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European HF Championship   2014   Aug 2   Comment Summary

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UX4U(US7UX)   CW Only LP   376,4412014-08-02 17:04:49
F1AKK(@F6KHM)   CW Only LP   237,1652014-08-02 17:06:10
Very boring propagation !
10m wasn't really opened...
160m qsos are 90% in s&p hard to run with 100w :-)
Think the k level = 4 didn't helped a lot!
Friends in eastern /south eu may have better score!

Thanks all for qsos!
See you now in boths cq ww

S51TA   CW Only HP   392,7882014-08-02 17:07:18
Dipole/Vertical + K3 + 800W

YO5LD   CW Only LP   156,0002014-08-02 17:08:51
Sadly, I couldn't tune mu 80m dipole to 160m so I couldn't work there.

Maybe next time,

LZ9W(LZ4UU)   CW Only HP   442,5822014-08-02 17:18:19
Thanks to LZ9W team for setting up the station before the contest!!
Had some keying issues at the start,first qso made at 12:25z,but after that
everything went fantastic!
Thanks to all who called!
LY5W   CW Only LP   236,0282014-08-02 17:26:30
N1MM not counted occupied Crimea
Together with LY2FN put on YAGI tower few wires to simulate dipole, hi.
Highest point 9m , lowest 1m.
Will cut tomorrow morning this nonsense :)
73, Sam LY5W
look for LY25/ES25/YL25 station's all August.
DH8BQA   CW Only HP   33,2822014-08-02 17:26:48
Just handing out a few points ...

73, Olli -
S51A(S55O)   SSB Only HP   278,7262014-08-02 17:27:03
Thanks to SCC for this fine contest! It's allways fun!

QRN on 40 and down....hard to work anything there... without the DHDL i wouldnt
do anything on the lower bands...

Almost no 28 and 21, spent lots of time to get any qso and mult's there and so
14 and 7 didnt get enough time. AS usual only N-S propagation with LY stations
heard all contest on those bands...but hardly anyone else...

Congrats to all the competitors! I thank anyone that answered to my call and
the good guys who QSY'ed for me - you are great!

Hear you in the next one.
Bostjan - Ian S55O
US2YW   CW Only HP   361,5342014-08-02 17:37:51
Tribanders and dipoles, single radio.
OM5NA   CW Only LP   18,4442014-08-02 21:11:21
Thank You all for the QSO's ! I was using an Yaesu FT-950 running at 50 W to an
12m (39.4 feet) random wire antenna matched with a CG-3000 ATU.

73!, Dezider OM5NA
Z39A   CW Only LP   32,4482014-08-02 21:25:10
CW interface live me a lone on 40m. Anyhow I enjoyed the contest. CU next year.
73 and thanks for calling de Z39A
SE3X(SA3BYC)   SSB Only LP   2,0062014-08-02 22:02:48
Not perfect conditions with a Slooper dipol for 14MHz (only band with Qrm less
than S9+20) @5m, from my work Qth in the middel of an industrial area in
Stockholm. Qrm at it's best S7-8, when the lights came on at 19.00 UTC it went
up to S9+20dB ... end of contest for this station ;)

But good fun for a couple of hours! Will be back next year, hopefully from home
Qth with much less Qrm and better antennas .. 73 all and Thnxs for points!
LZ6K(LZ2PL)   CW Only HP   275,3362014-08-02 22:03:24
With out 160m antenna.
Tks for qso's.

S56A   CW Only LP   254,2202014-08-03 00:16:13
Summer condx with mainly 20 m during a daylight. Good EU CW ops with oldtimers
present. It was fun even without QTC :-)

73 de Mario, S56A
LY4A   SSB Only HP   356,0762014-08-03 00:22:27
TNX for the qso's

Propagation this year on 10m - 15m is very bad very big aurora in 10m. Lost
many time for get mults on 10m with to hight spending time for it. In the
evening began to sparkle and thunderstorm for more us 1 hour but this did not
prevent intend to conclude the contest with very high QRN.

Used Equipment:

Used ICOM 775DSP only one radio with 2 x 1KW Amplifiers this test second
transceiver not used.


160m - Dipole
80m - Dipole
40m - 2el. Monoband Yagi
20m - 3el. Monoband Yagi and HyGain TH6-DXX Tribander
15m - 6el. Monoband Yagi and HyGain TH6-DXX Tribander
10m - 5el. Monoband Yagi and HyGain TH6-DXX Tribander

Thanks again for the Qso's and see all on another contests.

