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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2016   Jul 16   Comment Summary

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WØPAN   SOSB/6 LP   552016-07-17 09:03:27
Great to work 4 XE's and a W5. Almost more than local W7's.
W7WHY   SOSB/6 LP   782016-07-17 10:01:31
Had the radio sitting on 50.125 while working around the shack. Signals would
pop in for a couple of minutes and then be gone again.

Too bad it wasn't as good Saturday as it was Friday. Had a good opening to the
SW most of the day Friday.

Thanks for the Q's and 73

FT-450 ~75 watts
Delta loop at 15 feet.
W4MZA   Multi-Op LP   7,6722016-07-17 12:26:30
St Simons Amateur Radio Club, St Simons Island, GA
YU1BFG   Multi-Op LP   54,2092016-07-17 13:28:28
6m RIG: FT 950 ant 6el YU7EF
2m RIG: FT 225RD + 50W QRO ant: 17 el TONNA
TNX all for PTS,

YU1AU Miki
N3QE   SOSB/6 LP   9662016-07-17 13:43:08
Most all CW! Took a few quick listens to 6M during slower afternoon of NAQP RTTY
but didn't find much. Most of the action I found was Sunday morning which seemed
very fine to midwest and 4/5 land.
KF6HI   SOSB/6 LP   1542016-07-17 13:53:20
Propagation only to the south. Half the log are XE calls.
W4EE   SOSB/6 LP   2,4202016-07-17 13:54:24
TS-590S es OCF dipole
N1MM+ logger
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
N4PN   SOSB/6 HP   14,2992016-07-17 13:58:09
Condx either real good or real bad in short openings...lots of QSB..
Still fun as you never know what might open...
Thanks to all...
73, Paul, N4PN
N4DU   SOSB/6 HP   7542016-07-17 14:00:42
1st time in a VHF contest, enjoyed it, best hour was 14 with a pipeline to
TX,OK,LA,MS area 19 zulu hour.

Antenna was 160M Inv-L with a K3s and 500w.

Thanks for the qso's.

N4VDL   SOSB/6 LP   4252016-07-17 14:00:45
FT450D @ 100W into OCF Multi-band at 70'
WC4H   SOSB/6 LP   20,4822016-07-17 14:07:48
CQWWVHF Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-07-16

CallSign Used : WC4H
Operator(s) : WC4H

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : NON-ASSISTED
Band : 6M
Power : LOW
Mode : MIXED
Overlay Category : OVER-50
Default Exchange : EL95
Gridsquare : EL95TQ

Address : PO BOX 161155
City/State/Zip : MIAMI FL 33116-1155

ARRL Section : SFL
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4527.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Grd
50 CW 23 23 7
50 USB 186 186 91
Total Both 209 209 98

Score : 20,482
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2016-07-17 Signature :
K9NW   SOSB/6 LP   2402016-07-17 14:08:50
Didn't spend a lot of time at it. Seemed like when I was around the E cloud was
mostly right above me, or located such that my signal bounced into vast areas of
water. A little FL and southern W5 on Sunday PM was about the only highlight.

73, Mike K9NW
N2PP   SOSB/6 HP   18,6012016-07-17 14:10:08
Es was as advertised: "sporadic" at this QTH. Thanks to all the
stations who called and especially the hard working rovers. Best DX was YN,
VE4, and W7's. Best hour was 50 Qs from 0000-0100 UTC.

Elecraft K3, amp, and 7 el yagi @ 72 ft.
AEØEE   SOAB LP   5892016-07-17 14:10:59
6m: 100 W, Moxon up 12'.
2m: 50 W, 3-element Yagi up 12'.

Saturday evening there was a nice opening to the northeastern US on 6 m.
Sunday was pretty quite except for the lone 2 m contact. Mostly I operated
SSB, but a few contacts were on CW.
N9VPV   SOAB LP   882016-07-17 14:11:06
Just a little time Sunday morning
KY7M   SOSB/6 HP   8932016-07-17 14:12:34
Pathetic conditions here except for working XE. One station in WA, one in CA,
and two in TX. All others were in AZ.
KØBJ   SOSB/6 LP   4252016-07-17 14:13:13
Very pleased that my HS friends got use of 6 for the contest, and especially
that they had a FB opening to EU the day before.

Why was 6 really good Wed, Fri and sorta Thu, and then mundane for the contest?
W9AV   SOSB/6 LP   1,0152016-07-17 14:14:07
New dipole antenna at second QTH in EN43, much better than G5RV on 6 meters.
Never did get a decent opening. Not a lot of activity. The only DX was YN2N and
N6ZFO   SOSB/6 LP   7982016-07-17 14:14:47
ICOM Pro-II 100 watts.

First effort with new Innov FLA 6 el beam.
Es opening on Saturday afternoon provided contacts in the CN, CO and DN grid
areas, but nothing to the midwest or east. Most distant qso was VE7IY on
Vancouver in CO70. Beacon heard Sunday am from CO83, a distance of 1083 miles,
but no contest activity.
VE3VN   SOSB/6 LP   4682016-07-17 14:15:30
No antenna + poor condx + summer wx = lousy score.
NV9L(@WB9Z)   Multi-Op HP   19,5202016-07-17 14:15:36
One word for this contest; Brutal. There was an opening to FL and TX earlier
today. Had some storms pass through earlier today bringing loads of static
crashes. What do you wanna bet that 6 meters is wide open tomorrow?
K2XA   SOSB/6 LP   3,5702016-07-17 14:16:10
Had fun using a 40/30 dipole at 70 feet!
K7CW   SOSB/6 HP   9,6862016-07-17 14:16:35
Well, at least we got a little bit of E-skip. Multi-hop to ZF1EJ Sunday morning
helped keep the interest level up. 73, Paul K7CW
W2EG   SOSB/6 HP   2202016-07-17 14:20:38
250W. 2 hours, 10 min. 80,40,20,10 parallel dipoles and antenna tuner. Best DX:
EL97 -- very brief openings generally. Tx for Qs -- good time! 73, Rich, W2EG
W4VIC   SOSB/6 HP   2862016-07-17 14:21:25
Let me make it abundantly clear: VHF contests are not my favorite activity.
They are considerably less than that. But this experience is called 'Taking
one for the Gipper.' So, Gipper, enjoy.

Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC
N2SLO   SOAB HP   10,0342016-07-17 14:22:48
Decent contest, 6M opened on Saturday night to the EN's. Sunday morning the EL's
and EM's in Florida were strong. Band closed around 1720. Much better than last
year, we had no E's in 2015.
KD9GKL   SOSB/6 LP   5,5682016-07-17 14:23:35
Thanks for all the calls! See you during the next contest.
KD7H   SOAB LP   4952016-07-17 14:23:51
I was glad I was on the air when six meters opened to California, on Saturday,
and I also enjoyed working a number of 'locals.' I was limited in time and with
my basic, low profile antennas (CC&Rs): a Cushcraft OCF vertical on 6m and a
Buddipole dipole on 2m. Thanks to everyone who could hear me!
KE4S   SOSB/6 HP   1,0082016-07-17 14:25:36
K3/P3, 4L SteppIR. First VHF contest using only the SteppIR on 6m. Late start -
delayed for the NAQP RTTY and limited time to play(visiting grandkid!). I
enjoyed the time I had in the contest.
N4CF   SOSB/6 LP   4322016-07-17 14:32:47

The "magic band" wasn't so magic at this QTH, especially with my
non-VHF antenna -- a Carolina Windom up 40'.

I joined this contest specifically to earn Qs for the PVRC 5M 20-for-20
certificate. I accomplished that, with 27 Qs, but the overall rate was dismal
-- 10 Qs/hour.

I can't blame my antenna entirely, as
showed few openings on Sunday Afternoon.

