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New York QSO Party   2016   Oct 15   Comment Summary

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N2RHL   SOSSB LP   1322016-10-15 16:08:48
Living and operating within the city limits isn't the best.
N1LN   SOMixed LP   2,4752016-10-15 16:32:24
Thought I would pass out a few Qs in NY QP as I was first licensed in NY.

Bruce N1LN
W2VM   SOCW LP   1,6502016-10-15 16:36:54
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Mt2 Pt/Q
7 CW 33 66 24 1 2.0
Total Both 33 66 24 1 2.0
Score: 1,650
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's
K8MR   SO MobileMixed LP   33,5002016-10-15 17:22:06
This is a hypothetical score, as I operated as a rover, which is no longer an
NYQP category. In particular, I used the 33 foot wire fed against the car body
from 3 of the 40 counties. Officially I'll file four separate entries, but here
it is easier to do one report.

I did a swing around NYC from my daughter's QTH in Montclair, NJ. I got across
the GW Bridge and to my New York county location very easily, and found a good
parking spot in Ft. Tryon Park with a beautiful view of the Hudson River. No
space there for the mast, so this was my pure mobile effort. Had a scare -
after one QSO, the K3 went deaf and dumb. Tried various power cycling, etc.,
for ten minutes. After an snap of the front bail, the radio snapped back to
life and worked fine for the rest of the contest. NEW total was 35 CW, 3 SSB.

Second stop was in Queens, at parking lot at the entrance to Fort Totten Park.
Nice view here also, other than watching the traffic crossing the Throgs Neck
Bridge at a crawl. The five mile drive to the next stop in Bronx (Orchard
Beach) took 40 minutes. QUE was good for 67 CW and 14 SSB.

Bronx was the biggest (almost)empty parking lot I've ever seen. It did have
some serious RFI issues on 40 meters - I suspect from a couple of 50KW AM radio
stations a couple of miles away. After some good results on CW, I went to 40 SSB
and quickly got called by a very loud K0BAK - who was on the other side of the
same parking lot. Pete drove over to where I was and we had a very neat eyeball
QSO. When Pete got back to the opposite side of the lot, he called to say my QRM
was clobbering 40 SSB, so I went back to CW to finish off the county. BRX
totals: 63 CW, 21 SSB.

With more traffic leaving the BRX location, I skipped the planned stop in the
common Westchester county, and proceeded through another traffic jam at the
Tappan Zee Bridge to get to my planned location at a park in Orangetown in
Rockland county. Had a very interested park cop (probably a volunteer). By that
time the band was beginning to lengthen a bit, but still pulled out a decent
number: 63 CW, 6 SSB.

Other than more traffic than I had expected, it was a beautiful day to be out
and about, and as always it was good to pass out some QSOs and multipliers to
the deserving.

73 - Jim K8MR
N1CC   SOMixed QRP   2,5812016-10-15 18:22:47
Station: Elecraft K3/100 @5 Watts. Force 12 C-3 @64'. 80/40 Fan Dipole @50'
broadside N/S. WriteLog V12.09F and spotting networks.

Although conditions improved in the few days before the NYQP they did not
stabilize well enough to really take advantage of "radio good
conditions" that never came about. Final score down 33% from last year,
fewer contacts on 80 and 40 and zero contacts on 15M this year.

Not able to get much of a run going, in part lack of stations on from NY and
then there were the N4, NN8, VE3, KA9. W3. KA3, N2 (not NY) and WD8 that just
had to call and were then offended when I told them NIL as they were not in NY
and had answered a "Directed Call for New York Only". I guess since
that represent an additional 8 lost opportunities - or 20% waste of time it
only means that the "shake and bake" schools on a weekend aren't
turning out properly "Elmered" Hams. That needs to change. Several
of the WAG stations kept infringing on all stations, as they have no regard for
"QSO Party" activity. The unusually large population of JOTA stations
also created less than desirable spectrum. One station asked me to spot him. I
didn't spot him, and deleted the contact as the committee might null his
contacts for that violation of the principle of NYQP for "no

This year it was a challenge to get more than 50 valid contacts.
W2GN   SOCW LP   70,2242016-10-15 19:06:01
Missed my own county. Many thanks to all the mobile stations. 73, Charlie
NY6DX   SOSSB LP   17,5002016-10-15 19:07:04
Next year I am bringing my amp and a better 80 meter antenna
K2QO   SOMixed LP   54,7682016-10-15 19:07:08

Spent lots of time chasing mobiles with OK results. Multiple Qs were had with
KV2X, N2CU, N2ZN, W2PV, and WJ2O. Condx were so so but the Q count and rate
were OK given the lack of solar activity.

