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Florida QSO Party   2013   Apr 27   Comment Summary

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K4WW   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   48,6402013-04-28 09:15:15
Health issues would not allow spending as much time as I would have liked! Did
manage to work all the 1X1 stations to spell FLORIDA.
NF4A/M   SO MobileMixed LP   50,0902013-04-28 10:03:06
Work on the installation of a new FM broadcast antenna did not allow me to do my
uusal mobile effort in the FQP. I was able to slip away some Saturday to run
WAG, BAY and CAH and early Sunday morning to run LIB. When I was operating in
WAG, had wear a hard hat as I was at the 1100 ft tower having the broadcast
antenna installed ;) Highlight was working UA3AGW on 15 CW in LIB on Sunday
morning and JI3MJK on 20 Sunday morning in LIB. Also worked KH6, DL, HA, 9A, I,
LY, F, HI, KP4, and KP2. Looks like there were enough mobiles to cover the
state....there should be many sweeps !
K8IA   SOABCW QRP   18,9002013-04-28 10:27:10
Interesting contrast in short 2 hour QRP operation unassisted (and all S&P).
First hour, 53 q's, all seven K4x (FLORIDA) stations. Easy pickings, like when I
normally operate kw here.

The second hour band deteriorated and I may as well have been calling with
antennas in a lead room. QRP didnt cut it at all then. Struggled to make 22
more q's that hour. That was all I had time for.

Big tnx to all the FQP organizers for a really great QP. Sorry I didntn have
much time this weekend.

Hope to see you all in 7QP next weekend. I'll be using N7AT callsign.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
VE3XD   SOAB(A)CW QRP   10,1762013-04-28 12:14:13
Score include the QRP power multiplier of 3.

Limited to 20 and 15m attic antennas but still a fun contest. There were many
stations I could copy but they could not hear me which is not that unusual for
a qrp operation. Thanks to all the FL folks for the contacts.
K4AMA   SOAB(A)CW LP   3,7442013-04-28 13:08:51
Just too close for 20 and 40 didn't open for me until late.. either need to
join you in FL or back up a state or two... :)
[updated] had to go back and pick up K4O

Enjoyed the hunt and thanks for the Q's
73, Tony K4AMA
WDØECO   SOABMixed LP   79,2302013-04-28 14:54:00
Thanks to the many FL stations that made this a fun QP. And especially the
several mobiles to chase on 20m CW.

K3 100W, tribander and dipole, N1MM.
W4GV   SOABSSB HP   92,7002013-04-28 15:06:26
What a blast. Decided at the last minute to just work phone after seeing so
much activity even though I'd prepared the keyer and logging program for the
contest. First serious entry in FQP since 2000. It's come a long way nsince
then. Thanks for the Q's. Ten was non-existent, 15M and 40M poor to fair and
20M was the workhorse.
K2ZR/4   SOABCW LP   134,7922013-04-28 15:10:59
Rig: K2@ 90watts Ant: 40M Windom @ 25' Logging: N1MM
Thanks for the Qs!
73, K2ZR/4
Key West, FL Monroe County IOTA NA-062
NY7N   SOAB(A)SSB HP   4352013-04-28 15:11:16
Got all the 1x1s, and that seemed to be most of what I heard, for the short time
I was on.
VE9AA   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   55,2722013-04-28 15:14:17
One of my favorite contests. The home stations are loud and the mobiles are
numerous and moving around. Like chasing cockroaches ! LOL!!! I really enjoy
the QRQ mobiles (you know who you are)...sometimes I think NX4N was over
45wpm....I couldn't count the dits at times to know exactly what county he was
in...haha...all in good fun. You guys rock. Not sure how to do stats, but
there were some mobiles that really hit it out of hte park...N4AO, K4KG, NX4N,
AD8J, W5WMU, K4OJ, NO5W, N4FP, N4GI, K1XX, K5YAA, who am I forgetting ? I will
always leave one out by mistake and I apologize.

HEard some big signals from further west. Many VE3, 4 & 5's....also VE1OP
and VE1RGB. Only managed 11.5 hours and that was a real struggle. I was going
to take the weekend off as I am recovering from the flu, but VE1RGB urged me to
get on. I did, but wasn't a full blown effort. 15-30 mins here and there,
then rest on couch.

10m = 1 lonely QSO..did hear a few W4's , but vy weak.
15m = some huge signals, but activity was super concentrated on 20m (I
20m= bread and butter band, though signals weak here through the middle part of
the day.
40m= signals mostly weak until very late.

All in all, considering how I feel (blaaaah) I had a great time in the FQP as
always. Hope I did my part to pass out a rare mult. I don't think I heard
another VE9 on this weekend ?!?!


IC-7410 or IC-746
WinKeyer USB, Bencher Paddles
Heil BM-10
HF Help: MLA-2500 (sometimes, depends on contest)
6m Help: SB-226 (King conversions Heathkit)
2m Help: VE1RG(sk) homebrew ~ 500w
2m: 17B2 or M2-15el
4m: (yes, 4m), RX only 6el from
6m: A50-6S @ 24\'
10m: Wire ground plane, base @ 25\' or LJ-105CA @ 25\'
15m: Wire Ground plane for 40m band, base @ 15\'
20m: Wire Ground plane for 80m band (5/16th wave on 80m), base @ 4\'
40m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 15\'
80m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 4\'
160m: Wire Inverted L (more like inverted U) base @ 1\' (50x1/4wl
73 de Mike VE9AA
N4JF   SOABMixed QRP   18,0232013-04-28 15:16:20
KCØDEB   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   55,1042013-04-28 15:18:31
While I had other obligations this weekend, still managed to work all but 9
counties. Many thanks to the FL Rovers ! You guys made this FQP very

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul
7 CW 17 68 5
7 LSB 7 14 0
14 CW 119 476 50
14 USB 38 76 26
21 CW 5 20 0
21 USB 9 18 1
Total Both 195 672 82
Score: 55,104
W4OX   SOABMixed HP   292,2482013-04-28 15:21:05
Thanks to all who called!
K3TN   SOABCW HP   8,4152013-04-28 15:21:58
20 was about the only usable band for the time I was able to get on, but a great
level of activity.
W7KAM   SOABSSB LP   3,9002013-04-28 15:22:21
Worked all seven 1X1's to spell Florida on 20 meter phone which pleased me.
Found two all time new counties this year, Nassau and Dixie, still 20 to go
though. 100 watts into a Cushcraft MA5V Vertical mounted 10 foot off the
K9CT   SOABCW LP   156,2442013-04-28 15:22:34
Lots of fun and thank goodness for the mobiles.

K4KG 52
NX4N 51
K1XX 48
NO5W 42
K5YAA 40
K4OJ 39
N4GI 31
N4AO 30
KN4Y 29
N4EEB 28
W5WMU 21
AD8J 20
N4FP 15

15m had its moments but not good enough for mobiles. I checked 10 often and
just caught one station. Tried to call CQ but to no avail.

I got the FLORIDA last was K4A on 40m. The sweep was completed
with K4OJ in OKA. I heard W5RE later in OKA and wonder if I went by earlier
thinking he was not in FL!

This is a well run QSO party and enjoyed the fun.

