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RAC Canada Day Contest   2012   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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NF4A   SOAB HP   114,5542012-07-01 13:31:57
Terrible QRN on 80 and 40. Pleasant surprise when VY1NM/M called me from YT on
20 SSB !
WB8JUI   SOAB/CW LP   49,2422012-07-01 15:49:57
Happy Canada Day.

Lots of QRN on the low bands due to storms in the area. I had to shut down
early due to lightning strikes nearby.

This was my first real opportunity to try out my CW SO2R interface. I still
have a lot to learn in the way of coordination.

Thanks for allowing me to join in the festivities. CU all again in the Winter

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VE1DT   M/M HP   21,1502012-07-01 15:59:21
Decided to use packet after I had already bounced back and forth between a few
bands eliminating the possibility of a M/S entry.

A beautiful Canada Day holiday weekend and too many other things on the go to
stay inside and contest for more than a few hours.

Gerald Boutin, VE1DT
VE3CV   SOAB LP   86,7562012-07-01 16:31:07
Great contest as usual. Nice to work NU, but missed NT and YT.
Hard to stay in the chair with such nice wx. Also the Blue Jays game had
priority on Sunday afternoon. Lots of VE*RAC activity was great!
Thanks to all the US and DX ops who took part in our Canada Day contest.
W6SX   SOAB HP   75,6722012-07-01 17:02:39
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
N4YDU   SOAB LP   31,3042012-07-01 17:06:46
Fun event - it's nice to get on here and there and not be consumed with rate and


AA3B   M/M HP   108,7202012-07-01 17:08:17
I used the RBN and made many band changes so I am in the M/M class.
VE9HF   SOAB HP   533,7222012-07-01 17:10:28
Thanks to everyone who QSYed for a new multiplier.

FT-1000MP, Alpha 87A, TH11DX, 2 el yagi on 40, inverted V on 80 and an inverted
L on 160.
K2ZR   SOSB/20 QRP   4802012-07-01 17:14:53
Had 30 minutes to play.
K2/QRP and 425' End Fed Wire
73, Dick/K2ZR
VA3GKO   M/S LP   332,2802012-07-01 17:20:46
Weird conditions. Turned this into a family MS LP endeavour and had a great
time. Thanks for all the points and multipliers.

AB1OD   M/M LP   72,0002012-07-01 17:22:45
Let's see...I was using spots, and ignoring the 10 minute rule. Guess that
makes me Multi/Multi

Saturday night was fun. 80 was a bit noisy, but the few contacts made on 160
seemed easy.

Sunday, on the other hand...lousy propagation and increasing noise before
thunderstorms obliged me to disconnect for a couple of hours. When I came back
on, propagation seemed to have improved, but there was still a lot of QRN.
W9RE   SOAB/CW HP   155,4142012-07-01 17:22:46
On Saturday afternoon my friend N9FC called and reminded me of the RAC contest
which I had completely forgot about. We have been in a streak of high 90 and
100 degree days so I have been doing zero work outside and this was a good time
to put in some shack time and test things out. It would have really been nice
if conditions would have been a little bit better on the high bands.

First time to work 12 mults on a band and thanks to a few for a couple of
moves. I've always enjoyed this contest and fondly remember one of the first
times I ran it (during the week) when I was an employee and took some time off
work to run the test this had to be in the late 70's.

Good activity and thanks for all the Q's especially from my VE neighbors.
VE1RAC(VE1RGB)   SOAB/CW LP   70,7402012-07-01 17:28:51
Vy poor conditions but I tried to make myself visible as much as was reasonably
possible, but this was 50/50 S&P/Running because I could rarely get much going.
Lots more QSOs than last year but far few multipliers. This is not my best RAC
Summer score.

K8MU   M/S LP   12,3062012-07-01 17:32:08
I was multi-op because I had to be according to the rules, for having used a
spotting cluster. I was trying to keep an eye out for a Delaware or North
Dakota station on CW for the last two for the Triple Play Award. No such luck.
I worked Delaware though he wasn't spotted, but he's not LoTW, so it's not
going to help.

Antenna here is all-band, only about 2 meters long, mounted on a fence about 4
feet from my house and about 20 feet from the neighbor's aluminum siding. It
requires that I go outside to change bands. I'm sure that'll make me
competitive with the other multi-op entries!

Nevertheless, I had fun again contesting with our nearest neighbors. I live
close enough to Canada to drop in for dinner without any trouble.


