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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2009   Jul 18   Comment Summary

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W3RGA   Hilltopper QRP   1,1342009-07-19 08:56:29
Operated from 18:00 to 23:45 on sat. 7/18/09 in grid FN10kr at 2100' with a
single loop for each band, Only DX on 6M was VO1KVT.
W9SZ   Hilltopper QRP   1,2102009-07-19 10:54:10
The weather was perfect. The view from the hilltop I was on was breathtaking. A
bluebird tried to land on me (maybe he thought I was a big bug?)

No 6 meter opening at all for me. I heard K1WHS in and out of the noise but he
wasn't hearing me.

Worked most of the local VHF contest regulars. Glad to see some Rovers out in
my area!
NØJK   Hilltopper QRP   92009-07-19 11:43:06
Operated portable in EM17 Sunday morning on 6 Meters with a halo antenna. Nice
sunny cool morning for July. A few stations from Montana appeared on Es around
1530 UTC. Over the next hour I logged K7BG, KB7Q and KB7ME DN02 (a rare grid per
reports when I got back home). A couple of California stations were heard but
not worked. That was it. No local activity noted - but heard K7BG work a KAØ
rover station over in EM08 and EM18, and KB7ME worked N0KQY DM98.
N1SV   SOSB/6 HP   7,6452009-07-19 14:03:22
Very limited operating time but I was fortunate enough to be in the right place
Saturday morning to take advantage of the nice sporadic-E openning to the SE US
and Carribean. Just wish I had more time to operate!
NØUNL(WDØBGZ)   SOAB LP   3,4962009-07-19 14:04:52
Icom 746pro, 100-watts
2-meter antenna ... 4-element Hy-gain at 67-feet
6-meter antenna ... 14-element Hy-gain at 72-feet
W1NN   SOAB LP   1,4492009-07-19 14:05:22
This was around my third VHF contest and the first in which I worked more than
20 stations. Nice opening to New England at mid-day on Sunday; otherwise
pretty quiet. Had 13 CW contacts; more than I expected and a pleasant
surprise. Thought I heard K7BG once but nothing after that.

Antennas: dipole at 50' for Six and 8 el at 24' for two (armstrong method of

73, Hal W1NN
KD5J   SOSB/6 LP   2522009-07-19 14:09:38
Grids: EM45 EM46 EM54 FN42 FN41 CN87 FM28 EM56 FN43 DM79 FN44 DN41
DN70 DM35
N1IW   SOSB/6 LP   2,0482009-07-19 14:12:17
A little diversion on a nice summer Sunday afternoon in NH.
VO1KVT   SOSB/6 LP   2,9402009-07-19 14:12:38
The band only had short openings on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, conditions
were not all that good for the most part but I managed to work a few new
Always a fun time.
73 Ken, VO1KVT
K1LT   SOSB/6 LP   4482009-07-19 14:15:48
This was my first venture into VHF contesting. I have an FT736 that I
used back in my packet network and repeater building days on FM that
has since been gathering dust. So I bought a 3 element 6 meter yagi
and expected to find one of several 11 element 2 meter yagis from the
FM days out in the barn, and throw both antennas on a few spare tower

When digging the tower sections out of the clutter in the barn, I did
not find any intact 2 meter beams. So, I went ahead and put together
a 6 meter antenna, mini-tower and rotor and finished about an hour
before the start of the test. The 6 meter beam wound up about 28 feet
off the ground. I could hear VO2FUN/B, so I thought I was in good

At the beginning of the contest I promptly worked K8MFO and K8CC. I
could hear Don and Dave working other Michigan and northern Ohio
stations, but they were in the noise to me. I worked two other ground
wave stations that evening and no more.

The next morning around 1426Z I heard and then worked VE1SKY in FN74.
Then the band seemed to open to New England for a couple hours. The
VE1s disappeared during this time. Early on, I worked WA4PGM
(finally, a familiar call besides the MRRC dudes) and he sent FM72,
which seemed odd, and then I heard him sign VP9/WA4PGM. So, woo-hoo!
My 6 meter DXCC is 3% complete!

The noise level on 6 here is awful! Connecting the antenna sounds
worse than connecting the 160 meter transmit vertical to the receiver!
I don't know whats up with that, as I haven't noticed so much noise on
15 or 10 meters at other times (but on verticals).

Didn't hear anything from the southwest at all. I heard a few of the
louder New Englander stations working 9s and 0s, but maybe that is
their equivalent to VE1s and VP9s from here.