On Saturday I split my time between this and NAQP RTTY which, thankfully, was a
whole lot more fun to operate.
N1WK/R   Rover LP   4,8362016-07-17 14:33:38
Traveling through scenic New England!
W1XM(KB1CGZ)   SOAB HP   8682016-07-17 14:34:05
Just on from 2pm-4:30pm Sunday. Quiet.
K5ND   SOAB LP   4,4822016-07-17 14:35:18
Running K3 on 6 meters at 100 watts into Par Electronics Stressed Moxon at 25
feet. IC-910H into Omniangle on 2 meters.

Conditions on 6 meters picked up from time to time. But often lost a few
stations, particularly on JT65. Good openings to VE and to XE. Late opening to
Florida and the East Coast. Fun times. Thanks for the QSOs.
AA7V   SOSB/6 LP   3382016-07-17 14:35:27
Computer says 2 hours of operating.
Sure seemed like more than that!
Guaranteed didnt go over max allowed op time.

When are they going to allow BOTH cw & ssb with same station on same band?
WDØBGZ   SOAB LP   2,5162016-07-17 14:37:10
Icom 746pro at 100 watts
13 elements on 2-meters at 24 feet
3 elements on 6-meters at 20 feet
Still using my portable setup at my house until my tower gets installed
KX7L   SOAB LP   2482016-07-17 14:37:28
Had to drive down to Portland a couple hours after the contest started on
Saturday, and didn't get back until late Sunday morning, so missed most of the
action. Nice to work the locals, though!
KØFX   SOSB/6 LP   122016-07-17 14:40:16
IC-756Pro + KT34XA
Tnx for the Q's - 73 Don K0FX
WC7S   SOSB/6 QRP   242016-07-17 14:44:56
W0ZA DM79, K0GU DN70, K0GU DN70, K7WT CN85, N7EA CN85, W0ETT/R DM79, AA0RS DN70

First time in VHF contest in 40+ years... then a wide spaced 8 el beam.. now a
J-pole built a week ago. Tmw.. maybe a quad??? Thanks to all that stuck with
it, and I hope to see you next time. Wish the band had stayed good, logged 115
qs in the last week for 16 Qs a day average.
See you next test!!
Dale - WC7S in Wy
KU8E   SOSB/6 HP   7,2502016-07-17 14:47:05
K3 / KPA500 5 Element Yagi @ 10 feet , Vertical loop @ 35 ft

Off and on openings. Mostly 5,9 and 0 call areas. Didn't open to east coast
until Sunday morning. Only DX worked this time was XE2X.

K4WI   SOSB/6 HP   9,4532016-07-17 14:47:11
What a difference a few days makes! Started of with a bang but went downhill
from there. it would open for just a few minutes and then close again.... very
frustrating! Did work a bunch of friends: K4ZGB, N4OX, AB4B, WB4JGG, WW4LL,
K4BAI, KR4F, NV4B/5, K8YFM, KU8E and N4PN. Only DX was a couple of XE, YN, and
YS. The YS was a new one for me...#68... Only 2 things left to get under my
belt: get on the cover of CQ and dxcc on 6! Maybe I will make it! Equip:
2000D+SB220+ 7 el@50 and Writelog. Thanks to all for the qso's 73's Cort K4WI
K9DR   SOSB/6 LP   12016-07-17 14:47:23
Perhaps the worst contest experience of my life. Put up new antenna. Hooked
IC756 ProII into IF out of K3 to make use of Icom's band scope. (Works well,
BTW) Spent several days prior getting a feel for conditions and working new
grids. Was surprised at how many "Thanks for the new grid" comments
I got. There has been lots of 6 meter activity from DN62, which is Casper,
Wyoming. Got XYL situated so I was free to operate as needed. Updated N1MM+.
Started contest on time.

Called CQ both SSB & CW many hundreds of times over next 27 hours and got
one single response from W7FI in Seattle about 7 hours into the contest. Might
have been meteor scatter, because I immediately jumped to 50.125 and heard
another Seattle area station sign and, before I could call him, he was gone and
the band was dead, again. The whole process was well under a minute.

No, I my BIC time was small, but I was in the shack checking for signals on the
band scope and calling CQ every 15 - 30 minutes, except the period 8:00 PM to
6:00 AM local time. I was never spotted on the Reverse Beacon Network nor did
I hear a single beacon during the contest.

They call 6 meters the "Magic Band." Well, for me, this weekend it
was the "Bad Magic Band.

Dan - K9DR
N1PRW   Hilltopper QRP   142016-07-17 14:48:06
Portable QRP operation on Sunday afternoon from my deck in Andover, Mass. at
130' ASL. Weather was sunny, hot, and humid, with a temperature of 84F.

Station Equipment:
- Yaesu FT-817ND @ 5 Watts
- 1/2 wavelength 6m aluminum dipole, homemade
- Elk 2M/440L5 portable log periodic antenna
- 12V 9Ah gel cell battery

Quiet. No enhancements. I called CQ most of the time, which resulted in four of
my five QSOs. Minor battery problems; I don't think they're getting fully
charged between uses.

73, Alexander N1PRW
W1NN   SOSB/6 LP   1,5392016-07-17 14:48:21
Tuned up my 40M dipole to see what I could work and did a lot better than
previous occasions when I've tried the same thing. Worked quite a few W4 and
W5 stations in addition to quite a few locals. I was even able to run quite a
bit. Best rate was 22 in the 1400Z hour. I think there would be more contacts
made if more stations would try calling CQ.
KB8U   SOAB HP   16,2642016-07-17 14:49:17
Average band conditions for a CQ WW VHF contest, at least while I was on. I did
manage 1 double hop Es QSO with Nicaragua but otherwise it was all single hop Es
on 6m.
AC4G   SOSB/6 LP   9362016-07-17 14:51:16
Lots of QSB in terrible band condx, but was able to QSO EA8 Sunday morning and
bare out several QSOs.
N7RK   SOAB LP   2242016-07-17 14:53:29
Boring! Only worked Arizona and two XE's
N7IR   SOAB QRP   1,3682016-07-17 14:57:23
Unfortunately, the excellent 6 meter sporadic-E openings earlier in the week did
not reoccur during this contest. Other than brief openings to the Pacific NW
and to southern Texas on Saturday all stations worked were either locals or in
Mexico. Thanks to our XE friends who provided a lot of my multipliers.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.

Gary, N7IR
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   2,1002016-07-17 15:00:01
30 q's in the first hour - all downhill after that! S8 - 9 power line noise to
SW and NE didn't help much. NB on the K3 helped some. There's always next
VA7FC   SOAB HP   5,6172016-07-17 15:01:29
Was a fun Contest ....mostly north south prop...
It was really fun to work ZF1EJ on SSB and JT65 !!Thanks to all for calling me
W4HLR   SOSB/6 HP   2,8862016-07-17 15:02:09
The VE , CO, XE were the only outside nice to work co70 NWP from here , Did hear
some meteor scatter , and Saturday signals were full of sometimes deep qsb.
Thanks my 3rd contest Howard w4hlr
K4BAI   SOSB/6 LP   4,8232016-07-17 15:08:31
IC756Pro, 100W, 5 el M2 beam at 60'. Very disappointing. The time above comes
from the N1MM+ program and doesn't include a lot of listening and calling CQ
without response. Got two new grid squares from my only two QSOs outside the
US and Canada, CO3VR and XE2JS. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
KM4HI   SOSB/6 LP   35,0302016-07-17 15:16:47
My first CQWW VHF test. Saturday was a bust for most of FL .. only managed 15
Sunday was Florida's day and a blast with the band open most of the contest
period. Had some great runs on SSB before noon then slowed down during the mid
afternoon. No DX except for a few XE's. Thanks to all for the Q's. CU next

73 de Jim KM4HI

3L yagi @ 48'
Win-Test 4.21.0
KF2MR/R   Rover LP   9,1122016-07-17 15:21:24
Nice contest and more activity than I expected. Had both 6m Es and even little
tropo enhancement on both 6 and 2. Having just 2 bands makes it an easy task to
get the rover setup and ready to go.
VE7IY   SOAB HP   8,2562016-07-17 15:23:34
Slow for the most part but one pretty good opening on the first day and one
lesser opening on the second day.
N6SS   SOSB/6 HP   7202016-07-17 15:25:47
Rig: K3, SB220
Ant: 8 EL LFA up 30m

All QSOs CW. Slim pickings from AZ.
KØSIX   SOSB/6 HP   21,6802016-07-17 15:39:59
Had a few good runs on Saturday, Sunday was pretty much a bust with only 12 Q's.

