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Makrothen RTTY Contest   2013   Oct 12   Comment Summary

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NA2M   SO/Single Xcvr LP   479,6882013-10-13 05:13:40
RIG: Elecraft K3 100W
Ant: R5 Vertical (20-15-10)
Franklin (40)
LY5W   SO/Single Xcvr LP   581,3522013-10-13 06:21:43
80m - Dipole 28m, 40m - Delta 20m, 20/15/10m - KLM KT34XA 7m
K4WW   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,006,0952013-10-13 07:21:19
Due to previous commitments, no time available for first, or second session.
Thanks to all for the contacts.
N3QE   SO/Single Xcvr LP   2,833,8642013-10-13 08:36:37
Nicely constructed contest, activity always was high somewhere while the test
was on. Hit my mental goal of 100 QSO's on each of 4 bands.

High points: YQ6A for a mind-blowing 28856 points on 80M, ZS6WB for 19642
points on 40M, UW4I for 16766 points on 80M, ZS1CBT for 12758 points on 20M,
VU2NKS for 12754 points on 15M.
W6SX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,035,6802013-10-13 08:43:51
I love grid-distance scoring and contests.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, 2Tone, N1MM.
LTØH(KU3HY)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,351,8362013-10-13 08:57:20

Tnx to all QSOs

73 Juan LT0H (op LU3HY)
K6LRN   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,547,0722013-10-13 09:03:45
Thanks for the Qs.
VE9AA   SO/Single Xcvr LP   2,061,5102013-10-13 09:05:28
A couple big thrills for me in this one. VU2NKS calling in over the pole with a
nice signal. Blew my mind , remembering
I am running ~65w and a new HF9V @ 8' with 2 raised radials per band.
Another WOW moment was FO5QB hearing me and piecing together my call to make a
good QSO out of it.
Good ears OM, you were in the noise and I appreciate you sticking with it.
Worked also a few JA's which for me is a first running LP.

10m was pretty good to EU and parts of the USA. On 10m I run a very low yagi.
It's my one band which at times I can be moderately loud on. EU was in here
like gangbusters
Sunday morning, but it didn't last long. Nearly 100 in the log, with me
running. (very rare for me on RTTY)
I really have to learn how to do the LOG-then-POP thing using N1MM as it gets
cumbersome to say "TU, QRZ?"
knowing there's callsigns you see calling you. Oops!

RTTY folks; why is it people call me with my call then their call 3, 4 or even
6 times?
I know MY call.....your call can be dumped in twice and most times this is
Since I am mostly a CW (or sometimes SSB) guy, this practice on RTTY makes no
sense to me.
My one (minor) grumble for this contest, hi !

Activity was pretty good overall. Lots of other contests going on which I am
sure took the activity down slightly
from what it might have been.

It will be very interesting to read the prop reports from all over to see if
it's mostly just my new antenna (perception)
or whether condx were generally above par, hi !

Did anyone else have an OE2K stn call them repeatedly but never complete the
QSO with a grid locator ?
W7RN(WK6I)   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   6,435,2022013-10-13 09:05:29
This weekend was about testing some audio stuff, nothing serious. I guess it got
S56A   SO/Single Xcvr LP   2,230,8662013-10-13 09:07:39
Weekend shared with OC CW and SAC SSB. I like mults but this is also fair
distance scoring. 40 m Moxon was radiating most RF. TH6DXX did the rest in
decent condx. 10 m could have been better but JA and USA got thru.

K2DSL   SO/Single Xcvr LP   338,0482013-10-13 09:08:26
Just a very short time in this fun contest.
VY2LI   SO/Single Xcvr LP   644,5462013-10-13 09:09:48
My favourite contest but time limited due to Thanksgiving activities.Thanks for
the Qs and to the organizers.Love the format.73,Bill
VE4EAR   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,823,9042013-10-13 09:10:18
Family weddings and other activities prevented this from being a full effort.

10m opening to EU in last hour was a skewed path, best signals at 90 degrees
instead of normal 45 degree heading.

Best DX was ZS6WB on 40m. Bands were OK nothing special from here.

