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British Columbia QSO Party   2017   Feb 4   Comment Summary

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NG7W   Single OpMixed LP   2,1162017-02-04 19:34:41
Pretty bad conditions here. I heard a few BC stations that just did not hear me
at all. I don't have 40/80 meters at the moment, so I could have probably done
much better. I was lucky to pick up VA7ODX for the bonus points 5 times!

Spiderbeam pointed north, 100 watts.
K5LH   Single OpCW LP   9242017-02-04 20:11:23
Score down over 50 percent from last year. Includes 40 points for working
VA7ODX twice. NA Sprint wiped out everything after 0000 UTC on Sunday. Thanks
for the QSOs. Rig: Ten-Tec Eagle, wire dipoles, Aether for Mac. Chris, K5LH
VE7JKZ   Single OpCW LP   6,7402017-02-04 20:17:14
Did the ionosphere go on vacation? Absolutely atrocious conditions. Things can
only get better, can't they......?
VA7ST   Single OpCW LP   3,6202017-02-04 20:48:26
Sure didn't take long to work out the only band available during daylight --
20M. Thanks to those who were on for this one.
VA7YJJ   Single OpMixed LP   1,7162017-02-04 23:01:11
Not too good this year. I guess my antennas did not like the fresh snow. But I
did something new, that is CW. I managed to get 9 CW QS0. To me that is
amazing. Well, since the bands were silent for me I had plenty of time to
listen and learn. A few stations even answered my extra slow CW CQ. Some had an
infinite patience with me. Thank you:) That was great. It made my day. BC QSO
party is my pet contest so rain or shine I was there all the way. But it was a
long day with only a few rewards. Some days are just like that.

I hope I was the only one to experience the "nothingness". Joseph
VE7JH   Single OpMixed LP   73,9082017-02-05 06:18:16
Working conditions are ICOM-706MKIIG, tribander at 10mH and 40m Inv. VEE.
QTH is Crofton, in district CML: Cowichan-Malahat-Langford.
Propagation was quite poor with weak signals and QSB.
10m was only local stations QSY'd.
15m was open to SE USA.
20m was OK, many VE and W in log.
40m was very poor.
80m was OK for some BC mults.
35 QSOs from BC in 12 sections.
Thanks to all the VE's and W's who came out to join us!
VA7QD(@VE7IO)   Multi-OpMixed HP   389,7042017-02-05 13:24:57
The contest was a fun event and a superb team effort.
We managed to get a 160 meter antenna up and on the air just one day before the
contest despite less than ideal weather (snow). Also, on Thursday our main
computer refused to turn on after a area power failure on Wednesday, a trip to
the computer shop on Friday confirmed a dead power supply, this was replaced
and we were operational by Friday evening.

We had three stations on the air running full legal limit. The radios were a
Flex 6700, Icom 7600 and an Icom 7300. For antennas we had a TH7 at 70', a 3
element SteppIR at 60', a Mosley CL33 at 70' and wire antennas for 40, 80 and
160. For logging we used N1MM+ with 4 computers networked together. We had
great performance from the radios, computers and software.
The operators persisted through the slow periods and found rates picked up as
the day wore on but were terrible by time the contest ended.

To all the stations that provided us with Q's and mults we thank you very

Fred VE7IO
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Single OpDig HP   42017-02-05 15:21:49


VA7VF   Single OpSSB LP   10,6202017-02-05 16:11:48
Heavy snow accumulations on feedline made for interesting tuning challenges. Got
my exercise going out to knock snow off. Given we snowed in, it was a perfect
day to be inside and warm in the shack. Disappointed that not able to make more
BC Qs, either they weren't on radio or conditions made them un-workable. Lower
mainland a real challenge from north/eastern side of Vancouver Island.
Margaret VA7VF
VA7ODX   Multi-OpMixed HP   327,2302017-02-06 16:43:06
A couple of weeks ago, I played in NAQP SSB to get an idea of what BC operators
might be facing during BCQP. CONDX was awful but Qs were still possible,
particularly on 20m and 15m. And so it was during BCQP as well.

The RTTY op lamented that these were the worst conditions he had seen in many
years. The CW op sighed in frustration too many times to count, especially when
NA Sprint took over the frequencies, even our suggested alternate frequencies.
For me, on PH -- which tends to have more activity than the other modes -- I
enjoyed some good, if short-lived, runs. But results are a far cry from what
they have been in past years.

Overall, the VA7ODX score is not even half the level achieved last year, but
not for lack of trying. But we were one radio short this year. For various
reasons, including CONDX, me and my CW op decided to share one radio and
alternate between PH and CW rather than set up separate stations for each mode.
As a result, PH runs were cut short a couple of times as I reluctantly
relinquished the chair.

On the high bands, 20m was the go-to band for all modes. 15m had moments but
only until mid-afternoon local time. We drew a complete blank on 10m. On the
low bands, 40m was okay but, like 15m, was not particularly productive. 80m was
a struggle.

We often have surprise DX in the VA7ODX log. I say "surpise," because
BCQP is by and large a North American event. That said, in recent years we have
had logs from Europe and Japan, and many BC logs have shown QSOs with stations
all over the world. Not a huge number but enough to be a pleasant surprise that
we cautiously look forward to seeing every year. Not this year. Not much DX at
all, if the sponsor log is anything to go by. Over-the-pole Qs were impossible
with the aurora at 7.0 or higher through most of the day, and signals over
great-circle routes just could not get through activity on the East Coast.

Along with disappointing band conditions came an unexpected amount of snow on
the southern coast of BC. In this area of the province, the snow tends to be
wet and heavy -- not fluffy, cornstarch-like powder -- and the resulting ice
that forms as temperatures drop is not an antenna's best friend!

It's the job of the team running the sponsor callsign to keep the on-air
profile of BCQP high, but we still like to put lots of Qs in our log. So
despite the challenges, it was great to hear so many familiar callsigns and to
exchange a friendly hello. And perhaps because the going was so tough, each and
every Q was all the more appreciated.

On behalf of the VA7ODX team and Orca DXCC, I extend a sincere thank you to
everyone who got on the air and/or helped others get on the air. BCQP continues
to be a fun event because of the people who get involved.

Hope to see you all again in 2018 -- February 3.

Rebecca VA7BEC
Koji VA7KO
Dave VA7AM
K4BAI   Single OpCW HP   3602017-02-08 06:21:33
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX. Thanks for all QSOs. Please look for the GA
QSO Party the second full weekend in April. 73, John, K4BAI.
WN4AFP   Single OpDig LP   242017-02-16 08:06:20
Made a digital contact with VA7ODX. I didn't 'see' any other BC RTTY stations to
work. Thought I'd try a new mode in this contest. 73s Dave