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Ontario QSO Party   2011   Apr 16   Comment Summary

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VA3GKO   SO SSB LP   30,1742011-04-17 08:54:47
Had fun in this one with 40m being the best band.Nice to work the rovers with
lot,s of new counties.I had to quit early due to other commitments. Great time
see you again next year.
va3gko in Sim.
KE3X   Single Op LP   4422011-04-17 09:35:09
Thanks to the organizers for acknowledging DC as a separate multiplier! Nice
to hear so many Ontario stations on. 73,

Ken KE3X
VE3CV   Single Op LP   5,3362011-04-17 11:14:45
Only 4 hours to operate and missed 80/160. Down over 10,000 points!
Participation seemed down this year...maybe conditions.
Thanks to all the Ops and especially the Rovers braving the nasty weather!
VE3OSZ   SO CW LP   23,0742011-04-17 11:56:24
Not a lot of CW activity.
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SO CW HP   3,8282011-04-17 12:33:30
Score is CW only as I deducted 10 points (VA3CCO) and 1 multiplier for my 20m

K3 to 43' vertical + 160m "L"
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   3,5622011-04-17 13:21:18
Score as calculated by N1MM.

Caught VE3EJ on 5 bands. Unfortunately, nothing heard across the lake on 10

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VA3DF   Single Op QRP   33,5702011-04-17 14:32:46
Wow, 40 m had to do the heavy lifting for this contest as 80 m was somewhat less
than optimal. By means of a comparison, last year I made 108 qsos and worked 48
mults on 80 - this year the numbers were 47 qsos and 29 mults! However, 40
stepped up to the plate and took up most of the slack.

Had seen a lot of spots for nice DX during the last week so Sunday morning when
things were slow, I decided to go get me some of that good stuff! Came back with
a YB0 worked with two calls on 15m.

Ended up with basically the same score as last year. Nice to work so many
fellow CCO members and hope everyone had a great time.

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


VA3CCO(VE3CX)   Single Op LP   222,5472011-04-17 18:30:23
Plan was to run HP, and I was warming up the amps before the contest started.
Went to tune up one amp, and it let off a bit of a light show. Quickly decided
to try my hand at LP, and switched off both amps.

Found the bands were noisy, and it was hard to get anything going running LP.
20 phone did the heavy lifting in this one, at it seemed every time I started
calling CQ, QSO's went in the log :-)

Thanks for the QSO's

Tom - VE3CX aka VA3CCO
WØPAN   SO SSB LP   522011-04-18 08:02:04
Condx between AZ and ONT were not the best - maybe next year.
VE3MIS   M/M HP   178,4802011-04-18 13:15:28
Congrats to VE3CWU, VE3IMG, VA3BLJ, VE3JIW, VE3RHD, VE3CXT, VE3TKI for a great
effort in Ontario QSO Party at VE3MIS
VE3YF   Single Op LP   12,2452011-04-18 15:53:02

Very limited time this year to spend on the contest. Looking at some of the CW
QSO's of others, obviously I must have been snoozing.

73 De Mike
VE9AA   SO CW LP   1922011-04-18 16:37:59
Not much activity on 2nd day, CW...
IC-746, N1MM
WØBH   Single Op LP   1802011-04-19 20:52:34
Score includes contact with two bonus stations.

Just on for the fun and found excellent signals from Kansas into VE3. Nice to
hear you all on!

73, Bob, w0bh
AA8IA   SO SSB LP   1682011-04-19 21:16:24
Thanks to the sponsors and ops. Too bad I put so little time in. I enjoyed
it though!
W1END   SO CW LP   1,0542011-04-20 04:33:28
It was odd that ON signals were either very loud or weak. Not much in between.
It is always nice to QSO friends north of the border.

Eldon - W1END
VE3ZF   SO SSB HP   377,9362011-04-20 11:41:38
My expedition to the Manitoulin Island for participation in Ontario QSO Party
2011 was challenging but very successful.

The weather condition was too far from being perfect due to strong wind, rain
and cold. Installation of antennas gave me a hard time. I was lucky getting a
few hours of break in gusting wind for final set up all of my antennas.
I installed 3 elements Spider beam on 10 meter’s tower, 2 elements phased
verticals on 40 meter’s and Inverted Vee on 160/80. My luck did not expand
far enough to test my new antenna - 2 elements phasing verticals on 80 meters
with 2 balloons are left for the next time.

Anyway, I was busy operating from the island. The propagation during OnQP was
great. I had hours of excellent Europe’s and North America’s pile-ups on
15, 20 and 40 meters....

Thanks to all for a QSO's during the contest. At the end of Ontario QSO Party I
had more than 1200 QSO's in my LOG. A few hours later storm destroyed the Spider
beam - under strong wind 2 inches fiberglass pipe broke down....

Dispute the weather, I enjoyed my favorite activity and satisfied with my
results. I am planning to come back to Manitoulin Island in 2012.

Thanks for all who called me.

73! Igor VE3ZF
VE3AGC/R   Mobile Solo Op LP   233,3762011-04-20 13:27:22
A quick entry of the paper log
qsos 447 dupes 13 valid qsos 434
Points 747 Multiplers 308 counties activated 11
claimed score 233376

As with any rover/mobile operation, there are good points and failures.
Saturday weather was rain, cloud, rain, sun, cloud rain in any order
imaginable, and wind!. Sunday weather was snow, rain, heavy snow, cloud, sun in
any order and wind!. Add in wind gusts, and assorted mud at locations.
The multiband dipole built up a wonderful static charge Saturday night and
wouldn't tune on 160m and eventually 80m. The cw key disintegrated steadily
Saturday and failed Sunday, bringing out the spare. Two locations were so muddy
that a move was required to nearby (somewhat) drier ground. The static build up
charged the FT857, giving shocks while using the key. The 857's finals actually
survived. Conditions were as good as could be asked for. Distant qsos were CE6
and LZ11.

Thanks to all who gave qsos, particularly on cw as I retightened the key many

73, Bob
KØPK   SO CW HP   11,5362011-04-21 04:27:00
Didn't hear much activity in this one. Lots of other contest going on.

Thanks for the Qs!

73 Paul - K0PK
KN4Y   Single Op HP   182011-04-22 17:16:52
Listened on CW and worked the stations I heard.