73, Craig K9CT
W4EE   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   119,3402013-04-28 15:23:24
TS-440S es G5RV
Tnx for the great receivers in those vehicles
N8SBE   SOABMixed LP   117,0722013-04-28 15:23:49
Had a blast! 2nd year for me. Snagged 1st SSB in MI last year, so I went for
broke. My mixed score this year would put me in the top ten SO for last year.
Let's see how everyone else did. :-)

Missed all counties by Charlotte -- where was it?

Mucho thanks to all the CW rovers in Florida this year. What a blast! I think
I must have worked most of them at least a half dozen times, and some at least
ten or more..
KCØW   SOABCW HP   12013-04-28 15:24:59
Nice to hear so many mobiles operating in the QSO Party. Some of you guys really
had some roaring pileups going on!!!

As usual, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

***I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to collect
any awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program
to track the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I
have no information regarding my total number of mults or a final score.***

Tom KC0W
N7IR   SOABCW QRP   42,7682013-04-28 15:25:13
Spent a few hours here and there over the weekend in this one. Managed to
triple my old QRP CW record for AZ from 2004. Lots of good ops in this one,
especially in the mobiles.
Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
W4UT   SOABCW QRP   15,5402013-04-28 15:28:06
Conditions not the best at my QTH.
KS4X   SOABSSB QRP   2,0522013-04-28 15:28:58
conditions bad here and lots of thunder storms.
W6SX   SOABCW HP   6,5522013-04-28 15:31:39
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
VE5KS   SOABCW LP   66,0002013-04-28 15:33:34
Conditions could have been better, normally sigs from Florida are very strong,
but not this weekend. Most of the time they were down to the S5 level.
15 metres was a good band, less noise (QRN & QRM) but not as many stations
on it. I was very surprised to make a few contacts on 10. Did not make any Q's
on 40 maybe next year.
I almost made the sweep, I missed out on Gulf.
Thanks again to all the mobiles, you did a fantastic job, most of my Q's were
with the mobiles.

Stn times worked
K4OJ 25
NX4N 16
N4AO 16
K5YAA 15
K4KG 14
N4FP 14
N4GI 13
AD8J 12
K1XX 12
KN4Y 9
NO5W 9
NF4A 5

Rig TS 140S
Ant Cushcraft A3S @ 40 ft

VE1RGB   SOABCW LP   95,4082013-04-28 15:34:15
That blows my previous best out of the water: more Qs and a sweep to boot.

The top mobiles in my log are NX4N (36), K4OJ (31), K4KG (30) and NO5W (25).
Very nicely done, gentlemen. My hat is off to the guys who survived those
continuous pile-ups.

K3 + P3 + 80M dipole and 40M vertical and 160M delta loop.

N3RD   SOAB(A)CW HP   27,0402013-04-28 15:37:25
Trying casually for a sweep on CW only. Missed HEN and WAL.
N4DXI   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   10,1232013-04-28 15:45:24
20 and 15 m surprisingly quiet, few stations and low qrn. Checked antennas and
Orion II settings, looked ok, nothing on 10 m, back to 20 SSB, then BAM! YT7Z
followed by HA8DM, can't be that the band is locals, no stateside
but 59 plus DX? OK, tell DX about FQP and Levy County. I was working more
Swiss stations than USA. First contest where I gave up and called CQ, out of
the quiet popped CA, WA, RI, IL, PI, on and on. You just never can
tell.....John Bescher, N4DXI, Levy County.
WØPAN   SOABMixed LP   5,4602013-04-28 15:48:42
QSB was really tough. FL stations were working Europe so side and back of the
beam was the rule trying to work from AZ. Got FLORIDA on Phone and 2 short for
CW. Fun QSO Party.
NN3W   SOABMixed HP   65,0732013-04-28 15:54:54
What a fun time. Enjoyed this - was the first time I've turned the radio on in
close to a month owing to crushing work commitments.

Some of the mobiles seemed rather weak signalwise this year.

Old last counties for me this time - OKE and DES. Hmmm. Focused a bit more
heavily on SSB. Congrats to anyone on SSB who gets a phone sweep.
W6KC   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   9,9552013-04-28 15:59:10
I just had a few hours on Sunday to jump in. Was fun as always.
K1TN   SOABCW HP   31,2002013-04-28 16:11:06
Good job by all the mobiles.

Strong openings on 15 Meters both days but little activity.

Missed HAM, OKE.

W4ARM   SOABCW LP   200,3442013-04-28 16:11:45
Operated last hour Saturday evening, was able to make 115 contacts, good rate.
Good conditions Sunday, but slow in middle of the day. More DX this year,
adding to the mults. Many of the same guys worked on 15-20-40. 5 qso's on 10m
where I found KH6. Glad I could give out so many q's from DAD.73, Alan
N2CU   SOABMixed LP   80,2622013-04-28 16:13:05
FQP usually falls on the first real nice weather weekend here in WNY - this was
no different. Too much going on outdoors to stay inside all weekend, hence only
6.5 hours on air. Super mobile participation really kept me at the radio as much
as I could.

K3, TH6DXX 48', 40m dipole 32', N1MM

Tom N2CU <><
W9QL   SOABSSB LP   16,0002013-04-28 16:16:31
My first contest with the new FT-DX5000MP. A huge learning curve with all the
features in this amazing radio. As always, thanks go to the mobiles who
accounted for many of my multipliers. Conditions were better on Saturday than
Sunday, although it seemed like there was not a lot of participation on 40 last
night. Scored 12 more Q's than last year, but three less counties. Managed to
sweep the 1x1's on 15 and 20. I believe this is my best score to date in the

KH6LC(NH6V)   SOABMixed LP   63,1842013-04-28 16:19:20
Often difficult to crack the pileups from 4500 miles away. Excellent mobile


73 and aloha,
Rob - NH6V
K6CSL   SOABCW LP   2,8562013-04-28 16:24:20
A new station record for this event. Double last years score. Band conditions
were good, except on 10M. Bert, K6CSL
K7JQ   SOABMixed HP   21,8042013-04-28 16:39:19
Basically came down to a 20 and 15M contest at this QTH, as 40M showed
practically nothing, and 10M was non-existant. Sigs were up and down all
weekend...lots of QSB and down in the noise. Operated 100% S&P, and ran out
of CQ-ers. I just managed to barely surpass last year's total, while putting in
a couple more hours. Hope things improve for 7QP next weekend. Still had fun
under tough condx, and thanks for the Q's.

73, Bob K7JQ
NI7R   SOABCW LP   9,9282013-04-28 16:42:58
I only hope the band conditions for the 7QP will be better. Using LP for the 2X
multiplier, HOA restricted antennas and poor propagation cost me a whole bunch
of QSOs. I never heard K4O on CW, so I missed spelling out FLORIDA.
K8GT   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   58,3202013-04-28 16:43:46
What a ball! The mobiles were loud and awesome. They covered everything. I
only missed 2 counties for a sweep and it wasn't a lack on the mobile's part.
It was more my tendancy to sleep in on Sunday. The FLQP is one of the premier
QSO parties, and it really showed this year. Great job, guys. I'll be awake
next year. 73 Gerry, K8GT
KH7XS/W4(K4XS)   SOABMixed HP   693,3152013-04-28 16:45:10
So-so first day. Second day got better. Had to go by the numbers for about 20
minutes when the pile got really thick Sunday afternoon on 15. About 20 mults
called in during the last 4-5 hours. I'm geting to like CW tests a lot more
K9PG   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   257,8102013-04-28 16:54:24
150w and a dipole at 50 feet.

