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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2013   Jul 20   Comment Summary

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9A7ZZ   SOSB/6 LP   2702013-07-21 06:27:47
Nothing.Very bad conditions,go on my byke.
K9NW   SOSB/6 LP   1,6642013-07-21 11:35:00
Had a little bit of time Saturday evening. Band was open east and west.

73, Mike K9NW
W4IX   SOAB QRP   5,0442013-07-21 12:20:42
Brought a couple of old ICOM radios back from my dads house and decided to fire
them up to see if I could play in this one. The IC551 VFO would not change in
one direction, used a straw and some alcohol to fix it...ran about 8 watts to
my 10 meter 105BAS yagi at 45 feet..Radio did not have any VOX so I had to
manually switch to Xmit in both modes. I also used an ARR SP50VDG preamp which
helped immensely. On 2 meters I used the IC251A. I did not have an antenna for
this band so I just hooked up a 1/2 wave 6 meter dipole to it...I managed to
work a few locals with it but when i hooked it up to a SWR meter, it was really
bad with inly about 1 watt out so I scrapped that band and concentrated on 6
meters. Saturday the band never really opened at the beginning and was a real
struggle, but soon enought it popped open really great to the NE and Midwest
and I actually managed to run stations for awhile. worked some nice grids from
ND,SD,NE CO & TX and many more closer states. The band died around 0230Z so
went to bed. Got up early and checked the band, hrd WA1OJB and K1MS beacons at, is this a good sign? Worked K2ZD in FN21 at 0940Z and K4MM in EL97
at 8 watts and a 10 meter yagi!! band opened to Texas around 1200Z,
W5PR and NR5M were propagation anchors the whole times they were 60
over 9 on my IC551 the rest of the day was pretty slow with the band
jumping from place to place for most of the day, it never really opened up like
the previous day...did manage to work NP4A, ZF2EZ & CO2WL...pretty amazing
I would say...73''s and thanks to everyone for the contacts...
K3OQ   SOAB LP   3122013-07-21 12:55:03
Shakedown cruise for my new DEMI 2 meter transverter, so was happy with the QSO
made on it, thanks to a local w4RX. Had fun in spurts between other activities
through the weekend. Glad to have. some sporadic E to various parts of the
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOSB/6 LP   252013-07-21 13:38:10
Participated on Saturday only.
Thanks for contacts!

73 Kazu
K4WI   SOSB/6 LP   56,5602013-07-21 14:01:43
Started out very slow.. no qso until 2030 and then only 11 made until 2045...
went dead but opened up at 2300 to the west and then to the east. made 250
qso's until 0230 when it closed. sunday morning band opened up at 1222 and
lasted until 1600 when it died again. I worked VE1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and one XE. No
DX heard. Magic band for sure, thanks for the qso's, Cort
W4EE   SOSB/6 LP   642013-07-21 14:02:07
Icom-706 es G5RV
N1MM logger
73, Jim
K2SSS   SOSB/6 HP   27,5002013-07-21 14:03:21
TS590 + KW
2 x 7L
This is my first VHF contest from US.
Tnx all for qso's.

Rochester, NY
W1NN   SOSB/6 LP   2862013-07-21 14:05:56
No 6 meter antenna here but the K3 AT did a good job loading up my 80 meter
dipole and I could work almost everyone I heard. Trouble is, there weren't that
many stations that I could hear during the times I was on (Sunday after 11 AM).

VHF requires a lot of patience. Not sure if I have enough.

73, Hal W1NN
Medina, Ohio
WØPV   SOSB/6 QRP   4,3122013-07-21 14:06:46
Lots of fun to hear the Magic Band open up well for awhile on Sunday morning!

Many thanks to all those who strained their ears to copy my little FT-817's 5
watts to a 25 year old CC A50-5S at only 20 ft AGL.
K2PLF   SOSB/6 HP   41,1682013-07-21 14:07:47
Nice to have some good openings both days.
K6ST   SOSB/6 LP   1802013-07-21 14:08:08
A few openings from CN85 near Portland, OR while on vacation and in between naqp
rtty contest
WØPAN   SOSB/6 LP   842013-07-21 14:12:54
Slim pickins! Thunderstorms near QTH (yep, we have em in AZ!)made life a real
challenge. Heard no Midwest or East Coast. QSB again a tough competitor to
deal with.
KG9Z   Multi-Op LP   5762013-07-21 14:19:12
Still no 2M antenna. Have visiting op: WB8BPU in for the weekend. Limit time
on. Band seem pretty flat. 5 ele 6M beam @25 ft. 100 watts FT-857D.
K3TD   SOSB/6 LP   1,5402013-07-21 14:20:45
Par Omniangle @ 20'

Part time operation. Fun as always, and picked up some new Grids. Thanks for
the Qs!


Tad, K3TD
KX7L   SOAB LP   7,3502013-07-21 14:23:12
Very interesting Es propagation in the NW - a very long and persistent opening
into SoCal and AZ Saturday night, and another long opening to the same area
Sunday morning. I guess if you're going to be open anywhere, during a contest,
that's the area you want. Thanks for all the Q's
K8MR   SOAB LP   10,5962013-07-21 14:29:22
Some reasonable openings on Saturday, and maybe Sunday morning, but my XYL
dragged me off to play tennis then. Not much Sunday afternoon. Tropo was better
than in many recent VHF contests.

73 - Jim K8MR
VA7FC   SOAB HP   14,6162013-07-21 14:31:23
Late start had to work saturday started at 01:36 GMT band was open to the east
coast then switched north south ... sunday had a great opening to California
Thank you all that called me and thanks for the rovers for being there ... I
had alot of fun... love my 6 meters ....
KR4F   SOSB/6 LP   10,5002013-07-21 14:31:40
Best score ever for this contest. Having a real 6m antenna probably helped.
Plus, local noise seemed to be less than usual. 75W to 6m 3 El Yagi at 60 ft.

Johnny, KR4F
N2RHL   SOSB/2 LP   5162013-07-21 14:37:11
FM simplex helped me alot this year.
NØKK   SOAB LP   3,9482013-07-21 14:42:39
Very lite activity locally ( within 300 miles) on 2m.
Was not around for any tropo openings if they happened.
Rather short 6m openings as well but did make some noise.
N6SS   SOSB/6 HP   8,0642013-07-21 14:45:44
Rig: K3, SB-220
Ant: 8 el LFA 40' boom up 100', design by G0KSC
7 el M2 28' boom up 50'

Mediocre condx this late in E-season. JE1BMJ only DX logged. All CW QSOs.