Larry K8MU
N8UM   M/M LP   66,6902012-07-01 17:33:15
Used RBN and many band changes ergo multi/multi. Got home from 10 days of
vacation and snapped the Alpha 9500 on Saturday. Blue screen, Fault 14 (high
line voltage). Dig into manual, ah-ha, solution is to call factory to discuss
how to clear fault. I think 34 states had rercords temperatures and everyone
had air condx running 24/7 but TVA line voltage is high... Oh well, the K3
performed well barefoot. Sorry 15 and 10 were so bad. Thanks to the sponsors
for another great contest.
N8XX   SOAB QRP   22,6562012-07-01 17:49:25
Started Slow, didn't realize I could work USA stations, but liked getting 10 and
20 points for each Canadian station!

Exceeded expectations for QRP.

Congrats to the organizers of a nice party.
KS4X   SOAB QRP   37,5202012-07-01 17:51:08
Thanks to all for putting up with My QRP signal.
N5OE   SOSB/20 LP   21,6722012-07-01 17:58:26
This is one of my favorite contest to operate. 20m was up and down alot here in
Texas it seemed, but when it was open and a station was heard, they could be
worked on low power. I blew away my old score from 2008 in the first few hours
of this contest. Thanks for all the Q's and to all who helped put this thing

TS-590 @ 80w
N1MM logger
3el Yagi Fixed NE
3el Tribander
NG7Z   SOAB/CW LP   20,7862012-07-01 18:01:30
Not a serious effort this year. Too many interupptions. Props were not good
anyway. Lots of unanswered CQs.
K4BAI   SOAB HP   138,3682012-07-01 18:07:14
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Good activity. Bands
very noisy here, both atmospheric and power line noise. Thanks for all QSOs.
73, John, K4BAI.
CX2DK   SOSB/20 HP   15,3122012-07-01 18:15:36
Hi!! My first RAC !!

Congratulations to the organization, fun and enjoyable..

Marcelo CX2DK
W1UJ   SOAB LP   156,6722012-07-01 18:16:42
A great Canada Day. Always enjoy this event.

Lost a couple of hours with lightning storms & had a good nights' sleep.


Jay W1UJ

Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
1.8 CW 3 14 1
3.5 CW 51 298 4
3.5 LSB 1 10 1
7 CW 168 912 8
7 LSB 93 576 8
14 CW 190 696 8
14 USB 59 512 10
21 CW 42 214 6
21 USB 3 30 2
28 CW 1 2 0
Total Both 611 3264 48
Score: 156,672
K6CSL   SOAB LP   2,4642012-07-01 18:22:34
With the solar flux at 124 and the A Index at 22, the conditions were not good.
Not only were my Q's half of last years, but I couldn't find the mults. I was
finding BC, AB and ON and the last contact was SK on 20PH. I heard VY2 and a
QC, but just couldn't work 'em. Finally between 18:00 and 20:00Z the bands went
totally dead. The bands finally began to revivie about 21:00Z. I am sure hoping
Sol will smile a little better for IARU in just 2 weeks. TNX to KB'ers K6MMM
and K6SRZ who gave me points. Bert, K6CSL
WU6W   SOAB/Ph HP   1,3322012-07-01 18:28:43
Wish I had more time to spend - Fun Contest with our Northern brothers !
AL9A   M/S HP   37,6282012-07-01 18:28:59
Conditions were pretty grim for most of the weekend from 61 degrees North!
VE4VT(VE4EAR)   SOAB/Ph HP   212,1902012-07-01 18:35:21
Another fun yet frustrating contest. The fun part is meeting familiar calls on
the air in a less formal contest and exchanging seasonal pleasantries.

The frustrations in this one have to be the conditions (yet again) and having
to explain to the family why I am spending an absolutely perfect day indoors
playing on the radio. Maybe RAC should consider moving this contest so it
doesn't fall on Canada and family conflicts would be lessened.

Two years in a row now there has been very poor conditions due to Coronal holes
or other solar disturbances. The SFI should be high enough to offer some
reasonable DX conditions on 10/15 but with the A index over 20, noise and
auroral conditions were prevalent.

On 40m Saturday night, stations from QC and east arrived with Auroral flutter.
20m was prone to rapid significant changes in conditions. One moment signals
would be booming and the next the next they were weak and wispy. 15m was very
poor and just manged a handful of backscatter Q's. I don't even want to mention
80m as it was brutal. Signifcant QRN with the added bonus of lightning crashes
made the noise well over S9 at times. If I worked you n 80m, it was because you
were very strong! Perhaps i waited too long to move to 80m as the east coast
probably went to bed by the time I gave in and moved there.160m was vacant any
time I checked. Same as 6m. What happened to all the E's we seem to get every
day while I am at work?

Thanks to contesting newcomer VE4TTH for taking the time to walk through the
upper bands yielding at least one mult on 10/6/2. It really helped!

Mults were way down again this year and it sounds like a common story based on
comments from others.

Highlights were being called by VY0RAC for an almost ESP contact while the beam
was 90 degrees awy from them. Also working VE5AA on 20m at barely perceptible
levels and 30 minutes or so later, running across him with a S9+15 dB signal.

