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Croatian CW Contest   2012   Dec 15   Comment Summary

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YU1AAV(YT1HA)   SOSB/80 LP   25,9942012-12-15 17:47:58
FT 1000 MP Mark V Field
power: 100 Watts
ant: full size delta loop for 80m

Thanks for QSO's,QSL via LOTW and EQSL.CC
73 Zik
W6SX   SOAB HP   4082012-12-15 19:52:49
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
YU7U   SOSB/80 HP   32,0002012-12-16 00:28:02
Sorry to USA stations for my poor RX. Bevearge was demaged by ice rain and snow
Afetr sunrise I repair USA beverage and worked couple w6/w7 stations.
Equipment: FT2K, om pwer 2K, Vertical with 120 radials 20,2 m, beverages, N1MM

more info at

From CQ WW cw 2012. all qsl card are sent via the bureau. ( All Ja and USA)
E71A   SOSB/160 HP   56,8502012-12-16 01:07:52
Setup: Tower 3om - slooping wire 27m,
TS 590 + AMP
RCV antena 4SQ 80m...hi
73 CU

QSL via:
N8UM   M/S HP   153,9302012-12-16 05:58:06
Great lowband conditions. Ten meters was open marginally Sunday morning but I
did not spend any time there. Terrific signals from 9A on 15 meters at end of
LY5W   SOSB/80 HP   108,0802012-12-16 06:01:18
One of the last contest 2012. This time with Dipole without beverages (sorry for
those N.A. station's I can't read) at home station. Nice weather, lot of snow,
not cold.
Congratulation's to E70T for big score!
Got 99! from one very known LY . Thanks for Christmas and birthday (45th)
present :-) Now You'll be in memory for future!
In my 30+ year's of contesting it happens for the first time.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! God bless!
73, Sam LY5W/LY2BIM
VE9AA   SOSB/10 HP   13,5322012-12-16 06:04:38
This is one contest where I could've used a little help from Santa and his magic
Reindeer !
It was tough sleddin' !
The first 55-60 minutes was GREAT ! Lots of people to work but then I think
they all went to 15m and 20m. Sunday morning condx were not very good and very
few stations on 10m.

73 MX de Mike VE9AA
VE1ZA   SOAB LP   160,8002012-12-16 06:11:04
Playing with SO2R with TS-520S and Ft-1000MkV. Need to work out the bugs a bit
YT2AAA   SOSB/20 LP   27,7502012-12-16 06:12:26
IC-745 + GP

73, Ivan
K4MM   SOSB/15 LP   10,6752012-12-16 06:20:59
Nice contest. Fair 15M activity. Always fun to work these 24 hr contests.

Rig = TS-2000 95 watts Ant = 1/2 Dipole and a MFJ Versa Tuner.

Thanks to all that worked me. Hope to see you all next year in this and
other contests.

73 Seasons Greetings Tom Colyard K4MM
OZ4CG   SOAB LP   69,1842012-12-16 06:52:30
Kenwood TS590S (100W)
Antenna: G5RV up 8m
Vy 73 Carsten / OZ4CG
PY2NY   SOAB LP   17,1902012-12-16 07:02:29
Just for fun. So bad conditions...
Merry Xmas and Happy 2013!!
W1UJ   SOAB HP   12,5162012-12-16 07:37:27
Last 1/2 hour was the 78 QSOs on 15m. The 160m QSOs were testing new series
capacitors on the 160m inverted L. Some of the 160m QSOs may be from the
Russian 160m contest Friday night.


Band QSOs Pts Cty
1.8 10 52 9
21 78 246 33
Total 88 298 42
Score: 12,516
SP2LNW   SOSB/40 HP   58,2002012-12-16 07:45:03
Tnx for the contest. Mry Xmas and HNY, 73 Slaw SP2LNW
4U1GSC(9A3A/E73A)   SOAB HP   338,4702012-12-16 07:52:42
Operating time : 9h46

160 48 0 20 148 3.08
80 66 0 25 216 3.27
40 166 0 40 620 3.73
20 152 0 36 217 1.43
15 284 4 45 511 1.80
10 61 0 15 158 2.59
TOTAL 777 4 181 1870 2.41
TOTAL SCORE : 338 470

Part time effort, maybe I'll get everything ready for full time effort next
year. Thanks to all for calling 4U1GSC.