73, Pres, N6SS
WD5COV   SOSB/6 LP   20,0972013-07-21 14:50:06
Conditions on Saturday were ok to the pacific north west and later in the day
was able to work into eastern NA and Canada. Things never opened up to the
southeast direction.
Conditions Sunday were awful. Thanks to Outlaws N7AT, AA7A, N7IR, AA7V, and
N2IC, which made up 25% of my Q's on Sunday.
Did manage to work seven all time new grids.
Still a good way to spend the weekend. CU next contest.

K3AJ   SOSB/6 LP   5,4542013-07-21 14:50:24
CW QSO's - 46
SSB QSO's - 55

Rig: K3 @100W
Ant: 4-el @ 50 ft.
AI6O   SOAB LP   6122013-07-21 14:50:38
For such a short time involvement, thanks to all for the Qs and especially to
K7BTW (CN82) and N6GP/R (DM03) for new grids. Yagi was down so only used R7
vertical. Next time! 73
AC2FA   SOAB LP   62013-07-21 14:56:32
My first VHF effort with an unfamiliar rig and antennas. Figured it out with 20
minutes left in the test.

Learned a lot.

N4GG   SOSB/6 HP   7,7052013-07-21 15:03:03
Had to leave a nice opening Saturday night. By the time I got back to the radio
Sunday afternoon - signals were gone.

FTdx-5000, KW brick, Squalo in a tree. NEED a better antenna!
NT9E   SOAB LP   7,0492013-07-21 15:03:22
6m opened late on Saturday up and down till Sunday noon. After that it was
survival of the LOUDEST.
KCØDEB   SOSB/6 LP   3,2852013-07-21 15:05:26
Took the yagi down for Field Day, and have not found time to put it back up yet.
So, tuned up the dipole, and had fun ! ( I noticed the opening on 6m, and took
a break from the RY NAQP test. ) Great to see so much activity during a 6m
contest !

Icom IC-746PRO @100w, Alpha Delta DXCC Dipole ( Inv.V ) at 35 ft.

Band Mode QSOs Pts Grd
50 CW 14 14 10
50 USB 59 59 35
Total Both 73 73 45
Score: 3,285
NU6S   SOSB/6 HP   13,9082013-07-21 15:06:21
VE9AA   SOSB/6 HP   3,4202013-07-21 15:06:41
This was gonna be a 2 band LP effort to save electricity, amp switching and
extra heat in the shack.

Put my 17B2 up the other day in hopes of making some serious Q's on 2m this
w/e. CQ'd 1000 times on 2m in all directions for half the first day, then just
shut the 2m rig off without so much as a single QSO.

Turned the amp on and went SB/6m HP instead.

Spent the entire first day without packet, then a buddy asked me about it and
reminded me I could use it. DOH ! (read the rules, Mike!!!) I really doubt it
would've helped. I am 99.999% sure I made zero use of it for a QSO I put in
the log, other than to see other folks were having prop, while we were not.

Late Saturday I lost all mic audio right in the middle of basically the only
opening towards W4/W5...turned out to be a menu setting that likes to change on
it's own (rfi?) Had worked a few guys on phone, so the rest were all done on CW
until day 2....

N1MM sez 3:20hrs, but seemed more like 30 hours and 20 mins as radio was barely
shut off for the few hours that I slept.

Made 2 or 3 DX contacts, 2 or 3 MS contacts, 2 or 3 "local" contacts
and the smattering of the rest came in at very very marginal Es openings.
Stations would literally be at the noise floor for long periods (10-15 mins)
and if I was lucky I could get their attention.

Looking back, it seems like southern W1's had some whizz bang openings while we
had very little.

STILL - - - I did have fun.

N4WW was in for a long while and in fact, when I turned in @ 1:30am local, was
still the only thing on the band. K5VWW snuck in a dbl hop QSO from the low EL
grids and EA8 off the back for a peek-a-boo QSO.

Tomorrow I am sure the band will be wide open again !

73 es thanks !

Mike FN66, IC-7410, 6el CC, SB-226
K5ZG   SOSB/6 HP   61,7582013-07-21 15:08:08
condx ok for me on sat and only 23 qso on sunday for 8 hrs.
N7IR   SOAB QRP   1,1002013-07-21 15:08:42
Operated a few times for short periods each day on 6 meters. Sunday morning was
the most productive. Worked some locals in two grids but the majority of the
contacts were with stations in the Northwest - BC, WA, OR, ID and MT. Fellow
Outlaw WD5COV in NM was the only station worked to the east of us.
Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
K8GU   SOAB LP   2,3102013-07-21 15:16:29
Operated in between family activities. 6 seemed to open whenever it was time to
get off the radio.

6: K3/100, homebrew G3TXQ/K4KIO 6-band hex beam at 30' fed with 60' of LDF4-50
2: K3+K144XV+Mirage B3016, M2 2M9SSB at 29' fed with 60' of LMR-600

Thanks for the QSOs and 73,

--Ethan, K8GU/3.
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   69,7682013-07-21 15:27:07
Elecraft K3 + AMP 700W
6M7jhv at 55'
VE3VZ   SOSB/2 LP   1,0502013-07-21 15:46:45
A part time effort to test my new tower and beam.My friends and I spent the
first day geting it up, 10 elements up 30 ft. Finaly worked good with 80 watts.
I was hapy with the way things worked. I have never done this contest before.
Thanks to all who worked me.
N4PN   SOSB/6 HP   41,4482013-07-21 16:18:14
My flight delayed from Denver on Saturday...had it all planned that
I would get back to Atlanta and catch shuttle back to Macon just in
time to jump in the chair.....didn't work out..
First contact at 2200z...missed the first 4 hours .. ouch!
It was still a lot of fun....over 150 Q's on Sunday when it seems
most didn't have much condx....
Thanks to all....
73, Paul, N4PN