Elecraft K3, Elecraft KPA500 and InnovAntennas 7 Element LFA at 70'
WX4G   SOSB/6 HP   30,6292016-07-17 15:43:48
Because of poor conditions on Saturday...decided not to operate. Surprised at
activity on got in a few hours.
K4QE   SOSB/6 HP   1302016-07-17 15:45:22
Got on to help out a few friends and made a few more for good measure.
K4RW   SOSB/6 HP   11,2202016-07-17 15:52:24
Six only this year. I had thunderstorms almost all day Saturday so rigs were
off. Sunday was good with Six opening mid-morning. Worked a few European
stations near end of contest, then the thunderstorms arrived again. Typical
South Carolina summer afternoons. Had fun and looking forward to the next
K4MM   SOAB HP   37,6382016-07-17 15:58:19
Conditions poor Saturday. Conditions good Sunday. Never heard any 6 or 7 calls.
Still have a line noise problem. FPL fixes one and another comes on. Murphy!
Six Meter Setup:
RIG: FT-950 AMP: Henry 2006A (KW)
ANT: 6M7JHV @ 30'

Two Meter Setup
RIG: TS-2000 AMP: Mirage B1016 (150W)
ANT: 2M18XXX @ 40'

Thanks to all that worked me. I missed a few due to the QRN/QSB. 73 Tom K4MM
N3YUG   SOSB/6 LP   6672016-07-17 16:18:40
I only got to get on 6M on Sunday. It was fun, but it would have been nice to
get a big opening during the afternoon.
W6ABM   SOSB/6 LP   3382016-07-17 16:24:16
Several hot periods during the day. Worked 5 states: WA, OR, CA, ID, CO. Heard
but did not work XE2CQ in Tiajuana.

100 watts with Yaesu FT-847 and temporary 5-element yagi at 15 feet. Thanks to
Ron KD7VIK for the operating location.

Next 6-meter operation from Cloud Cap at Crater Lake National Park (8,000') for
the Crater Lake Anniversary Special Event, July 23rd. Crater Lake is NP-013 for
National Parks On The Air.
ACØRA/R   Rover LP   32,6342016-07-17 16:25:21
Contest for me always starts a week ahead of time when I start preparing the
rover. Friday evening I had finished up the rover and was just playing around
on 6/2m and made my first ever 2m eskip qso which was cool. Then Saturday at
the start of the contest 6m was open somewhat but didn't seem to last long.
Through the afternoon on Saturday we experienced very low activity levels
struggling to scare up qsos toward dinner time. Did manage a qso with nt0v for
best dx on 2m at 430 miles from EN44. We got bored and headed off to dinner no
more then 5 minutes after we sat down I see the 6m prop map blow up so we took
one for the team I guess. Quickly ate and headed back to the local hill and
went from 72 qsos to 190 in about 90 minutes. After the excitement there we
headed home for the day.

Sunday I woke up quite early but checked radar and storms were coming so I
back to sleep only to be awaken by the strong winds. Finally got out of the
house headed over to the local corner and found my self going down the dirt
road sideways. Messed around in the mud for a good half hour and finally got
the air only to find worst activity then Saturday. I operated for about 3.5
hours on sunday only netting another 26 qsos. I called it quits about noon as
went home made a nice lunch and took a nap till 4pm checking for prop from the
driveway several times to only hear noise.

6M is a blast when it opens but when its dead where is the activity on 2m?
year maybe I just sit at home with rover setup for 6m and wait to go out till
the band opens?

I'm thinking my next vhf contest with be January so hope to see you then!

73 Wyatt
N9NA   SOAB LP   2432016-07-17 16:29:26
Ten Tec Omni 7, Alpha 87a, Steppir DB-18e, 80 meter inverted vee, 160 meter
inverted L
K1TO   SOSB/6 LP   85,4082016-07-17 16:31:36
Huge thanks to George, K5KG for lending me a K3 for the weekend. 100W - M2
6M7JHV at 55'

After a tedious first day with only two QSOs north of FL, Sunday provided
plenty of one-hop Es to make up for it. Never worked or even heard anyone west
of Texas. Missed three normally easy grids in FL.

Tnx to YN2N and V31SA for new DXCC countries/grids and XE2JS for the new grid.
Didn't work even a single new grid in the US. Heard K1IIG in FN51 on CW, but
couldn't complete the QSO. EL79 was on but too close to hear.

Nice to see all the rover activity this weekend. Sure wish the band would open
to rarer areas so that any rovers there could be rewarded for their efforts.

Have an S8 noise issue to the northeast towards EU that arose following a heavy
thunderstorm a week ago. I'm now sure that the source is off my property.
Condx this weekend did not favor EU, so this wasn't the showstopper that it
could have been.

Only my second CQ VHF event since I started on 6M in June 2013. Wish the
schedule had it closer to the Es peak (maybe swap with the SMIRK event which
has the theoretical best weekend of the season right now? ;<) )

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to get on.

73, Dan
WA6ZTY   SOAB LP   1,0712016-07-17 16:36:41
Began on Saturday evening due to other commitments. Operated from home with 100
watts, 5 elements on 6 and 9 elements on 2. No major 6m openings but a few
minor ones that didn't last very long, all single hop. Activity seemed low
compared to past events.
N6ORB   SOSB/6 LP   1,1882016-07-17 16:40:36
Worked four states: CA, OR, WA, ME. Yes, I worked K1TOL during a brief opening
to New England. Also worked BC and Mexico.
K1SX   SOSB/6 QRP   3572016-07-17 16:45:25
Genesis G11, 7 watts to 3 el. LFA at 20'.
Enough interesting propagation to make it fun. Both west and south, but rarely
for long. I don't think there is an official SOSB QRP category, but 3830 allows
it so here it is. tnx all for your patience!
K8MR   SOAB LP   2,4822016-07-17 16:49:14
Mediocre openings on six, mainly to Fl and a bit of TX. Tropo conditions on two
meters on Saturday night seemed pretty good, but as usual not a lot of activity
up there.

I had hoped to be back in FN51 (Cape Cod) where my wife's cousin has a summer
QTH, but the scheduling did not work out for this weekend. We do plan to be
there July 31- Aug 5, with radio to hopefully be able to pass out some QSOs
from that relatively rare grid square.

73 - Jim K8MR
K7ULS   SOSB/6 LP   422016-07-17 16:50:29
Powder Mtn. 8000'

I wonder what September will bring.
N2NT(N2NC)   SOAB HP   51,5202016-07-17 16:57:17
Spotty Es most of the time. Very good into FL for several hours Sunday morning.
I think I worked everyone with a 6m rig in FL.

VE1SKY passed me from 6m to 2m on FSK441. That was a first and we did complete
on 2m. Cool.