I need to put the tower up in some semi-permanent fashion, and maybe
find another section or two of the smaller sized 8 foot aluminum tower
sections. Currently the tower is just lashed to the side of the house
with rope.

See y'all in the next one.
N4PN   SOSB/6 LP   2,3802009-07-19 14:20:22
Not much going on Saturday - Sunday much better....
finished with J79PAK & WP2B in last few minutes..
IC-7000 - 100watts
6 el yagi @ 30'
73, Paul
K6WSC   SOSB/6 LP   482009-07-19 14:36:20
Got my first good taste of the Magic Band. The Q with VE7CC was awesome.
Bill K6WSC
K3TD   SOAB LP   722009-07-19 15:23:32
IC-756ProII on 6 and TS-2000 on 2
Par Omniangles @ 20' for 6 and 16' for 2
No enhanced propagation on 6, worked DL98 on 2

Tad, K3TD
N7AT(K8IA)   SOSB/6 QRP   202009-07-19 15:49:47
Orion II, TT 1208 Tranverter, 8 watts

Fell asleep after 15 minutes of staring at nothing. Nothing much more to do.

CU NAQP CW...where there will be a hell of a lot more to do!

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
W7CE   SOAB HP   19,6102009-07-19 15:50:34
Overall, there seemed to be less people on the air this year. Conditions
weren't great but they weren't terrible either.

6M opened up to the south just as the contest started and provided a little
more than an hour of good propagation. After that it was pretty slow for most
of the remainder of Saturday, with the exception of a 7 minute opening to DM79.
Sunday AM, I worked several 6M MS contacts using FSK441, most of which were new
contest grids. We had a two hour opening to the east with good signals, but
little participation.

This is my second highest score in this contest, falling a little more than 10%
behind my 2006 score.

Clay W7CE
N1SZ   SOSB/6 LP   1,4202009-07-19 16:07:12
First contest with the 3el yagi at 30 feet. It was nice to finally enjoy 6m
without having to use my 80m dipole. I wish I had more time to spend in front
of the radio this weekend. The weather here was especially cool and dry (a
real treat in MD in late July) so I took advantage of the nice conditions and
got a lot of yard work done. See you in September!

N7IR   SOSB/6 LP   1892009-07-19 17:18:04
Operated a few short periods over the two days. Best DX was EN42. Had a few
short Es openings Sunday to EN10, EN42, EM31 and EM12. Other than that it was
locals and two tropo contacts with DM12 and DM24. A real snoozer in Arizona.
Gary, N7IR
K8MR   SOAB LP   7,3922009-07-19 17:34:52
A pretty boring contest, other than for half an hour around 16z when the six
opened to eastern W1 and the Maritimes. By Sunday afternoon I had the voice
keyer on autorepeat while I cleaned up the shack and the basement (where the
shack is). Not much distraction from the cleaning process.

Best tropo DX was VE3SMA in FN05 on both bands.

73 - Jim K8MR
K7BG   SOSB/6 LP   5042009-07-19 17:37:11
Band started to open just as the contest ended. Ain't that the way it goes.
Somehow worked W3EP in FN31 on some strange very short lived double hop earlier
in the day for best DX Q. Very hot here this weekend, but still managed to get
some outside work done in between checking the mostly dead band condx.

K8MM   Multi-Op LP   7602009-07-19 17:46:00
Conditions were really flat Saturday but things came to life a little on Sunday.
Some Es finally showed up and I worked guys on the East and West Coast. I also
heard quite a few meteor scatter stations Saturday morning. 2M was really dead
and most of my qso's there were of the ESP type.
N7NTN   SOAB LP   5072009-07-19 18:17:35
Radio: Yaesu FT-897D, 100 watts/6 meters, 50 watt/2 meters
Antennas: KU4AB Loop at 25 feet for 6 meters
Stacked KU4AB Loops at 30 feet for 2 meters

Propagation was sure fickle. An opening could last 10 seconds or it could last
10 minutes. I guess that's why it's called the Magic Band.

Had fun and will be back next year.

73, Richard Kendrick N7NT
N7NT   SOAB LP   5072009-07-19 18:17:57
Radio: Yaesu FT-897D, 100 watts/6 meters, 50 watt/2 meters
Antennas: KU4AB Loop at 25 feet for 6 meters
Stacked KU4AB Loops at 30 feet for 2 meters

Propagation was sure fickle. An opening could last 10 seconds or it could last
10 minutes. I guess that's why it's called the Magic Band.

Had fun and will be back next year.

