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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2004   Jul 17   Comment Summary

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NØKE(@WØTM)   SOAB HP   1,0082004-07-18 14:11:18
Too late in the season to expect much in the way of condx.
K3IXD   SOAB LP   6822004-07-18 14:16:08
Best 6m DX were VP5KE and WQ5W, both about 970 miles from me. Not bad for a
dipole at 30 feet and 100w.

We all knew that we would not have the great 6m openings this weekend. But I did
work some skip early Sat. afternoon and again off and on on Sunday.

Thank goodness for voice keyers. It is slow here in SC.

73, Ed
Summerville, SC
N3HBX   SOAB HP   49,7842004-07-18 15:32:41
There did not seem many participants for this one! Apart from the first couple
of hours, when there was some Sporadic E, rates were ecruciatingly slow, and the
final score reflects this.
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   5,0852004-07-18 15:37:35
FT650 + AMP 700W
6M7JHV @ 54'

The gods of Sporadic E were unkind
W3BBO   SOAB LP   1,2652004-07-18 16:49:24
I'm glad I didn't plan on a Rover entry in this one. Band conditions were
tough. I setup my hombrew 6 meter Moxon on a 15' pole in the backyard next to
the 7 element 2 meter Yagi which was on a 20' temporary mast. Pulled the IC706
from the car and setup in the garage running off a 75 AHr SLA battery. Found
out Saturday afternoon, that I had a bad piece of coax on the 2 meter antenna.
Once replaced, I started getting answers to my calls. Sunday operations were
cut short due to my two year old grandson's birthday party...much more exciting
than the contest. Hi.
Many thanks for all that heard and worked me.
KB1DFB(@KB1H)   Multi-Op HP   23,7252004-07-18 17:09:07
This was an experiment in some respects,
with hi power till one amp blew. Great
mid west opening at the start. Thanks for
the q's qnd qsy's. Thanks to Dick for the
use of the fine station.
N8IE   SOAB LP   1,6202004-07-18 17:23:41
No good openings on either band here in SW Ohio.
Did catch VP9/WA4PGM in a very short burst on 6M, and AF4HX on 2M CW.

Dan, N8IE
WDØT   Multi-Op HP   2942004-07-18 18:26:42
WOW, that was bad! I can't remember a contest ever seeming like a tooth
extraction! We had no conditions here except the occasional meteor, and
thankfully got WSJT up and going, and the locals got on, or it would have been
even more grueling.

Looks like the RTTY guys had a good time, I should give that a try next go

Thanks for the Q's, and see you in the next test, 73, God Bless! Todd , WD0T
W5PR   SOSB/6 HP   29,3552004-07-18 18:38:50
I never worked any station west of 100 degrees except one XE just over the line.
Not even far west Texas! It was as if there was a "Radio Wall" at 100 degrees.
I had no problems to the east. Worked several VE1s and the VP9 called too... I
would be interested in hearing how the guys west of 100 degrees fared. I missed
the first hour and gave up early Saturday night. managed a 70 hour just before
the end of the contest to finish with a flourish!

QSO/Grid by hour and band

Hour 50M Total Cumm OffTime

D1-1900Z 28/14 28/14 28/14
D1-2000Z 28/19 28/19 56/33
D1-2100Z 40/23 40/23 96/56
D1-2200Z 31/8 31/8 127/64
D1-2300Z 15/4 15/4 142/68
D2-0000Z 14/6 14/6 156/74
D2-0100Z 10/3 10/3 166/77
D2-0200Z 3/2 3/2 169/79 36
D2-0300Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-0400Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-0500Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-0600Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-0700Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-0800Z --+-- 0/0 169/79 60
D2-0900Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-1000Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-1100Z - 0/0 169/79 60
D2-1200Z 2/0 2/0 171/79 47
D2-1300Z 7/1 7/1 178/80
D2-1400Z 4/0 4/0 182/80 31
D2-1500Z 22/4 22/4 204/84
D2-1600Z 5/0 5/0 209/84 13
D2-1700Z - 0/0 209/84 60
D2-1800Z 22/4 22/4 231/88 5
D2-1900Z 70/4 70/4 301/92
D2-2000Z 8/3 8/3 309/95

Total: 309/95
K5QE   Multi-Op HP   46,3602004-07-18 20:11:49
Sporadic E on 6 meters was very.....sporadic. Worked some nice distance on 2
meters mid-afternoon both days. Highlight was XE2ORA on 2 meters in DL95 at
about 600 miles. Had a great time.
N5KDA   SOSB/2 HP   1,3342004-07-18 20:24:07
There's just not much activity for this contest around this area. I never heard
from two close grids and didn't work many in others. Making Q's was sort of like
trying to poke butter up a wild cats a** with a hot poker. From what I see I'm
glad I left 6 meters off.
OK1KIM(@OK1KIM/OL4A)   Multi-Op HP   157,3202004-07-19 02:56:41
6m - 88 88 51
2m -526 1052 87
614 1140 130 = 157 320.