Rig: IC-7000/SB-220 - 800w
Ant: 6el Yagi @ 50'
Logging w/NA
WØETT   SOAB HP   20,4852013-07-21 16:20:47
It was a typical late July vhf contest until the evening hours on Saturday when
6m opened up. Occasionally, in Colorado, we could hear both sides of the
double hop QSOs between the east and west coasts. I especially enjoyed all the
CW QSOs and actually had small pile ups of 2 or 3 stations calling at times.
Also, thanks to the rovers W3DHJ/R, AB0YM/R, and K0CS/R who were active passing
out Q's
and grids to the guys! - W0ETT, DM79
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   9,1122013-07-21 16:28:23
Very slow on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Nice opening on 6 in several
directions Saturday evening, and a very limited opening, mainly to Florida, on
Sunday morning. I have never done so poorly on 2 meters--activity seemed low
and running QRP didn't help. Lots of lowlights, but I think the highlight was
the activity on cw below 50.100. Exactly half of my 6 meter QSOs were on cw.
Thanks to all for digging out my usually-weak signals. 73, Curt k9aks
K3YDX   SOAB LP   1,1342013-07-21 16:30:27
Happy to see 6 meters active, more so on Saturday. Thanks to those digging out
my signal on 6 meters with the simple dipole I am using at 12 feet. As usual,
always fun to see what pops up and a chance to QSO with the regulars.
N3LL   SOSB/6 HP   45,5102013-07-21 16:37:36
Missed all of Saturdays operation with prior plans, but good conditions Sunday
after the rain storms cleared out.
See everyone in September ARRL Test.
VE2NGH   SOAB LP   142013-07-21 17:32:26
Worst propagation ever in FN35.
KT4TX   SOSB/6 HP   23,1922013-07-21 17:33:30
WOW the best openings of the season for me was Saturday. Caught the last part of
the NE and Mid West then later in the evening had west of the Rockies prop
with PNW and North/Central CA though not many stations active there. I banked
on Sunday to make up for time I couldn't spend on Sat but 6 mtrs didn't yield
but a few Q's in the morning then was disconnected most of the afternoon with
heavy T-storms. Glad to see the ole 6mtr band cooperate for most of the
populous areas in the US. More antenna work is in process for the coming 2014
season plus some "plan ahead" efforts on time too! TNX to all in the
log. CU next year. Tim, KT4TX
K6CSL   SOSB/6 LP   5612013-07-21 17:48:52
Wow! A new station record for 6m. Saturday was dead, with nothing but CM97, CM98
and 1 station in CM87. Then at 01:50Z the band opened with DN35, and DM62. I
worked as many stations as I could find, all phone, until I had to quit because
of a family commitment at 03:00Z. I got back on at 17:30Z and found the band
open to DN17, DN18, DN28, CN76, CN85, 86, 88, 89, and 97. My log was all phone
until 19:00Z when I went to CW and continued there, with my last QSO at 20:08,
after which the band disappeared again. So what I did do was fun. TNX to the
KBers who gave me points. 73's to all. Bert, K6CSL
WC7Q   SOSB/6 LP   2,4362013-07-21 18:36:37
Only areas I worked were BC, WA, CA, AZ and one in Colorado. Very spotty
openings and I didn't devote too much time to the test. Thanks to Darryl WW7D/R
for his four grid locations. He sure puts in the effort for us.
Sam WC7Q
WB8BZK/R   Rover LP   33,1202013-07-21 19:03:25
Activated six grids: EN51, EN52, EN53, EN61, EN62 and EN63
WW8OH   Multi-Op LP   24,3842013-07-21 19:28:53
Two ops, two rigs ( 2M 11 el yagi at 56'+ 5 el M2 yagi at 51') but only one
rotator. DX included CR5A, CT1HZE, NP4A.

Conditions fair to poor, with only two Es openings noted here in central Ohio:
Sat evening into Portugal and to the NW (OR, MT, ND, SC, ID, CA, NE, CO, MN,
etc) and late Sun morning into FL.

Hard work made easier by the voice memory recorder.

Thanks to all who worked us, or tried to.

de Brad and Bob
VE7JH   Multi-Op HP   30,7202013-07-21 20:32:40
Operated from Mt. Brenton, Vancouver Island, CN88bv, with the Cowichan Valley
Amateur Radio Society.
Very good CONDX on 6m, great activity from the Western US.
VA7ST   SOSB/6 LP   4592013-07-21 21:37:38
* Steppir 3-element plus passive (27' AGL)
* 100W FT-2000

Spent 2.5 hours on Sunday over three sessions looking around and calling, all
CW. Not a lot of activity in the northwest, as the open path from here was
almost due south (requiring southerners to look due north). Still, had enough
callers to make things interesting for the times I was on. Wish the band had
been open to the midwest, though.

About an hour in, I decided to try tweaking the 3+1 element 6M SteppIR per
K6SGH's modifications. I don't know how much better the antenna is with these
dimensions, but I worked a lot more stations after the change than I did before

SWR went up from 1:1.2 to 1:2.0 or so, but the FT-2000 tuner readily got things
down to 1:1.2 allowing full 100W output.

Thanks for the contacts and for looking north.

-- Bud VA7ST

QSOs Mults Score Hrs
2013: 27 17 459 2.5
2012: 13 9 117 1.0
2011: 4 3 12 2.0
G4FKA   SOSB/6 HP   10,6262013-07-22 00:59:44
Around 5 hours operating, 1 on Saturday evening and 4 on Sunday morning.
Conditions were initially promising on Sunday with 4 hours good sporadic-E into
Europe. However the band closed around 12:15 and, apart from one relatively
local station, didn't hear anything else.

Equipment IC756ProIII, Expert 1K-FA, 400w and an inverted V wire dipole at 6m.

Thanks for all the QSOs.

Geoff G4FKA
K4MM   Multi-Op HP   15,4982013-07-22 05:08:11
Condx poor as usual for July. Fast QSB. On Sunday I was able to run for a little
while. No W6 or W7 prop here. Caribe was going over my head. Did work KP4EIT,
who was in here for 4 mins. Then he was gone. Never to be heard again. Thanks
to all that worked me. 2M was a flop here.

Rig: TS-2000, SPDG50 (preamp) and Henry 2006A.
Ant: m2 7JHV at 23'.

Will play again next year. 73 Tom Colyard K4MM EL97tg.
N2WK   SOAB HP   7,7282013-07-22 06:28:12
Limited time for this one.
EA6/AA5UK   SOAB LP   2382013-07-22 06:39:20
This was my first CQWW VHF from EA6 in Ibiza, Spain(JM09tb). Modest setup
Buddipole 6m Dipole and 2M 4 element Arrow antenna, radio IC-7000. I was
looking forward to some great conditions as they were pretty good the days
prior to the contest. Was I in for a surprise!