Thanks for all the patience and repeats. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian
friends and Happy 4th of July to our US neighbors.

NW2K   SOAB/CW HP   51,8562012-07-01 18:38:50
197 Q's at 500W, 167 Q's at 90W, inverted v fan dipole at 50'.

10 RAC, 118 VE, 236 DX. Thank you.
WN6K   SOAB LP   97,3842012-07-01 18:42:33
Well it was a contest to fill the 'need' for a contest - but conditions were
dreadful. 15m was work - 40m was work- and 20m was noisy and work.

Did get a laugh - while calling endless CQs "CQ Canada Day", i got called by
WB7A and I thought he was just poking fun at us for looking for VE's, EH?

W2CS   SOAB/CW HP   17,2142012-07-01 18:51:18
K3, Alpha 9500, 160 mtr dipole CF with OWL tuned with Palstar BT1500A,
VE3UTT   SOAB/CW HP   64,7282012-07-01 19:10:42
Happy Canada Day!
K7IA   SOAB HP   52,4322012-07-01 19:22:36
Erin and I were guests of Canada (Edmonton, Alta) in 1987-88, and our hosts were
as wonderful then as they always are in RAC events!

New antennas here, plus increased participation in Canada Day, account for a
doubling of past best QSO count achieved in the 2010 event. But if the bottom
ever drops out of 20m, then we're all in trouble...

Thank you, and Happy Birthday Canada!

73, dan k7ia
VE3TW   SOAB HP   63,5042012-07-01 19:41:18
This was a cottage effort with family visiting- couldn't wake the babies, had to
go fishing... You know the drill!
VE3GFN   SOAB LP   100,3502012-07-01 19:46:56
My best Canada Day yet! I used computer-recorded messages for the SSB
operation, and my TR4W logging software integrated them into my transmissions
very nicely.

Who turned off the bands? Good Lord, those conditions were AAAWWWFFFUUULLL!!!
K6AAX   SOAB/Ph HP   70,0922012-07-01 20:10:54
If I worked you on 80m Phone, you were SMOKING loud. The noise and static were
beyond brutal.

I love the fact that you could earn points by working anyone. Canada
preferred, of course!

I definitely will do this contest again. Thanks for the contacts!

N4DW   SOAB/CW HP   68,7362012-07-01 20:18:05
Condition after noon sunday were punk. Never heard anyone on 10.
KK7S   SOAB/CW LP   49,0002012-07-01 20:22:45
I was looking forward to this contest as a great way to test out a couple of new
antennas -- my 160m inv-L and a 50' 80m vertical both using K2AV FCPs. They
seemed to play quite well, though there really wasn't enough traffic on those
bands to give them a real go.

I mean, wow, those conditions were truly amazing. Terrible, that is. 15m
opened up for a few, quick spotlights and 20m was mostly just weak -- like
someone stuffed the ionosphere with cotton. No point in mentioning 10m.

40m was pretty solid, but didn't get really strong until too late -- the east
coasters had mostly moved to 80m or gone to bed. Unfortunately, 80m didn't
ever open up long the way I was hoping, so most of the QSOs there were within
1000 miles.

160m was quiet and sounded really good for <1000 mile signals, but very few
seemed to try it. When all the other bands have gone down the sh***er, why not
give 160m a try? It can surprise you.

I was using a new 40m wire moxon this weekend. It's strung up inv-V style,
with the apex at about 50'. It worked great and now that I figured out how to
model insulation in 4nec2, I was able to cut the wires only once! No trimming.
Perfect target resonance on the first try. Gotta love technology.

Oh, if you've read this far, I might as well also let you know that I was
trying out a Pixel loop receiving antenna on 80m and 160m. It worked very well
-- performing roughly the same as my psuedo-ewe but with a smidge less noise.
The only problem with it is that my 80m tx signal totally overloads its pre-amp
(even though it's furthest from my 80m tx antenna) so it's useless for rx on
160m while actively transmitting on 80m. So now I have to work out a good way
to switch between the pixel and my ewe... No end to the projects, eh?

I have another antenna to build and a bunch of micro-controller programming and
soldering to do in order to get my antenna switching under control. I've got my
fingers crossed, I'm knocking on wood, and I'm throwing salt over my shoulder
in a desperate attempt to ensure condx are better for NAQP. I hope to see you
all in that one.

-Chadd KK7S
W7WHY   SOAB/CW HP   4,9442012-07-01 20:30:22
Only a couple hours to play in this one. Wish I had more time as this is one of
my favorite contests.

73 and thanks for the Q's.
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   53,9002012-07-02 00:41:30
2012 SFI = 122 A = 20 K = 2-4
2011 SFI = 89 A = 12 K = 2
2010 SFI = 74 A = 17 K = 4

And I thought last year was bad. Had one fewer mult than 2011, despite a bunch
more hours in the chair.