After our last year single band - 2 m only entry which after the dust settled
made it to total in MO cat. and our goal to "beat" F6IFR on 2m only was
achieved. We decided to give 6m a try. We do have a hefty TV there a lot of
radiated MW about 80 km from us on a direct visibility -i.e. every 15.6 kHz JAM
59+20 dB so I made an antenna 12.5m long boom with 35 dB F/B. We believed into
our "tiny" 2m antenna farm so we thought that last year result should be easily
duplicated and hoped for some 300 QSOs on 6m. Well 2m did as expected, there was
a bit better activity this year in Eu - we made 526 QSOs and 87 LOC. Still very
far from what is beeing our standard in Eu REG1 contests but getting better, not
yet close. We have not observed ANY Es and ANY Aurora - nothing - only normall
propagation. On 6m there was also very bad propagation. We observed only about 4
very short Es - always only few minutes with the exception of opening to
Southern EA/CT - Only 2 stations were there active. It was frustrating to hear
EH7RM 59+40 for about an hour working G,PA etc and we heard just NOTHING. High
point was when F6IFR - with nice 57 signal (it is 845km-530miles) - called us in
Sunday afternoon and we found we have 140QSOs more on 2m and twice as much on 6m
- even if it was only lousy 60QSOs - so we tried to schedule on 6m and made it.
It gave us an idea to try to make some more schedules from 2m to 6m and it
worked in 3-4 more cases. We tried also the opposite but no QSO was achieved
this way. Again OK activity contest gave us around 40% QSOs similar as G-QRP did
the same for F6IFR (guesed only from what we heard on the band). We have not
worked a single G again - only G "big guns" are workable (in normall conditions)
for us and non of them went on the air - maybe next year.
The acknowledgemnt of CQ VHF was this year better than previous year since
already a couple of people said: "Ah you are in that american contest..." Last
year 99% were surpriced there is some contest.

Some statistics:
Sum of km pts.: 197 716
ODX : I4CVC/7 in JN71VS at 993 km
Nr of DXCC : 19
DXCC :196xDL 134xOK 41xPA 36xI 18xF 17xHG
17xOM 11x9A 11xSP 10xS5 8xON 8xYU
6xOZ 5xOE 3xHB 2xT9 1xSM 1xUA2
Nr of WWL : 87
WWL : 44xJO70 24xJN79 18xJO40 18xJN69 17xJO31 17xJN89
16xJN48 15xJO60 15xJO32 14xJO51 14xJO50 13xJO42
12xJO30 11xJO21 10xJO80 10xJO62 10xJO22 10xJN54
9xJN99 9xJN98 9xJN49 9xJN45 8xJO61 8xJO33
8xJN75 7xJO43 7xJN88 6xJO52 6xJO41 6xJN97
6xJN76 6xJN59 6xJN39 6xJN38 5xKN04 5xJN95
5xJN78 5xJN65 5xJN58 5xJN47 4xJO53 4xJO23
4xJO10 4xJN87 3xKN07 3xJO73 3xJO72 3xJO20
3xJN86 3xJN68 3xJN64 3xJN55 3xJN44 2xKN08
2xKN06 2xKN05 2xJO90 2xJO71 2xJO65 2xJO63
2xJO45 2xJO44 2xJN85 2xJN77 2xJN37 2xJN29
2xJN28 2xJN19 1xKO04 1xKO03 1xKO02 1xKN18
1xJO94 1xJO56 1xJO55 1xJO47 1xJO11 1xJN96
1xJN94 1xJN72 1xJN71 1xJN63 1xJN57 1xJN56
1xJN36 1xJN27 1xJN09
TOP 10
1. I4CVC/7 JN71VS 993 km
2. I6WJB JN72CK 904 km
3. F6IFR JN09TT 845 km
4. YU1EV KN04CN 836 km
5. YZ1BUL KN04GS 833 km
6. YT1TM KN04FT 825 km
7. YU1EXY KN04FT 825 km
8. YU1IO KN04FT 825 km
9. F6CBH JN19BH 822 km
10. IW6ACR JN63WE 820 km