SE5E(SM5AJV)   CW Only LP   257,4462014-08-03 00:46:17
Had no antenna for 160, so I had to use the 80 m dipole instead.
S51J   CW Only HP   295,5452014-08-03 00:54:18
A lot of statics on lower bands on my location.
OH1TM/M   SSB Only LP   1,7162014-08-03 00:57:31
My 1st ever contest from car. I changed the QTH a couple of times during the
operation as I tried to find the best QTH. (Finally I ended back to the first
one). All the stations which were 59+30 or more in the S-meter heard me easily
but the others were harder to work. Next time I don't forget CW key home...
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: IC-706, Ant: Multiband whip on car roof

QTH: Parainen (IOTA EU-096)
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SSB Only HP   291,6222014-08-03 01:11:17
K3 + ACOM + wires and tribander@ 15mh

15 and 10m was very frustrating.


73! Andy LY7Z

ON6NL   CW Only HP   242,3522014-08-03 01:50:28
More a test of me and my station than a contest but it such a great contest
so really enjoyed the game!
Thunderstorms were a big handicap. Had to stop after a few minutes in the
contest as it came too close. When it was over, my wife who was on a biking
called me to pick her up as she got also into the heavy storm.
I found here sheltering under an umbrella and brought her home safely.
I will keep on training my CW and see you all next year!
DK9VZ(@DR4A)   CW Only HP   334,1522014-08-03 01:52:21
S53F   Mixed LP   346,2562014-08-03 01:56:37
3el beam + wire for low band and ft-950.

73 de Vinko s53f
YR8D(YO8TTT)   CW Only HP   417,3062014-08-03 02:03:22
Thanks everybody who called me!

73's Alex YO8TTT
SJ2W(SM2LIY)   CW Only HP   372,0002014-08-03 02:13:59
Aurora the night before and also in afternoon in contest made the HF spectrum
small to begin with. 20m was in good shape as usual in such conditions.
10m was disappointing, had a small Es opening in beginning of contest to SE,
with 12 LY in log and a few others. 15m was a little better open but like s1-s3
signals beaming South with the stack. Had setup an inband radio with a vertical
but was useless on 10 and 15m, did not hear any signals expect SJ2W ;-)
Lower bands worked ok, but since the beverages were not connected had some
rx-problems on 160m on the vertical because of thunder crashes so was some
repeats. Think others also had problems with noise, because in S&P many
came back with: SP2W, DJ2W, SW2W, S12W, SO2W, S52W and a few other combinations
I dont remember.
Goal was to try beat own SM record from 2011, but was impossible because of
lack of mults on 10 and 15m.

Thanks for QSOs, and thanks to Mike for putting the station in order!
73 Per /SM2LIY

160m: 1/4 vert
80m: 4-SQ
40m: 3/3el + 2/2el + 4-SQ
20m: 6/6/6el + 5/5el + 4el @EU
15m: 6/6el + 5el
10m: 6/6el + 6el @46m
RX inband: 3-band vertical ~450m away

RUN: FT1000MKV + ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB)
INBAND (S&P on run band): K3
N1MM Logger

Check the website for more information and continous updates of what goes on
the station.
DP7D(DF1QR)   SSB Only LP   59,1182014-08-03 02:27:53
Starting with DP4M from the same station. DP4M gets the better bands. Was only
testing the technics, switches ect. Many thunderstorms and statics made it very
difficult to hear other stations. but over all... it was fun!
LI3C(LA9DFA)   Mixed HP   248,3252014-08-03 02:35:18
High A- and K-indexes made condx bad on 15 and 10 for me. No QSO's on 10 at
Hope for better condx next time.
YU1ZZ   Mixed LP   108,3002014-08-03 03:13:55
Just for fun, from home QTH .

Milan YU1ZZ
SM2T(SM2EZT)   CW Only LP   198,7302014-08-03 03:35:55
10 minutes late trying to put up a 2x5 el for 10m, failed. The hi bands was not
as good as last year. Nice contest!
YL2QN   CW Only LP   69,8252014-08-03 04:05:21
Great condition on 80/40 meters band. Enjoy few good runs.
Unfortunately can operate only last 6 hours.
Spiderbeam 20/15/10, 40m dipoles, 80m Inverted L /w resonance gnd.system
S51FB   CW Only LP   157,8422014-08-03 04:14:22
This time LP (TS590S) with TH6DXX blocked to SE, wires and without 160m antenna
= nice experiance.

Thanks for all QSO's.

73 de Miha
DJ1OJ   Mixed LP   76,5402014-08-03 04:29:57
FT-1000MP 100 W
ANT: GAP-Titan (8bands vert)

"53" was a rare multi
RM5A(RA3AUU)   SSB Only HP   244,0202014-08-03 04:59:16
propagation brrrrrr on 10 and 15 ... жопа
9A5K   Mixed HP   458,6672014-08-03 05:16:10
Setup: IC756PRO III + OM3500HF + v2.1.6

It was great fun as always.
Due some hardware issues, I've lost about 45 minutes to do some quick fixes.