John N2NC (@N2NT)
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   9,0892016-07-17 17:04:12
Openings of limited time on six to the northeast and the southeast provided the
only highlights in this contest. Lack of activity on two was a low-light. Had
some fun anyway.
VA3WU   SOAB LP   5552016-07-17 17:19:25
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log 5.0
NAME: Rick Barron
ADDRESS: 8 Swayze crt
NP3CW   SOAB LP   902016-07-17 17:19:56
Poor propagation during the event.Not even one QSO from NA.Total of 12 qso,s
8 of them in 6 meters phone and one in cw. 3 contacts in 2M phone
INonTIONSly.Able to work HO2FD in Panama in FJ09,and 3 HK stations on FK20,
FK21,and FJ24. Good luck to all.
W9SZ   Hilltopper QRP   9682016-07-17 17:33:22
I only got to operate 3 hours on Sunday (1700-2000z). Mostly fun contest except
when a line of big storms went through. Fortunately, no antennas were lost and
no equipment was damaged by lightning (which was all around me for a while).
Sporadic little openings to Florida and a more intense one toward the end.
W1AN   SOAB HP   17,0822016-07-17 17:34:48
Need more Es.
WQ5L   SOSB/6 LP   2,7202016-07-17 17:39:19
Just some quick Sunday afternoon fun chasing a small but intense E-cloud from
the Atlantic coast westward across the mid-South. 100W + multiband dipole. 73
de WQ5L
K1TR   SOAB HP   7,6122016-07-17 17:43:02
Got in a little operating time around the several social and family obligations.
Not much to report other than a small bit of 6m E on Sunday morning.
K2EZ/R   Rover LP   1,3802016-07-17 17:54:14
Didn't have much time so only went to 2 local grids for the little bit I was
able to get on.
N3XF   SOAB HP   5,3532016-07-17 18:33:26
6 meters was in and out. When good it was very good, when bad, it was very bad.
Mostly the big time locals on 2.
N8HM   SOSB/6 LP   5942016-07-17 18:38:19
Only a couple of good openings heard here.

Rig - Yaesu FT-450D
Antenna - Arrow II 52-1BP
W1DYJ   SOAB LP   2,4852016-07-17 18:50:25
Rig: TS2000
Antennas: 6M -- HB 7 el at 10M (ARRL Antenna Book)
2M -- 12el K1FO at 12M (K1WHS kit)
Log: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log Ver. 4.9
BIC: 6 hours
Conditions: 6M conditions were up and down. 2M was very quiet.
Mostly Search & Pounce - called CQ when it was overly quiet.

This seemed like a 6M only contest. I periodically checked 2M but there was
not much activity there -- everyone seemed to be on 6. (One new grid on 6 for a
total of 253.) I did catch a number of the short openings on 6, so it wasn't all
bad, just not very active.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
AB4B   SOSB/6 HP   2,9922016-07-17 18:52:47
Oh well......
Thought fer just a sec that the intense Es openings during the week here in NW
would continue...NAUGHT!!!

Highlight was getting called by an EA8 Sunday morning answering to dry CQ's.

WX shut down the station the 1st 4 hrs then kept sparking in local area thru
the evening which put lot's of QRN on the band but I expect that this time of
year here in the " Heart of Dixie".

See all in the next one and hope to get a break on the E's. Tim, AB4B
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   20,6552016-07-17 19:17:39
Elecraft K3 -> kw
6M7jhv @ 55'
VE1SKY   SOAB LP   6902016-07-17 19:28:55
I enjoyed doing the CQWWVHF - even in the face of a *total absence* of N.
American Es to Nova Scotia. We had company here until Sunday morning, so I
sauntered into the contest, coffee in hand, 17 hours late.

Sunday morning produced some good meteorscatter, which I thoroughly enjoy
when-ever it is available. This contest turned out to be nearly entirely
meteorscatter for me. The only real Es for VE1SKY was a late, brief
Transatlantic multihop - CT1HZE,EA8AQV and EA8DBM. Is was nice to catch Lefty,
K1TOL and Bob, VE1YX direct. VA1AVR also jumped in sans enhanced propagation.
Thanks to VE3SMA, N3RG, N2NT, WB8YA and K1OR for two bands (all

Even though the Es were elsewhere for Nova Scotia, I kept busy trying to eek
out QSOs. Modes used were FSK441, CW and SSB. Rig FT847, Low Power, 5 element
LFA (6m) and 12 element K1FO (2m).

A note to the contest committee. It would be very helpful to allow operators
attempting Meteorscatter to post the attempted mode. FSK441 is not the only
mode and is now joined by a smorgasbord of WSJT and WSJT-X offerings including
but not limited to: ISCAT B, JTMSK, JT9H, JTMS and the non-K1JT offering PSK2K.
MSK144 is in development and will likely become a favorite on 2m for rox. A
simple addition of mode, in addition to CQ, Frequency and Sequence would
clarify what any receiving ops should expect and would not continue to stunt
weak signal mode advancement in contests. A tiny improvement would allow the
wide range of mode options provided by K1JT to be easily used in CQWWVHF
contests. Please allow this post in the next CQWWVHF contest - CQ 50283 2nd

Roger, VE1SKY
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia FN74
K3YDX   SOAB LP   1,5122016-07-17 19:35:44
A great deal more 6 meter activity than 2 meters. Good deal of local activity
as well as 6 meter openings made it fun to participate. Given my low dipole
and low power, it sometimes is a challenge but always fun. I noticed a good
bit of QSB from time to time and if I couldn't get heard early on, coming back
in 5 min. usually resulted in the other signals peaking up a bit.
Thanks for the QSO's
KC4PX   SOSB/6 LP   63,3082016-07-17 21:04:56
Saturday conditions were terrible in Florida. It took 9 hors to work 35 contacts
when I turned in at 1AM. The next morning the e's were on our side and the band
was wide open on 6 meters for a full 7 hours. It was back to running 110 Q's
per hour. Its nice to be back into VHF Contesting. Digital mode still needs
more work for me, trying to learn proper sequencing.
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SOSB/6 LP   5882016-07-17 22:28:28
K3 + 3el YAGI @5m AGL.

QSL via LOTW ;)

73! Andy
W4LT   SOSB/6 LP   4,9022016-07-17 23:56:23
TS590 to A503S at 45 feet

Funny: Now that I'm not working full time, it seems that my life is busier than
it was before. I hope this trend does not continue. Caught a little of the
Sunday early afternoon opening. The rest of the time, its grab a half hour
here, a half hour there as time was available. Some stations called on both
modes... so lots of dupes here. At times, with workable signals being so rare,
I simply worked everyone who called.

Some score is better than no score.

Best 73

Lu Romero - W4LT
KØVBU   SOSB/6 LP   1602016-07-18 00:41:14
K3/100 TH6DXX@50\' Trap Dipole apex 30\' N1MM+

First foray onto 6 meters in my 57 years of operating.
Really fun and interesting. Now for an antenna. The TH6DXX just didn't do the
trick :-) !

Thanks for the Q's!
Bill K0VBU
K6CSL   SOSB/6 LP   602016-07-18 01:25:37
Terrible conditions. Need I say more? 73's to all, Bert, K6CSL
N2BEG   SOAB LP   3,4402016-07-18 02:20:23
At least a modest Es opening at the beginning and on and off Sunday morning with
a little tropo. Strange even for 6M. Heard YN2N and he got half my call in the
pile, but no Q.
Best grid west was EM10, nothing east of FN23. S&P 98%, total of 5 hours in
the chair. Way better than last year!
K3OO   SOSB/6 HP   3,9002016-07-18 04:35:52
Was only able to get on 1 hour Saturday night and a half hour on Sunday
Good cdx to the South on Sunday morning.

Had a bunch of 4's calling in... I asked for the 4 with the British Accent....
next qso N4OX calls in and says.. "it a good thing I didn't ask for the 4
with a southern accent"...HIHI>> Fun Times...

Rick K3OO
NV4B/5   Hilltopper QRP   1,2752016-07-18 04:50:18
I operated from Woodall Mountain, Mississippi's highest point as NV4B/5. This
was my seventh VHF contest from Woodall and second CQWW VHF.

The Hilltopper category requires some strategizing -- not to mention a lot of
luck -- due to the six-hour time limit. I watched the weather and DXMAPS
closely Saturday and decided to wait until Sunday. This turned out to be a
good decision in multiple ways.

I got QRV around 1240Z, and after finding fellow ACG member AB4B on 6m CW,
worked KY4MRG in EM77 for my first-ever QSO with KY on 2 meters. I went on to
work IL, TN, GA, AL, and my best 2m DX, K5QE in TX (EM31). I later briefly
heard a station in OH (EM79), but only got one call in before he disappeared.