73 Ivo I7/9A3A, E73A
RT3F(RV3FW)   SOAB HP   693,7652012-12-16 08:18:49
Thanks for the contest!
Full report on our website at the
F5IN   SOAB HP   701,9952012-12-16 08:20:26
Powered by Win-Test 4.11.DEV

IC -7410 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

beverages 160m (ASIA & USA)
& K9AY loop system
RM5D   SOAB LP   568,1002012-12-16 09:03:49
TS-590 - 100w
160,80 - dipole@65m
40 - 2el (HB9CV)@75m
20 - 6el@70m
15 - 7el@65m
10 - 8el@75m
LY7Z(LY2TA)   SOAB HP   16,0202012-12-16 09:12:19
TS 850S/AT + ACOM 1000
Wires 80-40m, AD223V2 Tribander

73! Andy LY7Z
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOAB LP   206,0582012-12-16 09:27:36
Equipment used: K3 100W, 5 meter wire on flag pole with ATU

One of highlight is 10m propagation is much better than last week, ARRL 10m.

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
YU/S56A   SOAB LP   79,9002012-12-16 09:34:46
Single 21 m long Windom antenna fed 40% off center used. Light bulb connected
on 80 and 160 m with shorted 15 m coax and balcony guards remembering LZ FD
2011. Too much snow for another Z6 DX-ped but it was fun!

MX & HNY & 73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOSB/20 LP   71,5002012-12-16 09:54:01
My score is an approximation,I must have made an error in setting up the logge,
so the above is a manual gesstimate.

20 mtrs was in pretty poor shape, I did s/b 20m last year and didn't need to
work nearly so hard as I did this time. DXCC's were pretty thin on the ground.
Also this contest I did my first ever assisted using a local RBN (about 100km
distant0, it certainly helped save my time on S&P in finding stns not wkd
before but it did not throw up any DX, perhaps widening the filter to include
other beacons would help there. Not being 'Au fait' with the system I thought
I would be overwhelmed with too much information. What did surprise me was the
number of spots which just newly appeared but the ops were not there - why call
'Test' then just vamoose? I shall try it again in the next contest I do where
'Assistance' is the only option. The verdict from this died in the wool
unassisted op "It was interesting but I will stick with S&P."

Band began to close up at 5.00pm local time and was gone within 1 hour and
didn't wake up until sunrise, 06.30 local,. I am sure SS minima can be no
worse. So what is the secret over at N4PN's place? I got the biggest surprise
call from Paul around 11.00am local time which must have made his local time
around 4.00am - never had a NA call so early on the higher bands.

Propagation was limited to north of the equator, qso breakdown was EU 373, Asia
68, NA 19 + 2x EA8, nothing from central or South America. As usual a few clicky
and ropey sigs and some poor operating. DX being scarce the pileups were unruly.
2 cases in particular MD0CCE & XV9NPS. The mob wouldn't stop the continuos
calling, it was a real mess. Bob (CCE)did the wise thing and qsy'd the XV9 just
continued calling CQ to aggravate the problem, never once could I read the the
call he was going back to, nor could they - what a mess, 2 good would be mlt's
wasted to many.

73 Brian 5B4AIZ.
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOAB HP   57,0002012-12-16 10:56:33
A little bit here, a little bit there.

73, Mike K9NW
HA8VK   SOSB/20 HP   47,0822012-12-16 11:33:56
Very good contest with many DX stations.
VE9ML   SOAB LP   96,9142012-12-16 12:02:15
Condition were good lots of stations on the air and had lots of fun .
DL8MBS   SOAB QRP   66,1242012-12-16 12:32:49
Heard a very first CQ of XV9 when he landed on an empty 15m-qrg; I dropped my
call, felt him hesitating but then he CQed again instead of "?" - and with the
first other station calling I knew the skimmers had him and qsyed. ASAP or

But how damned lucky we are to live this hobby and can complain about condx and
unruly pileups - the news from Newtown and the memories of such an event in our
city ten years ago put it all in perspective. May the people there have many
people to hold them in the coming months and years.

Gl&73, Chris
AA7V   SOSB/40 HP   302012-12-16 12:43:52
worked all the 9A stns I could hear
happy hoildays
YL2QN   SOSB/80 LP   37,5362012-12-16 14:32:26
RIG: Softrock SDR
ANT: Inverted L, Vertical.
KD8IGK   SOAB LP   1,8482012-12-16 16:58:42
Only worked this contest in S&P mode, a very very part time effort. Several
projects at home distracted me from spending time in the chair, 40M was in
pretty good shape with lower noise levels than usual and there more 9AW
stations there also.
K7IA   SOAB HP   24,9202012-12-16 21:10:54
I split the available time between 9A CW and OK RTTY. It wasn't a good weekend
for contesting--I made a couple of house calls to a good friend on home
Hospice. He went SK on Sunday afternoon...
R3GM(@RT5G)   SOAB HP   1,048,6782012-12-16 22:05:19
It was my first SO2R operation.
RG9A   SOAB HP   2,180,0502012-12-16 22:50:41
Has lost 2nd Radio 2.5 hours before contest end.
OK1FKD   SOAB QRP   123,0502012-12-17 00:20:44
Elecraft K2 5W,ant LW 42m
9A5K   SOAB HP   2,337,0242012-12-17 00:23:36
Great fun and great activity this year.
It seems that we will have many new all time records this year.

