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Mississippi QSO Party   2012   Feb 25   Comment Summary

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NO5W   Single Op LP   2,1602012-02-25 18:33:52
MSQP-2012 was a very fine QSO party with a number of good mobiles and several
fixed stations. Being in Texas I could only work MS on 40m and 80m although I
did have one QSO with WQ5L on 20m. From the sound of people calling MS stations
on 20m and 15m it sounded like the party was well-attended on all bands 80-15.
Most QSOs were with N5NA(17), W3DYA(8), K4ZGB(7), and W4SIG(6). Excellent
signals from the mobiles. Thanks for spending time and resources to help put on
the party.

W4UCZ   Single Op LP   5,1852012-02-25 19:16:09
This was essentially a 40-meter (CW) only contest from Georgia but there
was more than enough activity for a fun low-pressure Saturday.

Worked 10 fixed stations for 11 QSO's and the remaining 74 were from the
mobiles : W4SIG (20), N5NA (20), W3DYA (16), K4ZGB (14) and W4OQG (4).

Thanks to the great coverage I'm down to only four never-worked counties.
See y'all next year and thanks to all for this one.

Mark, W4UCZ
N6MU   Single Op LP   9,5202012-02-25 22:31:37
10 and 15 open most of the day. Thanks for all the QSYs. No propagation on 40
until the last two hours. Top mobile for me was N5NA with 37 Qs followed
closely by W3DYA with 35 and W4SIG with 34 and K4ZGB with 10. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 4BTV
W1END   Single Op LP   2,1962012-02-26 05:49:26
Signals were crashing in here on 15 meters in the early afternoon; wish I could
say the same for 40 meters later. Thanks again to the mobiles who stole the
show as usual. I appreciate chasing you guys around. I'm sure I missed many
counties though. Thanks to all.

73 - Eldon W1END
KV8Q   Single Op LP   7,9652012-02-26 07:20:45
Another real fun QSO Party. Glad that I had the time this year. I
usually have an annual committment this weekend but not this year.
Lots of mobiles to chase around all day, such as:
W4SIG 31 (21),
N5NA 27 (15),
W3DYA 25 (15),
K4ZGB 19 (12),
W4OQG 5 (4).
Skip was too long on 10 and 15 meters for anything here. Had very high QRN for

three hours once the sun went down. It finally cleared with an hour
left; but, everyone else had cleared also. Lots of fun. Thanks for
all of the QSO's and new counties. Be looking for the QSL cards.
Please reply. See you all next year if I can do it.
WØZQ   Single Op HP   1,5182012-02-26 08:17:25
Nice job by the mobiles, thanks for the fun.
KØPC   Single Op LP   2,9482012-02-26 08:25:20
Thanks to the mobile operators for their excellent operations. N5NA's APRS map
even let me know when they had finished lunch and I worked them as they were
pulling out of the parking lot.
I enjoy following mobiles around almost as much as doing the mobile operation
myself. I'm looking forward to my next outing in two weeks for the WI QSO

73, Pat K0PC
N5NA   Mobile LP   58,3162012-02-26 13:29:02
A big THANK YOU to my wife, K5AKS, for putting in a 16 hour day driving! It
took longer to reach MS from my location in S. AR than I thought it would so we
were about an hour late getting started.

This was my first time operating the MSQP and it was a blast! Seems there were
non-stop callers all day. 40m was my big band with 20m a close second. I made
about 50% more QSO's than I thought I would when I started. The 8 phone QSO's
and 4 10m CW QSO's were all with N6MU. Thanks John!

A highlight of the day was meeting Kerry, W4SIG, in Tallahatchie about 0.7 mile
from Coahoma. Kerry was parked on the side of the road studying the map when we
drove past. We quickly pulled over for an nice eyeball QSO and pictures.

I had 13 MS county mults and 48 non-county mults. Thanks to all the DX
stations calling: DL3DXX, YV5OIE, LY5A, OE5KE, SP5SA, DL3GA, DL3IAC, G3WPF,

I operated from 16 counties. County totals are: Washington(91), Holmes(85),
Issaquena(75), Yazoo(73), Tallahatchie(72), Sunflower(69) Carroll(68),
Humphreys(60), Attala(60), Grenada(54), Bolivar(52), Yalobusha(49),
Leflore(47), Sharkey(42), Coahoma(41), and Montgomery(26).

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSO's:
N6MU(37), KV8Q(28), WB2ABD(27), K9WA(26), K8MFO(25), NT2A(25), W0GXQ(24),
W8WVU(24), W4UCZ(20), W4IHI(19), K9EN(18), NO5W(17), N9QS(16), AD5WI(16),
K8QWY(16), NN9K(15), K7TM(15), K0PC(15), K0MPH(14), K9FMX(13), WA6KHK(13),
W5QP(12), K5GE(12), W0ZQ(11), W0EAR(11), W9MSE(11), and N4JF(11).

My equipment was a K3/100, Scorpion SA-680, Dell Inspiron 2200 running CQ/X,
and a 2000 Chevrolet C2500 truck. The Scorpion is a new addition replacing a
High Sierra HS-1500.

Thanks to everyone who called and followed me through the day!

73, Alan N5NA
N4UC   Single Op LP   9362012-02-26 19:11:25
Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
7 CW 20 20 15
7 LSB 16 16 8
14 CW 3 3 1
Total Both 39 39 24
Score: 936
KN4Y   Single Op HP   1,4702012-02-27 08:47:48
Great plans interrupted by PPP. Had a Sports bowling tournament, but got to work
CW with the great mobiles and fixed stations before and after the tournament.
The bands went kaput the last half hour,
N4JF   Single Op LP   9,5702012-02-27 11:21:16

WQ5L   Single Op LP   22,2402012-02-27 17:57:16
Part time only. Mults were 26 counties, 36 states, 5 provinces, 13 countries.

I think our party is coming of age. Much more mobile activity than in the past
-- thanks guys! I had no skip zone on 40 during daylight so was able to chase
the mobiles there between jumps to the higher bands to hand out Qs from my
fixed location. 73,

-- Ray WQ5L
W3DYA   Mobile LP   44,4672012-02-28 10:27:54
Great Event - I think I've checked my log closely this time... and used the
correct form!
Thanks to everyone who followed me around; there were many.
High QSO count (trivia): N6MU-35, WB2ABD-29, K8MFO-26, KV8Q-25, K9WA-24,
NT2A-22, and W0GXQ-21.
Best band openings I've seen in years - hope it continues to improve for OKQP
next month.
Again, thanks to everyone who joined up - lots of fun!
73, Norm, W3DYA