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Florida QSO Party   2015   Apr 25   Comment Summary

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K5OT/2   SOABCW HP   13,2502015-04-26 12:41:06
Always plenty of fun in FQP. My time was limited so tried a few sessions via
remote this year.

Larry K5OT
W1TEF(@W4DFG)   SOABMixed QRP   10,5602015-04-26 13:18:23
Tough slog with all the other 'tests going on - also proximity to FL was a
problem - still had fun even with the horrible score.
N9NBC   SOABSSB QRP   4,8512015-04-26 14:24:05
lots of qsb t storms. but got a few q's on and off
N1CC   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   163,0302015-04-26 14:45:31
Station: Elecraft K3/100 100W to Force 12 C3 @ 64' and 80/40 Fan Dipole E-W at

Conditions erratic, and very poor signals most of the time on any band. 15
barely open short path, 20 Marginal for this location but best band. Did
manage to work all 67 counties thanks to the great mobiles.

Almost as many contacts as last year, more multipliers but only about half the
score. I think activity from FL was down due to conditions.
W6SX   SOAB(A)CW HP   3,1322015-04-26 14:56:20
Always enjoy FQP--it's one of the good ones. My activity was sandwiched in
between SP RTTY and BARTG 75.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
KU7Y   SOAB(A)CW QRP   5942015-04-26 14:58:29
Just got in for a very short time trying to find all the K4 stations to spell
ORANGE. Found them but G and E were weak here on 20m and they never could hear
me. I was surprised by how much activity there was. Those FL stations really
did a great job! Thanks for the Qs and I'll be back next year with a much
better effort. Ron, KU7Y

KX3 @ 5w
3 ele yagi @ 50'
AA4FU   SOAB(A)CW LP   47,2002015-04-26 15:01:51
Worked three of the last four counties I need for Florida, just missed Union. I
think several mobiles activated it, but most were in the mornings and I couldn't
hear anyone north of Orlando before 1PM.

Alan - AA4FU
K1RO   SOABCW LP   57,6002015-04-26 15:04:41
Love those mobile ops! Wish I had planned to spend more time and worked the last
three counties.
K9CT   SOABCW LP   142,3082015-04-26 15:05:04
A huge thank you to the mobile operators that make this so much fun. 67 qsos
with K4OJ! My first ever sweep on the first day...second to last county was PAS
by NO5W and then CLR, Collier for the sweep by W4MR.

20m was the band from IL. 15m was very spotty, some stations were very strong
and then gone. 10m only the first day and then just a few stations. 40m was
good but short lived both evening and morning. Storms made it interesting with
rain static and then lightning crashes Saturday.
WT2P   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   10,4002015-04-26 15:05:23
Part time, here and there over the weekend. Always a fun time nonetheless.
WJ9B   SOABCW HP   43,4162015-04-26 15:05:25
It was fun chasing the mobiles around the bands....k4oj/m was m/m mobile. Cool.
73, wj9b
W7ZR   SOABCW HP   32,5002015-04-26 15:06:10
Lightning storm took out power for 1.5 hours Saturday. Very high noise level on
Sunday. First time in this one...lots of fun.
NS9I   SOABCW HP   56,6822015-04-26 15:08:42
Part-time effort due to family commitments ... My favorite QSO Party for sure!
Lot's of great op's - a special tnx to the mobiles for all the activity! Of
course a big tnx to the organizers too!
WD4AHZ   SOABCW LP   259,0802015-04-26 15:11:14
Made 3 SSB QSOs for fun.
WN4AFP   SOABMixed QRP   63,0722015-04-26 15:11:20
This was my 2nd FQP and what fun it was! I worked the FQP in QRP cat because my
son just got a new computer and we're having RFI problems. This was second QRP
QP (2015 VAQP). I had to be patient in the pile-ups and forget about
"running"...This one was 99% S&P. Yes, Florida has a ton of very
good mobile operators in this race...I worked AD4ES, K1RQ, K1XX, K2CIB, K4OJ,
KM3T, KN4Y, N4FP, N5NA, NO5W, W4AN, W4MR and N8KH...Thanks for all the counties
and contacts. Go Swamp Foxes... 73s Dave WN4AFP
DL6KVA   SOAB(A)CW HP   11,7302015-04-26 15:11:44
Was QRV only on sunday. Slow start on 15m, last 2-3 hours were fun.
WV4R   SOABSSB HP   113,3782015-04-26 15:12:19

Full 10 hours first day.
Storms in area allowed for only 4 hours second day.
W4EE   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   79,9682015-04-26 15:12:34
TS-590 es G5RV
N1MM+ logger
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
K3SEN   SOAB(A)CW LP   42,7842015-04-26 15:12:38
My 1st FQP. Don't know why but I was nervous! Of course the QSB on Saturday
didn't help. I am sure I have lots of mistakes! Thanks to all for putting up
with me. 73 Dale K3SEN
K8MR   SOABCW LP   71,8082015-04-26 15:13:29
Missed Hardee.

A low key though persistent weekend. First real contest playing with a newly
acquired K3, so got some time to figure out some of the finer points of the
radio. I don't yet have its audio integrated into the station switching, so I
stuck with CW only. Interruptions included line noise searching and watching
the Cavs playing the Celtics.

I think I have some extra psychic connection with W4AN and W4MR - I always got
though those pileups more quickly than I had any right to expect. In the later
case, maybe it's just professional courtesy for us MR folk.

One of these years I'm going to be on from the FL mobile end.

See you all in Dayton in three weeks!

73 - Jim K8MR
K3WW   SOABMixed HP   91,3532015-04-26 15:17:51
As usual got on to work a few and couldn't stop chasing the mobiles. Only real
SO2R was listening for guys to move to a needed county while tuning around a
bit on the second radio.
73 Chas K3WW
K4EU   SOABCW LP   44,1442015-04-26 15:18:15
Thanks for an excellent and well organized QSO Party.... Special thanks to all
the mobile stations, particularly W4AN, K4OJ, NO5W, KN4Y, AD4ES, N5NA, W5WMU,
W4MR, K1XX, N4CW, N4FP and K2CIB....all excellent CW ops. Great fun working
K4's O R A N G E -- K4J and W4D joined the party too!!!

73.....//Steve K4EU
K7SV   SOABMixed LP   88,4672015-04-26 15:18:29
Managed to squeeze 15 hours in for this one. 20 was unusually good to all of FL
most of the weekend. It appears that QRN down in FL kept numbers down on 40.
Chasing the mobiles is still great fun. Kudos to all the guys crisscrossing the
K1TN/4   SOABCW LP   103,5722015-04-26 15:18:34
Aerial: 50-foot end-fed wire 15 feet above ground between two buildings. MFJ
auto tuner, MFJ artificial ground box with two 16-foot radials on the floor.


280 first-day QSOs, 131 second-day QSOs.

DX was EU and a couple of HIs. Nothing anywhere else. More DX would have been

My first FLQP operating from in state.

Thanks to everyone who called!

Jim Cain
Bradenton, Florida
W4ARM   SOABCW LP   89,3922015-04-26 15:22:16
Conditions seemed better than last year, production definitely was better, and
more participation! Worked many guys on 3 bands. Thanks for all the contacts
and glad to be able to give out Dade County to so many ops.73's
N4HB   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   36,4722015-04-26 15:22:59
This was a fun QSO Party and good participation from the Florida hams! Great
job, particularly from all the stations that when out and activated the
counties! I was lucky to be able to work all of the Florida counties in the
time that I had.
NF4A   SOABMixed HP   205,4402015-04-26 15:26:22
Used the DXlog program from 9A5K since Win-Test does not support FQP (hint
hint). Band map and band/mode changes didn't work with my 7800 but I really
like the program if he can get that bug fixed. Also VO1/VE9/VE1 etc all list as my score is probably a little low due to extra mults I worked that
weren't counted....I'm sure that will be resolved when the score the logs since
the correct section showed up in Cabrillo. Couldn't go mobile this year...Thanks
to all the mobiles who make this THE premiere QSO party for the out of state
K2ZR/4   SOABCW LP   128,6402015-04-26 15:27:05
Rig: K2 @ 75W Ant: 40M Windom Log: N1MM Classic Condx: Fair/Good

Tnx for the Qs. Hope to CU all in 2016
Dick, K2ZR/4
Monroe County, Florida
W9RE   SOABCW LP   24,3962015-04-26 15:27:20
Nice activity from the mobiles as always.
Mobile window great and almost all observed.

Only negative is some stations not id'ing for 10 or more Q's.

Even though wx was cool, rainy and windy so as good weekend to be inside I
could not devote a competitive effort.

Thanks for all the activity and hope to see many of you at Dayton.
W7KAM   SOABSSB LP   5,0402015-04-26 15:29:35
My best effort to date with the score surpassing all my past years in both
contacts and mults. Worked two all time new counties. 100 watts into a full
size G5RV up 20 foot.
KS4YX   SOABCW LP   8,8442015-04-26 15:33:35
I had a tough time working new stations. Thank goodness for mobiles.
NI7R   SOABMixed LP   4,4002015-04-26 15:42:11
Terrible propagation between AZ and FL with my small portable antennas. I hope
conditions will be better next weekend for the 7QP. FL signals were strongest
here on 10 meters, but activity was scarce on that band. Special thanks to K4OJ
for 12 QSOs and 12 counties on 10 meters.
KSØMO(KØVXU)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   48,1122015-04-26 15:43:26
All S&P. Just looking for mults. Had 66 counties on CW missing only
Hernando (I think) and 31 counties on SSB. Altogether worked all 67 counties.

Fun QSO Party. Thanks to all the mobiles for recognizing me in the pileups.
Great ops one and all.

Russ - K0VXU
Kansas City Contest Club KS0MO
W4UT   SOAB(A)Mixed QRP   59,1602015-04-26 15:46:29
Rig is a KX3 @ 5 W
Ant TA33 Yagi & Vertical for 40 M.
WA6KHK   SOAB(A)SSB LP   17,7842015-04-26 15:57:59
Clean sweep on 10, 15, and 20 meters SSB with the six 1x1 stations! Hats off to
K4FCG/M, the only mobile that was always on SSB!!! The bands were open on
Saturday but Sunday morning was a little rough. I had a software crash on
Sunday morning too...I guess I will find out how bad it was after this soapbox
entry! hihi. Lots of fun guys!
KG4IGC   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   5,7602015-04-26 15:58:03
20 meters was wide open to Florida on Saturday From about 3 hours and then
started with heavy QSB. 40 opened up a bit in the latter part of Saturday.
Sunday was a bust, was able to work a couple on 40 with 5x9 signals from Palm
Beach are but nothing else. Was able to hear a few of the mobiles in the CW
portion of twenty meters, but was unable to work them. Stations from everywhere
but Florida seemed to be booming, heard pileups everywhere, but just couldn't
pull out the mobile stations. 10 and 15 meters were useless, the bands were
open to EU for the duration of the QSO party.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
PWR: 100
ANT: Vertical loop @ 40', 6 band home brew hex beam @20'
VE9AA   SOABCW LP   2242015-04-26 16:01:50
Sweep of the Special Florida ORANGE 1x1's in the first 26 minutes.
All CW. 100w, no telnet.

Would've been 16 minutes but spent 10 minutes in K4O
pileup, hi !

This operation took place FD style. Temp fiberglass mast
and modified ZS6BKW @ 31' inverted VEE style on my front lawn.