73 Ed
W9ILY   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,867,5902013-10-13 09:11:26
Great activity and good conditions!
K9OM   SO/Single Xcvr HP   4,525,7742013-10-13 09:15:08
A terrific contest- love the Grid Multiplier!

Was great to have 10 meters open.

Dick- K9OM
NX8G   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,811,0302013-10-13 09:18:30
The contest was half over by the time I got my serial card installed in my new
Win 7 computer for FSK. I also spent some time tweaking my newly installed
software during the contest.

It was good to see the activity on 10 meters.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts!
GUØSUP   SO/Single Xcvr LP   981,2082013-10-13 09:31:17
Just had a bit of fun! I wasn't going to play in this one, but as 10m seemed
wide open, I couldn't resist having a play.
It was great to see so many on 10m, but 15m was better in terms of QSO count.
I did call CQ a few times, but found it more fun to S&P and pick off some
of the more DX stations.
Great sigs from W7's and also from Bud VA2ST and Chris VE7CC. Even ZL1G was
loud here.

I did spend a few minutes to bag TN2SM on 15m RTTY though, for a new country on
RTTY. Also got FO5QB on 20m which was pleasing.

Thanks to all for the fun, it was a blast!

73 de Phil GU0SUP
VE3XD   SO/Single Xcvr QRP   136,1682013-10-13 09:47:47
Although a low power category I operated QRP.
WX4G   SO/Single Xcvr HP   5,674,6302013-10-13 09:48:46
Great contest...lots of activity. Too bad 10 was only minimal. First time
actually trying in this contest..looking for mileage rather than countries or
zones is different. Happy with my score...but my 2el steppir really needs to
be replaced with the 4 el which is at 5 feet currently.

Thanks to all that answered my many cq's....and especially to JA3IVU....for
calling me as A52IVU...which is a new rtty country for me!!

73's Bob WX4G
AA5AU   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   3,867,7212013-10-13 09:51:53
My best Makrothen score. High band conditions were good.

Biggest surprse was S79MHY calling in on 15 meters.

73, Don AA5AU
K4GMH   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   8,022,5432013-10-13 09:55:22
Thanks for all the QSOs. Appreciated. Enjoyed the 8 hour segment
operation/rest. Helps the BIC and getting the needed rest that the older body
craves (demands!?).

Nice to have 10 meters open as was able to work several stations on all five
bands. Also helps having a low noise level on 80 meters.

Mike, K4GMH
K4MGE   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,603,5622013-10-13 10:39:36
great contest to get my feet wet after long time away. Thanks for all the
KX7L   SO/Single Xcvr LP   503,6122013-10-13 10:52:09
Only limited time available to operate this year, but as always, a blast and
still managed my 2nd best score ever. One of the high points was working
VU2NKS on Sunday morning for my second all time VU QSO.
DJ1OJ   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,540,3292013-10-13 10:58:41
FT-1000MP 100 W
ANT: GAP-Titan (8bands vert)
K5ND   SO/Single Xcvr LP   474,9202013-10-13 10:58:49
100 watts into verticals. Had fun. Thanks to everyone who spent extra effort
digging me out. 73, Jim
KA9MOM   SO/Single Xcvr LP   493,4102013-10-13 11:03:42
Was able to put in a little operating time during each segment. Good conditions
on 10 and 15.
IC-718, G5RV
IV3BCA   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,428,9592013-10-13 11:10:47
I use Yaesu FT 1000 - 100 Watt - Micorokeyer II

Great contest to get my feet wet after long time away. Thanks for all the

Paolo IV3BCA
GMØFGI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,171,2062013-10-13 11:35:58
Good conditions, first time in a while have made more QSOs on 15m than any other
band. Good to work many NA stations on 10m.

Thanks for all contacts and to the organisers.

Equipment: ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 300watts
Antennas: 10/15/20m VK2ABQ at 25ft; 40m quarter wave wire vertical; 80m full
wave loop
Software: N1MM
N2WK   SO/Multi Xcvr LP   5,432,0172013-10-13 11:39:28
ACØE   SO/Single Xcvr LP   441,4862013-10-13 11:48:45
BAD 8-(
ES4RD   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,538,1022013-10-13 12:19:33
Tried N1MM and 2Tone, good help, sorry distracted by Oceania DX Сontest and
guests, for my birthday.
S53M(S51FB)   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   4,059,3002013-10-13 12:24:39
Thanks for calls.