I had one short run at the start of the contest in S&P for 9 contacts on 6m
& 2M. On Sunday, I heard nothing in the morning and had to take care of some
car issues. When I sat down at 0900Z, I only managed to make 5 more contacts
during a brief run and then the bottom dropped out. I used the IC-7000 DV Keyer
with an external keying pad and ran it for the rest of the afternoon with no
further contacts. I also heard no beacons on 6m or 2m. Wow..the bands were
completely closed. Still I had fun, just wish the propagation would have
reached down to the JM grids.
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SOSB/6 HP   14,6302013-07-22 06:54:08
Conditions seemed pretty good for the short time I was on.
Got on the very first hour . 80 qso's in the first hour and all down hill from
there. Half the QSO's were CW. It is great there is a fair amount of CW

Several Europeans in the log on Saturday afternoon.

It has been a very poor 6m Eskip summer season.. Hope it gets better next

Rick K3OO
W3EP   SOSB/6 HP   36,5402013-07-22 07:11:46
Six meters was open in some fashion for most of Saturday afternoon and evening.
Between 2000 and 2200 UTC worked a few Europeans--they were weak, spotty, and
not many heard. Propagation generally favored W4 and W5 call areas, with
southern W9 and W0. Few double-hops to OK, TX, NM and CO. Heard one W6.

Conditions on Sunday were generally poor, with long stretches without any Es.

About 40% of all QSOs were on CW--nice to notice gradual increase in CW
activity on six during recent VHF contests! Lots of QSOs otherwise unlikely on
SSB made on CW.

DX summary: EA8, CT, EA, 9H, I; XE, KP4

QSOs: Saturday 282 Best hour was 0000-0059 with 65 QSOs
Sunday 70

(Also made 15 QSOs in 8 grids on two meters. Activity seemed unusually low.)

Interesting enough contest and thanks to all for QSOs, especially those who
stuck it out to complete contacts.

Emil W3EP
N3MK   SOAB HP   34,6062013-07-22 07:19:37
Two meter amp died and was limited to 50 watts on 2 but still did fine from the
island. For the first time I had almost an even number of CW and SSB contacts
on 6. There was a tremendous opening to northeast Canada early Saturday evening
everyone was 20 to 40 over. EU skipped right over me during the contest though I
did work EA8AK, NP4A and ZF2EZ. I heard HI3 for about 1 second then gone for
K1TR   SOSB/6 LP   10,2702013-07-22 07:53:43
Set up a small portable operation at our lakeside cottage. A 3 element Yagi on
an 18' pole driven by an IC7000. Some good E-skip at times including 4 Eu!
VE7XF   SOSB/6 HP   24,4802013-07-22 08:40:33
Wow - talk about going out with a bang!
6m's last gasp produced the best score I've had in years.

The DN (2), EN (1) and FN (none) grids were sadly lacking, but lots in DM and a
few in EM (14). The highlights were four JA grids, two KL grids, and a
controversial QSO with KN78.

Unfortunately, the power company has found a new way to annoy me, with a new
intermittent S-7 noise to the ESE, directly between me and the center of the
continent. Maybe it IS time to move, as soon as I can get rid of all the
boatanchors in my basement.

The slightly longer Yagi (7 el) is waiting to go up, as soon as I feel up to
climbing the tower and replacing the existing 6 el (I'll be 75 next month, and
it's getting harder). This year's 6m season is probably over anyway, but the
lawn mowing guy is getting tired of dodging the elements in the back yard.

Ralph, VE7XF

K3, P3, SB-220, 6el, N1MM
N1PRW   SOAB QRP   572013-07-22 08:49:01
Portable QRP operation from Andover, Mass. Weather was muggy and 88F.

Station Equipment:
- Yaesu FT-817ND
- Cushcraft A148-3S Yagi
- 1/2 wavelength 6m dipole, homemade

Nightmare contest. Saturday afternoon I packed up my station, hiked up the
local hilltop, and set up my radio and antennas. This is when I noticed that
I'd left my battery cable at home.

It would have taken too long to break down, hike out, and come back with the
cable, so I decided instead to operate at 1/2 power (2.5W) on the FT-817ND
internal battery. I had two fully-charged NiMH packs worth a couple of hours of

As my second pack was weakening a 6m enhancement opened up wide with paths from
here down to everywhere from the Carolinas to Arkansas. I made a 900 mi Q with
Georgia using 2.5 watts before the internal battery went flat.

By the time I got home at dark the enhancement was fading away.

73, Alexander N1PRW
W5PR   SOSB/6 HP   138,7542013-07-22 09:09:04
I thought I might be headed for a personal best in this contest, but conditions
fizzled out for the last 3 hours or so. No DX at all. Usually we have some
propagation to the Caribbean. At one point on Saturday evening I was working
WA and ME at the same time! Best long haul was VE1 and VE7.

QSO/Grid by hour and band

Hour 50M Total Cumm OffTime

D1-1800Z 11/7 11/7 11/7 34
D1-1900Z 10/2 10/2 21/9
D1-2000Z 37/16 37/16 58/25
D1-2100Z 9/4 9/4 67/29
D1-2200Z 13/8 13/8 80/37
D1-2300Z 56/22 56/22 136/59
D2-0000Z 71/24 71/24 207/83
D2-0100Z 110/29 110/29 317/112
D2-0200Z 53/15 53/15 370/127
D2-0300Z 4/1 4/1 374/128 54
D2-0400Z - 0/0 374/128 60
D2-0500Z - 0/0 374/128 60
D2-0600Z - 0/0 374/128 60
D2-0700Z - 0/0 374/128 60
D2-0800Z --+-- 0/0 374/128 60
D2-0900Z - 0/0 374/128 60
D2-1000Z - 0/0 374/128 60
D2-1100Z 10/6 10/6 384/134 40
D2-1200Z 62/13 62/13 446/147
D2-1300Z 37/12 37/12 483/159
D2-1400Z 78/18 78/18 561/177
D2-1500Z 84/5 84/5 645/182
D2-1600Z 54/3 54/3 699/185
D2-1700Z 32/2 32/2 731/187
D2-1800Z 7/0 7/0 738/187
D2-1900Z 3/0 3/0 741/187 34
D2-2000Z 1/0 1/0 742/187

Total: 742/187
NØJK   Hilltopper QRP   1,8722013-07-22 09:33:28
Set up and QRV at 2020 UTC 7-20. Band open to Ohio and New York, then boom! A
big thunderstorm coming in. Lost 2 hours of operating time due to the
thunderstorms rolling through. When the rain finally decreased at 2300 UTC - I
tried but could not drive to my usual spot. I operated portable in front of an
apartment complex, but on a high hill. Most contacts made with the mobile whip
due to lighting still in the area. I was able to get the yagi up for the last
hour I was on. Strong Es on 6 to the east, many contacts with FM19. Some short
Es to Colorado - N0KE DM69 and K0NR DM79. Band stretched out around 0200 and I
logged W7CNP CN97 and KE7V CN88. Sunday double hop Es to Puerto Rico. I was
"out of the contest" Sunday(can only operate 6 hours in the
Hilltopper category) but made "check log" contacts from home with
NP4A and KP4EIT FK68 ~ 1500 UTC. Pedro and Jose were loud.
KA3DRR   SOAB LP   3,3212013-07-22 10:44:13
Experienced multi-hop skip into East Coast on Saturday evening followed up with
sustained Es into the Pacific Northwest. My first ever CQ World Wide VHF effort
and enjoyed every minute as a portable operator.