73, Richard Kendrick N7NT
WI9WI   SOSB/6 LP   122009-07-19 19:06:22
Spent quite a lot of time by the radio listening while doing other things in the
shack. K-3 to a 135 ft off center fed dipole. My 6 meter beam is still kaput
after being destroyed in a tornado 5 years ago. I've rebuilt it but it now
resonates at 48 MHz in spite of being the same dimensions as before. Worked a
couple of locals (EN53) and EN41 and DM65. W5WVO was in strong for about 30
mins Sunday morning. I heard several other stations including VO1 and W1 but
couldn't connect.


K2DRH   SOAB HP   107,9142009-07-19 20:33:32
After another round of fighting with the equipment and somehow getting it all
ready in time, another CQWW VHF is over. Unfortunately there is nothing much
to write about this time. There were no exceptional openings on 6M, in fact
there were no openings on Saturday at all here. With the unseasonably cool
weather 2M tropo was flat and the signals were mostly weak and subject to lots
of slow, deep fading. After a couple of hours of not much prop, local
activity dwindled, so I did something I’ve never done before. I tuned down
to the EME portion of 2M on moonset until I finally came across a few stations
that I could decode. I wound up working UA9YLU in MO92, by far the best DX of
the contest. I didn’t make many WSJT skeds and there were not a lot of
random stations to work at night so I got some decent sleep this time around

Sunday started out slow and steady and included a few more random WSJT and SSB
scatter contacts. 6M finally opened for a while late in the morning, but it
was a spotty fast moving opening without a lot of depth and vigor. Unusually
it started to the west, then opened simultaneously the NE, TX and to FL, but no
one area seemed to dominate nor was any in for very long. No big numbers this
time. I had 2 decent hours before lunch, but nothing really intense or
widespread. For the most part signals were pinpointed in small single hop
areas, and were not very strong with lots of fast fading. The only double hop
of note was VO1KVT in GN29 who was in for a few minutes, then quickly gone

Fortunately there was a good turnout of stations to work and persistence put
them slowly into the log. The rovers were out in force and kept it
interesting, but it was mostly a wait for someone to show up and pounce
contest. I did get lucky for the last QSO with a 500 mile contact on 2M into
EM54 with W8FR, but for the most part the world dropped off after 400 miles
even using high power. I wasn’t the slowest CQWW VHF I’ve ever done, but
with the great prop we’ve enjoyed for the last few years and all the good 6M
Es for the week before the contest, it certainly was disappointing.

73 de Bob2
W8RU   SOAB LP   1382009-07-19 21:27:56
Thanks to everyone who got on.


Ron (W8RU).
K8CC   SOAB HP   14,4272009-07-19 21:54:39
Rig: FT-847, 6M 8877 (1000W), 2M Henry 2002A (500W)
Ant: 6m 7L yagi @ 95', 2M18XXX 2 90'

I tried to recruit members of the Mad River Radio Club having radios with 6/2
capability to try out VHF contesting in this event. Unfortunately, the
ionosphere didn't provide much encouragement. The only extended propagation
all weekend was about 40 minutes on 6M out to VE1/VE9 and the far USA East
coast early Sunday afternoon. Everything else was troposcatter or extended
groundwave. Some in this area worked CO Sunday morning on 6M while I was QRT,
but I was hearing the N0LL in KS beacon pretty well most of Sunday afternoon.
My best QSO out that way was K0HA in EN10.

I've been off VHF for the past few summers. It was good to crack the rust off
the gear and get everything running again.


N1LN   SOSB/6 LP   2342009-07-20 03:30:45
Not sure if the VHF contesting is for me, but had to try out the K3. It worked
well, but the conditions did not help.

SM6WET   SOSB/6 LP   1402009-07-20 04:10:51
CQWW VHF is a fun contest however this year I had no time to participate fully.
Made a few QSOs and got a few new squares. Best was to work my #77 country on
6m - ZC4.
73 de Magnus SM6WET
K8MFO   SOSB/6 HP   4,0502009-07-20 05:27:17
This was a GROANER! When you don't work any Florida stations, only one in
Texas, and 2 in the ZERO call area, you know that its time to mow the lawn and
do other things. Except for a short opening into New England and the
Maritimes, there were no openings. I am a letter manager for the 8th Area
QSL Bureau, and it was easy to do my rough sort while operating the contest.

I don't make things any easier on myself by no longer using SSB in VHF contests
either, but the fun factor is there by running into a lot of CW friends!