I sat in my MINI COOPER with a FT857D and pencil and paper in just above
freezing temps. It was snowing lightly all morning. I knew I couldn't play in
my favorite QSO party for long due to prior commitments, so wanted to just try
a quick sweep of the Special Florida ORANGE 1x1's for possible wood (like in
2013) and I got caught up in the moment and worked K4J and K4OJ along the way,


! 73 de Mike VE9AA
AD8J   SOABMixed LP   33,4082015-04-26 16:06:43
My QTH in NC seemed to be the wrong distance from FL. On 20 I could only hear
parts of FL and sometimes on 40 I couldn't hear any FL. Then to make mattes
worse, when I went to the remote site to cut grass, I discovered that the mast
had slipped in the rotor and was 45 degrees off. Probably didn't make a whole
lot of difference since the propagation wasn't there there.
N4TB   SOABCW LP   401,7602015-04-26 16:07:48
Great fun, tnx for all the Q's

73 Terry N4TB
K6LA   SOABMixed HP   115,8052015-04-26 16:10:18
1. A couple of fixed Florida stations signing /4 operated consistently in the
mobile window.
2. A number of mobile stations evidently didn't submit their itinerary and
weren't picked up in K0RC's spreadsheet, which is too bad, because that
spreadsheet is a VERY useful tool.
3. Most mobile QSO's - K4OJ - 77, K1XX - 32, AD4ES - 27, W5WMU - 26
I started saving K4OJ's frequencies because when they moved counties I could
get THREE quick QSOs. K4OJ was consistently very loud on 10, loud on 15, and a
whisper on 20. Too bad more mobile stations didn't hit 10 much.
4. The president counties were my last ones, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison and
Jackson with Jackson being the sweep county.
5. Broke 600 QSOs for the first time.

73, Ken, K6LA
K4RUM   SOABCW LP   274,2322015-04-26 16:12:21
Amp crapped out right before the contest, so 100 w to flagpole vert. Lots of
fun. Operated at N4UM in Vero Beach. Very glad to work lots of CWops members.
KS4X   SOABMixed QRP   49,0442015-04-26 16:20:29
thanks to all for copying My weak signal. I ran 1 watt from FT-817 on battery .
Antenna is A3S and dipole.
K5YAA   SOABMixed HP   126,7762015-04-26 16:22:01
Great mobile action as expected in the FQP. Got a CW Sweep at 23:45Z Saturday
evening. I have no idea if that is pretty swift or not. ESC was the last one
and I tried to get W5WMU when Pat started off in ESC first thing Saturday
morning but he wasn't hearing me. The sweep would likely have been much

Lot's of mobiles out there. K4OJ and that multi-wagon was fun to work. Their
signal on 15 stayed strong the entire weekend so when I heard K4OJ in a new one
on 20 I would work 'em then immediately switch to 15 knowing they were pounding
away there. It worked so well I put their 15 meter freq. in memory.

I have clamp difficulty with my rotor on the 20/40 meter beam so whichever
direction the wind wanted to point it is what I had to live with. Fortunately
part of the time it was actually pointing at FL. Much of the time though it was
West or Northwest or even Southwest. Regardless the mobiles had good ears and I
rarely missed one due to the windmill rotator. I could sure tell when it was
looking at Florida however as mobiles built to over S9 most of the time.

Thanks to the fixed stations who diligently worked all the bands. WD5F, WD4AHZ
and W4ARM worked on all four bands. K2ZR/4, WB4AAA and many others were
present. I'm pretty sure I spelled ORANGE maybe even twice plus LEMON and
GRAPEFRUIT too I think. K4FCG/M showed up now and then also for a treat.

Mobile Q Counts are as follows:
AD4ES - 44
K1XX - 48
K2CIB - 13
K4FCG - 5
K4OJ - 97
KN4Y - 29
N4CW - 12
N4FP - 37
N5NA - 38
NO5W - 42
W4AN - 36
W4MR - 46
W5WMU - 33
Thanks to each mobile team for a fun weekend of radio.

UA6LCN, DK3BN, SP9LJD, UA2FZ, DL2OE, UA3AGW, I1EIS, I4VEQ and a host of other
DX stations broke the pileups often with big signals from Europe.

Nice to work NF4A from Bay. He even picked up a microphone and ventured to each
band in search of someone who could hear him. I felt sort of bad for N4 Papa
November. He called and called on 20 meters hoping a Florida station would hear
him. Now and then he got lucky. And that K9PG fellow thought he could bust a
pile with a wire and a 100 watts. He did sneak through now and then and I'm
sure his head swelled when he broke the pileup, a couple of times. I will deal
with those guys at Dayton.

Thanks to the organizers of the FQP, possibly the premier QSO Party on the
circuit. K4N even took time to chat a little on 20 SSB and urged me to go kick
some butt. The guy behind that mic is an operating animal. Grows oranges for a
living I'm told.

73 es I hope to work many of you from Montana in this year's 7QP. I will be
joined by Matt K7BG a Montana native and CW hound.
Jerry K5YAA

Rig: K3, Alpha 9500, 6el 20 3el 40 (both waving willy nilly in the wind) 6el 15
and 8el 10.
K7DR   SOABMixed LP   2,3562015-04-26 16:27:44
Condx vy up & down

Dave - K7DR
KEØG   SOABCW QRP   11,5202015-04-26 16:33:44
K3/10 at 5 watts to a 74' dipole up 50' or an inverted ell fed at the corner up
57'. Thanks for the fun ! Had better luck on 15M than 20M this time. 73,
Dan, ke0g
KIØI   SOABMixed LP   145,6562015-04-26 16:39:07
Great job by you guys out there on the road! Some amazing Operators for sure.
Almost got a sweep of the counties, missed one, Lafayette.
A great way to spend some rainy cold WX days. While it was 90's in FL it was
woodstove WX here in MO with 40's and rain. Perfect radio WX!
Thanks to all the FL fixed stations and the Mobiles from various locations who

make for an exciting contest. 73 Mark KI0I
KM4HI   SOABSSB LP   112,1442015-04-26 16:49:35
Overall conditions ranged from good to poor on 15m & 20m and poor on 10m.
Had some decent runs on 20m on Saturday but very tough grind on Sunday all
bands. The bands seemed open at times but sparse participation kept the score
lower than it could have been. Missed the JA's on Saturday evening to attend a

birthday dinner. Never heard N. Dakota, Maine and Hawaii. Good showing from EU.
Thanks to everyone for all the Q's.
73 de Jim KM4HI
K3SV   SOABCW LP   10,3602015-04-26 17:01:29
One hour of FQP from home. Op'd at K4R on Saturday. Great group and good
conditions. 73 Bill K3SV
NWØM   SOABMixed LP   84,5502015-04-26 17:07:23
Thanks to the many fine mobile ops. Another fun FL QP.
N9VPV   SOAB(A)SSB LP   4082015-04-26 17:11:32
TS-430s @ 100w, Alpha-Delta DX-CC @ 20ft., Antron A99 Vertical @ 25ft.
WX4G   SOABMixed HP   412,4122015-04-26 17:20:56
My first Florida QSO Party...and enjoyed. Conditions seemed ok...but 10 meters
and 40 never seemed very good...especially to Europe. 15 and 20 were
definitely the bands...but never could get much going on CW...while SSB was
really hot and always could run over a 100 an hour there.

Rough getting started as I took the red eye back from Visalia on Thursday,
getting 0 slept in on Saturday and missed first hour. Had a great
time at Visalia...wearing my Orange FCG shirt at table #3 at the banquet...with
all the K1N guys!! John W2GD told me he was the 6 meter op we worked!! Major
highlight was talking with Don, W9WNV about old times..he gave a nice
presentation and got a standing ovation.

Thanks to all who called...already getting a lot of e-qsl requests...which I
will try to answer next week.

Bob WX4G
N4GG   SOAB(A)CW HP   8,8882015-04-26 17:39:07
Always fun and a little frustrating. ATL is just the right (wrong) distance
from FL. Too far for ground wave and too close for skip. It was nice to hear
good activity on 15 and 10 was open but not too many FL stations ventured up
there, or so it seemed. Great to QSO some old friends... Skip from here
usually means Dade county (Miami) and south, although there were some strong
signals from Central FL. TNX for the Qs.
FTdx5000, FT1000MP, 2 X ACOM 2000A, wires in the woods.
K4QPL   SOABCW LP   52,0802015-04-26 17:48:33
Great participation and operators. Lots of mobiles to chase around the Sunshine
State although a lot of them came in from elsewhere for the contest. We were
lucky 20M held up so well as we didn't have a lot of band options and that
reduced the QSO count. Skip was too long on 15 for NC. QRN seemed to be a
problem on 40 for some of the FL stations. Plenty of mult opportunities and
came reasonably close to a "sweep" CW only without a full time BIC
effort. Had to QRT 2 hours early on Sunday for another commitment and probably
missed a couple more mults. Carried the laptop around to try and grab new
counties "remote" while multi-tasking in the house so have no idea
how many actual hours I operated but radio was on for 18. Packet causes some
latency and dropouts with remote so chased mults the old fashioned way--a boy
and his radio...and his laptop!

Thanks to FCG for another good one in the books.
WI9WI   SOABMixed HP   88,1782015-04-26 18:20:03
Most time I've spent in this one. Fun chasing the mobiles. Got my sweep at 0009Z
on day one, but had to wait until I got W4MR in CLR early Sunday morning for the
CW sweep. Had at least 2 QSOs with every county.

Band conditions from northern WI were pretty good. Forty was good late
Saturday, but quit very early Sunday morning. Twenty was open the whole time,
but was up and down. At times stations would just disappear. Fifteen was open
the whole time with big signals, but activity seemed concentrated on twenty.
Ten opened barely late Sunday morning. Other trips there were totally

Kudos to all the great mobile operators. Top honors went to the K4OJ
multi-multi wagon with 78 QSOs. They were followed by W4MR with 42, AD4ES 42,
W5WMU 31, NO5W 30, K5NA 29, W4AN 26, N4FP 25, K1XX 25, KN4Y 23, and N4CW 8. I
only had a few SSB QSOs with the mobiles. I had a hard time finding them, and
when I did signals were very weak with only a couple of exceptions.

A couple of observations. First many (not all) of the mobile stations went way
too many QSOs without identifying. I'm not talking about 4 or 5 or 6, but in
some cases over 10. I actually counted one who went 14 QSOs without ID. I don't
care who you are, this is very poor operating practice. Second, almost all of
the fixed stations stayed out of the mobile window. However, there were several
who plopped down right smack in the middle of the mobile window for hours. I'm
not talking a half of a kHz from the edge. One did an excellent job of totally
obliterating a couple of weak mobiles on 15. I'm aware that not everyone reads
the complete rules before every contest, I know I don't, and I doubt many do.
So it may be they are just uninformed. Perhaps a gentle message from the
contest committee could remind them not to do this in the future.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs.

W4NZ   SOABCW HP   20,8442015-04-26 18:24:49
Thanks to all the mobiles for an outstanding job. They kept me in the chair much
longer than I intended. FL is a tough path from Chattanooga on the high bands.
We had pretty good short skip on Saturday but not so much on Sunday. Counties
missed were most of the northern tier.

