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European HF Championship   2009   Aug 1   Comment Summary

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9A1CMA(9A5TO)   SSB Only LP   7,2002009-08-01 14:46:36
Only first 3h on the air with main goal to demonstrate contesting (multimedia
didactic methods) for few hamlets who are at same age as I was in '93 :-)
Due article 4. of rules "...and only one callsign is allowed from a particular
radio station." maybe someone missed regular 09 multiplier :-/
I worked some operator "08" with very, very good skills ;-)
Equipment: FT-920 + PRO 67B + N1MM

73 & TNX for QSO's

Tom, 9A5TO
HB9/KE3X   CW Only LP   2212009-08-01 15:18:18
After very nice day hiking around Mont Blanc, came home and turned on the radio
for a few minutes to try out the new callsign. Band conditions marginal from
HB9 this evening, but also worked a few NAQP stations on 20m running 80 watts.

Ken KE3X (ex-NV1P)
OL8M(OK1DRQ)   CW Only LP   90,6362009-08-01 15:27:26
QRV 14.56 - 21.30 UTC - and TCVR died ....sri
100 Watts - ant HF8 vertical
73 de Pavel
EA4ZK   Mixed LP   25,4402009-08-01 16:47:24
First time contest!! Vy funny!!!

HG8R(HA8JV)   SSB Only HP   368,7952009-08-01 17:14:07
thanks for all calers!
DJ1YFK(@DJ6ZM)   CW Only HP   342,6002009-08-01 17:24:49
FT2000, Expert 1k (750W), OB804020 @ 35m, OB17-4 @ 25m, OB9-5 @ 20m, 160m INV-L

Once again thanks to Toffy, DJ6ZM for hosting me for this contest.

Everything went very well until I QSYed to 160m at 22 UTC. High SWR, so I could
only run barefoot. Even working UA3s was difficult. That cost me a dozen
multipliers and even more QSOs. At 2345z, the 160m antenna died altogether, SWR
sky high. Bummer, should have checked it before the contest.

Otherwise, a very enjoyable event. Lots of excellent operators, some life on
10/15m, lowbands not too noisy (considering we had some storms around Europe),
and met a lot of old and new friends, spanning 71 years between their license

73, Fabian Dj1YFK
DL1IAO(@DLØWW)   Mixed HP   367,5362009-08-01 17:47:24
IC756Pro3(INRAD) + Alpha87

WT v3.23.0 on HP Omnibook XE3

(10) 6el Yagi @24m (40) 3el M2 Yagi @20m (linear-loaded), DP @10m
(15) 5el Yagi @25m (80) Bobtail (NW/SE), Delta Loop, DP @10m
(20) 5el M2 Yagi @27m (160) 27m shunt-fed tower

Just warming up for WAEDC, but got a bit more serious towards the end.
Condx were poor at the beginning and I stayed too long on 10/15 to get
something going.

CU for QTCs!

EC1KR   SSB Only HP   24,5212009-08-01 18:16:52
Yaesu FT1000MP-MKV + 400W + OPTIBEAM OB9-5 + Wintest 3.27

A nice contest and I hope have more time the next year, only active 2 hours
this year. 73 + DX Jesus EC1KR
USØHZ   CW Only LP   174,4052009-08-01 21:38:08
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical Romb.
F5IN   CW Only HP   153,0102009-08-01 23:11:45
Powered by Win-Test 4.0.1

kenwood TS-940S + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunted-feed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

& K9AY loop system
DL4ME   CW Only HP   174,1952009-08-02 00:12:22
TS850, ZZ750, Spiderbeam, Dipole, N1MM-Logger
RZ3VO   CW Only LP   125,3452009-08-02 00:22:59
Equipment used:
Cushcraft R8 (10, 15, 20, 40)
Delta loop (80, 160)