Elecraft K3 - T E Systems brick at 300 watts Ariane Arrays 7 element
beam at 26 feet. Time to put the dustcover on the antenna until next
summer, I'm afraid.


N3LL   SOAB LP   6,8642009-07-20 05:38:01
On Saturday there was nothing on 6 or 2 meters except a few locals all day.
The day before the contest 6 meter was open from sun up to sunset. Sunday
morning opening on 6 meters for a few hours was fun, but short lived.
K1TEO   SOAB HP   87,0002009-07-20 06:33:41
Like everyone else I was hoping for some 6M action but alas that was not to be.
I had 2 e-skip qso's all of Saturday and then the band was open from about
mid-morning Sunday until just after noon local. It was very spotty except for a
10 minute period just around noon when it opened to 8 and 9 land and 30 stations
were worked in 10 minutes. A few minutes later the band shut down for good.

I was able to put more time into the contest than usual this year. Together
with the lack of 6M condx, that allowed me to spend more time than usual on
2M. While the 2M QSO total is well below a typical ARRL contest, it's the
highest QSO total I've ever had in a CQWW.

Tnx for the QSO's and to CQ for sponsoring the event.

Jeff K1TEO
ND9E   SOAB HP   2602009-07-20 06:48:15
And to think I gave up operating a perfectly good RTTY contest to snooze through
this. Only real opening started just as I had to leave to take the grand
daughters to the Wild Animal Park. Best DX was one KP4. Am new to 6M and VHF
contests. My first was in June and was fun. This one was something else.
VE3KZ   SOAB LP   2,1762009-07-20 06:59:23
Congratulations to VE1SKY, VO1KVT and others on the east coast. Only one quarter
of last year's score at VE3KZ. Here was definitely not the winning part of
Canada this year. Worked CT1HZE before the contest started then curtains!
Highlights during the couple of hours of quick checks were the KP4's, CO8LY,
VE1GBD, a few Florida and EN31 on 6m. A very quiet 2m yielded K1TEO in FN31,
KB1DFB in FN41 and W4RX in FM19.

Thanks for the QSO's. See you again next year!

73 Bob
NØKE   SOAB HP   8,6182009-07-20 07:35:15
The highlight of the contest was hearing JE1BMJ CQ for 30 seconds or so on
Saturday. Some limited E skip on 6m, even had two QSOs to FN42.
VE9ZX   SOSB/6 LP   8,3162009-07-20 08:26:37
Thanks and 73!
W4AN/R   Rover LP   5102009-07-20 08:45:06
DX70 or Icom 756Pro, 100W, 5/8 wave 2M whip on car or quad loop at 15'. We
drove from Columbus, GA to North West FL and ultimately to St. George Island,
FL, IOTA NA085. All QSOs between 1409 and 1647 UTC on Sunday were made from
the IOTA island. We made 2 QSOs from EM70 and 28 from EL79. We were prepared
with two meter antennas and an all mode 2M rig, but heard no activity and got
no answers on that band. The rig seemed to want to scan all the time and it
was difficult to get it to stop on a frequency. We couldn't determine how to
turn off the scanning feature despite study of the manual. First time used the
rig since purchased from an estate years ago. So, all QSOs were on 6M. Only
found one band opening, from about 1345Z until 1550Z on Sunday. During that
time, we worked HI3TEJ, NP4A, CO8LY, and VP5JM, plus W1, W2, W3 stations and
VE3NNQ. We heard, but did not work, KP4EIT, WP2B, HI8LAM, and VP2MSJ. Other
than that, we called CQ without result and worked three ground wave stations,
KN4Y, K4SME, and K4RX. Also heard AC4TO, but he was calling for "Europe." We
spent hours listening to KN4Y calling CQ, knowing that if Ed got answers, we
should stop and set up the quad loop. All in all, a very frustrating trip.
Anyone who actually made a QSO and wants a QSL from EL79 and/or NA085 should
QSL via K4BAI. Thanks for all your efforts and hope for better results next
year, when we will almost surely not try a Rover operation from the deep south.
73, John, K4BAI.
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   8,2882009-07-20 09:09:52
Rather slow contest. Took a number of breaks to mow the lawn and do other
chores. Es only showed up on six for a couple of hours on Sunday--and yielded
only 24 contacts in 18 grids. Thanks to all the good operators who dug out my
weak QRP signals.
KR4F   SOSB/6 LP   5552009-07-20 10:54:15
No prop on Saturday. Tepid openings to northeast and Colorado on Sunday.