Yaesu FT100 (100w)
2 Element Buddipole at 15 feet
N1MM Contest Logger
KB9OWD   SOSB/6 LP   6,6782013-07-22 11:42:18
Very limited time. Was out of the house with an issue with our well water
getting fixed and didn't return until Saturday evening. My wife is also very
pregnant with our 2nd child and is pretty much on bed rest, which left very
little time for radio. With the exception of about 10 minutes Sunday morning,
all QSO's were on Saturday evening over the course of about 90 minutes with a
nice broad opening from the east coast to Colorado at times.

Thanks for the QSO's!


NK7U   Multi-Op HP   3,3502013-07-22 13:17:52
WriteLog shows about 3.5 active hours. All on Saturday while the NAQP RTTY
contest was going on. We had a nice opening to the east coast during the
afternoon and evening. Signals were not booming strong but were workable. We
were plagued with S7 noise from some local source we need to track down. So if
you called us but we didn't hear you that is why.
WQ5L   SOSB/6 LP   18,9282013-07-22 15:48:43
100W, wire loop & dipole in trees

First two hours nothing but locals. N9BCA @2001Z was the first signal to bounce
off of the E layer at me. Worked a few others in that area along with ZF2EZ and
6Y5WJ, followed by about two more hours of nothing, then signals from several
different directions in and out for several hours -- mostly out, some in
mid-QSO which was frustrating. It was apparent from the spot maps that my area
was catching the edges of the openings -- it looked much better a couple
hundred miles north.

Sunday morning, the tables turned and we got some better Es lovin' down at the
lower latitudes. Worked up and down the East Coast from NH to FL between about
1200-1600Z. This opening started to progress west into W8 but by 1630Z the
proverbial fat lady had sung and she didn't come back for an encore. 73,

-- Ray WQ5L
K2DRH   SOAB HP   118,8812013-07-22 16:48:55
The weekend before the contest the Henry 3006 6M amplifier failed. Luckily it
turned out to be relatively simple, the relay power supply transformer opened
up after the parallel load resistor shorted. Henry still had parts available
but in the meantime I wired in an external supply and was back on the air. But
that seemed to initiate a chain of vexing failures. Luckily none of them
involved climbing the tower.

With thunderstorms predicted I went to disconnect the 2M coax from the Byrd
wattmeter and the pin came out of the wattmeter with the cable connector. It
had been arcing inside and the two pins had welded together. After replacing
the Byrd quick connect and the coax connectors there were no other issues so it
was evident that I had not screwed it in tight enough the last time I used it
and had caused the problem myself.

In QSO with N0URW comparing signals with the old 2x11els and the new 4 bay 6M
array with 8x7el yagis, I noticed the tower with the 2x11el 6M and 2x18XXX 2M
beams was not pointing in the right directions. Something had caused the M2
controller to reset to the default setting and the pulse counter ratio was way
off. I’d not changed those settings since it was installed it over 10 years
ago and it was an easy fix once I found the manual with the previous settings
written in it. Not sure why it reverted after all this time however, so I need
to keep an eye on that.

Next it was the 6M 4 position AlphaDelta coax switch that went intermittent.
The warning label on the bottom not to open it because there were no user
serviceable items inside was ignored, and once open it was pretty obvious that
I had hot switched it a time or three in the heat of battle. Luckily it’s a
pretty rugged design and a little burnishing and gentle filing of the buss bars
did the trick.

The 4 different 6M antenna systems all checked out fine from the switch after
that repair but the 5el rotary just didn’t “sound” right when I selected
it. It also had a much higher SWR than normal. It’s just up 20 feet on a
guyed push-up mast so it was easy to lay over. Coax checked out normal so I
took apart the gamma match on the old reliable 5el CC. There was nothing
obviously wrong so I cleaned and tightened everything up, stood it back up and
it worked better.

6M has not had the best Es season this year and the contest opened up to a dead
band. Luckily I was able to take advantage of a lot of stations hoping 6M would
open and had a really good first hour working them tropo. 2M was also pretty
flat so by the second hour the QSO rate tapered off considerably. There were a
few spotty Es bursts to the west, but for the most part it was pretty slow going
and there was not a lot on 2M. Later in the afternoon I started hearing a few
stations in W1 and W5 popping and out and could see that they were working an
Es cloud that seemed to be pretty much directly over my head. In this
situation only the more competitive stations tend to come through consistently.
I could hear K1TEO and W1XX on either side of me as they were pounding away at
it while I was just getting a few callers here and there as the cloud shifted.
This went on all afternoon with very short lived W4, W5 and W7 bursts thrown in.
With a fixed 5el CC at 20’ on FL since it is usually a big Es player, and
three rotary antennas it’s easy to switch around as these smaller openings
ebb and flow. In between I had time to chase rovers and look for local
activity. The power company was scheduled to fix the singing insulators to the
east the week before the contest but that obviously had not happened. My noise
levels to the west were low, but few stations were there to work.

After teasing me for a long time 6M finally opened really well at 0000Z or 7PM,
usually when I like to get off 6M and look for the after dinner local operators
who want to play in the contest for a while. But there was no time for that.
For the next two plus hours the rates soared. It was what I’ve come to
realize as a typical mid-July opening, where everything is coming in from all
directions at once and is chaotically shifting the narrow footprints around
like crazy. It even extended a few times on double hop out the west coast.
Unfortunately all the openings to W1/2 during this time were never really
strong or long lived and the small footprints ensured that not a single FN42 or
43 station went in the log! It wasn’t until well after 9PM after I missed the
rovers in a few spots that I was able to get back on 2M to call CQ.
Unfortunately it was a vast wasteland. I guess everyone went to bed right
after working 6M or I stayed there too long since my antenna systems can still
hear after many others have already lost prop.

