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Florida QSO Party   2014   Apr 26   Comment Summary

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KE9V   SOABMixed LP   1,1522014-04-26 19:51:33
Decent band conditions but even better weather outside kept me out of the shack
for most of Saturday. Still had a great time. Thanks to all for the Q's and see
you next time. 73 de Jeff, KE9V
K8MFO   SOABCW HP   55,3422014-04-27 11:37:21
Since I have a lot of post-winter outside work to do, I decided to put in a
couple of hours to work the mobiles. Actually wound up putting about 13 hours
in the chair, with MANY short work breaks. FINALLY at 1652Z on Sunday I
worked KN4Y in Holmes for the SWEEP. Thank you Ed! I worked a few more
mobiles and then closed down, sent the log file in and uploaded all conacts to
LotW. It's great fun to chase the mobiles around, and I appreciate each and
every one of them. Thanks for the fun.

Rig K-3 and amp about 500 watts. Antenna on 20 and 15 is the driven element
of a Mosley TA-33 tribander at 48 feet. On 40 I used my Mosley PRO-67. The
PRO-67 at 117 feet is too high for Florida.


AG2AA   SOABMixed LP   12,4022014-04-27 13:32:48
Part time operation. Had lots of fun. Thanks to Florida! Some great
rovers/mobiles out there - worked one in 7 counties!
N8XX   SOABCW QRP   26,6222014-04-27 14:39:14
Very interesting propagation. On 20 there were very deep, long QSB, so I had to
"ride" the waves of QSB to be heard with my "mighty 5 watts"
to a wet noodle antenna. Remind me to put up a sterba curtain or equivalent
next year pointed toward Florida! I'm sure 10 dBd power gain would have helped

Thanks to the Mobiles, particular W4AN who I worked in 9 different counties!
They were generally quite loud, didn't have much trouble with QSB!

Thanks to the Florida Contest Group for putting on a very nice show!
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SOAB(A)CW LP   1402014-04-27 14:43:02
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (CG3000), DXLog 2.0.1

My antenna did not catch any FL signal except few on 20m around 21-22Z. Worked
few additional station on 15/10m on Sunday afternoon.

73 Kazu
WB2P   SOAB(A)SSB LP   6,5522014-04-27 14:44:18
My first contest with my new FTdx1200. I am still learning the radio. conditions
were not that great from NJ. That said, I had a good time and look forward to
next year.
AA7V   SOABCW HP   30,7202014-04-27 15:03:49
Missed most of Sunday darn it.
Great ops in this contest.
Missed BRO and NAS.
VE3XD   SOAB(A)CW QRP   11,3222014-04-27 15:03:54
Score includes 3 point multiplier for QRP.
NS9I   SOABCW HP   36,7162014-04-27 15:06:32
Only got in to the QP today, got a clean sweep though with NO5W giving me OKA in
the last 5 minutes, TU! Great /M opr.s indeed ... thanks to all! 73
W4GV   SOABSSB HP   57,4242014-04-27 15:15:24
Thanks for the Qs.

Half time effort. Had a date and party Sat nite and had to take time out
Sunday getting ready for a trip to the DC area departing at 6 AM Monday morn.
Conditions not nearly as good as last year. 20M was the workhorse band for me.
No 10M QSOs altho I did listen a few times. Thought I might get one w/
Charlie, NF4A, but couldn't figure out why he was so weak - he lives less than
a mile from me. Had an "ah ha" moment and checked 20 meters. The 10
meter signal I was listening to was his second harmonic from 20M. Missed
operating on 40M Sat night and I'm sure that hurt the score.

Station - FTDX-9000D, SPE Expert 2K-FA Amp, Mosley Pro67B, PalStar HF-Auto
tuner, MFJ-484 Voice Keyer, Heil Pro-Set Plus, Writelog Ver 11.15A
DL6KVA   SOABCW HP   39,2962014-04-27 15:15:28
Many thanks for a lot of fun!
Tried for a clean sweep ... missed WAG, NAS, BRO mainly because not all mobiles
went to 15m on sunday.
K9CT   SOABCW LP   158,6562014-04-27 15:18:09
The mobiles were fantastic! Thanks for doing the hard work and giving us many
QSOs and Mults. The operators were first class and had good speed.

K4OJ 60 QSOs
K1XX 44
NO5W 39
N4GI 38
K4KG 38
W4MY 38
N4UU 37
W4AN 37
K5YAA 36
KN4Y 25
N4AO 27
N4FP 20
N4CW 13

Moved as many stations as I could but conditions did not work all the time. I
heard many stations on 10 and 15 that just could not copy my 100 watts. Maybe
too much local noise....

We had poor propagation for 15 and 10 plus a Florida afternoon thunderstorm to
give me some QRN to enjoy.

One of the best QSO parties...thanks to the sponsors and organizers.

73, Craig K9CT
NSØR   SOAB(A)CW HP   13,8602014-04-27 15:18:47
Had a great time. Was thrilled with the CW participation. Thanks all!
NF4A   SOABMixed HP   393,1202014-04-27 15:20:32
Wish I was able to be mobile....sounded like plenty of stations to work and
heard BIG pileups on the mobiles....THEY MAKE THE QSO just wasn't
in the cards for me to be mobile this year. Thanks for the Qs...log uploaded to
K8IR   SOABCW LP   136,6802014-04-27 15:20:45
It was great to be able to escape the noise and weak signals on 20 on Sunday to
15 meters which was in great shape to the southern half of the state. Thanks
to all the mobiles for another great job and interesting weekend.
W5TM   SOAB(A)CW LP   13,5002014-04-27 15:22:37
100 watts and a 33 foot wire 8 feet high makes it rough on both ends.
Thanks for digging my weak signal out of the noise.
W4EE   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   103,1042014-04-27 15:24:39
TS-440S es G5RV
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Qs
73, Jim------>soon to be 599 BRE
KO7X   SOABMixed HP   44,4402014-04-27 15:33:15
Missed WAG for a sweep, and also missed BRO on CW. It's fun chasing all the
mobiles around. It was a great turnout despite the marginal conditions on 20.
Sunday was a bit better than Saturday here. Look for K5YAA/a Wyoming county
near you next weekend.
N1CC   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   160,9202014-04-27 15:44:32
Rig: FT-990 100W to Force 12 C-3 @64' and 80/40 Fan Dipole @50'. Writelog.
Telnet to K5DX cluster in Houston.

This was my first adventure with the FQP. I was fun, however, the Solar Gods
did not serve me well. 15 was barely open and 10 nearly not at all. In
December 2013 and in the WPX SSB in March conditions were far better to

Finished the CW sweep at 2052 with Washington Co. courtesy of NO5W mobile ... I
missed the morning run by others through the county due to severe weather here.

FQP has a really strong mobile organization! K4OJ (29),K1XX (26), N4GI (21),
N4UU (20), W4AN (19), N4AO (17),K5YAA (16), and N4FP(9) combined to result in
most of my contacts multiple times (More than half)! Since I am unfamiliar
with FQP I chose Assisted because the challenge was to "learn" the
contest as well as compete! I might keep the assisted because some of the
multipliers may not have been found without the spotting network.

A good time was had! Thanks FQP! 73, Jim
W2RR(WA2AOG)   SOAB(A)CW HP   21,6002014-04-27 15:45:13
FL QSOPARTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2014-04-26

CallSign Used : W2RR
Operator(s) : WA2AOG

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : NY
Gridsquare : FN02RR

Name : Lonnie Keller
Address : c/o WA2AOG
91 Boll Drive
City/State/Zip : Elma NY 14059
Country : USA

ARRL Section : WNY
Club/Team : Niagara Frontier Radiosport
Software : N1MM Logger V13.9.1

Band QSOs Pts Mul
7 38 76 3
14 110 220 51
21 28 56 6
28 4 8 0
Total 180 360 60

Score : 21,600
K9PG   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   232,8302014-04-27 15:46:28
Just 100w & DIPOLIO.... sat for most of the time with a few 10-15 min

27 more CW Qs, 49 less SSB Qs.... 22 less QS and 9 less mults means 14k less
than 2013. I obviously didn't spend enough time on SSB... didn't CQ once...
and didn't find K4FGC 1823z... didn't hear him much at all on Saturday, and I
know he was there.

The mobiles... what can you say! 41 Qs with K4OJ, 56 with K4KG, 37 with N4GI,
29 with NO5W, 23 with K5YAA, 35 with K1XX, 28 with N4AO, 15 with W4AN, 32 with
N4UU, 19 with N4FP... and there were plenty of times where I couldn't hear
these guys at all because of my monstrous wire antenna.

How insane would this have been if NX4N (and maybe a couple others) was in the
fray too!

Well done boys! And how about OM2VL with over 700 Qs!!! Wow!!!

Paul K9PG
VA3PC   SOABSSB LP   1,4402014-04-27 15:46:45
15m was really quiet, but not many FL stations heard. 20M full of qrn.
Thanks Floridians!
VE1RGB   SOABCW LP   109,3442014-04-27 16:00:24
This was my tenth time in FL QP and produced my best score ever, an outcome
which surprises me because I thought conditions were poor at best.

K4OJ lead the pack for number of counties with a whacking total of 47! K4KG
& W4AN (33), K5YAA (32), N4AO (26) and K1XX (25) finish off the top five.
My sole QSO on 10M was with W4UH (with a wire antenna at this end).

Well done, as usual, to the mobile operators. They are a breed apart!

73, Gary VE1RGB
VE3CR   SOABMixed HP   45,3152014-04-27 16:00:30
Many thanks to the rovers and mobiles for all their hard work!

Special thanx to the very talented operators at K4OJ - outstanding
professionalism at all times!!


Eric, VE3CR
K2ZR/4   SOABCW LP   146,0042014-04-27 16:07:41
Rig: K2 @ 75W Ant: 40M Windom Log: N1MM

QSO count up. Mult count down. The EU ops just were not there like 2013.
Conditions decent but 10 meters was pretty much a bust for me.