73 de Miha, S51FB
W1ZD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,604,9492013-10-13 13:04:41
15 Meters was the money band for this one. Had lots of fun. Thanks for all the
VA1CHP   SO/Single Xcvr LP   3,827,9702013-10-13 13:04:46
No 80 meter Q's, cap must have died on the Butternut and I think it was just
warming the ground on 40 meters...Need to find a replacement! Fun contest and I
really like the grid scoring. Was very surprised to be called by VU2NKS, YB0COU
and FO5QB usually I never seem to get them into my logs, maybe the prop gods
were trying to balance out the lack of 80 meter Q's Hi Hi. Thanks for all the
Q's, see you in the next one

VA7ST   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,378,5622013-10-13 13:42:36
Big jump from all previous years, in terms of claimed score and contact totals.

I probably didn't push 10M as hard as it could go, but that band didn't seem to
have much spark from this far out west. All the other bands were quite good.

40M was fairly good to NA with the occasional DX station worked, but not much
from EU heard on the modest antennas here.

Surprised myself by tripling any previous 80M point totals, though it was all
domestic activity. Participation on 80M was not what I hoped for, but still
worth being there during the first session. The third session ought to have
provided plenty of activity, but I heard only several already-worked stations
and few new ones.

Had higher points/Q in 2004 with low power, so the solarmax effect is not fully
engaged this year... I still believe the best conditions of Cycle 24 were last
year (but certainly not for 2012 Makrothen).

Closed the third session on 20M then 15M during the final three hours, and 15M
was superior with a very nice EU run all ranging from 7,000 to 9,500 points

Happy thanksgiving to my fellow VEs. A fun Makrothen and now two turkey dinners
(today and tomorrow) makes this a very good long weekend north of the 49th.

-- Bud VA7ST

Band QSOs Pts Avg/Q
3.5 46 182536 3968
7 94 395920 4082
14 165 864044 5237
21 293 1892692 6460
28 9 43370 4819
Total 607 3378562 5566

Year Qs Points Hr 80M 40M 20M 15M All Pwr
---- --- --------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---
2013 607 3,378,562 17 3,968 4,052 5,237 6,460 5,566 HP
2012 249 968,666 10 1,489 4,487 3,554 4,921 3,890 HP
2011 357 2,088,392 13 3,606 4,922 4,835 5,810 5,221 HP
2010 198 1,007,226 8 2,646 4,763 5,359 2,642 5,087 LP
2009 335 1,798,316 13 4,690 4,748 5,741 0 5,368 HP
2008 250 1,156,332 10 5,251 4,732 4,071 0 4,625 HP
2007 374 2,051,462 13 4,534 5,026 5,745 0 5,485 HP
2006 220 876,480 11 3,015 3,860 4,174 3,820 3,984 LP
2005 184 809,920 10 3,139 4,168 4,703 0 4,402 LP
2004 272 1,522,626 19 3,361 4,540 6,033 5,506 5,598 LP
AC4CA   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,906,5582013-10-13 13:45:46
Thunderstorms kept me out of the last of the three sections/stages. It was worth
it for the badly-needed rain. Total time on was only 7hr 45 min.
9A287R(9A7R)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,503,5842013-10-13 13:56:19
I just tested DXLog 2.0.18 beta, which develops 9a5k, with integrated MMTTY and
2TONE as a second decoder, has done an excellent job.
WB2RHM   SO/Single Xcvr LP   3,473,0462013-10-13 14:00:13
SO1R! I totally enjoy this format, and have been entering the Makrothen contest
for years. Many thanks to Waldemar Kebsch, DK3VN for promoting and supporting
this fun weekend. The 8-hour segments let each competitor stay at their peak,
and their spouse below their boiling point about 'WHAT? Another weekend long
contest?!? :( '