When the Es fades a little for them the locals will call me in with the pileup.
They are often off the side or back and noticeably weaker so I make an effort to
pull them out. I also know to QSY them immediately to 2M or risk never hearing
them again. Most guys realize I need to work them quickly when we QSY to 2M,
but a few just don’t get it and will keep me waiting or want to “visit”.
Doesn’t take long to lose a run frequency on 6M! Often I’m forced to take
the time to turn directly on them before they will acknowledge despite my
hearing them just fine off the back or side, and as Murphy would have it it’s
almost never close to the direction I’m already pointed. This makes some
sense when I’m low power but I’m running a KW and almost 10 db louder in
this contest, so they really should hear me well enough to make the QSO too.
Been contemplating putting a 2M omni on the array tower but I doubt even that
would help much as most of those who can’t seem to hear me until I’m aimed
right at them are 150 to 250 miles out and the majority the closer ones can
already hear me off the sides. It slows down my rate, but at two for one
scoring with potentially new grid mults it’s still a good tradeoff. Somehow
I manage to retain my 6M run frequency most of the time despite constantly
shifting conditions and frequent QSYs that often take longer than they should.

This contest a single OP can log into the propagation loggers and chats and
passively watch as long as he doesn’t interact or post a spot unless it’s
to announce a CQ frequency for EME or meteor scatter. This seems pretty
specific so the only thing I do is post a CQ frequency and when comments are
directed to me I do not reply to any of them. Hopefully those of you who
don’t take the contest as seriously as I do understand and don’t get
offended by this. It is also frustrating to see that an Es cloud is right over
me and I can’t do anything about it or note good prop for other areas and
worry about it. It’s a different experience for a single OP for sure! It
did bag me EA8CQS on Saturday afternoon. I never would have thought to look
for him on 50.205 otherwise.

I only made WSJT skeds with two stations ahead of time and was successful on
both. I announced a few CQs and responded to a few others but unlike last year
there was not lot of stations on that I had not already worked on 6M and few 2M
opportunities. I saw a lot of station that I would have liked to work but
most did not announce a CQ frequency nor respond to any of mine. Instead they
would solicit QSOs the normal way by setting up an on-the-spot online sked
which is prohibited by the rules for me. So with no local activity and limited
WSJT opportunities I got 4 hours of sleep. Even in the morning the allowable
announcements for a CQ were few and a lot were the same stations I’d already
worked. There did not to seem to be many multis either. Tropo was pretty good
but I called and called on 2M in every direction to mostly silence. Very
unusual to be on early Sunday morning and get no replies at all! I heard a few
stations 100-200 miles to the east of me working into the FN grids on 2M but did
not have the enhancement to hear what they were working.

Sunday was pretty slow as the 6M Es came in small bursts and was very spotty to
the same areas over and over again. But tracking the rovers and calling CQ on
6M to mostly depleted areas like FL slowly put QSOs in the log. I worked
K9JK/R in most of the grids he visited and he was motivated to circle a grid
corner just for me since unlike the amended ARRL rules it was a multiplier for
him in each grid. One of the short openings to FL was really strong and I had
K0AWU in EN37 400 miles away call me on backscatter. When I turned around to
him on 2M he was an S2-3, so 2M was in pretty good shape. It’s makes you
wonder if you are top of someone else to hear 20 over stations from the target
area next to you while calling CQ and not getting a good run going, but several
stations told me I was very loud and in the clear. That’s about par with
repeat small footprint openings unless it’s into FN42. HI3/W3XS called me
and I worked N2CEI/R in three different multiplier grids so persistence did pay
off. The last time I worked Steve I was just about to stop CQ after not getting
any replies. I suddenly had the thought pop in my head that he should be in a
new grid by now, called CQ again and he called in from EM90 as if on cue! The
activity on 2M remained low and the contest ended with whimper when the spotty
6M openings petered out.

73 de Bob2
WB8JUI   SOSB/6 LP   362013-07-22 17:35:52
Let the auto CQ run on 6 while working the RTTY NAQP.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K4BAI   SOSB/6 LP   13,0902013-07-22 18:41:57
IC756Pro, 100W, 5 element yagi at 60'. Fair conditions with some good runs. No
DX heard. Thanks for all the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
AA4LR   SOSB/6 LP   12013-07-22 19:57:42
80/160m trap inverted L

Elecraft K3/100


Listened much of the afternoon on Saturday during band changes in the NAQP
RTTY. Did not hear any activity.

Found a couple of locals on the band Sunday afternoon, and worked one of them.
KØKX   SOSB/6 LP   2042013-07-22 20:01:18
Low power part time operation from EN13 in South Dakota using a dipole at 10'
NE1B   SOAB HP   17,2802013-07-22 20:12:00
Despite a broken computer and family activities, I got on for a few runs. Best
DX was EA8 and KP4 on 6m. Also added a couple of new grids.
OK1DO   SOSB/6 LP   5,2202013-07-23 05:39:51
Short, but nice opening on Sunday to UK.
My equipment:
TRX IC756Pro3
ANT 2x7el. YU7EF 12/18m
Thanks for all the QSOs.
VE3SMA   Multi-Op LP   11,3152013-07-23 05:52:09
On Friday we (Tom, VE3RSA and I) set up 100 W on 2m with 7 elements at 18 ft and
100 W on 6m with 3 elements at about 24 ft. Tom is a neophyte VHF operator but
an experienced HF contester. We did HF contests together at VE3UOT in the
early 80's so it was great to run another contest with him !

The contest went reasonably well, with about twice last year's score, though
shy of the 2010 score from the same location. 6m was open most of the time,
though mostly not with extremely strong signals - a pretty good introduction to
the band for Tom. 2m was a tough slog all the time (as usual from FN05), though
big stations in FN31 and FM19 were worked without much trouble (both in the
vicinity of 750 km), so I am sure more could have been done had activity been
there, or if we had had more skeds.

As far as 6m dx goes we got a ZF (who answered my CW CQ) and FOUR (!) EA8
stations. For most of the contest IL18 was the grid with which we had the most
6m QSOs. FN03 just snuck past IL18 in the last hour ! Within North America,
there was a pretty good spread of sporadic E openings, to VE1, VO1, various
parts of W4/W5 and a few W0 stations, but it wasn't open to the west much. A
couple of DM grids were heard but not worked.