Ran a few European callers on 20M Sunday, which surprised me given the A-index
of 20-plus, flaring, and high auroral levels.

While I enjoyed the contest as much as ever, low Canadian particiation in the
CW bands was frustrating. Really disappointed to work only 123 Canadian QSOs
(95 unique calls). The CW-only category needs more incentive to get folks to
plug in a key.

Special thanks to our American cousins. Without all the non-Canadian activity,
this would be one heck of a slow outing in the CW bands.

Band Total 2 pt 10 pt 20 pt
1.8 1 0 1 0
3.5 34 20 14 0
7 143 103 38 2
14 311 240 66 5
21 34 30 4 0
Total 523 393 123 7

Year CW Ph Mults Score
2012: 523 0 25 53,900 HP
2011: 346 0 26 46,748 HP
2010: 292 0 17 22,576 HP
2009: 475 0 30 72,720 HP
2008: 306 0 29 47,908 HP
2007: 612 0 25 61,750 HP
2006: 445 0 23 45,218
2005: 167 0 16 12,800
2004: 160 0 15 13,800
2003: 126 0 23 19,642

See many of you in DL-DX RTTY next weekend and IARU HF World Championship in
two weeks.

-- Bud VA7ST
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   M/S LP   9802012-07-02 03:19:52
My 5m wire (plus ATU) could not catch VE signal till late.
Use of RBN -> Multi op entry.

Thanks for contacts and see you in next contest.

73 Kazu. M0CFW, JK3GAD
N4GG   SOAB/CW HP   53,6762012-07-02 04:48:34
Condx were poor - lots of atmospheric churning and high noise levels. 15 would
open to Europe for 5 minutes then close again for an hour, 20 wasn't much
better. Lots of activity from VE land, glad to work all I heard.

FTDX5K, FT1000MP, 2X ACOM2000A, WRITELOG, wires in the woods
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   27,1442012-07-02 05:26:10
Contest organizers said it was not in the spirit of the contest to operate from
two locations throughout the contest, so since I was going to be on HMCS Haida
on Sunday, I decided to work the contest from there. I decided to make 145
contacts, one for each year of Canada. Very surprised to be called by VY0RAC
from Nunavut. Lots of DX contacts on CW from the wire antenna made the chief of
the boat happy. Worked all Canadian areas except Yukon and NWT. 73 and Happy
Canada Day.

Kevin, VE3RCN (Royal Canadian Navy)
VA2OTA(VA2SG)   SOSB/20 QRP   2482012-07-02 05:34:10
Gave out points at the end of a Summits on the air activation on Mont-Valin,
SOTA VE2/SG-002. FT817 5W and Inv Vee.

Thanks for Qs

73 de JP VA2SG, op of VA2OTA
VO1TX   SOAB LP   37,4002012-07-02 06:56:46

Had fun as usual, really enjoyed the contest even though conditions were
terrible. I was really impressed with the local VO1's in the province that I
made contact with on 20 meters, even got the VO1RAC on 20 meter. Over all it
was very pleasant Canada Day contest. Hope to hear everyone next year and cross
our fingers for better conditions.


Chris aka VO1TX
VA3AMX   SOSB/20 QRP   2,2562012-07-02 06:58:35
I found that 20m was very noisy with strong and long QSB all weekend. Most QSOs
had a lot of repetitions to get through. I spent most of the time S&P. Heard
some VE*RAC stations but they could not hear me and sometimes with no patience
for a weak signal. Thanks for all the Q's and Happy Canada Day.
VE3CX   SOAB HP   425,1062012-07-02 07:09:12
Thanks for the QSO's


Tom - VE3CX
VE3OSZ   SOAB/CW LP   67,7662012-07-02 07:15:52
Disturbed conditions were a problem, especially on 160, 80 and 15. Heard nothing
other than noise on 10.

The weekend timing seemed to increase activity.

Claimed score a bit better than last year despite fewer multipliers.

Drake TR7 100 watts
Inverted L on 160 and 80, dipole for 40 and 15, elevated ground plane for 20.
One Beverage.

TR Log
VE3SS   M/S HP   26,1122012-07-02 07:22:25
Part-time S & P effort between other duties.
Lots of fun as usual giving out points across
this country and beyond.
Thanks to all who worked me! Happy Canada Day!
VE1AL   SOAB LP   134,5922012-07-02 07:27:48
Better conditions than expected but a major QRN problem Saturday (noisy motor on
power washer next door) made 20 & 15 rough. Ten didn't even open! I don't do
phone well in QRN and it shows. Overall, of course, conditions were punk.
West coast was difficult and there wasn't as much activity in the E & NE USA
because of the storm. Difficulties aside, including 35°C in my 3rd floor
shack (that's 95°F) made it a really "hot" weekend. Back next year for more
VA2WA(VA2WDQ)   M/S LP   236,6762012-07-02 07:52:08
SO1R with the DX Cluster Assistance.