CU all in 2015
Dick, K2ZR/4
Key West, Monroe County, FL
K5WA   SOABCW LP   94,0682014-04-27 16:09:50
With no outdoor antenna (dipole in attic), low power and very little time to
spare I was not thinking I would have any fun this weekend in FQP, however,
with all the great ears in most of the mobiles, I was able to work all 67
counties with my little peanut whistle home station and have a ball to boot. I
had gotten all but three counties on the first day and then picked up two of the
last three on 40M early Sunday morning but WAL was just not in the cards. I
looked at the "Counties on the Air" plan and saw that NO5W was my
only hope of getting WAL near the end of the contest. About an hour and a half
before the end, Chuck had a huge pileup in WAG and HOL and apparently pulled
over to work the pile down (according to the APRS indicator). My hopes for a
SWEEP seemed to sink when it looked like he was not going make it to WAL before
2200Z, but he got on I-10 and set the cruise control around 75 mph (again, a
guess on my part from reading the APRS data) and spun through HOL saying WAL
was about 7 miles away and there were still 30 minutes left in the contest.
Right about the time he thought he was going to be in WAL, he stopped
transmitting. Again I thought my sweep was vanishing at a gas station or pit
stop. I waited 15-20 seconds and just couldn't wait any longer so I just
called him blind. Sure enough, he came right back and I was his first WAL QSO
as he was heading home. The expected huge pileup ensued but my contest was
over with a sweep. That was fun.

I think NO5W and N4UU tied in the smooth sending mobile category with the best
CW fists. K5YAA must have had some bad RFI getting into his keying line
because it was tough to copy but if you need a particular county, you can copy
anything. ;-)

I still remember my mobile run through the FQP with N6MU about 10-12 years ago
when we got 47 counties done. I'm glad I didn't have APRS back then because we
hit 90-100 MPH for the last hour to catch all the panhandle counties.

Great contest AGAIN FQP!!!

Bob K5WA
NWØM   SOABMixed LP   91,8722014-04-27 16:12:37
Thanks to all the mobiles and their great CW ops. Lots of fun chasing you down
the highways.
K8GT   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   93,0622014-04-27 16:13:22
Wow, conditions were quite good, at least on 20 from MI to FL. The mobiles were
all over the place and kept me busy with working all of them. Didn't find that
many fixed stations, just a few. The mobile ops were incredible with big
TNX to all the great FL ops for the Q's. 73, Gerry, K8GT
K6CSL   SOABCW LP   3082014-04-27 16:13:32
Very rough conditions. Lots of noise from Mid-West storms, deep QSB and huge
pile-ups. I was undoubtedly working only the strongest stations. Late Saturday
evening 40m was entirely inundated with JA stations engaged in some kind of JA
only Contest. There were all those JA's calling CQ Test. Most ignored my calls,
but a couple of them worked me earlier on 20m. Finally one fellow I work
frequently in DX contests finally told me the contest was for "JA's
only". Saturday night I did work each of the W1AW/X stations and also some
interesting DX, like YS1/NP3J doing a Commemorative Special Event honoring the
Hero of the 1855 El Salvador Revolution. One really odd thing that happened. I
was using the RBN to look for DX and about 11:00Z on 30m, the RBN was showing
T5T(Somalia). I kept listening for a while and at times the station on the same
frequency was showing 5T5T. Only once in about 20 minutes, after the
operator(who must also been looking at the RBN, began to slow his code speed
and very carefully send HT5T so that it showed correctly on the RBN. He
actually was doing a special event in Managua, Nicaragua, with an unusual sub
for a YN call. It looked like it fairly confused all those SDR receivers
feeding the RBN. I also had a brief chat with Fredy, S58FA, who I've worked
many times in contests. He had a big signal on 20SSB. Bert, K6CSL
W9RE   SOABCW LP   14,8502014-04-27 16:22:43
Too many chores and too good of wx to do much operating.

Sure loud mobile stations make it a great State QSO Party.
K4LM   M/SMixed LP   157,3042014-04-27 16:28:49
Operated with KJ1T, new call and fairly new ham. Getting him ready for Field
Day. Conditions were not too good Sat but seemed to improve Sunday. Didn't
have much time to operate this year. I did get to work a few mobiles though.

73, Vant K4LM
K7SV   SOABMixed LP   226,6782014-04-27 16:35:55
Nice to put close to a full effort into FQP again. It's always so much fun to
work old friends and to chase the mobiles all over the state. Condx weren't the
best, but 20 held up quite well most of the time between VA and the entire state
of FL. I remember some years where the mobiles were almost unworkable at times,
but I don't remember not being able to hear any of them in the pileups on 20
this year. 40 was pretty good but 15 and 10 were dismal. I did hear K5YAA on 15
later on Sunday, but he obviously didn't hear me.
KA4SFD   SOABSSB HP   83,6642014-04-27 16:38:13
Rookie Overlay
VE3VN   SOABCW QRP   40,0322014-04-27 16:41:00
KX3 + wires
K7IA   SOABMixed LP   60,6402014-04-27 16:42:59
More QSB and less activity this year compared to 2013, it seems. Once again,
the mobiles kept me in the chair. Bravo Zulu to:

K1RQ-2 Qs

Q-counts would have been higher if ops would identify more often. I don't work
assisted, and my N1MM bandmap deletes spots older than 45 mins.

Many thanks to the hard driving mobiles and to the QP sponsors!

Next weekend is the 7QP (plus New England and Indiana QS's), and I'll be
activating Apache County, Arizona with a lot of CW and a little SSB (Andy,
KK7AC, will carry the water on SSB). Hope to see you!

73, dan
KH7XS/W4(K4XS)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   693,8402014-04-27 16:45:47
Ughh! This one was really work. First day condx kinda sucked until a couple
hour s before 0200Z. Second day was better, but really strange condx on 10.
Even using packet I was not able to equal my mult total from last year on SSB.
G4PIQ   SOABMixed HP   9,7352014-04-27 16:52:49
A rather addictive event - had a pile of commitments this weekend which meant I
was just dipping in and out to make a few QSOs when I was in the shack, but
could easily have spent a lot of time - especially chasing the sharp mobiles.

K3 + PA. 400W, Inv-V Dipoles for 80/40/20 @ 16m
W5MF   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   5,5682014-04-27 16:53:36
Just wanted to hand out a few Q's for the mobiles. Lots of fun as usual.
VE9AA/M   SOABCW LP   1002014-04-27 16:56:14
SOAPBOX: CHECKLOG - Log checkers please take note. Saturday nite QSO's were all
good, but
SOAPBOX: I was logging @ night, in the dark, while driving @ 65mph , with
ballpoint pen
SOAPBOX: and a little gas receipt as my logging sheet, horn button as my desk.
The Q's
SOAPBOX: are good. I put SAR for all exchanges on Sat, even though the correct
cty was
SOAPBOX: copied in my head(just so the logging software won't kick it back as
blank) I
SOAPBOX: don't want them to be detracted from the Floridians logs. Sunday I
had the
SOAPBOX: benefit of daylight and pulled over when possible so I could put the
SOAPBOX: exchange down.
SOAPBOX: One of my favorite QSO parties ever, but I had to be on the road, sigh
SOAPBOX: 73 de Mike VE9AA FT-857D @ 50w, SD-330 vertical, 09 MINI COOPER @
K8MR   SOABMixed LP   85,0082014-04-27 17:04:50
I've been in NJ with my daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson born on April 17.
For FQP I put up a 40/20 dipole at 20 feet and kept plugging away. Occasionally
I was not the last guy in the pileup to get through!

Fun passing out phone QSOs from New Joisey. Never really got the chance for the
ultimate NJ fill: "QTH is New Jersey, you got a problem with that?"

Counties missed: BRO(!), FRA, LAF, WAG, WAK. Great mobile activity as always;
some year, hopefully soon, I will be able to be on that end.

Back home to Ohio on Tuesday, hope to see lots of you in Dayton.

73 - Jim K8MR
K6LA   SOABMixed HP   107,8922014-04-27 17:09:34
I almost blew the sweep by my alarm not going off a few minutes before the start
on Sunday. I needed Holmes and a station was supposed to start there. I saw that
NO5W and W4AN were scheduled there later in the day, but I missed NO5W's
scheduled time due to a miscalculation. Fortunately, he was almost an hour late
to get their and I got the Q and the mult. I was listening to W4AN at the end
and he didn't make it to Holmes, so I was lucky.

K4OJ - 56 QSOs. It got to the point where when I worked them in a new county on
one band, I just jumped to the 2 other active bands and got them there quickly.

K5YAA - 27 QSOs.
K4KG - 29 QSOs
K1XX - 27 QSOs
N4UU - 22 QSOs
N4AO - 20 QSOs
NO5W - 20 QSOs
W4AN - 24 QSOs
N4MY - 25 QSOs

Those mobile really make the QSO party.

Also, 10 meters opening on Sunday helped with the phone mults.

73, Ken, K6LA
AD4ES   M/SMixed LP   467,3702014-04-27 17:09:58
Score does not include x2 multiplier for power. Lot of great runs on Saturday.
Not so much on Sunday.
WB8JUI   SOABCW QRP   56,5442014-04-27 17:35:58
Thought I would possibly miss this year's festivities. My son and his future
wife bought a house and we have been working on getting it into shape for a
late May wedding and move in. I did manage about 5 hours of operating time
after "contractor duties".

20 meters was the (pretty much only) band. Lots of non-stop activity. I heard
a few very ESP signals on 15, but not enough to get through QRP wise. 40 was
tough going amongst very heavy QRN and RTTY activity. Ended up with 30 Qs less
than last year, but 1 more multiplier.

