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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2015   Mar 28   Comment Summary

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HB9CA   M/S LP   112,8402015-03-29 03:55:45
Just for a bit of fun...
WP3C   SO(A)AB LP   3,115,2662015-03-29 06:09:00
By a personal situation had to stop operating the contest. CU in the next
contest. 73'

Alfredo Velez WP3C/NP4DX
NF8J   SOAB LP   78,4892015-03-29 06:11:41
UN2E   SO(A)SB10(TS) LP   835,8562015-03-29 10:30:08
Best wishes from Kazakhstan!
AK8H   SO(A)AB(TS) QRP   266,8402015-03-29 11:33:44
I had hoped to top my score that I submitted as AC8GX last year, but work got in
the way.....

I Started operating Saturday morning and found that 10m and 15m seem to be wide
open, as I working QRP and any station that I called I worked for the most part.
However, Sunday at least early the bands did not appear to be in good

All in all for the amount of operating time I had, I thoroughly enjoyed and
look forward to next year.

Brad de AK8H
SV5DKL   SO(A)SB10 HP   2,623,3762015-03-29 12:28:45

SPE Expert 1K-FA
Cushcraft A3S
Writelog for Windows
Monster Energy beverages

Tnx for all QSOs.

CU all in the CW part !!
K6DDJ   SO(A)AB LP   20,4822015-03-29 12:48:52
Had limited time but unlimited fun. Conditions were "weird" -
propagation over the pole at night on 15 meters??? Guess if you operate enough
you still see odd things happening. 73!
NF1L   SOAB LP   18,8342015-03-29 12:58:31
IC-7600, Alpha-Delta DX-EE in my attic
OH6MW   SO(A)SB20 HP   3,289,3002015-03-29 13:27:31
K7YK   SOSB15(TS) HP   720,5682015-03-29 13:27:32
My amplifier failed early Sat morning at the start of the biblical European
propagation. I spent the remainder of the contest barefoot. It's hard enough to
compete with a Tri-bander, its even more frustrating with low power.
S59ØIARU(S51FB)   SO(A)AB HP   2,906,9302015-03-29 13:29:02
Nice experience with a bit longer call sign.
Thanks for all calls.

73 de Miha, S51FB
OM2MM   SOAB LP   9692015-03-29 13:38:00
FT 1000MP, Long wire.
W1TEF(@W4DFG)   SOSB10 QRP   28,9002015-03-29 13:45:07
Had fun - first time working WPX contest. Ten was good Saturday, collapsed on
Sunday. Limited time, but had fun.
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   47,9522015-03-29 13:48:10
K3 w/DVK, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Kos headset, Win-Test 4.16

I was surprised to get a comment on the air, "You are a CW operator,
aren't you?"

K7EG   SO(A)AB HP   10,4432015-03-29 14:03:54
Family events impacted participation
WN4AFP   SOSB40(TS) LP   53,7042015-03-29 14:05:17
Had a good outing for my 40m single band low power effort. It's difficult to
work a SSB contest when your shack is an extra bedroom, so I couldn't work as
much as I would have liked to during the "dark" hours. I did have
some time available during the day and picked up some mults. My score improved
from last with 40 fewer Qs. I've got an incentive to upgrade to Extra after
this 40m adventure. Glad to part of the SC Swamp Fox Contest Group. CU on the
CWQWPX (I'll run all night on that one - both nights) 73s Dave WN4AFP
SO9T(SQ9ORQ)   SOSB80 HP   1,388,0702015-03-29 14:12:37
THX for QSO in this contest.

FT-1000MP + PA
Vertical 1/4 with 60 radials
3x Beverages
N1MM Logger
KX2S   SOAB LP   532,4752015-03-29 14:17:06
CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.6
S54O   SO(A)AB HP   444,8262015-03-29 14:21:26
Ts590 + 500W (IC2KL)
dipole 160m
dipole 80m
vertical 40m
3el ECO 20 - 10m

73 de Boris S54O
KG9Z   SOSB80(TS) LP   43,4002015-03-29 14:22:21
Poor condx 1st night. Seem much better Saturday. Antenna is an OCF 80/160M
dipole at 40 ft. Rig FT-1000MP (100watts). Love that stateside stations at
least worth one point plus any new WPX.
EA8OM(DJ1OJ)   SO(A)SB10 LP   630,4182015-03-29 14:41:53
ANT: GPA-50 (vert. 10/15/20/80m)
clusterinfos not used very often
KK6L   SOAB LP   73,5002015-03-29 14:43:58
Just played around for fun and to boost my DXCC scores. The bands were amazing
on Saturday afternoon. I worked all over the Middle East and Africa, and most
of South America. Europe of course was hopping as usual.
W1IE   SOAB LP   8,9102015-03-29 15:05:45
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4815.0
K9NW   SO(A)AB HP   1,233,5712015-03-29 15:16:08
Mostly tuning around WPXing and DXing. Condx were decidedly inferior Sunday so
I packed it in and drove home.

73, Mike K9NW
NE5LL(N1CC)   SO(A)AB LP   1,193,3682015-03-29 15:21:52
Station: Elecraft K3/100 @100W to F-12 C3 at 64', 80/40M Fan Dipoles at 50' one
N-S and the other E-W. WriteLog Version 11.22G (Sep 2014)

An eventful weekend. The Solar events and conditions turned 20-Meters into
40-Meter-like conditions for both days. 15 and 10 were marginal. On the other
end, no signals were found on 160M - even "local" stations. 80 Meters
was 2 stations in Africa, three in the Gulf of Mexico and the rest stateside.
40 Meters was better, some JA and Pacific, less than 10 EU stations.

Sunday's 1545Z Solar event completed the disruption, some conditions returned
to "near-normal" for the middle latitudes by 1850Z ... the damage was

Radio conditions ran amok, resulting in severe overcrowding on 20 Meters and
some poor behavior from some of the testosterone multi folks, such as IZ0, OH6,
IB1, KG1, WS7, EI7, CS2 as the worst of the splatter and moving too close to
other stations, that I verified could hear me when I challenged them ... two of
these big guns were 40 Over 9 and moved to within 100 Hz of my running
frequency, and a low power guy is just stuck to move ... I did have my say to
these offenders, and they should all get DQRM awards for this one!

More Fun! The K3 developed a repeated "ERR KEY" alarm and locked up.
The fifth time it did I gave up on trying to find the problem, downloaded all
new firmware and installed (About an hour out of action) and then discovered
that WriteLog sometimes will take a function key on SSB mode and try to
transmit the message, even though you are not using the computer to do that.
So cured that by locking WriteLog Port to not allow it to issue a RTS command
... the combo fixed the problem, radio worked and also somewhat better in all
respects after the firmware update! (Lesson Learned!)

In the end, 4-hours less time on the air, poor conditions and 200 QSO/129 Mults
less resulted in about half last year's score. Fun, work and may be a sign of
conditions for the next few years.
W6SX   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   500,4792015-03-29 15:39:29
First time SSB with new hearing aids. WOW! I could actually understand calls and
numbers. Most phone contest contacts ever in fifty-nine years of contesting.
Still got a headache on twenty.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM.
UW7LL   SO(A)AB HP   9,044,4082015-03-29 15:51:02
Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 65 54 0 0 0 119 119 3.5
0100 0 40 73 0 0 0 113 232 6.9
0200 0 38 54 0 0 0 92 324 9.6
0300 0 13 59 39 0 0 111 435 12.9
0400 0 0 1 107 15 0 123 558 16.6
0500 0 0 0 90 20 1 111 669 19.9
0600 0 0 0 44 43 24 111 780 23.2
0700 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 783 23.3
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 783 23.3
0900 0 0 0 5 11 17 33 816 24.3
1000 0 0 0 9 42 49 100 916 27.3
1100 0 0 0 0 105 15 120 1036 30.8
1200 0 0 0 7 99 15 121 1157 34.4
1300 0 0 0 0 104 15 119 1276 38.0
1400 0 0 0 0 97 24 121 1397 41.6
1500 0 0 0 0 113 10 123 1520 45.2
1600 0 0 0 17 115 3 135 1655 49.2
1700 0 0 0 18 87 0 105 1760 52.4
1800 0 0 11 33 2 1 47 1807 53.8
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1807 53.8
2000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1807 53.8
2100 0 14 12 43 0 0 69 1876 55.8
2200 5 12 13 38 0 0 68 1944 57.8
2300 17 9 52 7 0 0 85 2029 60.4
0000 3 3 69 1 0 0 76 2105 62.6
0100 0 0 11 1 0 0 12 2117 63.0
0200 0 1 16 9 0 0 26 2143 63.8
0300 0 1 36 14 0 0 51 2194 65.3
0400 0 0 2 50 4 0 56 2250 66.9
0500 0 0 11 33 3 0 47 2297 68.3
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2297 68.3
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2297 68.3
0800 0 0 0 23 31 6 60 2357 70.1
0900 0 0 0 6 36 39 81 2438 72.5
1000 0 0 0 21 87 13 121 2559 76.1
1100 0 0 0 88 19 1 108 2667 79.4
1200 0 0 0 93 16 2 111 2778 82.7
1300 0 0 0 60 35 1 96 2874 85.5
1400 0 0 0 58 0 0 58 2932 87.2
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2932 87.2
1600 0 0 38 26 1 0 65 2997 89.2
1700 0 2 38 32 0 0 72 3069 91.3
1800 1 31 19 32 0 0 83 3152 93.8
1900 7 7 10 35 2 0 61 3213 95.6
2000 17 12 11 20 0 0 60 3273 97.4
2100 2 51 32 3 0 0 88 3361 100.0
2200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3361 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3361 100.0
Total 52 299 622 1065 1087 236 3361

Gross QSOs=3372 Dupes=11 Net QSOs=3361

Unique callsigns worked = 2521

The best 60 minute rate was 142/hour from 1608 to 1707
The best 30 minute rate was 172/hour from 0351 to 0420
The best 10 minute rate was 210/hour from 0356 to 0405

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSOs/minute 12 times.
4 QSOs/minute 80 times.
3 QSOs/minute 309 times.
2 QSOs/minute 649 times.
1 QSOs/minute 756 times.

There were 962 bandchanges and 450 (13.4%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 37
4 1205
5 1154
6 908
7 11
8 35
9 7
10 4

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 1942
2 bands 380
3 bands 149
4 bands 39
5 bands 10
6 bands 1

The following stations were worked on 6 bands:


------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 22 132 273 636 711 168
W2SZ(W1MAT)   SO(A)SB15 HP   508,2882015-03-29 16:25:21
Operating from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) club station.

73, Matthew W1MAT
K7LY   SO(A)SB10 HP   183,8832015-03-29 16:26:10
Lost a large part of the weekend erecting 40m beam and then getting the 80ft
lift stuck (twice)in the wash's sand! Took another crane to get it out the
last time!
Not a huge score, but hope this helps the AOCC. Still had some fun on 10m. Tnx
for the Q's.
NS9I   SO(A)AB HP   443,5522015-03-29 16:28:02
Tnx to all for the Q's
WØPAN   SO(A)AB LP   176,4002015-03-29 16:34:23
What a blast! Added some radials to the vertical and substantially beat last
years 18 hour effort. Must have been the extra half hour of watering the
ground rod. One of my contacts reminded me that he worked me 50 years ago when
I was /KH6 - time flies when you are having fun. Imagine in those days we had
to hand log everything and used manual dupe sheets - ever try to dupe 1200
contacts by hand on the fly? It is always a thrill to work stations year after
year in a large number of contests - that's why contesting is so much fun.
KS4X   SOAB QRP   13,4192015-03-29 16:37:22
Rig FT-817 power at 1 watt tribander and wires.
battery power.
K3WW   SO(A)AB QRP   557,6282015-03-29 16:44:33
Grandson's birthday party took most of Sunday, did my occasional QRP effort. NO
answers to CQs all weekend. Nice to get a chance to listen to what is going on.
N9DFD   SOAB HP   501,7502015-03-29 16:48:17
Only had time for about 12 hours but it seemed like good conditions on Saturday
afternoon but Sunday was some tough sledding early in the day.


Mike N9DFD

Total Contacts = 625
Total Points = 501,750

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
40 0 136 0 136 22
20 0 271 0 271 43
15 0 101 0 101 16
10 0 117 0 117 19
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 0 625 0 625 100

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 285 46
Brazil 30 5
Canada 26 4
Italy 21 3
Spain 18 3
Federal Republic of Germany 15 2
Croatia 13 2
France 11 2
Slovenia 11 2
Argentina 10 2
Morocco 9 1
Venezuela 9 1
Puerto Rico 7 1
US Virgin Is. 7 1
Bulgaria 6 1
Hungary 6 1
Japan 6 1
Mexico 6 1
Chile 5 1
England 5 1
Ireland 5 1
Portugal 5 1
Asiatic Russia 4 1
Australia 4 1
Barbados 4 1
Belgium 4 1
Bonaire 4 1
Cape Verde 4 1
Curacao 4 1
Serbia 4 1
Slovak Republic 4 1
Aruba 3 0
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3 0
Cayman Is. 3 0
Colombia 3 0
Czech Republic 3 0
Jamaica 3 0
Martinique 3 0
Poland 3 0
Romania 3 0
Uruguay 3 0
Alaska 2 0
Canary Is. 2 0
Cuba 2 0
Cyprus 2 0
Ecuador 2 0
French Guiana 2 0
Guatemala 2 0
Hawaii 2 0
Lithuania 2 0
Madeira Is. 2 0
San Andres & Providencia 2 0
San Marino 2 0
Sweden 2 0
Switzerland 2 0
Trinidad & Tobago 2 0
Austria 1 0
Benin 1 0
Crete 1 0
Dominica 1 0
Dominican Republic 1 0
European Russia 1 0
Greece 1 0
Kuwait 1 0
Lebanon 1 0
Panama 1 0
Qatar 1 0
Scotland 1 0
Turkey 1 0

Total = 69

Total Contacts by Continent:

Continent Total %
--------- ----- ---
NA 355 57
EU 153 24
SA 77 12
AF 18 3
AS 16 3
OC 6 1

Total = 6

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
05 134 21
04 109 17
15 73 12
14 68 11
03 67 11
08 31 5
11 30 5
09 27 4
20 15 2
13 13 2
33 13 2
06 6 1
25 6 1
07 5 1
12 5 1
35 5 1
01 2 0
10 2 0
18 2 0
21 2 0
29 2 0
30 2 0
31 2 0
02 1 0
16 1 0
17 1 0
19 1 0

Total = 27
ND3N   SO(A)AB LP   114,8482015-03-29 16:48:49
Let me re-iterate - I don't just dislike phone contesting, but I would go as far
as saying I loathe it... Nevertheless, I didn't have much else to do this
weekend and I needed to keep out of the way, so I figured, "What the

I decided to give N1MM+ a workout by recording letters, digits, my call, and a
few other .wav files and trying to run push-button (voicing) mode. I think it
worked. As always, my goal was to improve my score. I didn't operate last
year, but in 2013 my score was 58,760 with 182 Q's and 130 WPX. In 2012, my
(best ever) score was 102,420 with 231 Q's and 180 WPX. This year I beat my
best previous score with more Q's and more WPX. I'm pretty happy - but I still
despise SSB testing....

Rig: Kenwood TS-590
Antennas: GAP Challenger Vertical Dipole and Wires on 40 & 75 (Low apex
inverted Vee with significant dog-leg).
S/W N1MM Logger Plus
NØBUI   SOAB HP   365,9702015-03-29 16:50:36
I did not think the bands were that good here in SE Minnesota. Seemed to take a
lot of calls to work DX stations.
Thanks for the Qso's.
73, Mike N0BUI
2EØCVN   SOSB40 LP   152,6152015-03-29 17:00:47
ProWhip 10m Vertical
N4CF   SOAB LP   27,0722015-03-29 17:02:26
Managed to squeeze three contest hours into a busy weekend. The bands seemed to
be in good condition.
KN4KL   SOAB HP   50,8742015-03-29 17:02:45
S&P only
Icom IC-7800 @ 150 watts
7el 10-30MHz LPDA & 2el 40 Yagi
9A1AA(@9A3B)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   3,394,8722015-03-29 17:03:49
This is my 1.000 contest on HF..........
K2RD   SO(A)AB HP   504,4412015-03-29 17:04:25
Fun time. Building station at new NV QTH. Just 40M doublet at 20 feet.
Aluminum comes this summer.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.
KBØEO   SO(A)AB HP   474,5122015-03-29 17:05:19
I had only a short amount of time to spend this year. Bands were overall quite
poor with an A index around 18. This is a fun contest - hopefully more time
will open up for the CW version.
KB3Z   SOAB HP   27,1802015-03-29 17:06:11
The band conditions didn't seem to be too bad at all. I just didn't get to
devote the amount of time I would have liked this weekend.
NW3H   SO(A)SB20(TS) LP   165,9682015-03-29 17:06:29
76 QSOs in the last hour with low power. That is always fun especially when
the DX in EU and SA call my tiny station for my nice prefix. Did not have much
time to play and my amp is still broke. Sending back to Ameritron in a couple
weeks. Hopefully will have it back for WPX CW. As for me back to CW and RTTY,
I am sick of phone. Thanks to stateside and the DX for the QSOs and for
pulling my tiny signal out. 73 de NW3H.
3D2KM(W6ZL)   SOAB LP   12,3522015-03-29 17:07:30
Elecraft K3 @ 100W, Vertical dipoles, N1MM+ Logger

Thanks to everyone for picking up my wimpy signal.

Bula Vinaka


3D2KM / W6ZL
NN3RP   SO(A)AB HP   128,3402015-03-29 17:07:54
Plenty of fun!

New Carolina Windom
Force 12
Orion / Yamaha 500 mic
Tokyo HP Amp (must needed)
NN4F   SO(A)AB HP   1,943,1352015-03-29 17:08:02
Some great conditions on Saturday, Sunday not so good here...

FTDX3000, Alpha, Mosley TA63, Wires
AA7CR(W7VO)   SO(A)SB15(TS) HP   1,265,2642015-03-29 17:08:27
What a difference a day makes. Great condx into EU on Saturday, very little on
Sunday. First time over 1M points in any contest from this station. Thanks to
all the ops on the other end that made this possible!

Mike, W7VO
KG4IGC   SOSB40 QRP   7,8542015-03-29 17:09:52
Had some other commitments this weekend so did not spend much time on the radio.
Decided to try and run single band QRP, which proved not to be very easy in SSB
with all the QRM. Managed to make a few DX contacts Saturday morning to Central
America and the Caribbean, thanks to some good operators with great ears. Also
got into Hawaii,only took two calls. Tried to get in with no avail at the end
of the contest but it was complete madness on 40 with everyone scurrying to get
in those last contacts. My last contact was kind of the highlight of the
contest, got to work a new General,KD9BVD/AG

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
PWR: 5 watts
ANT: Horizontal Loop @ 30'
ES1O   M/S HP   2,379,7502015-03-29 17:11:01
Another great contest this year. Nice to see so much activity on 20 & 40
meters. 80m opening in 2nd day was absolutly awesome, so there we grab some new
WPX. 10m was disappointment, only 29 QSO. Propagation there was very bad this
year in Estonia. 15 meter surprised us veey much, almost 12P.M local time we've
heard SA - 5.9+ 10.
Thank you all for nice contest and all of you, who give us a points.

73 and see you next year!

Band QSOs Pts WPX
1,8 37 80 12
3,5 281 631 79
7 284 663 134
14 1002 1318 403
21 246 406 107
28 29 75 15
Total 1879 3173 750
Score: 2 379 750
AG1RL(@W1SRD)   M/S HP   586,0922015-03-29 17:11:37
Got AG1RL actual on the air for a couple hours and we had a lot of fun.
WK7S(K6LL)   SOAB HP   221,0442015-03-29 17:11:41
Just a few hours for some high rate fun.

K3MD   M/S HP   2,718,1882015-03-29 17:11:48
Solar flare wiped most of Sunday.
KT8TD   SOAB QRP   1,2252015-03-29 17:12:12
This was not the time or the place to try QRP. Worst result ever.
KD8IGK   SOAB HP   55,1252015-03-29 17:12:13
I did not have a lot of time to work this contest because this was the weekend
to do my taxes and other odd jobs around the house. I got up early on Sunday to
work 10M and it was very disappointing, 10M went dead and never seemed to come
I got a couple of new DX countries in the log in this contest so that was a
good thing. Saturday the bands were in good shape, Sunday not so much.

Thanks for all the QSO's 73
KQ6P   SOSB10 LP   66,5552015-03-29 17:12:14
Busy weekend with family but I was able to get on for a little while-73 to all
CE1TT   SOSB20 HP   1,881,5582015-03-29 17:12:18
Good contest
K6ND   M/S HP   10,658,2622015-03-29 17:12:59
Will K6ND went to extraordinary efforts to replace the frozen rotor the week of
the contest and it was a significant effort in the cold over the course of
Monday and Tuesday and then testing and final torque on Wednesday before
cranking the 54ft tower back up. This change included going to an M2 rotor and
a GHE box. We're all very happy with the results and for Will's effort.

We're thinking of our friend Mike, WM1K as he was diagnosed with cancer this
past week. We and the YCCC are praying for you Mike!

We had help both evenings from Velimir, K3JO while K1LZ went SOAB, and Gerry
W1VE came Saturday afternoon for 24hr visit. Will and I closed it out the last
8 hours.

The first day was great with 2000+ QSOs, but the second day was brutal and slow
with weak signals and severe QSB at times. On Sunday we switched operators more
often than usual in order to keep the pressure on and the bandmap clear.

All in W1-land are happy to see WINTER ending and for station maintenance and
upgrades to begin.

Again thanks to Will and Pam !!
-Charlie N1RR
CX9AU   SOSB40 HP   409,2502015-03-29 17:13:11
RIG FT 450

CE3WW   M/2 HP   11,915,8502015-03-29 17:13:45
We all have a lot of fun 73
AD8J   SOAB LP   530,7002015-03-29 17:14:05
Too many stations with their audio gain and compression wide open. Guess that's
why I prefer CW contests.
VO1HZ   M/S HP   4,527,1262015-03-29 17:14:18
Conditions were strange for most of the weekend, did not hear many North
American stations, this was the first contest with my new contest call VO1HZ.
Thanks for all the contacts, hope to see you again soon.
NY6DX(@KF2GV)   SOAB LP   6,357,9602015-03-29 17:15:18
Thanks to all for calling. The station was flawless.
What a wonderful contest see you all next year.
Yaesu 1000d

Force 12 Magnum 20/340@ 90 ft
Force 12 Magnum 615/510 @110 ft
80 meter inverted v @77 ft
CR5D(CT1FJO)   SO(A)SB40 HP   325,1192015-03-29 17:15:46
just for fun!!
too many stop's , too many people at home..... better nest year....

see u all next here

ct1fjo / cr5d
A71BX(@A71CO)   M/M HP   51,187,1502015-03-29 17:15:52
TNX for call and CU soon
73 de A71BX
WY3P(N3KS)   SOAB HP   13,235,3842015-03-29 17:15:59
My favorite contest. Thanks to everyone who played a part! Nice opening late
to JA on 15m Friday night and a then lot of fun with a frenetic finish Sunday
after the bands game back to life after being pretty rough earlier Sunday..

Kam N3KS
W7WHY   SOAB HP   185,3292015-03-29 17:16:05
Fun way to spend the weekend. SSB is hard here because of my hearing loss. It
is really hard for me to CQ as I have a hard time with some of these weak,
overprocessed signals.

I don't understand why so many stations sound like they are operating from the
bottom of a barrel with the echo chamber setting on their rigs turned on.
Seems like it is worse from stations from the southern hemisphere.

Sometimes I just had to move on as I couldn't understand their callsign even
after they say it 5 or 6 times.

Now to put the mic away in the drawer :-) Thanks for the Q's and 73.

TS-450AT + AL-811H ~ 500 watts
10 meter HB 2-el monobander at 15 feet
15 meter delta loop at 15 feet
20 meter HB 2-el monobander at 25 feet
40 meter delta loop
80 meter dipole

N1MM+ Logger
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   2,359,4402015-03-29 17:16:07
First day was good. Can't say the same for Sunday. 10 was a pleasant surprise on
Saturday afternoon. Got a few new prefixes!
N4DU   SOSB15(TS) HP   37,6322015-03-29 17:16:14
500 watts into an A3S Tribander at 45 feet. Thanks, Jim
8P2K(8P6SH)   SOSB10 LP   1,965,6402015-03-29 17:16:58
A bit of a disappointing effort. Had a late start and then a couple matters that
required my attention kept me out of the chair during a couple critical times
accounting for about 8 hours..

Propagation was generally good but I found the noise a bit high. I think I have
a source of noise between me and NA as that path was especially noisy compared
to beaming to SA and EU. Of course the EU and SA paths are straight out over
the water for me so that helps.

The noise and propagation combined to reduce rates so my best rate was around
95. Never got any good USA runs going. Listening around it seemed like somewhat
better propagation on 15m and 20m may have drawn stations towards those bands at

Enjoyed it and thanks to CQ Mag for their continued sponsorship of one of my
favourite contests. Thanks to all those who logged me on the week-end.


Dean - 8P6SH/8P2K
VA7DX(@VE7SCC)   SO(A)AB HP   2,090,8942015-03-29 17:18:30
This was a relatively relaxed operation primarily to test out the new antennas
and towers at our club station VE7SCC. Everything worked quite well as expected
and very few issues were encountered.

Conditions were good on Friday and Saturday, however Sunday was noticeably down
in terms of propagation.

Antennas consisted of two multi-band quads (4el on 10, 12, 15, 17 and 2 el on
30, 40) at 85', an M2 20M5 at 85' and a dipole for 80 at 60'. A dipole for 160
at 80' was available but not used.

TX/RX - my long in the tooth FT1000MP and Acom2000 amp.

With the exception o0f grinding away on Sunday, it was a fun event a usual.

Thanks to all I worked in the contest and hope to see you in the next one!

AK7AR   SO(A)AB HP   179,5602015-03-29 17:19:19
I find single operator ops amazingly boring. Although the rates were nice, it
was still boring.

I also find it repugnant that one of the highest rate contests of the year and
a full blown multi-multi effort out of Southern Arizona did not happen.

Maybe I should have went to the local hamfest so I could watch people swap out
their crap with each other. Which,of course, is the same crap they traded with
each other last month at a different hamfest. I think next time I will just
skip the contest as a single op and just play starcraft II. At least, I can
participate in a multi-multi effort on starcraft II. LOL!!
W6VMT   SO(A)AB HP   48,3262015-03-29 17:19:27
Part time chasing mults.
WR5G   SO(A)AB HP   267,8132015-03-29 17:19:49
Enjoyed the contest again this year... Was only able to devote about 10 hours
to the contest this time around. Conditions on 15 meters was very good during
the contest this year.
K3EST(@N6RO)   SO(A)SB20 HP   2,967,8602015-03-29 17:20:05
No JA runs, only one hour run to EU. Tnx for the Qs!
WZ4F(K4AB)   SOAB HP   5,189,3922015-03-29 17:21:49
As an old friend of mine used to say work is starting to interfere
with my hobby. Was QRT from 14Z Saturday until 01Z Sunday. Usually
when this happens I can make up for the lost ground on Sunday morning
during the high band runs. That was not the case this year.

I wrote down a couple of words in my notes to describe the early
Sunday conditions: "awful" and "sux". As the day
progressed, the bands
got a lot better, but the damage was done.

The JA run on 15 the last couple of hours was great. And thanks to
7QAA for calling in with 1 minute to go in the contest.