Nice to see you all on the air and thanks all for qsos in 9A CW.

Season's greetings everyone and CU next one.

Chris - 9A5K
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SOAB LP   226,0472012-12-17 03:58:11
Rig: K3 Elecraft 80 Watt - Ant: 20 mtr Inverted-L up 12 mtr
- Nice contest - CUAGN next year - Merry Xmas

Best 73 de OZ1BII
9A7T   M/S HP   1,528,4222012-12-17 04:44:14
Nice contest with our modest setup. We lost the electricity power, so we had to
run on generator power. Conditions were good and we had some nice runs on all
bands. thanks for all callers. CU in the next one!
73 de Zlatko, 9A2EU
IZ3QCH   SOAB LP   32,3902012-12-17 04:50:49
Contesdt fun ... I did not think it was attended by many stations on the air

Spent a few hours relaxation test and practical training to the shack ... 

Thanks Paul QAR-TEST fantastic as always ...

Thanksgiving to everyone I've connected ..

Usually setup condominium FT-950, antenna and vertical random   

Alberto IZ3QCH
OL5Y   SOAB HP   534,2042012-12-17 07:14:10
Interesting contest - also very good for training and equipment-proving. Thanks
for supporting it!
NA8V   SOAB LP   226,9082012-12-17 07:31:45
a fun contest.

Condx were decent, 10 was a little light (z14 plus a few 9a) but the low bands
were good. First EU on 40 at 1924z, very very early for me. First EU on 80 at
2125z, also early and well before sunset. On 160 I could hear a lot more than I
could work. some stations were very loud.

worked pretty much only EU. 4 dx stns NA/SA, several EA8, W/VE - nothing

J28AA(E7ØA)   SOSB/15 LP   1,0442012-12-17 09:36:27
I had a limited time to enjoy the competition this year, only 20 minutes!
I used a 15W a dipole antenna.
See you next year.

73 Darko J28AA/E70A
OK4RQ   SOAB HP   50,1992012-12-17 10:32:49
only deal points and relax after OKDX RTTY ...

73 Pavel
YU1ZZ   SOAB LP   11,4082012-12-17 10:59:15
Milan, YU1ZZ
9A4WY   SOAB LP   196,7362012-12-17 11:59:37
nice fun and very good activity this year.
big surprise was WL7E answer to my CQ with my ant. to 50 deg...:-)
73 and tnx for QSO-s.
K4BAI   SOAB HP   24,0802012-12-17 15:04:29
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Pretty good conditions
80 through 10M. Participation by 9A stations seemed down from previous years,
at least during the hours I was QRV. Thanks for all QSOs. Happy Holidays. 73,
John, K4BAI.
N4PN   SOAB HP   490,8642012-12-17 15:36:34
Nice working all of my 9A friends - most of whom I have met on
my visits to Croatia...
20m never closed...had to get a few hours sleep before church
on Sunday morning....high-lights: being called by DV1/JO7KMB
LP in the middle of the night...and then finding HS0AC and UK8AR
also LP on 20m...VK6HG worked LP on 40m with a dipole before sun-
set on Saturday afternoon....I was sure it must be Mike, VK6HD,
but was was - VK6HG..
160m was wide open but not many stations on...worked 12 stations
and all were new mults....lots of really loud EU sigs on 80m too..
Thanks to all...
73, Paul, N4PN
Also: 9A4PN
9A7V(@9A7A)   SOAB HP   2,844,6882012-12-17 23:26:32
Nice contest !
DK6XZ(E77XZ)   SOAB HP   558,2392012-12-18 01:35:07
As always a nice CW event. It was not to be my weekend this time. The rainfall
made me copy very badly, so I broke a serious effort after first 5 hours, than
joined the crowd till early morning.

Yet, it was a nice opportunity to get behind some tricks on SO2R setup.

Accordig to their exchanges, LZ5R, K1LZ, UA5C, 9A5K, 9A7V seem to have done a
good job, as few single banders, as E71A & E70T. Thanks everybody for fun &
hope to see you next year.

73 Suad, DK6XZ
OH1F(OH1NOA)   SOSB/15 HP   3,0362012-12-18 01:56:56
Giving out few qsos for fun!
9A1P   M/S HP   3,327,2122012-12-18 03:07:52
Nice activity and solid conditions - specialy on low bands.

Thanks for QSOs in 2012 and all the best in 2013!

9A1P team
F8GRY   SOAB QRP   1,2982012-12-18 04:57:12
Only very limited time to spend for the contest this year. Plus, I ran only QRP
and with a less than average antenna system.

CU next year SOSB/HP, probably on 15 & 40 (separate logs, but I'm training for

Peace & Enjoy

WJ9B   SOAB HP   5,6422012-12-23 08:12:54
Happy Holidays,
73, wj9b