Every station heard or worked was over 100 km away (with one possible
exception). We made just two QSOs with stations to the north of us, VA3PC
(FN06) on 6m and VA3ELE (FN07) on 2m. K2QO/R takes the prize for the
most-worked station, with a total of 8 QSOs on the two bands, in 5 grids.

Steve VE3SMA
K9CT   SOAB HP   5,5372013-07-23 08:53:03
Limited time as I was in the NAQP RTTY Saturday. Caught a short 6m opening and
had fun. 73, Craig K9CT
K1TO   SOSB/6 LP   68,2262013-07-23 10:53:07
My first ever CQ VHF. Erected a 6M7JHV @ 55' on June 3 and am using 100W. All
of the 6M veterans are saying this is the toughest Es season in many years, so
I picked a bad year to get started.

Condx from FL were very different than from the rest of the country. Saturday
was a grind and it was frustrating to hear N4WW steadily working guys in a band
opening that he created to the northeast with his high antenna. When I shut
down for a thunderstorm more than 4 hrs in, there were only 19 QSOs in my log.
Hearing JE1BMJ at 0007Z was a highlight (also heard Han on June 22). Late in
the evening, it finally opened to W1/2, but activity was light. Went to bed
with 90 QSOs. Had watched the DXMAPS map with red lines everywhere but FL.

Sunday was terrific by comparison with over 400 QSOs, but almost none were
double-hop. Farthest QSOs were in SD, CO and NM. Was calling a W7 in OR and
W3FF/6 called me, but we couldn't complete a QSO. No DX at all on Sunday and
only YV/6Y on Saturday.

106 CW QSOs. 20 new grids. Stuck at 45 states -- had hoped to work SC, ND and
NV, but not even a whiff of any of them.

Although I thought I'd read the rules reasonably well, I didn't realize that
there is no Low Power category -- this must be the only such contest!

73, Dan
NR5M   SOSB/6 HP   147,2642013-07-23 11:23:15
Started out going to do both bands but Es on six lasted until 10 local (0300z)
and by that time the Eu window on 2m EME was closed. I went to 2 about 9:50
local and watched MAP 65 report K5QE CQing with no answers and painting no
others on the band. I returned to 6 and found the band dead (no Es} so I
started setting up WSJT for 6m meteor scatter. At about 11:00 pm local (0400z)
I tried my first ever attempt at MS. I got several sequences with strong burns
but never could decode anyone.... My MS abilities are evidently still a work in

At about midnight I switched to a StarTrek rerun and spent over an hour
watching what I think was the original pilot for the first TV series. Yes,
they got Capt. Pike back to the planet where he was reunited with his long lost
love and had the illusion of health and vitality ( and lived happily

I still had lingering thoughts about doing some 2 meter work but 6 opened early
to the east coast and that sealed the deal for a 6-only effort. The band was
good untill 1800 but someone pulled the plug and I spent the last 3 hours CQing
into a daed band. I only netted 16 more Q's during the final 3 hour stretch.
(Where are the StarTrek reruns when you REALLY need them!?)

George, NR5M
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   98,7282013-07-23 13:00:27
Nice openings on Saturday and early Sunday on 6m.
Dead 6m band from 16:00Z (local noon) Sunday.
K2QO(@K2QO/R)   Rover LP   62,5322013-07-23 13:43:26
This was our first time roving in the CQWW VHF and it was a blast. Some
interesting things about this contest were as follows.

1. Stations with whom we worked the most Qs were: W2CCC-10, N2SLN/r-9, VE3SMA-8
and K2LIM-7. The neat thing here is the improvements at CCC and the skill level
at SMA. N2SLN/r should have had a nice score based on our mutual 9 Qs.

2. We missed much of the Eu opening on 6M as it was during our 1.5 hour drive
from FN22 ==> FN23. ARGH.

3. Our Saturday night stay at the secret W2CCC QTH was excellent! I hope we
didn't miss even more Eu on 6M while we sipped beer around the campfire with
the CCC gang.

4. My FT-100D had an audio issue so the new K3 had to be pressed into service
on 6M. At least that was a high class problem.

5. We worked a HUGE pile of new-to-us call signs for any VHF contest. I hope
that all of them get on the air for the ARRL in September!!

Mark K2QO
Dick K2ZR
K5QE   Multi-Op HP   191,1602013-07-24 06:18:46
Conditions were pretty poor this time. 6M was fair at best...2M was poor the
entire time. 2M EME was awful...the degradation was -10db!! Our score was
below average for us, but not terrible.
K9YC   SOSB/6 HP   5,1412013-07-24 11:24:37
While those east of the Mississippi have been having lots of fun on 6M this
season, the band has been miserable here in the San Francisco Bay area. Our
last good opening was on Saturday of the ARRL June contest.

This weekend provided a brief double-hop Es that produced QSOs to IA, MN, OH,
MI, PA, NY, MD, IL, NE, and IN, as well as several good single-hop openings to
BC, AB, SK, WA, OR, MT, ID, SD, AZ, NM, and CO that added five new grids to my
log. All of the double-hop Qs were worked on CW, in a period of 25 minutes.

Using a K3, KPA500, 3-el SteppIR with added 6M element at 120 ft. This is a
single band entry, because I'm on the wrong side of the ridge to work 2M to
anywhere except HI.

73, Jim K9YC
K1TEO   SOAB HP   138,2372013-07-24 12:42:38
This one started out on a down note as my SWR on the main 6M antenna (5/5 el)was
3:1. I have two lower antennas (both single 5 els)but both of those rotors were
broken during last fall's hurricane and remain unrepaired. As this is primarily
a 6M contest all I could do was hope for some really good openings. Fixing the
antennas was out of the question as the weather was really hot and not
compatible with cranking the tower down and over. It is a long tiring effort
and not something to do Saturday of the contest.

Band condx Saturday afternoon were not all that great. For the first couple of
hours little E-skip was noticed and then just a few EA8's and CT were in . I
could see on the chat pages that others were working a bit more into EU but
either they were not coming in at my QTH or the antenna limitations kept me
from hearing them. Meanwhile 2M had decent activity (hey the antennas were
working normally on that band, hi!)but the APRS propagation map looked like it
does on a really cold day in January - at least in the Eastern half of the
country there was almost no color on the map. You don't see that very often
during the summer months. Generally condx on the band seemed to confirm what
the APRS map indicated though I did work VE3SMA in FN05 with decent signals
which was nice.