Johnny, KR4F
N1LF/R   Rover LP   2,3182009-07-20 11:49:38
A last minute business trip to attend training in Tampa, FL caused me to
re-think my entire contest entry. Since we would be in Florida on Friday for
the training, my wife and I decided to combine the trip with a visit to her
relatives in Land O' Lakes, FL and then a rover effort during the return trip
to Birmingham.

The new "plan" was to operate from their home in EL88 on Saturday, allowing my
wife so time to enjoy her family and then leave early (5AM) on Sunday to drive
back through EL89, EM80, EM71, EM61, EM62, and EM63. Unfortunately, plans have
a way of not always working out!

On Friday night after our training, I scouted a couple of "high spots" near
their home, finally finding a nearly 300 foot elevation near Saint Leo college,
near San Antonio, FL. For NFL, this passes as "high". Some test contacts with
N3LL, Bobby and some action on 6 Meters Friday indicated that the antennas,
amp, and rig were working fine.

Saturday morning dawned with a weak, but widespread 6 Meter opening. But
shortly before noon, conditions degraded and went into the tank. To make
matters worse, one of our relatives was sick and could not be left alone. Since
my wife had plans for the day, including tickets to a local event, that left me
with the "watch". I agreed to operate from their flat front yard, but figured
it wouldn't hurt my score too badly.

For the entire day Saturday, I might as well have stayed inside in the air
conditioning. Nearly ten hours of operation brought only six contacts! All with
locals. The bands were basically flat and even contacts out to about 100 miles
were difficult. I had mounted a four element beam for 2 Meters, along with a 6M
dipole up about 20 feet on a push up mast. This complimented the dual 2M KU4AB
loops on the truck, and the single 6M loop.

Sunday morning dawned and saw me up at 4:30AM. My plan was to operate from the
driveway using only the loops until my wife had her coffee and we could get on
the road. But as I made my wife to the front door, I realized that everyone in
the house had been up late dealing with the care of our sick relative. Worse,
the baby monitor had already demonstrated that 6 Meter transmissions were
subject to RFI.

I didn't want to wake everyone in the house, so I poured some coffee and sat
down to read a magazine while I waited for everyone to wake up. Our relatives
are early risers, so I figured an hour at most. I was wrong.

It turned out to be almost 8AM before everyone awoke, and I rushed to the truck
after a few "good mornings". 6 Meters was just starting to open up a bit, and
two meters seemed a little better too.
There was a weak opening on 6, with lots of QSB. Openings to a given area would
come and go quickly, making S&P the only useful technique. Another snag
developed as my wife opted to help out with the home nursing...and our
departure was delayed. I didn't have the heart to reject her request to stay a
bit longer. It was our first visit in over three years....

Instead, I drove solo on I-75 to just above Ocala, FL to get to the EM89 line.
After finding two good parking lots just about 1/2 mile apart, I spent the next
couple of hours playing "grid tag". I'd work a handful of stations from EL88,
drive 1/2 mile, and work them again. Because of the QSB, the technique was not
as effective as it sometimes is...and I was nowhere near a corner, so it was
limited to just those two grids.

After the opening died, I returned to pick up my wife and we headed North again
on I-75, before getting off onto Highway 19 (Coastal route) so that my wife
could enjoy a local restaurant she loves there.

With just about a half hour to go in the contest, we crossed over into EM80 but
then happened onto a traffic accident. A young girl had flipped her car several
times, and we were one of the first cars on the scene. My wife and I have both
been trained in advanced first aid and have CERT training as well. We grabbed a
first aid kit, and rushed to the girl.

She had a broken leg, some facial cuts,and was having trouble breathing. We
stabilized her, and treated her for shock. A volunteer fireman stopped and
assisted us in holding her head and neck immobile until help arrived. We
contacted her parents and advised them of her situation. My wife held her hand
and comforted her throughout the hour that we were on the scene.

When it was over, my wife and I were packing up, and she said, "Oh no, you
missed the rest of your contest". Somehow, it didn't seem very important by
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SOAB HP   21,0002009-07-20 12:33:04
Some decent 6m openings. I think last year 2m was better in this contest then
6m. The guys I moved to 2m from 6m were usually louder on 2m.

I enjoy this vhf contest because my station only has 6m and 2m vhf capability.

This was the first time I was able to operate my new 6m amplifer since I bought
it over a year ago.

Running 1kw on 6m and 80 watts on 2m.