I'm still struggling on getting a comfort level with the Flex 1500. Just
something about the lack of knobs...

Frequent flyers - N4GI (12), K4KG (11), N4UU (11), W4AN (11), K1XX (10), W4MY
(10), K5YAA (9), NO5W (9), K4OJ (8), KN4Y (6), N4AO (6), N4FP (3), K1RQ (2),
N4CW (2) - Some very fine operators!

Thanks to all for allowing me to ride along again this year.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
WN4AFP   SOABMixed LP   14,8002014-04-27 17:48:32
This was my 1st FQP and what fun it was! I want to especially thank all of the
mobiles for their tireless efforts to activate so many FL counties. Those I
worked included: W4AN, N4FP, K4OJ, NO5W, N4AO, K1XX, W4MY and K4FCG. I only
worked one mobile on Phone. I'm located in the upstate of South Carolina and I
am too far away for most of the daylight hours on 40m and too close for 20m. I
can typically work FL on 40m anytime, but not this weekend. This is the one
contest in which I'm not competing against Frank WA2VYA and Alan KV4QS. Looking
forward to next year! Thanks to everyone who could hear "Air Force
Patrol" low power stations (IC-730 & dipole at 20'). 73's Dave
VE3RZ   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   57,7682014-04-27 17:49:08
Only a few hours available due to family committments. Thanks to all the
mobiles for making this fun..

KØOU   SOABMixed QRP   68,6282014-04-27 17:56:53
Never heard a pile up on a US station as there was when no5w reached WAG and HOL
counties. Even W1AW/2 was not attracting that much attention. Really prolific
mobiles running around Florida made it lots of fun. My 5 watts from a K3/10
could not always cut the pile-ups, but I got most of them that I heard. Nice
job guys (es gals).
W4UH   M/MMixed HP   736,3442014-04-27 18:09:44
Just a fun casual effort this time with some what poor conditions compared to
last year.
K4MM   SOAB(A)CW HP   51,1002014-04-27 18:14:46
Actually single band 20 CW.

500 watts to a 160 Meter Inverted "L"

Thanks top all who worked me.

73 Tom Colyard K4MM
W1UJ   SOAB(A)CW HP   7,0982014-04-27 18:15:12
Chasing the mobile stations is fun! Just a couple of hours on Saturday. Ran
the amplifier ~800w on 20m only since no-one could hear me!

Look for the Barnstormer team running NZ1U/m for the New England QSO Party next

Jay W1UJ

Band QSOs Pts Mul
7 4 8 0
14 60 120 21
21 27 54 18
Total 91 182 39
Score: 7,098
KØVXU   SOABCW HP   6,7202014-04-27 18:41:23
Rig: IC-746PRO, TL-922A, TH6DXX

I hadn't planned to operate in this one but I heard some friends in Florida
working the test, so I dove in for a couple of hours. Great fun, especially
chasing the mobiles.

Good luck to all.

Russ - K0VXU
N2ZN   SOABMixed HP   17,5382014-04-27 18:43:23
Excellent mobile activity. Thanks to the sponsors for their work in keeping FQP
K1TO   SOABMixed LP   758,5202014-04-27 18:49:09
Up until Wednesday, things looked bright for this year's FQP. The same
wonderful condx that were experienced in CQ WPX SSB were due to arrive 27 days
later on the FQP weekend. But Mother Nature decided to throw in a solar
disturbance on top of the plummeting solar flux numbers and as a result, this
weekend was nothing like we had hoped for.

Without the promotional kick that the 1x1 stations gave us the past 2 years, it
seemed like activity was down. We had hoped that the ARRL Centennial and W1AW/x
operations would bring out the activity.

With temps predicted to hit 90F on Sunday here, I opted to leave the amps off
and run LP Mixed for a change.

The combination of poor condx, lower activity, running LP and just using one
radio made me feel like I was running in quicksand much of the weekend. There
are 9-minute gaps between QSOs Sunday AM. I had to stalk K4OJ/M through many
counties on 40 since they were essentially the only workable station for me at
times. I played DXer to fill in some mults which was often more fun than
endless unanswered CQs. My 1-land callsign may have scared some folks off from
working me. Bottom line is less than half the QSO total from last year when I
was K4O running High Power.

There is a large contingent of folks who return year after year and we deeply
appreciate the support. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and the QSYs.

The good news here is that the power co. noise sniffer apparently did a great
job and the noise appears to be gone on 10 through 40 Meters. (A post-FQP
check shows that the industrial noise which probably radiates from the
next-door dairy farm is still unchanged and very loud (S9+5) here on 160 -- and
still affects 80 quite a bit, too.)

I will likely have to miss WPX CW. Hope to see many of you in person in Dayton
and/or at WRTC!

vy 73, Dan
K1TN   SOABCW LP   61,9082014-04-27 18:50:16
I'm down to one dipole here. First time to work all 67 counties. Last two were
KN4Y (WAG) and K1XX (MRT). I didn't use the charts with mobiles' schedules;
just looked around the bands.

Nicest QSO: LN, W1YL/4.

QSOs with mobiles:

K4OJ 22
W4MY 19
N4GI 17
N4UU 17
W4AN 17
NO5W 16
K5YAA 14
K4KG 14
N4AO 14
N4FP 9
K1XX 7
N4CW 3
KN4Y 2
KØHC(WØBH)   SchoolMixed HP   132,3002014-04-27 19:10:38
Once again I couldn't quit .. too much fun! Other than a 30 minute nap during a
slow time and a timeout as Sunday morning thunderstorms moved through, the
action kept me entertained all weekend. Two Hesston College students had
planned to help, but neither showed up .. probably too close to finals week.

In general, conditions were good from Kansas to Florida. The panhandle was weak
at the start which cost me an early mixed sweep, but no complaints. 40m
surprised me with some unexpected contacts with the mobiles during the day on
Saturday, but as our storms moved closer, that went away. I checked 10m from
time to time with no success.

The intrepid group of mobiles who made the starting line did a FB job. It
seemed like there weren't many SSB mobiles this year. A number of the mobiles
listed as MIXED on the web site weren't going to SSB, so the Saturday night
planning for a SSB sweep went out the window. My mixed sweep came late at 0056Z
with N4GI/m in Hardee. I managed to miss two mobiles in Holmes, so didn't sweep
CW until right at the end with NO5W/m. Chuck had a huge pilup going in Holmes
.. terrific job!

Overall, I missed DES FRA GUL HAR HIG MON NAS and UNI on SSB. I like to try for
a Sunday sweep, and actually could have done it this year if I'd have duped one
of several stations I heard in ESC. All counties were on and workable for me
both days, very FB planning by the FCG. The execution was just lacking on my
end :-) I worked 172 unique calls.

Let's see if I can list all the mobiles this time. Sorry for the dupes at the
end. My fingers started typing N on a few of the W and K calls (getting tired),
so I knew they were dupes but couldn't figure out why they weren't showing up
that way. Just logged them and figured it out later.

83 K4KG - Always a learning experience with George, very very FB.
45 K4OJ - Easy to find and always seemed to be in a new county.
36 K5YAA - That KW rocks, Jerry!
31 NO5W - I'll send you some audio from that pileup in Holmes! RR
31 N4GI - Consistently loudest signal into Kansas this year ...
30 N4UU - ... but N4UU was a close second!
29 K1XX - Easy call to pick out.
26 W4MY - Thanks for Nassau at the end for my "Sunday sweep".
25 W4AN - You were really loud on 20, but no luck on 15 (I tried).
21 N4AO - thanks for the Qs!
12 N4FP - thanks for the Qs!
11 KN4Y - thanks for the Qs!
09 N4CW - thanks for the Qs!
08 W5RE - Bob was /m to his sailboat and gave me some counties.
Worked him again /mm on Sunday (a dupe :-)
06 K4FCG - Couldn't find you on 20m later on Sunday, did you stay on 15?
02 W8UE N9RD

Fixed stations:

5 K1TO

If I left someone off, I apologize. I've been late on a number of writeups
lately, but if I don't do it tonight, it won't get done until school is out!
Thanks to the FCG for putting on another great show, and to ALL the ops who
make this so much fun.

Please join us August 23-24 for the Kansas QSO Party. See you all down the log

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC
N4CW   SO MobileCW LP   206,4402014-04-27 19:15:12
Ran 50 Watts to the K3 until the last county and then I cranked it up to 100W!
Did seven different counties first day, starting in PUT and ending in
NAS(covering the NE part of NFL). Second day I started in DUV and ended in MAO
(Ocala National Forest!), covering the mid-coast and mid-inland. I ran both
days in "lone ranger" fashion, no separate driver; thus, I drove to a
county, parked, and operated. I operated in shopping centers, church yards, a
college parking lot, and access roads leading to boat ramps! I had to select
shade because temps ranged up to 94 degrees (Eustis on Sunday afternoon!).
Most roads travelled were in excellent condition...and Florida has some LONG
stretches of straight was easy to observe the "vanishing
point" perspective of power lines as I sighted down the road! I put on
around 500 miles over both days.
Great fun, but I don't know if I ever want to do this alone again! Many thanks
to all the great ops that pounced on me when I opened up in a new
county...great for the ego to be the "DX"! Sorry I had to hesitate
between calls -- my logger wouldn't log my entry so I had to hit three
additional keys to log the call. Also, the logger didn't give any QSO points
nor spell out any mults except for FL counties! The above totals are pretty
close, but I'm counting on the contest folks to apply the points
Many thanks to all who called, and my apologies for missing any callers!
N4LF   SOABCW LP   22,0002014-04-27 19:24:08
Found a few hours to have fun running. Kudos to the major effort the mobiles
make, but seemed like the activity outside the mobile windows was a little
light. Still, tons of fun. Getting ready to head north in a month or so. See
you guys in SS.
KJ3Q   SOABSSB LP   4,4222014-04-27 19:25:44
Lots of fun and my first time here at home in FL during the event weekend.
Conditions were so-so on Saturday but spent most of this event calling CQ vs my
usual S&P. Rig is a TS-530S hybrid at 100W into a stealth G5RV Jr 25ft high
so I am not too disappointed in my results. Next year I hope to go portable
down to my Uncles place in Key Largo (MON)and save some friends the long drive.
W6KC   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   8,6002014-04-27 19:31:02
I really enjoyed the limited time that I had...especially on 15M CW. Thanks for
another nice QSO party!

