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British Columbia QSO Party   2016   Feb 6   Comment Summary

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K5LH   Single OpCW LP   1,9122016-02-06 20:17:06
Intermittent activity while chasing VP8SGI. Hero's award goes to Don, VE7DDG,
who braved the combined onslaught of the FOC elite and NA Sprint to hold his
ground on the lower bands. No other VE7 heard or worked on 40M or 80M CW.
Highlight: Contacting VE7YL and VE7OM right after one another! Thanks for the
QSOs and entertainment. Score includes 40 points for working VE7ODX twice.
Chris, K5LH

Rig: Ten-Tec Eagle, wire dipoles, Aether for Mac.
VE7CVA   Multi-OpMixed LP   182,6342016-02-06 20:48:56
Thanks to VE7JHE for letting us set up the Club's antenna trailer on his farm
and take over the shop as the shack.
Great conditions on the high bands during daylight hours, not so much on 80/40
after dark.
Very good activity from the rest of Canada and from our friends to the South.
We used an ICOM-706, a Step-IR, a 40m inverted Vee and an 80m inverted Vee at

Thanks for all the contacts!
Gabor, VE7JH
KIØI   Single OpMixed LP   9242016-02-06 21:07:44
busy day off air and busy bands on air.
Glad to get on and work some BC.
73 all and Thanks,Mark KI0I
KB1IRB   Single OpSSB LP   2182016-02-07 04:24:09
Opening didn't last long but it was great while it lasted.
VA3GKO   Single OpSSB LP   6482016-02-07 05:10:02
This year was a tough go with low signals on the east side this time. Nothing
heard on 40 & 80 m. Just bad conditions.
Was sure nice to work all the regular folks who keep this qso party going. Good
See you all next year.
W4UT   Single OpMixed QRP   1202016-02-07 08:25:08
Rig: Elecraft KX3
Ant: Mosley TA33

Worked VA7ODX twice for 40 bonus points.
VE3CRU   Single OpSSB LP   702016-02-07 08:43:38
Heard VE7ODX working pileups on 20 ssb very late in the contest. Gave Rebecca a
point then later worked VE7IO, VE7TK, VE7BGP and VE7ACN in a 20 minute period.
Learned that BC has no counties, big surprise.

Thanks to all for the fun. See you in the Ontario QSO Party 3rd weekend in

73 Bill VE3CRU ..........often /R
VA7VF   Single OpSSB LP   40,1162016-02-07 11:13:18
Lower score than last year due to noise from neighbour's renovated electrical
system and also fewer 10 m Q's possible. Ran more than last year and thank
several of the ORCA members for dropping by. New federal electoral districts in
BC proved to be a challenge of my political knowledge. I have printed the maps
ready for next year. Was able to work the BONUS stations several times and when
my noise level too high, I enjoyed listening to Rebecca VA7BEC work the VA7ODX
sponsor station. She is a delight to hear.
Margaret VA7VF
KN4Y   Single OpCW LP   5042016-02-07 12:22:36
Not many CW BC stations heard, but what I heard had a good signal. Enjoyed the
VE7IO   Multi-OpMixed HP   576,9242016-02-07 13:50:28
From the ops at VE7IO, a big THANKS to all the stations near and far who
provided us with QSO's and making the BCQP a fun event.

Fred VE7IO
N8II   Single OpMixed HP   2,0922016-02-07 17:50:01
I forgot to mention that I tried to squeeze in some BCQP QSO's in between main
effort in MNQP; BC did take away time from MN effort. Considering the number of
BC hams I hear in CQWW or SS, activity was pretty disappointing. Word needs to
go out to local clubs and contesters need to be encouraged to operate. I should
have checked to rules; it would have helped to know suggested CW freqs. were 070
after start of Sprint. Nice to hear 2-3 YL's. I checked 10M once or twice but
nil prop or no activity?? I may try again next year; I hope I helped with with
WV mult. I only tried a few CQ's on 15 phone, got one answer.

73, Jeff
VA7ODX   Multi-OpMixed HP   957,7442016-02-07 22:55:01
A word from the sponsor…

Many of the challenges that characterized BCQP 2015 appeared to impact BCQP
2016 as well. It was again a long weekend in British Columbia -- Family Day on
Feb 8 -- as well as Chinese New Year, so a day at the radio might have been
replaced by other activities. Instead of K1N as a major draw for operator time
near and far, there was VP8SGI. Nevertheless, as last year, the long weekend
might also have enabled people who wouldn't normally have time on a weekend for
radio to allocate Saturday for on-air pursuits and leave the honey-do list for
Sunday or Monday. And the draw of VP8SGI might have put people in the chair
when they might have otherwise been out and about.

Since the above challenges also presented opportunities, they more or less
cancel each other out. The most challenging factor was then undoubtedly related
to band conditions. Really quite disappointing. Many Qs at the sponsor station
VA7ODX were a real struggle, like whispers in a storm. 10m was quite impossible
on PH and not good for RTTY, either. The CW op fared better. 15m and 20m
provided steady pileups, particularly on PH, booming eastward, apparently, with
pretty good coverage to the Maritimes and all along the eastern seaboard, and
even further south to Brazil. More Qs with Alaska than ever before. A mini-run
to JA. Surprises galore. Despite perceived difficulties. In fact, the PH
portion of the VA7ODX log is much higher in Q count than last year, but the
mult count is significantly lower, mainly because there were no 10m contacts.

PH and CW operators shifted to the low bands as the sun was setting but
encountered very high noise levels. And yet, there were Qs to be made. Yes, it
was much more difficult to discern the whispers through the noise, but it was
possible. Moral of the story? It's always worth calling CQ.

Undoubtedly, there were operators near and far who might have heard VA7ODX and
tried valiantly to catch operator attention without success. SRI. We weren't
ignoring you. We just didn't hear you. There are many reasons for this, from
antenna direction to band conditions to local QRM.

It was wonderful to hear so many familiar callsigns. I was delighted to give
out the sponsor station bonus points and multiplier to stations throughout
Canada and the United States and beyond on PH. There are always some lovely
surprise DX contacts, too, and 2016 was no different. More JA than usual as
well as some EU, ZS, XE, SA and the Caribbean. More AK, too. And a VE8! Many
signals were incredibly good given how terrible band conditions seemed to be.
While CW and RTTY operators were not kept as busy as me, they too had
smile-inducing memorable moments.

On the CW topic, in BCQP 2015, we tried out alternate suggested frequencies for
CW after 0000z to help participants make more Q above the NA Sprint mayhem. We
tried this again in 2016. But CW operators still found the going very tough
amid FOC and NA Sprint events, particularly the latter. It would be nice to
find a way to address this situation but the obvious "move the date"
is not an option.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to tip my contest coordinator's hat
to everyone who got on the air and/or helped others get on the air for BCQP
2016, wherever the QTH was. On behalf of the VA7ODX team and Orca DXCC, thank
you for calling "CQ BCQP" and/or answering CQs. You made time in
front of the radio very well spent.

See you again in BCQP 2017.

MNI TNX de VA7ODX team (Rebecca VA7BEC, Koji VA7KO and Dave VA7AM)
W1END   Single OpCW LP   1642016-02-08 03:19:35
Includes bonus for qso with VE7ODX. Did a little better than last year.
Always enjoy this party. Tnx all.
Eldon - W1END
K4BAI   Single OpCW HP   2082016-02-08 05:51:50
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX. Thanks for the QSOs. Look for the GA QSO
Party the second full weekend in April. 73, John, K4BAI.