Best 73's
De Vladimir
YT1HA   CW Only LP   255,9522009-08-02 01:15:11
FT 1000 MP mark V field
100 w
ant's: ASAHI 10,15,20 6m high
Vertical 40m -32 radials
inv vee 80,160
no internet,no cluster

Well great contest,lose about 45 min to set up ant for 160 m @ 23:30 GMT,but
manage to pick up 31 stn on 160.
Final score could be + 60 qso or little more because of above situation.
Nice weekend @my weekend house,too many cigarets smoken during contest,and only
one meal during test which was not easy during great pile up.
Thanks everyone for qso's,cu next year for sure.
73 Zik YT1HA
IK4XCL   CW Only HP   269,9822009-08-02 01:47:43
location : @ io4t

yaesu ft 1000mp

al 1500

10m 4/4 yagi
15m 5 yagi
20m 5 yagi
40m 3 yagi
80m vertical
160m vertical + dipole

Great contest.
Mni tnx !

GL de IK4XCL Robi
- one of io4t -
SP2LNW   CW Only HP   214,9282009-08-02 02:00:08
Fine contest, tnx all for QSO's. 73 Slaw sp2lnw
LZ3FN   CW Only HP   408,1522009-08-02 02:13:02
Due to tech problems was 1 radio effort this time.
160m was bad surprise,antena didn't work.
Used only 100w there
LZ8E(LZ2BE)   CW Only HP   455,4992009-08-02 02:22:20
Excellent activity. Thanks to all friends who worked with me.
73! Boyan
LY4A   SSB Only HP   371,6352009-08-02 02:38:18
Thanks all for qso...

Pure propagation on 10/15m first 2 hours lost to many time for the mults.
Also problem last 40 minutes with pa ,and finishing without the PA.
This year working for the mults and also lost few qso for the time for muls.

No thanks again and see you next year...




160m - Dipole
80m - 2el YAGI Moxon (1 tower)
40m - 3el Fullsize YAGI (1 tower)
20m - 5el YAGI (1 tower) and 3el YAGI (2 tower)
15m - 6el YAGI (1 tower) and 5el YAGI (2 tower )
10m - 5el YAGI(1 tower ) and 5el YAGI (3 tower)

CT1ILT   CW Only HP   179,5772009-08-02 03:18:04
Wasn't able to do it full time...

Filipe CT1ILT
S57AD   CW Only LP   45,6212009-08-02 03:46:45
TS-430 @ 80W; OCF dipole @ 10m (33'); no antennas for 160/15m
Part time effort, slow start (felt like I'm using dummy load instead of
antenna), 80 & 40 were a bit better. 100% S&P (Few CQs I droped in were
OL6P(OK2PP)   CW Only LP   100,7982009-08-02 04:25:45
Limited time for operating - only for fun.
Very nice contest with good activity.
Thanks all for QSo!

73, Petr OK2PP, OK2WTM
LY5W   SSB Only LP   176,9992009-08-02 04:39:42
92 LY QSO's! Maybe Lithuania will win 1 place for the first time?
Not easy to work with Low Power especially SSB, but tried and got lot of fun!
YAGI KLM KT34XA not rotate again, so lost many stations from North and East.
73, Sam LY5W
Look for my activity during whole August as LY20W.
20 years of Baltic Way, when in 3 Baltic countries was restorated INDEPENCE.
20 years ago peoples from LY, YL and ES taked by hands in one way from Vilnius
to Tallin. Can imagine?
S56A   CW Only LP   165,8162009-08-02 05:17:18
FT1K 100W is enough for EU CW but my main problem is second harmonic from 300 x
1 kW AM TX at 918 kHz poluting 12 kHz on 160 m with our "truth". TH6 still
fixed to USA. Age 64 seemed as a nice exchange against databases. Few extra
questionmarks received :-)

73 de Mario, S56A
DK6XZ(E77XZ)   CW Only HP   297,7162009-08-02 05:34:52
Many excellent CW operators "on air"! I was approaching the contest for the very
first time operating a serious station ( DL0MB ) and enjoyed much to share the
Saturday with you. Thank you for the exciting time!