73, Jim, W6KC
NM5M   SOAB(A)CW HP   18,9722014-04-27 19:54:51
R5 Vertical + 400W
W6SX   SOAB(A)CW HP   1,0082014-04-27 20:05:18
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
AE7DW   SOABMixed LP   1262014-04-27 20:13:52
TX: FT897 @ 100W
ANT: JTV680 @ '25' (rooftop)
K5GQ   SOABCW LP   9,9962014-04-27 21:04:24
About 7 hours. Signals were very weak. Most mobiles had pile ups just waiting
to work the mobile. I normally do not work the FL QSO with weak signals.
Purchased K3 and wanted to try again.
KT4Q   SOABMixed LP   112,9242014-04-27 22:17:43
I ran the contest solo this year from my home (fixed) QTH. My focus was on SSB
but was able to catch a few mobile cw rovers while passing through or near my
QTH. My results should be evaluated as SSB not mixed.

Like most the other band condition reports, they were significanly down from
the last few years. Saturday was faily good from noon to 8:00 pm. When 20m
dropped out I went of course to 40m which was faily poor. Sunday was pretty
poor on all bands. Very difficult to maintain a run on 20m on Sunday but since
I was running LP, that did not help. I tried to make a go at 15m and 10m. Had
some luck on 15m on Saturday but 10m was really a waste of time.

Like always, I look forward to this weekend eventhough I am not on top of the

Operating Station Details: Yaesu FT-1000MP MV @ 150w, Cushcraft X7 Yagi @ 65'
on a Telescoping Tubular Tower and Yaesu Rotor, Carolona Windom 80 @ 35',
MFJ-434 Voice Keyer, Vectronics HFT1500 Tuner, WriteLog 11.18c Logging/CW

73 de Steve, KT4Q
N6QQ   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   38,8512014-04-28 00:39:47
Missed 2 Counties

Charlotte and Wakulla

Working mobiles from Florida - lots of weak signals
CW speeds were around 30 wpm

John, N6QQ
K4RUM   SOABCW LP   258,8042014-04-28 03:45:21
First real contest effort using remote station in Jupiter, FL. Lots of activity
and lots of fun.
K3TN   SOABCW HP   22,8142014-04-28 03:56:32
The weather was phenomenal in MD this weekend - normally I would have been
outdoors all day. However, a bulging disc meant the only comfortable position
was sitting down, so my pain was FQP gain!

A personal best in counties worked - I worked NO5W in WAK for 61 right as the
closing bell rang. Great work by the mobiles - with NO5W, K5YAA, N4GI, N4UU
etc. zipping around all over the state, I bet there were some Homeland Security
alerts out for suspicious activities!
VE3HG   SOABCW QRP   9,8582014-04-28 04:30:50
Worked everyone I could hear. Running QRP under poor conditions I'm sure there
were some contacts where the FL mobile thought that's the weakest VE3 signal
ever. Must be VE3HG :)
N3EN   SOABCW LP   38,9942014-04-28 05:53:10
Thanks to the mobiles who made this a fun contest. Made my goal of working all
counties with two hours to go...20 meters CW was all I had, but it was
K9ELF(@K9WX/M)   SO Mobile+DriverMixe LP   2,0702014-04-28 06:34:07
Testing K9WX/M station in advance of our INQP operation next week. We operated
mobile multi-single: K9ELF on SSB and K9WX on CW. The FQP rules indicate this
class (Section 3.D. "Mobile entrants may be either Single Operator or
Multioperator"), but the FQP scoring sheet and 3830 drop down selections
only show mobile single operator options.
VE3UTT   SOAB(A)CW LP   60,7202014-04-28 06:58:34
Always fun but didn't have much time with work. Missed the last two years so
good to be back. Amazing mobile operators.

K3 / Optibeam (too high :-))
N4GG   SOAB(A)CW HP   10,6482014-04-28 07:12:40
Always fun and always a struggle from next door in GA. 20 skip only kicks in
around deep south FL and ground wave is too far. Best mobile signal was K5YAA
- that setup really plays great. K1XX/M was also loud. Thanks for the Qs.
Hal N4GG
N6MU   SOABCW LP   12,4802014-04-28 07:39:12
Very part time effort. No one could hear me on 20 so stayed on 15 and 10. Only
heard 3 stations on 40 Sunday morning. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
W4NZ   SOABCW HP   16,5002014-04-28 08:33:11
Outstanding job by all the mobiles!
73, Ted W4NZ
W9QL   SOABSSB LP   1,3632014-04-28 08:43:59
As this was my 10th FQP, I was really looking forward to trying to beat last
year's score and work a few more counties. Alas, the propagation gods had other
ideas. 20 was absolutely horrible. Each QSO was a struggle and the times I tried
calling CQ only resulted in one response. 40 seemed better but a family
commitment limited my time there. I kept looking at 15 hoping for a miracle,
but only heard three stations late Sunday afternoon. 10 never did open up. To
add insult to injury, severe storms moved in Sunday afternoon so I threw in the
towel. Unfortunately, my worst score ever. Maybe next year.


FTDX500MP with a G5RV at 35 feet
K4FCG/M(K1KNQ)   SO MobileSSB LP   79,9482014-04-28 09:52:19
Rig: Kenwood TS480 + laptop N3FJP software
Ant: 10, 15, 20 ham sticks, 40 homebrew loaded vertical 13 feet 2 inches long.
Counties: 18

Things went perfect on Saturday with qso's exceeding last years Saturday
However, 1.5 hours into Sunday operation the rig shut down due to low voltage
input. After checking found that one of my three main batteries had died and
pulled the other two down. This also caused my power controller to die. Tried
to operate on the remaining battery power, but voltage output quickly went
to 9V. Sorry to all the ops who were tracking me. I realize that I just
disappeared. I think when K5KG went past me at about 60mph on a back road in
Hamilton county (early Sunday AM) he sent bad vibes my way (Hi Hi).
Still it was fun.
73, "OJ"
K1KNQ Jack
VE2FK   SOABCW HP   12,6962014-04-28 10:10:07
Fun fun fun.
Bravo to the /M opr. great job.
73, Claude VE2FK
N4FP   SO MobileCW LP   315,7442014-04-28 10:52:17
What a trip!! Marty (xyl, WB2VYK)and I headed out, single op with driver, Sat
noon with the goal of 1000 Q's, or a 25% improvement over last year. Started
off a bit slow but picked up. Ran 14 counties on Saturday. 20 was our best
band, but 40 was decent Sat evening. Marty did a great job driving, but I did
spell her about 3 hours over the 2 days. Spent Sat night in our own bed and
started from our driveway Sunday morning, covered 11 counties including repeats
of Marion and Sumter. I drove for an hour starting at 1420Z after a good run in
Seminole County. Stopped in Volusia at a wild bird viewing spot that was the
only stopping place on 46 between Seminole and Brevard. 20 seemed almost dead,
40 and 15 were dead, and I feared we might be done for the weekend. Worked 25
q's, then on to Brevard and things started picking up. Followed that with a
good run of 43 more in Volusia and headed up I95 through Flagler and St Johns
with good runs and rest stops. While in St Johns a station told me my cw signal
was very bad, which was confirmed by another station. Swapped out the loaner
Yaesu FT-100D with my trusty old Kenwood TS-440SAT I brought along 'just in
case', and Murphy made sure I needed it. I was continually amazed at how well I
was getting out on 20 with 100 watts to horizontally mounted Hustler atop a 40
inch mast mag mounted to the roof of our Kia Rondo. Best run rate was 5
q/minute. Entered every contact manually with left hand (I'm right handed) on
keyboard to N1MM, and all keying was done with paddle, no macros. Spent the
last 20 minutes sitting in our driveway in The Villages, Sumter County, after
630 miles and 1196 preliminary contacts, 60% improvement over last year. I
can't compete score wise with the automated logging and keying stations, but I
had just as much, or even more, fun. FT-100D seems okay after a reset.
VE3KZ   SOABMixed LP   279,6002014-04-28 12:04:21
Yet another great showing by the Mobile Corps of Florida! Conditions were very
marginal on 15m and QRN made a showing on 20/40 Sunday. Trying for the Canadian
record in SOABLP but not quite as lucky as I was in 2012. The Phone bands just
seem too crowded to allow ease of operation at LP. CW is so much more fun!
It took 10 hours and 2 minutes for the sweep this year.
Here are the Mobile numbers:
K1RQ 6
K1XX 43
K4FCG 10
K4KG 64
K4OJ 57
K5YAA 36
KN4Y 22
N4AO 23
N4CW 13
N4FP 21
N4GI 37
N4UU 38
NO5W 36
W4AN 29
W4MY 35
Thanks guys and special thanks to W4MY for starting in Broward first thing on

73 Bob VE3KZ
WI9WI   SOABMixed HP   74,9182014-04-28 14:02:46
Another great showing by all the Florida mobiles, those who came from out of
state to help, and the fixed stations.

Conditions were so-so from northern Wisconsin. They've been better and they've
been worse in the past. Twenty was open the whole time, though signals were up
and down. Fifteen was basically a non-player on Saturday. It was better
Sunday, especially to the southern half of Florida, but activity was low. Ten
yielded nothing in spite of a few trips there.

I had all the counties except BRO and HOL by the closing bell on Saturday. I
picked up BRO with my first QSO on Sunday morning, but had to wait until KN4Y
showed up in HOL to complete the sweep. In the end I had at least 2 QSOs with
each county.