Rig: Kenwood TS-590S
Ant: 20-15-10: 2 el. Yagi Cushcraft MA5B, 160-80-40 Inverted L

Good contest! Even though the "her majesty Propagation" was not so good for us
this year))) I decided to go as the SOAB LP with my the only trusted Kenwood
TS-590S. That could be nice to get some SSB contesting practice before going to
the TO2U DX expedition to St.Pierre et Miquelon for the RSGB IOTA Contest 2012

But Murphy played his dirty trick. On Saturday morning at 10AM when Es just
started and that was a very good time to work all closest VE2, VE3, VE1, VE9 on
20m/15m a building basement started flooding by a water. One of a water heater
pipes got cracked. ))) Damn !!! So I started removing water trying to find out
a plumber able to put a patch right away. All stores were closed because of the
Canada Day Holiday! ))) So finally I got everything fixed after 4.5 hours of
heavy fighting against Mr. Murphy.

When I came back to my transceiver I found that propagation was down again.
Moreover - the FIFA EURO final game just started. So there were just few people
in the air who probably either didn't know about football (known as the Socker
in NA) nor there's TV were not working that time )) I found an online video
game link and put it on my second monitor. Then I found out a clear frequency
(that was easy) and started CQ. ))) I've also turned on the DX cluster cause I
missed leadership in the SOAB category so decided to relax and to work as much
VE as possible with the cluster help. Honestly that didn't help me too much.
Probably that gave me one or two extra mults I could miss without the cluster

I worked so many VE2 as never before: VA2OP VA2RAC VA2UTC VE2060AEJ VE2AEV

Thanks to all CGQ members for the QSO's. My special appreciation is going to my
neighbor VE2AEV and to Jean, VE2JCW who moved to other bands to give me VE2

My congratulation to the VA2RAC team. Good team effort and a good result!


W1C(W1VE)   SOAB HP   367,8302012-07-02 08:03:37
Lots of fun celebrating Canada Day! Thanks to Andy, K2LE for the use of his
Superstation in Vermont.
VA3TVW   SOAB LP   17,9202012-07-02 08:09:04
QSO: 14241 PH 2012-07-01 0254 VA3TVW 59 ON VE6AO 59 AB

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0300 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3TIC 59 ON

QSO: 3735 PH 2012-07-01 0301 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3DC 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0303 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3GBY 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0304 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3TW 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0304 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3TPV 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0305 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3FN 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0305 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3CV 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0305 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3SCP 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0306 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3TWG 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0306 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3TPS 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0307 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3RHE 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0307 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3HK 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0308 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3XRA 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0308 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3IQZ 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0311 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3CES 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0311 VA3TVW 59 ON VE9RAC 59 NB

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0312 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3PAW 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0313 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3GO 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0315 VA3TVW 59 ON VA2WA 59 QC

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0315 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3LXV 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0316 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3QV 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0318 VA3TVW 59 ON VE2CJR 59 QC

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0319 VA3TVW 59 ON W1BYH 59 039

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0320 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3SUB 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0320 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3DDD 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0321 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3LM 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0321 VA3TVW 59 ON NT2I 59 25

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0322 VA3TVW 59 ON WB2KA 59 24

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0323 VA3TVW 59 ON XM2AT 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0323 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3NPL 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0324 VA3TVW 59 ON N2LRB 59 04

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0325 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3AJV 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0325 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3SS 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0325 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3TU 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0327 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3WR 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0328 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3LNS 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0331 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1WOW 59 NS

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0332 VA3TVW 59 ON VA2DLJ 59 QC

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0335 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1KRE 59 NB

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0336 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3YCB 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0340 VA3TVW 59 ON VE2FAB 59 QC

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0341 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3LUK 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0344 VA3TVW 59 ON KM2O 59 159

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0344 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3AR 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0345 VA3TVW 59 ON VE9JW 59 NB

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0345 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3RAC 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0346 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1LD 59 NS

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0351 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3IFS/W2 59 212

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0354 VA3TVW 59 ON W2LK 59 16

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0356 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3FS 59 ON

QSO: 3745 PH 2012-07-01 0400 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3KUP 59 ON

QSO: 3755 PH 2012-07-01 0404 VA3TVW 59 ON VC390IC 59 ON

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0415 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1AL 59 NS

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0416 VA3TVW 59 ON VE9RLW 59 NB

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0420 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1LS 59 NS

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0421 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3RZ 59 ON

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0422 VA3TVW 59 ON VE2PIJ 59 QC

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0425 VA3TVW 59 ON NR1X 59 181

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0425 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3JI 59 ON