I missed a ton of SSB counties the first day.... didn't think a sweep on both
modes would be possible... but it'd have been done if I paid more attention to
the ssb mobiles on day 1.

Imagine this without mobile participation! This is my manually counted Q

40 with nx4n
39 with k4oj
35 with n4ao
32 with k1xx
29 with n4gi
28 with k5yaa
26 with no5w
23 with ad8j
22 with kn4y
17 with n4eeb (day 1 only)
16 with w5wmu

Great show by the FCG....all the hard work & effort pays off!

N2BJ   M/SMixed HP   43,6802013-04-28 17:00:06
Thanks for all those who called and tried to copy me. All my beams are damaged
from recent storms. TH11DX Feed line and 10 M trap and 40 M Beam broke
Only part time this year and a wire.
VE4VT   SOABMixed HP   38,8242013-04-28 17:21:24
My favorite QSO Party and I had to miss so much of it. Way too many family
commitments meant just grabbing an hour hear and there throughout the weekend.

Great conditions early in the morning and late in the afternoon on 20m.
Unfortyunately from about 1600z to 2000z conditions become very marginal and
signals from FL are in the S0 to S3 range and I find myself waiting in the
pileups. Switch to 15m and signals from FL are 10dB over 9 and the band is
quiet. Wish more of the moblies used 15m but I guess why bother when the
pileups never seem to end.

It happened twice where I came upon a frequency with a mobile that worked a few
contacts then switched counties. I figured great I would get them before the
masses descend. No such luck, they drove through the whole county and switched
to the third county before with me calling before I finally worked them.

It was almost funny as I would call and the mobiles would work the same big gun
eastern stations over and over before I could get through. VE1RGB, VE9AA and the
wide array of VE3s.

The mobiles make this QSO party a real party! Start to finish these mobiles
give out the QSOs while racking up miles and burning through gas. It is truly

Hope to make it to the party full time next year!

WB8JUI   SOABCW QRP   62,9522013-04-28 17:22:01
Limited time to play this year, but I did manage to put in a few hours over the
course of the weekend. The weather in northern Ohio decided to finally break
on Saturday, allowing a one day window of opportunity to do long overdue yard
work before rain hit again on Sunday. The grass was in dire need of a hay

I decided to try QRP again this year. 20 was decent, but nada heard on the
higher bands. 40 provided a few Qs, but I was basically limited to a one band

5 or more Qs with the following:
NX4N (18), K4KG (14), N4GI (12), N4AO (11), NO5W (10), K4OJ (10), K5YAA (10),
KN4Y (7), N4FP (6), AD8J (5), K1XX (4), N4EEG (5), W5WMU (5)

A job well done by all the mobile/rover crews and the FQP organizers!

Thanks to all for pulling me out of the masses.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K6LA   SOABMixed HP   102,3682013-04-28 17:42:07
The mobiles keep it interesting. Toward the end, every county change was a
pileup challenge. I worked 66 counties on Saturday and it took 5 hours to get
the last, HAR, and then I got 4 in 30 minutes. Guys, take a different route:)

10 meters opened late both days, but only casual FL stations answered CQs on
SSB, and it seemed like only the FLORIDA 3 letter calls were calling CQ.

AD8J = 16
W5WMU = 13
KN4Y = 17
K1XX = 18
N4EEB = 20
NO5W = 22
N4AO = 23
K5YAA = 24
N4GI = 25
K4KG = 30
NX4N = 30
K4OJ = 34

73, Ken, K6LA
VE3RZ   SOABMixed LP   172,6082013-04-28 17:43:53
Great fun. Thanks to the mobiles for making this a fun QSO Party.

Thanks for all the Qs

K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   151,2962013-04-28 17:45:12
Excellent party!

Kudos to the extensive mobile fleet who made sure there was never a dull
moment. Got OKA Sunday morning for the CW sweep. Should have been a bit more
diligent in tracking SSB counties as there may have been a good chance of
pulling off the dual mode sweep. Worked all the F-L-O-R-I-D-A 1x1 stations on
both modes.

Once again I had to pull the plug early. Maybe one of these years I'll be able
to give it a go full time.

Mobile QSOs:

K4KG 69 (10% of my total!!)
NX4N 47
K1XX 41
K5YAA 41
K4OJ 40
NO5W 39
N4GI 31
N4AO 28
KN4Y 25
AD8J 22
N4EEB 21
N4FP 18
W5WMU 16
W4FCG 13
NF4A 6
NF2F 4
N8KH 3

You guys rocked!


Mike K9NW
K8IR   SOABCW LP   101,3042013-04-28 18:03:31
Another fun weekend with the Florida crew.

I went into "a boy and his radio" mode this year. Did not go to the
web site, did not download mobile routes, etc. The only aide I used was the
map on the orange brochure. I just got on and worked what I could hear.

Conditions were excellent into the northern part of the state on 20 most of the
time. The southern counties boomed in on 15. But the central part of the state
was difficult from here much of the time on both those bands. 40 was quieter
and easier than usual.

As usual, a big thanks to the fine mobiles who keep it interesting for two

NO5W 34
NX4N 31
K4KG 28
K5YAA 27
KN4Y 23
N4GI 23
K4OJ 22
N4AO 20
K1XX 17
W5WMU 13
N4EEB 12
N4FP 11
AD8J 8
NF4A 4

And thanks to all who make this a great contest.

N2NC   SOABCW LP   31,7842013-04-28 18:36:49
Always a fun event. WX too nice to spend more time in this.
K8MR   SOABMixed LP   114,6922013-04-28 18:38:51
I did not get on until after 0000Z Sunday, as I was enjoying a rare warm, sunny
day in Cleveland. Sunday was back to the normal dreary and rain, so lots of
time in FQP then.

As always a great job by the mobiles. K4KG certainly has the art of the quick
QSY to SSB down pat. I wish more mobiles would do mixed mode and learn how to
do that.

One of these years I hope to display that skill from FL. Until then, do show up
for the Ohio QSO Party on Saturday, August 24.

73 - Jim K8MR
VY2LI   SOABMixed HP   38,6102013-04-28 18:46:59
A different tact from last year to help with the PEI mult.Went Mixed mode
rather than my usual Phone-only category.Interestingly, my CW numbers,which
were all S & P, were almost as high as phone.Had the usual breaks for HNIC
and a few holes of golf Sunday afternoon.Packed it in a couple of hours early @
99 Mults.CU in the Maritime QP! 73,Bill
KEØG   SOABCW QRP   30,6002013-04-28 18:47:05
K3 at 5 watts to a 74' broadband dipole up about 40' fed with ladder line and an
old Johnson Matchbox tuner. I re-positioned the dipole to be broadside to FL
for this QP. Lots of activity, thanks to all the FL stations who kept it
interesting. Mobiles, great job ! no5w: 8 Q's, n4eeb: 6, k4kg: 6, kn4y: 5,
nx4n: 5, n1xx: 4, k5yaa: 4, k4oj: 4, ad8j: 3, w5wmu: 2, n4ao: 2. I apologize
if I missed anyone. 73, and C U next time. Dan, ke0g.
W7YAQ   SOABCW LP   94,6042013-04-28 18:52:16
Excellent contest with amazing mobile activity, accounting
for 73 per cent of all my QSOs. QSO and county totals here were:

NX4N 29 / 25
K5YAA 26 / 21
K4OJ 26 / 19
K4KG 24 / 19
N4GI 23 / 23
NO5W 21 / 20
N4AO 21 / 14
K1XX 20 / 19
N4EEB 17 / 16
KN4Y 17 / 14
AD8J 12 / 9
W5WMU 9 / 8
N4FP 7 / 6
NF4A 3 / 2
N4DAB 2 / 2
AD4ES 1 / 1

I hope I have not forgotten any of those FB operators and drivers!