Worked the spelling bee in less than 50 Q's. Thanks! It was fun.
Hope to see many of you at Dayton to hear about all the adventures, like K1XX
saying, "QRX, we missed the exit!" :))

73, Ted W4NZ
KF5WFL   SOABSSB LP   3,0742015-04-26 18:57:50
K7ULS   SOABMixed LP   1472015-04-26 19:06:50
8000' Powder Mtn.
DX-EE @ 15'
N4PN   SOABMixed HP   34,4892015-04-26 19:22:58
Missed some time on Saturday night and most of Sunday morning with church.
Being only a few hundred miles from Florida made it an adventure on 20m..
Could only hear Dade/Miami direct - everything else was truly an adventure.
Certain stations, especially mobiles, was only able to copy with the beam
NE and others I could only copy with the beam due East or NW....not much
activity on 40m...few mobiles and a few more fixed stations....mobiles going
wide open on the road and on 20m and no time for 40m...I think I've had about
as much of this pleasure as I can stand...
Worked W4AN (John, K4BAI and Jeff, KU8E) in Jackson County at 2159 and 52
seconds for the last contact and a new one....
New England QSO Party next week....will be a lot more sane from here..
73, pn
W3DYA   SOABCW LP   7562015-04-26 19:36:54
Just wanted to give mobiles some contacts
K9PG   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   221,9602015-04-26 22:45:13
The mobiles.... wow, what can you say!!??!! I kind of had illusions of getting
a sweep on both modes... so I spent a lot more time looking for the SSB
mobiles...but still missed DIX FLG GIL HAM LAF OKE STJ TAY VOL WAK

336 of 510 Qs were with mobiles!

K4FCG 24 Qs
W4MR 34 Qs
K1XX 48 Qs
K4OJ 42 Qs
W5WMU 25 Qs
NO5W 31 Qs
W4AN 31 Qs
AD4ES 24 Qs
N5NA 26 Qs
N4FP 20 Qs
N4CW 11 Qs
K2CIB 10 Qs
N8KH 3 Qs
K1RQ 7 Qs

150w & a dipole

I wonder if having a separate low power category is possible?

Everyone is invited to my annual Hooters party the Thurs night of Dayton... May
14... well, everyone except the intentional QRMer KA4KSB...what a piece of work
that fella is.

DIPOLIO has spoken
SM7CIL   SOABCW LP   22,4642015-04-27 00:37:52
Rig: Elecraft K3, 3 el yagi
N4FP   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   500,5362015-04-27 02:02:53
My xyl, Marty, WB2VYK, and I had a blast. 600 miles, 24 counties, 18 hours.
Worked 48 states, missing only Alaska and Maine. Trusty old Kenwood TS-440SAT
we purchased new 28 years ago worked flawlessly. 100 watts to horizontally
mounted Hustler antennas atop 3 ft mag mounted mast on Kia Rondo. Totally
manual operation, keyed paddle with right hand, logged N1MM+ with left.
Station was set up in back seat on plywood bench and I operated from back right
seat. Used inverter to power notebook, monitor, and keyer. Took 2 hours off
Saturday afternoon to watch the Air Force Thunderbirds perform at Lakeland Sun
'n Fun. Great show. We decided to stay away from the interstates this year and
Marty did a great job driving. Totally fun weekend.
K6CSL   SOABCW LP   2702015-04-27 02:19:55
Casual operation between hunting some DX and family needs. Hope to have more
time next year.
N1EN   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   28,9282015-04-27 03:49:34
Finally able to get in some contest time this weekend, albeit intermittently,
after too long a drought. Needed to get back in the swing of things ahead of
NEQP next weekend, and a possible /4 operation for the ALQP.
W1END   SOABCW LP   53,3282015-04-27 04:28:27
Amazing scores by K5YAA and WI9WI; how do they do it. I guess they stick to
the chair.
Thought I had Hendry county for a sweep but when I checked the N1MM tally
window I found it
unchecked. And all the mobiles had left the area. Rats! So I ended up with
65 out of 66.
The grand exodus of the five-area mobiles sure gave a lot of activity in the
Pan Handle during
the last couple of hours. I counted on KN4Y at the start for many of those
Missed operating on 40 due to dinner with friends Saturday evening.
Many thanks to all of the mobiles who were everywhere.
FTdx5000 and Butternut vertical.
See you all in the New England QSO Party next weekend.

73 - Eldon - W1END
K4LRA   M/MMixed LP   607,0202015-04-27 04:37:02
We used our Field Day location and setup with AC power, an A4@ 38' and a Crank
IR for 40m. Used a triplexer on the tribander and it worked perfectly, no
interference. Didn't even know the other stations were there.

Leaves use with a lot of possibilities for Field Day.
K4FCG(K1KNQ)   SO MobileSSB LP   146,4322015-04-27 04:56:58
Rig: Kenwood TS480HX (150 watts)
Antennas: High Sierra sticks 10, 15, 20, 40 (roof mounted)
Auto: Venerable Blue PT Cruiser
Logging software: N3FJP, NO5W (County Lines)
I was able to get to 30 counties of the 32 planned.
Kudos to all the stations who followed me from county to county.
Some excitement Saturday evening as a huge thunderstorm passed through the
Had to stop a couple of times due to the heavy rain and wind.
My best effort ever.
73, "OJ"
Jack, K1KNQ
VE3UTT   SOAB(A)CW HP   15,6002015-04-27 05:39:11
K3 / 43'Vertical

Great being back at least for a little while. Haven't been able to work one of
my favourite contests since 2011. Main antenna was not functional so had to use
my vertical. Great operators and amazing rovers!
AB1J   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   87,1882015-04-27 05:41:40
A day without ORANGE J is like a day without sunshine.

I haven't operated in the FLQP since sometime in Cycle 23 and I never submitted
a log back then as I was just accumulating FL counties for USA-CA. So far,
including this operation, I still have a three to work. I submitted this log.

I have friends who are state QP enthusiasts, so I've gotten more interested and
came back to try the FLQP, which was a lot of fun. I was busy almost all
Saturday (only 20 minutes operating time), so most of my score came on Sunday.
There were quite the pileups for rare counties toward the end of the contest. I
had to fight tooth and nail for them.

An incentive for me this year is the N3FJP WASC year long competition, inspired
by the 2014 ARRL Centennial. US counties and DXCC entities count for this event,
so it makes sense for me to enter more state QPs this year.

Thanks to everyone for the Qs. I really appreciate the mobiles.

Ken, AB1J

FT-2000 N1MM WinH8
20-15-10m attic dipoles and outdoor 40m stealth antenna
N4CW   SO MobileCW LP   143,6402015-04-27 05:54:59
Even with several "glitches" in the operation, the Party was a
success. Saturday, the XYL and I HAD to drive to St. Petersburg (from St.
Augustine) for a family memorial service and celebratory dinner -- this is a
4-hour drive, one-way! Plus, we had to board the dog overnight. Thus, I got to
operate in only a few counties.
I found that "pulling over" was almost impossible in the Orlando just don't casually do that! So we got home just before midnight...

Sunday morning started with a minor disaster: I use 45-AH AGM batteries for
mobile operation (because the car battery isn't wired for mobile
operation...yet!). I had used one battery on Saturday, so I wanted to swap over
to the other "freshly charged" battery. In limited light in our garage
at 7 in the morning, I inadvertently connected the battery incorrectly and blew
the 25A fuse to the TS-480! No spare fuse!!! My neighbor had one rated at 20A,
so I used that worked well enough so I could make a few
contacts before we had to go pick up the dog at 9 AM (the kennel
"dictates" pickup you well know). So I was able to start
my day's excursion around 9:30...a tad late. I wanted to put a few more STJ Q's
in the log, so after I picked up a coffee and bagel, I parked and worked a few
on 20 and then QSY'd to 15. The 480 antenna tuner wouldn't tune...something
wrong I had to operate without it by making sure the antenna was
resonant/with low SWR. Couldn't do it, and lost time trying, so I committed to
operating on 20 for the remainder of the day. Fortunately, all my
"glitches" were behind me.
All in all, Sunday was a lot of fun. My compliments to all the ops that
responded to my giving partial calls by standing by if what I copied didn't
apply to them...well done! Pileups were a real "rush"...over and
To net it out, it's amazing that I worked all those stations in 5 hours and 44
minutes (total, per N1MM) with two days' driving...
Again, MANY thanks for the Q's and good times. 73, Bert N4CW
KE1F   SOABCW HP   110,1602015-04-27 05:56:42
Another great FQP.
My old (yr 2000)AV-640 stopped working on 40 meters so I used my 160 meter
"L" on 40 meters.

Thank you all of you "out of state" stations who made it possible. 73
Lou KE1F
N4LF   SOAB(A)CW LP   19,1162015-04-27 06:02:25
Snuck in a few hours. In contrast to all the other contests I enter where
S&P is my primary (exclusive?) operating method, FQP allows me to run Q's
despite my modest signal. Its great. Good exercise for the fingers and so
much fun.

As others have mentioned: lots of dupes. Maybe that is easier for out of
staters. I don't think working the dupes cost me any points.
K3TN   SOABCW HP   6,1922015-04-27 06:04:22
K3/KPA-500 to 135' OCF dipole at 45'

My available operating time didn't line up very well with FQP this year, so
just a few trips down to the shack to give out the MD mult. Activity seemed
high, but FL is such a big state the mobiles seemed to stay in one county much
longer than in other state QPs.
VE3KZ   SOABCW QRP   148,7402015-04-27 06:23:50
Something different this time, trying the 3X multiplier. It was like operating
an indoor Field Day, QRP, not CAT and hand-sent CW. My apologies to all when my
fist took off by itself on the odd occasion! Used a sloping dipole for 40 and 15
and the venerable HG-204BA at 50' on the main band. The receiver had the
"benefit" of hearing spill-over from several kHz away. Back to the
main station next time!
As usual the mobiles were excellent. Great show!

73 Bob VE3KZ
N3JT/4   SOABCW HP   24,2822015-04-27 06:24:03
For the first bunch of contacts I wrongly assumed my FL multiplier was PBC.
Then somebody told me it was PAS, but a few QSOs later he broke in to advise me
it is PAL. I went to the contest rules and did not see even a link to the
county abbreviations but I did Google it and then confirmed that PAL was
correct! Oops.

So for some reason I couldn't remember what SOAB means. I Googled it and it
means "son of a bitch." So that's my class!!
NP2X(K9VV)   SOABMixed HP   70,0922015-04-27 06:25:04
Lots of fun, however sometimes hard to hear mobiles come back to you as the
Stateside guys are beaming FL, which generally puts me in their main lobe.
N5DO   SOABMixed LP   204,6262015-04-27 06:55:16
Mobile ops did a great job again. It took me until the very end to get my last
two counties on CW -- Holmes and Okaloosa in the Panhandle. At some point on
Sunday I discovered that both NO5W and N5NA were heading toward the northwest
to get a head start on making the long trip home, and would both end up going
through the counties I needed. Thanks!

Conditions were strange in that I could hear relatively close in stations in
Texas and Oklahoma very well. And they were loud! K5YAA, N5ZK (W5ASP), and
N1CC were all loud here -- I finally realized it was easier (and quicker) to
let them get their QSO first, before I threw my call into the pileup.
VA3DF   SOABMixed LP   210,3662015-04-27 07:03:33
Great to work one of my favourite contests after an absence of 2 years. Gotta
love those mobile operators!

As usual, it's a jungle out there...


N4DXI   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   35,3222015-04-27 07:46:56
How to measure success......this year's score was 4 X last years! I guess that
is an improvement!! In spite of some drizzle, no Florida thunderstorms, so I
had more time on the air using my Orion II, Centurion, A3S up 45 feet and N3FJP
logger. Also, this year finally broke from just S & P and did some CQing
with big improved results. Actually found it easier to copy and log CW than I
did SSB, just a few Function Keys programmed...all I had to do was type in the
call, N3FJP did the rest. 73....John Bescher, N4DXI
KV4TH   SOABSSB LP   162015-04-27 08:32:33
Limited time, wasn't hearing FL Stations
VE9ML   M/SMixed LP   153,4402015-04-27 08:42:37
Thanks to all of the Mobiles/Rovers who did a fantastic job on handing out

Had a great time.

