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World Wide Iron Ham Contest   2013   Dec 28   Comment Summary

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K6GHA   SOAB LP   2,0252013-12-28 20:57:56
I had just a few hours today to improve my radio health at the end of the year,
so I decided to spend time exercising by entering the Iron Ham Contest. Ok...,
it was very little exercising, and the only benefit I was able to achieve was
in making a few DX contacts that required me to do a few deep knee bends (at
LP) to get them into the log.
But, I crossed my finish line (a short one), early in the evening and enjoyed
a nice cool beverage at the end of contest. Isn't that what Iron Men do?
Cheers, Happy Holidays, and on to 2014.
W1UE(@K1LZ)   SOAB HP   104,0432013-12-29 04:00:02
Total Score was hand-calculated per the contest rules.

Ironman Contest is aptly named. It takes an iron will- and an iron butt- to
sit there through several 6-10 QSO/Hr hours. Finally got bored chasing RAEM
stations to get a few QSOs- there were no WWIH stations on that I hadn't
already worked- and went to bed about midnight local time. Didn't even make it
through European sunrise. Did work some nice DX, but most of it will be gone in
the log checking.

I like the concept of this contest, but it seriously lacks participation.
There just weren't enough ops doing it to make me want to stay at the radio.
On top of that, the log checking requirements are a little severe- while my
"total score" was a little over 100K, I expect that the log checking-
removing all Qs and mults that either didn't turn in a log or don't appear in 3
submitted logs- will leave me with 5-10% of that amount.

A long day at the radio, contesting and DXing, is still better than a short day
siting at home watching TV! After a nap, I should be up and ready for the
Patriots football game this afternoon.

Thanks to all for the Qs, and a big thanks to Krassy K1LZ for the use of his

Dennis W1UE
PP1CZ   SOAB HP   27,3752013-12-29 04:15:44
Hello friends.
I believe Iron Ham is one of the most interesting Contests in the anual
calendar, due to his formula of use the 03 modes, encouraging all the ham radio
to know and be ready to use those modes (CW, SSB and RTTY), during the period of
the Contest and outside of it.
I experienced a very bad propagation during all Contest long.
Hope next time we have better conditions.
Best 73 and see you in the next Iron Ham Contest.
PP1CZ - Leo.
PX2F(@PX2B)   M/2 HP   569,9762013-12-29 10:42:19
Hello All,

Thanks for being in our log. We hope to find more ham[s next year.
73 and Happy 2014.

PX2F Team
K4BAI   SOAB HP   402013-12-29 12:15:30
Should be a Check Log only since I didn't observe the one hour minimum per mode
rule in one instance. I was busy with the RAC Canada Winter Contest, but
called every station I heard in the World Wide Iron Ham Contest on SSB or CW.
I don't work RTTY yet. It must be very hard, even for an Iron Ham, to CQ and
CQ with few answers, since there is so little activity in the contest. I
called to encourage the few stations I heard. 73, John, K4BAI.