Larry K4AB
W9IIX   SO(A)AB LP   446,9612015-03-29 17:21:51
tough conditions on sunday, just kept pluggin. ran into some old
friends/customers, it was great
K7ULS   SOSB10 LP   5,5352015-03-29 17:22:35
FT-897D (100w)
DIPOLE @ 15'
NS3T   SO(A)SB20 LP   65,5322015-03-29 17:25:17
Just handing out the NS3 mult, though lots of people thought it was the NS2, NS4
and NS6 mult. Good thing I worked a bunch of Europeans on Friday night at the
start of the contest, because they sure were hard to work the rest of the

Best moment - CQ'ing on 20 high in the band on Saturday morning. No one is
replying. I'm just about to give up when VK3GK calls me. At least my 100
watts was going somewhere.

Worst moment - finding YE2W in the clear with no one calling, but never being
able to get his attention.

Hope to see some of you in Dayton and then see you for WPX CW.

As always, if you worked me, you worked my computer voice files.

73 Jamie NS3T
KE4KMG   SOAB LP   440,5592015-03-29 17:25:33
QSO's 464
Pts 1323
WPX 333

Murphy showed!
WU3A(W3UA)   SO(A)AB HP   8,585,8322015-03-29 17:26:13
Number of antenna troubles is too long to list... plus the conditions on the
second day.... So I did worse than in 2013... Nuff said...
WT2P   SO(A)AB LP   153,9162015-03-29 17:26:16
Got a late start Friday and slept in Saturday/Sunday but definitely made up for
it on 40 meters at sunset/evening.

Had a absolute blast Saturday night on 40M. Set my personal goal of 200 and
blew through that Saturday.

Had a near 100 hour Saturday night which was fun.

Looking forward to the CW version of the contest, nice to work a handful of
SMC'ers on 40.
WB6JJJ   SO(A)AB HP   35,7762015-03-29 17:26:17
Just a bit of time to play radio last night and this afternoon. Still, a fun
contest. And the conditions seemed quite good.

Thanks for the Qs and KBs,
Bill, WB6JJJ
KØVXU   SOAB HP   684,9222015-03-29 17:27:21
K3, TL-922A, TH6DXX, Slopping Vs (80, 40), Invert L 160

Just not into this one. Spent time out watching basketball and playing in FOC
BWQP. But, for the time I did spend, it was fun. Surprised at the poor
conditions on Sunday in the AM but the PM was much better. Good to see so many
friends working this contest including several of the KCCC gang. Thanks for all
the QSOs everyone.

Maybe a better effort next year. See you then.

Russ - K0VXU
KL2HD   SO(A)AB HP   531,1522015-03-29 17:28:57
Solar conditions were surprisingly better than predicted. I was mostly just
DXing for countries I have never worked before from my home station. Usually
am at KL7RA for major contests, so there was several new ones in the log for
this QTH which was fun. I wasn't planning on running, but called CQ and
received a response right away and ran for about 2 hours at a nice rate to US
and JA. Mostly just a 15 m entry, but I had fun picking off new ones on 20 and

73, Jeff KL2HD

K3, KPA 500, Mosley Pro 57b40 at 60'
W8OHT   SOAB HP   180,3042015-03-29 17:28:57
Prop-pitch's HB Power Supply failed, so had beam roatato only on Friday night.
Switched from N1MM LoggerClassic F audio to K3's built in DVR audio cuz never
could get F keys to work on the PC at all. The K3 audio was easy to use once I
did my own diagram simplifying its programming steps. Logging used my Windows
XP XP and N1MM Logger-Classic program. Amplifier was my HB 4-1000A amplifier.
Thanks for all of the Q's. John, W8OHT solo
N5HC   SO(A)AB HP   327,8162015-03-29 17:29:04
CQWPXSSB Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2015-03-28

CallSign Used : N5HC
Operator(s) : N5HC

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : SSB
Overlay Category : TB-WIRES
Default Exchange : 001
Gridsquare : DM65PH

Name : Conny
Address : 800 Starry Sky Ave NE
City/State/Zip : Rio Rancho NM 87144

ARRL Section : NM
Club/Team : Albuquerque DX Assn
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4815.0

Band QSOs Pts WPX
3.5 2 2 2
7 18 36 12
14 202 478 191
21 106 246 82
28 64 180 61
Total 392 942 348

Score : 327,816
VC7GL(@VE7GL)   M/S HP   12,324,5282015-03-29 17:29:10
Condx down from last year but a good run.
VE9AA   SOAB LP   6,296,5982015-03-29 17:29:16
As usual , some random thoughts from beneath the Auroral Zone

-Didn't know if I could compete as Tuesday morning woke with very sore throat
and Uvelitis (sp?) throat and uvula swelled up. Went to the emergency-room !
Improved over the next few days, but today throat is sore again (go figure!)

-What the *BLEEP* just happened to the bands.?

-People using weird callsigns are saying "Hey Mike"....I have no idea
who some are, though some did reveal their home calls for me, hi !

-7 phone calls from work, 3 minor family interruptions, oversleeping twice,
knocks at the <temp.> rig failure (no mic audio for a bit) and
3 laptop reboots. UGH.. Can it get any worse?

-condx stinko for most of the contest. Got real good workout on spinning the
VFO like a freakin' madman and doing S&P work. (sans cluster, which I never

-This would go sooooo much easier if those special custom rigs did not have an
eleventh setting for mic gain and especially COMPRESSION. I hate compression.
Splatterfest, splatterfest, splatterfest....

-There are folks at 59+++ who I did not call as, even listening 2-3 times, I
cannot for the life of me figure out what they are saying for their call nor
most of the numbers they are issuing. Eastern EU and SA seem to be worst
offenders. Hey, it's not news.

--oops, logged a new USA tech upgrade guys as callsign/AG and it scored him as
a mult.(AG0 I think) Log checkers will find it. (hi)

-Tons of hours S&P @ 25-35 Q's per hour. Amazing how bad it was at times.

I nearly gave up....honestly.

-I wish this was a CW contest. My head hurts.

-All from under the dome.

Mike VE9AA IC7410 aluminum & copper, N1MM+
WW4SF(N4XL)   SO(A)AB LP   2,495,3252015-03-29 17:30:01
Conditions much better than expected. Wish it could go on. I've only a
tribander at 50 ft and was called by YB among others.

Hard to get any runs going for any significant amount of time so spent most
time S&P. Rate for the runs I did get up were less than 90/hr. N1MM says
only about 240 of my q's were from runs.

Was working to beat Jere, KT4ZB, as we've had a long term rivalry Don't know
how he did, but based on how often I saw him spotting he probably killed me.
Not too upset though as this was my personal best in any contest I've ever done
as a single operator. Hard to get upset about that no matter who else killed

Love the changes the team made to N1MMplus.

Used the Swamp Fox Contest Group's call sign for its first outing in a major
contest. Thank you Dave, NJ4F, for allowing me to use it. Hopefully it will
appear in the SCP files from now on. Although I normally post for the SECC, I
had just joined this local state contest group and we were trying to get enough
people together to post an aggregate score. They are a great bunch of Hams. I
still feel loyal to the SECC and will be mixing my score entries between the
two clubs. I did not post live scores as I intended as I didn't want any poor
performance on my part to reflect on the WW4SF call sign in such a way as to be
easily tracked. I always try and operate ethically and per the rules, but how
that data might be used is still an unknown. I'd rather people beat me up
instead of WW4SF.

Some people wanted me, WW4SF, to be Fred, WW4LL. Worked Fred at PJ2T, at least
think it was him because he commented on the call, who was glad to get the WW4
mult that he wasn't handing out this time.

The TS590 preformed great.

Only a few minor visits by Murphy here this time and those mainly involved
things around the house rather than the shack.

As usual, thanks to all for a great time.

S53EA(@S52DK)   M/S HP   7,434,4272015-03-29 17:30:02
Our equipment:

FT-2000, H.M. linear 1kW, TH6DXX, dipoles for lower bands.

LY2W   M/2 HP   18,825,0752015-03-29 17:30:38
No problems at all!
TNX for QSO.
73! LY2W Team
NZ5I(K5WA)   SOAB HP   8,694,9132015-03-29 17:30:41
Thanks to K5NA and Susan (K5DU) for letting me invade their superstation this
weekend to try and operate SSB. I wish the operator had been up to the
challenge but sure was fun.

Bob K5WA
P4ØL(W6LD)   SOAB HP   25,875,9282015-03-29 17:30:55
Band conditions were surprisingly good for this point in the sun spot cycle.

Unfortunately, we were plagues by a local noise source much (i.e., most) of the
weekend. It affected 10 through 20 meters, and made it next to impossible to
operate openings to the NW (where the noise peaks at 10 over nine on 15
meters). Apologies to the many stations whose calls remained unanswered or
that had to work with us as we struggled to pull their information out of the
noise. It was very frustrating at times.

As always, thanks for all the calls!




N4CW   SOAB LP   230,1002015-03-29 17:30:57
WPX is lots of fun for me. I love multiplier hunting, and there are so many
surprises to be had! Many thanks to those who provided them. 73
VE3VN   SOAB LP   647,1362015-03-29 17:31:10
I started off not sure how serious I'd be. I opted not to run QRP and try to get
something going with 100w. With small antennas it was hard to get anything going
so I ended up just fooling around for an hour here and there. Condx were often
not great, especially on 10 and 15 which I count on for most Q's.
S57C   SOAB HP   4,705,5322015-03-29 17:31:33
FT2k, kW, LQ160@6-10mAGL, INVV80@15m, INVV40@18m, 3elTB@12m.
I'm bellow the hill for East direction (330-110 degrees)and I lost a
considerable number of QSOs&PFXs. For CW part I will try to put TB Yagi on
top of my vineyard land and connect it to the shack with cca 150m coaxial
73/BCNU on CW part of Contest
KR7X(@K7ZS)   M/2 HP   8,285,9842015-03-29 17:31:34
A really fine effort by the team, overall very good conditions, and the station
came through unscathed.

Big thanks to Andy 'The Machine' KE7AUB, Mark W7ZB, Jim KI7Y, Joe KT7E, Steve
KE7IHG, Steve N7BEF, and Hank KR7X for the use of his call.

Big improvement in interstation interference here (like NONE) gave us free
reign to operate where we needed to.

Special Thanks to Andy for staying up all night, both nights, and racking up
the 6 pointers and Mults from JA on 40m. Fantastic.

See you on CW in May

73 Kevin K7ZS
W8MJ   SO(A)AB HP   5,488,0922015-03-29 17:35:50
Conditions definitely down from last year here in the mid-west. Band openings
were late opening up, the signals were way down. But still had a great time
and enjoyed being involved in it. Thanks for the q's. Log has been uploaded
to LOTW.
WAØMHJ   SOAB HP   612,7202015-03-29 17:36:21
Worst band conditions I have heard in quite a long time. Still I had a lot of
fun in this one.
NR3X(N4YDU)   SOAB LP   3,508,3862015-03-29 17:40:29
Great time! Saturday was fantastic - was running EU on 10 as late as 21:30Z.
Sunday was a grind but a great finish. Thanks for the contacts.


N7RQ   SOSB15 HP   2,170,8882015-03-29 17:40:39
What a crazy weekend! I almost didn't operate after starlings tore up cables to
our main antenna (SteppIR) prior to the contest, but decided to give it a try
using our 40 meter antenna as a 15-meter rotatable dipole, our fixed JA
15-meter antenna, and our Bencher Skyhawk fixed east. Those three antennas
gave me enough diversity to accomplish a fair score on 15-meters. I can't say
I've ever heard Europe open all day like I did the first day. The second day,
the conditions deteriorated considerably, but I was fortunate to work nearly a
thousand more QSOs through the mush. Thanks to my husband & head
cheerleader Bob K8IA for meals and awesome tech support!
DM1A(DL1IAO)   SOAB LP   3,090,6542015-03-29 17:40:59
2x IC756Pro3(INRAD)
BX-120 Interfaces, TopTen decoders, WX0B bandpass filters, W2IHY EQplus &
homebrew 2R-switching

WT v4.16.0 on 2x Mac mini MD387D/A running Windows 7

(160) 27m shunt-fed tower, Mag-Loop (RX)
(80) Bobtail (NW/SE), Delta Loop
(40) 3el M2 Yagi @20m (linear-loaded)
(20) 5el M2 Yagi @27m
(15) 5el Yagi @25m
(10) 6el Yagi @24m (sharing tower with 40m)

We hat our annual meeting at the club station and there were too many things to
be discussed and organized to get the full operating time. I also took some
off-time during both nights missing some high value QSOs this way.

When condx peaked I was able to run for a while but sooner or later someone
took over the frequency again. This contest definitely is more fun with HP!

Thanks for the QSOs.


NDØC   SOAB(TS) QRP   312,8402015-03-29 17:41:11
This was a relatively casual effort with a lot of time off for family and church
activities. Over-all the going seemed pretty rough from here. Nothing was easy
and 20 was definitely hard work. Sunday was definitely more challenging than
Saturday. The vast majority of the contacts were S&P - could never get any
real runs going, even for stateside.

This was my first real contest effort in a year and the first one with the
FTdx3000. I'm sure a lot of folks feel I'm under-utilizing it at just 5 watts
output and maybe others feel it is too expensive to use as a dedicated QRP rig,
but I really enjoy all the nice features it offers, both for contesting and

Rig: Yaesu FTdx3000 - 5 watts output, Heil Proset headset/mic
Antennas: Cycle 24 TX38 triband Yagi at 40'; Cushcraft D-40 dipole at 42';
wire dipole at 38'

Randy, ND0C
KU6W(K9YC)   SO(A)AB HP   2,812,4462015-03-29 17:41:27
Officially 32 hours, 50 minutes, the 45 minute dinner breaks didn't get
subtracted because the minimum break time is an hour, so real time was about 3
hours. Took a couple of hours off for time with the XYL Friday evening. Good
for morale, but not for the score.

Conditions were mediocre -- the only good opening to EU on 20M was in the
evening, 10M never opened in that direction, and while 15M was decent Saturday
morning, it was a non-event on Sunday. Thankfully, the JAs showed up!

SO2R box is out of commission, so no SO2R. I really missed it.

Thanks for all the Qs.

73, Jim K9YC
LT7H(LU7HZ)   SO(A)SB10 LP   2,957,9042015-03-29 17:43:44
Condx combined good openings with elevated X-Ray levels peaking into C levels
almost every hour, if not more, raising the noise floor and atenuating
Still been able to exceed slightly my plan, specially noticeable were the
longer opening with EU on Sunday afternoon GMT. Fun as always despite the tired
state at the end.
NR6O(N6RO)   SO(A)AB HP   484,4312015-03-29 17:44:15
Most of the Radio Oakley team were not available for our usual M/M, so:

K3EST SB 20(A); 2019 Q, 860 M, 2.98 million points
N6BV SB 15 (A); 1504 Q, 751 M, 2.30 million
NR6O AB (A(; 509/339/484k

The NR6O operation was rather casual, short spurts while watching TV sports
most of the weekend. Mostly S&P/POINT & CLICK, Short high rate runs
Sunday PM. Nice EU opening Friday nite around sunset.

Hope to field the M/M team on the CW weekend in May.
KT8K   SOAB QRP   192,6322015-03-29 17:45:35
Phew - the bands were great to very good when they were up, but worse Sunday
morning than Saturday, and then signal strengths dropped and conditions were so
bad here I gave up and took a prolonged break. All in all, though, it was Big
Fun. I heard some rare ones I just couldn't get to through the pileups - San
Marino, China, and Qatar - but snagged a lot of others.
Thanks to all who listened hard for my weak signal. The going was often tough
but sometimes propagation was amazing and I was getting through on first calls.
THAT is a lot of fun.
I can't wait for the CW version in May, though, and hope to put you all in the
log then.
72 de kt8k - Tim, KT8K

Tentec Orion set to 5 Watts with WGA headset and foot switch,
10/15/20m trap dipole (Cushcraft A3 driven element) hung vertically at 60 feet
20/40/80m triple wire dipole hung in a very droopy 'W' pattern between 3 trees
500 foot horizontal loop fed with TV twin lead from an LDG Z-11 autotuner
W2RDS   SO(A)AB LP   1,335,7422015-03-29 17:46:05
Planned to put in a full 36 hours but it did not work out that way. First
contest with the IC-7600 and still trying to figure out how to get it setup
just right and maximize what it has to offer. Fortunately Murphy stayed away
and I was able to just focus on contesting. Conditions on Sunday were tough,
at least for LP stations I think. Wall to wall stations and the QRM was awful.
And so many over modulated signals, mostly from EU region. Ran into a few
FRCers - was able to work a couple (N2MM, WA2VYA, K3OO) and others I was not
AL9A   SO(A)SB20 HP   86,8792015-03-29 17:46:24
NOT a fun weekend!
NJ4F   SOAB(TS) LP   200,7392015-03-29 17:47:45
IC-7800, SteppIR beam, N1MM Plus
No amplifier this time
S&P only
N6BV(@N6RO)   SO(A)SB15 HP   2,304,8192015-03-29 17:47:59
Band not as good this year. Down from 2171 Qs last year, as part of the AK6W
NE6I   SO(A)AB HP   1,2982015-03-29 17:48:40
Only had a very small window to make a few contacts. Every contact was a
multiplier (not by design, by sheer luck!).
WB8JUI   SOSB10 LP   14,6642015-03-29 17:48:55
73 - Rick WB8JUI
NQ2F(@KD2RD)   M/S HP   6,245,6812015-03-29 17:50:09
Another great time had by all, despite disturbed conditions on Sunday. Thanks to
Mike (N2MG) for making the trip down from upstate, operating, and taking on the
role of master chef. Thanks to Scott (NQ2F) for letting us use his call and
for keeping the the runs going. Paul (N2PL) couldn't make it over to operate,
but was very helpful getting some of the peripherals on the computers set up.

Thanks to all for the contacts and hope to see you in the next one!

John, Scott, Mike
NT4H   SO(A)AB LP   107,8242015-03-29 17:50:12
Thanks for all the Q's, from my "little pistol" contest station. This
is a nice contest and I had fun. This was a shake down run for my latest
station setup. Everything worked well!

Mostly S&P, I had a little run on 15M Sunday after noon. I learned how to
use VFO A&B to leap frog stations, so much more efficient. I have so much
to learn.

Radio: Icom IC-7000
Antennas: Hustler 6BTV and N6BT Bravo 7K

Paul - NT4H
KJ8O(N4PN)   SOAB(TS) HP   7,349,0482015-03-29 17:50:31
Thanks to Joe for the use of his call this weekend..Band was crazy but when
it was good it was really good...personal high for me in Q's and Mults.
Biggest surprise was working W/VE's on 20m on Sunday morning, waiting for
10 and 15m to open, and H44QQ called me!
Thanks to CQ for again sponsoring this great contest.
73, Paul, N4PN opr. - KJ8O
N6HE   SO(A)AB HP   633,1132015-03-29 17:50:49
Whoo-hoo! Great cndx, good ops, lots of QSO's. Still too many
over-processed signals, but still fun. I enjoyed talking in my
"robot voice" to those stations that had computer-generated serial
numbers! T-T Omni VII, Alpha 87A, low wires. microKEYER II for DVK.
What a blast! Great to hear the voices of the CW/RTTY contesters!
N1MD   SO(A)AB HP   378,4652015-03-29 17:52:40
Rig: Flex-6700 with SmartSDR v. 1.4
Antennae: M2 log periodic 10 thru 40 meters on 72 foot tower
wire 1/2 wave dipole in sloper configuration for 80 meters
Amplifier: Alpha 9500
N9VPV   SO(A)AB LP   34,8842015-03-29 17:52:50
TS-440s @ 100w, Alpha-Delta DX-CC @ 20ft., Antron A99 Vertical @ 25ft.
PV2P(PY2DY)   SOSB20(TS) HP   2,471,2142015-03-29 17:52:57
I really enjoy one more time this contest.
Decide to work again from Sao Paulo and abort trip to second QTH in the beach.
Very nice result for an urban station.

TX RX FT DX 5000
ACOM 1500

Thanks for all stations in the log!
See you in next!


W6KC   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   116,0582015-03-29 17:54:22
Pretty good condx on all the bands in all directions. I enjoyed traveling
around the world with my radio this weekend.

K3, AL80B & N1MM+
TA33jr @ 30 Ft
40M Inverted-V @ 30 Ft

73, Jim W6KC
AD7JP(K2PO)   SOAB LP   3,158,0662015-03-29 17:54:47
My QSO count was up 7% over my previous serious effort (2012), but my score was
down 4%. (The high bands opened early, and stayed open late, which seemed to
take activity from the low bands.)

As usual, I worked no European on 40m (nor, or course, on 80m). In a
refreshing change, I found 12 Europeans on 10m.

The Unsportsmanlike Conduct rule, concerning IDing every 3 QSOs, seems to be
having some effect; I only encountered one flagrant offender. The Excessive
Bandwidth rule is another matter, but even there, things seem to be getting
somewhat better. <rant on> But the Unsportsmanlike ops that irritated me
the most this weekend were the several who successively camped out two KHz above
my 21447 run frequency, and added to their logs by running stations on spectrum
that isn't part of our ham bands. </rant off>

Thanks to the real AD7JP for use of the callsign, and to all the casual ops who
fill most of our logs!


/Bill, K2PO
NF4A   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   3,260,2952015-03-29 17:55:02
I had every intention of doing a full time effort this weekend but one of my
broadcast transmitters had other plans which cut my operating short including
missing the first 90 minutes of the contest which was prime time on 15 meters
from this location. Thanks for all who called me. The bands were great until
Sunday then they started to suck.
W7YAQ   M/S HP   38,0162015-03-29 17:55:17
Enjoyable casual effort, with son Todd doing the logging.

VA3NW   SOAB LP   189,2162015-03-29 17:57:17
Very wide signals and band edge encroachment. Very fun contest! My favourite!
KD5J   SOAB HP   138,1602015-03-29 17:58:24
Prefix Multipliers:

3G1 CE3 EF8 JE1 KI6 LZ9 PJ2 SK3 W2 XQ3
5E5 CN2 EI9 JH1 KK6 N2 PJ4 T71 W6 XW1
5Q1 CO8 ER4 JH8 KL2 N6 PP5 TI2 W7 YE2
6Y4 CR5 EU1 JI2 KL5 NA6 PQ5 TM3 W9 YP0
8P5 CR6 F5 JJ3 KM1 NE1 PR5 TO2 WA0 YP8
9A1 CT1 FY5 JL3 KM6 NI6 PS2 TO4 WA1 YT3
9Y4 CT9 G5 JO3 KP4 NP2 PS5 UA0 WA2 YV1
AB8 D4 HC0 K0 KR4 NQ1 PU2 V31 WB6 ZF1
AB9 DK3 HC2 K6 KR7 NR3 PU7 VA3 WB7 ZL1
AC3 DL7 I0 K7 KT7 NR7 PW2 VA4 WC6 ZM2
AE7 EA4 IO2 KB1 L73 NX6 PY2 VE3 WR5
BI4 ED1 J79 KE6 LU3 OM0 S50 VK8 WZ6
CA7 ED2 JA3 KG2 LU5 OT5 S51 VP5 XE1
CB3 EE7 JA4 KG6 LU7 P33 S55 VP9 XE2
CE2 EF1 JA7 KH6 LY4 P40 S57 W0 XE3

Total: 220
K7VIT   SO(A)AB HP   382,8002015-03-29 18:00:24
Is this what they mean when they say, "March madness?" The bands
seemed to be in very good shape from my view. For me, 10m was anemic but 15m
was super. There were prizes on the low bands as well. I don't have good low
band antennas, but somehow D4C and YW5T heard me on 80m. Whew! Those OPs must
have excellent ears ... and receive antennas!

Thanks to all who answered my calls.
K7ABV   SO(A)AB HP   555,7652015-03-29 18:03:52
well that was a wild weekend....Saturday afternoon we had wind to almost 60 MPH,
so beam didn't move from NE that afternoon til late at night when it finally
stopped blowing so hard...I did mostly s and p that day...figured to call cq
mostly up and 10 and 15 were dead as a went to 20
and worked a few...all in all I had fun, but sunday was hard work, couldn't
really get a good run at all...did work some good dx Saturday night, before the
band died sunday...thanks to all for fun and good times...hope to give the cw a
go when it comes around...sometimes I think cw is my all time favorite mode
haw...73 thanks to all for the q's...
WW2Y(N2NT)   SOAB HP   12,539,8802015-03-29 18:04:28
I had shoulder surgery on Tuesday and my left arm is in a sling.
SO2 1 arm, but still managed to use the second radio awkwardly.

It was fun until Sunday morning when the bands were broken.

Thanks to Peter for the use of the call, now he can answer all the QSLs :)

73, Andy N2NT
VA7FC   SOAB HP   571,2002015-03-29 18:05:00
WA6KHK   SO(A)AB HP   1,899,2882015-03-29 18:08:00
My best effort to date...1 Q shy of 1.9 million points, got past 1300 Q's, and
almost got 650 mults. Not bad for a 3 element beam up only 32 feet!
VE3BR   SOSB40(TS) QRP   16,5602015-03-29 18:10:09
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter @ 4 W
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4815.0

Did not find it in me to seriously dive into the contest. QRP is still very new
for me and sometimes can be fun, even though most of the time it is pure
frustration. Stuck to 40 m where my antenna works best.
KW9U   SO(A)AB LP   54,0202015-03-29 18:10:45
IC-718 G5RV
Did not have as much time on the air as I would have liked too. To much
"other things to do".
AE7DW   SO(A)SB15(R) LP   54,5602015-03-29 18:11:00
TX: FT897 @ 100w
ANT: JTV680 @ ~25' (rooftop)
K4NV   SOAB HP   703,4742015-03-29 18:11:10
Not much time in the Chair.

Thanks for all that worked me. 73,Dennis
AG6AY   SO(A)AB HP   312,4382015-03-29 18:12:05
Propagation was better than I expected. I could not run 500W on 80M because of
some RF in the shack that I had not seen before. I'll have to deal with that
soon. I was able to put in 26h operating and was able to use new homebuilt 10M
4el yagi as well. I managed to get 2 contacts into Kazakastan and Indonesia (a
new country). Also had several contacts into Africa which is normally tough.
Overall I managed 70 country prefixes over 430 total QSOs.
WI9WI   SO(A)AB HP   83,3602015-03-29 18:19:59
Mostly clicking spots with a bit of CQin' thrown in to pass out the rare and
much coveted WI9 prefix.

Winter is not over in snowed today.

Thanks for all the Qs.


AK1W(K5ZD)   SOAB HP   3,746,5802015-03-29 18:21:33
Conditions = fun!

Conditions were good on all bands except 10 meters. At least 10m was ok on

Splatter = not fun. :(

Difficult to get a run going to Europe. Too much short skip and local
QRM/splatter there. The stations that splatter do not realize that they are
hurting contesting by making it less fun for the casual operators.
AEØEE   SOAB(R) LP   108,5762015-03-29 18:26:18
100 W into dipoles.

Heard a few new stations, worked some of those, but had a lot of trouble
getting through to Europe. 10 m never really opened for me after the first few
hours of the contest. It was a frustrating contest, with the 10-minute rate
topping out at 54/hr during the one "run" of 18 minutes. Even on the
low bands with an AE0 prefix I wasn't able to get heard enough to get a run

QSOs, prefixes, and hours were up from last year at the UC Berkeley club
station (with a beam!) as AG6RB, but the score ended up down a little bit with
fewer DX QSOs. Here's hoping the CW weekend will be better.
W7KAM   SOAB LP   95,2322015-03-29 18:29:53
All S&P. 100 watts into a G5RV up 20ft.
VE2BWL   SO(A)AB LP   587,2142015-03-29 18:32:16
Only a partial effort but a lot of fun.
WA7YXY   SO(A)AB LP   69,3912015-03-29 18:32:33
This is a really fun contest. I made a number of QSOs with countries/entities
that I had not worked before. 15m and 40m were a blast.
EF8U   M/2 HP   15,079,8552015-03-29 18:36:09
From the EA8URL radioclub station, in the Canary Islands.