Tops on the mobile list were K4OJ (multi) with 43 followed by K4KG-33, N4GI-31,
N4UU-31, and M4MY-30. N4AO, K1XX, W4AN, NO5W, and K5YAA all had 20 or more. Also
thanks to KN4Y, N4DAB, W8UE and K4FCG. I didn't spend much time on SSB, but had
7 QSOs each with K4KG and K4FCG.

Always great fun

Thanks to the FCG and all the hard workers who put this together.

A special treat was a QSO with K4OJ's mom W1YL.


KK4EIR   SOABMixed LP   38,9622014-04-28 14:50:13
Elecraft K3 at 80W
Elecraft P3 panadapter
ground mounted Butternut antenna
N1MM and MRP40
W1TO   SOABCW LP   86,8562014-04-28 16:43:55
Thanks to all the mobiles, great job. Special thanks to NO5W that gave me the
last two counties I needed near the end, HOL and WAL.

Never heard a signal on 10 from FL. 15 was the best band from MA, but more
stations were on 20.
N4GI/M   M/SCW LP   626,2202014-04-28 18:22:43
Thanks again to N4GI for providing the truck, rig, and antenna(s) for our
operation. I provided the computer and route planning, or should I say

Early counts have us missing four counties that were on my overly-aggressive
itinerary: SEM, ORA, LAK, and OSC. Preliminary count shows a total of 41
counties activated.

It's no coincidence that SEM, ORA, LAK, and OSC were at the ends of each day's
activity plans. Both routes looked to be in the neighborhood of 9.5 hours
driving. I assumed that all our stops (for gas, food, and to operate in
counties where we would spend only a short time) would be a lot shorter than
they turned out to be. Traffic on some of the rural roads also turned out to be

It's valuable experience. Last year, we made only a modest effort at planning a
route and stuck close to the interstate for the entire day Sunday. This year we
crisscrossed I75 and I10 regularly to add counties. I'll have more realistic
expectations next year and will attempt to pick up a few more counties and
300-400 more QSOs.

Finally, apologies for the slow CW speed at the beginning of the contest on
Saturday. I eliminated some speed changes within the messages at the very
beginning of the contest, and I got the speed as fast as I could. However,
there is apparently an upper limit on the speed within the WinKey dialog within
CQ/x that was set at 26wpm. As soon as Blake sat down to operate about 5 hours
in to the contest he said that we would have to speed up the keying or he was
going home. He was able to figure out the problem with CQ/x and get the speed
up above 30wpm. I had loaded the messages and verified that keying worked, but
don't have a mobile HF rig so didn't actually play the messages through
anything with sidetone, so didn't verify that setting the speed at 32wpm didn't
actually make the program send at 32wpm.

Thanks to all the out of state stations who make mobile operation such a

Rig: IC7000
Ant: Hamsticks mounted on a truck toolbox
Software: CQ/x on a Dell D630 laptop running Windows 7

Thanks to the following stations for 20+ QSOs:


Chris WF3C
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   154,8752014-04-28 19:27:12
I had only expected to have a couple hours on Saturday to operate since I was
due to travel on Sunday. Trip was postponed late Friday and suddenly I had
quite a bit more time available. Missed the first 2:47 since I had to take
care of some work stuff Saturday morning before I got on the road.

It was mostly a 20m event except when 40m became workable in the evening and
early morning. 15m was spotty, sometimes the way southern FL guys would get
almost loud but only for a few minutes. The few 10m QSOs were via backscatter.
The excellent fleet of mobiles made for lots of action....many thanks! Here
are the QSOs/mobile:

K4KG 87 (39ssb)
K4OJ 55
K1XX 42
K5YAA 37
NO5W 36
W4AN 36
N4GI 35
N4UU 35
W4MY 31
N4AO 27
N4FP 21
KN4Y 20
N4CW 13
K4FCG 8 (ssb)
K1RQ 5
W8UE 4
N9RD 2

Thanks for another great party!


73, Mike K9NW
W4AN/M(@K4BAI/M)   M/SCW LP   750,7202014-04-28 20:12:21
IC756Pro, 100W, Hustler mobile whips with DX Engineering Top Hat for 20M. Jeff,
KU8E, cured the RFI problems we had in the GA QSO Party. Rigs, antennas, and
computer worked fine. Jeff had also improved the back-seat installation of the
rig and gotten a desktop to place on the operator's lap to hold the computer and
paddle. It had a built in light that came in handy Saturday night. Jeff's
older son, Andrew, was our chief navigator again and kept us on the correct
roads. Unfortunately, we were unable to get to all the counties on our list,
but we are glad that others took up the slack and sweeps were still possible.
We were QRV in 32 counties.

Band conditions were pretty bad for most of the weekend. 15M had some real
good signals from Europe, Central and South America. Also, our best DX was a
few QSOs with RZ0AF in Asia. Our only two QSOs on 10M were with K5YAA in our
same county and a very weak WA6KHK on a QSY from 15M. Obviously from other
reports to 3830, we missed some good openings on 10 to California at least.
40M had several very storng EU stations and a few from the U.S. west coast. We
had either two (80 and 40) or three ( 20, 15, and 10) bands available at any one
time, so QSYs were easier than when we formerly had to stop to change
resonators. Many thanks for all who called (and a few FL stations who answered
our calls on 40M).
we missed HI, AK, UT, NV, NE, ND, SD, VE5, VE8, VY1, 2, and 0. Must have had
about 30 DX country mults.

Congrats to all the other mobile operators. We met VE7ZO and K5KG of the
K4KG/M operation for supper Saturday night near Jacksonville. Thanks to the FCG
and all who work on making this QSO party so successful.

Tentatively, we hope to QRV again in the Alabama QSO Party the first Saturday
in June.

73, John, K4BAI.
W7YAQ   SOABMixed LP   105,9522014-04-28 21:48:16
I always enjoy this QSO party. Conditions on 20 were very tough on Sunday, when
I still needed 13 counties for a CW sweep. It was very difficult to hear many
of the mobiles through the Midwest QRN. Came closer to a sweep than I thought
I would, missing only WAG. Heard NO5W on 20 with a large pile, but when I came
back later he had moved on to HOL. Conditions on 15 were good and wished that
more mobiles would have used that band. K4OJ was like a beacon on 15 and 10!

Thanks to the organizers for another great Florida geography lesson.

WA1FCN   SOABCW LP   18,9202014-04-29 05:59:58
Wow lots of activity. Just playing around maybe I should give
this qso party a more serious effort......
73 Bob WA1FCN
N4MFC   M/MMixed LP   199,8722014-04-29 10:51:22
FCG'rs Jim/KM4HI and Dave/KK4DZP teamed up with fellow co-worker Rick/N4FY
to put the Lockheed Martin Amateur Radio Assoc'n club N4MFC OTA for the second
year attempt at FQP. We had a blast ... mostly on Saturday with 20m open
stateside yielding good runs on SSB. Rick did the heavy lifting on 15m CW into
Europe. Dave joined up later to add 40m SSB to the effort. Sunday was a grind.
Seemed like the bands were open but knowone was home. 15m was wide open into
Europe with some good but sparse activity. 10m opened for a few Q's. About wore
out the Orion voice keyer all day calling CQ FQP. All in all we had fun and
enjoyed working fellow FCG stations in 34 counties. Thanks to all for the Q's.


K5YAA/M   SO Mobile+DriverCW HP   392,2582014-04-29 11:16:22
Paul, N4PN and I had a pretty good time in this one. I don't think activity was
as high as prior years. The pileups were not as deep as I remember them but a
good time was had nonetheless. Our Saturday morning start in Hamilton County
had us thinking something was amiss with the bands as it took 6 minutes before
we made our first Q. We sat for a while then started motoring along I75. Here
was W4AN tooling along in parallel with us. A few solid Qs on different bands
followed. We were moving a bit faster than John and Jeff and never saw them
the rest of the weekend. In fact, we never saw another mobile the whole weekend
which is a bit of a puzzle because there seemed to be dozens of them on Florida
roads based on the postings. So many in fact, that may have been the reason
for reduced QSOs in this one. Callers were distracted with so many to work. I
had targeted 3,000 Qs and we came no where near that many.

We suffered only a couple of road difficulties. One was all the red lights
across Osceola County. Seems they had them set to turn red upon approach,
everyone of them! It must have taken 6 or 8 hours to get across that county, or
so it seemed. Because of that we failed to make our last two counties on
Saturday evening so we ran them the first thing Sunday morning which, as it
turned out, didn't take away from our Sunday count. We made all on the Sunday
list plus those two early morning ones.