N2CQ   SOAB(A)CW LP   67,5362015-04-27 09:17:21
All counties worked this time!
W9QL   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   66,9122015-04-27 09:34:34
My first FQP operating mixed mode. Surprised myself that I made more CW Q's then
phone. The mobiles always make this contest fun, adding many multipliers to the
log. I worked K4FCG/m a record 22 times! He always pulled me out of the
pile-ups. Thanks to Pat, W5WMU, for traveling over to participate and always
hearing my raw CW skills. Had a sweep with the special event calls on both
phone and CW, but probably was not the first to work them all. Has a dinner
commitment that ran long on Saturday, so missed some valuable time on 40. See
you next time.

FTDX5000MP with a G5RV at 35 ft.
NA8V   SOABCW LP   127,8362015-04-27 10:46:43
This QP is addicting. Thought I'd make a few Q's and then go do something else,
but i got hooked. At the end of the day Saturday, i had 66 counties, missing
Holmes which i think was on at the beginning. Of course i had to have them
all, so to accurately track the mobiles, i re-started early and followed them
all. Finally, KN4Y made it to HOL and into my log at 1713z. Of course, i
thought i'd make a few more contacts.........

As many have commented, 20 was great the whole period into FL. 15 was spotty,
mostly the lower 3rd of the state but once in a while i could work someone up
north - usually on scatter. 10 like 15 was too long for me, caught K4OJ for a
couple Q's late on Sunday. On both 10 and 15 there were often west coast
stations working people i couldn't even tell were there. It was amazing to
hear all the really loud DX stations calling in on 15 - usually much louder
than the FL stations - while beaming south. 40 was a bit noisy and signals
weren't very strong.

I also think that a couple of the mobiles were stretching the ID'ing a bit
thin. I had my TR4w bandmap turned on, so i usually knew who was who but there
was some frequency shifting and frequency sharing so it was comforting to
actually hear a call sign.

great time, thanks for all the contacts!

K2PS   SOABMixed LP   140,3842015-04-27 11:19:02
My first FQP and had a blast! I've participated in other QSO Parties over the
years, including the abysmal NJ version when my QTH was there in The Garden
State. But the FQP is so well-organized and promoted, that I could actually CQ
my way through it, with my puny signal, and get loads of callers throughout.

Working other FL stations was tough on all bands but 40, and so I only picked
up 33 of the counties. But I worked all states except VT, ND, UT, and HI, and
also missed my old stomping grounds in DC.

Looking forward to next year!

73, Pete, K2PS/SUM
HI3TT   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   47,9702015-04-27 12:37:02
Esto ha sido súper divertido, me da gusto la cantidad de QSO con las estaciones

Felicito a todos han vuelto a hacer un evento ejemplo y nos han dado un momento
súper divertido, por favor no dejen de pasármele el agradecimiento de mi parte
a todos y en especial a las estaciones que operaron en movilidad de CTY que nos
llenaban de emoción y que gracias por escuchar a HI con tanto cariño !

Elecraft K3 100watts solo se uso el amplificador con 500watts como con 5
estaciones que me salieron muy bajitas y no quería perder el CTY. pues la meta
era hacerlos todos en CW y gracias a Dios lo he logrado.
Antena TH6DX

73 See you next year.
NA4K   SOABMixed LP   45,2162015-04-27 13:24:42
Saturday only operation.

Steve NA4K

WA5RML   SOABCW LP   6,6002015-04-27 13:55:36
KX3/kXPA100 @100 wts to Cushcraft MA5V vertical.

Casual and lots of fun!

Andy - WA5RML
W7YAQ   SOABMixed LP   122,7282015-04-27 14:10:38
Sure is tough to work the mobiles on 20 from the Pacific Northwest low power.
Wish more mobiles had spent time on 15 and 10, but understand that the overall
rates for them dictate 20 as the money band. Many thanks to all the mobiles,
especially K4OJ who was a beacon on 15 and 10 -- 63 QSOs in 34 counties!! I
had just about given on up a CW sweep when snagged N4WO in HER in the last
hour. Then also found N4FP in HER with 3 minutes left. Congrats to the FCG
and especially all those rovers for another enjoyable FQP contest.

Looking forward to making more QSOs with FL folks next Saturday in the 7QP

NN4K   SOAB(A)CW LP   15,9602015-04-27 14:44:25
Thanks for a nice QSO Party. My plan was to chase the mobile units and collect
as many counties as possible. Saturday morning was good for that on 20 meters
and by 1800Z the skip was too long and I never worked another mobile unit.
Sunday propagation was the same as Saturday afternoon/evening and late in the
afternoon Sunday I found N4FP going strong. The others were skipping over GA. I
got all the letters for ORANGE except for R. Hope to do better next year.
73 Mac NN4K
VE3LVW   SOABMixed LP   24,8162015-04-27 15:30:01
qsopoints multipliers PowerMultiplier
188 X 6 X 2 = 24816
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   172,3392015-04-27 16:03:37
Once again, the stellar fleet of mobiles put on a great show!

K1XX 69
K4OJ 67
AD4ES 56
W4MR 43
NO5W 42
W4AN 38
N5NA 38
W5WMU 36
N4FP 32
K4FCG 29 (all ssb)
KN4Y 26
N4CW 13
K2CIB 11
K1RQ 8
N8KH 3
KM3T 3

I'd only expected to be around for the first day and a few hours of the second
day but, as often happens, I got sucked in by needing to work the fleet in
"just one more." And once I was still at it at noon on Sunday I
figured there's no point in stopping.

Mixed sweep was achieved sometime around 8 hours in (wasn't paying attention)
and CW sweep went in the books in the last hour of the first day. The phone
sweep remains elusive. (Need more SSB mobiles!) Got the O-R-A-N-G-E sweep in
the first 35 minutes.

20 was good all day. 40 was ok, but noisy, for the couple hours or so of its
usefulness. 15 was spotty....if you were in DAD or MON I could probably hear
you fine. Most QSOs there (and on 10) were on scatter. When 800 QSOs looked
within reach there was a whole lot of "CQ Florida" unleashed on 20m

See y'all next year....thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
W4AN/M(@KU8E/M)   M/SCW LP   736,2862015-04-27 19:37:14
IC756Pro2, 100W, Hustler whips. Top hat on 40M. New set up in new car. Jeff
fashioned a pole attached to the luggage rack on top of his wife;s SUV with an
antenna base on each end of the pole. Everything seemed OK at the start, but
RFI problems almost immediately developed that cost us rig control and computer
keying. So, we logged in N1MM and send almost all CW with a Bencher paddle
using the internal keyer in the rig. Apologies for any sending errors. Jeff
operated only while we were stopped and I operated otherwise. Jeff had promised
his wife that no one else would drive her car. Jeff's two teenage sons went
along for the trip and helped with navigation and logistics. We missed a few
counties on our announced route, but got to 30 counties and ran 2 of the three
bands in almost every county. We had 15 and 20 up during the day and 20 and 40
at night.

Our actual claimed score is probably a bit higher than what is shown. The
summary above shows what the computer showed at the end of the contest.
However, I neglected to change the band for about 20 or 25 QSOs, many of which
showed in the program as "dupes." It is very diffficult to change
bands of QSOs in N1MM and I haven't make the corrections yet.

We started in Hamilton Co, FL at the FL Welcome Center on I75 with a good
steady rain. In Suwannee County, our cell phones warned us of a tornado
warning for the area. We were stopped off the road at an out-of-business gas
station location. Fortnately, all we had was a lot of rain with no wind and no
tornado. But there were some trees down that we saw on our return trip Sunday.
After a few counties, we ran out of the rain and it was geneally dry with
patches of light rain for the rest of the weekend. Sometimes, it was very
clear and sunny on Sunday.

The mobile M/M team headed by NX4N and including K0LUZ, N4BP, and N4KM had
invited us to the home of Chris, NX4N and his XYL. Thanks to them for
wonderful hospitality, good food, and a very interesting look at the fabulous
M/M mobile installation.

Conditions didn't seem bad on Saturday, but activity was a little
disappointing. Sunday was much better both in activity and conditions after a
slow start for the first county or two. This was our best year on 15M. We had
good conditions to Europe on 15 and 20 and also on 40 after dark. Thanks to
many who followed us around and gave us a lot of QSOs, many of these being in
Europe. Also, NP2X, KP3A, FG8NY, and FG1PP in the Caribbean. And KH6LC,
KL7SB, LU1FAM and PP5AX for rare mults. FG8NY gave us many, many QSOs.

We worked only one other FL mobile, N5NA, on 40M Sunday morning when 40M was so
slow that we did a bit of S&P. We worked only two of the 1x1 calls needed
for the Orange certificate. But, we were called by a lot of FL fixed stations,
particularly on 40, but also on 20 from nearby counties.

Thanks to the sponsors and all the participants. We had a great time and hope
to be back again in the future.

73, John, K4BAI and Jeff, KU8E for W4AN/M the South East Contest Club club
call. Send any QSL requests to K4BAI. Direct or bureau OK. If you are
outside of the US and want a bureau QSL, just send me the QSO details in an
e-mail and I'll send a bureau QSL card without the need of you to QSL us at
K4JC   SOABSSB LP   48,1802015-04-27 19:41:36
This year I had the opportunity to operate from Indian River County at the GAP
Antenna factory in Fellsmere. I had planned to operate SOABSSB LP at least 7
hours on Saturday (after work) and all 10 hours Sunday. What I didn’t plan on
was high QRN, lousy band conditions and very sparse contacts! Looooong stretches
of calling CQ with no answer (at one point 35 minutes of CQing between
contacts!) Saturday ended with 193 contacts logged, but by noon Sunday I had
only added 35 more. I almost threw in the towel mid-afternoon Sunday when a
brief pileup on 15m made me decide to stick it out until the end. After the
dust settled I had logged 14 hours with only 365 contacts and 66 mults for a
score of 48,180.

I think I may stay home to play in the FQP next year.

73, Vince K4JC
WT4O(K9OM)   SOABMixed LP   147,2402015-04-27 21:56:47
The FQP is a really fun contest, whether operating in-state or out-of-state!

Had most of my antennas down as I head to my Wisconsin QTH in a couple of days.
Also, had family commitments on Sunday, so it was only a part-time Saturday
effort, but those few hours sure were enjoyable.

Dick- K9OM
AX8AA(VK2CZ)   SOABSSB HP   422015-04-27 22:05:47
Finally got to use this special event callsign after 9 years dormant.
K4N(@K1TO)   M/MMixed HP   3,7062015-04-27 22:29:29
Thanks to everyone who made the time to get on the air for the FQP this year!
Also, mega-thanks to all of the fine folks with whom I work to get this FQP
organized each year.

Thanks also to long-time friend Bob, K1XA who was in the right place at the
right time.

Set-up was simple, with one station always on SSB and the other always on CW.
The logs were not networked, we had no voice keyer, and my CW keyer had gone
intermittent, so all CW was sent by the PC. I did the past two K4O operations
solo, so this was a treat to share the operating -- we swapped positions about
every hour.