Rick K3OO
AA5AM   SOSB/6 LP   2882009-07-20 12:58:58
Couldn't operate Sunday afternoon due to family activities. Haven't talked with
any of the locals to see if anything was missed during my time away from the

For the time I was able to operate, this would have been a boring contest if
were not for the handful of meteor scatter contacts that were made.
AA4NC   Multi-Op LP   722009-07-20 13:29:15
EA5DFV was visiting, so we got on and made a few QSOs on 6m. The band seemed
pretty dead except for a QSO with VP5JM. It could be my station however. The
antenna is just a Elecraft K3 to an HF wire doublet fed through a tuner...
W9RM   Multi-Op HP   42,0662009-07-20 14:39:52
Just messing around - only CQ'ed when the band was open toward needed grid
squares (west) to keep QRM level down for the locals that were serious.

Nice (although few in number) 6M openings to NE & SW with some long haul
single-hop Carib, W7's and brief 2xEs NE & NW to make sure you were paying
attention. Thanks to the upper-midwest Rover corps for really putting on a
good show in WI & MI - may seldom activated grids were available !
K2QO   Hilltopper QRP   1,5642009-07-20 18:50:28
Thanks to everyone who stopped to give me some Qs. My dreams of getting the US
record for hilltopper were absolutely SMASHED by below average conditions and
not enough stations on the air. There was no workable eSkip on 6M despite my
hearing VO1 and VO2 stations who were working guys just east of me and some
minor tropo enhancement on 2M.

My 2M Qs included FN31, FN25, FN05, FN21 plus the locals. This is with 5W to
6-el up only 12'. The wind was too brisk to put the fiberglass fishing pole up
any higher. The 6M antenna was a Par End Fedz with the feed at about 20'.

All-in-all, not a bad first try at this category.
WØETT   SOAB LP   9,8282009-07-20 20:38:21
Things were pretty slow on Saturday but picked up on Sunday with several Es
openings, saving the contest from being one of the Fall or Winter dulldrums
contest. Best DX on 6m was W4MW in EM96 in western NC but other areas wkd
included a few W4s, quite a few W7, 8, 9, 0 stations. Somehow N6JV popped in
for a quick QSO for one of my only CA contacts.

Many thanks to the rovers W3DHJ/R who I caught from at least 6 grids, AB0YM/R
worked in 3 or 4 grids, and KD0BJS/R worked from 1 grid. Also, nice to work a
bunch of Grand Mesa Contesters in the VHF contest, including: N0KE, N0POH,
K0CL, N0HF, K0FX, K0RI, KE0UI in the contest. Best 2m DX QSOs were: N0KQY in
DM98, KL7MH in DN81, and N0KM in DM67.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Rig: IC756pro3 to 7 el on 6m and IC910 to 17 el on 2m.
NØHF   SOAB LP   2,0722009-07-20 20:41:13
Wow, very limited openings compared to ARRL June VHF, brief openings to the
Northwest, CA, Southeast, and a great one to WI/MN. The guys in the Denver area
were working the northwest on 6m, no copy here. Guess I didn't have the right
alignment with the Es clouds but had fun anyway. I need to get a preamp for 2m,
my FT736R needs a boost on rx. See you next time. '73 Dan
WA2FGK(K2LNS)   SOAB HP   64,2642009-07-21 05:03:59
I watched DX Sherlock with amazement.. We are 100 miles inland and saw no
propagation to the west while stations on the east coast were working one after
the other..We never had any prop west on 144 megs while the WNY boys worked many
stations towards Chicago. Wrong Place, Wrong Time. I did get up at 3:30am local
time and had a good run on 144 meg EME.. Fifteen minutes before the end of the
contest, I moved to 50.095 CW and made some CQ's. I get a call from CT1HZE and
we work. Then I worked a few locals and two minutes before the contest ended, I
get a call from CN8KD. My last contact. Moral is never give up. Hope to see
everyone in the UHF contest, 10 gig, and September. Really looking forward to
the 10 gig contest. We now have 16 watts on 5760 and 20 watts on 10 gig with
the 30 inch dish. 73's Herb
9A7T   Multi-Op LP   6,3642009-07-21 05:29:18
First time in this contest. Poor conditions on 6 and vy low activity on 2
meters. See you on HF!
Zlatko, 9A2EU
WØEEA   SOAB HP   17,2002009-07-21 08:33:59
Without the rovers and potable operations this would have been a long, slow
KN4Y   SOSB/6 LP   4082009-07-21 10:29:22
Not a good weekend for 6-meters, band on vacation.
W3DHJ/R   Rover LP   5,4082009-07-21 18:53:55
QSOs by Activated Grid:
Grid QSOs
DM67 6
DM68 1
DM77 19
DM78 17
DM87 32
DM88 5

RoverLog Score Summary:
Band QSOs Value QSOPts Mults
50 56 1 56 37
144 24 2 48 15

Totals: 80 104 52

Claimed Score: 5408

Saturday was dreadful.
The last 2 hours of Sunday repeated Saturday.
By pure dumb luck, I was able to spend the best 2 hours
of 6M propagation during the weekend in DM87. I hope it
let some ops color in a new grid square!