Mark K2QO
KF2MR   SOMixed LP   6,8162016-10-15 19:12:02
I don't always operate HF, but when I do, I prefer the NY QSO Party. Stay
Thirsty my friends !
K1RO   SOMixed HP   27,7552016-10-15 19:16:58
First time in this contest. Lots of fun! Great mobile participation - N2ZN 18
QSOs, N2CU 14, WJ2O 10, W2PV 9, KV2X 6, K8MR 4, K0BAK 3. I could have done a
better job keeping track of the mobiles as they changed counties.

Missed SCO for the sweep.

40 meters started off quite long and I didn't hear many ENY stations for the
first several hours. Fortunately WNY stations were quite workable. It got
better for a few hours in the afternoon. 20 meters is tough this close to NY,
but I was glad to work some on CW, including some mobile contacts.

Thanks to the sponsors and the NY stations for a good time.
N3TWM   SOMixed QRP   14,9912016-10-15 19:18:01
Gave this one my all, had a great time, thanks to the awesome, awesome mobile
stations, I worked those guys so many times.
K4QPL   SOMixed HP   7,7442016-10-15 19:23:26
Thanks for Q's, especially mobiles.
VE3TW   SOMixed HP   16,2552016-10-15 19:40:36
Thanks to all the sponsors and organizers. High local noise made some copy here
difficult but still lots of fun. Please join us for the Ontario QSO Party in
VA3WU   SOMixed LP   3,5152016-10-15 19:41:51
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's NYQP Contest Log (Out of State) 1.5
CLUB: Contest Club Ontario
NAME: Rick Barron
ADDRESS: 8 Swayze crt
K2LE/1   SOMixed HP   15,5172016-10-15 19:42:51



Andy K2LE
K2ZR   SOCW LP   71,3442016-10-15 19:49:57
Dick, K2ZR
NN2NN   SOSSB HP   67,7762016-10-15 20:16:13
Thanks for all the Q's.

Steve NN2NN
W7GF   SOCW LP   1602016-10-15 21:00:37
Big storm here in Eugene, OR with 40+ mph winds, but managed to make a few
NG7Z   SOCW LP   8162016-10-15 21:24:13
K2-100 Vertical. Tough going for props into NY. I worked everyone I could hear.
The only mobile I could hear was W2CU and only twice. The op had very good ears
cuz he was right at the noise level. I had much better luck in the IAQP. 73 Paul
K4RUM   SOMixed HP   3,0162016-10-16 02:40:16
I had hoped to operate this from my new QTH is Suffolk County, NY but house is
uninhabitable due to extensive renovation work, so I operated from my remote
station in Jupiter, FL. 200 w to a 6-BTV.
W2SO   M/MMixed LP   91,5462016-10-16 03:05:58
strange bad conditions! the club also needs to put some more work into our
filtering systems and antennas - the CW and phone stations continue to have
same-band interference issues, and that is a problem! 40M and 80M continue to
be the best for us - 80M was useful through the entire contest period but was
largely empty during the day. Why?
K2QB   SOCW LP   9,0722016-10-16 05:21:43
FT-2000 @ 100w
Antenna was a 120ft end fed wire at 50ft.
Was only able to work the last two hours of the contest.
W2EG   SOCW LP   91,7282016-10-16 06:16:01
Virtually same stats as last year: couple more Q's and one fewer
mult. Of course no Q's this year on 10 and only 1 Q on 15 (even
though reverse beacon network said 15 was open). I think the
limiting factor on score (at least for all CW) is the number of
participants. Once you run the well dry, it's a LONG time between

Anyway, another enjoyable contest and I thank all for the
Q's. Special thanks to the guys who went driving around to the
rarer counties and a tip of the hat to all the guys who spotted

73, Rich, W2EG
WB2SIH/2   SOMixed LP   49,0562016-10-16 06:18:17
Thanks to the RDXA for sponsoring contest. Conditions on higher bands were poor
here. Plugged away and had a great time giving out WARREN County. Thanks to the
mobiles for their efforts activating needed counties. See you all next year!
AA3K   SOMixed LP   11,8252016-10-16 07:01:11
On the road for PA QSO Party weekend so I decided to join PA's northern
neighbor. I've stumbled into two first place out of state finishes, maybe I
can snag a third. Had a lot of fun. Called CQ a lot and practiced SO2V with
N1MM and my K3. Got 55 of the 62 NYS counties. Putnam was the last new county
I worked in the last hour of the contest and there was a pile-up. Maybe I'll
hit the road next year and operate in-state.
N2CU   SO MobileMixed LP   95,3522016-10-16 07:34:48
A H-U-G-E (upstate NY'ers will get the reference) thank you to the NYQP
organizers and the RDXA for this event. This was more like it (see my comments
from last year). Even though conditions were sucky to the extreme, activity was

