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NCCC RTTY Sprint Ladder   2013   Sep 27   Comment Summary

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KB1H(W1UJ)   Single Op LP   1042013-09-26 19:03:06
Getting ready for CQWW RTTY at the barn!

73 JayMA/DickCT

Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 4 4 2
7 3 3 1
14 6 6 5
Total 13 13 8
Score: 104
N3QE   Single Op LP   4082013-09-26 19:03:28
Lots of stations! But lots of collisions. Started off with "AFC" on in
MMTTY which is a pretty fatal mistake. After having MMTTY start seeking off into
hyperspace I fixed it but made only 1 Q in the first 4 minutes. After that, it
felt like I was behind the pack, always missing the jump ball. Heard lots of
"new ones" for this week, only worked a few!
K6UFO(@W6YX)   Single Op QRP   7822013-09-26 19:09:23
20m was good, but 40m was Awesome!
Even 80m provided a personal high.
Thanks for the contacts - lots of fun!


W6YX Stanford University:
20m: 6 el yagi at 60 ft
40m: 4 el yagi at 60 ft
80m: inverted vee at 50 ft
Yaesu FT-1000MP turned down to 5 watts.
Microham micro2r
Writelog and MMTTY
K6YL(@N6DQ)   Single Op LP   3222013-09-26 19:10:35
Tonight's RTTY sprint was so much fun! Better than previous weeks. Thanks you
guys. Joanna/"Jo"
NØTA   Single Op LP   4932013-09-26 19:12:21
K3, Doublet & Vertical, N1MM
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   5402013-09-26 19:34:41
Good to see scores coming up on NS web site .. tks NQ6N.

After travels and then wine harvest, now back to NS again. Remem, ext week is
a bye week, then final Wk 5 just prior to NAS RTTY.

Seemed like good activity tonight .. pleased to have WD0T respond on 80 m and
to see VE3JI and K6YL in the mix. Messed up only one QSO . w/ K6UFO on 40
meters, where I somehow neglected to send his call sign .. but think Mork
figured it out ok.

Let's all push for a big finale in two weeks after the CQP break.

73 Bill N6ZFO
N6RO   Single Op LP   9722013-09-26 20:09:47
Great turnout tonight. Even 80m was productive.
Got in a dozen Qs in the WPX RTTY practice, in-between NSs.
K8MR   Single Op QRP   3992013-09-26 20:27:23
Got a slightly late start after an XYL requested plumbing project. The KX3 is
not interfaced to my normal shack computer, so I sent by hand and kept
something resembling a log on the back of an old QSL card.

Conditions didn't seem too good either.

73 - Jim K8MR
WDØT(@KDØS)   Single Op LP   6202013-09-26 20:42:09
Quite a few new stations tonite, getting ready for CQ WW RTTY this weekend, so
that was fun.. Didn't work Ed P49X but did hear him on 20m.

Both 20 and 40 seemed long from here, but 80m was definately the sweet spot
tonite, low QRN and great signals, I think this is the first time ever working
more on 80 than on both 40 and 20..

Congrats to Ken N6RO, and John N0TA, FB job, and Eric NO3M..

Fun with that much activity, CU in the next one!

73 God Bless!! Todd WD0T
W6SX   Single Op LP   6602013-09-26 21:11:51
K3, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, 2Tone, N1MM.
KØTG(@WØLSD)   Single Op LP   6002013-09-26 22:10:12
Out at W0LSD for CQ RTTY this weekend. Hope to see you all on the air!

Have fun!

73, John K0TG