During the early evening 6M started to open just a bit. Around 4:15 local time
a few midwest stations were worked starting with N0KE in CO. There were a few
strong signals but not many were worked as the bands was spotty for the next
hour. Then around 7 pm K0HA in EN10 started to come in. He was s5 for awhile,
then built up to s9. For at least 20 minutes he was just about the only E-skip
station on the band that was heard. Talk about a small foot print....Then K5QE
started to come in, followed by NR5M. Not much was on besides these guys who
seem to create their own openings. Very impressive. Around 7:45 the band
finally opened up solidly and stayed that way for 1.5 hours mainly to the SE
with some Midwest stations checking in as well. Over 120 Q's were made during
this time period which was the only high rate period of the contest for me. The
band shut down around 9:45 and then reopened to FL around 11.

I went to sleep on Saturday just before midnight with 428 Q's in the log and
120 grids on 6 meters and 31 on 2M. Sunday turned out to be a really slow day.
Although the APRS map was much better throughout the day, activity on 2M had
basically shut down after the first 3 hours or so of the contest, once 6M
started to open up. Most of the time 2M had only 2 or 3 signals on it until the
last couple of hours when folks seemed to drift back to 2M as 6 had died out for
E-skip. 6 was open to Florida again in the morning and we could hear those
stations running with many areas of the Eastern US. Later there were spotty
openings to the Gulf Coast. Again K5QE and NR5M were in for long periods this
time joined by W5PR who was never loud but in for a few hours. By noon 6M was
back to only local stuff and with my high swr it was tough to work many more as
the loud sigs on the band had already entered the log.

I was a bit surprised to work W8MIL in EN74 on 2M with fairly good signals
Sunday morning. I also had 2 wsjt skeds that went well to add a couple of
grids. And for the first time in my contesting experience I made one
announcement of a wsjt cq on 2M and was rewarded with 2 responses! Overall I
spent 9 hours operating on Saturday and and had the 428 qso's and also operated
about 9 hours on Sunday while making 183 QSO's. 77 of those QSO's were on 2M
which helped the score given the 2 point scoring on the band. Most of the 16
new grids Sunday on 6M were local tropo grids.

Rover activity was good with VE3CRU, K2QO, N2SLN, WB2SIH, and N1KPW entering
the log a number of times. Tnx for your efforts guys! VA3ELE did an amazing job
handing out rare grids in Ontario as he was worked in EN97, FN07 and FN08. Great
job Peter!

One thing I liked about the contest was being able to watch the chat pages and
see the spots during the contest. In some cases it created frustration as you
could see other parts of the country experiencing openings while 6M was closed
much of the time in my area. And, there were quite a few stations on the chat
pages that are easy for me to work and would have been new grids but were never
found on the air. On the other hand it was fun to see what was going on during a
contest, and my one post on ping jockey netted 2 extra QSO's and grids on 2m
which was fun. While I have always been a bit of a purist and not advocated any
assistance at all I would say it was a net positive to be able to look at what
was going on. So, I like the rules for this contest regarding passive use of

As noted by others I find it interesting to see so much cw activity on 6M When
I started contesting in the early 1970's most of my contacts on 2M were in the
cw part of the band below 144.100. Once the SSB call frequency moved to 144.200
the cw activity dropped off and nowadays the cw activity is intermingled with
the SSB activity on 2M. I really enjoyed the 6M activity in the suband and wish
something like that could happen again on 2M too.

Tnx for the QSO's and to CQ for sponsoring the contest.
N7VM/R   Rover HP   1962013-07-24 21:08:43
Murphy prevailed
K9DR   SOSB/6 LP   162013-07-25 17:52:55
Most of the weekend was spent getting the modified A4S back on top of the tower.
Used 40/80 meter inverted Vee. The 6 meter Moxon wasn't done in time for the
K9GY/R   Rover LP   1,9602013-07-25 19:12:32
Original plan was a two grid rover (EN51+61). Purchased a deep cycle battery to
use with the FT-857D...but hatched a "grand plan" on Fri night to
rover to MI (EN62,72,61,71 corner) on Sat...then on Sun rover to EN51,50,60

Although hadn't tested out the new battery and FT-857D yet. In addition, one of
our cats became ill on Fri night. So fell back on the EN51+61 (original) plan.

Good thing too since the battery only lasted about 30 minutes since I hadn't
cycled it for four charges yet...oops! FT-857D isn't supposed to be operated at
less than 11.7 volts. Therefore for most of the contest I was using the FT-817
(5 watts).

Spent 4.25 hours at EN51xr and 5.25 hours at EN61fm. At high power, 6m gets
into 2m but not the other way around. So better to have QRP with close spaced
antennas anyways.

For the most part 2m activity is on 144.200...Can we spread out a little bit or
is this a simplex contest on 2m? Weather was fairly hot over the weekend so
being in the car was ok with a breeze. Once the breeze died out Sunday
afternoon I packed it up.

See you at the CSVHFS conference!

Rover Over,
N1SZ   SOSB/6 LP   7802013-07-27 11:28:40
A very light effort. Too many family things going on. Thank you for the QSOs!

Jim, N1SZ
W3DHJ   Rover LP   6,9302013-07-27 14:30:01
Activated 4 grids: DM77 , DM78 , DM87 , DM88
SPF30: Need to remember that for the left arm! HI!HI!
Not such a good year for scoring. But, it was fun.
Several VE7's and XE2JS on Saturday evening gave me DXIIIC.
Added a 45W solar panel system this year. VERY happy I did!

COWS!!: Currently I just pull the solar panels out of the back seat
and lay them on the ground when I arrive at my 'usual' grid locations
(or I lean them up against the car in the early AM or late afternoon.)
In DM87 and DM88 I park in open range and most years I have cattle
come up to the car -- even slobbering and drooling on the road bra.
I could just envision a 900 pound steer stepping on the solar panels.
Three times I had to get out of the car, and charge them -- while
waving white towels (not RED! HI!HI!) -- and run them off.
Cuts into the Q-rate.
CT3DZ   SOAB LP   4202013-07-29 14:18:28
No domingo não tive propagação , para U.S.A e EUROPA
ficara para o proximo CQ WW DX VHF
WW7D/R   Rover HP   52,8842013-07-30 13:27:21
Activated 7 grids in the Pacific NW. There were terrific Es openings to S. CA
on both Saturday and Sunday. I managed to be stationary for some of the
openings. The full story can be found here:
N8HM   SOSB/6 LP   562013-08-03 09:22:38
Rig - Yaesu FT-450D
Antenna - Blue Collar Ants Model 6A Magnetic Loop