : VA
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5939.0

Band QSOs Pts Pt/Q
14 56 1958623497.5
21 25 846343385.4
28 5 158263165.2
Total 86 2963223445.6

Score : 296,322
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2016-10-09 Signature :
NS4X   SO/Single Xcvr HP   171,9622016-10-09 08:25:23
I hope that this contest continues and would really like to see the unique
scoring methodology used in other contests, or perhaps a "triathlon"
of RTTY, CW, and PHONE.
AI9T   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,334,5222016-10-09 09:03:47
Bands were decent and quite a lot of folks operating.

I really like this contest. Hopefully someone will sponsor it.
WQ3U   SO/Single Xcvr LP   93,7142016-10-09 09:06:06
Unique contest. Will do again if we can find sponsor.
K2AL   SO/Single Xcvr LP   835,8802016-10-09 09:08:13
IC-746, Mosley 2-el Mini tri-band Beam at 33' and 40M dipole at 25',
Surpassed last year's score (538K)
Hopefully this contest will stay alive. One of my favorites.
Heard Thailand on 20M on Sunday but could not work it.
N1MD   SO/Single Xcvr HP   900,4422016-10-09 09:10:46
I like this contest.
Hope it can be saved!
ACØMN   SO/Single Xcvr LP   655,8002016-10-09 09:11:24
N1MM Logger show op time of 16 hours but, including all listening/CQing time it
was really close to 19. Early Sunday morning saw 6 Qs in 2 hours! Thanks to
W7RN (Jeff, WK6I, op) for my only 10-meter Q and 5 bands. Did not log, since
they gave out no grid, but was pleased to work T31T early Sunday morning. They
had a good signal and were, basically, begging!
AD5LU   SO/Single Xcvr LP   598,4202016-10-09 09:12:22
This is one of favorite contests. I got on for a few hours in each time period.
I'm glad there was a good number of stations participating. Hopefully a new
sponsor can be found.

Radio: Elecraft K3
Antenna: Hy-Gain AV-640
VA7ST   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,309,9842016-10-09 09:18:56
Swan song for Makrothen?

Sure hope not -- we need this one on the calendar, and from the participation
even when Makrothen was discontinued, it seems there's a lot of life left in
this contest.

Didn't know the contest was scrubbed (in theory) until part way through the
second operating period, and it didn't bother me a bit -- plenty of contacts in
the log. And I appreciated every one of them.

As i is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, I am reminded that we will see in
coming years that sunset is nigh for many things in this pastime (I fondly
remember ANARTS) and we should be grateful for all we have while we have it.

Thanks to Waldemar for all the years behind this one. It was a wonderful
contest and I know many would love to play again next year.

-- Bud VA7ST

Average points per band:
Year Qs Points Hr 80M 40M 20M 15M All Pwr
---- --- --------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---
2016 300 1,309,984 13 4,119 4,065 4,591 4,362 4,366 HP
2015 201 647,630 8 3,497 3,274 3,339 2,748 3,222 HP
2014 452 2,419,816 14 4,379 4,192 5,085 6,121 5,353 HP
2013 607 3,378,562 17 3,968 4,052 5,237 6,460 5,566 HP
2012 249 968,666 10 1,489 4,487 3,554 4,921 3,890 HP
2011 357 2,088,392 13 3,606 4,922 4,835 5,810 5,221 HP
2010 198 1,007,226 8 2,646 4,763 5,359 2,642 5,087 LP
2009 335 1,798,316 13 4,690 4,748 5,741 0 5,368 HP
2008 250 1,156,332 10 5,251 4,732 4,071 0 4,625 HP
2007 374 2,051,462 13 4,534 5,026 5,745 0 5,485 HP
2006 220 876,480 11 3,015 3,860 4,174 3,820 3,984 LP
2005 184 809,920 10 3,139 4,168 4,703 0 4,402 LP

Band QSOs Pts Pt/Q
3.5 25 102984 4119.4
7 82 333370 4065.5
14 138 633686 4591.9
21 55 239944 4362.6
Total 300 1309984 4366.6
Score: 1,309,984
WB2COY   SO/Single Xcvr LP   667,9182016-10-09 09:32:11
Wire Antennas.
N6HE(@N6GE)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   148,7652016-10-09 09:32:29
Great non-contest!

