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Mississippi QSO Party   2009   Feb 28   Comment Summary

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WB2ABD   Single Op LP   9252009-03-01 08:48:14
Thanks to the mobiles.

T-T O2 inv vees N1MM/uHam MK
NO5W   Single Op LP   1,3022009-03-01 11:04:13
I normally make the trek over to MS to operate the MS QP as an in-state mobile
but this year, for various reasons, decided to operate it from home. About an
hour into it, hearing the pileups on the mobiles from the apparent good
participation, I was wishing I was out there. It sounded like fun even with the
rain, sleet, and snow that NN9K was experiencing up in the northern counties.

Thanks to the mobiles NN9K(13), W3DYA(9), and K4ZGB(6) for keeping it

W5ZL, KU5B, and I will be out and about again in the upcoming Oklahoma QSO
Party (March 21-22) as a multi-two mobile covering most of the counties west of
I-35. Details are on my website at

Hope to work you in the OKQP,

WQ5L/5   Single Op LP   27,0102009-03-01 16:55:45
My home county, Harrison, is always well represented in the MSQP, so I figured
I'd hand out a different one this time. Drove up to my mother's home in Pearl
River County, hung a multiband dipole in a big oak tree, and set up the radio
in the garage. Worked well enough, and the great food was a bonus! (thanks

Got home in time to operate the last hour or so from here... 45 Qs x 24 mults
not included in the above. Thanks for the Qs. 73,

-- Ray WQ5L
N6MU   Single Op LP   1,3442009-03-02 11:31:31
Thanks to the three mobiles, W3DYA(10)/NN9K(12)/K4ZGB(7), for keeping it
interesting. 73...

John, N6MU
K4ZGB/M   Mobile LP   27,8202009-03-04 07:39:07
Weather was not good so had to skip Pontotoc and Union counties.
Thanks for following me through the counties. Worked many of you several times.
N8II   Single Op HP   5,2362009-03-05 05:49:13
Like trying to pick fish bones after the cat has been by! Seriously, the
activity was reasonable considering a low population state and not being known
as a hot bed for contesters. My rate was about 11 Q's/hour, but NN9K showed up
in a lot of counties I still need, so that kept me going, many thanks! W3DYA
and him traced over some of the same counties which didn't help the mult
Mobile QSO's as follows: NN9K - 20, W3DYA - 14, K4ZGB - 9; thanks again! 75M
was pretty well worked out by 0100Z, but I'd call a few CQ's every so often and
monitor the MS group for newcomers. Condx were about as expected for bottom of
the cycle; 20 was marginal (K4ZGB not workable from NE MS) all day and went
long around 2030Z which didn't help. 40 phone activty was low. This was my best
effort in MSQP, finally figured out the 75M technique. Thanks to OMISS for
sponsoring the QP and kudos to Mal,W5XX who mentioned at the end that he
skipped meals to stay on full time and worked 771 Q's! Gotta be more solar flux
by next year.
W3DYA   Mobile LP   34,6002009-03-05 13:37:54
My first time as MS mobile and the activity was very good.
KN4Y(@KN5Y)   Single Op LP   2852009-03-08 08:48:14
Was able to work last hour.
WQ7A   Single Op LP   1262009-03-08 16:15:32
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