My start in ERI was very slow and it was like pulling teeth to get a QSO. I
CQ'd on 20, 40 and 80 with little to show. 47 QSOs. It was the same thing last
weekend in the PAQP where I started in ERI also. Maybe it's something with the
county name :)

In CHA, things improved with a better location and the sun warming things up.
102 QSOs.

CAT was not far away, distance wise from the ERI and CHA lines, and it produced
pretty well. 86 QSOs.

Then it was a longer drive to reach WYO, ALL and LIV. Once in LIV after sunset
I decided to change my on-the-fly plans and double back through a few counties
to get some 80m QSOs. That was a good choice rather than running 20 or 30 miles
to another county. I loaded up in WYO and ALL to finish. WYO 128 QSOs, ALL 160
QSOs and LIV 124 QSOs. I also finished 1 hour away from home; got home at a
decent hour.

I checked/CQ'd on 15 and 80 during the daylight hours but no takers for the
most part.

Got lots of crazy good signal reports, like 40 over 9 on 40m SSB from a station
in New England, and 20 over 9 from the midwest. I love it! Maybe being on a
hilltop at 2100' elevation had something to do with it.

Best 60 minute rate 109/hour
Counties activated 6
Counties worked 42
Sections and provinces 45
Stations worked in every county K1RO, N2JJ and WN4AFP
QSO leaders K1RO (14), WA3HAE (12), N2JJ (11), K2SSS and WN4AFP (10)

Thank you to all who participated in our QSO party. It was very much

K3/100, KA8KIP Eliminator screwdriver with 94" whip, N1MM+

73, Tom N2CU
N2FF   SOSSB LP   3,5002016-10-16 07:43:08
A very small effort
K9GDF   SOCW LP   1,2542016-10-16 07:45:42
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
W2XL   SOMixed HP   138,4322016-10-16 08:15:50
Nothin' doing on 15, but overall conditions not bad, Lots of activity and fun
chasing mobiles. TNX to RDXA for a FB event.
K4AMA   SOMixed LP   4812016-10-16 08:16:05
Elecraft K3, KIO Hex for 20, wire in a tree on 40 and 80.
Thanks fof the Q's !
73, Tony K4AMA
N2ZN   Multi-Op MobileCW LP   109,2882016-10-16 08:28:46
Another run through New York State for the NYQP. This year, we just stuck to
mostly the main highways and didn't get too fancy. We got to see almost all of
the regions of NY State on this trip, from Western NY and the Finger Lakes to
the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, the Southern Tier, and the Capitol Region.
You can definitely cover a lot of ground in 12 hours.

We were down 200+ QSO's on 20 meters compared to our last mobile trip in 2014,
but did better on both 40 and 80. 20 seemed open most of the day, with good
signals, but no rate to be had, most of the time.

We had originally planned to end in Cattaraugus county, but instead opted to
change the route to include Putnam county earlier in the day, since it would be
close to our route. That turned out to be a better idea, since we would have hit
CAT at the very end with only a few minutes left, with no idea if anyone would
still be around to work us!

Thanks to all who worked us, and thank you to all of the other participating
stations who made the 8th running of the NY QSO Party a success. Also thanks
to the other mobiles who got out and put some rare counties on the air.

73, Ken N2ZN and Dean, NW2K

Some statistics:

QSO's per county activated:

RoverLocation Total N2ZN
ALB 20 20
ALL 38 38
BRM 68 68
CAY 4 4
CHE 30 30
COL 36 36
COR 28 28
DEL 49 49
DUT 30 30
HER 9 9
LIV 13 13
MAD 6 6
MON 19 19
MTG 19 19
ONE 23 23
ONO 13 13
ONT 24 24
ORA 43 43
PUT 19 19
REN 10 10
SCH 9 9
SCU 42 42
SEN 21 21
STE 44 44
SUL 54 54
TOM 48 48

Rate sheet:

Date Hour Total 1 Running Total
2016-10-15 14 59 59 59
2016-10-15 15 45 45 104
2016-10-15 16 36 36 140
2016-10-15 17 49 49 189
2016-10-15 18 53 53 242
2016-10-15 19 42 42 284
2016-10-15 20 88 88 372
2016-10-15 21 91 91 463
2016-10-15 22 49 49 512
2016-10-15 23 71 71 583
2016-10-16 0 80 80 663
2016-10-16 1 56 56 719
N4UL   SOMixed LP   5,4762016-10-16 08:50:30
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 CW 19 38 2 2.0
3.5 LSB 3 3 1 1.0
7 CW 32 64 21 2.0
7 LSB 21 21 8 1.0
14 CW 10 20 3 2.0
14 USB 2 2 2 1.0
Total Both 87 148 37 1.7

Score : 5,476
Rig : TS-940S

Antennas : Tribander, 40 M loop, 80 M Windom
NW2K   Youth<13SSB QRP   12016-10-16 10:24:10
Just a quick note of thanks to ALL...including all ops, all plaque sponsors, all
RDXA members and the entire NYQP Team.

One QSO or 100, please email your log to:

Please submit your log as soon as you can! Thanks!, 73, Dean, NW2K
K3OQ(@W3RFC)   SOCW HP   3122016-10-16 10:44:06
Repaired 40 meter antenna...this was the test in prep for CQWW.
K4WDR   SOSSB HP   4752016-10-16 15:12:05
Did not plan on operating this contest but once I heard someone calling NY QP I
figured what the hell. gave it 3.5 hrs or so and stayed on 40m the entire time.
KC2DZT   SOMixed LP   2,0742016-10-16 15:21:05
NY QSOPARTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-10-15

CallSign Used : KC2DZT
Operator(s) : KC2DZT

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Default Exchange : LIV
Gridsquare :

Name : don
Address : 107 woltz ave
City/State/Zip : buffalo NY 14212

ARRL Section : WNY
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5803.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Mt2
3.5 LSB 4 4 1 0
7 LSB 55 57 32 1
Total Both 59 61 33 1

Score : 2,074
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2016-10-16 Signature :
WN4AFP   SOCW LP   9,4502016-10-16 16:42:12
The NYQP was quite a work-out for me... The bands cooperated and we had great
on-air experience at this party. I had a difficult time staying on CW, when I
knew that there were tons of SSB stations just a few turns of the knob
away...but I committed to CW only this year. 40m was the band once again for SC
to NY. My goal was to reach 12k points, but I ran out of time. Thanks to the
mobile and rovers that heard me.. N2ZN, N2CU, K8MR, WJ2O and KV2X. I was amazed
to make Qs on 80m... Running my trusty IC-751 (70 w) to dipoles at 10 feet. 73s
K9NW   SOCW LP   1,0562016-10-16 18:11:13
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
N4OO   SOCW LP   162016-10-17 05:33:32
While fixing a computer issue - called a few of our NY friends. 73 OO
K4BAI   SOMixed HP   4,3802016-10-17 07:51:35
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Thanks for all QSOs,
especially the mobiles. 73, John, K4BAI.
W3RGA   SOSSB LP   1,7502016-10-17 09:15:43
S&amp;P for a few hours.
K2SSS   SOCW HP   128,9562016-10-17 10:02:06
80m.....2L Moxon
40m.....2L Moxon South + 2L Moxon Wewst
20m.....4L OWA Yagi
15m.....6L OWA Yagi

Rig: TS590sg + AL1500
WUØB   SOSSB LP   362016-10-17 17:58:01
I'm guessing I'll be one of the lower scores! Mainly, I was testing out my
repaired horizontal loop, one corner of which was knocked down by hurricane
Matthew last week. Thanks for the QSO's!
K5KJ   SOMixed LP   1902016-10-18 13:53:46
conditions were poor
KØBAK   SO MobileSSB HP   20,9512016-10-18 16:41:44
Roved in all New York City boroughs / counties plus WES.
Operated rover-style, stopping in each county at one location
each to operate. Dangerous to operate in motion with just one person.
Screwdriver didn't move near the end; could only operate 20m in RIC.
High&quot; power was only 400w.
Most operating locations were also NPOTA units, so attracted
additional contacts from NPOTA chasers but gave out the NYQP exchange.
Self-spotting should be permitted, especially for mobiles.
Cannot police self-spotting anyway.
WH6YH   SOCW LP   5442016-10-18 18:31:55
Icom 7410 and a dipole. NY had several loud stations and I enjoyed following the
mobiles. Hurricane cleanup and the resulting pain kept me from spending more
time in this event. Thanks for the QSO. 73, Mike