See you in the next contest!.
AB8M(@KB8O)   M/S HP   2,214,1082015-03-29 18:36:19
Another fun contest on the 1300ft loop at KB8O. Saturday condx were nice and we
had a pleasant surprise with 10m being open at 2100 ET. Sunday, on the other
hand, was a brutal grind. The loop continues to impress, especially on the low
bands and it shows in all of those 40m Q's. Thanks to everyone that we got in
the log book this time and everyone with the patience to work through poor
conditions and the constant request of "Again? Again?" See you all
(and more!) in the logs next year.

Jay KB8O
Doug AB8M
NA1DX   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   4,653,6902015-03-29 18:43:19
The last two years I had WPX SSB World 1st for QRP All Band Assisted. This
year I played HP Assisted to build points towards the 5M award. Rob N3HU
loaned me an AL-82 to use with my K3.

Over the last two months, Barry K3NDM helped me deploy a K9AY RX antenna,
and then build and deploy two Inverted Marconi Ls for 160m and 80m. Then a
couple of weeks ago Barry and I put up a vertical 40m Quad Loop
(23.5'x46'). Those supplemented my Mosley TA-33 on top of the AB-577. I
also removed my OCF antennas and 160m vertical to reduce possible
interaction. Friday before the contest, I laid out some more radials for
the 80m Inverted L and RX Apex Loop.

And for the first time in a very long time, I was able to start a contest
ready and on time. I was even able to start on 40m with an opening run.
That alone was worth all the work the last few months.

My main Heil iC headset stopped working the week before the contest. I
sent it to heil and got it back on Friday. I had ordered from Amazon the
Yamaha CM500, but it picked up my breathing. After getting it adjusted, I
just did not like it well enough to contest with it using vox. So, I used
my Heil iC Pro. I got good audio and signal reports.

It was a personal best in total Qs, Points, prefixes, BIC, and late evening
Qs on the lower bands. I had to quit each night earlier than I wanted, as
my station is over my daughters room and she gets up early for work. I
turned up the gain on the Heil and whispered into the headset. I went
until I was tired and my qso rate fell off.

I got up before sunrise on Saturday and 4 am Sunday. I was able to get
some more DX low band points before moving up the bands.

The upper bands were hot and cold. 10m was late opening Saturday and did
not open Sunday except to SA. 20m sounded mushy and 10m was cold. But 15m
was hot more than not. I ran when I thought I could, and when I didn't I
did S&P. A big part of Sunday was CQing primarily NAs to make what Qs I
could and get what prefixes I could.

I got more JAs and south east asia Qs than in the past, as well as worked
VKs off the back of the tribander and no problem with the 40m quad loop.

A few lessoned learned to tweak before WPX CW and Sweepstakes next fall.
But, I am pretty settled now with my overall setup.
K7DR   SOAB LP   56,3422015-03-29 18:43:36
FT450 100 watts
Vertical for 10/15
G5RV Jr (Yes Junior) for 40/20
60' LW for 75

Had decent condx on 10/15 Saturday afternoon and late night on 40, but Sunday
condx were poor. 10 fizzled out, and 15 no too hot either, so spent afternoon
watching Michigan State defeat Louisville in NCAA tournament.

Dave - K7DR
KP4RV(RAFAEL)   SOSB15 HP   4,152,5952015-03-29 18:47:04
CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.6
NAME: Rafael Bonano
ADDRESS: P. O.Box 1772
ADDRESS: Luquillo,PR 00773
VC6K(@VE6SV)   M/S HP   13,027,4402015-03-29 18:50:07
If we could EVER get 48 hours of low auroral activity for a contest we would be
in heaven! We had to work hard and the 2nd day was tough. The 40M band
not to be a producer for us under distributed conditions.

All of the lowbands were poor producers for both Qs and Mults.

Still cannot get use to the 10 band changes an hour for M/S

The team was great and we had our "diamond in the rough" VE6SPS a
young contester that really made a great additional to the team.

For the first time ever we recorded the complete contest and it should be a
good learning tool to review were we need improve.

It's the guys in the shack that really make this a success and a pleasure to
work with - thanks guys!!!

VE6MRT and VE6NAP provided moral support and food to keep us going.

73, Gord VE6SV
K6CSL   SOAB LP   26,1122015-03-29 18:53:22
Certainly not the best conditions.Last year I did 143 x 113=40,228. I also made
a serious tactical error, trying to go to 20m for the last hour. Not a good
idea with 100W and "invisible" wire antennas. I saved things somewhat
by spending the last half hour on 15m, which added another 10 Q's which helped a
little. It was fun anyway. 73's to all and to all a good night. Bert, K6CSL
VK2PN   SOAB HP   32,8442015-03-29 18:53:28
Not keen on SSB tests... However wanted to show my call in. My time was
limited, but when I was on the propagation was good. Impressed by 10 m. Still
it was a good fun.
Patrick VK2PN
HR9/K6TOP   SOAB(TS) LP   111,0202015-03-29 18:56:11
Operated from condo on vacation using an Icom '706 plus a 40/20/10 vertical end
fed half wave. 20 and 40 were crowded and noisy - very tough going for weak
signal. A 9-character callsign (HR9/K6TOP) means lots of fills and repeats. I
had much better luck on 10M, Sunday afternoon.
WP4PGY   SOSB20(R) HP   1,531,8202015-03-29 18:59:27
***ROOKIE*** As of January 2015.
My name is Jose from Puerto Rico and

1st I would like to Thank the following personel:

- KP4RV (MR.RAFAEL) Thank You for your support, advice, teaching me
everything on how to become a Great Operator like you with all the fundamentals
in operating procedures, behind the scenes with all the equipments and the long
hours building my station and everyday I will learn something from you. At
work, text mgs, wassup... Gracias por soportar todos mis mensajes.... Esto es
Cosa Mala !! jejeje... Gracias

- Javier Toro (not a HAM) yet, but he will become 1 in the few months.
Gracias por la ayuda en crear mi estacion, buscando alternativas para mejorar,
y las largas noches monitoriando la propagacion y dejandome saber a cada minuto
la situacion y cambios... Le dimos en la madre !!! Valio la pena el

- Mr. Luis (My neighbor) Gracias hermano....

Bottom Line:

I had a blast in my 1st Contest ever and will continue to support future
contest by participating and learning as we go !!

PU2TFT(PU4HAS)   SO(A)SB10 QRP   5,0162015-03-29 18:59:48
Many familiar activities during the weekend, reason I couldn't dedicate to much
But I've had a lot of fun!!
First time participating in a contest from my apartment in Sao Jose dos Campos.

First QRP contest, sometimes its frustrating, but each QSO is a win.
I operated an incredible MAGLOOP (Alex Loop) horizontally oriented, great
performance from the 4th floor of a 14 floors building!!
VE4DPR   SOAB LP   9,9752015-03-29 19:04:18

Header Information:

Contacts found in log: 61
N3YUG   SO(A)AB LP   191,3502015-03-29 19:05:29
Only could operate for a few hours here and there this weekend, but as always I
had a good time.

KØTT   SOSB15 HP   503,8082015-03-29 19:10:28
Busy with other commitments this weekend, but managed to squeeze in some
operating a few hours at a time.

Nice to hear so many stations from China this year. Worked 17 of them. Missed
prime time to EU, but still lots of stations to work.

Hopefully the contest committee was monitoring for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Several "big gun" stations had excessively wide bandwidth or nearly
unintelligable audio. One station was almost 20KHz wide.
KO7X   M/S HP   288,8802015-03-29 19:18:05
We enjoyed a great opening on 15 meters, including a QSO with 7QAA and many
others. Brian really enjoyed it, and so did I.
AK5X(K5YAA)   SOAB HP   2,147,2482015-03-29 19:21:58
My highest score ever in a WPX Contest and on SSB at that which is neither my
favorite mode nor the better of my operating skills. I used a single radio as I
am still working on my SO2R setup rebuild. Some very fine scores here in 5 land,
almost double my Q count. I just talk too slow I think.

Pretty good overall band conditions. 40 was better Saturday morning than
Sunday. 20 stayed awake most of the night. 10 and 15 were open until the end
Sunday. Probably the best call in the log is 9N7WE who called LP on 15 to my
surprise. I think it was long path, it could however have been short path since
Nepal is pretty much on the other side of the world from Oklahoma going either

I heard no arguments, no belly aching and no fights over who owned what
frequency. Something refreshing for SSB operations. Overall the quality of
signals was pretty good. A few raspy sounding ones but very few.

I did a double take when WA0WWW showed up as I had just worked WW0WWW and
didn't think there could be that many Ws around but there they were.

I would say I need to practice my skill at SSB contesting but naw, I think I'll
just let that go by and resign myself to never winning a SSB test. I could tell
the good operators as they were pretty much ahead of me by at least my Q count
the whole game. About the only guy I was whipping was K9PG but every body whips
on him what with only a wire for radiating and funny looking clothing from the
Goodwill store.

I took the liberty to read the mail a few minutes when NZ5I (K5WA) was working
JAs on 40 meters early Sunday morning. Very smooth and Bob threw in several
Japanese phrases to keep things moving along. Great work.

Also fun to see what call N4PN came up with for this one. He's a beggar I guess
because he gets some doozers to use and doesn't seem to care where they come
from as long as they are in high demand. NF4A was behind me a hundred Qs fairly
early on but blew me away as time progressed. Fun to work so many folks who
either recognized my voice or had a bead on my SSB operating skill as a number
of folks called me by name even though I wasn't using my own call sign. I
pulled a N4PN and borrowed mine from my longtime friend Bill, AK5X. He said, I
hope I don't go to jail for this. I told him I would come bail him out if that

Still lacking an 80 meter antenna so I did short change myself a bit as 80
would likely been as good as 15 for Qs. Some of the numbers I heard worldwide
were phenomenal. Some really top notch operators and stations out there.

Thanks to the sponsors of and workers for the WPX, one of the fun contests all
year long.

73 - Jerry K5YAA aka AK5X for WPX SSB

Rig: K3 Alpha 9500 Force 12 antennas 6el 20 3el 40 6el 15 and 8el 10. N1MM
YV1KK   SO(A)SB10 LP   6,125,9512015-03-29 19:30:08

Band QSOs Pts WPX
28 2277 6637 923
Total 2277 6637 923
Score: 6.125.951
1 Mult = 2,5 Q's
PY3KN   SOSB10 LP   5,756,7192015-03-29 19:30:37
Tnx to PU3LYB Lucy, PY3MM Miguel, PY3NZ Claudio for support my single operation.
N5AW   SOAB LP   662,5922015-03-29 19:37:13
It was sort of nice not being a serious competitor in this one. Passed up anyone
not identifying after two QSOs. Didn't answer stations with broad signals. If
all the casual operators would do that maybe it would send a message!

Conditions were good Saturday with lots of strong Europeans on 10 and even some
on 80 in my short time there. Sunday conditions were back in the dumpster though
with the only Europeans on 10 meters weak backscatter from the southeast. 90%
S&P. I'm planning a serious effort for WPX CW though.

Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
USA calls = 0 4 8 18 56 15 101
Canada calls = 0 4 2 6 2 2 16
NA calls = 0 1 2 6 3 9 21
SA calls = 0 4 3 2 26 43 78
Euro calls = 0 3 27 53 105 62 250
African calls = 0 4 1 6 5 10 26
Asian calls = 0 0 0 9 10 8 27
Japan calls = 0 0 0 0 17 13 30
Ocean calls = 0 0 0 1 10 14 25

Total calls = 0 20 43 101 234 176 574
VE4VT   SO(A)AB LP   4,407,7852015-03-29 19:51:09
What difference between the two days. Conditions were what I would call so-so on
Friday night and Saturday. However they deteriorated significantly Saturday
night and Sunday.

No Europe or Japan on 10m from here. Saturday 15m opened late to Europe and
Sunday very late and very weak.

Started off as SOABLP but got frustrated half way through and cranked up the

Very difficult to run and hold a frequency with low power from here in the
center of the continent. Had a brief run to Europe on Saturday before loosing
the frequency. Had a few frequency wars and lost most of them. Heard a few
lines that will be classics in my mind for quite some time.

"You are really loud here on the east coast, could you QSY up the band so
we can work Europe."

" A Russian just came on your frequency, please QSY so we can work

" We have all worked you, pleas QSY so we can work the DX"

73 until the next one.

K6SCA   SOAB HP   519,4862015-03-29 19:52:54
Finally got the 15 meter dipole working. Allergies and VOX don't go well
K6LRN   SOAB HP   345,8002015-03-29 19:53:23
Amp helps...a LOT!!
Thanks for the Qs!
Don't have to operate phone 'til Aug NAQP.
PJ4Z(@PJ4G)   M/S HP   30,158,7002015-03-29 19:58:41
First, congratulations to P33W on a great finish.

Obviously, at least from here, 10 meters was amazing. We started on 10 meters
at 6:30 am local yesterday and ran it solid without changing bands for 12

Also, it seemed liked stations in Asia called us at all hours of the day.
Russian stations were very loud here and were in abundance to work. Band
conditions fluctuated yesterday, requiring many requests for fills. Thanks to
everyone that did and for their participation in making this an enjoyable

Always a fun time operating with K4BAI and KU8E.

73'....Fred, WW4LL
WN6K   SOAB LP   2,014,7042015-03-29 20:03:33
Big difference from last weekends doldrums - Sunday didn't feel as good but with
a good combo of S/P along with a Park & Ride, I amassed a record score for
me for this contest. Last year, I made a record but smashed it this year.

In order make sure I had a voice to last the entire contest, I made use of the
voice keyer and got quite a few snarky comments about the callsign reading by
the computer but at the end, I still had a one.

WN6K, Paul
K8BL   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   703,0762015-03-29 20:04:43
Not a serious effort. Spent too much time watching NCAA Basketball.
KC8R   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   181,3052015-03-29 20:05:53
Radio: Flex 6300
Antenna: Alpha Delta DX-EE in attic
W3HAC   M/S LP   610,1302015-03-29 20:11:41
Many new challenges to tackle. Some antenna issues, rig issues, health
issues, and RFI issues.

This is what can make times challenging for all.

Glad to have the chance to introduce contesting to some new blood as well.

Glad to hear and see all that participated.

Look forward to the next one.



N3KCJ   SO(A)AB HP   1,252,8602015-03-29 20:12:48
Had limited time this weekend, Low bands
were a bit of a challenge, but still did ok
with limited antennas. Conditions were good
and had a few nice runs to Asia and Europe.
20M stayed open late and got some long path
Mults to Asia and Mid East. TU to all who worked me
and Cu in the Next pile up!!!
VA7BEC   SO(A)AB LP   1,454,7522015-03-29 20:16:16
I missed last year (2014), so my point of comparison is the 2013 event.
I like WPX because of the anyone-anywhere element. Even if conditions aren't
great -- and they were really quite awful for huge blocks of time -- and the
over-the-pole route to EU is detoured because of the auroral cover, there's
always the chance for Qs with the many, many, many stations in the U.S. and
Generally speaking, conditions were frustratingly tough, compounding the the
usual challenge of intentional and non-intentional QRM. Most Qs required a lot
of back and forth to ensure exchange accuracy. Even then, I'm not totally sure
the ops got the number right. Maybe they don't care. But I do. What's the point
if the Q doesn't count?
Despite the potential for a total score washout, I did surprisingly well and
ended up with a higher score than last time, with more Qs, even on the low
bands, and more mults overall.
I guess the moral of the story is, don't give up even if it seems like the
band(s) is/are dead. It's amazing what "CQ Contest" generates, even
at low power from this part of the world. :)
I extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who pulled my callsign out of the
noise and patiently worked to confirm numbers. I'm also glad that my running
time produced good results. The pileups were slower, probably due to poor band
conditions and the ever-present QRM, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks so
Rebecca VA7BEC
PW2D(PY2LSM)   SOAB HP   18,307,5412015-03-29 20:19:28
Thank you again Mamiro, PY2DM!
Visit by Murphy who blew the amplifier that was used during the first hour,
luckily we had an Alpha 91b as back-up. Alan, PY2LSM worked like a machine all
36 hours and managed to catch a lot of prefixes.
Myself fixed food and a lot of needed maintenance. Looks like this will be
enough to beat the old Brasilian SOAB record.
73, Thomas, PY2ZXU
K6YK   SOSB15 HP   23,2752015-03-29 20:36:07
Same old story, had to work Saturday and Sunday.
YY1YLY   SOSB15 LP   4,336,9922015-03-29 20:38:08
KM7N   SO(A)AB LP   21,9522015-03-29 20:40:07
Wow! This was a fun one, though I didn't get any new DXCCs for the log...Just
playing in my spare time over the weekend. I was surprised how many Qs I made
on 40, as that is not my strongest band. I was pleasantly surprised at how
many ops took the time to pull out my 100W signal, I presume because the KM7
prefix is uncommon enough that it made me a somewhat sought after mult.

Can't wait for the next big contest!
KL5DX   M/S HP   2,112,2002015-03-29 20:49:29
A tale of two contests ..approx 1200Qs between 0400Z on Day 1 and 0600Z on Day 2
..approx 250 the other 16 hours we were on. 10M never did open.
VA7ST   SOAB HP   60,2102015-03-29 21:05:58
Returned home Thursday night from a two-week trip down under, jet lagged and not
ready for a contest. Just three hours, and conditions were not good for any of
the time I was on.

2015-03-29 SOABHP 175 135 60,210
2014-03-30 SOABHP 1274 717 2,724,600
2013-03-31 SOABHP 1030 504 1,380,960
2012-03-25 SOABHP 1401 663 2,618,850
2011-03-27 SOABHP 907 527 1,482,451
2010-03-28 SOABHP 1172 570 2,014,380
2009-03-29 SOABHP 519 294 429,534
WD5K   SOAB(TS) HP   3,636,0452015-03-29 21:14:53
Elecraft K3 -> Alpha 99
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
KDØFW   SO(A)AB HP   2,270,6882015-03-29 21:18:19
Kenwood TS590 Alpha 76A Tribander at 60 feet Inverted V for 40 Dipole for 75.

I had a ball this year and was unhappy as 10 meters wasn't in great shape. I
had to beat last years score to see if I am still learning. Last year I had
1031 Qso's 720 Mult's for 1,850,000. Last year was just all S + P and no
calling CQ. This year I did start out doing S + P and when I could hold a
frequency I had a ball running a great rate calling CQ on 40 meters. I think
next year I need to stick with S + P all the way. This year I also had a better
tuned 75 meter antenna. I need to prepare for the contest. I need to know the
rules by heart and turn off all other distractions! And to stick pins in club
members coax!
WO9S   SOSB40 LP   163,7842015-03-29 21:23:21
S slow start so not as good as last year. Some good runs above 7200 kHz.
Nice to work two VKs and a ZM on Sunday morning with a modest setup: 100
watts into a sloping 40 meter dipole with ends at 35 and 8 feet.
XE2B   SO(A)AB HP   4,165,1402015-03-29 21:56:19
KLØET/W4   SOAB LP   29,6102015-03-29 21:57:24
Not bad for sitting in my car.

KL0ET/W4's Contest Summary Report for CQ-WPX
Created by N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log
Version 3.6

Total Contacts = 117
Total Points = 29,610

Operating Period: 2015/03/28 07:42 - 2015/03/29 03:24

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
40 0 33 0 33 28
20 0 13 0 13 11
15 0 50 0 50 43
10 0 21 0 21 18
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 0 117 0 117 100

Total Contacts by State \ Prov:

State Total %
----- ----- ---
115 98
AK 1 1
HI 1 1

Total = 2

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 35 30
Brazil 11 9
Canada 10 9
Puerto Rico 5 4
Morocco 4 3
Venezuela 4 3
Italy 3 3
Argentina 2 2
Aruba 2 2
Australia 2 2
Bonaire 2 2
Cape Verde 2 2
Cayman Is. 2 2
Curacao 2 2
Dominican Republic 2 2
Federal Republic of Germany 2 2
Finland 2 2
France 2 2
French Guiana 2 2
Hungary 2 2
Japan 2 2
Portugal 2 2
Alaska 1 1
Barbados 1 1
Chile 1 1
Cuba 1 1
Dominica 1 1
Guatemala 1 1
Hawaii 1 1
Ireland 1 1
Jamaica 1 1
Martinique 1 1
Mexico 1 1
Serbia 1 1
Trinidad & Tobago 1 1
Uruguay 1 1
US Virgin Is. 1 1

Total = 37

Total Contacts by Continent:

Continent Total %
--------- ----- ---
NA 63 54
SA 28 24
EU 15 13
AF 6 5
OC 3 3
AS 2 2

Total = 6

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
03 20 17
08 15 13
04 13 11
09 13 11
05 12 10
11 11 9
15 8 7
14 7 6
33 4 3
13 3 3
25 2 2
30 2 2
35 2 2
01 1 1
06 1 1
07 1 1
12 1 1
31 1 1

Total = 18
IN3FHE   SO(A)AB LP   8,8902015-03-29 22:02:03
K3 , vertical ant. DX88 , QARtest .
KØDU   M/S HP   13,714,6402015-03-29 22:11:21
Great to get the three of us.....Bill K0UK , Larry K0CL and my self Jerry K0DU
back together here at my QTH.
Special thanks to Bill K0UK for both his time working on our antennas and his
major role as the heavy hitter on the air this contest. Bill really picked up
the slack for me as I couldn't spend as much operating time as I wanted .
The station played well and the new Force Twelve 3EL 40 meter Beam was killer !
I can't remember in recent years the JA activity as good as it was this contest
. A lot of JA's on 40 and 15 just like years ago .
Over 4000 q's with a single radio and three guys......just amazing for three
old rusty guys that haven't done a Contest together in quite some time . So
let's just say we're back!
Thanks to all for the contacts and we look forward to the next opertunity .
73's Jerry K0DU
UW2M(URØMC)   SOAB HP   11,201,5122015-03-29 22:45:44
strong windstorm...
ice rain...
lost several RX and TX antennas...
big statics, more than 12 hours difficult RX conditions, NB in K-3 did not
I hope the WPX CW result will be better )))
Thanks to all, 73!
WL7E   SO(A)SB15 HP   2,344,0622015-03-29 23:32:07
Reflecting back on this contest season I think the party is pretty much over on
the high bands for this cycle in KL7. I was unassisted until the final few
hours of the contest.
HB9AA(HB9ARF)   SOAB LP   672,3362015-03-29 23:32:47
Elecraft K3 100 Watts

Antennas: Force 12 C-4s = 2 elements on 28/21/14 MHz and Dipole on 7 MHz

Inverted L for 3,5 and 1,8 MHz

Phil - HB9ARF
S52W   SO(A)AB LP   47,0642015-03-29 23:39:59
FT2000 + dipole
4Z6T(4X6TT)   SO(A)AB LP   4,224,4562015-03-29 23:53:59
Operated only 12 hours had to rush to hospital with my 10 year old son.
propogation was great, great openings to NA 73s Amir 4X6TT
LY7Z(@LY9Y)   SOAB HP   3,949,9852015-03-30 00:04:32
Switched OFF because of Murphy visits :(



73! Andy
LY2TA(LY7Z)   SOAB(TS) HP   127,8202015-03-30 00:06:32


73! Andy
EA5DFV   SOAB HP   6,610,6882015-03-30 00:31:26
Buff, not 3000 QSO nor 1000 WPX and not enough time in the chair, but very fun.

73 de Jose
F4VPX(CT1ILT)   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   75,7902015-03-30 00:39:24
Just for the fun.

Cu in WPX CW!

73's Filipe CT1ILT F4VPX
EA8DED(OH2BP)   SOSB10 LP   1,080,0662015-03-30 00:40:12
SB10 operation
OL5T(OK1MV)   SO(A)SB15 HP   1,303,8502015-03-30 00:42:38
Nice weekend with friends from radio club about me. Conditions was very strange
high A index, on saturday went better west side NA, on sunday much less
stations from this area, but began to operate east, JA, BA. All contest QRM,
still at 22UTC running east coast, very amazing conditions. Congratulations
all's to score's.

ICOM 7400 + PA
Antenna 5el OWA, 15m UP.

Thank you againg for all contact's in my log.

See you in CW leg.

Marek OK1MV
VK8AA(VK2CZ)   SOAB HP   619,0022015-03-30 00:50:38
Casual effort, all band open all the time !

DATE UTC 14000 21000 28000 QSO's
2015-03-28 00 115 115
01 54 54
02 10 74 84
03 49 49
04 36 3 39
05 2 26 12 40
06 29 1 30
07 18 13 31
08 10 11 21
09 9 9
10 19 5 24
11 31 10 41
19 7 7
20 12 12
21 3 4 5 12
22 6 6
23 9 9
2015-03-28 Total 138 153 292 583
2015-03-29 00 10 21 31
01 19 14 33
02 66 66
03 12 12
04 42 42
05 104 104
06 110 110
07 11 11
09 1 2 3
10 9 9
20 6 5 3 14
21 11 11
22 9 9
23 5 7 12
2015-03-29 Total 294 51 122 467
QSO's 432 204 414 1050
S56A   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   798,7412015-03-30 00:56:00
70TH BDAY PARTY ON FRIDAY EVENING followed by relaxed operation with poor 80m
vertical. Decent condx with weak but workable DX. It was fun!

73 de Mario, S56A
EA4TD   SOAB HP   2,838,2642015-03-30 01:05:45
Fun contest!
N2YO   SOSB20 HP   8,2082015-03-30 01:10:44
73s de Chip N2YO
OL7M(OK1CID)   SO(A)SB15 HP   2,5202015-03-30 01:33:06
Very nice contest from OL7M QTH, perfect condx, thanks for all QSOs!
OL7M(OK1CID)   SOSB15 HP   6,763,0762015-03-30 01:36:06
Very nice contest from OL7M QTH, perfect condx, thanks for all QSOs!
9A7A   M/S HP   20,376,8372015-03-30 01:38:06
Tnx & 73 !!
IV3BCA   SOAB LP   907,6642015-03-30 01:53:14

GL 73 de IV3BCA Paolo
OK/LZ3SF   SO(A)SB15 HP   1,003,0002015-03-30 02:05:40
CallSign Used : OK/LZ3SF
Operator(s) : LZ3SF

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : 15M
Power : HIGH
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : 001
Ctegiry : Assisted
Gridsquare : JO70FA
Total time : 23.23 hours

Band QSOs Pts WPX
21 760 1700 590
Total 760 1700 590

Score : 1 003 000
Rig : Elecraft K3
Antennas : 5 over 5 (the upper is rotary)

Part time attempt - enjoyed a lot. Thanks OL3Z to allow me to use their
equipment. Thanks for all contacts.

73 and cu agn in CQWPX CW!
de LZ3SF
OE1HHB   SOAB LP   1,033,6052015-03-30 02:07:30
First entry in the WPX contest. Had big fun with my small antennas on the
E7DX(@E77DX)   M/S HP   23,846,8452015-03-30 02:37:25
Another never-to-be-forgotten weekend in Prijedor! With Braco living the
high-life at D4C, we were left to play from his great station. Multi-Single is
where it's at :-). Somewhat less demanding than CQWW (with no 10minute rule and
simplified propagation strategy) this contest is made to have fun. With this in
mind, we invited the guys from 9A1P to join us. With 12 operators on the roster
and 4 radios to play with, there was plenty of time for all associated
activities ;-).

The playing field has been the same for the last few years now. EI7M and TM6M
set the reference point and the rest of us, to the right, follow suit. With
TM6M still hiding from we were content to find ourselves neck and
neck on day one with the Irish. Day two, however, was a different story.
10meters was too high for the NA MUF for us and that saw the boys from Cork
escape from our grasp :-(.