Many of the other 'local' contests have added '.pdf' certificates for their
awards..... perhaps something could be done (or advice/help given for the
Makrothen to do the same? Now.. to get some sleep stored-up for next
weekend's 48 hour JARTS' grinder...
N2FF   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,806,3072013-10-13 14:09:09
Good conditions but noisy band on Saturday. Great runs on Sunday on 15 and 10.
Great to see VK, ZL and FO on for the test. Almost made it to 2 million.
Thanks to all thos who worked me. Sorry I could not hear all of you through
the qRN at points.
AL9A   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,081,1492013-10-13 14:37:09
Fun contest, best outing ever! The bands cooperated and the recent CME didn't
arrive to spoil the fun. Best highlights - being called by VU2NKS,ZS6WB (16,027
km)and ZS1CBT (16,027 km)! Thanks to all who got into the log.
WW4LL   SO/Single Xcvr HP   5,949,8222013-10-13 14:57:07
Thanks to all that participated. I like this format based on distance, no band
change limitations and the ability to sleep for 8 hours between sessions.

10 was a pleasant surprise.

See everyone in the next one!

73'....Fred, WW4LL
W7WHY   SO/Single Xcvr LP   198,8562013-10-13 17:05:30
Fun contest. Just wish I had more time to play. 73 and thanks for the Q's.
VA2UP   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   7,498,2162013-10-13 17:42:23
Fun contest as usual. Went with 2 Xcvrs this time since conditions seemed
decent. The last leg sort of killed the effort I had put in in the previous 2.
Bands just weren't opening here this morning, then when they finally did 10M
was a pleasant surprise. More JAs would have been nice, could only work a
handfull on 15.
The effects of the K3 having a narrower signal is really starting to show as I
get swamped with killer clicks and heavy qrm from nearby (too close now)
stations, I had some huge sigs parking less than 100Hz away from me ouch!
All in all a much better contest than last year's and good fun.
73, Fabi va2up
KD9MS   SO/Multi Xcvr LP   580,2602013-10-13 17:49:05
It was nice to have signals on 10 meters again!

Craig KD9MS
VA7KO   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,405,0242013-10-13 18:33:16
It seems recently during contests, some crazy bird starts pecking on the house
-- yes, the house --right outside my shack. It's the worst kind of QRM!! That
rhythmical kak-kak-kak over and over… so annoying! I had to go out so many
times to chase away the bird. There are so many trees around here. Why couldn't
that bird go peck at a tree!!?? Could not concentrate in this contest.

The farthest point I made was ZS1 but also happy to make contact with VU2.

My biggest mistake was that in the third session, in the morning, I stayed on
80m and 40m working JAs but I should have switched to 20m and 15m sooner to
catch some EU activity.

But, as always, very happy to have every Q in the log.

TU 73,
Koji VA7KO
RG9A   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   5,042,1242013-10-13 21:00:41
Have no enough time for full efforts this time. I love contest time plane like
K7VIT   SO/Single Xcvr LP   664,9722013-10-13 21:20:42
I believe conditions were good again this weekend for us. I like the format of
the Makrothen RTTY Contest, but I had limited time. Thank you to all who
answered my calls. 73, Jerry
ZL1G(ZL2HAM)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   8,124,1362013-10-14 00:03:54
5C5W(CN8KD)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   5,064,2942013-10-14 03:11:00
Enjoyed a good propagation especially on 10m sunday afternoon. Thank to
for their participation.
See you next year.
VU2NKS   SO/Single Xcvr LP   3,492,7962013-10-14 03:11:49
Elecraft K3/100

3el Steppir with 30/40 addon
W4GKM   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   2,707,5382013-10-14 10:00:16
Nice contest but I didn't get to work it as long as I had planned. Conditions
here were not the best but I really want to thank all the people that I asked
to move from one band to another, as it really helped my score, once again

I have used this feature of Writelog in the past but not much. This contest
was just the perfect for asking to contact me on another band.

Wish I had worked this one longer. Maybe next year. Thanks for all the
contacts and thanks for the sponsors of this unique contest.
K7QQ   SO/Single Xcvr LP   2,007,1262013-10-14 10:22:12
Band QSOs Pts
3.5 6 27560
7 81 497030
14 103 427078
21 165 1018762
28 23 106696
Total 378 2077126
Score: 2,077,126
VE7CC(@VE7SV)   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   5,959,0162013-10-14 12:49:41
Fun contest. Bad noise level towards Europe prevented many contacts.
NR4M   SO/Single Xcvr HP   7,452,8482013-10-14 14:51:14
Could not have asked for better condx.

