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Croatian CW Contest   2008   Dec 20   Comment Summary

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YO6MT   SOSB/80 LP   24,7082008-12-21 03:29:57
TRX:Volna 100 w
ANT:LW 63m
LOG;AA test V.1.53
73 Cornel
YR6M(YO6MT)   SOSB/80 LP   23,8922008-12-21 03:32:56
TRX:Volna 100 w
ANT:LW 63m
LOG:SD by EI5DI V.14.00
73 Cornel
PY2NY   SOSB/20 LP   2,8822008-12-21 03:52:04
First time in this contest, as far as I can remember hi hi. Not great
conditions, specially at night. Just to close the contest season. Next stop,
Rioja enogastronomy hi hi
PY2NY - Vitor
SM7VZX   SOSB/20 LP   5602008-12-21 05:51:31
Elecraft K2/100
Vertical Dipole
N9FC   SOSB/20 HP   2,7182008-12-21 06:02:33
very bad condx
9A8MM   SOSB/20 QRP   1,0262008-12-21 06:06:34
Thanks for listening the weak signal :)

Marko, 9A8MM
N4AF   SOAB HP   476,7842008-12-21 06:07:56
Condx were challenging on the low bands but fun anyway.

73, Howie
VA3ATT   SOAB LP   8,2892008-12-21 06:11:46
FT-767GX & GP

Propagation was very bad.
4O3A   M/S HP   1,452,0002008-12-21 06:14:38
Nice contest with lot of activity. Good opportunity to test station and make MS
training with Dragan, 4O4A

CU CQ WW 160
DJ1YFK   SOAB LP   31,9972008-12-21 06:14:53
K2, 25W, Inv-L (5m vertical, 15m horizontal, too few radials)

First contest from my new location in Munich. Antenna obviously needs
improvement, but good to be on the air with my own station again!
SJ2W(SM2WMV)   SOSB/80 HP   84,7802008-12-21 06:15:10
Working this contest as SOSB is not to be recommended. It's a bit fun working
SOAB but it's too low activity for SB. Never got any good runs during daytime
except a bit late in the contest when I got a run of JAs.

FT-1000D, 4-1000A and 4-SQ

Thanks for QSOs,
YT2AAA   SOAB LP   122,4022008-12-21 06:15:57
IC-746 PRO
W3DZZ multiband 15m up

Condition sucked but fun anyway

73, GL, AAA
HR9/WQ7R   SOAB LP   94,6122008-12-21 06:31:42
Sorry for the long call. Great fun and great ops. See you next year for this
E77DX   SOSB/80 HP   88,2662008-12-21 06:48:44
Part time effort, because of some family duties on satraday afternoon and
Very low acitivity on 80m and also not so good condx, dont know acutuly why i
stayed whole night on the radio!?!

I operate whole contest remotly and have some problem with internet speed
and delay , also some distorsion in RX audio time to time, sorry for delay and
bad copy !

Vlado E70T and Ranko T90R where on site operating 160m and 20m!
It was some kind of fun!

Congrats to E74A, LY7M, SJ2W and others 80m fricks on nice scores!

See you on TOP BAND next weakend i Stew Perry!

FT-2000 + amp
2 el Yagi @ 50m

73 es best dx
de E77DX / OE1EMS
N4PN   SOSB/20 HP   57,9502008-12-21 07:13:00
Alway great to hear old friends from Croatia....will be back there for
the ARRL DX Contest in March....9A1A/9A4PN...with Charlie, NF4A/9A5PC.
Band was in great shape at the start on Saturday morning....Ok until
midday and then band closed one point, not one signal on
20 meters, yet the A-Index and other numbers were not bad....Band came
back after dark for a short time...worked a few JA's - then gone again.
Sunday morning, band opened early...well before SR and was good until
the end....
Thanks for the Q's and wish everyone....HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND THE BEST IN
73, Paul, N4PN