Conditions were just terrific, with unprecedented openings on 10 to EU both
days, Asia at many different times on 15 & 20, and many hours of short skip
on 20. The steadily low K-index is to thank for most of that, along with just
enough solar flux.

The collective goal of the K4- 1x1 stations providing suffixes of O-R-A-N-G-E
was to maximize the number of stations sweeping all 6. Thus, the 1x1s have no
scoring incentive to find multipliers or to emphasize one mode over the other.

An e-mailed .PDF certificate will be sent to everyone completing the sweep.
The first wave of certificates will likely go out in May or June, with a few
more later in the year as log checking uncovers a few more.

Pse QSL via KK3Q for all of this year's 1x1s.

A shout out to our good friend Gary, VE1RGB who has been a long-time fervent
supporter of the FQP and is battling a health issue that prevented him from
participating this year. Get well soon, Gary!

OJ/73, Dan, K1TO
K4A(@K1PT)   M/MMixed HP   2,1502015-04-28 02:26:50
It was great to have N2NL operate with us remotely from KH6 on Saturday. Thanks
for the Q's
NT2A   SOABCW LP   71,2882015-04-28 06:15:04
Excellent QSO Party. The conditions were great on the first day and so-so on the
second. Made 532 QSO and all 67 counties. 300 QSO on the first day and 232 QSO
on the second. Mostly worked on 20m. 15m band was near MUF and FL stations
sometimes came with strong signals, then disappeared for a while. Heard few FL
on 10m with report S 1-2, but got just 2. I used FTdx-5000, 100-150Watts, TA-
33CL 3el Yagi on 10-15-20m and Double Bazooka on 40 m.
Thanks to all participants and to the founders of the Party. See you next
Gene, NT2A
W1RG   SOABSSB QRP   13,6892015-04-28 06:52:33
Not SOAB, SOSB but no choice for that... :) Had fun.. Again..
N5NA   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   594,5922015-04-28 07:51:24
A couple of months ago my wife said she'd like to go to Universal Studios
Orlando. My first thought was "When is the FQP?" So, we planned a
trip to visit relatives in L.A. (Lower Arkansas), my son in Charleston, then
Universal, finishing with the FQP. By the time we get back home to WTX we'll
have traveled over 3900 miles!

Last September I bought a new truck and the next day headed to AR, SC, and back
home to Texas, operating in those QSO parties. The injector noise in the new
truck was terrible, particularly on 20m. The week after the TQP I ordered some
large ferrite cores and added a ground to the driver's side battery. That
seemed to knock the noise down but I wanted to give it a good test under QSO
party conditions. The noise level from the truck is now minimal. If I could
just do something about power line noise. Maybe I should have picked up one of
those magic wands at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal!

Chuck, NO5W, told me I was in for some huge pileups and he wasn't kidding! Some
counties it was pileup from county line to county line. Usually in my QSO party
adventures the pileup drops off a few minutes after entering a new county. I do
my best at picking out calls but when callers are all zero beat and sending at
the same speed it's all but impossible for me. Sometimes the off frequency
weaker signal is the one that gets through.

I worked three other mobiles, W4AN, K4OJ, and NO5W. Chuck, NO5W, along with
Ted, KN5O, and I had planned to meet for dinner on Sunday. We were both headed
west on I-10 when I heard a strong station a few KHz away. Turned out to be
Chuck. We were both in Santa Rosa but weren't sure how close we were. CQ/X
logs the lat/lon of each QSO so after the QSO party we determined I was about
1.3 miles ahead of Chuck.

I had absolutely no problems with hardware, software, or RFI. I think we only
made a couple of wrong turns but never got far off the planned route. We were
about 30 minutes behind schedule on Saturday and about 5 minutes behind on
Sunday. We crossed into AL about 10 minutes before the end.

Equipment: Elecraft K3, Scorpion Antenna, Dell Latitude D630 running CQ/X, 2015
Ford F250 Superduty.

Thanks to everyone who called and the FQP organizers. A special thanks to my
wife, K5AKS, for suggesting we visit Universal Studios and driving me around

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSO's:
N5DO(41), K5YAA(40), K9NW(38), NT2A(34), K9CT(34), N9CK(33), WI9WI(30),
NA8V(28), VE3KZ(27), K5KPE(25), K9PG(25), K3WW(24), K0RC(23), N5ZK(23),
K6LA(23), WA3HAE(23), NS9I(22), VA3DF(22), W8PI(21), W1END(21), K9CW(21),
K2DSW(21), K0HC(20), K7SV(19), KI0I(19), SP9LJD(18), HI3TT(18), K4LTA(18),
VE9ML(17), K4QPL(17), K9WX(17), W8UE(17), K8MR(16), AA7V(16), N1CC(16),
W1TO(16), W0ETT(16), W7YAQ(15), NW0M(15), N2CQ(15), K1SE(15), W9IU(15),
K2XE(14), W3HDH(14), WA1Z(14), WJ9B(14), W4NZ(13), NP2X(13), W7ZR(12),
AA4FU(12), VE3KP(12), K5PI(12), KS0MO(11), N4PN(11), UA3AGW(11), VA3ATT(11).

The following counties were activated with indicated results:
County | QSOs | 10-Min-Rate | FirstInLog
Lake | 124 | 186 | WA3HAE
Taylor | 111 | 198 | W0ETT
Hillsborough | 103 | 198 | SM7CIL
Putnam | 102 | 186 | ND3R
Hardee | 89 | 156 | K5YAA
Alachua | 87 | 210 | KA0NES
Highlands | 86 | 174 | AA7V
Flagler | 81 | 174 | K4LTA
Lafayette | 79 | 192 | VE3KZ
Okeechobee | 78 | 192 | HI3TT
Polk | 77 | 180 | K2XE
Manatee | 76 | 168 | K9NW
St.Lucie | 73 | 144 | AB5FS
Jackson | 73 | 210 | F8BFU
Leon | 70 | 210 | WA5RML
Walton | 68 | 228 | WA9LEY
Calhoun | 65 | 174 | N1CC
Okaloosa | 63 | 222 | K5KPE
Gadsden | 59 | 240 | W1TO
SantaRosa | 58 | 210 | K9CT
Dixie | 58 | 198 | WJ9B
Volusia | 56 | 114 | K4BSK
Osceola | 52 | 114 | K3WW
Liberty | 51 | 186 | SE5L
Brevard | 48 | 138 | K7SV
Escambia | 47 | 168 | NM5M
Gilchrist | 43 | 156 | SP6JOE
Wakulla | 43 | 186 | W7RN
IndianRiver | 41 | 180 | N3DXX
Holmes | 41 | 120 | W8IQ
Washington | 41 | 186 | KI0I
Orange | 30 | 174 | K4QPL
Bay | 27 | 156 | K6LA
Jefferson | 15 | 90 | UA3AGW
KL7SB   SOABMixed HP   1,6472015-04-28 10:16:00
Just S&P giving out the mult.
OT6M(ON9CC)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   4,8792015-04-28 11:37:38
Worked some stations on Sunday afternoon/evening, in between other activities.
Was fun to work stations from counties where I've been on holiday twoce

C U next year in the contest!

K4OJ   M/MCW LP   1,600,0002015-04-28 14:23:32
Scores are approx - this was drafted before I obtained final submission

Hi Friends,
Well, well, well - we thought our fun in last years FQP could not be topped,
but that is exactly what happened for the K4OJ 'Suburbanites' team (as NO5W has
dubbed us). Once again we built a Multi-Multi station into my trusty Suburban -
like an overstuffed Calzone of people, equipment, antennas, spares of just
about anything imaginable, and of course plenty of teamwork!

This year our team took a slightly different strategy to try really amp up our
score - it worked beautifully, more on that below.

First, the results and some stats:
4942 cw QSO's
81 Mults
SCORE = 1.6M

Approx Band Breakdown (and comparison to last year):
Band QSO's Mults 2014Q 2014M
40m - 369Q 35M 494Q 45Mults
20m - 2941Q 69M 2460Q 80Mults
15m - 1328Q 69M 909Q 64Mults
10m - 320Q 31M 110Q 27Mults

40 and 10 Meters - 689 QSOs (40m = 369; 10m = 320)
K4OJ Max Rates:
- 4.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 240 per hour by N4KM
- 3.1 per minute (10 minute(s)), 186 per hour by N4KM
- 1.9 per minute (60 minute(s)), 112 per hour by N4KM

20 Meters - 2941 QSOs
K4OJ Max Rates:
- 6.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 360 per hour by K0LUZ
- 4.3 per minute (10 minute(s)), 258 per hour by K0LUZ
- 3.5 per minute (60 minute(s)), 211 per hour by K0LUZ

15 Meters - 1328 QSOs
K4OJ Max Rates:
- 5.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour by N4BP
- 3.1 per minute (10 minute(s)), 186 per hour by N4BP
- 2.1 per minute (60 minute(s)), 126 per hour by N4BP

NX4N was able to make a hand full of qso's on 10m while Kevin logged for me
(driving + logging = craziness, or perhaps our buddy K4KNQ?)

Our MM station:
2002 Chevrolet Suburban, 2-wheel drive, 345K miles - The NX4N "Sub"
worked flawlessly - again.
40m/10m Kevin, N4KM K3 40m Hustler - Roof
mounted; 10m 1/4 wave whip - Roof mounted 48" from 40m ant
20m Red, K0LUZ K3 20m Hustler - Roof
mounted 20" from 40m ant
15m Bob, N4BP K3 15m Hustler - Roof
mounted 30" from 20m ant

Driver, Spare Parts Supplier, Station Engineer, Cheer Leader, Host and Team
Lead - Chris, NX4N
Co-Host, Restaurant and Hotel owner, sandwich/snack/drink provider Lili (NX4N's
A1 wife)
Backup op and driver for September 2014 dry-run road testing - Larry, KR4X

Power - A Honda EU-2000i 2KW generator driving individual switching power
supplies for each station. Generator was mounted with an external fuel tank
and K5YAA-inspired 'plumbers delight' rain cover with vent on a hitch-mount
cargo carrier. E0 ethanol-free premium fuel was used. Fuel consumed over 24
hours of actual run time = 6 gallons.
Other gas consumed includes Regular E85 for the 'Sub' and Sonny's BBQ Baked
Beans for the operators.

RF Compatibility - Inter-Station Interference was the biggest challenge and it
required our perseverance, patience and just plain old dumb luck. It is quite
lengthy but I think a worthy, fun story so I hope you will read on down at the
bottom of this report.

Things were looking up and the team optimistic. We had the RFI optimized as
much as possible - no RFI to 40m and 20m, no 15m RFI during the day and 10m RFI
at manageable levels.
The weeks leading up to FQP I started preparing the Suburban for FQP (roughly
40 hours of work to install the stations). Jim K5AUP kindly loaned us his two
K3's (thanks Jim!) so we had 4 total K3's - one for each of three stations plus
a spare. Tons of wires everywhere, radio mechanical and electrical function
checks performed. More than a dozen sandwiches, snack bags and innumerable
drinks that Lili made, packed and/or organized.
We're Ready! But Murphy had many tricks up his sleeve for us this year.