Aside from some rain static Saturday evening, there were no issues at all.

Worked lots of good, far away DX, and the highlight was having A52IVU call in
from Bhutan. Also, great to be called by YB0COU on 10 and 15.

Nice to see familiar calls and NOT to have any 'frequency fights'.

Love the non-multiplier, distance based format and the 8 hour segments,
allowing for other activities.

Thanks for all the contacts.

73 from the Goat Farm de Steve, NR4M
N2KI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   248,6942013-10-14 16:01:28
Extremely limited time to operate this one.
NC4MI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,271,6142013-10-14 19:15:34
Great Contest. First time I have made a close to 1Million points in any contest.
NI7R   SO/Single Xcvr HP   71,7042013-10-14 20:09:57
I heard this contest going Friday night and made a few contacts. I like the high
scoring - over 4200 points per QSO for me. Actually, the score is based on the
distance between the two grid squares in km for each QSO. I should have stuck
with this contest, rather than the frustration of the AZ QSO Party.
F5RD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,607,6842013-10-15 02:36:36
Transceiver : IC751AF 80 Watts
Antenne : Center-fed 2x20m on 80/40m - Ground Plane on 20/15/10m
Software: N1MM Logger V13.9.1
I enjoy this contest. Each year, it's the opportunity to do some good DX.
This year the conditions was very good on all bands.
I have contacted seven stations to more than 10000km
My best DX was ZL1G with 19044km
This is my tenth Makrothen Contest and the best
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
IK2AUK   SO/Single Xcvr LP   780,0242013-10-15 12:07:17
Xcvr: Kenwood TS940SAT
ANT: VERTICAL ECO 7+ 40...10 ; Trap dipole 40/80 at 7,5 m. gnd
Laptop ACER Aspire 5750G + W7 and MixW 3.1.1 Modem Rigexpert ST
Max QRB : 11.321 m. (ZL1G: 20 mb) 5 Band IK2AUK ----> K4GMH
WX : 16°C , Raining and Wind (8o km/h abt.)saturday, sunday clear
The next contest 2014.
Giorgio, ik2auk
YU1BN   SO/Single Xcvr LP   496,3822013-10-16 04:39:36
CU next contest.s

73 Raya, YU1BN
AB1J   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,584,3282013-10-16 15:04:54
This is a fun contest with strong evidence for intelligent design:

1. Distance scoring
2. No bogus RST
3. Runs in convenient segments

For someone like me who lives in the US Northeast, distance scoring doesn't
make all that much difference, but it is good for those in more remote areas,
whether it's our West Coasters or the guys in ZS or down under in ZL and VK. I
like the flatter playing field and think it makes for an overall more exciting
contest. I hope the Makrothen grows to rival some of the old fashioned contests
and their archaic 20th century rules.

I never missed the time consuming 599. Neither did my decoders. Chucking it is
a great way to save time which is something RTTY folks are always so concerned

Anyone over 65 will probably appreciate the 8 hour on and off segments.

There was more activity than I expected, a good sign. It was strange not to be
always scouting for mults, as well as seeing the the blank N1MM "Available
Mults" screen. Conditions were good and even 10m showed some life.

Thanks for all the QSOs. I'll see some of you in the CQ WW SSB and CW. This
year the CW is the weekend before the USA Thanksgiving so I hope more W/Ks can
participate without disrupting their family gatherings.

The setup was the usual conglomeration plus one grumpy OF with a really bad
back who's going under the knife on the 21st. Maybe his disposition will
improve. One would hope so.

Kermit (Ken), AB1J
YT2AAA   SO/Single Xcvr LP   105,2662013-10-19 05:18:43
IC-745 + random wire on balcony
N2BJ   SO/Single Xcvr HP   187,7742013-10-21 10:44:26
ONLY had an hour or so as we were leaving for our vacation!
W4UK   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,389,6182013-10-21 16:57:36
Wire antennas only.