Thanks for qsos and CU next one.

Chris - 9A5K
LY2SA   CW Only HP   220,3782014-08-03 05:33:04
TRX: TS-590, PA: TL-922, antenna: vertical BigIR
S59AA   CW Only HP   377,8652014-08-03 05:47:54
My 21th EU HF Contest. Heavy QRN and city noise on low bands,
so I could not copy weak stns calling me.
Cu next year,
Franc S59AA
F4VPX(CT1ILT)   CW Only LP   86,4782014-08-03 05:53:28
Antennas down for maintenance.

No 80m nor 160m antenna.

10 15 20m Hexbeam @ 6mH + 40m Dipole @ 6mH

Operated for about 7h. Next time maybe a bit more serious.

73's Filipe
S52W   Mixed LP   255,0002014-08-03 05:55:34
FT2000 + dipoles at max. 10m up

TNX SCC for great contest. See you next year.

73 Damjan S52W
S54X   CW Only LP   263,4732014-08-03 07:03:10
Improved my own last year record for about 80 QSOs, but still didn't reach
magic 1000.
Maybe next year.
RIG: TS-2000 + Spiderbeam and wires.
OU2I(OZ1BII)   CW Only LP   26,7682014-08-03 09:00:13
Rig: Ten Tec 599AT - 90 Watt
Ant: 20mtr wire as INVERTED-L up 12mtr

Sad conditions sunday evening.
CUAGN in the next Contest
73 de OU2I Henning
YO7MGG   SSB Only LP   55,2042014-08-03 10:04:51
I am glad that this year I could attend this beautiful competition but from
another location where I tested antenna setup.

Working conditions was:

Kenwood TS-590S
4 elem. yagi (10/15/20)
Dipole 40/80
Loging progranm - N1MM

73 and CU in the YO DX Contest!
DF1LX   CW Only LP   44,3362014-08-03 11:15:35
Only for N1MM+ test - repairing beam for upcoming WAE CS (QTCs needed for sure)

And too hot for more contest - Wanted to do NAQP but EU HF was really more
activity and nice to have such nice runs.

Peter DF1LX
UA5C(@RD3A)   CW Only HP   485,5182014-08-03 11:34:26
CQ/S&P - 60%/40%
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   CW Only HP   364,8122014-08-03 12:55:14
Low bands noise infested with all the thunderstorms over EU.
160 sounded like sheet metal being hammered on around your ears. Ouch!
Ten meters bad, fifteen not great.

It's all I can do against the big boys with big toys. But given the propagation
I never thought to achieve a score this high. It was hard to keep the rate at
100/hr. But it averaged nicely.

VERY nice contest as always.

OH2PM   CW Only HP   378,0562014-08-03 13:32:41
I tried to catch a reasonable multiplier on 10 and 15. Most of the signals were
so weak that I could not copy them in the summer time QRN. Wasted a lot of
I have 30 multipliers and 200 QSOs less than last year, that is a lot. I should
have followed during the week how conditions developed.

A great fun in any way. Congratulations to those who picked up right strategy
and made a decent score.

Thanks for the QSOs and see you again in SAC CW.

73 de Pertti, OH2PM
SP2LNW   CW Only HP   316,7742014-08-03 13:51:01
Tnx for all Q's. 73 Slaw
YUØT(YU1WS)   CW Only LP   254,2322014-08-03 14:08:35
TNX for all calls.73 !
West Serbia Contest Club
UA4FER   CW Only LP   263,4182014-08-04 00:58:41
1 radio - FTDX-3000. Run/Search: 157/864 Qs
HA1ZN   CW Only LP   308,5242014-08-04 02:29:12
RIG: KENWOOD TS-870s Ants: HB35C, INV V.

73! Zsolt
YR1C(YO9GZU)   CW Only HP   390,2852014-08-04 03:51:44
The conditions were marginal in the upper bands. The time I spent there to rise
the multiplier count definitely had a negative effect on the total qso number.
80/160 m were very noisy in the city, more than half of contacts there being
S&P q's. Somehow, I managed to miss about 100 q's in 40m.

Thanks to SJ2W, LZ8E, IQ2CJ, R7AB, UC7A, IK2NCJ and others who submitted their
real time scores, we had an entertaining competition on It is
really fun to watch it live.