The other road difficulty happened to be a little more exciting. We were
motoring along in Levy County on Hwy 24 to make our way to Chieftan on Hwy 19.
The gas tank meter showed very near the red line where, when hit, the little gas
tank icon comes on and a bell rings. A couple minutes later the icon came on and
the bell chimed. Paul said, we need to get some gas don't we? I asked, how far
is it to Chieftan. He "estimated" 30 miles or so. I said, oh, we
will be OK. This thing runs for 30 miles after the red line is hit. Well, it
seems we were a bit further than 30 miles from Chieftan. Moving along on Hwy
24 we see a wooden sign on the side of the road that said "Food and Gas -
Otter Creek". OK, we are gonna get us some of that gas. A little further
along the road Paul says, "We just ran out of gas I think". I believe
he knew that because when he pushed the peddle nothing was speeding up. We
could see the store that had advertised gas and food. It was on the other side
of the road and was sitting right at a yellow flashing light. I said
"Maybe we can coast and make it". Paul was "muscling" the
van with standard type steering and his timing was perfect, he made a left turn
just after a car in the left lane made it past the yellow light, and we did
coast toward the little store. He said, "I have no brakes!". I
said, "Push hard on the pedal!". As we coasted past the front of the
little store we saw a gas tank that looked like it hadn't pumped gas since oil
was discovered. It was rusted and the handle that is usually on a gas pump was
gone! So, what do we do now? After we came to a stop Paul said, "You do
have some spare gas in the generator gas backup containers don't you?". I
told him yes, we can use that. Well, the spout on the red container didn't
quite fit the van's gas inlet. So, I got out the funnel I use to fill the
generator and stuck it in the van inlet. We poured but only about half the gas
was making it into the van inlet. The rest was getting splashed on the street.
Paul said, let me get a match and burn that off. I said, wait 'til I get done
before you strike a match. Well, needless to say, we had a few laughs about our
gas mishap. Fortunately nothing happened to us or the three ladies sitting in
front of the little store that would cause a 911 episode. That probably was
good because I think those were the only people within miles. If the food in
that little store was like the gas pump well, I'm glad we weren't hungry. I
don't think the ladies really do any business with that store. They seemed to
just be having a Sunday morning get together with their kids and neighbor
friends. We must have gotten enough gas in the tank as we made it to Chieftan
and did a standard type of fill up using a pump with an actual handle on it.
No more episodes after that. We did see a number of Osprey nests on the tall
power poles along the road. Quite a site. The birds were roosting way up on
those poles. I believe Florida has some of the tallest power poles in the

Sunday's run was better than Saturday. The bands were a bit better. No 10
meter QSOs though all weekend except for the one with W4AN when they were 20
feet away from us on I75 Saturday morning. More like a CB Q than a ham radio
We looked over and saw John, K4BAI concentrating on the road while Jeff was in
the back pounding away moving us from band to band. Jeff's nephew was in the
front seat giving BAI road directions. Such a team. They made almost as many
Qs as we did using low power to our high power.

Like I said, we had a good time. The weather couldn't have been any better and
except for the gas shortage, we didn't suffer from lack of equipment or
enthusiasm. Thanks to all who gave us a call. I got a handful of on the air
reports about our choppy CW but there was nothing we could do on the road about
that. Seems we sounded better on Sunday, maybe because we slowed our CW down a
bit. Regardless of the quality everyone seemed to be copying. Europeans never
asked us for a repeat and callers kept coming back from county to county. In a
couple of weeks I'll be trying out a solid state amp which should modify the CW
dits and dahs.

Now for a few numbers from the log. We worked 29 countries including, 9A, CM,
DL, EA, F, FG, G, HA, HB, HC, HI, HK, I, JA, KP2, KP4, LX, LY, OH, OK, OM, ON,
S5, SM, SP, UA, UA9, UR and YV. DX seems attracted to the FQP more so than
other parties.

There were several stations that worked us many times. SP9JLD, DL6KVA, OH6NIO,
OK2EC, OK1CF, HA8IB, G3XVR, G4BUE, SP6ZDA, HI8A, I4VEQ and DK3BN. Thanks for
all the DX Qs. 15 was open quite late to Europe.

In Canada, we didn't work PEI, VE7, VY1 or VE8 but had many VE3s call us both
days. Seemed when one VE3 called others followed right behind. VE3DZ worked us
44 times and VE3KZ 35. VE1RGB and VE9ML were with us most of the weekend. Big
signals from Canada even on 40 meters. Speaking of 40 - what a bust. Every
time we went down to 40 we had to S&P to see if anybody was there. Usually
there was one lonely FL station calling FQP. A NIL when we called CQ FQP. The
band was in pretty good shape because we heard W1AW/2 in Jersey most of the
times we looked at 40 so there was propagation but no action.

Stateside we worked all states except ND, VT, NV, HI and AK. Never heard the
Pacific on 15 even though we had hopes. Many stations were in there the whole
weekend. Sweep chasers a plenty. That K9PG has something really strange
happening with his key. He sent what sounded like hundreds of dits when he sent
his 5NN. Also, he seemed to laugh a lot. Lots of dits there too. Of course
he's a lid so we just chuckled and went about our business.

Though counties are not mults I counted them. We worked 20 of them. Only 1 on
40 meters the others on 20 and 15. Go figure.

To keep the wind down I will stop here with our report. Thanks much to Dan
K1TO and others who put on this FB party every year. I've said many times it
takes a lot of work and dedication to do a party up right. They get it done in
Florida every year.

My personal thanks to Paul, N4PN for being with me on this run. He remains in
great shape for an OM witnessed by his ability to steer a dead power driven
vehicle with no brakes. Thanks too to his wonderful XYL for putting me up in
their home on Friday and Sunday evening after our return from Florida. She is
a gem and just accepts the fact that Paul has to do some operating in almost
every contest. We should all have such a partner.

Until the next one, this coming weekend in the 7QP, 73, Jerry K5YAA.

Rig: That same Oklahoma Land Rush Mobile running a K3, Tarheel, Hustlers an
811H amp and a Honda generator. Software is N1MM running on a heavily used Dell
Laptop. The fire extinguisher almost had it's first usage on this run and
remains at the ready.
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SOABMixed HP   148,5002014-04-29 14:55:56
What a weekend .... Some years ago - in 2008 - I taked part in FL QP, but not
serial effort, only 7,5 hours.

This year I had plan to take part in full 20 hours. Usually my prior band at
the begenning is 20m, but in this weekend I was very disappointed with
condition on this band. No any FLorida signal, only simetimes I HRD some USA
stations working with somebody - I assume it was any mobil ...
Fortunatelly 15m was excellent.

Some minutes before the QP I had QSO with K4KG on 15m and with K4OJ on 15 and
10m - I noted his frq on paper. Because of the absolutly dead 20m I began on
15m. First QSO with K4KG/M on CW and suddenly ask to QSY to SSB. Back to CW and
HRD/WKD some strong stations. On 21048 I found K4OJ/M - I know he was M/M, I QSY
to 28041,5 (we worked here before the QP)and HRD him here excellent also.
I tried also on 14041,5 and 14048, but nothing heard. Back to 15m and S/P on

On 2nd VFO I had K4OJ frq 21048 and usually I checked it on which county is
When I made QSO on 15m, I QSY to 28041,5 and many times I can work with him
here also (sometimes I called, but no lucky he don't copy me) and after that
quick QSY to 14041 (I found here him at 17:28Z)

The "THOUSANDS time's" checked freq's was:
14.041 - 21.048 - 28.041,5 : K4OJ/M
14.042 - 21.042 - 28.042 : K4KG/M and every time to quick QSY on
14.040,5 - 21.040,5 : K5YAA/M
and many others.

Many times I tired SSB because of the SSB multipliers - thank you very much for
all station who called me! At this time I sure missed some CW QSO's, but got SSB

- last QSO on 10m was at 20:12Z with NF4A, on 15m at 22:09Z with K4KG(I HRD
some mobiles also after that time, but they'r don't copy me), 20m was open on
all the night!
- first QSO on 40m was at 22:32Z with W4AN

I finished first day with 399 QSO's and 66 counties - missed only HOLMES.

I knew that N4UU start his route on sunday on HOLMES. At 12:02Z on 21.046 I
found N4UU/M in HOLMES!
Thank you very much Martin for SWEEP !!!! It was first time, I never had it

CW sweep at 12:02Z

On SSB I worked with 58 counties (missed: BRA, FRA, GUL, HEN, HIG, HOL, SAN,

Most QSO's with mobiles:

K4KG 120/43 (QSO/CTY)
K4OJ 92/44
K5YAA 40/30
W4AN 31/24
K1XX 29/25
N4AO 26/20
W4MY 22/21
NO5W 20/18
N4GI 18/17
N4UU 14/12
K4FCG 10/10
N4CW 7/7
K1RQ 6/5
N4UM 4/2
N9RD 4/2
KN4Y 4/4
N4DAB 3/2

Statistic: QSO/hour:

Date Hour Total OM2VL Running Total
2014-04-26 16 41 41 41
2014-04-26 17 31 31 72
2014-04-26 18 48 48 120
2014-04-26 19 34 34 154
2014-04-26 20 33 33 187
2014-04-26 21 43 43 230
2014-04-26 22 39 39 269
2014-04-26 23 36 36 305
2014-04-27 00 52 52 357
2014-04-27 01 40 40 397
2014-04-27 12 25 25 422
2014-04-27 13 26 26 448
2014-04-27 14 23 23 471
2014-04-27 15 16 16 487
2014-04-27 16 27 27 514
2014-04-27 17 36 36 550
2014-04-27 18 35 35 585
2014-04-27 19 36 36 621
2014-04-27 20 39 39 660
2014-04-27 21 40 40 700
Total All Hours 700 700 0

Statistic: QSO/County

Exchange1 Total OM2VL
ALC 12 12
BAK 10 10
BAY 9 9
BRA 5 5
BRE 17 17
BRO 15 15
CAH 6 6
CHA 6 6
CIT 25 25
CLA 11 11
CLM 9 9
CLR 15 15
DAD 11 11
DES 9 9
DIX 13 13
DUV 9 9
ESC 6 6
FLG 13 13
FRA 4 4
GAD 5 5
GIL 8 8
GLA 7 7
GUL 2 2
HAM 4 4
HAR 7 7
HEN 6 6
HER 14 14
HIG 7 7
HIL 22 22
HOL 2 2
IDR 15 15
JAC 6 6
JEF 5 5
LAF 7 7
LAK 21 21
LEE 15 15
LEO 12 12
LEV 12 12
LIB 5 5
MAD 6 6
MAO 25 25
MON 7 7
MRT 12 12
MTE 14 14
NAS 5 5
OKA 6 6
OKE 8 8
ORA 19 19
OSC 13 13
PAL 29 29
PAS 16 16
PIN 19 19
POL 12 12
PUT 10 10
SAN 5 5
SAR 20 20
SEM 10 10
STJ 10 10
STL 11 11
SUM 11 11
SUW 6 6
TAY 8 8
UNI 6 6
VOL 13 13
WAG 2 2
WAK 7 7
WAL 3 3
Total 700 700

Thank you very much for the nice QP, for the excellent QSO's.