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0428 VA3TVW 59 ON AC8JF 59 011

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0431 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3GFN 59 ON

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0432 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3KAI 59 ON

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0432 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3JAS 59 ON

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0434 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3NEP 59 ON

QSO: 3775 PH 2012-07-01 0437 VA3TVW 59 ON WB9QVR 59 32

QSO: 7219 PH 2012-07-01 0451 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3IF/W2 59 252

QSO: 7144 PH 2012-07-01 0452 VA3TVW 59 ON W1C 59 434

QSO: 7135 PH 2012-07-01 0454 VA3TVW 59 ON W9QL 59 133

QSO: 7135 PH 2012-07-01 0455 VA3TVW 59 ON W0IU 59 12

QSO: 7230 PH 2012-07-01 0501 VA3TVW 59 ON W0ZF 59 25

QSO: 3770 PH 2012-07-01 0509 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3GKO 59 ON

QSO: 3778 PH 2012-07-01 0512 VA3TVW 59 ON VE4VT 59 MB

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0513 VA3TVW 59 ON WA2JQK 59 108

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0514 VA3TVW 59 ON W9QL 59 138

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0516 VA3TVW 59 ON KC2GNL 59 07

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0517 VA3TVW 59 ON N2KW 59 169

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0517 VA3TVW 59 ON N4PN 59 537

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0517 VA3TVW 59 ON W1NN 59 276

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0518 VA3TVW 59 ON WB2ATZ 59 35

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0521 VA3TVW 59 ON W1C 59 455

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0521 VA3TVW 59 ON W8NVC 59 01

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0530 VA3TVW 59 ON N3LMV 59 01

QSO: 3760 PH 2012-07-01 0532 VA3TVW 59 ON VE2JCW 59 QC

QSO: 3750 PH 2012-07-01 0822 VA3TVW 59 ON VA2RAC 59 QC

QSO: 3750 PH 2012-07-01 0828 VA3TVW 59 ON K3NUI 59 01

QSO: 3750 PH 2012-07-01 0829 VA3TVW 59 ON K4BAI 59 287

QSO: 3750 PH 2012-07-01 0831 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1GM 59 NS

QSO: 3750 PH 2012-07-01 0834 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3ACA 59 ON

QSO: 3770 PH 2012-07-01 1231 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3FCT 59 ON

QSO: 3770 PH 2012-07-01 1235 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3EVN 59 ON

QSO: 3770 PH 2012-07-01 1236 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3NX 59 ON

QSO: 3770 PH 2012-07-01 1239 VA3TVW 59 ON VA3POS 59 ON

QSO: 3770 PH 2012-07-01 1245 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3DV 59 ON

QSO: 14195 PH 2012-07-01 1251 VA3TVW 59 ON VE4VT 59 MB

QSO: 14190 PH 2012-07-01 1252 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1ZD 59 NS

QSO: 14220 PH 2012-07-01 1253 VA3TVW 59 ON VE9OA 59 NB

QSO: 14170 PH 2012-07-01 1256 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3DC 59 ON

QSO: 14146 PH 2012-07-01 1258 VA3TVW 59 ON VO1DJT 59 NL

QSO: 14155 PH 2012-07-01 1259 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3RCN 59 ON

QSO: 14155 PH 2012-07-01 1301 VA3TVW 59 ON VE1SQ 59 NS

QSO: 14155 PH 2012-07-01 1301 VA3TVW 59 ON VE2QY 59 QC

QSO: 14155 PH 2012-07-01 1303 VA3TVW 59 ON K4AVC 59 19

QSO: 14155 PH 2012-07-01 1303 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3DV 59 ON

QSO: 14155 PH 2012-07-01 1309 VA3TVW 59 ON VO1UL 59 NL

QSO: 14185 PH 2012-07-01 1312 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3TU 59 ON

QSO: 14181 PH 2012-07-01 1322 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3CX 59 ON

QSO: 14189 PH 2012-07-01 1324 VA3TVW 59 ON VA2RAC 59 QC

QSO: 144 PH 2012-07-01 1327 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3NYX 59 ON

QSO: 144 PH 2012-07-01 1327 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3ROR 59 ON

QSO: 144 PH 2012-07-01 1330 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3ACA 59 ON

QSO: 50 PH 2012-07-01 1333 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3NYX 59 ON

QSO: 50 PH 2012-07-01 1333 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3ACA 59 ON

QSO: 50 PH 2012-07-01 1334 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3ROR 59 ON

QSO: 14180 PH 2012-07-01 1342 VA3TVW 59 ON K0VXU 59 17

QSO: 14184 PH 2012-07-01 1346 VA3TVW 59 ON VO2RAC 59 NL

QSO: 14160 PH 2012-07-01 1348 VA3TVW 59 ON VE7CVA 59 BC

QSO: 50 PH 2012-07-01 1352 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3DV 59 ON