The first two and a half hours were very slow on 6m. I did hear EA8DBM around
1320Z with an S5 signal, but it wasn't enough for my 10 watts to be heard. I
called CQ around 1450Z and managed to stir up AA5B in DM64. This would be the
only sporadic-E QSO I made with a U.S. state other than Florida.

I then went almost an hour and a half without a single QSO until I found and
worked a loud ZF1EJ at 1612Z. This would be my only DX QSO of the contest,
although I heard the aforementioned EA8, a couple of XEs, V31AE, and bursts of
a couple VE3s. There were numerous such short bursts, possibly MS, to various
areas, but none long or strong enough for a QRP QSO.

Finally, at 1655Z, the floodgates opened, and stations from Florida started
blasting in. The opening would last the remainder of my operating time and
netted me 11 grids on 6m, including relatively-close grids EM70, EM90, and the
ever-elusive EL79. I have to believe that if I had chosen to go back to
Hamilton, AL, where I operated in June, I would have missed some of these grids
by being too close. The opening was still ongoing as I had to pull the plug at
1841Z, but according to DXMAPS, it apparently didn't last much longer. In the
end, I was very pleased with my timing, even with the dead time early, because
I was able to take advantage of the 2m enhancement early and the sporadic-E
opening late.

The only significant disappointment in this one was local participation. I
missed several regulars, but then again, I only got a 6-hour window of the
contest, and that window included church and lunch times. I didn't even work
my own grid square or own state for that matter, although I did hear AF5FM
several times. I was also disappointed to miss EM63. The Birmingham area used
to have much more VHF contest participation, and it would be great to see that
come back. The ACG was well represented, however: I worked ACGers AB4B and
K4WI, and heard but did not work KR4F, N4NM, and N4OX. I know there were
others QRV.

It was fun, and I consider this operation a roaring success in light of my
previous best score in the Hilltopper category (32 points!).

6m: Yaesu FT-690RII @ 10W, 3 el at 7'
2m: Yaesu FT-817ND @ 2.5W + Ramsey PA-10 (modified, 10W linear out), 4 el at
N2CEI   Hilltopper QRP   2,0522016-07-18 05:37:07
It was a Tough Go in a cotton Field of Southern GA avoiding the Lightning! But
always fun and will do it again!
K8GP(@W4RX)   Multi-Op HP   126,3252016-07-18 05:52:59
A BIG thanks to Jim, W4RX, for letting us use his super station again. Activity
was so-so, a lot of close in grids were not active which is a shame. This is a
great contest and more folks should get active. 6m was marginal, I'm sure the
folks in the mid-west and south-west had much better condx than we did.
K2ZD   Multi-Op HP   17,2022016-07-18 06:01:59
Poor conditions and low activity this year. 73 Mario K2ZD & Scott N2RVU
K4SME   Hilltopper QRP   15,9572016-07-18 06:27:56
Had Fun working the pile ups. A good opening all morning. Was hoping to work a
few more on 2m. BUT-- a great day at beach after all!
K3/10 5 Element @ 21 feet on 6
FT817 12 Elements on 2M
Oh! And I beat Steve this time! Thats the best!
WO4O   SOSB/6 HP   10,9022016-07-18 06:41:15
Lacked enthusiasm for a serious commitment to this on-air activity, opting
instead to read the book: "Devil in the Grove". (Movie to be released
in 2017.)

Thanks for the Qs. 73, de ric, wo4o
VA2WA   SOSB/6 LP   6,6152016-07-18 07:58:20
KN4Y   SOSB/6 LP   5,0762016-07-18 08:14:49
Saturday was awaken from snooze every once in awhile. Sunday after Church turned
radio on and dafter 30 minutes of noise, subdued signals broke loose and it was
a journey from Grid square to Grid square. Lost last few hours when guests
arrived, uninvited. In a Gated Community and 30 foot Yagi is hidden in the
center of pine trees, but signals barked in.
WB2FKO   SOAB HP   1,7692016-07-18 08:21:55
S59A   SOSB/6 HP   21,6982016-07-18 09:08:55
Ant system which i usualy used for 6m contests was not prepared,so only part
time operation this time.
Conditions fair to bad,because E-sporadic clouds most of the time over my
No real multihop conditions.One day before the contest, we had nice looong
opening to Thailand. Sorry people do not care much for normal tropo QSOs,so
very little number of QSOs up to 6 or 700 kms.
Funny thing in this contest is that there are only 2 power categories:QRP and
W5PR   SOSB/6 HP   72,2162016-07-18 09:19:25
Unusual propagation this year. Propagation to YV and XE most of Saturday, but
not so much to W/VE. Worked an amazing 6 YVs and 16 XEs that day. Best hour on
Sat was first hour with only 59. Only had 121 total when I pulled the switch
just after 0100Z.
I started late on Sunday at about 1230Z, but luckily the band was pretty dead.
I had DX propagation again, but instead of SE/SW, it was north-south. I worked
Octavio, YN2N at 1318Z and had a short chat. (I have been to his shack for a
contest. I highly recommend it.) Worked V31SA at 1501Z, TG9AJR at 1731Z and the
best one, at 1941Z CT1HZE called me on SSB! That is the second time Joe has
worked me on SSB in a contest, but it never ceases to be an exciting shocker.
After the contest Joe tole me I was the only station in North America that he
heard on SSB!
The west was closed for the contest. I only worked one DM12 and one DM38 on
scatter. No other DM/DN/CM/CN grids. Best hour and only 100+ was the next to
last hour Sunday with 102. Slightly better Q and mult total than last year.
Thanks everyone! Congratulations to K1TO for his astounding low power score.
QSO/Grid by hour and band

Hour 50M Total Cumm OffTime

D1-1800Z 59/23 59/23 59/23
D1-1900Z 18/6 18/6 77/29
D1-2000Z 15/5 15/5 92/34
D1-2100Z 8/4 8/4 100/38
D1-2200Z 5/4 5/4 105/42
D1-2300Z 7/5 7/5 112/47
D2-0000Z 8/4 8/4 120/51
D2-0100Z 1/1 1/1 121/52 49
D2-0200Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-0300Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-0400Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-0500Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-0600Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-0700Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-0800Z --+-- 0/0 121/52 60
D2-0900Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-1000Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-1100Z - 0/0 121/52 60
D2-1200Z 2/1 2/1 123/53 39
D2-1300Z 47/18 47/18 170/71
D2-1400Z 40/14 40/14 210/85
D2-1500Z 24/11 24/11 234/96
D2-1600Z 50/13 50/13 284/109
D2-1700Z 46/10 46/10 330/119
D2-1800Z 81/10 81/10 411/129
D2-1900Z 102/7 102/7 513/136
D2-2000Z 18/0 18/0 531/136

Total: 531/136
VE3DS   SOAB HP   8,4572016-07-18 09:20:59
Enjoyed getting on for this summer contest. Propagation was spotty with short
openings on 50 Mhz, and some good meteors on 144 MHz. Improved my score from
last year (2015). Glad to hear so many Canadian calls QRV this contest, keep it
up guys! Drop your reports to VE3DSS at for inclusion in TCA! eh
AA5B   Multi-Op HP   6,0182016-07-18 10:09:14
Sad statistic:
We worked more XEs than W1, W2, W3, W8, W9, and W0 combined.

Duffey is usually a rover, but I asked him to join me in camping and operating
from the Cibola National Forest at 7800 ft elevation. When we checked DXmaps,
it was frustrating to see almost all of the 6-meter openings from the east
coast stopped in central TX. The station seemed to perform well on the
occasions when there were signals to work, but that wasn't very often. Duffey
was very pleased with a couple 2-meter tropo contacts into Colorado.

TS2000, KPA500, Honda EU2000i
6-mtr Moxon, 4-el yagi on 6, more (10?) elements on 2.