FT1000MP/AL1200 - 1KW
HyGain TH5 @ 70'
Logging with Gen_Log
LY2KZ   SOSB/40 LP   66,7002008-12-21 07:17:31
ICOM-718, 1/4 vertical with 24 radials.
Nice contest
IØQM   SOAB HP   5,4002008-12-21 07:24:27
wkd qrpp (1w) on 160&80m.
Tnx for qso, have a nice holyday season.
73 Bob
WB8JUI   SOAB LP   1,3282008-12-21 07:32:03
Rather poor conditions.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and best wishes for the holidays.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
DJ5QV   SOSB/80 LP   20,1962008-12-21 07:39:09
IC-7400, vertical (10m long) + ATU
AA3B   SOAB HP   31,5902008-12-21 07:46:07
Surprised to hear / work Europe on 40M as late as 12:30 GMT.
9A5Y(@9A1CCY)   M/S HP   750,0002008-12-21 07:52:29
This year better prop. on low bands, so we made the same score with
unpretentious equipment: FT 920 + kW, PRO 67B + Inv Vee 80m and 160m, N1MM,
time to time cluster use.

73 & TU from 9A5Y crew!
HA8BE   SOSB/80 HP   63,0082008-12-21 08:00:42
Rig: IC-756, PWR: 500W
Ant: Vertical(28m)
Rx ant: K9AY
F5IN   SOAB HP   638,9792008-12-21 08:05:22
Powered by Win-Test 3.23.0

kenwod TS-940S + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunted-feed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

& K9AY loop system
K1ZZI   SOAB HP   112,4282008-12-21 08:33:37
Lot of activity. Part time effort. Thanks for all the contacts! HNY!!
VU2PTT   SOAB HP   35,8442008-12-21 08:53:46
Just jumped in to have some fun :)
OK2BFN   SOAB LP   205,7162008-12-21 09:34:07
RIG: IC746, G5RV

Merry Christmas
9A5W   SOSB/160 HP   160,9082008-12-21 09:36:32
Excellent propagation ! Cca 80 JA and cca 120 W/VE stations worked.
Some local noise source caused problems in RX several hours in midnight and
during that time could not copy weak USA stations who called me.
Thanks everybody who called me, see you in TBC next weekend!
LY4A   SOAB HP   504,2962008-12-21 09:51:47
Thanks for the qsos .

Good opening to USA on 160m.
Working only about 19 hrs because low sleep on before the test night ,we have
party in the my work for the Cristmas :).But anything test and activity good.

Using equipment:
ICOM 775DSP + Timewave DSP 599ZX - and 1KW Amp.

160m - Dipol
80m - 2 Dipols
40m - 3el Yagi
20m - 5el YAgi and 3el Yagi
15m - 6el Yagi and 5el Yagi
10m - 5el Yagi and 5el Yagi

For all HNY and hope to see all on the Contests in 2009 as LY4A.

YU7PG   SOSB/40 LP   36,6302008-12-21 10:41:38
YAESU FT-901DM and dipole
E74A(@E73M)   SOSB/80 HP   91,7002008-12-21 12:15:15
Club : Bosnia and Herzegovina contest club
DL1REM   SOSB/80 LP   14,9162008-12-21 12:28:25
73`s de Frank DL1REM
N3ZL   SOAB LP   25,8962008-12-21 14:28:58
Got some Qs in the morning, was QRL through the evening so didn't hit the low
bands until after sunrise in Eu. US participation seemed pretty low.