Bob N4BP came up Friday afternoon and we finished installing his K3 for 15m -
ahh, the last station is ready. Operator ergonomics are reasonable but nothing
great (think airline seats). RFI checks sound good. Friday night brings the
restless sleep of all FQP mobile ops - they know two huge long days of much
excitement, pileups and surprises await. How will it go???
Saturday morning Bob, Lili and I share a nervous breakfast of Cherrios, bagels,
cheese and coffee. Hard to enjoy the chow with the butterflies. We leave at
8am for our two hour trip to SEM to meet Kevin and Red at the Publix parking
lot. We're off! we get on I-4 we see a foreboding sign flashing
No way! Couldn't Be! I sure hope they're ok, no fatalities, please, saying a
little silent prayer.
I called Lili in a panic - help! I only have 3 more exits before I get to the
closed lanes. Lili was walking our dog Hannah and no where near a computer but
promised to walk quickly home and check out options on line. At this time I am
in full freakout mode - and then I notice the love of my life (besides Lili),
my Precious...

The GPS says to get off at the next exit; I think to myself, why would it take
me off I-4 to get to SEM? Duh? I get it and silently and completely obey it's
every command. We turn north, heading directly on a small bumpy country road
to...what's this?...the Tampa Bay Blueberry Festival. Lots of traffic and I
silently curse this electronic contraption - God must think I'm schizo, prayer
for the accident victims one minute and then cursing a GPS the next. Perhaps I
should have just stayed on I-4 and waited for the accident to clear?
We turn east and follow behind a s-l-o-w tractor-pulled festival shuttle bus
for attendees. Sorry, no little blue guys for us today- we have a contest to
go to! The shuttle turns into a parking lot and we're on our way, then
BUMP...pause...BUMP...pause...BUMP. Oh no, this stupid GPS now has us on
another country road with 12 foot overhanging oak tree branches that subject my
poor antennas to several miles of torture with no place to pull over. I slow to
20MPH (40MPH speed limit), folks behind me on my tail, passing me with dirty
looks - but Bob and I keep going. Finally, Precious tells us to turn south and
go to I-4. We enter the on ramp curve and see - HUGE lineup of totally stopped
cars with drivers outside their vehicles. You stupid @#$%^&!!! GPS!
But wait! Could it be? The accident was juussst before our on ramp, and we
sailed right past it onto an empty I-4! Let the flags fly and the banners
waive - we did it!
That GPS saved our bacon several times as well during FQP when the
over-confident driver got lost.
I now sleep with the GPS under my pillow.

We meet up with Kevin and Red - handshakes and grins are shared and we
immediately start loading up and getting everyone re-familiarized with their
stations. RFI sounds reasonable - nothing like repeatable results to make you
believe good things will happen.
We share a picnic lunch that Lili packed for us and hit the Publix bathrooms
one last time - gonna be along time before we visit one again. 15 minutes
before noon we load up and drive to our starting location in LAK.
CQ FQP! The bell tolls and the QSO's are coming faster than usual on all the
bands. Stations are playing like a symphony and operators are pressing their
best skills into action. As we head North I could tell that Red, Bob and Kevin
were are having fun, the county change signaling system is working well - LAK,
SEM, VOL, FLG and onward we go on plan. I have timing runs for every leg of our
trip so I know if we are hitting our marks. Traffic on I-4 is a pain but I-95
is much more open. Looks like smooth sailing...

Later on as we headed north in CLA, the clouds ahead looked ominous. Sky
getting darker and darker, the rains begin and get quickly very heavy. Much
wind whipping around but thankfully very little lightning.
Red shouts, "UH OH! My swr is high!" My heart sinks...20m - why
20m??? Normally we run with K3 tuners bypassed so if SWR goes bad the rig will
cut back and save the band pass filters from overheating until the op notices
the issue for disposition. There was no way any of us were going outside in
the torrent to fix anything - the ops and radios would be soaked the instant
we open a door. We made a quick decision to engage the K3's tuner and keep
operating. In fact, that was our mantra all weekend - just keep operating. We
drove through some nasty weather and got lost a bit in NAS; emergency lights
alerted us to a pickup truck no less than 30 feet into a retention ditch and
into the wet mucky woods beyond. The 20m SWR got better as we passed through
the rain, but it was just not quite the same the rest of the weekend, with SWR
at 2:1. Normally all of our SWR's are 1.3 or less. But it was usable and Red
was making QSO's so we just kept going.

It was not until until several hours later that Murphy struck again. Kevin made
the switch as planned from 10m to 40m - what's this? S9+ RFI spikes on 40m from
20m- no way! We never saw this before. Something had changed our setup in that
storm and now it was looking like a l-o-n-g night on 40m when we needed the
rate badly. Kevin the Lion Hearted put up with the QRM for quite a few
counties but we just had to stop and try to fix this before it got too dark to
do so. We stopped at a shopping plaza in MAO(?) where I put together a
complete replacement of the 20m antenna and checked all connections. Ha! I
found the original 20m antenna resonator was loose - likely too many tree limb
hits at the blueberry festival. We put up the new antenna and no more 40m RFI;
man, our we smart, huh?
Until of course we hit 45MPH when it came back - rats!
And it cost me a nasty gash on my leg where in my hurry I bumped against a
sharp edged spare antenna mount on the cargo carrier. Throbbing pain and much
bleeding and cursing ensued as we go down the road with 40m and the driver both
limping along.

But Kevin had just had enough of this wimpy RFI BS. He just puts on his
Man-Face and makes the best of it, making even a higher peak rate on 40m than
last year. I can hear the crackling of 20m RFI from Kevin's headphones - he
wins the K4OJ Man-Face-Operator award this year.

The remainder of the trip Saturday went with workman-like efficiency - the logs
showed a first day with significant upticks vs. last year. 40m was a tad behind
but we new that was part of our strategy. We finished the last 8 minutes of FQP
in the driveway at home.
As our reward, we were treated to a Feast of Sonny's Barbecue with all the
fixin's - happy clams all. A brief period of time later John K4BAI, Jeff KU8E
and his two harmonics Andy and Randy (fine young men and very excited to be
part of Dad's trip!) joined us for dinner. We had a great time together; so
glad they could stop by. Before they left for their hotel we snapped a group
photo and then traded tours of each others' mobile setups. Jeff had come up
with quite a nice mount on his wife's minivan, with John sitting in the middle
row operating, Randy in the back row, and Andy helping dad up front with
navigation. Cool station setup too - Jeff told me how well his DX-Engineering
top hat worked well (a new twist for next year?). We parted with team W4AN/m
and then racked out - morning would be coming soon!

A sleepy K4OJ team left 5 minutes late but we had time to get to PIN before the
contest started. As we fired up the stations, we noticed the 40m RFI from
yesterday was still there but we only needed that band for about an hour before
the switch to 10m. But we had to stop because 40m now was getting into 15m. We
found a loose 40m resonator (blueberry attack), tightened it and resumed our
chase. Kevin kept running 40m while Bob put up with the QRM on a modestly open

An hour into the contest, Kevin switched to 10m as planned - HUGE RFI on 10m
from 20m. Oh, come on man! How could this be? We stopped - again - to look
things over and found that the base coil on the 10m antenna had broken (more
Blueberry issues?). Fortunately I had made up a spare coil so in less than 5
minutes we were on the road again. It Worked!

We had *finally* shown Murphy the door and he did not reappear for the
remainder of the highway. Once we hit MON all heck broke loose; the QSO rates
on all bands soared and we never looked back.

Incredible. Simply incredible.
I can hardly believe we came *very, very* close to a 5K run - that is, nearly
5000 QSO's in 20 hours from 3 mobile stations. At the end, we all were nearly
speechless (especially unusual for me :-) - just Incredible!
I challenged our team to make 4700 QSO's and they ran that gauntlet and keep on
going without looking back. We started the contest better than usual with good
but not super conditions. Between the rain and all of Murphy's shenanigans I
thought that perhaps it was just not our year, but we pressed on from Saturday
morning onward.

By mid-morning Sunday we settled into our saddles and just let the horses run -
I am very lucky to have 3 such talented operators on our team. Red, Bob and
Kevin just tore up the bands, the antennas worked flawlessly and our out of
state friends made our entire trip special, tracking us down on all the bands
over and over again as we switched counties. While I was driving, I could hear
HUGE pileups leaking out from 3 sets of headphones.
I do have to say that the conditions were the best in many years for FQP.
Saturday was good and Sunday was exceptional. Worked a JA on 15m at 2pm local
FL time! EU and JA on 40m. 10m was alive with nice replies from EU/SA/KH6 -
fantastic. The roof hard-mounted Hustlers gave us a big signal feeling on all
bands - each op remarked that we had FB signals on their band(s)

MANY THANKS to all of the folks who worked us on all the bands and counties.
Top 25 QSO partners include:
CALL # of QSOs
K5YAA 96
WJ9B 84
K6LA 76
WI9WI 73
NT2A 68
K9CT 67
K9NW 67
N5DO 66
W7YAQ 64
K0HC 61
VA3DF 60
N9CK 59
NA8V 59
AA7V 57
K3WW 53
NS9I 52
VE3KZ 45
K7SV 43
K2DSW 41
K9CW 40
K9PG 40
K0RC 39
KI0I 38

Our team had a great time working you all! We also truly enjoyed each others
company on this most unusual endeavor - a journey we will not soon forget.

We would like to thank FCG leaders Dan, Ron, Chris, Eric, George, Fred, Steve
and many others who make the FQP the very best QSO Party around. Sincere tnx
and 88 to my FB fun-loving wife Lili - she cooked dinners and breakfasts,
packed our lunch/snack bags/drinks and was a full team member in every respect!
No ham could have a more supportive spouse.

Big thanks also to Bob K0RC for his amazing tracking sheets; they were
revamped this year with super cool "find my counties" search macros
that made chasing the mobile mults even easier. Great thanks as well to Chuck
NO5W with his FB CQ/x contest software and county tracking tools as well. Both
of you guys are A1 in my book - we are very lucky to have your terrific support.
Thanks again!

To our fellow road warriors - well done! Each of your results and write ups is
eagerly awaited and just fantastic to read...CU on on the road!

As always, then biggest appreciation is reserved for our many, many friends
both in and out of state who tracked and worked us (or tried) repeatedly, put
up with our QRX, QSY, QRQ, QRS, QRDeaf and QLF -

Finally, sincere thanks to my vy FB teammates Kevin, Red, Bob, Larry - guys,
let's see if we can do this again next year! The challenge has been set - we
shall see. And of course many thanks to my ever-lovin' wife Lili; I am truly
blessed with her by my side supporting all this craziness.

Jim K4OJ - dear FQP friend, we hope this little escapade of insanity made you
smile yet again! :-)

vy 73/OJ,
Chris, NX4N team lead
K4OJ Multi-Multi-Mobile

Ye Old RFI War - A Tiger by the Tail -
Needless to say, interstation Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is the
toughest challenge in any Multi-Multi station, but it can be a real Bengal
Tiger with vertical antennas mounted this close together over an undersized
ground plane such as a car/van roof. Our team has been mauled by this 'tiger'
many times; we spent literally days of both stationary and on-road empirical
testing to either minimize the beast, and just as often lost the battle and had
to lick our wounds and change tactics many times over. And the battle still
rages on...but we have made *significant* progress.
Below are some of the more interesting descriptions and moments that have
happened since 2014 FQP. All I can say is that RFI is like babies - one is a
lot of work to pacify, but twins/triplets/quadruplets (stations, that is) is a
whole other paradigm!

The car was well bonded with RF braid on all doors, engine and tailpipe. We
started with a single point ground (the roof) to try to snare any wayward
ground loops. Our Heavy Artillery included 3 W3NQN Band Pass Filters and Coax
Stubs (sometimes double stubs) for each band, each strategically spaced and
placed between each Radio and Antenna. W2JVN gave great insight into optimal
stub spacing.
Supplementing this were no less than 20 Ferrite chokes at various RF Hot Spots.
PC's and switching power supplies can be particularly problematic so special
focus was placed there accordingly. And we had a bucket of more ferrite
available which was later needed during FQP. For example, early after the
contest start the 20m station shut down but placing a quick choke on the power
supply output remedied it; all done while driving and continuing to operate of
course. Our mantra - keep operating.