Last counties were K1XX/OKE Sunday at 1858 UTC, and N4AO/HAR at 1908. Last 5
counties were all in the south central part of the state.

Thanks to AA4PP and K4L for 4 bands!

Kudos to the organizers for a great weekend of activity. I look forward to
another informative and complete write-up from K1TO prior to the 2014 event.

73 to all in the Sunshine State,
K4L(@W4UH)   M/MMixed HP   2,9002013-04-28 19:14:38
No multipliers or extra CW QSO points for the 7 special 1x1 stations, so the
score is 2900.

Yes sir, it was a party with a huge turnout! Thanks to everyone
for coming and making this QSO Party such a special event!
N4UC   SOABMixed LP   10,3742013-04-28 19:35:04
No daytime propagation at all to N. Ala from northern 2/3 of the state. Very few
mobiles heard all weekend from here, and they were very, very light. However,
Dade blasted in here all weekend +10-20 db/S9. Tried many times to answer K5YAA
CQ in the clear toward the end but he never heard me. The prop gods were
definitely with the east coast and VE this weekend!
KIØI   SOABMixed LP   138,0122013-04-28 19:36:44
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul
7 CW 33 132 5
14 CW 241 964 60
14 USB 50 100 37
21 CW 20 80 1
21 USB 13 26 3
Total Both 357 1302 106
Score: 138,012
Great QSO Party again! The mobile ops were awesome.The county coverage
was excellent.I missed OKE or had a sweep of all counties.Sat. afternoon I
heard a boom and the AC power was gone! Carried a Battery into the shack,hooked
up rig and laptop and kept on going for abt 2hrs til the juice flowed again.
Felt like field day at home! I worked many mobiles many times so I thank you
all(you know who you are),itwould take too much time to list each of you. The
Florida fixed ops came out in good numbers also.FQP organizers do a heck of a
job drumming up interest in their QSO Party! Rig here;Icom 746 @ 100w to a
HYtower vertical or dipoles. N1MM logger. 73 C U next time Mark KI0I
KB9UWU   SOABMixed HP   14,2712013-04-28 19:54:22
Great showing, FL! Especially the mobile ops. I squeezed in about 3 hours
Saturday night and about 20 minutes Sunday afternoon K3, AL800H, hexbeam at
30', 40m vertical.
N5WR   SOABCW HP   44,6222013-04-28 19:59:32
Equipment: K3, Dipole at 50', 500W

Was able to play most of Saturday with just a few breaks, needed 2 more
counties for a sweep by the end of the first day. Had to work overnight
Saturday night, got off at 7am in the morning needing NAS and OKA. Turned on
the radio when I got home but had already missed those counties. Slept a few
hours, and got back on in the afternoon. Finished the sweep with about 2 hours
to go thanks to W5WMU and K4OJ.

FQP is the best state QSO party. The most mobiles, the most activity, the
highest rates. Great job by everyone involved, including the organizers and the
mobiles and also the 1x1 calls. Really enjoyed chasing the QRQ mobiles. Mobile
QSOs: K4KG (35), NX4N (34), K4OJ (26), K5YAA (23), K1XX (22), NO5W (21), N4AO
(20), KN4Y (19), N4EEB (19), N4GI (17), AD8J (12), N4FP (9), W5WMU (7), NF4A

73, Erik N5WR
WI9WI   SOABMixed HP   57,9042013-04-28 20:23:00
I wasn't able to spend as much time in this one as I have in the past couple of
years, but I reached my goal of a sweep. Got the sweep from N4AO in HAR Sunday
afternoon, and the CW sweep from NX4N in CHA about 5 minutes later. Most worked
stations were NX4N 23, K4KG 22, N4GI 21, K1XX 20, NO5W 20, K4OJ 18, N4AO 16, and
W5WMU, KN4Y, K5YAA, and N4EEB 13 each. In WI signals were generally good from
the northern part of the state, and inaudible at times from the southern
climes. As always a great job by the mobiles. Now just to figure out how to
keep the fixed stations out of the mobile "window". At times some of
them were totally covering up a weak mobile CW signal. I did ask one station to
move and amazingly he did.

Thanks for all the QSOs.


K7IA   SOABMixed LP   98,5562013-04-28 20:27:32
A most enjoyable event, as always!

Owing to start/stop times in Southwest US, op time on 40m was limited. A few
FL chaps wanted the NM multiplier on SSB and asked me to QSY from the higher
bands, but 40m just wouldn't haul the water after daybreak. Maybe next year?

No troubles working FLORIDA, because the 1 x 1 ops were everywhere, both modes.
I missed a sweep by six counties, including "HAM." What gives? New
mults continued to appear late in the event.

Bravo Zulu to the mobiles! They were tireless and had unusually strong
signals. All were excellent CW ops, handling never-ending pileups of ops
wanting new mults. Many were obviously in motion, considering some QSB and
sudden changes of county designators. I missed a few new ones from on-the-spot
county changes--hardy har har! One can only guess the cumulative miles (and
gallons) driven!

Setting aside 10 KHz "mobile only" segments in the Rules was a real
treat, and the mobiles never touched their main tuning knobs as they moved from
county to county. One could continuously cycle through the logger's bandmap and
stay busy for hours. Did any mobile ops eat or make pit stops?

Special thanks to the superb skills of the following mobiles: AD8J, K1XX, K4KG,

Many thanks to the FQP organizers and sponsors and to the legions of ops who
turned out and kept the rest of us busy.

7QP next weekend, and I'll be a County Expedition Single Op from Arizona
again. See you then!

73, dan k7ia
KØHC(WØBH)   SchoolMixed HP   139,3842013-04-28 20:44:07
Great fun as always! One Hesston College Air Traffic Control student promised to
come out, but once again, finals week must have loomed large, so I was solo once

This year I decided to try for the SSB sweep, but things were looking grim
after Saturday. I still needed Okeechobee, Glades, and Monroe. For Sunday, I
knew N4AO/m was going through Glades and was listed as mixed, but I never once
heard him on SSB, so I wasn't sure about that one. I missed K4KG/m in GLA
(SSB) and OKE (both modes) on Saturday when the band dropped. Others mentioned
a Monroe station on and calling CQ on SSB, but my Monroe came from a Key West
station who just turned his radio on.