Bruce AA5B
K6EU   SOAB HP   8172016-07-18 10:24:56
Nice opening to PNW on Sat afternoon but otherwise fairly low activity.
W3DHJ/R(W3DHJ/JONESY)   Rover LP   1,0322016-07-18 11:58:04
A pretty sad contest from S.E. Colorado. Lack of propagation, and
lack of regional participation resulted in a total of 29 QSOs.
Nearly the same nubber of QSOs and 32 more point than my 2015
CQ WW VHF and last year I had to QRT after 5 hours on Saturday.
Thanks mostly to George, AB0YM/R, a couple of casual, non-contesters
along the front range, and strange, "pop-up" skip to individual
"DX" stations, all but 5 of my 29 QSOs were unique --
i.e., I had 24 out of 29 QSOs as multipliers.

The "pop-up" skip was weird and occurred mostly on Sunday.
* one 59+ QSO to DN28 --- and nothing else.
* one 59+ QSO to CN87 --- and nothing else.
* one 59+ QSO t0 EM71 --- and nothing else.
* one 59+ QSO to CM87 --- and nothing else.
* one 59+ QSO to DL92 --- and nothing else.
Most of those staions were in for less than a minute.
But, I heard 2 or 3 of'em calling CQ for several minutes --

RoverLog QSOs by Activated Grid:
Grid QSOs
DM77 8
DM78 4
DM87 7
DM88 10

RoverLog Score Summary:
Band QSOs Value QSOPts Mults
50 15 1 15 14
144 14 2 28 10

Totals: 29 43 24

Claimed Score: 1032
VE3SMA   Multi-Op HP   9,9662016-07-18 12:06:17
Small improvements in the station helped us to a better score than we've had the
last couple of years, despite not a lot in the way of propagation and no VE3
rover activity that we heard. Sporadic E was there on and off (on 6m) to
various parts of the southern US but we almost always seemed to be on the edge
of the rather brief openings with only very limited areas heard at one time.
We made more successful use of digital modes this year on both bands, mostly
for meteor scatter contacts, but EME signals were non-existent this time

Food and company were good and most of the mosquitos stayed away. We figured
this was because they knew it was pointless to stick around when they found out
we had finally acquired a rotor for 6m so we didn't have to run outside at night
to turn the beam!

Steve VE3SMA
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   77,4632016-07-18 12:35:25
1. Things looked bleak on Saturday when 6 started to fade out just a couple of
hours into the contest. Fortunately, it did come alive again (for us in WPA /
FN00 to the west, mostly 0-land), and opened nicely to FL, TX, and the gulf
coast in between on Sunday. On Saturday, some of the 0s were running the east
coast as if it was an SS contest!

2. In addition to the usual contacts in FN and FM to our east and south, we had
only four contacts beyond the great middle of the country represented by EN, EM,
and EL along the coast: One each in EO (a VE4) and in DN (a 0) and two in EK (a
YN and a YS).

3. Still plagued with noise, though two sources were identified on Sunday and
will be ameliorated by September. The two XEs we could hear on 6, couldn't hear
us. The other XEs we couldn't hear; ditto the COs and the ZF.

4. 2m of course suffers participation when 6 is pretty open. Yet, those ops
made a good showing.

5. Our usual good results on 222/432 were not a factor :-)

Bob, w3idt
For the Wopsononock Mountaintop Operators, W3SO
NØJK   Hilltopper QRP   1,7402016-07-18 13:13:57
Very hot Saturday afternoon. Nice strong Es opening to New England in the
evening. KD7WD DN15 and KD7UO CN97 called in with my antenna Northeast.


6 -- MFJ-9406 10 W 2 el yagi on 10 ft. mast

2 -- TR0751A, whip
K3TUF   SOAB HP   2,1082016-07-18 13:40:12
This was the first contest where I have rebuilt the station from the flood
damage. First six meters was running a week ago and got 2m working just in time
for the contest.
KW on each band. Spent a lot ot time fine tuning things in the setup between
the logging program and an intermittent in the amp on 6m. Great to have a real
contest to firm things up.
The skip was in and out here and not ever really strong except for one or two
stations who were there for a long period of time.
The log tells me that I spent 3 and one half hours on the contest and 23 and a
half off. So not a real contest entry.
Ended up with 58 q's in 31 grids with the furthest being EN17 and EL96.
It was extremely good to get CW working smoothly, made many 6m contacts on CW.
A fun way to get the station back going again with stations to work.
73, Phil K3TUF
E21EIC   SOSB/6 HP   4,6082016-07-18 22:36:24
We got special permet from NBTC again this year.
Band short open to JAs only 1.5 hr.

73, Champ, E21EIC
LZ1YE   SOSB/6 LP   28,6252016-07-19 05:11:01
For first time in this contest, but very bad propagation... Sri.
Strange that just two categories in this contest: HP and QRP !
K4LY   SOAB LP   6802016-07-19 06:05:53
Called CQ on 144 CW for an hour with only 4 contacts including best DX, K3TUF,
FN10. Worked K8GP on both bands. The "E-cloud" was overhead much of
the time I was on with very little E-skip here until after the contest. Line
noise makes it very frustrating to operate, and I apologize for any who called
me who I couldn't hear.
K1TEO   SOAB HP   82,3372016-07-19 09:42:57
Activity and condx were not great this time around. 6 did open Saturday night
but though signals were loud and a wide geographic area was worked, there were
not that many stations on at any one time. It may be because it was mainly
relatively long single hop Es with a little double hop as well. None of the
high rate shorter stuff (600 miles +/-) to the Midwest that brings high rates.
WQ0P was the first and last station heard and in between loudest throughout the
opening. Sunday morning 6 was open again mainly to Florida and southern GA and
AL with a few in SC too. Activity on 2M was low and condx about normal.

As with last year, the confusion continues between the new (in 2015) ARRL rules
and the CQWW rules. The chat page was used a lot to make skeds and announce
freqs, CQs etc. Some probably aren't planning to enter a log which is fine. And
perhaps some were confused by the rule differences between the contests. Not
sure anything can or should be done though after experiencing the ARRL rules
I'd probably be in favor of extending them to this contest too.

All in all it was fun but hoping next year brings some better condx.


Jeff K1TEO
WQØP   SOAB HP   66,9442016-07-19 16:38:20
First time operating this contest in many years. Contest started out with 98
Q's in the first hour on 6m, thought this might be be big one!!! 6m was very
on Saturday, and only picked back up a little bit on Sunday late. Worked alot
of familiar calls. Best contact during the contest was on 2m K5TR on CW EM00
from here in EM19!
6m: Kenwood TS-2000X 50 watts into modified SB-220 amp 1000w to 5 ele at 40'
2m: Kenwood TS-790a into Henry 2003 1200 watts into 5WL M2 at 35'

Had a very good time, thanks to all.
73 Greg WQ0P
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   11,2802016-07-19 16:45:38
Four Grids in WI on Saturday for a little over 6 hours (plus a few hours of
drive time) followed by four Grids in Illinois on Sunday (about 2-1/2 hours).

This contest really seemed to put the Sporadic in Sporadic E.

It was nice to work another rover in Quebec.

There seemed to be a pipeline to the SE on Saturday near the start (Alabama,
Florida, Georgia and North Carolina) and to the ENE later (Maine,
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ontario, Quebec & Vermont). It was
fun to work a station in FN54 from EN54. Sunday paths were more to the south
(Florida and Mississippi).

Enjoyed the operating time with so many stations active. Thanks all who were on
and participated. Thanks to CQ Magazine for their continued sponsorship of this
contest and to Steve, N8BJQ, for his work as director over these recent
years...I hope someone will step up to the plate to take over for Steve.