Nr of DXCC : 16
DXCC : 29xDL 20xOK 7xLA 6xSP 5xF 5xG
3xEA 3xPA 2xOM 2xOZ 1x9A 1xCT
1xEA6 1xGW 1xOE 1xUR
Nr of WWL : 51
WWL : 5xJN79 5xJN69 4xJO70 4xJO61 4xJO60 4xJO51
4xJO50 3xJO90 3xJO80 3xJO62 3xJO59 3xJO53
3xJO52 2xJO02 2xIN78 1xKN77 1xJP50 1xJP42
1xJP41 1xJP32 1xJO92 1xJO71 1xJO57 1xJO54
1xJO42 1xJO41 1xJO33 1xJO32 1xJO31 1xJO22
1xJN99 1xJN98 1xJN97 1xJN89 1xJN85 1xJN68
1xJN59 1xJN49 1xJN39 1xJN38 1xJN23 1xJN11
1xJN09 1xJM19 1xIO91 1xIO80 1xIO72 1xIO70
1xIN93 1xIN51 1xIM87

Antennas on 2m
6 x 16 Y (10.5 m boom)
4 x 16 Y (10.2 m boom)
6 x 8 Y (3 m boom)
8 x 6 Y (2 m boom)
4 x 14 Y (7.5m boom)
4 x 10 Y (5.5m boom)
3 x 13 Y (6.5m boom)
If you sum it up you get "only" 391 elements - 35 booms of total length 212m.
Orion + FT1000MP-V into 2pcs of DB6NT TR144H 14MHz version transverters + 7 x
preamp with GaAs ATF trans. + PPA with GS35b.

on 6m a single 9Y @ 15m + IC7400(IC746PRO) + PPA 2xGI7B

Thanks ALL for calling in !
73 !

KØIO   SOSB/6 LP   1102004-07-19 07:56:30
Hope for better conditions next year. -- John
K4BAI   SOSB/6 LP   1172004-07-19 08:07:43
Very few band openings. Very few locals active. Lot of listening to line noise
and hiss in the receiver. 73, John, K4BAI.
N4CW/1   SOAB LP   4752004-07-19 09:31:44
What a delight working N4XD in FM05 on 6 and W3EP on both 6 and 2!!! Lots of fun
despite a very slow contest operated part-time due to company visiting.
Thanks to all who persisted in working me and QSY'ing. 73...Bert/1
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   70,2632004-07-19 12:08:20
VE3KZ   SOAB LP   2,9142004-07-19 16:16:48
6m antenna stuck SE. Great for VP9, FM29 and FM26! Marginal for Florida. Other
directions - Great F/Side and F/B!
Glad I got in on this one after a couple of years.

73 Bob VE3KZ
E21EIC   SOSB/2 QRP   3,5162004-07-19 22:27:45
Rig: Kenwood TM-241EJ Only FM mode in Thailand!!!
Power: 10 Watts (Thailand limit)
Ant: 1/4 Lamda @ 20mH, 1/4 Lamda @ 28mH.

I am vy happy to heard many HS-hams QRV in CQ WW VHF Contest this year. I hope
more than 30 HS-logs will be submit.

73, Champ E21EIC
Thai VHF Contest Chariman
E2ØYLM   SOSB/2 QRP   1562004-07-20 02:17:09
Rig: ICOM IC-229E (Only FM mode)
Power: 10 Watts (Thailand limit)
Ant: Folded Dipole 2 stacks @ 40mH.

This is my first official contest in VHF mode. I do happy to contact many
See you next year.

Best 73,

HS1SPX/R   SOSB/2 QRP   1402004-07-20 02:27:01
Rig: YAESU FT-411 (Handy)
Power: 5 Watts.
Ant: 1/2 Lamda

73, Opas HS1SPX
HS4DDQ/1   SOSB/2 QRP   2,0102004-07-20 03:56:14
Rig: ICOM IC-2100T
Power: 10 Watts
Ant: 5/8 Lamda @ 25 mH.