73 de Greg N3ZL
NG7Z   SOAB QRP   722008-12-21 14:53:13
Just for fun, I fired up the K1 and spent some time at 5W just to see if I could
make a few contacts. Who knows, I might win world QRP! Didn't hear much activity
but from the NW that doesn't mean much. Worked a few with numbers in the
hundreds. They were on the east coast of course. CT1ILT was the best DX. He
must have good ears. Oh and by the way, it's just over 5000 miles from my QTH
so that qualifies me for the 1000 miles per watt award.
73 Paul NG7Z
SP2LNW   SOAB HP   439,2402008-12-21 18:04:59
73! Slaw sp2lnw
K4BAI   SOAB HP   44,3682008-12-21 18:26:10
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Only worked 9A7R
on 15M. No other signals heard, but 9A7R was strong. 20M seemed pretty good,
but closed to Europe very early. 40M and 80M were pretty good. There were a
few on 80 in Europe who couldn't copy me, but I worked everyone I heard on 40M.
Thanks for all the QSOs and hope to work you all again next year. 73, John,
W3KL   SOAB HP   2,9922008-12-21 18:53:06
Operating time limited to Saturday night. As well, my tower detuning system
started arcing near the feedthrough into the vacuum cap housing, which
prevented me from further 160 M Qs.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73, Jeff
ZM2B(ZL2BR)   SOAB HP   139,9222008-12-22 00:35:03
Made more stations and in particular 9A stations than expected. Very little
non-Eu activity. No contest activity heard during daylight hours, so operating
hours were 1400-1900utc and 0500-1400utc only. Eventually ran out of stations
to work, but it was an enjoyable contest.

73, Frank ZL2BR/ZM2B
OK1FKD   SOAB QRP   64,8232008-12-22 03:19:49
Elecraft K2 5W, ant LW 42m
DL3YM   SOAB LP   100,1562008-12-22 03:55:22
QRL and family duties made this a predominantly nighttime affair for me. Good
activity plus fine condx on 80 and 40 provided lots of fun. Tnx all for the Qs
and season's greetings!
9A7T   M/S HP   1,199,0142008-12-22 04:57:59
Very nice activity and good propagation on low bands. 15 meters was bad and 10
meters dead as usually. We bettered our last year's score by 300k points.
Thanks to all the callers.
CU in another one!
Zlatko, 9A2EU
OL14ØPS(OK1JOC)   SOAB LP   72,0002008-12-22 07:05:17
9A1UN(@9A1P)   SOAB HP   2,172,5002008-12-22 07:57:59
Tnx to all of you for qsos. It was a nice weekend with lot of fun.
Condx were great on the low bands with 40m open all 24 hours to both north
america and japan.
Pushed a lot on 15 and 10m to maximize mult number, otherwise maybe 100 more
q's were possible.
I love this game

73 Dave 9A1UN
A71BX   SOSB/40 HP   167,6162008-12-22 09:43:20
Nice Contest and activity
I had to leave the station early on Saturday night to sleep and resume my duty
on Sunday morning, then active for 2 hours after my duty.

HNY to all!

73's de A71BX
I2WIJ   SOSB/40 LP   24,9282008-12-22 10:28:28
Probably last contest of the year.
But I will try to put up an Inv-L for 160 to enter
the Stew Perry for the very last one.
Season's greetings to everybody all around the world.
Cu in the next one!
Bob, I2WIJ
F4FDA   SOAB LP   12,4202008-12-22 10:35:50
Soapbox : small setup: FT920,antenna G5RV Jr& 80m dipole (low),
starting to decode cw via pc
LY3X(@LY5W)   SOSB/20 HP   50,2862008-12-22 11:00:58
Tomas used my antenna's and QTH.
Equipment: TS690 and 4xGU50 tubes P.A.
Antenna: 6el KLM at 21mH
YL3GFX   SOSB/80 LP   47,1502008-12-22 11:18:26
Was good. Thanks to all.
E7ØT(@E77DX)   SOSB/160 HP   108,6822008-12-22 13:49:29
FT-2000 + Amp
RX/TX antenna 4 Squere
RX Antennas:
2 x 250m fased beverages to NA
1 x 200m beverage to JA
1 x 250m beverage to West
1 x 200m beverage to East
1 x 250m beverage to South

158 NA QSOs, 93 AS QSOs, 2 SA QSOs, rest EU!

Tnx for QSOs and cu next time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

73 es best dx
de E70T Vlado
ZL2RU(ZL2RU/S52RU)   SOAB HP   58,9952008-12-22 14:48:43
Rig : ELECRAFT K3 + 500W PA

Antennas : 40m rotary dipol
20/15/10 2 el. Quad

Soapbox : I thank all the points ...
that was my first contest with the ZL2RU callsign.Worked
only a few hours.Thanks to Ken ZL1AIH & Aki ZL1GO/JA4EKO.
See you in the next contest ...