Icom IC-7300, microKEYER MK II interface, Writelog. Only 100W as the amp is
getting repaired. 2-el Steppir uo 28', End-fed wire for 40M.

Hope this gets sponsored next year - I really like the "distance"

Thanks for the Q's, CU next year,
Ray N6HE
PAØFVH   SO/Single Xcvr LP   542016-10-09 09:33:33
[log removed from comments]
OK1CT   SO/Single Xcvr LP   329,9882016-10-09 09:39:26
Fun contest! I hope the contest continues in the future. Thanks all for the
kilometers :-)
KC2LST   SO/Single Xcvr HP   135,6082016-10-09 09:41:48
Makrothen is always a fun one! Hope to see it continue into the future.

73, Tyler, KC2LST
K9OM   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,022,6382016-10-09 09:51:35
Really fun contest with the Grid Square distance as the Mult.

Let's keep this contest going and add more categories, and add some things
like: PDF Certificates new categories such as: Tribander & Wire.

Thanks for the Q's!

Dick- K9OM
W3LL   SO/Single Xcvr LP   728,9802016-10-09 09:56:50
K3 to OCF Dipole.


Bud W3LL
HP3SS   SO/Single Xcvr HP   4,285,0862016-10-09 10:00:40
400W 3 element yagi and wires.
W9KG   SO/Single Xcvr LP   302,0802016-10-09 10:21:07
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5939.0
GMØFGI   SO/Single Xcvr LP   469,6742016-10-09 10:29:57
Token participation in hope that an organisation will pick up this contest for
next year. Like the format. Also allowed practice with use of new radio.
Thanks for contacts.
AB4SF   SO/Single Xcvr LP   877,3882016-10-09 10:36:59
Makrothen has always been one of my favorite rtty contests. Tip of the hat to
those who suggested that we operate this year anyway and many thanks to all who

Because I am in the process of moving to a new QTH, the only antenna that is
still in place is my tri-bander so for me, there would be no 40 or 80 meter
operation this time but I thought I would at least try 20 meters. Thankfully
the bands were in decent shape. I even made some 10 meter contacts and worked
a few stations on all of the 3 bands that I operated.

Hoping for an EU opening on Sunday morning I had planned to get in a few hours
of on-air time. Even though my QTH was a couple of hundred miles from the
hurricane, the gusty winds and heavy rain overnight caused the power in my
neighborhood to go off around 5:00am. I checked the power company website and
saw there were alot of outages around already, especially closer to the ocean,
so I thought that for me it might be a long outage. After dawn I got up,
fueled my portable generator and started running extension cords to the
shack...after I got the coffee maker working first! Around 9am, the power came
back on but then my rtty computer did not want to come back up. After a long
half-hour of waiting for Windows to do whatever, I finally did get on the air
for a few more Q's.

Thanks again to all for keeping the contest going! Probably my last one from
this QTH but the new QTH should be much better once I have time to get the
antennas up over there.

73 for now,
Wray AB4SF
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   198,4462016-10-09 10:38:02
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
ACØE   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1002016-10-09 10:42:12
Just keeping interest alive.. Technical pproblems here prevented a real effort.

73 Jim AC0E
W4AAW   MO/Multi Xcvr HP   3,578,9362016-10-09 10:49:09

Operator locations:

MM0LID Scotland

W4TMO North Carolina

W4AAW Virginia

Jim-W4TMO was buffeted by Hurricane Matthew. He lost power
several times.

Hats off for Scott-MM0LID who made at least one million I f the total score.

Our Internet connection worked flawlessly.

We will CU in the JART test.

Thanks for all the mults and Qs.

N6RO   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   792,4202016-10-09 11:05:10
140 Qs in 1:30 of first segment; good activity, 40 JAs.
Music gig during second segment - NA6O borrowed the station.
35 Qs in 1:15 of third; little activity.