Much to my (double) surprise, AD4ES/m answered my SSB CQ around noon on Sunday
from Glades which is right next to Okeechobee. I say double surprise because he
was scheduled to run all 67 counties (I think in an airplane), but this was the
first time I heard his call all weekend. I probably should have begged more and
pleaded more and offered to pay for gas for a quick turnaround, but I didn't and
they forged ahead as we chatted for awhile. But hope continues!

In the last half hour, I worked two Indian River stations which were right next
to OKE. The first said next year he might get set up for a mobile run which I
enthusiastically endorsed, and the second said he'd try to round up someone to
give me a call. Unfortunately he only had two minutes and time expired! Last
year it was DES on SSB that got me, this year OKE :-)

The mobiles did their usual outstanding job with K5YAA/m (visiting from
Oklahoma) taking the consistently loudest station into Kansas award with
Jerry's FB antenna trailer / generator setup for HP. NX4N took a close second.
K4KG/m has the fast SSB switch down to a science, and it was fun to work him
twice from many of his counties. In a QSO party where mults are by mode, any
mobile who picks up a mic is really appreciated (and you can still be CW-only).
Special thanks to AD8J/m, W5WMU/m, K5YAA/m, W4FCG, and AD4ES for the new SSB

Thanks to entire mobile gang! Let's see if I can get the stats right:

86 K4KG
36 K4OJ
34 K5YAA
31 NX4N
28 K1XX NO5W
27 N4GI
23 AD8J
19 W5WMU
15 KN4Y
09 W4FCG
07 N4FP
05 NF4A
04 N4DAB
02 AD4ES
01 N8KH NF2F

Along the way I also worked the 1x1 calls and spelled FLORIDA on both CW and
SSB. I didn't find K4A at all on Saturday, but they were easy to find on

K4F(4) K4L(5) K4O(4) K4R(4) K4I(4) K4D(4) K4A(3)

Thanks to the FCG for sponsoring the event, and to all who participated.
Remember to work us in the Kansas QSO Party the last weekend in August. From
Florida, you've usually got a pipeline!

73, Bob, w0bh
N6MU   SOABCW LP   29,7002013-04-28 23:42:22
More Qs on 15 than 20 says it all! The only mobile I could hear most of Saturday
on 20 was K5YAA. It was a little better Sunday. At least I spelled FLORIDA
thanks to K4A who showed up on 15 Sunday. 73...

John, N6MU
VK2CZ   SOABSSB HP   362013-04-29 03:19:40
Not nearly a record like I set back in 2002, signals were all very thin except
K4F, managed just to land K4A and K4F in the alphabet soup challenge. Good to
hear some regulars on air.
W1END   SOABCW LP   64,9442013-04-29 03:39:04
What a weekend. Outstanding skill by the mobiles. I don't see how they can go
constantly cracking pileups without a hitch ten hours straight. Missed a sweep
by one (Okeechobee) grrrrrr. Was hoping K1XX would jog over to OKE late Sunday
when he was heading up the Florida east coast but to no avail. Probably missed
the opportunity during mid day when most signals fell into a black hole.
Enjoyed the whole time. Thanks to all especially the FCG for fine organizing.

Eldon - W1END
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOAB(A)CW LP   3,1682013-04-29 05:51:05
I did not hear any station on 10m band this year.
Thanks for QSOs and see you next year.

73 Kazu
N4EEB   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   397,6002013-04-29 06:19:24
Could only work Saturday for 10-hours. Didn't operate at all on Sunday due to
an issue. Had a lot of fun. Thanks to all who called. 73 John
HI3TT   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   80,3962013-04-29 06:43:31
Another fun moment with our friends from Florida.

Always be nice to share for their discipline and dedication, are you an example
for us and we appreciate that.

Thanks FCG
Franky HI3TT
Loma del Toro Contest Club
VE3KZ   SOABCW LP   140,7002013-04-29 07:06:40
Congratulations to Craig K9CT, so far setting the pace for SOABLPCW. I was
aiming for the Canadian Record on CW and may have succeded. It was a real race
to the finish line. As far as multipliers were concerned, I was left with NAS
and OKA unworked after the first 10 hours. On Sunday, they came by quickly, OKA
at 13:08 and NAS at 14:50. As usual the mobiles stole the show. Here is my quick
K4KG - 52
NX4N - 44
NO5W - 41
K1XX - 38
K5YAA - 36
N4GI - 35
K4OJ - 34
N4AO - 26
KN4Y - 23
N4EEB - 23
AD8J - 20
W5WMU - 17
N4FP - 10
AD4ES - 4
NF4A - 4

Thanks for all the fun, one and all. See you on Canada Day!

73 Bob VE3KZ
W1TO   SOABCW LP   73,9682013-04-29 07:32:20
Finally got all 67 in this contest. Thanks to the mobiles!
W9WE   SOABCW LP   23,9802013-04-29 07:35:11
Great Contest this year... 73

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Overlay Category : OVER-50
Default Exchange : IL
Gridsquare : EM49HW

Name : David LEE Scranton W9WE
Address : 1218 State Street
City/State/Zip : Quincy IL 62301-5040
Country : USA
K4LM   SOABMixed LP   520,9502013-04-29 07:53:28
Thanks for the great "Party". I was just trying to double last year's
score, but then wanted to break 500,000 Pts and then wanted to break 1000 Q's.
Made as many points Sunday as I did Saturday but getting Q's on Sunday was like
pulling teeth. I am now ready for Field Day! Just wish the ears could hear
better ( The "dits" are starting to merge ). I'll try a lower tone
and see if that helps.

Rig: TS-590, Home Brew PC and keyer with Mercury paddle.
Software: N1MM.
Antennas: TH-6DXX and 165ft extended double zepp, both @ 60'.

Vant K4LM
N4PN   SOABMixed HP   60,9312013-04-29 07:55:48
Another FQP .. trying to decide if I had fun or if pulling my teeth would
have been more's "ruff" up here next door when all the
take off and go ninety-to-nothing running on 20 CW...leaving out on Sat.
afternoon with little intentions of doing very much outside of 20m...
Did spell FLORIDA....and missed HAMilton for the sweep, altho heard two
stations on 20m but could not get thru....tried to time it so that I
could call at the end of the run...had two rigs set up so could monitor
most freqs. that everyone seemed to be using...but getting them to hear
me with anyone else calling was a challenge....oh well...maybe next year!!

Thanks to Charlie, NF4A, for jumping around and giving me the few counties
that he could manage over the weekend around his work....and John, K4BAI,
with Jerry, K5YAA, for a great job..that extra power sure made a difference
on 20m and John's great ears/operating....also, thanks to Geo and gang at
K4KG/m and John, AD8J, for great operating and jumping all around...

