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Mississippi QSO Party   2007   Feb 24   Comment Summary

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N4JF   Single Op LP   4802007-02-25 17:41:15

PA3ARM   Single Op LP   812007-02-26 03:50:46
Mi first serious effort to do this State party.
Came home so late from mi weekly tabletennismatch oh oh es immediately hrd
amazing condx (19.12Z). Guess NO5X , W5XX es K4ZGB wud have given me a lot of
new ones fer mi USA-CA (start now wid 2500 endorsement - all CW) if I had been
on earlier. Yet 6 new ones out of 9.
Tks !!
cu in 2008
NO5W   Mobile LP   15,1702007-02-26 18:55:04
Radio: IC-7000
Antenna: Hi-Q 4/80 Screwdriver
Controller: MFJ-1924
Keyer: WinKey by K1EL
GPS: Garmin GPS-18PC
Laptop: Dell Latitude D600 with Hoodman E2000
Logging Software: CQ/X de NO5W ver 1.7

We're just back in Houston after a long weekend in southeastern Louisiana
during which we were able to include a part-time effort in the MS QSO Party.
Our outing in the 2006 MS QP had been a total washout due to heavy rains so we
were anxious to get out and about in southern MS for the 2007 event. Also, we
had made some improvements in the mobile setup including a longer whip, a
reworked loading coil, and a new antenna controller so we were also anxious to
see how they would play.

After a somewhat slow start here's how it went:

The following counties were activated with indicated number of QSOs:
Franklin(51), Amite(49), Pike(35), Jefferson(31), Covington(30), Lawrence(29),
Lincoln(25), Marion(24), Walthall(24), Wilkinson(24), Jefferson Davis(23),
Lamar(17), Jones(16), Forrest(7).

Participation seemed to be down somewhat from what I remember in the 2005 event
where several counties had initial 10 minute rates of around 180. The best we
could do in 2007 was 126 in Lawrence, Walthall, and Wilkinson. The initial rate
in our first county, Amite, was a paltry 30.

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half of the QSOs:
W9MSE(21), N8II(19), WA7JHQ(19), KO1U(15), K5OT(14), NU0Q(14), WC5D(13),
W8MP(13), K2NJ(12), LY2ZZ(12), K9NW(11), KC0JG(11), W1END(10),K4AMC(10).

The new setup seemed to play well, especially the new controller which enabled
us to change bands much more efficiently. And there was not even a hint of RFI
getting into the controller, an often cited problem with the 1924.

The route went as planned except for the decision to skip Adams county due to
tornado-looking weather on the horizon as we headed west through Franklin
county toward Natchez. At Roxie we had planned to do two detours, one into
Jefferson and the other into Adams before heading south into Wilkinson and
home. However after finishing Jefferson and heading back into Franklin the
winds had picked up considerably and it had started to rain so we decided to
head on south and east into Wilkinson omitting the detour into Adams. After
Wilkinson we headed east back into Amite and then Pike and then south down I-55
back into LA ahead of the storm. Back in LA the driver spotted a stand selling
boilded crawfish, that essential food for anyone claiming to be from south LA.
So we stopped and bought some fresh ones right out of the pot and finished up
the outing with crawfish and a few Abita Turbo Dogs -- a local dark microbrew.
Life is Good.

Thanks to the organizers for putting on the MS QP and to all for participating
and making the drive worthwhile. We hope to work you and many more in our next
one which, if all goes as planned, will be the 2007 FQP.

K4BAI   Single Op HP   4402007-02-26 19:35:30
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, dipole. Thanks for the QSOs and for the mobiles, in
particular. Worked 3 all-time new MS counties. 73, John, K4BAI.