Scoring by distance is the fairest way, contrasted with the major DX contests.
This contest should continue.
TA3/HB9FIH   SO/Single Xcvr LP   518,6352016-10-09 11:14:25
CREATED-BY: UcxLog 7.66
NAME: Erich Rieder
ADDRESS: Tannstrasse 14
ADDRESS: 8820 Waedenswil
SOAPBOX: Wonderfull contest !!!
SOAPBOX: TNX to all om's round the world.
SOAPBOX: Hope this contest will continue
KX7L   SO/Single Xcvr HP   465,9642016-10-09 11:15:40
As always, great fun. But I could certainly tell old Sol was not at his peak.
My best previous score was in 2011 (SOLP), and although I made more QSO's this
time (but SOHP), my score was only about 2/3 of that one. Then I had 4 bands
to play on, this time no 10, almost no 15. Got up early Sunday to chase JA's
on 40, but the band was empty. We'll see what next year brings.
AE8TF   SO/Single Xcvr LP   54,2772016-10-09 11:37:17
This was a very neat contest. First time participating. It's a shame that it
lost its sponsor, because it is quite unique. I have a very poor antenna setup
but was still able to make a few fun QSO's.

All contacts were logged to LoTW. Since I had so few QSO's, here 's a list of
who I logged:

W7RN DM09 3020 20m
VE7SZ CN89 3150 20m
VE2FK FN68 1412 20m
VE6TK DO33 2521 20m
WS7V DN06 2867 20m
VA7KO CN89 3150 20m
W4UK EM93 1017 20m
N5KWN EM20 1710 20m
KE5PRL EM54 1032 20m
YV5AAX FK60 3887 20m
NA6O CM97 3260 15m
VE7IO CN89 3150 20m
N9NA DM33 2798 20m
K7L DM22 3015 20m
AA5VU EM10 1826 20m
AD5LU EM04 1650 20m
WB5K EM13 1581 20m
WJ2D EM85 779 20m
K1MK FN32 820 20m
K7L DM22 3015 15m
HP3SS EJ88 3785 15m
WN6K DM13 3122 20m
N5KWN EM20 1710 15m
K9YC   SO/Single Xcvr HP   987,9022016-10-09 12:00:47
I'm at a bit of a loss about how to score this contest -- the rules break it
down into 3 operating periods, suggesting that dupes are permitted between
periods, yet I see scores for a single contest.

I operated 2.5 hrs in the first 8, none in the second 8, and 4 hrs in the last
8, for a total of 6.5. And because I used two separate N1MM logs, there may be
dupes in my summary.

No matter -- even with the limited participation resulting from the organizer
cancelling it, this is a fun contest, thanks in large part for the excellent
scoring rules. It's also the first time I've operated it -- I didn't know about
it before. Let's hope it can be continued under different leadership.
NØKQ   SO/Single Xcvr HP   85,4402016-10-09 12:12:04
The propagation is really down now. I didn't hear any Europeans or JAs.
AA5VU   SO/Single Xcvr LP   312016-10-09 12:12:37
Part time and no idea how to score
DG8KAD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   522016-10-09 12:56:51
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: LM Version 4.10 (c) 1992, 2013 by DL8WAA
CONTEST: Makrothen Contest
NAME: Alexander Derichs
ADDRESS: Grenzstrasse 104
ADDRESS: 52134 Herzogenrath
PE2K   SO/Single Xcvr QRP   212,4932016-10-09 13:06:35
Thanks all for the QRP qso 73 Adriaan PE2K
W4UK   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,244,7262016-10-09 13:39:31
Thanks to everyone who joined in for this contest to help keep it alive. Also
thanks to DK3VN for starting it up years ago and for running it until now.
W8AKS   SO/Single Xcvr LP   230,6282016-10-09 14:12:05
Got on in between household chores. love this contest,especially the fair
KSØM   SO/Single Xcvr LP   619,9702016-10-09 14:26:20
I hope we keep this contest as there were a lot of calls on the air. Several
calls I could not work as my 4 element YAGI and 75 watts just could not get
through. I had a lot of fun.
K4RUM   SO/Single Xcvr LP   453,9522016-10-09 15:18:24
75 W to 6-BTV; operating remote station located in Jupiter, FL (EL96)
NC6K   SO/Single Xcvr HP   232,7562016-10-09 15:24:17
Didn't start until late, and didn't hear anyone outside of North America for the
most part, but great activity considering most folks thought it was cancelled
this year.
AA5AU   SO/Multi Xcvr LP   902,3332016-10-09 15:31:12
Nice turnout and fair conditions. Good tuneup for JARTS.