Breakdown of the Q's of the mobiles:
K5YAA - 30
K4KG - 15
K4OJ - 14
NX4N - 13
AD8J - 13
NF4A - 11
N4AO & KN4Y - 9
K1XX - 7
NO5W & NF2F - 6
N4EEB - 4
N4DAB & N4FP - 3
W5WMU, N4GI & W4FCG - 2

Thanks to all....mobiles, rovers and fixed stations

73, Paul, N4PN
VE1BVD   SOAB(A)SSB LP   9,3842013-04-29 09:37:43
Good contest, although there were some flaky conditions from time to time.
Thanks to all the mobiles, especially W4FCG for all the new counties.
K8BL   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   45,6842013-04-29 13:22:50
Fun Contest with lots of activity and lots of Mults available.
N4LZ   SOABSSB LP   3,3602013-04-29 14:31:53
Only an hour on Sunday as I was involved with a local golf tournament (224
W4/VO1MP   SOAB(A)SSB LP   642013-04-29 16:17:12
Interesting exercise in futility ....
Operated with ft857 and a Buddipole antenna set up on the Lanai of the condo
unit .. facing south sure the system would have worked better from the
mobile, however committments to 2 of my daughters and grand kids visiting in
Orlando , precluded that possibility, heard only two or three Florida stations
who didnt hear me , QSB/QRN/QRP Were factors ....The antenna arrived a couple
of days prior to the contest , so I didnt have a lot of time to familiarize
myself with it capabilities or lack there-of ... am sure I woUld have done
much better had I had a CW Paddle or key with me .. oh well mini
introduction to the FQP from the action side ..... oddly enough the
conditions on 15 enabled me to work 5 european stations no north america ....
as always fun ..
hope to be QRV from home for the WPX CW
C'Y'all next one
Gus VO1MP/W4
N4FP   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   215,4242013-04-29 17:25:30
First HF mobile operation in nearly 40 years. Had major problem with high noise
level from 12VDC to 18.5 VDC power supply for notebook computer. Ended up
having to drive between stops without operating while notebook recharged, then
operating until notebook died. Great learning experience, first time I have
ever been the object of pileups. Last stop of contest, in Putnam County
produced 67 contacts in 33 minutes. All keying was manual and logging was
manually entered into N1MM. Next year this will be automated!! TS-440SAT to
mag mounted mast with horizontally mounted hustlers on roof of Kia Rondo. 19
counties, 550 miles, assisting driver was my xyl, Marty, WB2VYK.
N4DL   SOABMixed LP   44,7202013-04-29 18:45:59
Only had a limited amount of time to op from home. Saturday errands let me op
only 3 hours. Sunday I operated from K4I (thanks to a great host, Jim AA4MD).
Got another 1.3 hours in before work called and ruined a good afternoon. A lot
of fun as always. TThe FT-950, 100W and 4 ele on 20 kicked butt.
W8KTQ   SOABMixed LP   42,3442013-04-29 19:05:10
Couldn't spend as much time as I wanted but it was a really exciting QSO party!
Thanks to all the rovers running around; it was fun tracking you down!!!
AD8J   SO MobileMixed LP   666,2162013-04-29 19:43:32
I ran the same 14 counties that I ran last year with some improvement in Q's in
score. Knowing where to go and not getting lost probably helped. It's a grind
doing all the driving and operating. Planning ahead with a cooler full of
drinks and food results in not having to make any stops. At the end of the
contest I drove home to Asheville, NC arriving about 1AM. This year I tried
two cans of energy drink on the way home. It did help and I actually got the
car unloaded before I hit the bed at 2AM
N4DAB   M/MMixed LP   121,9922013-04-29 20:30:03
Another great day operating as a rover in the 2013 FQP! We started at Goodwin
Park in Palatka (Putnam Co); then at Salt Springs Square Shopping Center (Ocala
National Forest - Marion Co); and finally at the Lion Community Park in Astor
Park (Lake Co). Perfect weather (81 deg with a light breeze) - What a blast!
While it was "noisy" a bit in Putnam, conditions were great in Marion
and Lake. We worked 16 countries, 7 zones, and the last hour in Lake Co on 20M
was the best - excellent signals and nice clear bands. Both stations made
almost 200 of the total QSOs in the last 90 mins of operating! We had a few
challenges, but then what would a trip in the field be without Murphy. We
finished our day out with a fabulous dinner at the Blackwater Inn Restaurant
under the Astor Bridge directly on the St. John's River.
We hope you had as much fun as we did!
73 to all!
The N4DAB Group (WB4OMM, KB4T, NU4C, W2EJG, and AB8GU).
K4O(K1TO)   SOABMixed HP   2,5612013-04-29 23:34:02
Another fun 1x1 run in the books. Thanks to all who joined in this year's

I was K4O last year, too. Although condx seemed similar, I think activity was
up a notch, particularly on SSB where it seemed like a bottomless pit. Latin
America really showed up in force (gracias!), as did SP and most of Europe for
that matter. The biggest surprise was a VU on 15.

Being the only Single-Op of the 7 1x1s, I chose to stick to the higher volume
bands of 40-20-15 to maximize exposure. I see now that the other 6 1x1s had
some success on 10M on the 2nd day, so I hope nobody missed only the

1x1 stations were encouraged to run, run, run; thus we eliminated the
multiplier from their scoring. Just a simple 1 point per QSO score.

QRM from the SP RTTY test on 40 was a concern going in, but I found plenty of
FQP activity above 7035 where the mobile window ends and there seemed like
minimal RTTY activity in the 7035-7050 segment.

We've already received over 350 logs and we expect hundreds of 1x1 sweeps.
We'll get the word out elsewhere, but if you swept all 7 1x1s, hang tight and
we will e-mail you a .PDF certificate in a few weeks once we merge and sort the
7 logs.

Thanks again to everyone who made the time to get on this year!

73, Dan, K1TO
President, Florida Contest Group
Proud sponsors of the FQP since 1998
K2DM/4   SOABCW LP   1,7602013-04-30 03:00:40
Very limited time - I was a volunteer marshal at the LPGA Legends golf
tournament here in The Villages both Saturday and Sunday. Very limited
antennas - did I mention The Villages? I used an indoor 40M dipole and an
indoor TA-33 driven element, both in the attic. Got on to support my new club
(FCG) and because I promised to work N4FP, who was driving around north Florida
with WB2VYK giving out counties. Turns out I found Wayne twice, so it's all
See you all in October from Montserrat!
N4TB   SOABCW LP   418,6562013-04-30 05:05:06
Great Fun, thanks for all the Q's

73 Terry N4TB
W4FCG/M(K1KNQ)   SO MobileSSB LP   114,0482013-04-30 06:23:31
Covered 26 counties. Saturdays operation flawless using new front seat operating
position. Sunday, had to resort to hand logging due to laptop computer problem.
The first time Murphy has struck in 5 years. Guess I was overdue. It is really
difficult to drive, talk and write at the same time (Hi Hi). Great time and
thanks to all the stations who waited for me from county to county.
N4MFC   M/MSSB HP   96,4142013-04-30 16:33:26
Two OJ's teamed up to put their Lockheed Martin Amateur Radio Club into its
first FQP event. Dave, KK4DZP, manned the club station on 20m for the first
three hours on Saturday before having to go QRT. Jim, KM4HI, a few miles north,
ran the home station for the full 20 hours. Saturday the band conditions on 20m
were awesome to the west coast and Europe. Over 600 Q's were logged with some
lengthy runs on Saturday. Sunday was somewhat frustrating with infrequent,
shorter runs on 20 and 15m. The bands were open just lower participation. Great
interest from the UK, Germany and Italy. Worked all states except, Ala, Tenn and
DC, surprisingly. As always, a fun event. Thanks to all for the Q's.
Till next time. 73 de Jim KM4HI
W9RE   SOABCW LP   7,9382013-04-30 16:57:58
Only had Sunday afternoon available and I thought I might get the sweep but
missed GUL, FRA, WAK and MON.
K4A   M/MMixed HP   1,7272013-04-30 21:09:10
No multipliers or special CW QSO points for the 7 1x1 stations so the score is

We ran 3 stations nearly for all 20 hours. Total of 6 operators. We found
Saturday to be much slower than Sunday, or at least it felt that way. Seemed
like most of North America was enjoying the weekend and not working the FQP.
About half way through Saturday our 30L-1 amp on the CW station blew up and
literally caught fire. From that point forward, the CW station ran barefoot.