73, JK
K2DRH   SOAB HP   80,5112016-07-19 22:59:16
All the antennas were working good except the rotor for the small 5el 6M at 20
ft, an old Radio Shack TV rotor that lunched the gears with no hope of getting
parts since the company that made it is out of business. I fixed it on W5
preparing for the usual TX/NM onslaught, but that was not to be. Total
makeover of the station for this contest, used my month old Flex 6700 on 6 and
through the old DEMI transverter on 2M. Actually turned out to be pretty easy
to integrate the rest of the hardware with the Flex but a lot harder to get it
all working with N1MM Logger and the WSJT programs. More computer stuff than
radio stuff, lots to learn! Configured two panadapters for 6 and 2 and quickly
found out that WSJT will only work on the one panadapter or slice since you can
only set the in/out ports in the WSJT programs to the configuration of one

N1MM + is bit quirky too where it shifts the transmit focus. If you hit the
band change buttons it will change both TX and RX but if you only put the
cursor in the box for the other VFO to start typing a call it only changes the
RX and not the TX .. a point of much frustration and a mistake I made many
times over during the contest! Also found the F8 previous frequency shortcut to
be less than useful as it doesn’t remember it for each slice and several times
wound up changing the entire slice from one band to the other! Also there does
not seem to be a way to transfer a call from one VFO window to the other one
without retyping it that I can figure out anyway. And I had plenty of time to
look at the manual on line during this test!

The N1MM domestic call Az bearings are useless for VHF contesting when you type
in a call since it only gives you a regional heading unless you type in the grid
too. And even then it’s to the center of the grid (pretty useless for close-in
grids) so obviously the advertised automatic QRZ lookup is not used for US calls
(and it does not include the Buckmaster Hamcall lookup function anymore to
offset this). Fine for HF but terrible for 2M and above contesting. Had to
run my Buckmaster separately and that’s a PITA typing twice and changing
focus if it’s on the same computer. Grabbing a spot off the bandmap will
give you the six digit and an accurate heading but I found most bandmap spots
to be totally useless anyway. Also wish the CQer would stop when you hit the
PTT and TX, not just when you type something.

Saturday seemed promising in the morning but 6M died out completely as the
contest began. There were some stations hanging around still hoping so it was
easy get them in the log but after the first hour or the rate died off to
practically nothing for the rest of the afternoon. Activity on 2M has been
going down steadily over the past 10 years but I’m sure NAQP RTTY didn’t
help much either. I’m kinda getting sick of those NAQP guys scheduling direct
conflicts with major VHF contests like they don’t matter. Over 50 SMC
stations got on for the ARRL June Contest but most of those stations were doing
RTTY for the club competition, so it does matter a whole lot! In the evening
we had about an hour and a half of moderate Es with lots of fast fading into
W1/2/3 but it didn’t have any real depth to it like it usually does.
Generally I can work a barrel full of FN42 during an opening like this but this
time there were only 8 QSOs! Only 12 in FN20! But it was still the high point
of the day.

When it was over, 2M was almost a desert with very few stations on in the early
evening into the night like there used to be. WSJT QSOs were also like pulling
teeth for some reason. Lots of guys announced CQ, but few stuck with it and few
answered my CQs. And the rox were struggling to burn on 2M, not at all like the
summer conditions one would expect. Two meter QSOs and grids were way down.
Like Jeff says people are still struggling with the rules since they are not
like the normal interaction in the Ms forums, and I had to ignore or reject
several potential QSOs with much needed mults because of the way they were
presented so I could stay legal. This needs to change, and embracing the ARRL
rules or at least some of them might be the answer.

Sunday morning was a total disaster. Several huge lines of thunderstorms were
crossing the Midwest bringing depressed conditions on 2M and stations
disconnecting for safety. At one point I was sandwiched in between two fronts
that moved slowly and made horrendous noise in all directions making WSJT all
but impossible. Really held things back until the storms cleared out by about
10AM but by then most of locals seem to have given up. Around 7:30 AM right in
the middle of a QSO the lights went out, never to return until late afternoon.
Fired up the generator hoping to be off it in a while, but wound up on it for
the duration of the contest. Normally the station runs fine on low power during
the ARRL tests, but with the high power amps running the generator did not like
it. If the A/C, the refrigerator and the well pump came on at the same time it
wound up single phasing when one generator breaker would pop out.

It was probably during one of those excursions that the rotator control for the
6M array tower got scrambled and lost its calibration knocking it 60 degrees
off. Unfortunately since most of my QSOs were local and on the other tower with
both 6 and 2M antennas, I didn’t realize it until after the end of the
contest. If I had I could have been louder for the spotty FL/W4 opening that
persisted most of the late morning until the last hour of the contest. Except
for a few short lived bubbles unfortunately that was pretty much the only place
it ever opened to on Sunday and the depth has never been there to run up big
numbers. Kept hearing the same stations for hours and wound up with lots of
dupes from calling CQ.

73 de Bob
K5TR   SOAB HP   81,0562016-07-19 23:03:47
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

6CW 44 44 88 22
6SSB 368 361 361 96
2CW 5 5 15 1
2SSB 68 66 132 17

Totals 485 476 596 136

Final Score = 81056 points.

I have not gotten a chance to do this contest in many years.
It was slow but still fun. Es were never great but still fun to
play on these bands. Had one nice long 2 meter contact into KS.

50Mhz - Elecraft K3 - 2x 3-500z (1200 watts)
7 element yagi at 75'
7 element yagi at 30'
7 element yagi at 25' fixed Northeast
7 element yagi at 30' fixed Northwest

144Mhz - Elecraft K3 - Elecraft XV144 - W6PO 8877 (1200 watts)
17B2 17 element yagi at 35'
FO12 12 element yagi at 60'
DB224 for FM contacts

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
18 14 19 0 11 44 44
19 6 17 0 2 25 69
20 2 11 0 6 19 88
21 2 24 0 6 32 120
22 1 15 0 4 20 140
23 3 2 1 0 6 146

0 2 5 1 2 10 156
1 1 0 1 0 2 158
2 0 3 0 4 7 165
3 0 1 0 1 2 167
4 0 5 0 4 9 176
5 0 0 0 0 0 176
6 0 0 0 0 0 176
7 0 0 0 0 0 176
8 0 0 0 0 0 176
9 0 0 0 0 0 176
10 0 0 0 0 0 176
11 0 2 0 6 8 184
12 0 9 2 7 18 202
13 0 13 0 2 15 217
14 1 25 0 7 33 250
15 0 39 0 0 39 289
16 5 15 0 4 24 313
17 4 16 0 0 20 333
18 3 36 0 0 39 372
19 0 83 0 0 83 455
20 0 21 0 0 21 476

TOTAL 44 361 5 66

1. em10 36
2. fm19 27
3. em13 25
4. em12 19
5. em00 17
6. el09 16
7. fm18 15
8. em79 10
9. fm05 9
10. dm13 7
11. em20 7
12. fm17 7
13. em85 7
14. fm16 7
15. em95 7
16. en90 6
17. en91 6
18. el96 6
19. el87 6
20. el19 6
21. el29 6
22. em74 6
23. fm07 6
24. em86 6
25. fm06 6
26. en80 5
27. el97 5
28. em11 5
29. em96 5
30. fm04 5
9A2EU(@9A6B)   SOSB/6 LP   11,8322016-07-20 05:07:34
On Friday before contest there was big opening to Thailand, but in the Contest
only A4, 9K2 & EA8 from DX side.
K5VWW   SOSB/6 HP   5,1482016-07-20 10:49:06
Bands very spotty. Made 5 contacts on Saturday, All rest on Sunday.
94 QSOs on CW, 5 QSOs on USB.
CR5A(CT1FFU)   SOSB/6 HP   20,3842016-07-20 14:34:07
No opening to NA this year.
Good propagation on Sunday into East Europe.
73 All
KEØTT   SOSB/6 QRP   2082016-07-21 05:35:35
K3 at 5 watts to a 90' long wire up about 25'. One opening Saturday evening
netted 15 of the 16 Q's. Tnx for your great ears to pick out my QRP. 73, Dan
NN4RB   SOAB LP   882016-07-21 06:46:19
Turned on the radio and heard 2 meter VHF. I had never logged a 2 meter SSB
call, so I worked the station. Thought I would work a few more and switched to
6 meters. I contacted 9 more, however it took an hour. Did work a XE at DK89.
Short time in the contest, but I had other stuff to do.