GØHDV   SO/Single Xcvr HP   699,6002016-10-09 16:31:12
Enjoy this contest hope it continues
WJ2D   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,157,7982016-10-09 16:43:46
Great little contest! Not a peep from Asia or VK/ZL at this qth. Thanks to all
that answered my call.
W7RN(WK6I)   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   2,620,6742016-10-09 16:45:23
I wasn't able to operate all three periods this time. I'd say activity was down
compared to previous years but in two periods I was able to get up to a
significant percent of my score last year.

I hope we can find a way to save this contest, it's a very fun event! 73 jeff
N1IXF   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,162,8042016-10-09 17:05:48
First time out in this contest and wasn't sure what to expect so I made plans
for other activities on Sun... too bad because there was good activity and DX
to be found and I enjoyed this contest. Next year I'll make a more concerted

Nice to work a bunch of new stations, though I 'm sure I confused a few
non-contesters who called in and didn't know or have their "Grid."
The special effort award goes to several of these stations who called me again
later to give me their locator.

Thanks to all who worked me and hope to CUL.
W4NBS   SO/Single Xcvr HP   441,1382016-10-09 17:06:44
Thanks for the Q's. Sorry that this was the last running of this contest.
73, Tom, W4NBS
WØLSD   SO/Single Xcvr HP   107,2332016-10-09 17:13:17
Just a couple hours in this one. Hate to see this one go away as it gives those
of us far from the East Coast a fighting chance.
KI8W   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,1802016-10-09 17:26:23
Had software, radio,antenna and a brain issue. I was not thinking straight to
do much.
KD2DVW   SO/Single Xcvr LP   139,8562016-10-09 18:36:28
Rig : Yaesu FT-897

Antennas : 40m OCF-dipole

Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5939.0
VA7KO   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,445,5822016-10-09 18:53:58
I really love this contest. Very sorry to hear that it is discontinued. Hope
some other organization will take over with the same rules. These rules really
make it fair for all participants, especially us on the West Coast.
Glad that so many operators kept going this weekend. Shows that there is a lot
of interest in this contest.
Thanks for all the Qs.

Koji VA7KO
AG2T   SO/Single Xcvr HP   787,7632016-10-09 19:39:04
Thanks to everyone for this Mikrothen contest.
Thanks guys who call me. I'm sorry if I can't receive your signal. I hope next
time I will receive you.
73, Alex AG2T
V31VP(WBØTEV)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   847,3602016-10-09 19:55:17
A part time effort while on vacation in Belize. Thanks for all the QSOs.
Victor - V31VP (WB0TEV)
JH3WKE   SO/Single Xcvr LP   351,5622016-10-10 00:47:24
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Kohichi Nakamura
ADDRESS: 6647-5 yatacho yamatokoriyama-city
ADDRESS: nara 639-1058 JAPAN
S56A   SO/Single Xcvr LP   828,2902016-10-10 01:26:27
I didn't know DK3VN cut Makrothen until log email error occurred :-( I hope
there are spare DL ham resources despite WRTC-2018 effort. I noticed low 80m
activity while operating SAC SSB. It was nice to catch KH6ZM and 9M6XRO also
on CW.