We all had a a great time operating out of our fantastic Club Shack (L.A.R.A)
in Leesburg. Did not run into too many fools (lids) on the bands but still
your normal cat calls by disgruntled crusty operators who have time on thier
hands to try to throw you off your game. We kept our frequency and outlasted
those Buggers. Suprisingly no visit this year from our Kalamazo Koo Koo.
Geeze we really missed him. We had several stations that mentioned we were the
the last station they needed to complete the Florida Contest. Probably not what
we wanted to hear, suggesting we might have been the toughest to find. All our
SSB operations mainly ran on non directional antennas to attempt to provide
maximum opertunity to be heard and found. Will be interesting if there are any
comments on us not being found by CW only entries as the CW station worked off a
A3S w/ 40m kit point anywhere from 280 (W) to 30 (NE).

Our Setup:
Station 1) A dedicated CW station
K3 with a 30L-1 amp @ 500w (lasted half way through Saturday) then
100W for the rest
Station 2) An SSB station fixed on 15M & 20M opposite band of the CW
Yaesu FT100D with an Alpha 87 @ 1500w
Station 3) An SSB station fixed on 10M and 40M and opposite of CW station
Yaesu FT1000 Mark V with an Ameritron AL-572 @ 1200w

Software: N1MM V13.4.4 non-networked
Antennas: A3S w/ 40m kit at 25 feet
A4S at 50 feet
R7 vertical at 10 feet (our money antenna)
40m/80m dipole Inverted Vee at 45 feet
W4QN   M/SMixed HP   3,0712013-05-01 08:08:47
Lots of cockpit problems with PC to radio interface- spent most of the contest
time debugging the problem. Plus other commitments ate up the time.
N4CW   SOABCW HP   11,4002013-05-01 09:19:03
Propagation to many in this QSO party was pretty bad...running full power and I
still felt like a QRP station...
BUT, there were lots of loud stations, particularly K4LQ who was ALWAYS over
S9!It was frustrating hearing mobiles in counties I needed that couldn't hear
me!I tried...
Next year I plan to operate in FL...should be a more-productive weekend than
this year's...
K5YAA(@K5YAA/M)   SO MobileMixed HP   706,9952013-05-01 09:38:16
What a good time we had. Large pileups and good operators on the other end. We
would have made 3,000 QSOs had it not been for Function Key trouble on Saturday.
I recoded the keys for Sunday and things went a lot smoother. Indeed Sunday
was a perfect day with no problems at all. The loudest DX station during the
entire run was SP5GRM. Sounded local at all times. Worked us in 14 counties.
DL3GA was very active working us in 18 counties. The Canadians were out in
force. Thanks for all the VE QSOs. Callsigns and counties worked in include:
VE1OP 18
VE3KZ 35
VE7CV 16
VE9AA 12
VE3OM 16
VE5KS 15
Others too numerous to mention.

15 and 40 meters were step children bands. 20 meters ruled. The pileups were
so large it was hard to go to the other bands. 15 was open to Europe most
times we looked and 40 was quite productive when we visited it. Special
mention goes to N4PN for working us 29 times from Georgia. He even worked us n
15 meters a couple of times. Thirty six countries made it in the log along with
every Canadian province except VO and VY8. 46 states were logged. We missed MS
- go figure and VT, DC, WY and AK, Thought we might find AK on 15 but it was
not to be.

Thanks to all who followed us around. We had a great time working the
If you wonder who you worked K4BAI or K5YAA heres the approximate times each
operator was on the air. K4BAI started off on Saturday morning and ran for 5
1/2 hours turning over the laptop to K5YAA. At 2154Z K5YAA took over and
operated for approxiamately 3 1/2 hours turning it back over to K4BAI so K5YAA
could drive at night. John finished off Saturday wrapping up in LEVY county.
On Sunday morning John K4BAI took the reins again in the morning and operated
for 5 hours until 1713Z. K5YAA took over at 1713Z and operated for
approximately 4 hours through SUWANNEE county. K4BAI finished off the run for
the final hour. We both had our fill of operating and breaking the pile ups.
It was great fun.

Thanks again for the QSOs and the time spent following us around.

73, Jerry K5YAA and John K4BAI

Elecraft K3 <- Performed magnificently. What a noise blanker it has!
AL811H Amplifier
Tarheel Antenna mounted on a trailer with a Honda 2000i generator.
We ran 500 watts plus all the time.
WA6URY   SOABMixed HP   7,7502013-05-01 18:03:39
Casual effort. It was fun folowing the rovers around. Tnx for the Qs. 73, Dan -
Remote in Tokyo
NO5W/M   M/SCW LP   609,9602013-05-02 04:46:57
K3/100, Hi-Q 4/80, Garmin GPS-18PC, US Navigator USB interface, CQ/X version, Streets and Trips 2013, 2002 Pathfinder.

Wow, what fun, and what a challenge! The almost continuous intense pileups,
especially on Sunday, resulted in a score that is about 43% better than my
previous best. It was great to get back into the mobile FQP fray after being
away for several years. I had operated as a mobile in 2007-2009 driving over to
the panhandle from Houston. After the 2009 event my XYL driver told me that two
straight days of 10 hour driving was more than she could endure, she was
retiring, turning in her grand prix driving gloves, and I should look around
for one of my crazy ham buddies to serve as driver and co-operator. It took me
a few years but I found one.

After moving to New Orleans in 2012 I was fortunate enough to be invited to
operate in several multi-ops at KN5O's fine station in Covington on the
northshore of Lake Ponchatrain. During a break in the 2013 ARRL DX CW I
mentioned to Dallas-K1DW that the FQP was coming up in April and how much fun
mobile operation in the FQP would be. Dallas had never operated as a mobile in
the FQP, or any state QSO party, but thought it sounded interesting.
Fortunately he was free the weekend of the FQP and ready to see what it was all
about. After that I mentioned to him that we would be using a logging program
that he had probably not used before. He was still interested! NO5W/m was a go
for FQP-2013!

In previous years our route went essentially east on I-10 from Escambia County
near Pensacola to Jacksonville on Saturday and then swung south a little past
Ocala on Sunday returning up the west coast and ending up in Bay County near
Panama City where we would spend a few days of vacation near Grayton Beach. But
this year no vacation was planned and we wanted to avoid three nights on the
road so we planned to drive all the way back to the K1DW QTH near Folsom, LA
after the party. To minimize that after-party drive we wanted to end the
contest in Escambia County on I-10 as close as possible to the Florida-Alabama
state line -- about 200 miles from Folsom. So we decided to reverse my previous
route by driving about 120 miles past Pensacola to Chipley on Friday to allow us
a short drive to a Saturday start in Bay County north of Panama City. Reversing
the route worked out well as we managed to be parked less than three miles from
the state line with about five minutes left in the party. About 40 minutes later
we were sitting at a restaurant in Spanish Fort overlooking Mobile Bay, enjoying
an adult beverage and dinner before driving the remaining 160 miles to Folsom.