It meant for a more relaxed Sunday. The sun came out along with the cold

Murphy was relatively quiet:

Run radio 1 had modulation issues : fixed at 3am on day 1.
One of the 10m tic-rings was misbehaving: fixed by Adi Saturday morning.
Braco's PTT box gave up on us : again Adi stepped in and had us back on the air
in minutes.

With so many operators to hand, it allowed Krešo to introduce some new
features on the version of DXLog we were using. M/S in WPX is all about
interlocking today and DXLog is the bee's knees in that department. With 4
radios all HW and SW interlocked we exploited 2 new features in DXLog. One was
the Smart Software Interlock.

Why "smart"?

...because you can allow other radios to over-ride your PTT if their
transmission is deemed "higher priority". So if radio one is CQ, but
radio 2 has a MULT...then bang: radio 2 can override radio one's PTT.

Another SMART feature is the ability to send real-time status messages when PTT
is activated at any of the interlocked radios. This means that radios 2, 3 and
4 can see that radio 1 is not only in TX but whether he's in CQ, QSO or even
S/N :-) etc.

As you can imagine, this saves a lot of time and reduces the inevitable
screaming matches over who has priority (BTW, Hrle and Adi won the prize in
that department this weekend :-)).

While I'm plugging DXLog it's also worth mentioning the number server feature
which allows you to reserve a S/N before you send it and log the QSO.

Thanks go to:

Braco, for the keys
Rade, Vlado and Ranko for the never-ending prep work
Rade for the roast pig
and our guests from 9A1P.

This was the first time we received a YL guest (Adi's wife: S53GO). I hope we
made the right impression and that Adi and Sonja will return soon.

That's it. Thanks to all for the QSOs. Great competition from the Irish and
IR4M. A shame the French can't make it to the party on cqcontest, but no doubt
they'll turn that corner too in the not so distant future.


on behalf of all at E7DX this weekend:

Richard, 9a1tt
7QAA   M/S HP   12,336,4722015-03-30 02:50:14
Very nice experience.
We used a k3+kpa500 hexbeam and 40m vertical. Low bands not good for local
noise. We had a power failure because of thunderstorm on sunday morning 5am to
Many stole us the calling frequency because dont hear us.
Anyway this was a good score from Malawi.
Tnx to all and 73 de Marco hb9ocr and team 7qaa
S55T(S57AL)   SO(A)AB HP   10,767,3362015-03-30 03:09:54
Crazy two days with a fever. I was forced to take a break the other night.
Plan was 12 mil, but in this shape the score is nice to. At home they say I'm
crazy :). This is our hobby and WPX is only 1x per year HI.

73, CU in next one.

Ivo S57AL
RC9O   SOAB HP   17,155,9302015-03-30 03:16:32
Best 73's to all!
BI4SSB   M/S HP   7,074,5502015-03-30 03:17:02
A planned M2 effort cut to casual MS :(
LY4A   M/2 HP   14,356,4642015-03-30 03:19:14
Thanks all for qso's...

After return from Cyprus RDXC P3N have thinking to no time for prepare station.
In RDXC LY2RJ losts the one RUN2 PA and loked what we no more have good tube for
change on it. So after some changes of bad old tubes we find some one what
little working and repaired this PA only for 20-30% of it working power.

For me, this test is more just sleeping time after illness in Cyprus, it
retuned from Cyprus with temperature was still 38 -38.5 celcius. The first day
of the competition virtually alone slept :) because there were still ~38... ,
have pneumonia and coughing. But anything we worked with good and funny team
and geted good time.

Thanks Rimas LY2CO for join to outher team again after 10 years and its very
nice to remember all the big amount tests what we worked in team. Also thanks
Linutas LY5AT for join third time to outher team. Also many thanks to Jonas
LY2BDZ for it time for preparing position and repairing some PA and TRX and all
other station sides.Also thanks Raimis LY2RJ, Grazvydas LY2TS and Alius LY2BKT
for it time. So outher team no going to good standing without changes in the
team and will be much better in CW part.

Added some photos on facebook look at bottom link for look of it.

skype: rolkaxx
DL2R   M/S LP   474,0002015-03-30 03:35:49
Mehr Testing wie Contesting....
Neuer TRX & Antennen Test
ZW5B(@PY5EG)   M/2 HP   42,748,7762015-03-30 03:52:02
Another great party
We had some young an old experient operators together with new talents
Great pleasure to see the brothers PY2YU & PY2NDX running the station with
PP5XX, PY5EG and PY5KD alternating running and hanting. Marco PY5YA came to
help us as his first time operating ZW5B. Erika PU5ADX (19 yeas)spend quite
some time learning with the old guys. BTW Erika promissed to have ZW5B active
on RTTY.
Propagation was great on 10 meters, and no problem at all with the (3)
stations used.
Congratulations for all super stations on the bands.
Happy to see the PYs active again
D4C   M/2 HP   93,284,9942015-03-30 04:01:13
We rebuild all the antenna system in 15 days, 12 new Momobeam Yagis, and low
bands wires were installed, with the great help and support of Braco E77DX,
that was an incredible climber in this windy place.

WPX is not the best contest from our side, due low band double points rules,
and our location, far from EU and US, otherwise the new 40m 3 element yagi to
EU and US, and the Wire 80m inverted V EU and US, saved us during the nights

Contest start on 20m and 40m with a great US rates, we had a great night over
80m with the new Bvg, and we ended the first day with over 8K QSOs.

We expect to have a second day as the first one, but unfortunately the 10m were
not open as Saturday and we only had barely open after sunset to west coast
until 21.00 Z.

Despite the sun didn't help us, we have reached the target to test all the
antennas, the new Momobeam, ( ) have fun togheter with the
international team and at the end to compete with the North African Guys and
beat the Old Time Score Record off over 25 Million points !

Surely a good taste of the new antenna revamping !

Than's to everyone called us, and apologies to who we didn't catch !

73 de Fabio I4UFH on of D4C
OK1GTH(@OK1OUE)   SOSB80 HP   1,574,4642015-03-30 04:12:44

- Dipol 2x20m at 25m + 28m vertical with 8 elevated radials for 160 and 80M

- Beverage aray (Phased 2x160m dir 310˚, 200m dir 50˚, 200m dir 130˚ and
100m dir 130˚)


- IC7600 + GTH driver + 2x HM PA + GTH Stack Match

I was QRV about 18 hours. The conditions was poor and in the log i had nill JA
and only 113 NA. I stopped before 17 UTC Sundays (7 hours before the end - job
duties). Until the end I lost about 150-200 QSO, but that's okay :-)
Nice competition with Richard OK8WW and others. Many thanks all, who called
me...Best 73! de OK1GTH
DP9Z(DF9ZP)   SO(A)SB15 HP   702,0482015-03-30 04:19:49
Nice test,
vy 73 Jo DF9ZP
RM4I(UA4HTT)   SOAB HP   5,758,3112015-03-30 04:30:48
ANTs: QUAD's 2el-40, 3el-20, 4el-15, 4el-10M
GP-80; 160M + Beverage's - EU, NA, JA, AF

Thanks so much to Victor UA4HBW for his hospitality !!
TNX to all for QSOs !!!

73, CU NEXT test de Slava RM4I(UA4HTT)
SP9LJD   SO(A)AB HP   4,149,3762015-03-30 04:31:39
Tnx fer all QSO. It's a pitty I was to busy before and during the contest.
I had big problem with my old rig (RX), sri for troubles.
DM9EE   M/S HP   10,542,2242015-03-30 04:35:32
Thanks do Carsten (TOM) DM9EE to let me join his DX/Contest Hotel Location for
WPX SSB 2015. As always @ Hellers Krug - lots of fun, very nice hospitality,
great food and ... oh yesss .. we also made a few QSOs as well.

Thanks to all the callers and sorry for the ones we could not pick up out of
the nois.


Helmut DF7ZS
CE3CT   SOAB HP   12,002,1792015-03-30 04:39:08
somebody said few years ago 10m look 2m, I feel the same this year on 10m with
EU, thanks to all for the qsos
ZM2IO(ZL3IO)   SOAB HP   8,400,4202015-03-30 04:40:56
The original plan was to do 10m SB. The contest started with great runs into US
and Asia for the first few hours. Unfortunately Europe short path never opened
to ZL. I heard the Asians and VK's running EU but not a glimpse down here.
Without the EU prefixes it's a hopeless effort so I decided to switch to SOAB
to have at least some contesting fun.
Unfortunately I'm handicapped on 40m since my beam (while laying on the
ground)tried to play wind wheel during some higher winds (~200 km/h) we had.
The loops are better than nothing but not really competitive.

My K3 also made some trouble sfter about 3 hours into the contest and stopped
working in SSB. It seams an Ocean side QTH like ours is testing the limits of
the connectors/contacts used. Luckily I was able to get it back on the air.

10m was still the money band as it was somewhere between good and bad.
Too good conditions are not favouring locations like ours. We are 90 or 180
degree off to everybody elses main antenna directions and on top further away.
So while EU/AS/NA/SA enjoy big pile ups with each other we stand on the side
line and get no attention.
15m was a typical example. It was open into all directions meaning nobody
beamed to Southern Oceania. Without a cluster spot one feels like transmitting
on a dummy load. But I can see your point even so I'm complaining here.
Looking into my own log only 80 contacts out of my 2700 Q's were made with
stations located within 6,000 miles radius of my antennas! I worked 8 ZL's! And
that are also all the 8 contacts I made within a 3,000 km radius. In your
situation I would do the same.

10m was the money band for me but it never seemd to know itself what to do.
After a great start it went noisy & showed big QSB period during the end of
day one. At the end of day two it in great shape again with very nice US runs
and great long path conditions into Europe from here. I worked all my prefixes
from Southern Europe (EA/CT/I/F etc.) on 10m long path. It was open up into
southern DL. Some EA's told me I was S5-9 for over 2 hours (but only slow

So after all I had many nice runs and a good time on the radio!
Thanks for the contacts and see you in the next one.

73 Holger

Rig: K3 + KPA500
2 x hexbeam (20-10) @ 21 & 10 m height
10m: 3L Quad @ 15m
15m: 5L Yagi @ 18m
40m: 2L wire loop apex at 17m (fixed to East)
EA1WX   SO(A)AB HP   354,3302015-03-30 04:42:20
Vertical SteppIR 6-40m.
KP3/K1ZZ   SOAB(TS) LP   802,9002015-03-30 04:58:44
NX6T   M/2 HP   8,173,9562015-03-30 05:13:43
San Diego Contest Club hosted 3 new operators including KK6NON, AG6KA and KJ6YXI
and had a great time enjoying some good conditions as the weekend wore on. 20
meters fizzled out early Friday night but stayed open into the night on
Saturday. At 0540Z Friday night, 75 meter band opened to yield D4C, 5E5E, CN3A
and CN2AA with very Q5 signal strength ! 73 de N6KI
G2F   M/S HP   10,524,7082015-03-30 05:14:05
Our first attempt @ MS in WPX SSB, and the interlocking is entertaining to say
the least.

Friday got off to a bad start with the winch break failing on the main 26m
tower when it was at about 60m @ 0730 hours, result was an injured operator and
a 20m beam which was in tatters, elements and boom badly bent, after op repairs,
tower repairs, winch repairs and a rebuild of the 20m beam we were in a position
to start putting the radios etc together @ 1500 hrs .. I tell you this was no
mean feat and required huge dedication from the engineering team (M0CKE and
M0CHK, M0CHK being the injured party)!!!

Our station is ad hoc and has to be set up before every large contest, this
will soon change with a new shack build planned.

So we were setup and ready to test @ 2100 hrs and testing commenced with no
real issues so on to the start we went.

LF were very poor Sat am with most of our Q's coming from 20m runs into the US
during our dark hours, Saturday day conditions were reasonable but 10m never
really got going with the main operations on 15 and 20m, Saturday night was
better on 40m and 80m but 80m was still very poor and 160m was hardly worth the
effort, Sunday morning daylight hours were hard going with no real Asia runs and
conditions seemed very poor, finally Sunday afternoon the HF bands opened to NA
and the runs began with good runs on 15m and 20m but 10 was still not great.

We all had a great time on the contest, WX during the weekend was very windy
with gusts upto 100km/h during Sunday but the antenna's all held position

Good food and good company as usual make for good contests.

Our aim was 10m points and 3500 Q's so we were not far off and the team was
happy with the result for the first attempt .. lots to learn and some
modifications to be made before next year SSB WPX :)

See you all soon

Jim M0CKE & the clan @ G2F
ON6OM   SOAB LP   32,0582015-03-30 05:31:56
Tranciever : Yaesu FT-1000MP
Power : 100Watt
Antennas : Hexbeam 6 band / Delta loop
ZF2DX(@ZF1PB)   SOAB LP   14,065,1502015-03-30 05:35:46
Phil, ZF1PB, was a great host again for another big contest weekend. Phil's
setup of a TH-11 at 75 feet and an all band vertical were great all weekend
long. The vertical did double duty as it was used for transmit on 40 and 80
and receive on the second radio on the high bands.

Going into the contest I was hoping to make a run at the North American low
power record of 12 million points held by 8P3A (VE3DZ op.). However, after the
first six hours of the contest I was about ready to quit as conditions on 40 and
80 were dreadful, and I was never able to get any runs (even into the U.S.)
going on the low bands. Loud U.S. stations on 40 just CQed in my face. WP2Z
stopped by on 80 and we were neck and neck after the first few hours of the
contest. This provided some motivation to stay in the game and keep working
the second radio hard.

20 meters was great throughout the entire contest. Worked some really cool
stuff like TY2, OD5, A61, VU2, ST2. 15 provided great runs into Europe, NA,
and even Japan. 10 meters was excellent Saturday but conditions really hurt
the band on Sunday. 10 was only open to Western Europe on Sunday except when a
VU3 called in around noon local time!

Thankfully 40 and 80 came alive the second night and I was able to have some
runs into the U.S. and Europe on both bands. 80 was packed with Europe and it
was really fun working all of them with 100 watts. My QSO total on 40 should
have been around 500 but my signal just wasn't loud enough on that band.

One gripe... I know with certainty that whenever P33W or E7DX calls me that
there will be at least a 7 second delay in their response to my exchange. It's
annoying for the people that are waiting to work me to wait on you while you are
working others on your multiple radios in the multi single category. My
solution was to just put them in time out whenever they didn't respond promptly
to my exchange. I worked a few other stations and then worked the culprits
whenever the pileup died down.

I'm looking forward to seeing the scores of NP4Z, NP2X, and whoever else is out
there in the low power category. I was able to beat the NA record but I'm sure
that others did as well this weekend. Towards the end of the contest, I set a
goal of beating the line score for the world record set by P40A which is 4119
Qs and 1051 mults for 15.4 million points.

Thanks for all of the Qs and fun mults. After 13,000 contacts in the month of
March it is time to hit the power button on the radio and enjoy island life
with my family.


Kevin ZF2DX
K3WYC   SO(A)AB LP   204,2042015-03-30 05:38:00
All S&P.
K5RT   SO(A)AB HP   5,959,8562015-03-30 05:50:56
It was sure great to run into old friends and say hello.
What a difference a day makes. Sunday I resorted to "Sweepstakes"
mode on 20 meters and resigned myself to just put Qs in the log and not worry
about points.
About 2100 the high bands came back to life and enabled me to hit my goal of
1000 WPX.

Red Truck
K7JQ   SOAB HP   161,7002015-03-30 05:53:50
I only operated 3 hours Friday night, and 5 hours Saturday morning/early
afternoon, and had to work on Sunday. Not really "into" this one, as
crowded SSB contests involving DX (especially Europe) exposes the
inefficiencies of a screwdriver antenna...frustrating trying to achieve any
kind of rates through all the SSB QRM. On Saturday, there was a good opening
into Eu on 15 meters, and it seemed everyone abandoned 20 and 10M to crowd onto
15M...creating wall-to-wall mayhem throughout the entire phone band...stations
on top of, or a few HZ adjacent to, each other. Haven't seen it quite like that
in a while.

I decided to go unassisted this time, and do some old-fashioned dial-spinning
S&P for a change. Had a couple of small (NA) runs on 20 and 15M while they
weren't too crowded, but couldn't find any open frequencies on 15M.

Looking forward to the CW portion in May, before the screwdriver antenna comes
down for the monsoon season. Thanks for the Q's.

73, Bob K7JQ
OL9R(OK6RA)   SO(A)AB LP   1,129,6622015-03-30 05:56:40
Op time only 19hours...(1st day).

3band dipole 7mH for 10/15/20m. Vertical for 40m, 2xLW 120m 160/80

FT1000MP, 100W Win-test.

See you in the WPX CW on 20m band.
Vaclav OK6RA
LZ7W(LZ1GEN)   SOSB80 LP   24,7682015-03-30 05:59:12
ic-7000, windom, N1MM
NS4DX(N4MM)   SOAB HP   350,1102015-03-30 05:59:39
Paper log Mailed 3/30/2015
PA9M   SOSB10 QRP   50,3372015-03-30 06:10:14
Lot of fun , only S@P, up to 12.000 km contacts... nice
ES8DH   SOAB LP   10,5192015-03-30 06:11:16
Thanks to everybody! Here is LP, several wires and old IC-746 without narrow
KM1W(W1UE)   SOAB LP   3,521,3582015-03-30 06:11:16
Frustrated. Pure frustration. I could not get a good run going on any band
except 10m. Still, I finished the first 24 hours with 1100+ Qs, and felt I was
on my way to another 2000+ Q finish. Alas, 10M proved to be a fickle maiden!

10m never really opened to Europe on Sunday. Try as I might, there were no
runs on 10M on Sunday. On 15M, the Russians were loud, but the Western
Europeans were not. It was a frustrating Sunday; I almost threw in the towel.

Such is life. A bad day on the radio is still better than many other days!

Thanks for Greg W1KM for the use of his great station, and for all those that
provided the Qs.

Dennis W1UE
PS5A   M/2 HP   9,400,2482015-03-30 06:15:34
ntennas : DIPOLE 160m / DIPOLE 80m / YAGI 2 el 40m / OWA 4 el 20m
/ OWA 5 el 15M / OWA 5 el 10m / LOW BAND RX ANT FLAG (26m)
TO4C(M5RIC)   SOAB HP   15,910,0372015-03-30 06:17:34
Great fun once again, some mixed conditions but it was nice to see 10m still
performing well.

Thanks to Laurent for use of his great station and to all that called.

OM-2500+ Amp
Force 12 C31XR
5 Band Spiderbeam
Cushcraft 40-2-CD


Rich M5RIC / TO4C
IO4W(IZ4AFW)   SOAB HP   5,025,2172015-03-30 06:24:19
Started as a limited time effort, then on Sunday motivation increased and
decided to put some more hours in it :) Had a great time, thanks everybody!!
Ciao de Fabio IZ4AFW / IO4W / NZ1W
YT9A   SO(A)AB HP   1,706,3902015-03-30 06:25:25
73 de Boban
SM3C(SM5CCT)   SOAB HP   1,089,2582015-03-30 06:25:49
Kenwood TS-590S
Dentron MLA-2500 pwr 600 w
Force 12 C3 yagi
HF2V vertical
KØCN   SO(A)AB HP   440,9472015-03-30 06:34:24
Casual effort here, lots of distractions to be found. Thought conditions were a
real mixed bag. For parts of the day, 15 and 20 were teriffic and then there
were times when they weren't. There were some gems to be found, a dozen BY
stations, OD5, JT1, HV,3W, T77 and others. A fun way to end the contest

Station: Icom 756 ProIII, IC-PW1, SteppIR at 95 ft day 1 and 65 ft day 2.
KZ5MM(W5PR)   SOSB10 HP   3,469,9502015-03-30 06:53:03
Conditions on Saturday were not quite as good as last year. I finished Saturday
night with 1443/727. VU at 1545 was a surprise! Not many VUs on 10m in Texas.
Sunday had very strange conditions. It was not bad because some long haul DX
was there, but it was not good because I had less than 400 Qs all day. I kept
trying to see what direction scatter might be coming from and it seemed to keep
changing. A few W1s then nothing. Then a few W6s then nothing. Sometimes
signals seemed to be loud on all antennas no matter what direction. I finally
opted for all directions at once and narrowed it down for the weak ones.
160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

OC 0 0 0 0 0 115 115 6.3
AS 0 0 0 0 0 245 245 13.5
NA 0 0 0 0 0 663 663 36.5
SA 0 0 0 0 0 177 177 9.8
AF 0 0 0 0 0 33 33 1.8
EU 0 0 0 0 0 580 580 32.0

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

3D2 1 1
3V 1 1
4X 1 1
5B 4 4
6Y 1 1
8P 1 1
8R 1 1
9A 7 7
9M6 3 3
A2 1 1
A6 1 1
A7 1 1
BV 4 4
BY 11 11
CE 11 11
CM 1 1
CN 3 3
CT 9 9
CU 1 1
CX 5 5
D4 1 1
DL 109 109
DU 3 3
E5/s 2 2
E7 2 2
EA 47 47
EA8 8 8
EI 13 13
ES 1 1
EU 1 1
F 33 33
FO 1 1
FY 2 2
G 60 60
GD 2 2
GI 4 4
GJ 1 1
GM 2 2
GU 2 2
GW 4 4
H4 1 1
HA 7 7
HB 3 3
HC 2 2
HI 3 3
HK 3 3
HL 2 2
HP 2 2
HS 1 1
HZ 1 1
I 46 46
IT9 10 10
J6 1 1
JA 214 214
K 572 572
KH2 1 1
KH6 15 15
KP2 3 3
KP4 10 10
LA 5 5
LU 28 28
LX 1 1
LY 5 5
LZ 6 6
OE 5 5
OH 5 5
OK 14 14
OM 3 3
ON 28 28
OZ 8 8
P4 2 2
PA 56 56
PJ2 1 1
PJ4 2 2
PJ7 1 1
PY 112 112
PZ 1 1
S5 11 11
S9 1 1
SM 3 3
SP 24 24
SV 9 9
SV5 1 1
SV9 1 1
TA 1 1
TA1 1 1
TI 1 1
TK 1 1
UA 4 4
UA9 3 3
UR 10 10
VE 60 60
VK 58 58
VP8 1 1
VP9 1 1
VU 1 1
XE 5 5
YB 11 11
YL 3 3
YO 7 7
YU 4 4
YV 5 5
ZA 1 1
ZF 1 1
ZL 19 19
ZP 1 1
ZS 18 18

QSO/Pref by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 153/104 153/104 153/104
D1-0100Z - - - - - 92/43 92/43 245/147
D1-0200Z - - - - - 31/17 31/17 276/164
D1-0300Z - - - - - 1/1 1/1 277/165
D1-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 277/165
D1-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 277/165
D1-0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 277/165
D1-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 277/165
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 277/165
D1-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 277/165
D1-1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 277/165
D1-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 277/165
D1-1200Z - - - - - 22/19 22/19 299/184
D1-1300Z - - - - - 114/102 114/102 413/286
D1-1400Z - - - - - 138/100 138/100 551/386
D1-1500Z - - - - - 160/68 160/68 711/454
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 110/48 110/48 821/502
D1-1700Z - - - - - 53/29 53/29 874/531
D1-1800Z - - - - - 82/35 82/35 956/566
D1-1900Z - - - - - 70/25 70/25 1026/591
D1-2000Z - - - - - 67/21 67/21 1093/612
D1-2100Z - - - - - 63/25 63/25 1156/637
D1-2200Z - - - - - 60/23 60/23 1216/660
D1-2300Z - - - - - 73/24 73/24 1289/684
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 68/19 68/19 1357/703
D2-0100Z - - - - - 50/16 50/16 1407/719
D2-0200Z - - - - - 35/8 35/8 1442/727
D2-0300Z - - - - - 1/0 1/0 1443/727
D2-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 1443/727
D2-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 1443/727
D2-0600Z - - - - - - 0/0 1443/727
D2-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 1443/727
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 1443/727
D2-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 1443/727
D2-1000Z - - - - - - 0/0 1443/727
D2-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 1443/727
D2-1200Z - - - - - 16/10 16/10 1459/737
D2-1300Z - - - - - 16/6 16/6 1475/743
D2-1400Z - - - - - 17/5 17/5 1492/748
D2-1500Z - - - - - 18/4 18/4 1510/752
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 13/2 13/2 1523/754
D2-1700Z - - - - - 24/5 24/5 1547/759
D2-1800Z - - - - - 30/7 30/7 1577/766
D2-1900Z - - - - - 26/9 26/9 1603/775
D2-2000Z - - - - - 52/16 52/16 1655/791
D2-2100Z - - - - - 48/12 48/12 1703/803
D2-2200Z - - - - - 56/12 56/12 1759/815
D2-2300Z - - - - - 56/10 56/10 1815/825

Total: 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0 1815/825
NA8V   SOAB LP   2,422,2862015-03-30 06:58:54
As everyone has noted, condx not so hot on Sunday. Lots of great long skip on
Saturday on 15/20, but i couldn't get or hold a frequency to do anything with
it. Worked 5E5E on 6 bands - they were loud on 160 with no callers. I had
hoped that Sunday would be better than Saturday, especially on 10 - things went
the other way. Saturday morning on 15 I could hear only a few stations in the
Baltics/UA1 on 15 - none of the big EU multis. Wierd. Then propagation started
to jump around and spotlight different areas. Finally got more normal but still
down. The only decent rate the whole weekend was on 40 running US/VE.

Took time off Sunday afternoon to watch a bit of my beloved Spartans advancing
to the Final 4, time well spent.

maybe next year.....


Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
USA calls = 9 46 217 132 82 34 520
Canada calls = 0 6 20 18 15 3 62
NA calls = 0 1 2 10 28 24 65
SA calls = 0 1 3 15 40 74 133
Euro calls = 0 23 44 236 185 54 542
African calls = 1 6 6 10 7 6 36
Asian calls = 0 0 0 17 8 3 28
Japan calls = 0 0 0 2 29 4 35
Ocean calls = 0 0 0 0 5 5 10

Unknown calls = 0 0 0 1 0 1 2

Total calls = 10 83 292 441 399 208 1433

Unknowns on 20 = 4U5F
Unknowns on 10 = TO2A
PJ7PL(WA1ZAM)   SO(A)AB LP   20,4752015-03-30 07:00:11
couldn't get on the air till sunday am had a tuff time running with 50 watts
the bands sucked sunday but had a good time for the time I was on will be
back for cqww ssb this fall station ic-7000 and a buddistick on the patio
N5DO   SO(A)AB LP   2,786,1302015-03-30 07:14:11
This was a fun contest -- or two contests. The first day was a typical DX
contest for me and the second day was a domestic contest. Using the statistics
and graphs available in N1MM+, 23% of my 854 QSOs on Day 1 were 1 point QSOs,
while on Day 2 60% of my 733 QSOs were 1 pointers. Of course, most of the Day
1 contacts were S&P, while most on Sunday were from running. While the 1
point contacts don't help the QSO point total much they sure helped the mult
W3TZ   SOAB HP   377,9752015-03-30 07:23:58
Good year nothing broke!
CN2AA   M/M HP   130,157,9042015-03-30 07:24:13
Hope we set new target for years.

It's a pity D4C team was M/2 this time.

Our next goal is try to break old record of CN8WW for SSB CQ WW this October.

Thanks for all who calling us!

Serge RX3APM for CN2AA team.
OR2F   SOAB(TS) LP   2,881,7622015-03-30 07:27:59
SSB_LP ??? ... what the callenge !!!
For sure 90+% of the contest radios are loaded with 2.4K filters at least.
Nevertheless this the step of 3K keeps all over the contest bands.
No chance for LPs (QRPs) else on 10m :)
CT9/UA9CDC   SO(A)AB HP   3,693,4202015-03-30 07:35:52
Same setup as CT9/R9DX. He worked 36 hours and I covered the time of his
10m - 4el + 4el
15m - 4 el + 4 el
20m - Ultra Beam vertical
40m - UB vertical + 2el by EAntenna
80m - dipole
160m - dipole
Elcraft K3 + ACOM 2000A + Microham Stack Switch + Station Master
All antennas were installed in 2 days prior to the contest by UA9CDC and R9DX
Thanks to Mattheus DJ8OG for good company and moral support
WP4X(NP4Z)   SOAB LP   12,904,4802015-03-30 07:40:12

I was forced to run low power due to my acom going bad, little I knew it was
going to be so much fun. Borrowed the WP4X call for the contest,joining the
legions of WP4's out there, but having the WPX on the same call made it
worthwhile. Thanks Edgardo! The 40 meter stack performed better than expected
and no murphy, except for some intermitent vox problem.

As always lots of fun and with so many stations active Im only wondering how
are we going to fit everyone when 10 meters close.

Of course thanks to Los chachos for motivation and a new adventure in every

W4KW   SO(A)AB HP   1,217,2162015-03-30 07:41:39
Conditions were good Friday Night and Saturday, but Sunday was another story
Had very heavy Local interference here Sunday.
Good openings to the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East.
Results Not as good as last year.
Thanks to all for the contacts.
ON3DI   SO(A)AB LP   664,6082015-03-30 07:47:53

The original plan was to work as a single operator on 10m. Had some good
results during the ARRL SSB 10m and WPX RTTY. Anyway I heard that the
conditions the last weeks dropped on 10m, so I had the plan in my head to start
on 80m and so I did. I started at 3u UTC, working the usual local stations. I
was surprised when K6ND called me on 80m, nice!
After an hour of two, just on the moment when the sun was coming up I checked
10m, no signals yet... So I went to 20m and worked their D4C, 9K4Z, ZV2K and an
incredible strong CN2AA. After that I went to 15m, worked my first JA of the
contest, so I started to call CQ. Really soon I was happy when HL2DBP came back
to my call. Nevertheless the pile-up was short and I went again to 10m.
Worked their a new DXCC, 7QAA! Did some S&P and worked A61, A71, ... Anyway
I was still to soon so I went to 20m and their I had a pile-up, finally! Worked
only Europe and some Siberia.
With a nice feeling I changed band to 10m again and worked again a new DXCC,
ET3AA! Worked also BV0J, HS0ZHC, the only far DX I heard...
I was looking forward to the openings to USA, the first station was WY3P.
Calling CQ had still no effect so I did S&P and worked USA, few VA and more
PY, LU, CE then I thought. I finished day 1 with 500 qso's, so I was dreaming
about the 1000 qso's....

Same start on day 2, went to 80m, and found really soon a clear spot. Called CQ
and CQ but no answers, BUT DB2B was so kind to spot me and then I had a pile-up
again. Worked more USA then usual. But then the joy was gone. The rates really
dropped on the other bands. Normally I can hear a lot of UA and UT stations but
not on Sunday, it was a disaster... Some highlights were the qso's with ZS9Z,
XW1IC, 5V7SM (new DXCC!), and KH7XX. KH7XX was calling CQ early in the morning
on 20m. Think I called him 30 times when he said 'something India', but then
also 'sorry to weak'. Most of the guys let it go, but not ON3DI ;-)! A few
minutes later I had the QSO!!!

On sunday I haven't copied a single USA station on 10m, shocking!

Anyway the WX conditions were bad (just like the WPX conditions hi), the wind
was blowing hard, raining,... The antenna was dancing, just like the SWR, not a
good sign. Earlier then normal I quit around 16 UTC, it was enough. I had 700
qso's, a lot less then the 1000 I dreamed about on saturday. Not my best
contest but I'm happy that I worked some new DXCC's!

A last note about CN2AA, they have an incredible score (new claimed WR). Last
year I was at SK3W with some youngsters and we were happy with a score around
the 25 million, CN2AA has 130million, unbelievable!

Thanks for the qso's.

Working conditions: FT897 and only 50w.


Pieter ON3DI
WB8RFB   SOAB LP   19,1522015-03-30 07:51:58
Just a casual operation due to other obligations. Bands seemed to be better on
Saturday than on Sunday. Spent a lot of time on Saturday trying to work HV0V
on 10 meters only to be aced out by another Waukegan located station just over
a mile away as the crow flies. Never even knew the guy existed until we were
both battling for HV0V. Needed the Vatican for an ATNO but was not to be this
time around. Antennas are a G5RV and a ground-mounted Hy-Gain AVT-18.
K7WP   SOSB10 HP   142,5272015-03-30 07:55:54
Not much time this weekend, but had to get in it for a bit! Thanks for the Q's,
and 73...

John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
EB7QE(EA7JX)   SO(A)SB10 HP   4,206,2022015-03-30 08:02:46
Incredible Saturday propagation in Sevilla.
Long opening to JA and big signals from the USA, the Sunday was the oppside
side of the Saturday.
Not many JAs in the morning, 1 hour of oppening to EU with hugh pile ups of
central EU signals, so after this, only SA signals and scatter signals to NA or
In the final of the Sunday I can hear USA with scatter to SA and all worked on
This year I can't break the EU record with the bad condx of Sunday, so I will
try another year. Our antennas works great with broken pilu-up in the 1st call
in all times.

73s de Rod
ED1R(EC1KR)   SOAB HP   11,924,2962015-03-30 08:14:57
K4EU   SOSB10 HP   26,7002015-03-30 08:15:12
Thanks for the Q's.... 73.....//Steve K4EU
CT9/R9DX   SOAB HP   20,457,3602015-03-30 08:17:53
10m - 4el + 4el
15m - 4 el + 4 el
20m - Ultra Beam vertical
40m - UB vertical + 2el by EAntenna
80m - dipole
160m - dipole
Elcraft K3 + ACOM 2000A + Microham Stack Switch + Station Master
All antennas were installed in 2 days prior to the contest by UA9CDC and R9DX
Thanks to Mattheus DJ8OG for good company and moral support
NR7DX(N9RV)   SOAB HP   8,452,4342015-03-30 08:18:29
Quite a few nagging station problems here, but none affected the fun of this
contest. Lots of DX on right through the second night, but boy the bands were
sure strange on Sunday! No signals coming in on 15 meters except South America
several hours after sunrise. Finally I started hearing some Texas guys.

Glad you can work USA for 1 point in this contest now, because it would be been
awful on Sunday without stateside.

20m was open to EU almost all day on 20m on Sunday, but only the loud guys that
I had already worked on Saturday. Many of them renewed their acquaintance by
coming by to steal my run frequencies. I was like a hobo this weekend!

Thanks to the Northern Rockies Club for loaning me the call.
N5VGK   SO(A)AB HP   119,8082015-03-30 08:20:02
First time to ever participate and had a ball. Great help from cross town
powerhouse Larry, WB5EIN!

Flex 6500 Homebrew Multiband Loop Antenna up 45 -55 feet.
VE6FI   M/2 HP   3,087,4482015-03-30 08:20:08
Solar powered station back up by generator
AC3U(@K4VV)   M/M HP   14,357,8422015-03-30 08:26:27
Once again, TeamK4VV mounted a Totally Remote, Multi-Multi effort for this
contest. No one operated from the K4VV shack during the contest. We used the
three fully-remote-capable positions at K4VV.

Two big, intermittent obstacles popped up. The Green Heron control box for the
big 20M stack refused to work about midday on Sunday. And, at about the same
time a power line insulator on a pole directly in our path to Europe decided to
start barking. However, we worked around those problems. By the WPX CW
weekend, we will have those problems addressed.

The fine team at NE1C@K1TTT beat us by 11K points, taking full advantage of
their greater number of operating positions, closer proximity to EU and better
low-band receiving antennas than we have.

We all are thrilled to see our PVRC sister station, WX3B's spectacular
attainment of 25.613-million points. Jim's group will, doubtless, be the top
USA entry.

Many thanks to Bill Rogers, W3UL for the use of the Severn Radio Contesters'
AC3U call sign.

Thanks also to Rowland Archer, K4XD for again serving as Contest Captain and
Scheduling Guy. Rowland's enthusiasm is infectious.

Congrats to our POS2 guys who enjoyed using their well-honed K3/RemoteRig set
Loads of appreciations go to Paul-N4PD, for always being there to fix things.

Many, many thanks go to John, W5ODJ for providing us with a top-notch Internet

Kudos to our "Rate Animals," Rick-N1RM in Reston, VA, and Eric-KJ0D
out there near Kansas City!

Our far-flung guys included (for this 'test):

Tom-CX7TT in Uruguay (puts the Remote in “Remote”)
Eric-KJ0D in Missouri, (five shifts on Saturday and rate-master)
Tom-N9NC in New Hampshire, (our 40M beast)
Rowland-K4XD (Mr. Motivator), Jim-W4TMO in North Carolina (Mr. Never Say Die),
Bill-W3UL (six shifts plus fill-in!), John-K3TN in Maryland (rate goes up, up,
Gary-NC4S (First timer, two shifts!), Bill-KJ4VTH (Mr. Sunday), Rick-N1RM (the
rate animal), and Mike-W0YR in Virginia

We are proud to be the FIRST anywhere, Totally Remote Multi-Multi contest
station. We're going to continue to improve. Thanks to CQ Magazine and its
continuing commitment to sponsoring these great contests. Thanks to all
worldwide for the Qs, Mults and operating courtesy.
WB5EIN   SO(A)AB HP   423,5122015-03-30 08:30:27
More fun than the law allows!

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, WB5EIN
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis!)
K4JPD(N4OO)   SOAB HP   5,390,5392015-03-30 08:32:45
Actually had a fellow say ' Thanks for the new mult.". He was the only 1.
The exotic K4 no less. HA!

Decent start - then Sunday - condx were dreadful- um really dreadful until ~
2100z. All time off already used - so really an all uphill day. Decided to stay
in it til the end and at least there was some payback for hanging around.

40m antenna still problematic - so #'s way off on that band.

Many thanks to Steve for letting me operate. 73 N4OO
EA3NY   SO(A)SB15 HP   5,451,0262015-03-30 08:41:54
First time tested SO2V, (2VFO). USA came too late on Sunday.
W2VM   SOAB LP   63,5852015-03-30 08:56:16
Band QSOs Pts WPX
14 66 174 54
21 84 242 69
28 20 55 12
Total 170 471 135
Score: 63,585
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's
CW5W(@CX6VM)   M/S HP   20,724,3682015-03-30 09:02:00
we have a great weekend

Nice to have Carlos CX5CBA, Wilder CX6DRA and Pablo CX7ACH visiting El
Mangrullo, they did a grat job!

W9ILY   SO(A)SB15 HP   472,0252015-03-30 09:03:05
Sunday morning was very poor.
HG7T   M/2 HP   25,923,9062015-03-30 09:04:08
Thank you for your cooperation.

Vy 73 Tibi HA7TM
KT4ZB   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   2,256,1152015-03-30 09:05:46
NA4W(K4WI)   SO(A)SB10 HP   1,459,5422015-03-30 09:09:52
Started out with a bang but Sunday put the brakes on! Only 13 q's from daylight
to noon sunday! So I missed my goal but super fun! Tnx for all the qso's, 73's
SE5E(SM5AJV)   SOAB HP   4,366,4502015-03-30 09:10:43
80: Dipole + GP
40: EF240S + GP
20: C3@20m + Dipole
15: C3@20m
10: C3@20m + dipole

Rig1: K3 + L4B
Rig2: FT1000MP + Clipperton-L
CQ3L(DJ8OG)   SO(A)AB HP   24,258,6602015-03-30 09:24:27
My first WPX SSB from Madeira, thanks for all QSOs.

Not used to have a 2nd radio, made only around 40-50 QSOs with it.

Not much US in the log, conditions or Operator mistake?

Thanks for all QSOs,
Vy73 Matt - CQ3L / DJ8OG
W7RTX   SOAB HP   139,7252015-03-30 09:47:24
Op time = 17 hours. Trying to help out the AOCC score. Was off early Friday
evening and almost no activity Saturday (Wickenburg BBQ Competition!!). Did
work FK8IK on 10 SSB- a new one for me. Majority of the time was spent on 10m.
Almost beat my 2014 results with 10 hours less time operating this year, that's
something to shoot for next year! Hope all had a good time- Fun!!
OH1F(@OH1AF)   M/M HP   26,782,4432015-03-30 09:50:09
New claimed OH and Nordic record! Thanks for QSOs!
SO9Q(@SP9YDX)   M/2 HP   15,611,4682015-03-30 09:51:23
SATURDAY 15:00 - SUNDAY 15:00
C4A(@5B4AKR)   M/2 HP   39,323,8442015-03-30 09:55:34
As we drove to the C4A contest QTH on Friday morning we were not sure if we
would be able to set up the station in time for the contest. The meeting of our
contest group the night before resulted in a long to-do list and a poor weather
forecast for the weekend did not help alleviate our concerns. We were, however,
eager to participate in the contest and ready to give it our best shot.

The contest QTH, appropriately named ‘Wuthering Heights’ is located on the
outskirts of Nicosia and is remote in the sense that there are no permanent
power and water supply provisions and access involves a bumpy stretch of dirt
road. All equipment, feed lines, control cables, generator, antennas (less a
triband antenna that was already in place) had to be brought in and setup on
the day. We worked non-stop throughout Friday to prepare the station and put up
the antennas. Just before it got pitch-dark, we had a working station. For
practical purposes we opted to use a minimal antenna setup - one tribander, a
two element beam for 40m and an inverted-V for 80m. We also installed a phased
beverage antenna in the EU/USA direction.

It was great to work many friends in the contest and we thoroughly enjoyed the
pileups. We are taking away many useful lessons from this effort and are
already looking forward to the next one.

Congratulations to the teams with the BIG scores for their extra-ordinary

73, Stavros 5B4AFM

FT-1000MPs, 2x ACOM 1000,
C-31XR(10/15/20m), 40-2CD(40m), inverted-V for 80m
180m long phased wire Beverages in one direction (320deg)
AI5AA   SOSB15 LP   281,9252015-03-30 10:01:15
Foot switch quit working after 130 Qs...Ouch! Repaired broken wire inside and
then made 230 more Qs. All search and pounce. Good conditions on Saturday and
not as good on Sunday.
NØMA   M/S HP   1,997,5782015-03-30 10:02:06
As noted by many, Sunday was poor compared to Saturday.
10m is fading away. Time to improve the low band antennas.
PX2A(PY2EL)   SO(A)SB10 HP   9,645,1522015-03-30 10:04:05
TM6M(@F6KHM)   M/S HP   27,989,4782015-03-30 10:05:33
1st night was ok! Some run with JA's on 10/15 was nice!
10m never really opened to N/A.
Sunday was worst no US heard directly!
Such propagation is ok for team in CN,CT3,D4 or so on uppers bands!
Thanks all for qsos.
See you next one.
IH9A(IT9SPB)   SOSB80 HP   4,153,3342015-03-30 10:10:53
What about....!!!
wonderful experience sterting with the location and setup to try to do well
without having to have regrets for not having done well the weather conditions
were not so good,however, we have assembled the setup even in the rain and
it was really nice to hear how USA,CANADA, and JA if they were around the
i want to tnx my frind paul supporter IT9MYB for mounting the Setup and for the
assistance given to me during the culinary contest.

Elecraft K3
2 Vertical Antennas x 80m in phase with 120 radial.
3 Beverage USA/EU/ASIA 240m log for single beverage.

TNX to @LL cu next time INSHALLAH........
K7MY   SOSB10 HP   1,7422015-03-30 10:12:16
Very little time.
OK8NM(OM6NM)   SO(A)SB15 HP   6,130,9822015-03-30 10:12:59
Several personal unexpected problems of our friends let the OL4A team out of the
game this year in M2 of SSB leg. Just because of that I had a chance to operate
alone on 15 m.
Saturday early morning less then usual JA opening but very nice opening to US
in the late afternoon and west coast QSO in magic peaks. I observed more then
usual number of stations from Thailand and Malaysia and not optimal hours rates
on Sunday to US due to evident worse condx after A increasing.

Thanks a lot to everyone I could write down into my log and my respect and
special congratulation to 4X7R and OL7M for their results.

See you soon again

Norbert, OM6NM
N8BI   M/2 HP   3,829,8062015-03-30 10:15:43
A fun contest until Sunday? We were well ahead of last year after the first 24
hours. Sunday propagation reduced our rates and score considerably. Still only
our second WPX M2. Looking forward to next year and what we learned from this


73...CU in 2016!

KD7PCE   SOAB HP   620,5112015-03-30 10:17:22
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Willamette Valley DX Club
NAME: Stephen Davis
ADDRESS: 18 Almond Way
ADDRESS: Creswell, OR 97426
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V12.10.3
WV6I(N6WM)   SOSB15 HP   7,8752015-03-30 10:22:24
Ran Asia for 45 minutes Saturday to test some prior RFI issues corrected at my
op position in the station last week.. everything seems to be fixed now.

73 and good luck to the folks that had time to play.

seeya next time

HA8JV   SOSB20 HP   5,442,4082015-03-30 10:22:52
thanks for all contact!
station setup:
73 Pali HA8JV,HG8R
AJ7G(@N4SVC)   M/2 HP   5,328,9922015-03-30 10:25:37
Just having fun at the SARC Clubhouse! See you next year!
K6GHA   SOAB LP   1,121,1002015-03-30 10:38:04
Better planning than last year improved my score with poorer conditions. Some
interesting pileups, frustrating operations, unexpected contacts, but all in
all a great way to reach around the world in a few days and meet folks with the
same excitement of making contacts.
Better effort on 40m, couldn't seem to get the magic working on 80m working. As
Bullwinkle said 'No doubt about it Rocky, time to get a hat!", or in this
case a higher 80m dipole. ;-)
All in all a hard but rewarding weekend.
DH8BQA   SO(A)SB10 HP   2,930,6202015-03-30 11:03:04
Loooooooooooooong story on ...

73, Olli
K8AJS   SO(A)AB HP   23,1242015-03-30 11:13:30
Rig: Elecraft K3/P3 w/KPA500
Ant: 3 el quad 20m/15m, 4 el quad 10m
Software:WriteLog 11.23L
9A5Y(9A7DX)   SOAB LP   5,249,9802015-03-30 11:25:15

This time, entire time CQing and S&P simoultaneously, maybe not enaugh to
win, but it was fun !

There ware some good and some bad things, but will remember only the good one's

Bunch of excellent scores this year.

CN2AA and D4C no words :p

Congrats to om2vl, for grat score in my category, and to 9a73a (9a1un) for
beating my recorcd on national level...

See ya,

Vedran 9a7dx
NX4Y(W4LT)   SO(A)AB HP   531,3252015-03-30 11:27:50
WPX SSB - 2015-03-28 0000Z to 2015-03-30 0000Z - 648 QSOs
NX4Y Max Rates:

2015-03-28 0010Z - 5.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour by NX4Y
2015-03-28 0015Z - 3.2 per minute (10 minute(s)), 192 per hour by NX4Y
2015-03-28 0104Z - 2.3 per minute (60 minute(s)), 140 per hour by NX4Y

Total Time Off 40:52 (2452 mins)
Total Time On 07:08 (428 mins)

Rig : Elecraft K3 / P3 / KRX3 / KPA500 / KAT500

Antennas : A3s@40ft, 2 Half Waves in Phase for 40M@38ft, MonoGAP 40@6 inches

Soapbox :

Only 7 hours available, at least that is what N1MM says... Weather way too good
to stay inside, lots of work to do around the house before I leave for an
extended work assignment, other hobbies intruded, fun while it lasted! Friday
and Saturday conditions great, Sunday conditions so so. Vertical works
wonderfully in DX, holds its own ConUS with wire beam, Wire beam slaughters
vertical into Northeast corridor and out to the Rockies, after that, its all
the vertical's territory! 20m was very good indeed! Was called by a 20 over
S9 VK6 while beaming Europe (Long Path to VK) which was rather surprising!

Thanks again to VHF only op Dave Krauss for the fun callsign. He will get lots
of annoying QSL requests after this one.


Lu - W4LT (as NX4Y)
S58WW   SO(A)AB QRP   79,8382015-03-30 11:30:23
Part time operation...

73 CU AGN in CW part.
TM5A(F5VHJ)   SOAB HP   5,296,8722015-03-30 11:34:24
High point was Martti Laine calling in to say hello! Always a treat to talk to
him . 10 was a disappointment to USA on Sunday but lots of fun on Saturday.
Lots of BY and JA's in the contest.
I was surprised how well my tribander got out.
It was a nice change to operate from the home station.
However, will try to be some where else next year for the contest.
Many thanks to all who called and give me points.
LZ9W   M/M HP   41,931,4922015-03-30 11:56:32
500 QSO, 50 mults and 4 mln points shorter compared to 2014 result. Condx were
not the best especially on 15 and 10m ( had 2400 QSOs on 15 and 1490 QSOs on
10m in 2014)

We did our best and 9A1A guys deserved to win this one. Congrats. Good
competition from OT5A, too and we missed DR1A signals on the bands.

Had some signal modulation problems and thanks to the guys who notified us
about it. Hopefully managed to solve this after being notified. No other major
problems, so Murphy was at another places this time.

Couple of new young operators joined the team this time. Young blood in
contesting was long awaited here and we hope new ops will come and do it again

See you all in CW part in May.

73, Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W M/M contest team.
DJ5AN   SO(A)AB HP   4,683,4662015-03-30 11:58:13
This was big fun again,my best result with 1 TRX in years. It is not possible to
beat the SO2R guys so i have to live with that.
Higher Band were rapidly changing, with beam to Soutn America i worked whole
world on 10m. 15m was realy nice open until almost 2200Z on Sunday, just missed
the "American GIRL" AG1RL on 15m :-( Nice to work manny friends from
USA on 15 and 20m, i even saw the ARRL president visit me on the air :-)
Everyone thanks you worked me. 73 Jan
KD2JA/P   SO(A)SB40 LP   18,7602015-03-30 12:04:38
Very limited time on the air. Operated from a campsite in Gulf State Park, Gulf
Shores, AL. Equipment used: CrankIR vertical, Icom IC-7000, Samsung laptop
running Win 8 and N1MM+.
Great to be able to work the contest with only 100 watts. I worked about
everything I could hear! Had fun for the limited time I was on the air!
HK3C   SOAB HP   4,448,8692015-03-30 12:07:08
10, 15 & 20 meters
NG1G(K1SD)   SO(A)AB HP   906,9742015-03-30 12:21:56
Difficult conditions here. Saturday night the K3 started showing excessively
high VSWR on all bands and all antennas. Pulled the plug and went to bed. In
the morning I thought I might have pushed the Ant 2 button with no antenna
connected to #2. Negative. Later thought maybe the Ameritron RCS-8V Remote
Coax Switch might be suspect. Bypassed the tri-bander stack directly into the
shack. Voila. At least I was able to limp through the rest on the contest
with 10 - 20.

73 James K1SD

Elecraft K3; Ten Tec Titan
Bencher Skyhawk @ 70'; Cushcraft A4S @ 42'; Inverted Vs 40 and 80.
YP7P(YO7LFV)   SO(A)AB HP   6,321,4922015-03-30 12:39:53
In this WPX I managed to reach my target established before the contest :
over 2500 QSO and over 6K points.
Was hard, but now I feel like it could have been more .
Stations worked in 6 bands : CN2AA , LZ9W .
Stations worked in 5 bands : 5E5E , A71BX , D4C , ES5TV , NE1C , SO9Q .
This was my top stations .
73 ! yp7p / yo7lfv
W1DYJ   SO(A)AB LP   388,7102015-03-30 12:46:01
Logger: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log Ver. 3.6
# Entities: 84 (1 ATNO: Mongolia)

Rig: TS-2000
80M / 40M - Alpha Delta DX-DD at 7M
20M - HB Moxon at 12M
15M - HB Rotatable dipole at 11M
10M - HB 5 el yagi at 10M

100% Click (or Search) & Pounce -- I didn't try running as
I thought a "W1" prefix would be too common. But then I
never heard another one!

80M was dead. Of course my loaded dipole at 20' is rather
poor. As usual, 20M was the best. I did keep going
back to 15M as it was the next most active,
even though I only have a rotatable dipole there.

73 - Larry - W1DYJ
OK8DD   SOAB LP   400,3022015-03-30 12:54:43
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD
YT4A(YT1AA)   SOSB80 HP   1,165,2102015-03-30 13:09:15
YAESU FT 847, Vertical, LPA 1,4 kw, 8 x beverage
SN2M(SP2XF)   SO(A)SB15 HP   6,258,1702015-03-30 13:10:07
IC 765, IC 775 + PA
3 towers: 4/4el + 3el + 3el

More than 1700 QSO's on saturday. Great rates (as for WPX) at about
13:00-14:00Z running both with Asia and North America and EU in between. Ones
again the diversity receiving system with 3-4 yagis in differente ditections
was a winner.

Could be my best contest / result ever, but the propagation on sunday just
didn't allow me to do so. I had almost no continous runs to W/VE at all. I've
never experienced such a big difference in total QSO numbers between both days
(1700 vs 700 only).

I also never had so many "deaf" intruders on my CQ frequency. The
behaviour of operators like EI6JK, R7AB, ER4A and some others - was just below
any acceptable level.

3G1B   M/S HP   2,637,5792015-03-30 13:22:27
Murphy arrived to stay with us during this contest...

- After running 12 hours, our generating set show several fails
We had to rent a new one lossing 6 vital ours and to stop contest 3 ours before
the end.

Very poor propagation
9A1A   M/M HP   53,166,6452015-03-30 13:23:58
On Saturday we had a nice propagation towards USA/VE on 15 and 10 meters. 10
meters was opened until late local evening hours. Sunday was oposite.
Only one VO1 station worked on 10 meters and with a lot weak signals on 15
160 meters with small activity from USA/VE, although all USA/VE stations came
on our CQ with nice signals. Other bands as usual.

For the first time our team in WW SSB contest had three young operators in age
16 to 18. 9A7MIM, 9A5CKK and 9A3GDZ realy enjoyed in nice runs.

Total score is our the biggest ever. But there is space to improve it next

Thanks to all who called us. See you in WPX CW.
9A1A team
OK8WW   SO(A)SB80 HP   2,266,9682015-03-30 13:35:02
After some years, I did not go for M/2 from OL4A, because of several personal
problems of our team members. So I figure, I go for a 80m effort (assisted)
from my home QTH. It was my first WPX attempt from my home QTH and I was
surprised how it performs, just with my garden vertical.

Thanks a lot to everyone for a QSO and for nice competition.

It was a great weekend, and lots of fun.

See you soon again

Rich, OK8WW
W9QL   SOAB LP   430,3552015-03-30 13:38:12
Probably should of tried to spend more time operating Saturday with pretty good
conditions on 15. I usually have to wait for the pile-ups to thin out before my
low power signal is heard. But, I was having really good results, especially on
15. 40 did well after dinner, with lots of stateside multipliers. See you next


FTDX5000MP with a G5RV at 35 ft.
DG1BHA   SO(A)SB10 QRP   15,0402015-03-30 13:39:12
Elecraft KX3 + GP antenna. Only a few QSOs for fun ...
S56M(@S5ØG)   SO(A)SB20 HP   6,001,5512015-03-30 13:40:12
Strong wind on Saturday morning, which turned mast with my antenna for 60
degrees to the east, blew some stateside QSO's, but brought a small number of
strong signals from north-east ... :-) and :-( ... otherwise fine party.

Thank you very much for the patience, pulling weak signals from strong noise.

Talk to you soon!

73 de vito, S56M
NXØI   SO(A)AB LP   360,0002015-03-30 13:43:11
Radio: Yaesu FTdx5000 @100 watts
Antenna: Hustler 6BTV Vertical
10 meters for me was terrible compared to last year.
Still love to contest when I can even though it is pretty tough when running
barefoot with a vertical.
To many QSO's I had to keep repeating my number to the DX station and it is
almost impossible to run any rate and hold a frequency.
Still I love this hobby.
OL9A(OK2ZAW)   SO(A)SB20 HP   5,966,6602015-03-30 13:47:06
Thanks a lot to all!

My 1st time at 20m, please have a look at my blog in a few days for some photos
and notes :)

Vy 73 Jan
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   827,4242015-03-30 13:59:53
II9P   M/2 HP   34,403,6562015-03-30 14:02:49
Special tnx to our guests, see you on CW.
If anyone want to join us, write me on for any info!

it9aug Carmelo.
W6QU(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   410,1902015-03-30 14:04:16
Radio: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts


10-15-20 3 el SteppIR up 10 Meters
40 DX-LB trap dipole up 10 Meters in center
40-80 Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials
Well it appears that we are now beyond the peak of the cycle. 15 meters did not
open to Europe until about an hour after sunrise on Saturday and until 2 hours
after sunrise on Sunday. And on 10 meters the only European station I heard on
Sunday was CT1AOZ, ...and I can hear him when the sunspots are in negative

10 M. Despite lousy condx to Europe I still was able to work VK8AA, H2T, C4A,
SV9CVY, and ZS6DX.

15 M. With good openings to Europe both days, this was the workhorse band as
the stats above show. I even had a sunset Q with OH1F, a rare European Q for
me on 15 in the early evening.

20 M. There was a nice "over the pole" opening late Saturday night
which allowed me to add a number of eastern European mults.

40 M. It is always nice to add new JA mults into the log with the Q point

80 M. I was lucky to scratch out 3 Qs on this band!

I had a DXCC of 72 and WAZ of 27, both fairly modest numbers. This year I had
107 Qs into Europe, and this compares to 260 Qs last year. ....I better get
used to it!

I had one great success CQing. This is one of the very few contests that I can
CQ, and on Saturday afternoon I decided to point the beam east and see if I
could pick up some USA mults that I could not get by S&P. In a 1 1/2 hour
run, I worked 50 stations (all USA!) and 34 were new mults. It is definitely
fun to sit with my 5 watts and actually have stations come back to me, ...and
even new mults! Of course, I don't need tell you of the dozens of times over
the years that I have CQ'd with two or three calls and out.

My most common country (after W,VE, and JA) was LU, then PY, and then DL.

Well, the major contest season is coming to an end. See you at the end of May
for WPX CW. ....Bill W6QU / W8QZA
WV1K(@W1TJL)   M/S HP   5,283,1312015-03-30 14:06:47
While we approached this contest a bit more casually and couldn't due to other
commitments make the typical "all out" 48 hour commitment, it was
really great this contest to have a few other Central CT Contesters help out
with our MS entry. In addition to Tom, W1TJL and Rich, N1IXF, we had Frank,
K1EBY pull the over night shift the first night with Dave, K1NYK and Ted, K2GAV
coming to provide help on Sunday afternoon. Tom, N1MM was unable to make it so
his loss (as you'll see below). Unfortunately, the New England potholes, (they
are the worst ever after this hard winter), busted one of the rear springs on
Frank's Dodge Durango as he drove home to get some sleep. While he was able to
make it home limping along at 15 MPH, Frank was unable to come back the second
night and we really missed him. With Dave and Ted joining us on Sunday
afternoon, we had a good time socializing while taking turns operating.

Special thanks to Susan, W1TJL's wife, for providing the team with triple fudge
brownies, homemade caramel corn and chocolate/butter/nut candy brickel. Our
blood sugar went through the roof. :-) We also had some healthy stuff too but
who remembers that... Tom, N1MM, you missed out on that Triple Fudge crack you
enjoyed so much!

We thought the first 24 hours of this contest were the toughest propagation
wise - our experience seems to be very different than some our competitors so
we'll have to do a bit of log analysis to see what we can learn from that. At
the start we couldn't get much of anything going as the Europeans all worked
each other and S&P was slooooow. The band noise the first night was
horrendous, especially on 40M. There was a line of thunderstorms off the coast
so it was VERY noisy. Played with settings for IPO and RF gain but listening
was still painful.

As in ARRL DX SSB, it was a bummer that 10M never really provided much. There
were lots of spots that we couldn't even hear and most of what we did hear was
weak signals. Surprisingly though even thopugh the signals were weak to us the
stations came back first call most of the time and we often heard comments about
strong signal, etc. So lesson learned, try anyway...

Sunday morning provided some great runs on 20 and 15, at one point while
beaming/working EU we were getting 59+10 signal reports from the W6's in CA -
while at that same time, but for the occasional 5 call area, we didn't hear
many other stateside stations.

Tom noticed several time that long path propagation to VK and ZL was surprising
strong. But at the same time Europe (especially northern Europe) was weak and
fluttery. Early evening Saturday we had propagation to JA on all 3 of the
higher bands, 10, 15 and 20 and 40 to boot.

A real plus to close out the contest was a very productive 40M run that Tom and
Dave had late Sunday - especially after the poor showing from 40 all weekend.
IN fact it was our most productive run of the weekend.

While the FT-5000MP worked flawlessly, we had problems with the logging
computer randomly crashing throughout the weekend. Don't think the issue is
related to N1MM Logger+ but rather the machine itself. Making matters worse, a
couple of the crashes required an actual reboot of the PC (which makes me think
something had caused a hardware issue. And the 3rd whammy was that when N1MM+
came back up the remembered window positions, font settings, personalization
had been lost so we were all back to Tom's settings. 2 other PCs running at
the same time with N1MM+ all networked together never had the slightest glitch.
And this all on a PC that has been flawless for a couple of years as the main
shack logging PC. Murphy.

Kudos to our fellow YCCCers at K6ND and NQ2F and the impressive score from
K0DU. Wish that more stations posted scores to as it's fun (and
it pushes us!) to keep an eye on how others are doing in our category.

Thanks to all for all the contacts and look forward to doing it again next
IB9T   M/S HP   17,513,1812015-03-30 14:22:32
Our usual main target has been achieved: the 2015 score is better than
our previous one. Nice goal!!
We run a good race with no Murphy's QRM. Propagation on the bands asked a
continuous updating of the strategy and it gave us a lot of fun and some
trill more.
The poor setup on 40m was, as in all contests of our, the real limit to
IB9T's final result..... That's what we can, that's what we have.
We liked the show, on Live Contest Score's page, of the FB competition
for the top category's slots: congrats to EI7M, E7DX and IR4M for their
efforts. Missed TM6M.
Thanks to the EB3CW crew for our funny direct competition.

See you on next CW leg!

one of IB9T
KK4TXZ   SO(A)AB(R) LP   732,3082015-03-30 14:32:01
I was first licensed Sep 2013, and this was my first time participating in CQ
WPX, and I had many memorable moments! I had plans to put up my tower and new
K4YIO hex beam on the air, but Mother Nature had another idea. I worked with
what I have: Yaesu FT-897, MFJ 949-E manual tuner, and my end-fed long wire and
homebrew 40/80m dipole.

I was surprised to work HV0A on 10m on my first call, took time to read the
bios on of HZ1HZ (even though I tried to work her, I couldn't due to
QRM), laughed when I saw the call for AG1RL show up on the cluster, and I have
a list of QSL cards to send out. My furthest contact was VK5CE/P at 10,153
miles from my QTH, and I happened to work KT4ZB who is just a few miles from
me. I encountered ops that seemed to want to only work stations with booming
signals, and likewise worked stations who were patient (despite the conditions)
and were determined to complete a valid exchange.

Every contest, I learn something new, and I'm thankful that the committee takes
the time to organize contests, and the sponsors who donate their time and
resources to make it fun and rewarding. If anything, I've learned that it is
useful to have a vanity call sign that's phonetically easier to say.

73 de KK4TXZ
PJ2T   M/M HP   67,236,0002015-03-30 14:38:42
We decided to do M/M because more fun for everyone.
But we were short of people. Therefore our score is very good and higher than
Special thanks to Mike, RW0CN who did a great good job especially at 40m.

Our score is higher than the actual SA record and we hope it stays after log

Congrats to CN2AA for very impressive score!
That's impossible from here.

Thanks for the QSOs!

Uli, DL8OBQ for PJ2T team
WP2Z(K9VV)   SOAB LP   12,650,8022015-03-30 14:50:03
Great Caribbean competition with ZF2DX (N5DX) & WP4X (NP4Z). The time 'off
element' for single ops & scoring difference between high & low bands
adds a different dimension not present in other contests. Definitely a
motivator for BIC (butt in chair) time. Congrats to Kevin & Felipe for
their FB finishes!
KC2WUF   SO(A)AB LP   39,1002015-03-30 14:51:19
Poor results due to limited antennas until the last 2 hours of the contest.
VYØ/VE3KTB   SOAB LP   230,2642015-03-30 14:59:02
My second WPX contest from NA-008. This year had only a brief opening on 15m
and nothing on 10m.The night is largely gone, so 40m was never in play. The
propagation gods did not smile upon me, and by late Saturday afternoon I had to
admit my goal of besting last years 555 qsos recorded was not going to be
achieved.So, I decided to make as many people happy as I could by giving them
the unexpected VY0 mult. I was only able to call cq successfully for short
periods before getting muscled out. Well, if you are going to contest with low
power and simple antennas, then the high bands must be in play for you to be
successful. Lessons learned for ops at 80N; 1) Plan your contest 2) throw
away the plan. Thanks to all who worked to pull me out of the noise!
PJ4DX   SO(A)AB HP   23,579,3322015-03-30 15:05:16
Fantastic conditions on 10m on the Saturday. Sunday was not as good, but 15m was
almost as good then, so no complaints here. This is the first contest where I
have made well over 5000 QSOs single op in under 36hrs, so I had a ball,
especially since only using a 5-band Spiderbeam at 30ft on the high bands (plus
pair of phased verticals on 40m and a single quarter-wave vertical on 80m. My
CLAIMED score is above the Assisted World record - but only just, so after
adjudication - who knows?! Congratulations to P40L, 8P5A, 6Y4X and others for
some incredible QSO totals and scores. 73, Steve, PJ4DX
PY2SBY   SOAB HP   782,1302015-03-30 15:12:46
Dear all good evening.

Again working in a WPX from my building with a simple antena but after some
changes with more fun.
Good open to NA in 10 and 15 and good contacts in 40 meters with
Austrália,Philipinas and Japan.
Hope to improve the station to the WW in october.


Antenna Loop for 40 meters and a MFJ 4:1 Balun.
RIG IC7600.
PA FL7000 Running 300 watts.

73 from PY2SBY Elvis.
VE6EX   SOAB LP   965,2072015-03-30 15:34:46
Hi All:
Tough condx that never let up. Only managed less than 200 Q's till the first
night shut down (maybe 7 hrs). Very little or no EU. All Aurora and
absorption...Cheers Dan VE6EX..
PT2AW   SOSB15 LP   16,4302015-03-30 15:41:28
Very nice contest. Thank you all.
AA6K   SOAB LP   410,3562015-03-30 15:43:12
Working Conditions:
IC-756PII, 3El Steppir w/Trombone, Inverted Vee for 80M.

Conditions were poor compared to last year. SS 24 is noticeably waning!
K6KNS   SO(A)AB LP   231,7772015-03-30 15:49:36
IT9DGG   SO(A)SB20(R) LP   493,0002015-03-30 15:58:50
EI1A(ON4EI)   SOAB LP   3,583,1042015-03-30 16:10:09
Very very difficult weather conditions, the second HF antenna (SO2R).
The Spiderbeam was broken before dawn,
fortunatelly the SWR was not so bad and I was still able to use it.
Wind above 50Kph and gust up to 80 Kph during 10 hours.
I suffered from the noise and the caravan moved like a boat on the see.
Good propagations conditions to NA on Saturday
Poor conditions to NA but very very strong signals to SA on Sunday.
See you next year !! 73 de ON4EI.
CT1AOZ   SOSB10 HP   2,336,5582015-03-30 16:14:44
QSO's by hour:

Date Hours Total CT1AOZ Running Total
2015-03-28 9 9 9 9
2015-03-28 10 92 92 101
2015-03-28 11 133 133 234
2015-03-28 12 43 43 277
2015-03-28 13 17 17 294
2015-03-28 14 18 18 312
2015-03-28 15 61 61 373
2015-03-28 16 91 91 464
2015-03-28 17 136 136 600
2015-03-28 18 138 138 738
2015-03-28 19 122 122 860
2015-03-28 20 119 119 979
2015-03-28 21 21 21 1000
2015-03-28 22 27 27 1027
2015-03-28 23 3 3 1030
2015-03-29 2 1 1 1031
2015-03-29 10 23 23 1054
2015-03-29 11 102 102 1156
2015-03-29 12 27 27 1183
2015-03-29 14 86 86 1269
2015-03-29 15 33 33 1302
2015-03-29 16 32 32 1334
2015-03-29 17 25 25 1359
2015-03-29 18 30 30 1389
2015-03-29 19 25 25 1414
2015-03-29 20 19 19 1433
2015-03-29 21 5 5 1438
2015-03-29 22 4 4 1442
2015-03-29 23 1 1 1443
Total All Hours 1443 1443 0


Band QSOs Pts WPX
28 1443 3149 742
Total 1443 3149 742

Score : 2.336.558

Rig : IC-7400 + 1KW


Soapbox :
Hi guys... First day had a good open to USA... second day pr
opagation was so erratic and so strange that I work only 6 o
r 7 NA stations. Btw was a fantastic contest. Tks fer all co
ntacts we have made. On second day was very strange with a
few strange CB guys trying to contact me with a strong signa
ls and one EU CB station also making a tremendous qrm with a
strong signal on my freq... Very hope to see all of you in
next contest .. 73 de Jose CT1AOZ.
AG4W   SOSB40 HP   1,273,4122015-03-30 16:51:52
FTDX5000D, AL-1200, 3 element parasitic vertical array, 2 beverage antennas
I expected the propagation to be similar to the recent ARRL DX Phone contest.
The openings to both Europe and Asia were not as good. I did a single band
entry this time to free up the day for other activities. I appreciate everyone
that called during the contest.
KGØF(WØUA)   SOAB HP   7,742,2432015-03-30 17:42:00
First single-op Phone contest I've entered for a long time...almost long enough
to have forgotten just how labor-intensive (Read: painful) Phone really is. I
was trying to fight-off a pesky spring cold going in--not feeling well, and
ambivalent about tryng it--but after a (very) slow (and shaky) start I finally
shook it off and got some semblance of rythym going. Chuck came out to check
on me at 4 AM Sunday. I gave him my most pleading look and said, "Make it
STOP!" He promised he 0000Z Sunday evening!

From looking at other scores, I see that I suffered on 10 Meters. The rotor on
Chuck's upper 7 el yagi failed (a chronic issue) amd it was stuck SE the whole
weekend. That, combined with S7 line-noise to the DX corners (Chuck has a
substation just north of him) limited my activity on that band. Another couple
hundred QSOs(and some mults) there would've done wonders for the score. I
realized at some point that I was avoiding the band. That's OK, we'll get that
stuff sorted-out for the next one.

That X-Ray flare on Sunday morning...I've NEVER heard 15 Meters so quiet.
There wasn't even any band-noise--just soft RX noise--and a couple of weak
Caribbean signals. Chuck strolled in with a coffee for me at about 8:30 AM
local and I asked him to listen there for a moment & see what he could make
of it. He'd never heard anything like it, either! Fortunately, the band came
back at around 12:30 local and saved me from the unhappy prospect of being
trapped on 20, running only Ws (no DX) for the remaining 6 hours.

OK, well I survived it--I think? And, doing it seemed to shake-off my cold. Go
figure? Thanks to my long-time friend Steve, KG0F for allowing me the use of
his WPX-friendly call. And, needless to say, it's always a privilege and a
pleasure to operate from Chuck's station. Even on Phone...
NV1N(N1UR)   SOAB HP   11,775,5902015-03-30 17:43:13
Very fun. Can't complain over all with pretty decent conditions on average.
First day was better than second. However, both days had their ups and downs.
Friday night started with a decent but not great 40M EU run. I could not
keep up with K1LZ on 40M. Between, Krassy, his antennas, and being much lower
New England Lattitude under disturbed conditions, it was just not going to
happen. Not surprisingly, I was a couple of hundred Qs behind Krassy already
by 0600Z.

But I decided to stay with the game plan despite the conditions. This
an 80M EU run at their sunrise which worked out very well. Then its work as
much EU as you can on 20 - 10. This actually worked pretty well on Saturday.
However Sunday was another story to EU. However Asia on 20M was fantastic. I
had the best contest Asia run I have ever had from this QTH. 2 hours of
JA, BY, UA0, YB, HL. Loads of mults. A great run. But then EU was going
nowhere on 20 or 15. 10M was totally dead. 20 and 15 did eventually slowly
start yielding EU but often at very low strength. The balance of the day
was a mix of US and EU and some SA mixed in.

At the end, it was a great outcome that I am very happy with.

The goal was 4000 Qs, 1200 Mults and 14 Million points. As I headed into
Sunday after the Asia run I was still feeling it possible. But with 10M
dead still at 14Z and 15M going absolutely nowhere, it was quickly apparent
that it was not going to be in the cards.

So I settled on just shy of 12 Million. Nothing wrong with that.

See you in the CW version.

NM2O   SO(A)AB LP   165,4242015-03-30 17:45:16
WPX is my favorite contest, plenty of activity and there is always another mult
to work.

It was fun to hand out the NM2 mult and to get spotted once on 80M. It was
interesting to see who responded to the spot. On Sunday, I got many 'thanks for
a new one' comment.

Competition grows every year and the stations from West Africa were simply very
loud here and easy to work. It will be interesting to see how the scores develop
from Morocco and Cape Verde in the future.
KF5WFL   SOAB(R) LP   90,2882015-03-30 18:22:05
TS-2000/END FED 59\' WIRE/AT-230 TUNER
J79MM(EI3JZ)   SOSB15 LP   4,328,6402015-03-30 18:24:01
Great conditions, but station and op was not fully ready.
Anyway, fun as always. One of the my favorites contest.
73 and tnx everyone for qs's!
W9RE   SOAB LP   131,0802015-03-30 18:56:50
Made some Q's between basketball games and during timeouts.
N4KG   SO(A)AB HP   873,9402015-03-30 19:52:39
This was a limited effort worked mostly as a DX Contest (only 13 USA QSOs)
looking to fill in missing bands on SSB.

160M 0
80 24
40 41
20 77
15 89
10 68


5 BANDS=13, 4 BANDS=21, 3 BANDS=37, 2 BANDS=82, 1 BAND=299 CALLSIGNS

I was hoping to fill in several needed 10M QSOs in EU/AS but 10M was slow to
open on Saturday and almost completely shut down to Europe on Sunday. What

80M propagation to Europe suffered from absorption and Eu-Eu QSOs early in the
evening. Unfortunately, I missed the 80M peak from 0400 to 0500Z Saturday
morning in EU (Friday night in NA). I heard many EU/AS stations on 40M SSB
operating outside the USA Band and not listening up. So it goes.

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
KW7Y(K7RL)   SOAB HP   9,588,8342015-03-30 20:21:35
This felt like two different contests in the same weekend. Day one: “Hey, this
is fun!” Day two: “Where the #$%@# did everyone go? And why is everyone so
damn weak?"

The highly variable conditions made it difficult to pre-plan an effective time
off schedule. Consequently, I went by how the bands were producing and took
time off when it seemed to make sense. The biggest mistake was having one hour
of “off” time left, and waiting until the end of the contest to take it. I
think conditions improved significantly towards the end, so that gamble was a
complete fail.

One of funniest moments in the contest was working NR5M for the first time,
when George gave me #2576, only for me to give him the same number in return!
What are the odds? Not sure if he thought I was some LID having fun at his
expense, but it was a cool and memorable moment. Maybe it’s time to buy that
lottery ticket?

I couldn’t figure out a good way to switch the audio between radios to hand
out serial numbers, so this effort was SO1R. I supposed that’s what happens
when one waits 20 minutes before the contest to start to work out those

Congratulations to K1LZ on a monster score in tough conditions. Heard some
other big numbers throughout the weekend, so congratulations to those stations

Thanks to the real KW7Y for letting me use his call, and thanks to all for the

73, Mitch, K7RL (KW7Y)
WB2P(@W2YC)   SO(A)AB HP   810,9602015-03-30 20:35:19
Special thanks to W2YC for letting me use his station #2.
VY1EI   SO(A)SB10(TS) LP   37,4922015-03-30 20:38:15
The solar forecast going into the weekend was for K Level 5 throughout the
weekend. I thought 10 meters might be the best band to cut through the aurora.
Right off at the start I saw that 15 meters was going to the better band but 10
meters was open and that is extremely rare for WPX, particularly in my QTH. So I
did the best I could on 10 meters before this solar cycle dries up completely.

10 meters was good on Saturday and virtually non existent on Sunday.

Thanks for the QSOs.

VA7QLT   SO(A)AB LP   53,5442015-03-30 20:49:20
First time operating alone, found the band conditions difficult and felt I
earned each contact. Thanks for everyone's patience for those I was having
difficulty catching contact information. Good experience for me.
73 Jeanne VA7QLT
WA6FWN   SOAB LP   108,2732015-03-30 20:55:10
Rig: Kenwood TS-590S
Ant: Homebrew 40/20 meter dipole up 30 feet

All S&P.

Not bad on 10 meters for not having an antenna for that band!
WN2O(@N2GC)   M/S HP   2,502,3302015-03-30 21:22:26
This was a weekend of listening to different kinds of noise, splatter and
changing band conditions. Friday night static crashes on the low bands were
very bad. Thankfully the high bands were really good during this time. Saturday
night the low bands were really good even 160 but not much activity there.
Sunday was just painful especially since we have a constant S-6 power line
noise on 15 meters that we are trying to hunt down. Sorry to all those we could
not pull through the noise on 15.

See you in the next one.
73 Mike & Leo
N7MZW   SOAB(TS) LP   653,7062015-03-30 21:24:10
A personal best for me,in spite of wasting 8 hours of operating time. Another
"Boy and his wire Adventure" from my Apartment QTH. I like the
TB-WIRES overlay category, but wish they would have a "wires only/No
Beams" category as well for us "little pistols"!!! Kenwood
TS-950SD (reduced to 100 watts output power), Heil ProSet with HC-5 mic.
element,and a "home brewed" G5RV up 50 feet running N-S at 6,053 feet
elevation in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A lot of the DX stations heard had LOUSY AUDIO!
Many did not bother with the signal report(as part of the required exchange)
unless asked. Many DX stations apparently think that their country assigned
them the amateur call sign of "QRZ?" Ops are getting more clueless
every year! I had one "6 Lander" land less than a KC from me,and then
start calling CQ!He was 30 over, but became deaf when confronted-Hi-Hi. Still, a
great contest, with only a few "LIDS", and nearly 100% great ops.
Thanks for the contacts.
W7TVC(@K7CIE)   M/S HP   806,2742015-03-30 21:57:02
10 meters sure didn't show up the way it did last year, so our score was more
comparable to some of our previous years. 15 meters was clearly the money band
as a lot of other ops in our area noted.

Our high point had to be working Laila, HZ1HZ, a rare YL op from HZ-land.

Thanks to Mike K7CIE and Emily for hospitality.

Icom 756 Pro-III, KPA500, Optibeam 16-5, Thunderbolt vertical.

73, WS7L on behalf of Tualatin Valley Contesters, W7TVC
9A5RPZ   SO(A)SB80(R) LP   222,6002015-03-30 22:42:23
My first CQ WPX SSB contest. Good condicion on band. Thanks all for QSO we see
next year again.
3V8SS(KF5EYY)   SOAB LP   10,346,9252015-03-30 23:21:58
Heavy winds were blowing on Sousse Friday night let me reckon that the antennas
won't withstand until the end of the contest. I spent a long time on the roof
thinking about possible scenarios then decided to go and sleep and wish things
will go OK.
Contest start was very bad. Couldn't manage to do the usual north american
pileup the first hour. Signals don't get through with 100W. So I decided to
jump a couple of hours and start at 3 local time for low bands which were -also
- disappointing.
High bands were amazing. Condx were promising and I led me to put the world LP
record in mind, however, "winds don't blow as the boats' wish", says
the Arabic proverb. Propagation towards USA was surprisingly bad! I was looking
at MUF maps which confirmed that. Central/South American stations were heard
like local AM broadcast, but looks like a big wall is built on the US or that
US hams decided to boycott the contest and go fishing!!
I estimated the result loss by 200 WPXs. That doesn't prevent me from being
very happy with the earnd 10m points!
Many thanks goes to my fiancé for the support, meal and cake brought during
the contest! (When I used to read contest stories before, I found it strange
that people say "thanks to my wife for letting me doing this
contest"! Now that I'm 2 months away from my wedding, I strongly feel the
need to make special mentions in my contest stories in the hope that I won't
find much restrictions in my next one, hihi!)

Thank you for the nice contest and see you in the next one insh'allah!

73 Ash 3V/KF5EYY
DM9K(@DL1A)   M/2 HP   18,725,7072015-03-30 23:22:29
This time we welcomed Alex KU1CW as a guest to our team.
He ran across great conditions right from the start with 20m wide open into
north America working the best per station rate with 126 Qs in the first hour.
But 10m stayed much below our expectations - especially on Sunday where no
significant propagation was present to NA.
But overall a great Contest and apart from a problem with our smaller triband
antenna no major technical problems at the DL1A/DM9K station. Thanks once
to Tof DJ6ZM - the station owner - for letting us play (and shout) a bit this
weekend !

Maik DJ2QV for the DL1A/DM9K crew.
YR8E(YO8RNI)   SO(A)AB HP   2,615,9262015-03-30 23:41:54
Unfortunately I've had a nasty flu in the week before the contest and I've lost
my voice so I did mostly S@P with short RUN's over a limited period of time.But
that ment more time to play with the settings of the radio, with antennas and
everything you don't have time normally in a contest :-))I 've used for the
first time an antenna stacker with antennas in two directions, very nice.But I
discovered that I need more antennas:-))
A lot of strange callsigns, many from Asia and Africa, wich was nice, and also
many from South America.
Anyway, a lot of fun as usual in contest.

See you in cw!
OMØM   M/S HP   11,931,8942015-03-31 00:02:29
We just played with one rusty Radio........
S9 noise from USA direction completely killed 28MHz operation.
Any idea for noise hunting antenna at 28MHz ??
The 7MHz SSB remain still nightmare even with 4el 46m high.

Second day on 15/10 were terrible, most USAs in S3 strength....


Bela OM8AW
EI7M   M/S HP   27,000,0002015-03-31 01:10:49
WPX is always a fun event as strategy is to keep the rate as high as possible.
The station has worked well for us this season, other than some issues with
rotator indication, we have had no hardware problems. This really helps in M/S
- as the competition is so intense that you do need everything to go right.

As with ARRL SSB, we had some high winds forecast and this impacts our 40m
performance as we can't extend this tower to full height. Band conditions were
good on saturday but very poor on Sunday with some stations completely in the
noise - thanks for the patience guys.

Congrats to TM6M, E7DX, IR4M and others - we too enjoy live scores and hope
this will become ubiquitous.


**find us on facebook **
EA4AOC   SOSB15 LP   172,0172015-03-31 01:48:50

TX - YAESU FT-857. (100W)

Many stations. Very good condition Saturday but Sunday fell much, to my sad

Both days hear very strong at ten meters to BA7JA, but not able to work him.
However on Sunday if you arrive to work in fifteen meters to XW1IC and other
stations in oceania.

I really liked finding me, with many friends and acquaintances as PX2F radio.

Good luck and we are in the next.
DJ5MW   SOAB HP   10,516,0302015-03-31 01:54:00
Caught a great start on 20m and was able to make 377 QSOs in the first 2 hours,
which was the best rate of the contest.
I was never able to achieve such a good run/frequency again.

Glad I could make some people nervous on cqcontest on day1 :-)
On day 2 things normalized and in the end monster stacks won.

Claimed a new DL record anyway.

73 de Manfred, DJ5MW
RK4W(@RK4WWQ)   M/2 HP   652,7002015-03-31 02:08:34
Youth team worked 620 QSO mult + 423 bit helped Alex UA4WAU 340 QSO
The youngest operator Sergei 7 years spent 30 QSO and 12-year-old Roman spent
about 400 QSO

OPERATORS: Zaugolychev Roman 2002, Makarow Miroslav 2002
OPERATORS: Makarow Miroslav 2002, Perminov Matvey 2003
OPERATORS: Obuhova Mariy (YL) 2003, Korobko Elizaveta (YL) 2002
OPERATORS: Korobko Sergey 2008
Photos operators:

Please someone wrote audio contest and who caught my young operators send me
audio on mail, thank you! de Pavel RX4WX! Good luck in the contest 73!
TMØT(F/TU5KG)   SOSB15 HP   9,014,8502015-03-31 02:37:22
First day more than 2300 QSO AND 900 prefix logged but the second day the
opening on US as very late, good conditions on the JA.

Icom IC-7800, Acom 2000A,
6 element DXBeam monobande Yagis @-21M

Win-test 4.9.1

See you in the next contest

Gildas F/TU5KG / TM0T
9A73A(9A1UN)   SOAB HP   16,976,0702015-03-31 02:38:48
Finnaly a contest without Murphy around. Everything was ready 2 days before the
contest and it paid off. It was quite strange having the possibility to sleep
before the contest instead of hanging on towers, mud and rain.
Contest itself started great with two 240 hours on 20m, pileup was huge and I
did 500qso at
0210z. Than 20m closed and I moved to 40m to get those 6 pointers, finding a
good qrg was almost impossible so I did some QSX qsos listining over 200, and
than moved for sunrise peak on 80m. After sunrise had a good hour of US run
after most eastern stations went to upper bands.
At 06z went on 15/10m mostly S&P for southeast asian mults. Maybe I should
have stayed longer and get some JA run but at 0740z decided its time for first
6 hour break.
At 1340Z after a good sleep I was back for the US run. Kept running mostly 10m
with 150-180q/h rates until 20z, I felt somehow 10m was changeble and condx
coming in waves so I pushed as much as possible as I tought Sunday might be
worst. This was right decision as Sunday 10m really never opened to US.
21z was a 170 hour on 15m but condx faded of right at the end of the hour.
After that 22z I was trying 20m hard but seems like even 20m closed almost
simultanously as 15m. It was too early to run US on 40m so I tought between
makeing a two hour pause or not. I decided to go to 80m to get a good EU run as
it means lots of mults but low qso points. Managed two 100 hours and third hour
changed between 160/80/40m S&P. At 02z went to 40m and stayed there until
morning with 70-90q/h mostly with 6pointers which means lot of qso points. Plan
was to stay a littel longer on JA run on upper bands but condx were not as good
as Saturday. At this time I had about 70% of qsos with North America, felt I
was short of europen mults so at 08z I did some jumps on 40m and ran EU with
really lot of mults calling in. 09z I was again S&P Asian mults on upper
bands for some minutes when I realized its better to go to sleep. Second 6 hour
pause till 15z when I started again US run.
As I pushed only 10m first day I was fresh meat on 15m for US and had good
hours about 170q/h until 20z when 15m closed. I was back on 20m for first time
after the initial 500 qsos in first two hours of the contest. Pileup exploded
and I did 160-180q/h till the end.
Claimed new 9A record and happy to be in race for 1st EU. I hope UBN wont hurt
too much.
Big thanks to my friends 2NA,6XX,5CW and S55M for help setting up the station a
week prior to contest even they went to E7DX for the contest.

I love this game!

73 Dave 9A1UN aka 9A73A
SM5MX   SO(A)AB LP   61,9152015-03-31 03:08:25
ANT: 2x10 m dipole
S/W: TR4W v4.37

NN3U(@N1LN)   M/2 HP   15,140,2142015-03-31 03:45:36
This was a weekend of OPPORTUNITIES.

The first opportunity presented itself about 30 minutes before the 0000 UTC
starting time. The station was checked out, all antennas tested, software
configured, even the amplifier pre-tuning was redone on the Acom 2000s. We were
ready and waiting well ahead of time. Then someone suggested that everyone
pre-record their CQ WAV messages to complete the log software setup. The
recording on the left station went quickly and well. However, when the first
person tried to right station the log software screen went translucent and then
CRASHED. We restarted the log software a few times but the crashing continued
and we did not have additional time for troubleshooting. Fortunately I recorded
mine earlier in the week so we decided to not change Ops and started the
contest…... about 20 minutes late. The software crash opportunity presented
itself about 20 more times throughout the next 48 hrs.

The next opportunity was also log software related. When a QSY frequency was
entered in the call window the K3 would not change frequency and the bandmap
would jump to some RED frequencies way out of any ham band. The quick fix for
this was to open Configure Menu and reset the rig. This also happened when
clicking on spots. Again, due to time constraint concerns this has not yet been
investigated for root cause.

The third and final station related opportunity happened on Sunday afternoon
with about 5 hours before the end of the contest. The right station ACOM 2000
shut down due to over temp. We turned it back on and cut the drive and watched
the tube air temps. The front tube seems to be running about 12 deg C higher
than the rear tube. No investigation done here yet either but current thoughts
are a soft tube.

The final opportunity is one that was probably shared by many. Who turned off
the bands on Sunday morning? 80, 40 and 20 were open all Saturday night and we
even made a few Qs on 15. Then there was NOTHING. We could hear Europe direct
but better on LP, but EU could not here us at any compass heading. That lasted
from 4 - 5 hours until late Sunday morning. Finally by about 1430 UTC they
started to come back and were back to stay.

OK, done complaining, on to the operating. This was another fun time at CAMP
LN. This is the second time this same team has come together for a M2 activity
and another fun time was had by all. The fun was helped along by mostly good
band conditions, good food and great teamwork. It was fantastic to have 10
meters open up on Saturday morning and stay open all day. Based on the level of
activity I think everyone enjoyed the conditions. That made finding a run
frequency ranged from hard to impossible. That was especially true on 40 meters
Friday night. We may have moved too early to 40 on Saturday, but we got a
frequency and it seems to have paid off.

Everything was going well and our Q and Mults were building well until the
Saturday morning “shut the bands off” event. During the null hours we
worked mostly US stations which helped add to the Q count, but brought our
points per QSO totals down. When the bands came back our rates and fun both
increased in sync. We never had any spectacular rates but what we lacked in
burst rates we made up for in consistency.

Thanks to everyone for the Qs, the repeats and the patience. Thanks to those
that actually asked if the frequency was in use before starting to call CQ.
Thanks to Mike for letting us use his call. And, again, thanks to the rest of
the team for a fun weekend.

73 from the NN3U team.

Mike N4GU
Rob K4OV
Tucker KK4UNZ
Bruce N1LN
UW5Q(UR3QCW)   SOAB LP   4,603,0922015-03-31 04:05:54
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOAB(TS) HP   2,203,6822015-03-31 04:18:21
After gaining a world no 1 winners plaque for last years event I was more than
disappointed when the xyl had made unavoidable plans for the weekend so I just
had to fit in what operating I could around those commitments. It is not the
same when you cannot be competetive but doing mainly S&P looking for dxcc
countries was enjoyable enough.

So it was a strange looking operating schedule with 15 mtrs only on Saturday
until 16z, then 10 mtrs on Sunday followed by short sessions on 15 then 20 as
the higher bands mainly closed up for the night.

On Saturday cndx were a bit spotty and the band was noisey I did a few runs
rarely managing a last 10 more than 150. Sunday on 10m was much better with
lots of activity and again it was mainly S&P but made several runs and one
time I had a full hour just a tad short of 200 which is good when just running
EU when we do meet a few of the clueless who give you the name but can't seem
to understand why you need a number when evry qrg around they have heard are
swapping numbers!

DX cndx were good and it is always a thrill to get a call from E5, ZL on the
long path whilst running EU, especially on 10mtrs. What was disappointing
though was the absence of propagation to NA on both 15 & 10 with only the
biggest guns making it through at no great strength, at least at the times I
was active. Not being able to work USA puts a big hole in the prefix count.

There are still too many wide and splattery signals around. There was one
station in particular who was 4,600km west, and slightly south, of me who was
blanking everything out anywhere near him. One time when I was tuning through
he was calling with a normal acceptable signal. I guess someone must have told
him and he toned it down, however as he was getting no takers he wound it back
up again. IF CQ Committee are serious about wishing to clean up their contests
then we can but hope that they will be checking their audio recordings and
taking some action. It really is frustrating enough to find a dx stn working
underneath a strong running station but when that dx station is 2khz away and
gets wiped out that is surely unacceptable,

Thanks to all who gave me a contact, I hope to be back for the cw leg in a
couple of months and the xyl has been shown the calendar!

73 Brian,
DK3T(DK3EE)   SOSB10 HP   3,530,1182015-03-31 04:33:49
AB3CX   SO(A)AB HP   1,666,5732015-03-31 06:04:27
Things were going along fairly well until I developed a maintenance issue on a
feedline coming in from one tower. In attempting to fix it outside the station,
I took a tumble on the ice and sustained a shoulder injury that knocked me out
of the contest! Hopefully it won't be serious but for now activities are a bit
YT3M(YT6W)   SOAB HP   8,714,3552015-03-31 06:28:03
Didn't find anything fun in fq fights,put up with intentional jamming and
pulling sigs out of +20db splatters!
Although,have learned one thing...can't keep the fq, running legal power, from
this part of the world.Period!

Thank you all for qs,patience and endless nr repeats!

Thanks to Simo YT3M,for letting me use his station agn!

QSL via LoTW!

NN4RB   SO(A)AB LP   101,7222015-03-31 06:28:44
Not a great effort, but I'll compare to last year.
2014 2015
Op time 14.45 10:21 Less time
QSOs 241 234 Less QSOs, but rate is better.
WPX 185 181 Less WPX but not much
Total 123,395 101,722 Score lower

Summary, I should of put in just a little more time or made better use. As
usual all contacts was S&P. The activity was high at times. From
observing, some of the running stations had trouble holding their frequencies.

SQ2A   SO(A)SB15 HP   4,926,7462015-03-31 06:53:50
Station info:

73 Andy
G9V   M/S HP   5,088,4022015-03-31 08:36:19
10m 4 ele yagi; 15m 3 ele Spiderbeam; 20m 3 ele Spiderbeam; 40m & 80m verts,
400w (Acom) & K3.

Suffered a lot of problems due to high winds: had to re-build the 15m yagi on
Sat afternoon, then the NN4ZZ tilt plate holding the 20m and 10m antennas
unlatched on top of the tower in the night. 20m yagi damaged beyond repair so
we had to rig up an impromptu vertical for the rest of the contest.

Nevertheless good fun, interesting band conditions, and setup a breakdown is
sunny dry weather (unlike during the contest) which is a first for us.

Thanks for all the QSOs de G9V, Vulture Squadron Contest Group
NR5M   SOAB HP   9,499,2632015-03-31 09:04:53
Focused on 3 and 6 point QSO's and maybe sacrificed some US prefixes and Q's.
Really had fun on 40--Eu as well as JA. All those sweet 6 pointers! Something
about the QRM on 40 that really motivated me to pacify a frequency. Thanks to
K5RT for ceding me the 40 meter frequency we shared for a while. I ran about
70-80 6 pointers just after that! I owe you a dinner.

First time experience: Lost all power for about 10 seconds in the last hour
just as I was working a mult on 10 meters. The UPS kept the computer going -
everything else shut down. Was able to get the radio and microkeyer back on in
time to complete the mult qso and then proceeded to work 3 more mult qso's
before I realized I was running barefoot at 60 watts. Never even lost the
frequency while the amps took their 3 minute break before coming back up. Gotta
love 10 meters!

Thanks for a great time!

George, NR5M
ES4RD   SOSB15 HP   719,5012015-03-31 09:41:44
On Saturday, 622 QSO is a good start, but on Sunday the bad condx, responded to
call with 3-4 times. Had to stop participating in the contest.
Equipment/antennas : RIG: K3 , ACOM 1000
N4ZZ   SOAB HP   210,6272015-03-31 10:40:44
Started on Sunday thinking I would be rare meat. Except the bands were not in
good shape. Did get a few comments of first n4 new multiplier!
Thanks for the Q's.
73 Don n4zz
FY5FY(@FY5KE)   SOAB LP   18,006,2182015-03-31 11:55:15
Thanks for each QSO.

With the antennae farm at FY5KE, it was easier to catch a lot of pfx and keep a
good rate during the 36H.

No antenna on 80 and 160, sorry for those who hope a QSO on these bands.

I hope a new world record with this score ... wait and see.

73's Didier/FY5FY
WA7PRC   SOAB LP   118,7262015-03-31 12:34:22
I got a late start and didn't put in much seat time. 10m and 160m were DEAD. 15m
was H-O-T. Fun was had.
S51A(@S53APR)   M/2 HP   18,133,9322015-03-31 13:09:46
Band QSOs Pts WPX
1,8 112 239 27
3,5 573 1450 193
7 1112 3464 333
14 1743 3097 408
21 1119 2567 303
28 655 1595 197
Total 5314 12412 1461
Score: 18.133.932

One of the most hardworking contest in our contest history @ S51A. Slow runs
with lots of S&P during CQ's. The geostorm didn't work for us at all... We
are missing 700 USA qso against last year score..

We barely managed to get over last year score, but man it was waaay harder.

New antenna setup worked good and did a much better job as in WPXx 2014, where
we lacked a lot on 15m and 10m. Now some of that is improved, but we need to
see what the next step will be :)

Good team, good time and work well was fun

Till next time
Bostjan - Ian S55O for A-team
IT9DFI   SOSB10 HP   930,6722015-03-31 13:09:58
No good condition on 10 mt band!Last year was better! But it is always a good
fun! Saturday I made few contact to Nord America and Sunday no one and much sud
america station with big signal, crazy propagation! It is not possibile to me
make a runner so I worked by my vfo continually and some time calling but with
inadequate answer.
My setup : Ft 920 AL 811 hxce 300 w ( 1 tube is expired one day before the
Fishing Rod Wire Yagi Antenna (8-2) 5 el per 10 mt e 3 el per 15 mt Home Made
at 10 mt from the ground,
rectangular loop at 6 mt,
5/8 vertical antenna. All antenna are homemade.
WX3B   M/M HP   25,612,9592015-03-31 14:14:28
OL3R(OK1VWK)   SO(A)AB HP   4,272,4002015-03-31 14:52:33
Crazy DX propagation mainly second contest period. Part of station setup
destroyed next day after the end of contest due to local wind storm (125km/h in
peak). 15m DX-wire support falled down. Weather condition problems during
contest also, but with lower wind rate (80km/h). It was hard to keep the setup
in operation state.
6Y4W(5B4WN)   SOAB(TS) HP   16,883,1302015-03-31 15:02:45
Ya man! That was awesome!

Only read the story below if you are otherwise bored!

In my current year of working in the USA I had in my “to do list” to visit
and operate a major contest from the Carribean! I have never done it before
and it has always been my childhood dream! I kept looking at possible places
but good places are booked well in advance! At WRTC Nick, VE3EY, mentioned
Josh, 6Y5WJ, and his amazing location, so when 2 months ago Josh told me that
WPX SSB was available, I immediately booked it!

Escaping from work for any length of time was going to be tricky! In my head I
had planned to turn up last minute with my K3 and just operate aiming for
maximum QSO total! Luckily, all my WRTC radio gear was with me in the US ready
to go. The only addition to my hardware was a homemade boomset adaptor for my
GC15 headphones which I 3D printed and used to rehouse the Heil BM10.

In a true 5B4WN tradition, I did some different type of operating at work for
14 hours on the Thursday before the contest, went home just before midnight, I
packed my stuff, slept for 4 hours before departing for the airport first thing!
I had planned to use the on-board wifi, to do some propagation planning and
decide where to go for maximum QSO totals! I used the geographic propagation
tool that I wrote for club log
( to work out when to changes
bands and familiarize myself with band openings! This turned out to be very

I got in Montego Bay at 17:00Z (2 hours late) along with 7 other flights from
the USA and waited for 2 hours to pass immigration! I was greeted by Jen and
Josh with a big Jamaican smile. The air temperature was pleasantly warm.

Josh drove me to his QTH through the Jamaican pothole laden roads, a journey
that lasted around 3 hours. On arrival, I had a quick shower and started
setting up the station….. and when my laptop PSU which I had tested the week
before the contest, decided to pack in, Josh came to the rescue with one of his
own. I had just 15 minutes to spare before the start of the contest and I
already felt exhausted…. I started on 20m and with my first CQ I had some
amazing pile-ups. The pile-ups continued throughout the first day. Whenever I
would change band, there was about a 10 minute delay before I could get going
and then suddenly the pileup would just take off (the magic of the cluster!). I
finished the first day with almost 3000Q in the log. The second day was
completely a different story. I just could NOT get a decent run until 20Z. I
suspect that’s where aluminium and max power helps. I ended the contest with
5500+ QSOs (incl dupes) and 1209 Mults. There were no technical issues and the
shack is well organized and engineered. My European QSOs were only 22% of the
QSO total and I suspect this accounts for my lower multiplier score. I tried to
maximize my EU qsos by beaming to Europe at the right times. I had a few good
rates to JA. Despite the QSO total, the lower final of score 16.8Million is
partly due to the 2 point disadvantage of being in NA.

Josh and Jen are simply amazing hosts. They looked after me and fed me well
throughout my stay! Their QTH is on top of the hill and the view is magical. I
had a blast and I enjoyed the pile-ups immensely! It was great working friends!
I kept smiling when the rates were good which was most of the time. My best hour
was 221 which is I guess respectabe for a serial number contest. What makes it
even more amazing is the fact that I made 5500 QSOs with a 2 element wire
antenna and some verticals for 40 and 80 and 700W out of a TL922! I guess
it’s a lot about “location location location”!

My wonderful hosts took me back to the airport on Monday with a few stops on
the way including a quick dip into the warm Jamaican sea and a visit at the
local restaurant for tasting some authentic Jerk chicken. There is no doubt
that Jamaica, “the land of wood and water” is a beautiful place to visit. I
wished I had some more time to explore….

I had an amazing time and I would definitely return to 6Y in the future. Josh
is planning some antenna improvements which will make the station even more

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and congratulations to all those with better

I am waiting for my LOTW certificate and I will then upload the logs to LOTW.
If you are desperate for a paper card you will be able to use my online OQRS
page on Club Log:

2 element Quad
vertical for 40m
vertical for 80m

73s Marios
W3/5B4WN aka
N4UP   SOAB HP   418,2092015-03-31 15:51:15
FTdx5000mp and Alpha 9500 or THP HL-1.5KFX

10-element LPDA at 74' for 10-15-20 meters

OFCD for 160-80-40 meters
W1MD   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   598,7082015-03-31 16:13:07
Originally planned to do a 500/500 effort and make it 125/125 on each of 10-40m.
Saturday evening realized THAT wasn't going to happen...then with 10m dying on
Sunday got bored and decided to run for a bit...

K3/AL-80B and DX-88 Vertical.

Wish folks would learn how to setup their audio/amp...


KD2GYF(SP4Z)   SO(A)AB LP   639,0182015-03-31 18:35:17
General class limited me to narrow space in Contest
8m0 were totally eliminated only over 3800kHz
- only few stations worked me with split even
dozens strong EU were CQing

73 Wes SP4Z
IZ8FWN   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   546,2712015-03-31 20:45:39
Tnx all for qso see soon in test!
IZ8FWN   SO(A)AB HP   5,462,1712015-03-31 21:13:48
tnx all for qso!!
73 Pet FWN
IZ8EFD   SO(A)SB20(TS) LP   453,6002015-03-31 23:47:20
this year not many time for contest.
I6FDJ   SOAB LP   60,8762015-04-01 00:58:40
questo è stato il mio primo contest in SSB considerando la mia età di 76 anni

domani è un record, mi sono sfiatato hi..........grazie a tutti
YT8WW   SO(A)SB15 HP   3,912,3122015-04-01 03:35:38
The first 4 hours of the competition almost never even worked due to strong
storms accompanied by snow and strong wind gusts so rotator could not rotate
the antena. Quite a few connections were from Europe more than 60% were from
North America.
FT 950 + 1 KW
4 el. quad
Pedja YT8WW
YL1ZT(YL3AJA)   M/S HP   1,478,6532015-04-01 04:37:06
So this was first big and important contest from this station and wit this call.

Place is very good, it's something like millitary base. In future we have a
lot of plans about antenas, equpiment e.t.c.
At this contest withou 160m ,because we don't have enough time to fix the
antena, we have just a half of inverted v on 160.
In last day made simple antena for 20m, 15 and 10m. Some GP.
On 80 and 40 we had Inverted V.
At last night of contest we burned on of 80m antenas isolator, so almost
untill contest end we were fixing it.
But at all good contest.
Tnx to YL2HB(YL1XN) for tehnical support.
CU 73! de YL3AJA
VU2MUD   SO(A)AB LP   53,6002015-04-01 06:08:22
KU2M   SOSB15 HP   5,625,3602015-04-01 09:08:27
Fantastic condx to east Asia Friday night, and good conditions on 15M persisted
through Saturday, when the band was wall to wall pandemonium with very loud
sigs. On Dupeday morning (some people call it Sunday), the band was a flatline
and I thought something in my station had broken (again - see my ARRL DX phone
comments). Yes, something did break - and it was 15 meters. At a time when sigs
from Europe are usually blasting in, the only way I could hear Europeans was to
point the antennas at South America, and although they were extremely weak with
the antennas pointing that way, signals from Europe were still louder than if I
switched to the European stack - when I did that, European signals almost
completely disappeared! Not a good sign. Well, you can fix your station, but
you can't fix the band. After an exhilarating first day, I found myself
struggling with 20-30 QSO/hr rates until after EU sunset, when propagation
suddenly and inexplicably exploded and I was at last able to get some decent
runs - at least for a little while. By that time, unfortunately, it was much
too late for prop to northern areas of Russia, etc, save for a few signals that
were weak and watery, indicative of severe aurora/absorption. Still, I'm happy
about the fabulous conditions up through Saturday night, which made for a great
first day, and a second day which will always be, if nothing else, at least
ES6RW(ES5RW)   SO(A)AB HP   7,199,6442015-04-01 09:20:12
Lots of technical issues this time.

Thanks for the Q's.

73, Rein, ES5RW
OK4PA   SOSB10 HP   3,441,7602015-04-01 09:45:19
Next one from training round
Before the contest I knew that condition will be worse...but in this case I was
unexpectedly optimistic.

Saturday..during morning nice opening to JA(aprx 140qso) more VK stations than
usually, in the afternoon propagation on US to 50 percent
Sunday..nightmare :-) in the morning a few stations from JA and Asia, in the
afternoon aprx 5! US stations only+ whole South America.
Thanks to stations from Europe, the Sunday was not so

Special TNX to stations which heard my vain CQ and gave me points with low
contest number.

TNX to all for nice fun.

73 Pavel OK4PA

Equipment: FT100MV field+PA 1500W(thanks Jiri OK1XQ for lend)+2x6el YAGI(stack)
design OK1RF+ tribander Ecco
KD4D(@N3HBX)   M/2 HP   21,556,7922015-04-01 11:29:16
We were pleased to welcome two "first-time" operators to "the
farm": W3IDT and N3QE. We sentenced them both to the night shift and
they did a great job - we really concentrated on maximizing 6-point QSOs
whenever possible.

My favorite two hours were Saturday morning on 10 meters between 1400 and 1630
or so UTC. I had the last 10 rate over 300 for a little while - great fun!

This was two different contests. Saturday morning, 10 opened late but 10 and 15
were good. Sunday morning we spent a few hours running one point QSOs on 20
meters because nothing else was working. This produced a good burst of

W2CDO shared the night shift with me on Friday night (first 14 hours of the
contest) and observed:
Propagation this year did not live up to 2014 levels so we weren't able to work
20 during EU sunrise, though a few loud stations continued tempting us to no
avail. We might have picked up a few more Qs by switching back to 80 but hope
sprang eternal. The morning opening to EU occurred at the time we used to see
it during low SFI times and was intense but not deep, with several VU stations
calling in, but we were reduced to S&P earlier than expected. 10 opened
late but produced a nice little run of EU stations.

Row Labels 80 40 20 15 10 Grand Total
AF 7 15 21 13 24 80
AS 1 15 47 120 7 190
Error 2 2 3 2 9
EU 127 519 750 824 690 2910
NA 225 557 548 250 212 1792
OC 39 54 9 18 120
SA 11 37 48 49 130 275
Grand Total 371 1184 1470 1268 1083 5376

Rates (include dupes)
Hour 80 40 20 15 10 Total

0 0 62 80 0 0 142
1 0 43 53 0 0 96
2 0 73 47 6 0 126
3 0 71 55 0 0 126
4 58 62 2 0 0 122
5 89 41 0 0 0 130
6 51 62 0 0 0 113
7 12 34 9 0 0 55
8 0 36 8 0 0 44
9 1 18 2 0 0 21
10 0 0 72 10 0 82
11 0 0 58 44 6 108
12 0 0 34 98 4 136
13 0 0 0 141 68 209
14 0 0 0 74 121 195
15 0 0 0 71 186 257
16 0 0 0 72 122 194
17 0 0 0 80 125 205
18 0 0 0 65 98 163
19 0 0 21 31 83 135
20 0 0 29 29 79 137
21 0 0 116 55 16 187
22 0 0 117 72 0 189
23 0 15 102 26 0 143
0 0 66 41 0 0 107
1 0 77 41 25 0 143
2 0 66 2 25 0 93
3 18 73 23 0 0 114
4 58 63 0 0 0 121
5 56 60 0 0 0 116
6 26 87 10 0 0 123
7 0 60 68 0 0 128
8 0 24 58 0 0 82
9 0 16 50 0 0 66
10 0 21 37 0 0 58
11 0 29 32 0 1 62
12 0 1 18 19 0 38
13 0 0 1 27 23 51
14 0 0 23 14 20 57
15 0 0 112 9 14 135
16 0 0 39 21 8 68
17 0 0 44 50 5 99
18 0 0 9 42 29 80
19 0 0 18 42 16 76
20 0 0 12 53 31 96
21 0 0 19 48 19 86
22 0 21 5 26 19 71
23 5 13 19 12 4 53

374 1193 1487 1287 1097 5438
IZ5JLF   SOSB10 QRP   106,5902015-04-01 11:49:12
kx3 and (half time) a magnetic loop inside balcony other half time deltaloop
monoelement /p
with magnetic loop 67 contacts
with deltaloop 150 contacts
73 to all
ES5TV   SOAB HP   14,037,9602015-04-01 13:09:13
Contest went pretty well with DJ5MW showing shocking pace in the beginning:) Was
sorry to see him suddenly dropping off on Sunday for some reason.
Gongratulations for 9A1UN for excellent effort and to RW1A for yet another
photo finish:)

I am glad I spent almost the whole US opening on Saturday on 15M as it was
totally closed on Sunday. Amazing. As if someone turned the band off completely
to west while east was coming well till late at night. Even my H Frame was
helpless on Sunday. At the same time I missed 10M opening that others are
talking about on Saturday. I made almost zero QSOs on 10M the first day while
enjoyed some great morning hours to JA and east on Sunday there. I imagine what
Saturday's propagation might have been like if Sunday was already so good.

The score is surprisingly OK and only 3M down from excellent 2011 while there
was almost no decent US propagation this time to US on 40M opposite to 2011
when 40 was outstanding. And add horrible Sunday propagation on top of it.

Had to leave the QTH early Monday morning to catch a flight and the bad news
caught up with me soon. The early morning heavy storm on Monday took down my
45m Optibeam tower with 8 monobanders:( It completely crashed and not yet sure
about the reason but a turnbuckle seems to have opened up himself. So one tower
less now...


By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 |Total|
| 00 | | | 17 | 100 | | | 117 |
| 01 | | | 30 | 69 | | | 99 |
| 02 | | | 17 | 107 | | | 124 |
| 03 | | 15 | 76 | 7 | | | 98 |
| 04 | | 15 | 119 | | | | 134 |
| 05 | | 9 | 20 | | 9 | | 38 |
| 06 | | | | | 78 | | 78 |
| 07 | | | | 18 | 108 | | 126 |
| 08 | | | | 9 | 108 | | 117 |
| 09 | | | | | 9 | | 9 |
| 10 | | | | | | | |
| 11 | | | | | | | |
| 12 | | | | | 148 | 7 | 155 |
| 13 | | | | | 149 | 7 | 156 |
| 14 | | | | | 160 | 6 | 166 |
| 15 | | | | 5 | 141 | | 146 |
| 16 | | | | 4 | 133 | 1 | 138 |
| 17 | | | | | 123 | 3 | 126 |
| 18 | | | | | 107 | 12 | 119 |
| 19 | | | | 11 | 99 | 1 | 111 |
| 20 | | | 5 | 112 | 4 | | 121 |
| 21 | | | | 73 | 13 | | 86 |
| 22 | | | | | | | |
| 23 | | | | | | | |
| 00 | | 11 | 71 | | | | 82 |
| 01 | | 54 | 46 | | | | 100 |
| 02 | 24 | 66 | 14 | | | | 104 |
| 03 | | 14 | 48 | 15 | | | 77 |
| 04 | | | 22 | 114 | | | 136 |
| 05 | | | 10 | 109 | | | 119 |
| 06 | | | 3 | 14 | 98 | 7 | 122 |
| 07 | | | | | 59 | 62 | 121 |
| 08 | | | | 9 | | 119 | 128 |
| 09 | | | | 10 | | 48 | 58 |
| 10 | | | | | | | |
| 11 | | | | | | | |
| 12 | | | | 124 | 7 | | 131 |
| 13 | | | | 52 | 48 | | 100 |
| 14 | | | | 111 | | 14 | 125 |
| 15 | | | | 115 | | 16 | 131 |
| 16 | | | | 136 | | 10 | 146 |
| 17 | | | | 107 | 5 | 12 | 124 |
| 18 | | | | | 29 | 65 | 94 |
| 19 | | | | 58 | 20 | 12 | 90 |
| 20 | | | 117 | 16 | | | 133 |
| 21 | | | 3 | | | | 3 |
| 22 | | | | | | | |
| 23 | | | | | | | |
| | 24 | 184 | 618 |1505 |1655 | 402 |4388 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.16.0
5E5E(@CN2R)   M/2 HP   84,462,9302015-04-01 13:31:52
The M2 effort consisted of 4 stations. The main R1 and R2 stations had 15
different antennas.
These 2 stations made ~5500 QSOs each.
There were 2 in-band stations. They had antennas located 300 Meters from the
main station.
Each of these stations made ~800 qsos each.

Conditions were not very good on 10 meters on Sunday.
IR9Z(IT9VCE)   SOAB(TS) LP   664,0402015-04-01 13:52:48
Total activity 12 hours. Contest with minimal equipment:
YAESU 897 - Only a dipole for 10-15-20 meters available.
Very happy with the result.
PD9DX   SO(A)SB10 LP   34,7752015-04-01 13:56:31
I did S&P,give some wpx points on 28 mhz,I dont work
or heard any signal from North Amerika on sunday,but nice to work Asia on both

ok see you in the next contest !

73' Dervin PD9DX
OM7RU   SOAB HP   2,991,7922015-04-01 14:08:51
First time full time SSB High Power participation at WPX contest.

Conditions were quite fine, all bands were opened.
I felt better at low bands, I was able to spent more time in CQs. There started
terrible 59+ QRN during second night on 160m, (no problem), but also on 80m
High bands were nice opened, but with my (antenna) setup I was able to run
really valuable NA pileup only for 1 hour on 20m on Sunday evening. Most time I
spent with S/P. Especially 10m was interesting. I was able to S/P all directions
during Saturday openings, but completely closed NA, but with nice SA opening on

- high bands (especially 20 and 15m) were similar to confused mess of sounds
and spletters, S-meter didn't fall below S9...
- it was easier to find mult, than free frequency for CQ...
- Russians didn't have problem with starting of ragchewing just over my pileup
using xyz kW (59 + 20 dB)...
- a lot of stations had major part of output power compressed off their
operating frequency, into spletters, not rare +/- 3 kHz.

Thanks to all participants!

Used equipments:
Yaesu FT-1000MP MarkV Field
ACOM 2000A
MicroHAM microKeyer, MicroHAM StationMaster
UltraBeam UB ONE rotator

160m: Vertical (35m tower + 2 elevated radials)
80m: OptiBeam OB1-80 rotary dipole @34m
40m: InvVee @21m
RX: K9AY RX loops for 160, 80 and 40m
20, 15, 10m: Cushcraft A4S 3 el. tribander @31m

Riki, OM7RU
M5E(GØCKV)   SOAB(TS) LP   1,666,0282015-04-01 15:19:37
Having travelled out to Cornwall in the far SW of England for RDXC I stayed on
for another week to do WPX SSB. Last time I participated in WPX SSB was back in
the 1960's when that contest was new.

The weather forecast for the WPX weekend was bad and it turned atrocious with
50mph winds inland and much worse on the very exposed GB2GM site. In view of
the forecast I had taken down my temporary light TX38 from a 50ft tower and was
left with a 2-element compact wirebeam for 10/15/20 and my temporary but decent
inverted Vs for 80 and 40 and a short T with plenty of radials for 160. The
wirebeam was at abt 25ft, just above roof height. The wire antennas on the low
bands seemed to do well but the low wirebeam didn't quite cut it with LP
against the big signals on the HF bands.

Conditions were not bad but trying to run on HF with LP and this antenna was
not really feasible. Then the second night the wind picked up and I had perhaps
a dozen power cuts, one for 2 hours and the remaining just for a few minutes but
they of course all required reboots. By midday on Sunday the wind took out some
connection aloft at the wirebeam making the SWR intermittently go high and I
had no useable antenna for the HF bands. The upside of that was that I instead
had a relaxing afternoon followed by an enjoyable evening in the pub in the
village where I was staying.

Disappointing of course but it was still a fun contest and a learning
experience - almost all my activity otherwise tends to be CW.

Phonetics turned out to be a challenge. My trailing E was often difficult to
get across. I don't know whether it was because of my way of saying ECHO,
because I was weak or because of the howling noise from the wind in the
background. ECUADOR worked OK for South America, not even ELECRAFT worked for
North America. A fun little episode happened when the op at 5E5E got
momentarily confused when hit with M5E. I fear quite a few may have logged me
as M5V or M5T in spite of my attempts to correct the interpretation. It was
tempting to revert to CW to get that E across but that is presumably not
comme-il-faut. Any constructive suggestions for getting M5E across phonetically
would be greatly appreciated.

73 Olof G0CKV (M5E, SM5CKV, W6CKV)
HI3TEJ   SO(A)AB LP   10,634,2432015-04-01 19:26:33
Thanks God to let me finish the contest like that,
Thanks to everyone joined my pile up.
My Ftdx3000 and Ft450 ( for 40 m and multiplier,amazing little rig),
Steppir 4 L and dipoles really played great,

I am very happy beating the Scores from the HI MS LP Team at the Super Station,

Congrats to the winners and special thanks to the endless DQRMER that spent
more than 10 hours of the contest, CW and tuning in my QRG, but really thanks
Yaesu to make radios that can deal 100 percent with this OM poorest ham spirit
operator ...

Hope to cu in the next pile up


Dominican Republic
8P5A(W2SC)   SOAB HP   26,559,1402015-04-01 19:56:10
Tried to change up the strategy a bit this year. Wanted to emphasize the low
bands more resulting in a different off time strategy. It mostly worked until
I ran out of time at 2338Z in the midst of a solid run of 6 pointers on 40.

Other than losing 15 minutes to a power fail on Saturday afternoon, the station
worked great

73, Tom W2SC

QSL via LoTW or NN1N
EE3X(EA3KX)   SO(A)SB20 QRP   266,0352015-04-01 21:40:15
CLUB: Unio de Radioaficionats del Valles Oriental
NAME: Santi Sanye Gonzalez
ADDRESS: C/. Rossello, 25, 1?
ADDRESS: Bellavista
ADDRESS-CITY: Les Franqueses del Vall?s
EE2K   M/S HP   6,874,4812015-04-01 23:35:29
Al final superamos nuestro objetivo que eran mejorar los 2100 QSO y 4,2 Millones
de pts del año 2012, llegamos hasta los 3100 QSO y 6,8 Millones de pts. Nos
faltaron los QSO de 40/80 y poder hacer una estación inband para sumar más

En total han sido unas 33/34 horas de concurso diurno, operadas por EA2SS,
EB2RA y EA2OK con el apoyo nocturno de Juan EA2SK. Si esto mismo lo hubiéramos
hecho bien organizado y las 48 horas, estaríamos hablando de más de 4000 QSO y
cerca de los 10 millones.

Mucha mejor propagación el sábado, los 10m abiertos hacia USA hasta la noche.
El domingo en 10m no rascamos ni un americano, solo EU y SA, y nos costaba mucho
hacer run.

Como nota negativa, el ruido de la torre de alta tensión en 10m que nos
acompaño gran parte de la tarde y que impedía escuchar señales que llegaban
por debajo de S7. También volvimos a fundir uno de los conmutadores remotos,
se ha reparado ya 2 veces pero hay que descubrir porque se quema. Y la conexion
del micro que nos hizo la pueñeta hasta que DGI la reparo, y luego volvió a
incordiar pero esta vez resultó ser uno de los Heil que habrá que revisar.

Dar las gracias a EA2SK y EA2DGI por el apoyo logístico que nos han dado a los
que estábamos operando.
OG9X(@OH5Z)   M/2 HP   17,526,8702015-04-02 01:08:34
Thank you all for QSO's. Bad band choice in the beginning of the contest and
some odd problem on 15m on Sunday (maybe defect band filter) cost us new OH
record after log check. We beat the old record by OG8X by circa 3000 points
which obviously isn't enough. Anyway our best ever WPX M/2 from OH5Z now with 2
operating positions both having run and support radios.

More information can be found from

Juha OH6XX
SX9C(@SV9FBG)   M/2 HP   20,450,7002015-04-02 01:46:54
Despite the propagation wasn't so nice and during the contest we had not big
pile-up we make a nice score. Thanks all station that they had contact with
us. 73 De SX9C team
J42T   M/2 HP   15,634,1122015-04-02 02:42:59
MMØLID   SOAB LP   621,1102015-04-02 04:27:43
Part time effort during work commitments again.
bands reasonable. missed a lot of good time during the day.. over 75% on 20/15
outside EU.

cu in next one
de Scott MM0LID
PX2B(PY2LED)   SOSB40 HP   1,005,8402015-04-02 06:41:58
OM7M   M/S HP   20,337,4422015-04-02 09:24:48
Best score ever. Thanks to Gabry IT9RGY who supported us during his stay study
program-Erasmus in Czech Republic and definitely anchor in our club station.
He's young and big talent and his heat for contesting is enormous. Looking
forward for good-buy barbecue party in June Gabry.
Regarding the propagation saturday was much better than sunday from this part
of EU. With envy we listened as our competitors and friends from IR4M and E7DX
they worked US on 20m during the night and we did not hear anything. We had to
stay on 40m and fight with noise and QRM.
Congrats to our competitors EI7M,TM6M,E7DX,IR4M and 9A7A for their fabulous
Anyway we had fun with radios and thanks for calling us!

Happy Eastern!

Lubo,OM5ZW on behalf of OM7M crew
LTØH(LU3HY)   SOSB10 HP   6,146,8002015-04-02 09:40:23

TNX to all QSOs

73 Juan LT0H (op LU3HY)
ES7GM   SOAB LP   2,448,0002015-04-02 13:08:41
So as the era of M/M operations from Estonia is over, it was time to move back
to my sweet little home shack. Over the years I have managed to build more or
less fully automated SO2R station with small Yagi antennas on 3 higher bands
and simple inverted V antennas on lower bands (next step is to expand to my
neighbors property, HI).

I had to take a break on 3rd hour as the W2IHY equalizer completely stopped
working. It took some time to open the cover and get it back to life. The time
loss didn't really affect the score, because this time the conditions were
quite bad. Wire antennas and LP on lower bands is a real challenge. This time
southern EU lived their own life. It was jaw dropping to see OM2VL score.
Anyhow 1st night I heard many strong NA stations CQ-ing in my face on 40. Same
result on 80m. Only low band highlight was JR4OZR on 40 meters, who was able to
hear me on ~25th try. Saturday itself wasn't that bad and I even had some
moments where I found a quiet frequency and had a little pile-up. Sunday was
pretty much awful except late evening opening on 10 meters, where I was able to
work plenty SA on 1st try. So briefly with better conditions there is room for
score improvement but LP overall is quite tricky.

Maybe it is me but behaving on the bands have gone worse each year. One thing
of course is to be a LP station, but some European M/S;M/2 (not gonna name
them) just basically came so close to my frequency and one of those guys told
me to get lost. Then I remember clearly one UA guy using some not so good words
in Russian. And the frequency 7195 and 3795? What the hell was going on there in
the evening?

See you in CW part!
ES7GM, Kris.
HA4XH(@HA3DX)   SOSB40 HP   3,127,5082015-04-02 14:13:34
Two Lazy-H antennas.(NW-SE and NE-SW covered)
RX antenna K9AY (tnx HA5IW)

Just a bit more points and multipliers than the last year. Very strong EU
signals and mostly weak DX signals.Very crowdes band until the last minute.
And when the contest was over almost nobody heard in empty band.It was a
tiresome contest but I couldn't help to make some QSO-s just 3 hours after and
highlght was WY7KY my first WY on 40mts hi!

Thanks for all QSO's.

73's from Hungary

Charlie HA4XH
HK1T(@HK1R)   SOSB40 HP   11,747,0292015-04-02 15:30:43
As always lot of fun, thanks to all, morphy was present a little bit.... lol

KK6P(W7IV)   SO(A)AB HP   5,398,7922015-04-02 17:34:48
"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."
Mike Tyson

This was my first big HP contest in several years and I was fortunate to be
able to use W6HD's shack again. I was keeping up rates I hadn't seen in
several years and everything was groovy. Then Sunday rolled around. Am I
tired? Am I deaf? Do all the others know something I don't?
Sunday was challenging, to say the least, but there was a little late action on
ten. I had held off hoping to have a good domestic run to jack up the Q count
and kooky mults, but it never really materialized. Either way,it was a lot of
fun and I flogged John's station for all it was worth.

Thanks again to all the casual contesters who come out and hand out Q's and new
mults. I try to be extra patient with the slow-talkers and "Please
copy-ers" when they are giving up their Sunday dipping their toes into
this contesting thing.

As always, thanks to John and Jane for again being gracious hosts.


K3, Alpha 9500
Original Force 12 C31XR at 50', Mag240N at 50' and a
dipole for 80 that probably wasn't worth the trouble to put up for only 19 Q's
XE1GYZ   SOSB10(TS) HP   676,6082015-04-02 17:34:53
First time in contest, very happy for the result.

Testing first the bands 10,15,20 and 40, after the best result on 10 mts, I
decided to stay there.

Working with a TS-480HX @200W and the Mosley antenna for 10,15 and 20
N4BCD   SO(A)AB HP   7,4882015-04-02 17:56:04
Not much time for this one and glad I didn't plan a big effort. Heard about
Sunday's solar wind from other reflectors. 73.
KK4R   SOAB LP   20,1962015-04-02 18:19:13
I had very little time to operate, but 20m was good on Saturday night. When I
checked the bands on Sunday, it seemed more productive to get back to the fence
I was installing for my wife.
AB5XZ   SO(A)AB(TS) LP   20,6152015-04-02 19:13:38
IC756pro3, Hustler 6BTV, Heil Pro-set
W4WWQ   SOSB20 HP   5,6762015-04-02 20:13:11
K3, KPA500, SteppIR Was helping K1GG with some antenna work Saturday so missed
the good conditions.
WA6URY   SOAB HP   65,1442015-04-02 21:03:33
Only had limited time to operate. Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan -remote in Tokyo
IR4M   M/S HP   21,816,5602015-04-03 02:47:01
Very good conditions toward NA on 20m at the beginning made us think to
start on that band.
We finally decided to go with 40, as usual, and that paid-off.

Saturday conditions were fine, with 5W1SA worked at our noon, very promising!
Unfortunately in the afternoon we QSY'd to 10m too late, missing most of
the NA opening, that never happened on Sunday. As a result, we have a
lower than average QSO# on that band.

Sunday conditions worsened, and states didn't get through well, even on 15m.

Nice battle on cqcontest, hope that also competitors who preferred to
stay just watching enjoyed it as we did!

See u next!
CN3A   M/2 HP   80,247,4532015-04-03 03:27:25
Another great contest from Morocco, we had real fun. See you soon next one!

Thanks to all for the qso's !!! 73, CN3A
K2DSL   SOAB LP   349,5002015-04-03 03:57:21
Really only operated Fri/Sat. Sun conditions were very poor for me and I decided
to do other things.
EF8S(OH2BYS)   SOSB20 HP   5,495,7962015-04-03 07:41:57
Troubles, wrong strategy!
KS9K(N4TZ)   SOAB HP   2,743,8382015-04-03 07:48:56
RUN/SEARCH: 524/1018 Qs

SOFTWARE: TR4W v.4.38.2

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Prefixes
160SSB 11 11 19 8
80SSB 127 127 437 49
40SSB 147 146 607 85
20SSB 445 440 952 202
15SSB 567 563 1300 242
10SSB 245 245 616 112

Totals 1542 1532 3931 698

Final Score = 2743838 points.

The conditions here for the RDXC were so horrible that I
gave a lot of thought to hooking up an amp. But, Wednesday
before the contest, conditions were great! Russians were
S9 +20 on 10m and eastern Europeans were still booming in
on 10m at 1600 local time. So, I spent most of my time
getting a backup radio prepared for SSB 'just in case.'

By Friday afternoon, conditions were declining so I
decided to go ahead an use the amp. Of course, I had
not fully tested everything out, so had some problems,
like the automatic band changing on the Herculess II -
Orion interface being intermittant. Never did need the
backup radio, though.

Even with the amp, not much in the way of runs.

99.9% QSOs were made with TR4W's DVP feature.

Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
USA calls = 9 61 49 168 174 49 510
Canada calls = 1 9 8 18 17 2 55
NA calls = 0 1 4 14 28 19 66
SA calls = 0 4 4 24 42 45 119
Euro calls = 0 45 71 182 225 112 635
African calls = 1 7 6 12 11 9 46
Asian calls = 0 0 3 20 14 1 38
Japan calls = 0 0 0 2 51 0 53
Ocean calls = 0 0 1 4 5 4 14

Unknown calls = 0 0 1 1 0 4 6

Total calls = 11 127 147 445 567 245 1542

Unknowns on 40 = TO4C
Unknowns on 20 = TO4C
Unknowns on 10 = TO2A TO4C 4U5F TO6D
WR5J(K7RI)   SO(A)AB HP   4,687,5632015-04-03 08:31:41
Had planned to make a full-time effort but not to be with Sunday conditions.

40 to Japan was huge disappointment both nights. Saturday daytime was okay
but Sunday was a disaster. So much so that I watched the basketball games on

Thanks to everyone who worked me --- and my apology to those who called but
did not make into my log.

SPECIAL THANKS TO CURT, WR5J for the use of his call.
KQ2M   SO(A)AB HP   1,126,9442015-04-03 12:40:53
After being severely ill and missing both modes of CQWW and ARRLDX (the best
condx of Cycle 24) I doubted that I would be able to get on for WPXSSB, my
favorite contest. But on Saturday evening I was feeling a little better and
well enough to go down to the shack and try to operate for a little while. I
chose low activity - low rate hours to operate. Saturday evening on 15 had a
good opening to JA and A71BX called in - the opening was brief and then I tried
20 for what I hoped would be a good opening to Central Asia, but I was able to
work a few Middle Eastern stations ( tnx A65BP and A61ZX ), a few UA9/0's,
UK8OM and mostly Southern EU stations. I was very tired and went qrt at

I got on 20 SSB at 1143z and mostly struggled - there were some loud JA's but
not many. The EU opening was very marginal - I did not realize that there had
been a solar flare overnight. With the K=4, 10 was completely dead, so I tried
to run on 15. 15 was mostly quiet - not a good sign for a band that should have
been wide open. ( On Saturday I had made my one qso on 10 - I used DX Summit to
find 7QAA. 10 was wide open at the time but I was not feeling well enough to
run. ) I had hoped that 10 would be open on Sunday. Nope.

Since it was Sunday morning and I was fresh meat, I expected a pileup. Not much
happened until the big EU multis found me - then all of a sudden the average
signal strength increased from S7 to S9 +20!! The fact that 5 of them found me
almost simultaneously made it clear that I had been spotted. :-)

The rate soared to about 350 for the last 10 and I had a 211 hour - one of my
best ever in WPXSSB. 200+ hours are very tough and quite rare from stateside
when you have to copy the serial numbers from a lot of weak stations in qrm and
heavy qsb. So I was pretty happy to have that experience. I tired quickly and
qrt'd at 1322z. I tried again at 1555z but 15 was dying. I came back on at
2300z and 15 had recovered enough for a modest JA run. The highlights of which
was getting called by Champ, XW1IC on a second band and 7QAA calling me in the
NULL of my 15 elements pointed at Japan, for band #3 in the contest! Given my
choice of hours to operate with somewhat marginal conditions, I was pleasantly
surprised to make 852 q's in 5.8 hours for a 147 average!

During the contest I noted a frequent loud swishing sound on 15 primarily in
the lower part of the band - it would come up on me and move up in frequency
until it was gone and then would repeat every minute or so. Very annoying.
Also, there was a frequent appearance of what sounded a lot like the old
Russian woodpecker - but weaker and not quite as wideband. Both of these forms
of qrm were very persistent and I observed them for many hours on Sunday on 15.
Hopefully something can be done about them.

I wish that I could have operated longer in my favorite contest but I was not
well enough to do so. Still, it was great to get on in a contest for the first
time since IARU - WRTC last July and say hello to so many friends! I claimed SO
Assisted since I used DX Summit to find 7QAA and two of my friends to get them
the rare KQ2 mult.

Thanks for all the qso's! I hope to be well enough to get on for a few hours
in WPXCW. Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all! 73 Bob KQ2M
K9MWM   SOAB HP   931,1142015-04-03 13:45:34
Fun contest with good propagation. Long path opening from
11:00 pm to 1 am to all the cool Asian zones Friday evening
on the 20 mb.
N9NBC   SO(A)SB20 QRP   20,5922015-04-03 14:23:29
had a ball but band cond were not that good on Sunday
K4SBZ   SO(A)AB HP   117,6452015-04-03 14:48:19
Spend too much time chasing DX, not enough time on multipliers.
KW4B   SO(A)AB LP   157,0702015-04-03 16:55:14
Didn't get to play as much as I wanted to; still working out the antenna
N4LR   SO(A)SB10 HP   18,5442015-04-03 19:00:34
Operated the first hour. Beam stuck so shut down. Maybe next year.
PY2KJ   SO(A)AB(TS) HP   4,388,9692015-04-03 19:01:57
Thanks for all contacted stations ! See you all in the next future...

ANT: CUSHCRAFT A3S - 3 el. Tribander
PWR: ACOM 1010 - 550 W

73,s - ART - PY2KJ
SK3W   M/M HP   14,676,9282015-04-04 00:28:38
For the third year in a row a group of youngsters invaded the station for CQ WPX
Phone. This year a group of 11 hams from Sweden, Skåne, Netherlands and Belgium
joined the team.

Propagation was fair, with good runs on Saturday but very slow on Sunday. No
major disasters occurred except for the dirt road that collapsed due to heavy
rainfall, and we had to tow a couple of cars. Four operating positions were
used in the shack, and for the first time in history we had working voicekeyers
on all positions. Audio was reported to be good, even if some of the DVK
recordings were not perfect.

The event was broadcasted on Youtube, and the clips are still available. This
year we used a quick solution for the streaming, using Hangouts, but it caused
us to start a new stream every hour. This could have been fixed with better
preparations before the contest. Operating position A was broadcasted with both
RX and TX audio, but were dependent on the MONITOR level selected by the
operator. An improvement could be to add a frequency display, for the audience
to know were we were operating, maybe a violation of the rules BUT remember
this is an attempt to promote hamradio and contesting in this ageing hobby.

Some links:
Youtube Live event recordings:
Sofie and Mult Bell:
Jocke and the girls:
Team photo:
SK3W Google+:

SA5CKZ Sofie
SA6BMM Jenny
SA7BUU Jennifer
SA0BSJ Joakim
SA0CAD Andreas
SA0MBA Mathias
SA2BLV Peter
SA3BPG Markus
ON3LOL Maarten
PB8DX Florian

Support team:
W7SLS   SO(A)AB HP   7822015-04-04 06:41:44
Band QSOs Pts WPX
7 3 8 3
14 8 21 8
21 6 17 6
Total 17 46 17
Score: 782
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's

Conditions seemed great, but I only had limited time to operate.
WI6I(N6XT)   SO(A)AB HP   81,1722015-04-04 11:16:26
Do to prior commitments I didn't have a lot of time to operate in this contest.
I'll try to put in more time in the next SSB CQWW WPX.
VK4KW   M/M HP   29,575,0452015-04-04 16:41:48
Great weekend with good friends at VK4KW..Look forward to the next contest.
SP5KAB   M/S HP   1,095,4952015-04-05 02:20:50
This is the 1st time our, one of the oldest ham clubs in SP, took part in this
contest. We wanted to take part even though due to our other duties we were not
able to be active over the whole period. We were working from SQ5EBM's radio
shack . Other ham radio friends payed us a visit. SQ5JOU, SP5EIG, SO5GT were
present. Propagation was not in our favor. Practically no signals from the
Pacific area. Only one VK. JAs were unusually weak. Almost no US stations
copied while they should be blowing out speakers. We made least QSOs on 40m due
to lack of time/crew.It was great fun and an opportunity for less experienced
operators to practice in an international contes.
EE1X(EB1EVX)   SOSB80 LP   79,2002015-04-05 13:46:19
IC-756ProIII + W3DZZ Dipole
TO2A(N6KT)   SOSB10 LP   8,582,5422015-04-05 21:13:45
Field Day style operation with a 5 element monobander at 6 meters high, turned
with a rope.
Many thanks to my friends FY5YR, FY5SE, and Trevis, for help in setting up the
station, and for their overall support.

73, Rich, N6KT
CS2C(OK1RF)   SOSB20 HP   10,424,0302015-04-06 04:27:26
Nice Contest. 20 m band from CT was open whole night. No JA runs.
Many thanks for the QSOs.
Jiri, CS2C / OK1RF
IKØUXO   SOAB LP   13,6682015-04-13 23:06:48
I put italiancontestclub in the log...
Thanks and Regards,
E2X   M/S HP   4,850,5362015-04-28 02:43:43
Great weekend. Propagation is not too bad in this contest. We made many QSO over
our target. Only work on 40-20-15-10 no change to try on 160-80. Thanks for all
and see you in next WPX CW.