I have to acknowledge Cornel YO4NA, who took care of preparing the station and
making everything ready so I can just plug and play remotely from 250 km away
M5Z(JK3GAD)   CW Only LP   5,6102014-08-04 05:59:17
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test

FuncubeDongle+ fed by K3's IF signal and HPSDR works great to find 10/15m
signals while it is not the case on 20m.

Overall not great condx but WX was nice so time allocated to this contest over
the weekend is very limited.

73 Kazu
HG7T(HA7TM)   CW Only HP   378,7302014-08-04 06:23:07
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
IN3FHE   CW Only LP   48,5802014-08-04 07:47:18
Better score as last year. Had fun on S & P , run and whit the challenge on
livescore server .
100 w , vertical multiband antenna & QARtest as contest software
73 & 88 de IN3FHE , Helga (Ina)
LZ1FY   CW Only LP   35,8622014-08-04 09:49:57
10/15/20- 3el Yagi ;
40/80 InvVee
IV3KKW   SSB Only LP   62,7902014-08-04 15:20:24
First time for me in this contest, really fun.
73 Alex
OG6N(OH6NIO)   CW Only HP   278,6162014-08-05 00:00:52
Rotten conditions on 10 & 15 due to heavy aurora in these latitudes. Very
much time wasted in the start on 10m so the contest was already over before it
had even started. Then I just had a bit of fun for the rest of the contest.
IT9CHU(VINCE)   Mixed LP   29,8322014-08-05 05:57:15
Only six hours activity to test my new triband MB7 Momobeam antenna...i had a
lot of fun Vince IT9CHU ( one of II9P )
YP7P(YO7LFV)   SSB Only HP   182,1602014-08-05 11:28:33
FT 950 , FT 1000 MKV, 3 PA HM by yo7bga, microham micro2R , Heil Sound , band
decoder HM by yo7bga , LZ Antenna 12-4 , Hexbeam HM by yo7bga.
0 propagation in 10 m and weak activity in low bands .
73 ! Robert yo7lfv
LY5I   Mixed LP   206,7182014-08-05 12:55:58
IQ1RY(IZ1LBG)   Mixed HP   418,2752014-08-06 00:52:41
First thanks to all IQ1RY team to let me use the station! All equipment work
fine and no problem during the 12 hour of the contest!

Contest start really slow the first 5 hours expecially the 2nd, the 3rd and the
4th one! Long propagation on 20m and really weak signal on 10m 15m and 20m. Once
again this year I spend too much time on 10m trying to work as many mult as
possible and try to reduce the disadvantage from 9A5K but without any success.
Incredible condition here on 160m with strong signal and I was working without
any receiving antenna and with heavy storm in the area.

Nice competition on, but once again very few takers! Thanks to
the one publishing their score online!

Thanks very much for all QSO! See you the next one!

Filippo IZ1LBG
UW5Q(UR3QCW)   CW Only LP   338,0572014-08-06 02:05:32
ES5RR(ES2RR)   Mixed HP   518,8682014-08-06 02:48:08
A few technical problems and a bad cold slowed me down a bit, especially on SSB.
OK7T(OK1FHI)   CW Only LP   110,8152014-08-06 03:47:26
Many storms in my qth ... :-(

73 Radek, OK1FHI
S53M(S53ZO)   Mixed HP   314,9822014-08-06 22:47:45
First time in EUHFC. I really liked it. I like the format (12h) and I like the
multipliers idea.

Simon, S53ZO
HA4XH(@HA3DX)   SSB Only LP   146,1022014-08-08 04:18:52
Rig: YAESU FT2000

Antennas : 5 el monobander Long John Yagis for 28-21-14MHz /
Bisquare antennas 3pcs for14MHz (NW-SE/W-E/SW-NE)/
Lazy-H antennas for 7 MHZ (NW-SE/SW-NE) /
Single Quad for 3,5MHz (SW-NE)/
Delta loops for 1.8-Mhz (NW-SE/SW-NE) /K9AY

Very high QRN on high bands because of local thunderstorms. Almost no station
heard on yagis. I must use K9AY even for 20-15-10 mts reception. Sorry if I
couldn't hear someone. Only in the evening reduced for acceptable level the
QRN. Thanks for QSO's.

73's from Hungary Charlie
LJ1GB(LB1GB)   CW Only HP   215,1722014-08-10 03:37:46
Had a relaxed contest with no stress. Condx sucked anyway so... :-) I called a
lot of CQ with no answers. 73 and see you next year!
MW5R(MWØEDX)   Mixed LP   320,8642014-08-10 10:39:03
Had to do the contest on a mobile rig while my main rig was sent off for
repairs. What a difference in RX and ability to pick up weak signals :-(
9A1AA   SSB Only LP   16,1192014-08-13 12:58:54
Only 4 hir's.....just for the fun ;)