73 de Mario, S56A
PDØME(MARK)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   266,0802016-10-10 04:09:44
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Margienus Euving
ADDRESS: Sont 31
ADDRESS: 9514ED Gasselternijveen
ADDRESS: The Netherlands
SOAPBOX: FB-33//InV V Dipole
SOAPBOX: FB33--I-MAX2000 vertical
SOAPBOX: FB33---HF6V--InV V dipole
SOAPBOX: 25watts
K6KNS   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,339,1002016-10-10 09:43:41
Worked the contested when I had time.

Kenwood TS-990s / ALS-600 / Hex beam / 40M invered V
KØTC   SO/Single Xcvr LP   254,2722016-10-10 10:39:49
Had fun, but I wish the bands were in better shape.
LA5LJA(@LA7TTT)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   599,6502016-10-10 12:54:18
This contest is fun,you get points after the distance you work.
Best qso/most points LT0H 12321 KM.on 15 mtr band (on GP7DX antenna)
Lowest points/shortest qso was OH3BHL on 20 mtr 657 Km.
Radio conds was ok,well not good but 15 mtr was open for some dx...
W9ILY   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,413,5662016-10-10 14:40:37
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
8P2K(8P6SH)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,064,1242016-10-10 14:46:33
Conditions seemed a tad better than past few weeks especially on 15m but overall
ws still a bit unpredictable. At one point USA seemed to be wide open to EU on
15 and 20m based on spots but I couldn't print either the NA or the EU stations
on 15 and only the NA on 20.

Used just the FT2000 for this outing and it did exactly what it's supposed to.

Unfortunately I also missed the entire first 8-hour segment as I was nursing a
cold and the medication allowed me to sleep fully through the first segment.

Was nice to print the usual suspects - and to have another station on from 8P
in 8P6ET who piloted 8P1W through this contest.

Thanks for the Q's and a special thank you to Jeff and the rest of the gang who
rescued this contest.

Cheers - Dean - 8P6SH/8P2K
KSØAA   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,217,7972016-10-10 15:51:43
AB1J   SO/Single Xcvr LP   705,1042016-10-12 07:31:55
"Even if you tear it down, they will come." From the movie
"Frequency of Dreams."

I was surprised at the affection for this contest and how many showed up in
spite of no cotton candy, popcorn or tractor pulls. Anyone in favor of distance
scoring should continue to lend their support.

I'd like to see the contest continued and I wonder if it can be tweaked to
approach a more level playing field by creating a handicapping table similar to
the one used by the DRCG RTTY contest but based on past Makrothen results:

This Makrothen table would be used along with the current distance scoring to
better even things out. From what I've heard, straight distance scoring doesn't
truly make up for geographical differences.

Just an idea. Makrothen 2.0

Ken, AB1J

Flex 6500 N1MM+ MMTTY/2Tone/GRITTY
The usual gnarly wire antennas
N4CW   SO/Single Xcvr HP   391,7742016-10-12 08:14:33
I would have enjoyed operating more; unfortunately I lost power due to hurricane
Matthew. I love the format of this contest.
IK2AUK   SO/Single Xcvr LP   466,7852016-10-12 11:22:26
TRX: YAESU FT DX 1200 100W ANT. R dipole 10..20mb; trap dipole for 080
computer ACER laptop 5750G Windows7
Interface rigexpert TI5 MixW 3.2.1
JA8EIU   SO/Single Xcvr LP   68,2822016-10-12 19:21:07
Tnx for The Makrothen RTTY Contest 2016.
LTØH(LU3HY)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,895,2382016-10-13 10:09:29
For labor questions i cuold operate any more time.-

I like this contest.-

CU in next test.-

73 Juan LT0H (op LU3HY)
AF6SA   SO/Single Xcvr HP   336,2882016-10-13 12:14:18
Good conditions on 20M and 15M.
QRB 14000km with YF1DO, QRA OI33.
YO4CVV   SO/Single Xcvr HP   267,9692016-10-14 07:09:08
Band QSOs Points
40m 38 98670
20m 43 114372
15m 8 54927
Total 89 267969

Hourly (10min) QSO rate: 4 (18) QSOs/hour
Hourly (10min) pts rate: 36686 (174690) points/hour

Last QSO: 8326 points