Jonesy W3DHJ --
OK1KIM(@OK1KIM/OL4A)   Multi-Op HP   150,5352009-07-22 00:32:44
This year was strange - our 2m antenna farm was NONEXISTENT after this winter,
and we were somehow :burned out: and the partial reconstructions went real
slow. But in July we had already 4x19+4x14+6x8+4x6+1x13+1x10 - compare to last
year - "nothing". Extremely sad view was on the top of our 50m tower - nothing
there ! We participated in "July" contest with surprisingly decent score (928
QSO @370 km).
The intent was to forget CQWW WHF this year however about 5 days prior to
contest our 6m guru OK1DO phoned and said are we going to be in CQWW this year
- I am looking to it. So we said OK, let's make it a more of a social gathering
than a contest once more. A pig + a keg of beer was bought...... Finally over 20
people arrived on the hill but it was very HARD to force someone to operate,
there were long periods with no-one behind the radio.

This year should be the last one with 6m mega MW TV station on the air. It is
one of the last analog TXes on the air and it should close down FINALLY on
Dec.30 this year. 6m in the whole of Europe is going to be something ELSE.

Again we are "improving" our worst ever from last year. Almost no contest
activity outside of Czech activity contest in Sunday morning. It gave us
228QSOs (58%). We gave out Meteors this year - last year OK1DFC managed to work
8 QSOs - he was in his microwave EME expedition in E7 this year and no one was
keen enough to give it a try.
Second year in a row with absolutely no elevated conditions on 2m. Our longest
QSO only 865 kms and only 7 QSOs above 800 km. Only lousy 151067 EU style km
points @384 km.
6m was not so horrible this year there was twice short Es opening to Great
Britain and once to EA/southern France so at least something came through the
The propagation was so bad, all the beer was drunk (already during night) that
in 1430 Z we said ENOUGH and packed up and went home.

Once more from our point of view lousy score but once more I do believe more
than enough for the world top spot.

73 !

E7ØT(@E77DX)   SOSB/6 HP   33,5792009-07-22 02:52:43
Thanks for all!

Vlado, E70T
KB1DFB(@KB1H)   Multi-Op HP   80,0002009-07-22 07:15:34
Anticipating another "normal" VHF contest with no band enhancement we planned
more of a social event then operating marathon. Burgers, hot dogs, breakfast
Sunday morning, and a keg of beer. We tried to catch all the short 6M openings
and did most of them.

Not as good as last year but neither were the bands.

Thanks for all the QSOs and on to September.

73 KB1DFB Crew
VE3SMA   Multi-Op LP   5,4002009-07-22 07:16:45
Murray and I operated in portable fashion from my family's summer cottage,
almost 200 km north of Toronto. Rigs were around 100 watts on both bands, with
3 elements on 6m and 6 elements on 2m. This is the first time I've run a VHF
contest from there in many's too far from most of the activity to be
competitive normally, but we figured if 6m was OK it might be interesting and
some people would get a new, fairly rare grid.

As it turned out, 6m opened a bit with Es to the maritime provinces, a bit to
the southeastern US (mostly the Carolinas) and a bit to Bermuda and the
Caribbean, though not for a large proportion of the contest and we were
toughing it out on troposcatter and meteors most of the time. Best dx on 2m
was WA2FGK (542 km), K3ISH (526 km), W3SO (525 km). Only one station less than
100 km away was worked (thanks to VE3YV for the rare FN05 mults !).

I think our trip worked out ok, especially given that we only started
discussing the possibility a week before the contest !

Steve VE3SMA
VE3CRU/R   Rover HP   14,5082009-07-22 07:40:48
QSO's and mults by grids worked

FN02 8 qso's 8 mults
FN03 14 qso's 11 mults
FN04 22 qso's 16 mults
FN13 7 qso's 7 mults
FN14 17 qso's 16 mults
EN92 17 qso's 13 mults
EN93 27 qs0's 22 mults

The above score not verified by electronic logging.