Upon completion of 2014 FQP, the team(Bob, Kevin, Red, Lu, Chris and Larry KR4X
had agreed that something must be done to improve the RFI or we would not try
the MM/m thing again. So we got together in September 2014 for a road test to
eliminate the RFI.
We spent much of the day in frustration in the hot summer sun trying to beat
down the RFI beast, but to no avail. 40m got into 15m in a big way, and 10m
was getting killed by 20m. Oh my. Team cheerleader NX4N was thoroughly
disheartened but the rest of the team stayed positive with promises to come
back for another shot. We just *had* to figure out a way to get this Tiger
back in it's cage!
After this crash and burn event I suggested that we try a different approach.
Why not switch to a tripband vertical with a triplexer? This has worked at
plenty of home and Field Day stations, so perhaps it would help us at least
eliminate the 10m RFI.
Our 2nd road test was held in March, this time with a new triband hustler
arrangement for 20/15/10 along with a triplexer from VA6AM. Testing in the
driveway looked tantalizing - no RFI between the 10m, 15m and 20m stations and
somewhat reduced RFI from 40m as well! Joy!
Road Testing was next; the team piled into the SUV with Larry KR4X at the wheel
so I could man the 10m station. We left the subdivision and started up the
Suncoast Parkway; operating commenced at that time. Our joy quickly switched
to dismay as N4BP announced that he had S9 RFI; while continuing to drive we
determined 20m was the culprit - this had never happened before. We already
had passed the nearest exit, so it was a long, dejecting ride home in
alternating fits of silence and brainstorming.

As we sat seriously frustrated back in the driveway we started planning ways to
figure out why we hadn't heard the 15m RFI in the Driveway, but humongous
buckets of it on the road. I got out of the vehicle to check that all antenna
and coax connections (more than 20 per band!) were secure - yep, all tight. We
sat in the driveway and retested - NO RFI! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?
Then I had a thought - could it be? Really? Really?
While in the the driveway we had been performing all our testing with the car
doors open. As the guys operated I went over to the front passenger door - this
is where Red sits to man the 20m station. Sure enough, as I began to close is
door, Bob said the RFI went from under S1 to S9! I opened the door- and Bob
heard no RFI again - magic!
Further revolving door experiments showed a minor amount of RFI when closing
the rear right door and all other doors/opening had no effect. We spent the
next two hours trying to cut the door RF bonding, replacing the bonding with
new braid material, tightening connections in the door, etc. Someone suggested
that we simply remove the door for the contest so Red rides true
country-style-shotgun; Red quickly nixed this solution.

In the end, another savage attack by the RFI Tiger. Each solution offered only
bite and claw marks in return. The team made the decision to return to the
monobanders; at least we did not see Door-Magic in this configuration. The
team went home both laughing and crying a bit, with two problems still
remaining (15m RFI from 40m, and 10m RFI from 20m). Only 6 weeks until FQP -

I manage a couple of EMI Test labs (not an expert, just the manager) so I have
enough background to know that RFI can be eliminated several overall ways. RFI
has three basic components - an offender (tx), a conduit for the RFI (ex- ground
loop, antenna coupling, etc.), and a victim (rx). As ham 'techies' we focus
nearly always on the conduit and that is what our team had done since 2013 when
the dream for this craziness began. I started thinking about our days (daze?)
of testing with some but not sufficient mitigation of the RFI. So I had a
thought - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Perhaps we could just
eliminate/minimize the offender- a true 'AHA!' moment.

I looked at our 2014 40m log and noticed that we made 165 QSO's during all
daylight hours. That is not bad, but we missed hundred more QSO's on 15m
because we could not hear through the RFI. Clearly, during the day our 40m
offender was hurting our 15m victim more than it contributed to our score. At
night, 40m is king and 15m is a whisper. Could it be that simple?
So I proposed, and the team agreed, that we eliminate the 4th station and
combine one station to run 40m at night and 10m during the day. Voila! The
Tiger was largely put back in its cage; this was a key strategic move that
directly led to our much improved score on 15m (400 more QSOs!).

Now, the remaining issue was the 10m RFI caused by 20m. Last year, our poor
10m op Lu W4LT had to put up with S5 to 10-over-S9 RFI- ouch! The signals are
so quiet and the need for a preamp so great on 10m that eliminating RFI
altogether had little chance for success. However, during our experiments we
did manage to reduce the RFI to S2-3 without the preamp and S5-6 with it on;
not great but usable. This is as good as we could make it, and Kevin stepped up
to the challenge and worked 300+ stations this year through the RFI. Well done,

In summary, taming RFI take a lot of planning, even more testing and a bit of
luck too; fortunately, we managed to make it work. Watch out for Voodoo Doors.
We have more improvement plans in the works... so see you next year for another
update! 73, Chris :-)
W5WMU   SO MobileCW LP   567,3562015-04-28 16:16:09
Just drove in to to follow contesting weekend of
my life...two handicapped guy's who both said the same thing when we drove into
our home driveway...Wow...can't wait 'til next year.....Pat
K1XX   M/SMixed LP   1,055,6002015-04-28 18:59:12
Well, there must have been free beer and oysters someplace in the Panhandle this
weekend. It seemed the place to be for the mobiles.

What can I say about the FQP? W1MD and I got hooked on it 5 years ago and are
already talking about our strategy for year 6.

This weekend was another hoot, especially since propagation was reasonably good
and the QSOs seemed bottomless at times. (More about that later.)

After 2013's FQP, I purchased a new Subaru to replace my ancient Honda CRV. I
figured that I'd get a lot of push back from my wife if I told her I wanted to
drill a hole in the center of the roof like I'd done with the Honda. So not
long after purchasing the Subaru, I acquired a roughly 4 foot by 4 foot
aluminum plate and mounted it on custom-cut pieces of pressure-treated wood
mounted to the roof racks. The Tarheel II antenna went smack in the center of
that plate. After 2014's FQP, I knew that I had a winning antenna. Virtually
all of the ignition-type noise was also eliminated and what remains is easily
handled by my K3. For this year, I modified the Tarheel to raise the coil
another 18 inches above the aluminum plate. I think I've finally reached my
limit on antenna improvements. Or, maybe not.

However, both Marty and I felt that improving the operator's situation would
help with the score. So, I did add a small table behind the front passenger's
seat to hold the keyboard/mouse/paddle. Taking that to an extreme, I even
mounted a small LCD monitor to the back of the passenger's seat. The operating
laptop simply went on the floor. It was much easier on the operator and we
operated this way for quite some time until some problems cropped up that
forced us to abandon the LCD and keyboard. Back to the laptop only, but riding
on the new table. BTW, I used a small 100-watt dc-ac inverter to power the
monitor. The 2 laptops (navigating and operating), K3, and antenna controller
were fed by 12 volts.

This year, we drove from Melbourne to Pensacola on Friday with a planned start
in Escambia on Saturday. We did not try to maximize counties like we had last
year with 55. Rather, we wanted to hit the rarer Panhandle counties and then
zoom south to Monroe for another QSO fest. Saturday went pretty much as
planned, except for Escambia. Note to self... check out the starting location
beforehand. In a word, it sucked! The noise was terrible and we made only
about a dozen contacts before moving on.

Only a few things stood out during the first day. As already mentioned, the
pileups with tremendous (or maybe horrendous). Band/mode selection was a bit
of a challenge. When to change? Near the end of the first hour, I had a JA
call in on 15! Seemed strange, but he was in the clear and the call was solid.
Long path?
Great drive through Calhoun, Bay, Franklin, & Liberty counties. No June
bugs, no rain. In Liberty we took a planned detour through the Apalachicola
National Forest to pick up Wakulla county. Fifteen miles on unpaved dirt road.
Good thing we had a radio that worked. Breakdown there and it's a very long,
lonely walk. Funniest thing, to me at least, was seeing a Stop sign where an
essentially cow path intersected with our unpaved highway. Government at its
best I guess. I mentioned earlier that I'd modified my Tarheel to raise the
coil. It's 13 feet, 6 inches to the very top of the whip. In Wakulla I found
the branch that is 13 feet above the road! Sure got Marty's and my attention.
The whip now has a nice little kink in it near the top. Good thing we were
going 30'ish miles an hour.

Sunday was also equally a blur with a couple of exceptions. Since I won't be
at Dayton, I'll admit to W4NX that it was me that "missed the exit."
Didn't really miss an exit, but it was easier for Marty to send that. The
highway crosses a corner of DeSoto county and I didn't stop in time. I had to
get off the highway, double back and try again. Cost us about 20-25 minutes.
Band/mode changing was even more of a challenge on Sunday because 10 showed a
bit of life. It was a good thing that more than one station wasn't in the
Monroe-Collier-Dade corner at the same time. K3s or not, 20 yard spacing would
have been tough to handle. The home stretch between the Miami area and
Melbourne was a run fest for Marty. It was 150+ hour after hour. It's that
time of day when conditions are great and signals are loud.

I'll end this message on a bit of a sour note. To reinforce what a couple of
other folks have said... the pileups were terrible. People kept calling and
calling and calling, all at roughly the same speed, and virtually everyone zero
beat. The ten percent "good ops" got through by not zero beating and
timing their calls. Twenty to forty Hertz is all you need. Wait until after
the masses have stopped their initial call and then send yours. Just to single
out a few, and certainly not all, but folks like N5DO, K5YAA, K9PG, NT2A got
through more on skill than brute force. Oh, and K9NW got through by skill and
the fact that he was loud all the time! Marty put it well one time when he
told folks to spread out a little.

Next year we also plan to record the whole event. It has been suggested that
maybe we'll work with the KCDX CW contest folks and submit a portion of the
recording for use in the suites!! You ain't heard nothin' until you've been on
the receiving end of an FQP CW pileup at 75 MPH with 20-30 stations calling
with 1 Hz separation and all at the same speed. I'll also add that most of the
list below made it in the log as many times as they did because they were
savvy' pileup folks and called low or high (as little as 40 Hz was all that was
needed) and or with a certain speed (K5YAA :)). And, although N3DXX isn't on the
list below I ABSOLUTELY could pull him out every time. Nothing like DXX at 40

The top guys with more than 30 Qs were:

K6LA(32) <<<< even made it on 10

This is a great event. It's a challenge in many different ways and we
really look forward to it. Thanks to everyone for calling in, zero beat
or not. And last, thanks to our constant foil, Bobby Ann, WA1Z, who we
trade light-hearted barbs with every contest.

73 and plan for next year.
Charlie, k1xx
Marty, w1md
N4DAB   M/MMixed LP   88,8002015-04-28 19:12:58
Two cars, 4 ops, 6 less than 10 hours - what a blast! Great
weather and 20M was our money band. The last several years allowed us to
"perfect" out setup and take down quick. Not much in the SSB
department, but we made up for it in the CW op. We ended our day with a great
dinner. Looking forward to next year's event!
W3HAC   M/SMixed LP   1,6722015-04-28 19:15:14
Happy to be the DC mult. hope to have more time in the next one. It was fun.