73, Watcharaphon - HS4DDQ/1
K1TEO   SOAB LP   34,1882004-07-20 05:22:13
Focused my operating when the band (6) was open. About 2 hours of my operating
was right at the beginning with another 2 hours or so at the end. In between I
operated in 5 -15 minute stints just checking out the bands and making a few
local qso's. Did work K2DRH Sunday am on 2M wsjt after setting up a sked with
him during a 6M qso on Saturday. Score this year was about 1/2 last year's score
with roughly the same time on the air. Tnx to CQ for sponsoring and for the Q's.
This is a fun contest when the band is open - let's hope for better condx next
year. CU, Jeff K1TEO
K2DRH   SOAB HP   75,2502004-07-20 15:48:16
WW4LL   SOSB/6 LP   1,3782004-07-20 17:02:21
Conditions not good as already stated. Biggest surprise was K1GUN calling me
with my beam headed due west and his signal was 10/9. Got to get me a real 6
meter beam up for 6 instead of using my HF log periodic.
N8UM   Rover LP   10,4042004-07-20 17:26:30
Great condx on 6 meters for the first 20 minutes of the test to New England.
Then band went long and I worked my quota of VE1s... No activity on 2 meters
and no enhancement. Had perfect wx in the North Carolina mountains on Sunday.
KB3KAQ   SOSB/6 LP   1,4282004-07-21 04:24:39
it was a struggle to get to 68. propagation just wasn't there.
VP9/WA4PGM   SOSB/6 LP   5802004-07-21 05:59:17
Band never opened for me, major disappointment. :(((
NW5E   SOAB HP   31,8242004-07-21 07:40:05
Conditions were less than good for July. What took the boredom away was the
local Florida competition.
K4VU   SOSB/6 LP   1,4302004-07-21 09:47:21
6m was deader than disco -- had to resort to meteorscatter in the wee-hours just
to get a couple of other grids.
OK1KDO   Multi-Op LP   4,8142004-07-26 16:00:24
RTX TS-2000
PWR 100 W
ANT 50MHz/ 5el Yagi 144MHz/ M-2 Yagi
WX fine for testing new hill QTH (1042m)
Condition normal,without any sporadic or Auroral propagation.
Thanks all for contest QSO with us.
73 Standa OK1WN 1.op OK1KDO
VE1SKY   SOSB/6 LP   1,9802004-07-27 07:30:39
Enjoyed the contest, even though I compete LP and in the same grid as
VE1YX...hi, hi Bob. This is the first contest entry for the newly formed
Maritime Contest Club. Watch for more from the MCC!

Roger, VE1SKY
K3UHF(@K3UHF/R)   Rover HP   9,7022004-07-28 08:20:49
Good long tropo 2 meter contacts
There is no such thing as DN??
W4SHG   SOAB LP   4,3862004-07-30 19:29:44
Well didn't get much time on for the contest, garage sale and preparing for
vacation. Good contest and as I remember from last year the quantity of
operators seemed to be up. Not a great showing from here but was on to give out
some points

Steve - W4SHG
NU6S   SOAB LP   5102004-08-08 12:00:37
Very nice to hear so many on. Did not have time to operate.

NU6S - CM87

Tim Coad
HS6MCB   SOSB/2 QRP   1,7602004-08-09 03:13:19
CQ VHF is my first contest. I am interesting when Chanp E21EIC suggest me. It vy
funny!! but condition not so good and raining.

Thanks to all QSOs and Thanks Champ for support Contest.

Rig: ICOM IC-275 Power: 10 Watts
Ant: 2x13ele Yagi @ 26 mH.
5/8Lamda @ 27mH.

73, Vanis HS6MCB
E2ØYQD/3   SOSB/2 QRP   1,7202004-08-09 03:19:27
This is my first time in Contest since I got Ham licensed. I am vy exciting and
enjoy Contest.

Thanks to Champ,E21EIC for support VHF Contest in Thailand.

Rig: ICOM IC-2100T Power: 10 Watts
Ant: 5/8 Lamda @ 30mH.

73, Piyasak E20YQD/3
E2ØBAO   SOSB/2 QRP   6962004-08-09 03:22:35
Rig: YAESU FT-2400 Power: 10 Watts
Ant: 2X12ele Yagi @ 18 mH.

73, Sutee E20BAO
HSØXNO   SOSB/2 QRP   1162004-08-09 03:26:45
Rig: YAESU FT-2400 Power: 10 Watts.
Ant: 5/8 Lamda @ 12 mH.

Short time to do CQ WW VHF Contest in this year.

Thanks to all QSOs!

73, Yod HS0XNO
HS8KGG/2   SOSB/2 QRP   222004-08-09 03:29:49
Rig: KENWOOD TH-22E Power: 5 Watts
Ant: 2ele Yagi, 5/8 Lamda @ 6 mH.

73, Jeep HS8KGG/2
E2ØWGQ   SOSB/2 QRP   2642004-08-09 03:32:41
Rig: YAESU FT-411T (Handy) Power: 5 Watts
Ant: 5/8 Lamda @ 15 mH.

73, Suchart E20WGQ
KB8U   SOAB HP   22,1262004-08-09 20:14:27
Six meters didn't open much into southern Michigan (at least while I was on),
but some openings are always better than no openings!