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August UHF Contest   2002   Aug 3   Comment Summary

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VE2ZP   Single Op LP   7202002-08-04 21:06:16
This was my first UHF contest where I actually made any QSOs. I managed only
one QSO with my own grid. I worked every station I heard, save two: VE3AX and
N1JEZ/R. There just weren't many stations to hear.

It was a pleasant surprise to have some people answer my CQs, considering my low
power (30w) and small, low antennas.

My best DX on 432 was K8DIO in EN91 at approximately 600km and VE3TFU in EN92 at
approximately 500km.
K1TEO   Single Op HP   160,7582002-08-08 05:46:30
Slow contest in Ct this time. Thank goodness for W3IY who provided 10% of my
q's. Tnx also to all the other rover's. Without them it wouldn't be much of a
contest. Condx so-so Saturday; much better Sunday am with a little tropo to the
SW. Gotta get some more power on 3.4 ghz - heard 5 more grids (well) that
couldn't hear my 2w. Jeff K1TEO