KK4RXN   SOABSSB LP   722015-04-28 19:30:42
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: GenLog v8.0
CLUB: Swamp Fox Contest Group
NAME: Barry Brown
ADDRESS: 497 Gail Avenue
ADDRESS: Greer, SC 29651
W1UJ   SOAB(A)CW LP   11,0402015-04-29 02:32:19
I have fixed 'The Chirp!' hopefully. Thanks to K1XX/m (and subsequent
others...) for pointing it out as I do not know how long it has been there.
There is a technical doc on the K3 site that addresses this. It has been
applied to W1UJ!
Hope for on-the-air testing during the Thursday NS at least!

It is awesome fun chasing the mobiles! The activity was tremendous looking at
the size of the piles at county changes.

Please work NZ1U/m this weekend in the NEQP! N1WK and W1UJ will be attempting
to cover all NH and VT counties. Please look for, and spot us often!
(Hopefully chirp-free!)

Jay W1UJ
N4XL   SOABMixed LP   1,1342015-04-29 02:53:39
Knew didn't have much time and called away even earlier than I thought. Maybe
more next year.

Thanks to all and particularly those who returned my CQ.

KN4Y   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   1,952,9642015-04-29 12:25:21
When I was 80 I could handle the Florida QSO party county pile ups. Now less
hearing and less dexterity coupled with frequent rest area stops and driver
feedings the score were below the potential. The fun and challenge is still
there and the game goes on, or in this scenario rolls on. Once you go mobile,
K4SBZ   SOABSSB HP   15,7592015-04-29 13:37:49
Storms in the area limited operating time. Great contest.
NO5W   M/SCW LP   747,7722015-04-29 13:50:48
K3/100, HI-Q 4/80 antenna, 2002 Pathfinder (~156K), N3ZN Mini-mite, Dell D610,
CQ/X, Streets & Trips 2013

Arrived back in New Orleans about midnight Sunday road-weary but flying high
after having a total blast and setting a new personal best in the FQP. A big
storm passed through the city Monday morning taking out our power and internet
for about 15 hours so I'm running behind on posting this report. I'll hit the

Eyeball QSOs -- they don't count in your score but definitely add to the
pleasure of the event.

Just after the closing bell on Saturday night we were replacing fumes with
actual gas at a service station in Ocala when up walks Wayne-N4FP. Wayne and I
work often in the Wednesday CWTs sponsored by CW Ops but had never met so it
was nice to meet him and his wife and to see his neat setup. Wayne sends with
the paddle with one hand and logs with the other which we found to be an
amazing trick since Ted and I are both primarily keyboard pushers with only an

occasional use of the paddle when absolutely necessary. We were looking for a
place to catch some much needed dinner and understood the place across the
street was open until midnight. So we invited our new friends to continue our
chat over dinner. Well it turned out that the place across the street was a
karioke bar and the singers were loud and awful. After the pure pleasure of the
CW pileup symphony we had been listening to mixed with massive portions of
power line noise it was tough to endure the karaoke. Wayne lives close by so he
graciously declined our invitation and left the karaoke to Ted and myself. So
while the W4AN crew and the NX4N suburbanites were enjoying that BBQ down near
Tampa we were stuck in a karaoke bar in Ocala listening to some really awful
and loud singers -- at least the burgers were pretty good.

Just after the closing bell on Sunday we met Escambia Jay-N4OX at a truck stop
just across the line in Alabama to pick up about 10,000 feet of radial wire for
a friend back in Louisiana. It was good catching up a bit with Jay who I had not
seen since he treated my wife and me to dinner in Pensacola prior to the 2009
FQP. I think I still owe you Jay -- maybe next year:>)

Heading back to Louisiana we usually stop in Spanish Fort for dinner. This year
we had a nice dinner with long time friend and Texan Alan-N5NA and his wife Kay
who had just finished their first FQP after I had raved about it for several
years. Sounds like they had fun, hope they will be back.

Meeting the Schedule -- This year we went out on a limb and published an
estimated schedule of when we would cross each of the county lines. After
totally busting the published schedule in the 2014 Texas QSO Party it was good
to make all of our 39 counties and to do it very close to the published
schedule. As you can see below on Saturday we got behind about 20 minutes in
Wakulla and that schedule slippage carried through the rest of the day. Sunday
was a different story as we practically nailed the schedule. Here's the detais
along with info about who managed to get in the log first and the ten minute
hourly rates generated by the pileup as we crossed into each new county.

Miles Initial
into Arrival First 10-min
County Line Route ETA Time in Log Rate
Bay-Calhoun 39 1617 1614 W8WVU 180
Calhoun-Gulf 69 1649 1644 W8WVU 186
Gulf-Franklin 111 1736 1735 K0HC 186
Franklin-Wakulla 161 1858 1831 N1LN 180
Wakulla-Jefferson 195 1934 1953 W8WVU 96
Jefferson-Taylor 202 1942 2001 W3TB 156
Taylor-Dixie 257 2035 2056 W8WVU n/a
Dixie-Lafayette 259 2036 2058 K3TN 204
Lafayette-Dixie 260 2059 2122 K5KPE n/a
Dixie-Taylor 261 2100 2123 HI3TT n/a
Taylor-Dixie 263 2102 2125 DL5KUT 204
Dixie-Levy 292 2129 2152 N5AU n/a
Levy-Gilchrist 293 2129 2153 W1TO 198
Gilchrist-Levy 294 2146 2217 IZ4IRO 204
Levy-Citrus 340 2247 2304 W8WVU 150
Citrus-Hernando 366 2315 2336 N9CK 228
Hernando-Pasco 394 2345 0009 W8PI 234
Pasco-Hernando 397 2359 0023 HB9FBP n/a
Hernando-Sumter 404 0005 0030 K9NW 210
Sumter-Lake 425 0028 0055 W9RE 198
Lake-Sumter 432 0058 1118 VE5MX n/a
Sumter-Marion 450 0113 0133 W8WVU 198

Marion-Alachua 20 1202 1207 W8WVU 186
Alachua-Putnam 33 1214 1220 W8WVU 192
Putnam-Alachua 34 1235 1236 W1END 138
Alachua-Bradford 54 1255 1257 W8WVU 222
Bradford-Clay 74 1315 1321 K5OT/2 216
Clay-Duval 81 1338 1338 W8WVU 204
Duval-Nassau 93 1351 1352 W8WVU 138
Nassau-Baker 95 1413 1413 K5YAA 198
Baker-Union 110 1431 1431 N5DO 216
Union-Columbia 138 1501 1503 W8WVU 192
Columbia-Suwannee 165 1524 1526 W8WVU 150
Hamilton-Suwannee 182 1549 1555 K5OT/2 90
Suwannee-Madison 201 1648 1649 K9NW 234
Madison-Jefferson 234 1715 1715 W8WVU 204
Leon-Gadsden 276 1750 1749 W8WVU 180
Gadsden-Liberty 304 1817 1825 K2DSW 222
Liberty-Calhoun 318 1843 1848 ND3R 204
Calhoun-Jackson 335 1903 1907 W1END 192
Jackson-Washington 359 1925 1934 W8WVU 216
Washington-Holmes 373 1949 1951 W8WVU 114
Holmes-Washington 380 1955 1957 K8MR n/a
Washington-Holmes 386 2000 2001 N1CC n/a
Holmes-Walton 395 2020 2008 AA3B 198
Okaloosa-SantaRosa 447 2103 2050 W7ZR 216
SantaRosa-Escambia 471 2124 2135 W8WVU 246

Making the Qs -- Of course eyeball QSOs and being on schedule do not directly
generate any score. For that you have to make some QSOs. You can see from our
band breakdown we were basically "Johnny One-Notes" being practically
glued to 20m. We tried 40m and 15m and even gave out a few CQs on 10m but with
limited success and the pileups we were experiencing on 20m kept calling us
back. Each county was begun on 20m and if the pileup and rate dropped
sufficiently we would try the other bands.

Out of the 408 unique stations we worked, special thanks go to the following
who contributed more than half the QSOs. We hope you enjoyed the party as much
as we did.

NT2A(45), K9NW(43), K5YAA(42), W8WVU(39), K9CT(38), WA3HAE(37), NA8V(36),
K0HC(35), N9CK(35), VE3KZ(34), K3WW(34), N5DO(33), K5KPE(33), VA3DF(33),
K9CW(32), N5ZK(31), W8PI(31), K9PG(31), WI9WI(30), W9IU(30), NS9I(30),
K2DSW(29), WJ9B(28), ND3R(28), K8MR(27), HI3TT(26), N5XJ(25), N3DXX(25),
W8UE(24), K8GT(24), N2CQ(23), K0RC(23), K9UIY(22), K7SV(22), NW0M(22),
KI0I(22), W7RN(22), W1TO(21), VE3KP(21), K1RO(21), K6LA(21), W3HDH(20),
N1CC(20), KS0MO(20), K5OT/2(19), VE9ML(19), K2XE(19), VA3ATT(19), N3EN(18)

Of the above frequent callers NT2A, and K9NW, were the kingpins of the pileups
working us in each of our counties followed closely by W8WVU, and K5YAA who
missed us in only one county. None of these stations were the loudess in the
pileup but their pitch and speed combined to make them easily detected in the
melee of the pile.

Low Lights -- For the most part Murphy stayed away although we did have a few
anxious moments at the start on Sunday when the mouse pad on the
long-in-the-tooth Dell D610 logging computer would not respond. Not that we use
the mouse much but it is useful for launching the logging program and failure to
do so would have been a serious show stopper. As a low light we should also
mention the power line noise in NAS along that short two mile stretch of
Highway 90 in the southern end of the county. It was some of the worst that I
have heard. We had to drive the stretch of highway a second time before we
found a logging road on the opposite side of the highway that made the noise
tolerable but still very bad.

Many thanks to the FCG for sponsoring this premiere QSO party that seems to get
better with each year drawing us back. Take a look at the tight competition in
the M/S mobile CW category and you can see that FQP is one heck of a contest
and a great event to be a part of.

Thanks also to Ted-KN5O for joining in to share the driving and operating with
enthusiasm and skill.

Hope to see everyone again in FQP 2016 and at Dayton in a few weeks.


K4E(@W4MLB)   M/MMixed LP   397,5752015-04-29 20:39:24
Operated from W4MLB Club station using Mosley PRO67B at 60ft and Cushcraft at
30ft. Has some new members that was their first time contesting. Everyone
enjoyed making the contacts with the Special Call K4E.
K4R(@N4WW)   M/MMixed HP   2,7272015-05-01 05:43:12
7 CW 205 410 1
7 LSB 29 29 0
14 CW 608 1216 58
14 USB 698 698 42
21 CW 382 756 28
21 USB 544 544 61
28 CW 153 304 18
28 USB 108 108 7
Total Both 2727 4065 215

Score : 873,975

1384 CW
1379 SSB
N4GI   SOABMixed HP   219,1982015-05-02 06:10:35
The MCCC was unable to pull off a mobile effort this year. Next time....

Tnx 73;
Blake N4GI
KØHC(WØBH)   SchoolMixed HP   78,3362015-05-09 09:58:28
Very busy with graduation here at Hesston College, so don't have time for a full
writeup this time. Sorry this is so late.

Mixed sweep: 0116Z with W4MR/m in CLR.
CW Sweep: 0159Z (last contact on day 1!) with W4ARM in DAD.

GREAT job by the mobiles as always! The K4OJ operation was amazing, and K4OJ on
15m wins the consistently loudest signal into Kansas award, but many other great
mobile signals as well. Bands were generally really good, and I could usually
work mobile stations on at least two bands per county.

Thanks to the FCG for one of the best QSO parties around.

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC