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Makrothen RTTY Contest   2008   Oct 11   Comment Summary

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W6SX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   208,3882008-10-11 13:50:56
This is my kind of contest. Fifty-two QSOs gives me 208,388 points! Yee Haw!

K3, AL-1200, 80 meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, MMTTY, N1MM Logger
VA3PC   SO/Single Xcvr HP   936,7272008-10-12 09:04:05
Confusion when 3 netherlands stations all called at the same time when running
on 20m.
15 utterly quiet until last 2 hours of the contest.
73 see you in the next one!
DO9ST   SO/Single Xcvr LP   116,1992008-10-12 09:04:47
At home with 10 Watts on a smal homemade Vertical.
W1CDX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,609,2142008-10-12 09:07:18
Nice Contest. 15m was open very nicely
K4FX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,649,1962008-10-12 09:18:34
Conditions were fair, had a good time.
WØLSD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,187,6962008-10-12 09:20:35
Only 10 hrs in this one. Really poor cond. in CO to EU. Watched Sunday AM
as the midwest and east coast had a fun time into EU on 15. 15 dead except for
2 midwest stations at this latitude. Must have been some sort of auroral event.
See you all in WAE. Get ready for those QTCs!
VA2UP   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,398,7542008-10-12 09:22:00
It has been a vy difficult contest. K5 index on saturday wiped me out of the
picture. Glad to be able to do something on sunday morning with much improved
conditions on 20M especially. Some contacts on 15 but didn't stick around
Low bands extremely noisy Bands were so poor I decided to play this one single
Xcvr. My highlight being spotted this morning by VK6HD on 80M, I would have
loved to be able to copy but not so...very sorry abt that Mike :-(
Thanks to organizers for such nice contest, this is one of my favorites.
Thanks all for the contacts even if it has been difficult at times...I know...
73, Fabi va2up
NA2M   SO/Single Xcvr HP   615,2482008-10-12 09:25:31
Late start on this contest;one of my favorites. Called CQ on 10M for about
10 minutes with no reply.

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP - Ten-Tec Titan 600W
Antennas: 80/160 Inv. L - 40M delta loop.
S53M(S51FB)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,325,2162008-10-12 09:28:42
Worked just second period.

Thanks to all.

K4GMH   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   6,011,1462008-10-12 09:30:57
Surprised at how well 15 meters opened up the last four hours of the contest.
Lot of fun with the strongsignals on 15 meters. A nice surprise was having
VK6HD answer a CQ on 80 meters. That QSO was worth working 60 California or
180 Virginia stations!
Entered the Class 4: Multi, All Band, High Power, SO/Multi Scvr HP (S/M)
category so could run SO2R. Enjoyed operating SO2R in the Contest due to the
short exchange - just the grid locator.
Thanks to all who were kind enough share a QSO inthe Contest. Also, thanks to
the Contest Committee who will be scoring the Contest - a though job.

Mike, K4GMH
K4LY   SO/Single Xcvr LP   605,5762008-10-12 09:39:37
Another learning day. Used N1MMLogger for the first time. Ran an FT-897 at
50-80 watts to 40M and 20M dipoles plus a Hygain Hytower. Thanks for the Qs.
KA4RRU   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   2,142,5842008-10-12 09:44:41
73 de Mike
VA7ST   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,156,3322008-10-12 10:01:14
Things started well, opening with:
SFI= 69 | A=2 | K=1 Conditions good to very good

Things ended badly, with fast solar wind arriving Saturday, resulting in:
SFI= 71 | A=25 | K=2 (5 at one point)

Makrothen is one of my favorite RTTY contests. Distance-based scoring somewhat
levels the playing field for East vs. West locations, assuming West can even
hear Europe and more than a handful of JAs turn out.

80M was great for US/VE but 40M was oddly behaved (not good), and 20M was as
bad as it gets for DX. In fact, I earned just about as many points on 80M (with
the 4x multiplier) as I did on 20M.

My first 66 Qs on 40M (last year's total) netted 300,000 points -- last year
that many Qs earned 330,000 points so DX was off a bit this year. Getting 66 Qs
on 40M took 3 minutes longer, too -- 0241z vs. 0244 this year.

Ended up with 74 Qs and 350,000 pts. on 40M, and would characterize the band as
lousy, with little DX and even domestic signals mostly poor-strength, especially
Saturday and Sunday.

Hit last year's 80M total of 188,000 in 1.5 hours' less time, at 0400Z with 37
Qs -- vs. 41 Qs at 0532z last year. The verticals and Beverage really did well
for the cross-continent FM/FN/EM guys. The array continued to outpace last
year's delta loop early Sunday morning, as I finished with a most-ever 76 Qs
for 399000 points on 80M.

Someone snuffed out 20M with a pillow -- got up for the 1600Z (9 a.m.) start
Saturday morning and heard virtually nothing. Europeans didn't appear here
until 1700Z, and they were very weak and raspy. Europe/Africa was limited to
one or two each of of F, I, EA and 5C5W.

Sunday morning was dead on 20M -- no Europe at all. My final QSO was #250 (and
#100 on 20M) with VE7CC with a few minutes left, for a whopping 308 pts. But
now I know how far apart we are, hi. Was happy to work Lee as nobody else could
hear me at all.

Last year, I had 267 Qs and 1.5 million points on 20M, so this year's 400,000
pts. is an indication of how much worse conditions are.

Points per Q comparisons

2005 2006 2007 2008 Delta 07/08
80M 3,139 3,015 4,534 5,251 + 717 keep antenna
40M 4,168 3,860 5,026 4,732 - 294 keep antenna
20M 4,703 4,174 5,745 4,071 - 1,674 same %$#& yagi
15M 0 3,820 0 0 0

Total score comparisons

Qs Points Hrs
2008 250 1,156,332 10
2007 374 2,051,462 13
2006 220 876,480 11
2005 184 809,920 10
2004 272 1,522,626 19

Had sufficient fun to do it again next year. And with this weekend's emergence
of a real Cycle 24 group (#1005) making promises that might actually be kept
this time, there's a good chance the bands will be much more alive than they
have been over the past three years of nothin' to write home about.

See many of you in CQWW SSB and CW coming up. Now, on to Canadian thanksgiving
turkey at the in-laws' free-for-all this afternoon. Try snagging a drumstick
with 10 people at the table :) Bigger dogpile than if a P5 showed up on 20.

Thanks for the Qs and see you in the fray!
VE1DT   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,000,2462008-10-12 10:19:39
This RTTY thing can actually be fun. Just started to make a few Q's and after
about 5 hours, decided it would be fun to get up to 1,000,000 points. Got there
with 15 minutes to spare.
KØFX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   734,4752008-10-12 10:24:38
Condx generally poor to very poor.
Thanks for the Qso's. Hope things are bettr for the
WAE-RTTY contest.

73 Don K0FX
KL8DX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   375,8202008-10-12 10:25:23
Just a short time to operate however the geomagnetic activity ended this contest
for me much earlier than I had hoped for. I did manage to work into EU on the
11th from 0330z thru 0700z. I worked a few more EU stations from 1600z thru
1630z but the bands fell off and I threw in the towel. My big point winners
were ZC4LI, 9M6XRO and PY3OL. I enjoy the format of this contest using grid

VY2SS   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,172,6922008-10-12 11:00:24
IC746pro and SB-200
500W to KT-34A and verticals

This is my first attempt at this contest. I liked it.

I operated for 14.43 hours and made 659 QSOs.

So that is 4814.4 Kilometers per QSO and 219,868 kilometers per hour. This is
a very high speed contest.

Thanks to all who logged me.

I will definately be back next year!


W1BYH   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,514,2912008-10-12 11:38:15
I love this contest format - Friday night conditions were very poor - No 20
meters heard at all. Saturday was better as was Sunday Biggest surprise was
getting called on 80 meters by VK6HD. Didn't hear an JA stations here at all. I
guess I had similar problems with the program on Writelog, with all sorts of
wierd actions occuring throughout the contest. Managed to struggle through.
Only quirk was many stations insisting on sending many ..... and - - - - next
to the call and report. Really makes logging fun!

73 Norm W1BYH
EA5DKU   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,454,1522008-10-12 12:53:28
This is my firts Makrothen contest.
Thank you all for qso's

73 de Javier
N3BM   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,029,0932008-10-12 13:42:46
Pretty good opening on 15m at 1430Z until 1530Z.

ICOM 756 Pro 3
Ameritron AL-811H
G3TXQ Broad Band Hex Beam
Inverted Delta Loop for 80 & 40.
G3RSD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,967,4702008-10-12 14:24:27
W7MRC(NG7Z)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   288,5612008-10-12 14:42:46
Just a few contacts for fun.
K9MUG   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,045,0442008-10-12 14:45:38
The weather forecast was good, the indices were good, and all seemed reary.
Oh well, the weather turned bad, the qrn on the low bands ferocious, and
propagation the first night was awful.

However, amongst friends and with a super scoring method, it is always fun!

Thanks to the sponsors and to all who qso'd.
I know a lot of you called and I wasn't able to copy , I do appreciate how much
many of you did try. Believe me, I wanted to work you all.

This is the juicy part of the RTTY contest season, so I'll see you next time.

K6GEP   SO/Single Xcvr LP   302,6642008-10-12 16:58:47
The K index was 5 during Period 2, so 20M was almost useless. I was amazed how
many people stayed up past midnight local time in the last hour of Period 1.
Very little activity during Period 3. Very fun contest, but we will have to
wait until next year for better condix.

CU next weekend in JARTS RTTY.


80 meter dipole sloping from 50 feet
40 meter inv vee at 50 feet
20 meter dipole at 20 feet oriented NE
15 meter dipole

VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   872,9722008-10-12 20:17:44
Very rough conditions and limited play time.
VE7CC   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,520,0262008-10-12 22:17:55
Had a total of 18 European contacts.
15 was totally dead. Only contact was with a local.
I like the scoring. It helps take away the usual east coast advantage. Now if
the propagation would only cooperate.

OK2SFP   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,525,8752008-10-13 01:19:37
tnx fer QSO 73 Jarda OK2SFP
S51MA   SO/Single Xcvr HP   772,3762008-10-13 01:53:30
No more free time, just 3 hour operation in end of the contest. Propagation was
poor, but worked some USA on 15M. I have a problem with my rotor, and I was
turn beam to USA and was suprice that station caling me from other side, like
9M6XRO, ZS2EZ etc.Nice signal from Alaska NL7V.
Rig: TS-870
PA: ACOM 1000
ANT: Optibeam OB16-3

73 and TNX!
de S51MA - Zlatko
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,234,567,8902008-10-13 01:57:46

Antennas:- C/Craft A3S @ 50ft Titanex 160HD
Rig:- Icom756 Pro3
Amp:- Acom-1000
Software:- Win-Test 3.22

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.
Condx were pretty good all round with a small opening
to the States on 15m on Sunday being a highlight.
I have just spent half an hour trying to calculate my
score on the Makrothen website to no avail, so I have
given up on that.
My score should be pretty much the same as in 2006 - 906 Q's
2007 - 909 Q's

No Gripes to speak of.

Log is on LoTW for paper Q's see QRZ.COM

It is my birthday today reaching the ripe old age of 65.
So if the financial system doesn't turn completely to rat shit
I may rx a spot of cash from the Gov, a year of which may pay
this months electric bill !!

73 and hope to cu in the JARTS, Steve.
AKØA   SO/Single Xcvr LP   537,9072008-10-13 06:30:20
Bad conditions from the Black Hole.
KK5OQ   SO/Single Xcvr HP   3,634,8602008-10-13 07:36:16
Good EU/SA open on 15 meters sunday morning.
VY2LI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,082,4892008-10-13 08:44:45
*Wilson SY-1 and wires
*Writelog and Rigblaster

Squeezed in close to 6 hours on a busy Thanksgiving weekend.Got in 2-3 hours in
each of the first two legs,and was almost an hour into the last leg when a
family emergency sent me off to the hospital a couple of hours
away.Congratulations to VY2SS on a fine score with only 14 hours in the
saddle,and to the organizers of this unique test.I like the scoring
concept.Hope we got into your log.73,Bill
VE3GSI   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,329,5452008-10-13 09:12:02
I really like the exchange format of this contest. Keep up the good work.
KV7DX(KN5H)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   440,4262008-10-13 12:26:13
This post is just FYI. Cant send in log, N1MM was showing strange point results
on 40. At first, it was giving me 10,000 + points per QSO for close in
stations. I tried the "edit QSO" feature and thought I had fixed issue but then
it gave me more points for W6 than VY2SS. Oh well, next year.
W1TO   SO/Single Xcvr HP   96,5882008-10-13 16:24:11
Too much going on this weekend.
HG8C(HA8EK)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,094,7772008-10-14 11:11:03
GMØFGI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,263,5202008-10-14 11:38:10
Like the format.Propagation was generally poor. 15m open at times on Sunday but
deep QSB difficult to work many stations, despite good receive signal strengths.
Spent too long trying!.

Thanks to organisers and for all contacts; log already uploaded to LOTW

EQUIPMENT: ICOM 756Pro2, ACOM1010 250 watts
ANTENNAS : 15 and 20m Moxon; 40m vertical; 80m dipole
F5RD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   647,7752008-10-14 13:16:23
I enjoy very much this contest.
I 've contacted stations on the 5 bands, but only 4 on 10 m and 7 on 80 m
because I was not at home when the band was opened.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again in 2009.
F5RD Bernard
N3CHX   SO/Single Xcvr LP   629,3242008-10-14 18:05:39
Band conditions poor on 10/11/08 and even worse on 10/12/08 except for a
surprize 15 meter opening!
Running: ICOM IC-746 to a Kenwood AT-200 Tuner feeding a Inverted Vee @ 50 Ft >
20 Ft. 73's till next Test!
IK1DFH   SO/Single Xcvr LP   999,7272008-10-15 12:53:57