Our route worked well and we arrived at our destination in each session just as
the session ended. Saturday we drove the planned route without a missed turn but
on Sunday we missed a couple which we caught without any significant lost time.
A total of 40 different counties was covered with the following results:

County QSOs Op Mins Avg Initial 10
Rate Min Rate
Marion 128 60 128 192
Citrus 105 45 140 204
Levy 82 36 137 168
Taylor 79 49 97 174
Calhoun 78 45 104 156
Gilchrist 77 34 136 162
Jackson 72 30 144 174
Volusia 71 28 152 180
Franklin 71 65 66 156
Putnam 69 54 77 150
Nassau 68 24 170 168
Holmes 67 22 183 180
Walton 67 23 175 210
Bradford 62 23 162 156
Santa Rosa 61 23 159 168
Alachua 59 27 131 174
Madison 58 26 134 132
Okaloosa 57 21 163 192
Escambia 55 20 165 174
Wakulla 55 23 143 168
Jefferson 53 22 145 126
Leon 53 33 96 198
Columbia 51 21 146 168
Gulf 47 42 67 168
Duval 46 16 173 180
Lake 45 16 169 186
Washington 44 16 165 180
St. Johns 44 22 120 150
Gadsden 44 23 115 144
Dixie 44 28 94 114
Clay 43 14 184 174
Sumter 43 16 161 168
Liberty 43 19 136 132
Suwannee 43 19 136 186
Baker 42 15 168 180
Lafayette 42 22 115 126
Union 40 26 92 150
Hamilton 38 21 109 186
Flagler 23 12 115 120
Bay 13 14 56 72

There are a few dupes in the above QSO numbers and the total operating minutes
is shy of the 1200 available due to one gas stop each day, bio breaks, operator
changeovers, leg stretches, etc. The counties with the best average hourly rates
were Clay(184), Holmes(183), Walton(175), Duval(173), and Nassau(170). Counties
with the most intense pileups on initial entry (initial 10 minute hourly rate)
were: Walton(210), Citrus(204), Leon(198), Marion(192), Okaloosa(192),
Lake(186), Hamilton(186), Suwannee(186), Volusia(180), Holmes(180), Duval(180),
and Baker(180). Where possible we tried to work the pileup down before moving on
to the next county. Our apologies if you did not make it into our log in each
county where you called us.

At the break on Saturday evening at Ormond Beach we had 936 Qs in the log and
commented at dinner that with a little more push on Sunday we should be able to
break 2000 Qs, something I had never done. But Sunday came on so strong with an
average hourly rate of 132 that we blew on past that goal. Here's what the
hourly QSO totals looked like with a typical slow start and a fast finish.

Hour QSOs
1600-1659 87
1700-1759 62
1800-1859 76
1900-1959 83
2000-2059 60
2100-2159 103
2200-2259 76
2300-2359 134
0000-0059 138
0100-0159 144
1200-1259 117
1300-1359 106
1400-1459 159
1500-1559 114
1600-1659 128
1700-1759 132
1800-1859 92
1900-1959 142
2000-2059 170
2100-2159 157

Of course the above numbers would not have been possible without the efforts of
the 427 unique callers that made it into the log and certainly not without the
efforts of the following frequent callers: VE3KZ(42), K9CT(41), K9NW(38),
WA3HAE(35), W8WVU(35), K8IR(34), N5ZK(34), NS9I(33), N3KR(32), K0RC(28),
K3WW(28), VE3RZ(28), VE1RGB(26), K9PG(26), K0HC(25), WI9WI(24), N5NA(23),
AA1AR(23), K8MR(23), VE1OP(23), K9UIY(22), W7YAQ(22), N3DXX(22), K6LA(22),
W1END(20), N5WR(20). Thanks for the Qs.

We learned a couple of things during the weekend:
1. Which end of the mike to use for making SSB Qs, which we are submitting as a
check log. However, its obvious from our SSB totals (15 Qs) that we still have a
lot of work to do if that mode is to be a significant contributor to our score
in the future. Maybe we need some training by the K4KG crew on how to make
quick mode changes! Congrats to Jim-VE7ZO and Geo-K5KG on an outstanding score
including 2800+ Qs!.
2. As we came into eastern Tallahassee Sunday on fumes and finally found a
station we learned that the 16 gallon tank on the Pathfinder will actually hold
16.5 gallons -- that was close!

In spite of all the FQP mobiles on the road we did not have an eyeball QSO with
any but we are pretty sure we came close. On Sunday we stopped in a small sliver
of Nassau County on US90 near Mattox, and pulled over just outside a no
trespassing gate on the side of the road. While Chuck worked the pileup Dallas
got out to explore the area and stretch his legs. He spotted a dark blue police
car about a quarter mile away, parked on the other side of the road. The
police seemed to be checking us out and then they moved before we did. As they
passed us we saw four verticals mounted on the bumpers, one on each end, front
and back. Obviously it was not police but another FQP participant. We wondered
who that was, tried to catch his attention, but failed, and mostly were glad it
was not the police!!!!

Besides the intense pileups our biggest thrill was being called in two counties
Saturday evening by RZ0AF. Chuck had never worked zone 18 from his home station
(if you saw it you would understand why) and to do it from the mobile was
simply amazing.

The FQP is an awesome party and very well organized. If you get the chance to
run mobile in the FQP jump into it with both feet -- you will have a blast. Put
it on your bucket list. Many thanks to the Florida Contest Group and especially
to Dan-K1TO for sponsoring such an outstanding QSO party.

Look for NO5W/m in the Texas QSO Party the last full weekend in September and
hopefully in the Kansas QSO Party in late August. Check the route plans page
of the website ( for details a week or two prior to the


KN4Y/M   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   350,2202013-05-02 14:13:43
Great mobile CW weekend with good weather and band conditions, except
10-meters, I did not get the 10 opening others reported. Missed 8 States only
becuse no-one called me. Worked 6 Canada provinces with great signals.Worked 21
DXCC prefix. If I could just pass a rest area.
K4KG/M   M/SMixed LP   1,431,0002013-05-04 18:06:59
N4GI/M   M/SCW LP   450,4242013-05-04 18:34:33
First mobile operation for Blake and me. A series of technical miscues cost us
time throughout the contest.

In TAY, our primary logging computer failed, we think due to under-voltage.
Later in FRA, we found out that our 40m hamstick, which measured fine with the
MFJ, caused the SWR-sensing circuit in the IC-7000 to fold back.

Finally, in OSC, our backup logging netbook failed (perhaps due to heat, we're
not sure) an hour before the end of the contest and we packed it in rather than
attempting to log and send manually.

I pieced this score together from a merged log manually counting the mults and
manually calculating the score. I hope I'm in the ballpark.

Thanks for the QSOs and for all the out-of-state entrants for following us
around all weekend. Nice to work some AS (JA, 4X) from the mobile.

73 & OJ,
Chris WF3C