The "feeling" of trough my station performed signal on 40/20 was painly missed
on two upper bands, where the time spent in usless try to collect "expected"
number of QSOs was simply stolen away from the fruitable bands. Solid
disappointment was the performance of our delta loop on 80 too. Good
experiences for the future events...

FT-1kMP + PA ( SO1R )
160 inv L
80 sloping delta loop
40 Optibeam OB4-40
20/15/10 KT34 @37m + OB16-3 @18m
WT 3.27.0
no cluster in use

Congratulations to my german competers DL3TD and DJ1YFK for their top scores
and all of you who tend to find place at the begin of the score lists.

73 Suad DK6XZ ( E77XZ )
CU in WAEDC next week, M/S @DL0MB
EA5DFV   SSB Only HP   323,5702009-08-02 07:48:20
First, I will thanks to the Slovenia Contest Club and "Zveza radioamaterjev
Slovenije" the 2008 SSB-HighPower plaque, that I have received just on time.

I enjoyed a lot this contest: I will try to beat my last year numbers, and I
get it, but it seem not be enoungh :-)

I have returned this past week from a travel to USA, and I don't have chance to
check the station status in detail. I payed for it.

The better band for me was 10m, good sporadic-E opennings but with marginal
propa to other places in central EU; anyway the band was quite and I can copy
weak signals. On 20m, some near storm put the noise high. The 80m and 160m
dipoles don't work properly and I can't use the amp on this bands, and I lose
some mults on this bands.

Congratulations to Roli and Pali for their nice results.

Thanks for the QSO.

73 de Jose

FT1000MP MarkV
10m-40m Mosley Pro67B @20m.
80m inverted V dipole.
160m inverted V dipole.
OH6KZP   Mixed HP   47,0882009-08-02 08:36:18
A rare operation from the "home-home" QTH for some time in the middle of the
contest. Thanks for the QSOs to all.
EA3KU   CW Only LP   295,0762009-08-02 09:32:54
After many years contesting high power, the last IARU contest I decided to
participate in low power and I enjoyed it very well. So this year I decided to
participate in the EU HF contest in low power.

The conditions of propagation at 28 MHz with a big 'ES' has been excellent and
I have tried to make the most as well on 21 mhz.

The conditions of propagation at 28 MHz with a big 'ES' has been excellent and
I have tried to make the most as well as 21 mhz. As I spent much time in the
higher bands has made the number of 'QSO' at 14mhz is not as high as I expected
because the stations will have already left the band to go to the lower bands.

In my 7Mhz 'long OCF dipole' with almost two wavelengths long for that
frequency to be acceptable giving a good gain and the orientation is optimal
for 'EU'. Thus the number of 'QSOs' was good even at low power.

Which is actually really be a challenge to southern Europe from Z14 and at low
power on 3.5mhz and specially on 1.8 mhz. In these bands I never could do
running and all QSO's were S&P. I was very helpful my RX antenna. I lost many
QSO's, especially in 1.8mhz, where he heard many stations that I called many
times and never heard me.

My Rig : IC-775 DSP full fit of roofing and cw filters
Antennas : KT34XA 50feet.
Dipol 3.5 mhz.
OCF Dipole 81mtrs long.
OK1JOC   Mixed LP   81,9892009-08-02 10:46:05
IC 7000,100W,multiband dipol@9m ,zepp @12m,square for40m,inv L for 80m
S53MM   CW Only HP   356,1902009-08-02 10:51:59
It all went smoothly, except last hour on 160m did not produce enough QSOs and
Mults on that band.