Romeo ZL2RU/S52RU....ZM1A GANG
KN4Y   SOAB LP   2,8822008-12-22 16:52:54
Limited time to operate but enjoyed the contest.
9A3XV   SOAB LP   231,9522008-12-23 04:33:52
Hallo folks!

Thank you for QSO's and your participations in our contest. It was nice spend
this weekend with you on the band. This was my longest SO activity, but
unfortunately with VY simple and low antenna. I spend lot of time S&P with lot
of noise, but props ware good on lowest bands and just few short runs. Thanks
to all famous OPs that receive my week signal at 160m (only few watts in
unadjusted antenna). Anyway it was fun and I am satisfied and happy. Like Davor
(9A1UN) said: "I love this game!".

Rig : TS-930SAT + YU1AW BFG135A home made preamplifier

Antennas : G5RV@15M like INV V

Best 73 and all the best to you and yours!

CU next year!

sale, 9A3XV
9A6ØA(@9A7A)   M/S HP   2,433,4562008-12-23 08:02:13
First, let me say that we had an unexcepted visitor this year, Suad DK6XZ. Suad,
it was great meeting up with you for the first time, and it was great to have
you on boad.

As accepted, conditions on upper bands where very poor.

20m was disappointing, where we only manage to have decent run just for 2 hours
at the begining of the contest.

On the other hand, top bands were excellent. It turned out, 40m to be the
"money" band, which is a good news, considering the scoring system which is
favorising top bands.

We had a great time working the contest this year, and just to point out, we
will send the QSL cards to anyone via the buro.

On behalf of 9A60A team
Sam, 9A3OS
9A5CW   SOAB LP   1,126,2442008-12-24 02:39:04
Contest : Croatian CW Contest
Callsign : 9A5CW
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : Low Power (LP)
Zone/State/... :
Locator :
Operating time : 22h38

160 52 0 29 220 4.23
80 337 6 40 1606 4.77
40 403 3 62 2458 6.10
20 303 0 51 1118 3.69
15 36 0 17 136 3.78
10 5 0 4 10 2.00
TOTAL 1136 9 203 5548 4.88
TOTAL SCORE : 1 126 244

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators :
Soapbox :

Powered by Win-Test 3.23.0

Tnx to all for nice QSO's in the contest,
wish you happy holidays and all the best in 2009. year!
G3TXF   SOAB HP   66,0752008-12-25 00:43:07
Two contests in one weekend : first OK-DX-RTTY, the 9A Croatia CW!
OM3RM(@OM8A)   SOAB HP   1,221,8902008-12-25 08:19:38
It’s a very nice contest and its popularity and participation is increasing
every year. Also big contest stations are taking part. In 2006 1138 QSOs and
698 000 meant the first place, in 2007 1353 QSOs and 812 000 points and in this
year for the first place 1600QSOs were needed.

I was happy to meet old friends from the whole world, mainly from 9A. The
contest itself was smooth, lower bands were working good where I was surprised
to hear a lot of stations from JA, which was really rare in the last years.
The higher bands were not working for us, I was amazed to hear Braco 9A7R to
make QSOs with the USA on 15m. But lower bands made up for the fall-out.
Unfortunately, I lost 2 el. Yagi on 80 m in the evening. This fault probably
took away the first place from me.

I would like to congratulate Valery RD3A for his nice result and the large
amount of multipliers.

I thank the organizers and I hope to hear you all next year again in this nice
contest which proves that CW is still alive!
73 Tibi OM3RM
9A7V   SOAB HP   1,410,8502008-12-26 03:42:45
Kenwood TS 690s + PA 1 kW
Inverted V + Beverage ( 160, 80 m )
Discoverer 7-2 ( 2 EL Yagi 40 m )
KT34XA ( 20, 15, 10 m )

Best moment = 20 JA qso 160 m