QSO: 14200 PH 2012-07-01 1354 VA3TVW 59 ON KZ1W 59 121

QSO: 14149 PH 2012-07-01 1359 VA3TVW 59 ON VA2MZ 59 QC

QSO: 14149 PH 2012-07-01 1404 VA3TVW 59 ON VE2AWR 59 QC

QSO: 14151 PH 2012-07-01 1406 VA3TVW 59 ON VE7WJ 59 BC

QSO: 14173 PH 2012-07-01 1408 VA3TVW 59 ON XM7SZ 59 BC

QSO: 144 PH 2012-07-01 1414 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3EU 59 ON

QSO: 14210 PH 2012-07-01 1418 VA3TVW 59 ON VE5FX 59 SK

QSO: 14177 PH 2012-07-01 1611 VA3TVW 59 ON VE9HF 59 NB

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1613 VA3TVW 59 ON VA2PC 59 QC

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1613 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3AT 59 ON

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1614 VA3TVW 59 ON WA5KBH 59 11

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1617 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3AXW 59 ON

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1618 VA3TVW 59 ON K5HM 59 33

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1618 VA3TVW 59 ON VE3SS 59 ON

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1619 VA3TVW 59 ON K7JQ 59 86

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1619 VA3TVW 59 ON K9MWM 59 17

QSO: 14205 PH 2012-07-01 1621 VA3TVW 59 ON NR5GV 59 11

N4PN   SOAB HP   424,9262012-07-02 08:57:53
Looking at "the numbers" almost didn't get into the RAC this year.
But, once I started, they didn't seem to have much effect...lots
of VE's in there....

Took four hours off from 4am til 8am, as it was really slow at
that time...the time "on" was great...plenty to work...could al-
ways find the 2-pointers....

Some of the longest calls...and there was plenty of them..
VE7NR/M/VE3, (Gary, VE3XN as VC390IC), and these two took the
prize....EN2012KWA and!

Biggest surprise...being called by YB7XO on 20m CW on Sunday
morning. This was a new country for ARRL 75th DXCC Award...
It counts as Netherlands Borneo...Double surprise when he gave
me #15...

Other nice surprises....VY1RAC, VE8NSD, VY0RAC, VY1NM & VY0HL..
Plus nice supply of VY2's, VE1's, VE9's....lots of strong VE2's
and VE3's all day. Other consistent signal all bands was Ed,

Nice joining in the race with pal, Gerry, W1VE at K2LE's
station....nice going Gerry...

Thanks to all who showed up for "their" party and celebration.
You VE's really put on a show...thanks to the sponsors..

See ya next year!

73, Paul, N4PN
K6GHA   SOSB/20 LP   15,8402012-07-02 09:53:54
Conditions seemed to be better than last year as other familiar stations seemed
to have had higher Q’s. I enjoyed making the first contact to Jim VY1RM at
YV1RAC at White Horse in the Yukon Territory when they first came on the air. I
think we were both surprised!
I notice a few more DX (outside US) stations this year, and was glad to hear
the participation, and added a few portables and a maritime mobile stations to
my Q's as well. A great way ring in Canada Day.
VE3AD   SOAB HP   3,9602012-07-02 10:51:54
VE4RAC(VE4EA)   SOSB/20 LP   99,8882012-07-02 11:46:14
While it was a delight and wonderful treat to be able to resume contesting, I
didn't achieve my Q goals. I apologize to any stations who may have called,
but I couldn't pull out. I have nobody to blame but my inappropriate rig and
contesting inexperience.

I had seriously considered making this strictly a CW effort. As, even with a
K-index of 20+ it doesn't take very much to pick up the weaker signals. I
decided that it wouldn't be fair to withhold the 20 points from 20M. phone
ops. Not that people needed the VE4 multiplier this year, with the results and
fantastic effort put in by Ed VE4VT (VE4EAR).

I spent a fair bit of time searching for multipliers. But, it seemed as though
more of "them" came hunting for the RAC call-sign. Missed Nt (VE8) on both

Thank you to all for the Q's. Low power and not checking/using the spots makes
it more challenging. Having the RAC call helps.

Thank you to the Winnipeg Seniors Radio Club for allowing me access to their
office and QTH. I can't express enough appreciation to Bert VE4AND, my host
who stayed with me for 24+ hours. I couldn't have done this without his grace
and consideration.

FT-857, Explorer 14 Yagi
W1NN   SOAB LP   94,5902012-07-02 15:20:52
I put in 6 hours on Saturday night and one more hour Sunday morning. I don't
operate much phone and I don't have a DVK or any way to call CQ without using
my voice, and by the time I quit on Saturday night, my voice was starting to
hurt. Had I put in a full day on Sunday, I would have been real hoarse by the
end of the day, so I decided to pull the switch.