4O3A   Mixed HP   469,1542009-08-02 11:07:03
Again problems with MH MK2R SO2R box. CW from WinKey sound very bad and lost
some Qs because tried to solve it on fly, when contest already started. Looks
like I will start to make SO2R box by my own, to be simple and easy to use. And
of course, it should be PC independent 100%. I really became to be sick of those
USB boxes, virtual ports, many “options” I never used, and it all works as
Windows itself – works in principle and freeze when you need it most.
Haha..So many Windows problems, drivers, routers or so, what is making all
contest stations very unstable and sensitive on many aspects.
So, after 6-7 hours I got simple LPT interface with two BC107 and finally could
come on CW.
It was so easy to make over 500k pts, but EUHFC is my unlucky one? Every year I
have some troubles in the middle of it, even I tried to be ready and would like
to work it as serious as I can.

See you in WAE CW, if all antenna works will be finish on time.

9A3B(9A1AA)   SSB Only HP   289,4202009-08-02 12:04:59
My first entry in SSB HP category after 3 years in MIX LP.
Next year will be better....
OY/OZ1AA   CW Only HP   183,3032009-08-02 15:13:26
10 and 15 were tough going from up here - had to fight hard for every QSO. Runs
on 20 much better including a good number of JA's and other exotic DX. Please
call again next weekend in WAE CW!


Thomas OZ1AA
F5VIH(@F6KAR)   CW Only HP   300,6722009-08-02 15:48:27
What a pity to be off the sporadic that Eastern EU enjoyed!

My warmest congratulations to <b> Vladas LY1BX </b> for his 90th birthday! The
most surprising multi (38) I've been getting every year! Thank you Vladas for

73's to all,

Nick - F5VIH/SV3SJ
HA3OV   Mixed HP   422,1362009-08-03 03:59:30
FB contest!
In the first hours I wasted too much time on mult chasing.
- 10m amplifier does not worked, so it was quite a surprise when I got a call
from WX3B to my barefoot CQ. CU in WAEDC!
- It is always a pleasure to work old timers like: PA0KT, LY1BX, GM2BMJ,
Congrats UW2M,4O3A,RM3F,DL1IAO for their nice scores.

Thanks for the QSOs!
9A4D(9A7DX)   CW Only HP   305,0192009-08-03 05:50:01
Nice condx on 15 and 10m...
Nice activity...
S56Y   SSB Only LP   110,6072009-08-03 10:34:53
Thanks to S51WDN (S55W) to rent me their shack.
OP4K(ON4JZ)   Mixed HP   22,7902009-08-03 23:59:21
Very limited time effort. Spent only 3 hours but enjoyed the 10 and 15m
CU all in the WAE this coming weekend.
73 de Joe

Yaesu FT-2000
Acom 2000A
18 el Optibeam (4 el on 15 + 20m and 7 el on 10m) at 50m on top of a 10 story
RK3SWS(RV3BA)   CW Only LP   192,0242009-08-04 01:22:55
Thanks to RA3SI and RX3APM for using this super station!
See all next year in EUHFC!

UY7C(UR3CMA)   Mixed LP   222,9252009-08-04 11:45:17
Missed 2007 & 2008 party.. but now strongly enjoyed '2009 !
Tnx to all for QSO!

Ic-746, 2 el, GP 40, DL 80.
RZ3RM   Mixed HP   199,7272009-08-04 15:37:17
RIG: FT-450
PA: 400W
ANT: INV 160/80/40, GP 20/15/10
S58L   SSB Only HP   49,2662009-08-05 01:41:21
Nice contest. Some qrl work so I work only 6h. Nice opening on 10m. tnx for qso
and 73
S59TI   SSB Only LP   60,6982009-08-05 03:28:12
Nice and traditionally exciting contest for me. I'm very glad to contact beloved
friends every year. :) 73 Ursa, S57TI
EA7RM   CW Only LP   220,1702009-08-05 05:24:40
Very nice and funny contest. No 160 meters antenna, BTW had not expected to make
many QSOs in this band from this side.

73s, Nino
YT5A(YU7NU)   CW Only HP   466,4162009-08-10 01:00:45
CU1YL(22)will probably not count as mpl
so, it makes 1 mpl less.

Thanks all for Q's!