73 Laci OM2VL
N8II   SOABMixed LP   51,4422014-04-29 15:23:13
My niece was married Saturday, so no serious effort was possible. All operating
was on Sunday and at times 15 M especially was frustrating with extremely weak
backscatter signals from FL no matter what direction was tried with many loud
EU stations and S9 UA9FAR having a pipeline into FL. The good conditions on 15
noticeably decreased activity on 20 making me feel like somewhat the unwanted
stepchild. 40 was nearly dead to FL, even past 21Z. No matter what the effort,
stations just a bit farther away could have easily outscored me. Some stations
in the panhandle were weak on 20 especially KN4Y/M which probably cost a few
Thanks to the mobiles who did a good job of making my limited time interesting.
Most mobiles had good signals on 20.

73, Jeff
W4ARM   SOABCW LP   76,5442014-04-29 17:50:19
Very limited amount of time this year, but great fun while it lasted.
K1XX/MANY   M/SCW LP   678,3162014-04-29 18:47:53
Once again, Murphy struck. This year we beat him. Coming out of Pinellas right
after the start on Saturday, we lost close to an hour due to a traffic accident.
We decided to push hard and try to make up that time. Yours truly missed the
exit off of I-75 heading to Citrus and managed to lose another 10-12 minutes.
At the end of the day's run, we ran short of time and couldn't get to Union
& Bradford, ending with 26 out of the planned 28 counties.

After getting settled into our cozy roach motel for the remainder of the
evening, I spent some time with my route planning tools and figured out a way
to start in Bradford, go to Union, and then pick up our planned route for
Sunday without wasting too much time. I figured we could push as long as we
could on Sunday and make 53 or 54 total counties. Our goal had been 27 on
Sunday for a total of 55 counties. At 6pm Sunday evening, we had made it
through the complete 27 + 2 = 29 counties equaling our planned 55 counties for
the weekend.

A few things stand out on this FQP. Our run into Lake county was maybe a mile
long with a U turn in the middle. Congratulations to the 4 stations that
managed to catch us there. I don'r remember turning the engine off on Sunday.
Marty & I got pretty proficient when pulling into a gas station. We loaded
the car with gas, unloaded the operators (maybe Depends next year!), swapped
the driver/operator and took off down the road. Lastly, we were in the last
few hours and had turned onto a 2-lane road. I remember Marty accelerating to
pass someone. I saw that car not too far away on my right side. Then, I
looked to the left and there was a big, white truck passing us too! At that
point I just put my head down and prayed for more than Qs.

The new car and custom roof mount for the Tarheel seemed to work well.
Conditions were a bit strange. 40 wasn't as popular on Sunday morning as in
the past. 15 seemed to be wide open a lot, but most people seemed to like 20.
Good Europeans on 15. Thanks to Andy, G4PIQ, for picking us up out of the noise
on 10.

All in all, another great FQP weekend. Thanks for all the Qs and putting up
with our garbage sending. Bouncing around in the backseat is not a great way
to send CW.

Rig was a K3, with the Tarheel 2 antenna over a 4x4 foot solid aluminum ground
plane on the roof rack. Used CQ/x for logging and some navigation. Installed
independent laptop as second navigation source in the front seat using Streets
& Trips. Also experimented with putting our route onto my Android
cellphone. Will probably change this a bit next year with different logging
s/w and simplified navigation s/w.

73 Charlie, k1xx & Marty, w1md
KN4Y/M   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   47,3802014-04-30 07:32:01
Band conditions limited to 20-meters with a very very very brief opening on
15-meters. Checked prior to a county change but never heard a signal on
40-meters. The weather was good for a mobile outing.Stopped at a great
Bar-B-Cue joint and made contact with three ribs.
N4AO/M(WC4E)   SO MobileCW LP   588,0002014-04-30 09:02:30
Another Great Florida QSO Party!
Other than a computer glitch at the start, everything worked well and had a
blast! Sunday afternoon was crazy with huge pileups. Thanks for your patience
while I tried to work everyone. I was less concerned about utilizing every
second of the contest and took a few breaks in the contest. I think I operated
about 18 of the 20 hours in almost 900 miles driven.

Big thanks to everyone who came out and worked us in Florida!

Nissan Frontier
Scorpion SA-680
Picture of Antenna on
N1MM Logging SW
N4EK   SOABCW LP   125,2482014-04-30 10:34:28
Could not do the full contest, operated mostly Saturday. Conditions were down
from last and Sunday was slow. Lot's of dupes for some reason this year. 15
meters was not I hoped it would be. 10 never seemed to open that I heard. Funny
that the last qso was with K1TO on forty when time ran out.
K4KG/M   M/SMixed LP   1,297,3882014-04-30 15:36:07
This was our 10th FQP together in the M/S mobile category. George does an
excellent job of storing, categorizing and optimizing our mobile operating
platform so it just takes about half a day to assemble. The U-Haul dealer down
the road even saves the small motorcycle trailer for us each year simplifying
set up. (There is a hole in the center of the trailer bed for a large bolt to
mount the Sigma antenna; we drilled it years ago!) Once again we used a K3
with ham sticks on the Toyota Highlander roof for 20 and 15/40 and the 5-band
Sigma-5 antenna mounted in the trailer. There is not a great deal of gain when
using the Sigma but the set up provides for instant band switching covering SSB
and CW.

We found that conditions overall were excellent compared with previous years
with solid openings on 15m and 10m. Credit goes to the K4OJ team for
maintaining a beacon on both of these bands and showing their potential. A
quick look at K4OJ/m in the RBN network shows that 10m was open most all of the
daylight hours to the west coast and South America with extended openings into
Europe. We called CQ and had some good results into Europe on 15m, but there
were few takers on 10m even though the band was open.

Our operating strategy in the mixed mode remains the same. We try moving new
multipliers from CW to SSB from CW on Day 1 as much as possible. Then, as the
contest progresses, the need to break from the CW pile-ups diminishes
throughout the weekend. Regardless though, we still will break from a CW
pile-up to work those mixed ops outside of Florida on SSB for hopefully a quick
QSY. This can be a questionable strategy from a point perspective for us as a
FL station, but it’s a lot of fun and helps the out-of-state stations who
find the SSB mults a little harder to come by. As a result, we are able to
work many skilled operators like K0HC, K9NW, VE3KZ, K3WW, K8MR (in New Joisey)
and others multiple times in each county. This year though, the champion was
Laci, OM2VL whom we would switch bands in many counties, making the Q on 20, 15
and 10 sometimes on both modes. The instant band change capability of the
station made it easy and enjoyable.

Congratulations to the K1XX/m, aka the “Flying Cucarachas Group (FCG)”, for
setting a new county activation record. Our 2014 route increased the K4KG 2013
record to 53 from 52 but that was demolished by the 55 counties that Charlie
and Marty achieved. Charlie called us on the cell immediately after the end of
the event on Sunday to proudly announce their accomplishment. Apparently, due
to their lightning-fast driving, their whip became permanently horizontal.

Saturday was beset with laptop problems half way through the contest as
communications was lost between the F-keys and keyboard multiple times. Not
only did we lose hours operating sitting by the roadside trying to correct the
problem, the number of QSOs dropped off precipitously in some counties as we
waited for the laptop to reboot. We almost didn’t work anyone in Union
county due to this problem, and our apologies to those stations that were
waiting for that mult on Saturday night, OM2VL being one of them. Fortunately,
George was able to run diagnostic software on the laptop after the Saturday run,
and that seemingly cured the computer problems, as they did not plague us on
Sunday. None of the PC problems were attributable to WinTest, which performed
without a hitch.

With 15m and 10m open we ended up working more Europeans than normal. The
W8/9/0 were not audible on the high bands with only the occasionally Q’ with
a weak W9 or VE3. With 20m fully open on Sunday morning and late Saturday
night, our 40M totals are the lowest even. This explains our lack of Q’s
with SC and GA on SSB. Two Asians made the log on both modes and thanks to
JI3MJK and UZ0AF for the QSYs to SSB. This was a first for us for both of
these countries in the FQP. From Europe, good activity from DL, SP, I and even
SM were active. OH6NIO was the only Finnish station we worked, and he was loud
and active. RG5A and UA3AGW were consistent operations on CW but we missed
their SSB mult.

Thanks to all the out of state operators who make this a fun event and a
highlight of the contest calendar. Look for you all next year.

Vy 73,
Jim VE7ZO and George K5KG.
NO5W   M/SCW LP   604,6082014-04-30 21:45:38
Equipment: K3/100, HiQ 4/80, Dell D610-XP-CQ/X (logging), Sony Vaio-Win7-CQ/X
(navigation), 2002 Pathfinder

Ah, the last weekend of April and time again for the annual FQP where mobile
ops can go to test their skills against the biggest pileups found inside the
CONUS. So with new RainX blades in the wipers, new oil in the 145K mile crank
case, many new gallons of regular of various prices (ouch!) waiting to be
converted to forward motion, a new operator position, a new common mode choke
on the antenna feedline, new guest op/driver, Ted-KN5O and I set out on the
same old route Dallas-K1DW and I used in 2013 to try our hand with the FQP
pileups, to determine where we fit in the spectrum between total lids and
competent operators, and most of all just to have some radio fun in one of the
finest state QSO parties existing.