N1MM Logger+
MicroKeyer II
Cushcraft A50-5S(w5wvo) at about 39 feet
Cushcraft A14810S At about 44 feet
IZ3NVR   SOAB QRP   3,1852016-07-21 08:45:18
First time I've ever operated in this contest. Operated portable and had lots of
fun in a nice and hot weather.


Lots of nice 6m DXes that rise my DXCC count in that band. A45XR, TA2AD and
many more. Lots of CW fun and thrill of working rare ones (at least rare in
such frequencies) from a field.

Low moments:

Deep QSB in the band with signals that were readable at S9+++ and dropped well
below the noise floor in a matter of seconds. Missed quite some contacts this

RTX: FT-857D @5W
Ant: 2el 6m Moxon @ 10m
NØKE   SOSB/6 HP   3,7722016-07-21 09:45:48
Conditions very poor except for 15 min opening to W1 Saturday night.
N8II   SOSB/6 HP   4,6462016-07-21 11:33:26
I was having fun the night before the contest working OH(rare),MI,IN,IL,WI,MN,IA
on a good opening with a run of about 12 Q's plus many more running barefoot. I

decided to hook up the PW-1 amp which was quite easy (accepts input from 2
radios which I forgot it did). I was not on for long (had to start 3-1/2 hours
late) in the test when I noticed a signal drop out during QSO followed by sky
high SWR which was probably a short at the gamma match of 6M small 5 el yagi.
So for about 60% of my time on the air, my 6M antenna was worthless. I had a
choice of the 15 or 10M yagi both of which had less than 2:1 SWR, but lousy
performance, of course. Luckily, during most of the AM Es to AL,FL,LA,TX and
Central America, the 6M yagi behaved itself. I worked YN2N on SSB, but spent a
long time calling YS1AG to no avail. The YS was not sending his grid square; I
wonder how many logs will show a QSO with him with grid square magically

This was NOT much fun! 100 Q's was quite a bit of work, lots of calling more
than once and few answers to CQ's even with HP which was probably around 500W.
It was nice to see old contest friends and it seems I almost always work W5PR,
WD5K, and K5QE along with some south Floridians in summer 6M tests and this
year was no exception. Thanks for the Q's. I hope to have a separate short
tower up next year with a decent yagi on top.

73, Jeff
K3CCR(N3UM)   SOAB LP   2,9762016-07-21 13:30:53
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. For
CQ VHF only N3UM was available to operate.

Slow at start: 19 QSOs in 1.7 hr. BIC, 16 of them in FM18 or
FM19! The other 3 Qs: EM10 on 6 m. skip and 2 LOS grids on 2 m.
VHF rate then went from Slow to Stop, so I did NAQP RTTY on
20 m. for an hour. I had planned a "quick" supper break, but
severe thunderstorms extended that to 3.3 hrs.

Back on VHF at 0Z, SOME action at last on 6: 17 Qs in 40 min,
7 on E skip in 5 EN grids. Rate then died again, so I did 1.5
hr. on 40 and 80 m. RTTY.

Sun. morning in 1 hr. starting 1413 Z I made 12 Qs, 4 in new
Es grids. Only 3 local Qs after a long brunch break: nap time!
Action again in the last 2 hrs: 19 Qs, 5 new skip grids plus
3 new LOS/tropo grids on 2 m. Only 5 hr. total BIC on VHF.

I was pleased to work 15 Es grids and 7 LOS grids on 6 with the
40 m. Inv V on 7th harmonic, many on CW. When no skip, 6 and 2
mostly local: 43 of 73 total Qs in FM18 or FM19! Many of the
usual VHF stalwarts within LOS/tropo range were never heard.
K1TOL   SOSB/6 HP   58,7522016-07-21 15:07:55
It's a weird contest when I can work more Europeans than a combined total of
W5s/W6s/W7s (only 7 qsos in these call areas)! And, more Europeans than all of
my Canadian qsos too!! All of my 10 qsos in W8-land were "scatter
mode"--not 1 Es qso in that district!!
Had a good opening to W0s late Saturday and worked a few in CO and UT and one
CA grid.
Sunday began with a slew of very strong FL stations and a few Central American
DX stations in weakly. Did not work any Caribbean stations however. Never
seemed to have a "run" going as the stations would be pinpoint in
only certain grid areas then rapidly shift to other areas in minutes, then fade
into the noise. By noon, the opening petered out and it became a slow, one by
one process of working locals and then towards end of contest, the EAs and CTs
and EA8s started to appear, but again, weakly.
All of the equipment performed flawlessly.Used my new Icom IC-7600 (love the
waterfall feature)and the reliable Lunar-Link 6M amplifier and the wonderful
W2IHY "EQ" unit with its invaluable "noise gate".
But intermittent t-storms both on Saturday and Sunday made me "pause"
until they flew past, constant wave after wave it seemed however.
VE3CRU   SOAB LP   1,6202016-07-21 16:26:29
Entered this contest to give out points to a few locals, then got hooked on the
50 mhz activity, Only running 2 elmts at 38 feet but the ailing beam performed
well, got lots of the opening south-west and west. On 144 had 6 elmts hand
rotated to north then east. Had fun.

Thanks to CQ and team for sponsoring, and to all who participated and gave out
points to me and others. Looking forward to next year.


K1OR   SOAB HP   37,3382016-07-22 06:13:15
First contest I have participated in for many, many years that I actually tried
to be competitive. Still had some domestic obligations that cut into operating
time but still feel that it was more than a casual effort.

The station plays pretty well. 8877 on both bands still run well after 30
years. Still learning to use 7/7 stack on 6 that went up fall of 2014. On 2,
the 4 bay array of 13 el modified Jr. Boomers that are my original 2M antenna
from the early 80's (as WA1TFH)still play well. I was reminded how the array is
a bit too sharp though for contesting.

Power line noise is a big detriment to operation from my QTH however. Something
I need to try and address to be competitive. I know I missed many stations that
called that were lost in the noise.

In the end though I had a blast and will look forward to next year. Thanks for
all the contacts.

73, John, K1OR
K4MI   SOSB/6 LP   1302016-07-22 15:07:54
Band didn't open like it had earlier in the week, did not make as many Qs as I
would have liked. However, with just an 80M loop in the trees making any
contacts on 6M is good.
K3AJ   Multi-Op HP   1,7672016-07-24 13:53:00

Acom 1000
M2 6M5 at 50 ft.
N1MM+ Logger/Win 10 PC
EI5IX   SOSB/6 HP   2,2322016-08-01 09:38:26
It was my first time entering CQWW VHF Contest.Propagation was not great as
there was very little Sporadic E around on the Saturday evening with just high
levels of Tropospheric ducting available on the band into the night, nothing
really worked QSO wise but I did hear some distant pings of EU stations come
through via Meteor Scatter propagation, then on the Sunday afternoon things
began to pick up a small bit on the band with QSO's around EI & GI via
Tropo conditions and then at 15:00UTC conditions opened via Troposcatter into
Sporadic E towards more southern EU areas with it QSO rates peaked into the
late evening around 19-20:00UTC. I would have liked if there was more sporadic
E conditions around for this weekend but I think I may have been a bit too far
North West for this years conditions on the 50MHz band as this contest is very
well supported within EU I was surprised with the lack of activity in Ireland
and the UK. I did hear late into the Sunday night after the contest was over
some stations in Canada and the United States on CW via Chordal propagation or
multi hop E's but unfortunately not in the contest... typical... maybe catch
them next time.

I did the best I could in the contest but it wasn't great but my thanks to all
the stations that persevered into completing QSO's in some very difficult
conditions, I'm looking forward to working you next time.