For the SOAB low power category, you need to spend significant amounts of time
on phone if you want to produce a good score. I thought about the CW only
category, but it lumps together high power, low power and even QRP stations, so
lacking an amp I felt that I would be at a big disadvantage, so that's why I
chose to operate mixed. If there were a CW only LP category, I probably would
have stayed the course.

But I did have a lot of fun Saturday night. 300 contacts in 6 hours is not a
bad rate and it's fun trying to find those mults, especially on 80 and 160.

Thanks to the sponsors and all the participants!

73, Hal W1NN
VE7XF   SOAB/CW HP   131,8202012-07-02 15:26:26
Well, that was a surprise! Whoda thunk condx would have been so bad? Not a peep
on 10m, in spite of checking often. I was worried that 15 might have suffered
the same fate, but it produced a few mults in the end. 80m wasn't much good
either, tnx to a broadband noise of S-7 most of the time. 160/80/40 mults are
VERY difficult from way out here in the RF wilderness.

I heard some aurora on 6m signals about 0330z, but only one local mult.
Every time I heard VE7JKZ, on any band, he had auroral flutter on his signal,
and he's only 17km away, as the RF flies.

I'm always surprised to get called by Eu, as my beam is usually at right angles
to them. A bit of finger work on the controls, and signals pick up considerably.
I found many more Eu stations this year, and they were giving out bigger
numbers. Nice to have them join our little contest! I think the W/VE contest
(predecessor to this one) was my first contest, in about 1955.
And nothing heard from the Yukon.

My first contest with the P3 added to the K3, and it was a big help finding
good sigs on the second rx for my SO2V operation.

Ralph, VE7XF
VE1RSM/VY1   SOSB/20 LP   1,5362012-07-02 18:38:42
Heard and called lots of stations but they did not hear me. I called CQ many
times but again few responses.

I guess the condx were not on my side.
VE6SV   M/S HP   499,0282012-07-02 19:29:13
The weather was warm and the propagation cool. The lowbands noisy and no
15M or 10M band openings for us. It was great to have 3 newbies join the
team - we all need to mentor new contesters and introduce HF to new amateurs.

Again, I have to say as time goes on the VE partipation seems to be deceasing
since the earlier days of the RAC contests. May I ask why?

73 from the Sierra Victor Team
VA3KAI   SOAB LP   119,3922012-07-02 21:20:46
Canadian (excl RAC) QSO's = 171; RAC QSO's = 12; DX QSO's = 173

About 70%PH & 30%CW contacts using Knwd TS2000 & HamGadgets Keyer running
Antennas: 160/80/40M = 270'OCF dipole (N-S); 80/40/20/10/6M = 135'OCF dipole
(E-W); 20M = end-fed sloping dipole (W); 20/15/10/6M = Sloping 44' dipole (N);
6/2M = vertical. Overall poor conditions with lots of QRN and fading - 40M &
20M were best for me. Lots of US and DX stations this year - thanks! Belated
Happy Canada Day to all.
YB7XO   SOSB/20 LP   1842012-07-02 22:07:32
VE3SMA   SOAB QRP   6,1502012-07-03 05:32:31
Just a brief portable operation on Sunday afternoon with 5 watts and a low trap
inverted vee. Conditions ensured that I really felt like I was running QRP!
N2BJ   SOAB HP   27,1082012-07-03 06:32:08
not much time this year
DD8SM   SOSB/20 HP   1,0502012-07-03 12:10:56
Worked only 1,5 hour
VE5RAC   M/M LP   37,8582012-07-03 12:19:46
This is the first time our club (Moose Jaw ARC) has done a Canada Day Contest,
had a great time, everyone wants to do it again next year.
Operators: VE5TRF, VE5BBB, VE5KS, VE5IRE
VA3PC/M   SOAB/Ph LP   4,7302012-07-03 15:18:23
Worked mobile in NB and NS.
VE3TU   SOAB LP   56,2002012-07-03 17:14:35
Happy Canada Day!

Manuel - VE3TU
N8OO   M/S HP   405,4062012-07-03 18:28:06
Almost all day in Sunday we have thunderstorm, lightning and lot of qrm
Surprise on 160m, have VE6AO ,VE9HF.
Thanks everybody who call N8OO during a contest.
Victor N8OO
Sergey RX9SX/W5
NR1X   SOAB HP   112,9502012-07-04 07:48:06
Nice to be back in the chair. I've been away from contesting for a while now,
but when I realized Canada day was on a weekend I couldn't resist. Thanks for
all the great QSOs
KN4Y   SOAB/CW LP   5,8242012-07-04 17:49:34
Enjoy this contest operating CW, was not able to get much time on the
radio.Enjoy working the great CW operators. Did not meet the minimum QSO's for
log submission.