When we entered the panhandle on the drive over Friday afternoon from KN5O's
QTH near Covington, LA, I remarked that on Sunday afternoon we would probably
experience some good pileups on our return home through the western set of
panhandle counties including Washington, Holmes, Walton, etc. Boy was that an
understatement! Pileups all day Saturday and during most of the day on Sunday
were good but manageable. But the monster pileup in Holmes on Sunday afternoon
took us to the brink of chaos where discerning even a single letter from the
roaring din seemed impossible. It was not even possible to determine whether
the din tolled for us or for some other station several hundred Hz to the side
as there was very little relation between what I sent and the response of the
pile. As KN5O pulled out of the area where we had stopped to run Holmes and
headed on west to the next one, I was toast and feeling more than a little
defeated. However, on review of the log it looks like about 67 Qs were pulled
through the din so it was at least not a total washout. Apologies if you were
in the din but did not make it into our log.

For the most part Murphy stayed away from our adventure but there was that
instance in Duval around noon on Sunday when the D610 logging computer shut
totally down with no prior indication of a problem. Fortunately we were able
get it going again and it behaved during the rest of the party. Saturday
was also a bit of a problem. Normally we prefer an earlier start than the
used in the FQP on Saturday but the late start turned out to be a good thing
since the Win7 machine we were using for the driver navigation insisted on
detecting the serial GPS as a mouse rendering the machine unusable until we
could recall how to disable that Win7 feature.

It was somewhat disappointing that we missed Lake during the Saturday session
and Santa Rosa and Escambia on Sunday. There's always a tradeoff between
leaving QSOs on the table in a county where you have a choice about how long
stay and meeting the overall schedule. This time we erred on the side of
staying with a county until the pileup was essentially worked through --
being a notable exception. That was particularly true in Lafayette and
on Saturday. On Sunday we spent an excessive amount of time in Columbia due to
the driver getting in line at a Subway behind a group of school kids who were
undecided about the ingredients they wanted on their sub -- we kept operating
during that lunch break but by that time Columbia had essentially been worked
out. Apologies if you were needing us in those missed counties for a sweep.
Perhaps a review of the route is in order for next year. But one thing for sure
Sunday afternoon will find us headed back to Louisiana through the western
panhandle counties looking to test mettle against some demanding pileups.

It was also disappointing that we could not get anything going on 15m or 10m
although we tried several times and after multiple CQs checked the band and
heard no signals. So 20m was our primary band plus a small number of Qs on 40.
We've seen numerous scores with some 15m component but it just was not there
when we tried to get something going.

Here's some results on a county basis. Some dupes are included here and the
total operating minutes is shy by about 16 minutes due to the time spent
coaxing the D610 back to life in Duval.

County Q-Total Minutes Average Initial First

In County Hourly Rate 10 Min Rate In Log
Marion 117 50 140 180 W8WVU
Levy 112 55 122 180 N5NA
Jefferson 101 44 138 180 N8VW
Franklin 95 60 95 198 W8WVU
Taylor 94 57 99 174 AC5K
Gilchrist 91 35 156 192 G3XVR
Citrus 87 50 104 174 W8WVU
Calhoun 86 49 105 126 K8MFO
Jackson 84 37 136 96 VE3KZ
Wakulla 84 59 85 186 K0PC
Columbia 78 66 71 186 W8WVU
Dixie 70 32 131 210 W8WVU
Holmes 67 22 183 168 N4TZ
Gadsden 65 27 144 192 VE3DZ
Duval 61 21 174 198 W1TO
Alachua 61 27 136 192 W8WVU
Gulf 61 48 76 162 K2DFC
Walton 60 22 164 228 K5WA
Putnam 60 43 84 186 K9PG
Lafayette 59 29 122 204 VE3DZ
Madison 58 32 109 174 K3WW
Bradford 58 24 145 198 W8WVU
Union 56 31 108 180 W5MF
Suwannee 55 20 165 66 W8WVU
Nassau 52 18 173 144 W8WVU
Leon 46 17 162 216 N9CK
Liberty 46 15 184 204 W5MF
Sumter 45 16 169 180 K0FX
St.Johns 44 21 126 156 W8WVU
Flagler 43 16 161 192 KE5LQ
Baker 40 16 150 150 W4EE
Clay 36 14 154 144 KI0I
Hamilton 36 13 166 186 K9CT
Washington 35 12 175 132 W5MF
Volusia 34 24 85 60 K7SV
Okaloosa 19 5 228 114 W8WVU
Bay 18 17 64 102 K3WW

Averages 63 31 135 168

The initial ten minute rate is the number of QSOs in the first ten minutes
after crossing into the county converted to an hourly basis and indicates that
on average we had a good pileup supporting a little less than 3 QSOs per
at the beginning of each county.

W8WVU seemed to show up first in the log in about 30% of our counties --
there and always recognizable. Was he tracking us on APRS? Was anyone? Well we
do know from his report that K5WA was putting APRS to some good sleuthing use
monitoring our cruise control while we pulled away from Holmes and headed west
on I-10 in the direction of Walton, his last one for the sweep. KN5O, who was
driving during that Holmes to Walton segment reports that Bob was on target,
perhaps a few miles per hour low, with his speed estimate. Hopefully the QRQ
police do not review APRS records but who knows in today's world.

Here's some rate information (this data includes some dupes) in terms of peak
rates over periods of various lengths. Note that all of these peaks occurred
Sunday afternoon.

Period QSO/ Hourly UTC (4/27)
Mins QSOs Min QSOs OP Start End Counties
10 36 3.6 216 NO5W 20:09 20:19 LIB-CAH
20 64 3.2 192 NO5W 20:29 20:48 JAC
30 90 3.0 180 NO5W 19:54 20:23 LIB-CAH
60 170 2.8 170 NO5W 19:54 20:53 LIB-CAH-JAC-WAG
120 326 2.7 163 NO5W 19:25 21:25

We were running behind as early as LEO and the thought occurred that we should
skip the detour off of I-10 required to pick up LIB, returning us through CAH
which we had already activated on Saturday at the start. That would have
eliminated only one county from the plan and would have probably put us back
schedule allowing us to reach Santa Rosa and Escambia. But it's a good thing
stayed with the plan, otherwise we would have missed some good rates. In
LIB-CAH-JAC and the beginning of WAG the callers were frequent and steady but
the pileups had not yet grown to the supernova size of the ones at the end of
WAG and during most of HOL where the rate meter rarely got above 130.

Here's a clock-hour view of the QSOs with noticeable puny results from 40m
although we tried in all but the shortest counties. We'd go to 40m make a half
dozen Qs and that would be it, back to good old 20m.

Hour 40M 20M 15M ALL Accum. OP
1600 68 68 68 NO5W
1700 97 97 165 NO5W
1800 5 71 76 241 NO5W
1900 3 83 86 327 NO5W/KN5O
2000 122 122 449 KN5O
2100 12 90 102 551 KN5O
2200 137 137 688 KN5O
2300 34 79 113 801 KN5O/NO5W
0000 14 88 102 903 NO5W
0100 68 80 148 1051 NO5W
1200 10 107 117 1168 KN5O
1300 1 104 1 106 1274 KN5O
1400 136 136 1410 KN5O
1500 117 117 1527 KN5O
1600 113 113 1640 KN5O
1700 74 74 1714 NO5W
1800 1 126 127 1841 NO5W
1900 151 151 1992 NO5W
2000 163 163 2155 NO5W
2100 159 159 2314 NO5W

During all those Qs we managed to work 347 different calls. Thanks to all
callers but especially to the following top-twenty who stayed with us the
entire party: VE3DZ(41), K9CT(39), W8WVU(39), VE3KZ(37), K8IR(36), K9NW(36),
K7SV(36), K3WW(34), N9CK(32), K0HC(32), WA3HAE(32), WA8CDU(29), K9PG(29),
WI9WI(28), N5ZK(28), K5WA(27), K8MFO(26), N1CC(25), K9UIY(24), K8GT(24).

Many thanks to the FQP organizers for keeping the FQP running and making it
of the best state QSO parties. And finally congratulations to W4AN(K4BAI-KU8E)
as well as K1XX(K1XX-W1MD) and N4GI(N4GI-WF3C) for putting up some outstanding
numbers in the Mobile/Multi-Single CW category. Prospects are not looking good
for a top three finish for NO5W in what is turning out to be a very competitive
category. Looks in fact like NO5W should lobby for a
Mobile-Multi-Single-Single-Band-20m-CW-Only category. Whaddya say Dan? At any
rate we need to tune up our 15m capability and come back in 2015 ready to add
some 15m to the mix.

KN5O remarked on the drive back to LA that, although he was not sure
what the FQP would be like seeing as this was his first time at a state QSO
party, he was ready to spend some time in the FQP as part of the NO5W mobile
again in future years. That alone made our adventure a success as far as I was
concerned. I assured Ted that year after year FQP rises to the occasion with
fun-fun-fun and pileups-pileups-pileups that you won't experience without
DX. Many thanks to Ted for coming along with me to the FQP, doing some
driving and operating and also to Ted, Lorraine, and Connie for inviting me to
crash at their place on Sunday night.

73 es OJ

VE3DZ   SOABCW LP   177,4162014-05-02 20:58:49
Didn't plan a full time effort, but started and got carried away.
Triplexer made it much easier to monitor 2 bands at a time with just single
Achieved my sweep in 9:57 since the start. 15 m opened on Sunday late morning /
early afternoon. 10 m was open at times, but no activity.
Lots of great mobile ops!
OH6NIO   SOABMixed HP   24,1872014-05-09 08:38:54
Nice activity. Following stations found their way into my log for 10 times or
more: K1XX, K4KG, K4OJ, K5YAA, N4AO and W4AN.
WA8HSB   SOABMixed QRP   122014-05-12 15:32:42
In and out of shack during the afternoon with intent of getting FL confirmed on
SSB for Triple Play. Got it!! Thanks for the Qs and LOTW confirmations! 73,
NJ8J   SOABCW LP   1,4722014-05-14 17:00:42
Alinco DX-77T
LDG AT-11MP Automatic Antenna tuner

100\' OCF Dipole fed with ladder-line

Logger: N1MM