I thought that last year's contest was a rough one, but this one proved to be
even rougher. Prop and conditions were poor, with a few brief openings.
Covering the east grids netted almost half of the total qso's. By doubling
back from FN04xa to FN14cb for a second run, netted another 8 Q's and 8 mults
missed before and got FN85 and FN73, before proceeding to FN03tw for first of 2
runs in that grid. Then 30 minutes to home. Sunday, a 2 hour drive to the next
grid corners of FN02, FN03, EN92 and EN93. Ran each grid approx. 1 hour, then
went back for a second run in each to pick up many missed the first time
around. Paid off. Note that all equipment is turned off while in motion in
the interest of safety.

Worked VE3SMA in FN05 on both bands from the 4 east grids, but not so lucky in
the west grids, heard but no Q's. Most frequently worked, in all grids was

Captured NP4A in FK68 who was loud on 50.115, thanks to the band scope of the
ProII seeing him for best dx to the south.

I know the score could have been higher. Almost all qso's were from S & P, and
calling out more often would have helped. Had new to me but recycled batteries
so held back calling to save battery power, didn't need to I found. Should
have changed battery on ProII driver, was exhausted at end, an old battery.
Senior moment. More power on 2, ran 80W and had a brick beside rig that would
have given more power, not used. More time in the contest would help.
Hindsight is great. Having said that, I am very happy with my score, which is
about 4K less than last year.
Perseverence pays.

Thanks to CQ for sponsoring this contest, always a lot of fun. Thanks also to
all I worked, and all who participated. Looking forward to next year.


VP9/WA4PGM(@VP9GE)   SOSB/6 LP   5,4062009-07-22 09:20:51
Poor conditions for the weekend so I only operated a few hours. Pam and I
enjoyed a wonderful Sunday brunch with VP9GE and his #1 son Eddie. Thanks for
the contacts. QSL via callbook PO Box address.
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   1902009-07-22 17:35:22
Someone has a new PLASMA TV close to me. GRRRRRR.
K1TOL   SOSB/6 HP   62,4802009-07-25 08:26:40
Poorest contest in 5 years--lack of any Es except a 3-hour period Sunday morning
and off/on Es in the afternoon. Did not hear any Europeans at all this time and
only a few Caribb. stations worked. Logged a handful of W7s on Sunday and a
solitary VE7 but stations just 100 miles south of me were working dozens during
a one-hour stretch. Location, location, eh.....!!
Heard maybe 9-10 W5s (and 5 in DM65/75 in a 3 minute period) and no W6s at
A weekend for "non-Murphy's Law": no power line noises at all and equipment
working perfectly------but plagued by pittance of usual solid Es for the entire
2-day contest period.
KA3ZLS   SOAB HP   15,2642009-07-26 18:08:48
Had fun as always. I bettered my score from last year but not by that much. I
had the usual noise levels which caused me to miss out on some contacts. I was
kind of dissapointed by six meters not opening up for a long period. I did
manage to catch the breif opening to Florida late in the morning on Sunday but
by noon time the opening was gone. I did alittle S&P but mainly CQ'd alot.
Best DX on 2 meters was up to FN43 and FN13 to the north/northeast and FM16 and
FM06 to the south/southwest. Also I want to thank all the rovers for getting
out there and giving out the extra Q's and multi's. See everyone in August and

73, Chris, KA3ZLS
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   58,4062009-07-29 09:27:16
W3BTX was the 6m operator while W2YOZ was the 2m operator and also W3YOZ did
some operating on 6m Saturday evening. No really good 6m opening, just some
Caribbean, FL and mid-west short openings. On 2m we got far west as IN. No
computer crashes nor rig/antenna problems. Once again, "Tnx to the rovers."
K5TR(WM5R)   SOSB/6 HP   4,5782009-08-12 19:56:13
The station:

50 MHz - Elecraft K3 - 3CX800 amp (800 watts)
7 element yagi at 75'
7 element yagi at 30'
6 element yagi at 25' fixed west
2 phased vertical dipoles at 35' / 15'

I had to miss the ARRL June VHF QSO Party this year (again) due
to out-of-town family commitments, so I was looking forward
to operating some rate on six meters in this contest.

Propagation did not cooperate this year, and I made less than
a quarter as many contacts as I did last year. I worked
no skip contacts east of Iowa, but I did work some grids in
Manitoba I'm pretty sure I've never worked before.
N4QWZ   SOAB HP   15,6912009-09-02 18:46:11
nice to work j79pak fk95 on 50mhz just before the contest ended.