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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2008   Warmup   Comment Summary

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VE9AA   Single Op HP   12008-10-19 06:28:43
I think nearly everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. (MUR--PHYY!!!)
Computer locked up, The logging program wouldn't take my proper gridsquare to
calculate points correctly (score indicated is a place holder), keying
interface broke, SWR went up, main tuning dial problems on rig, paddles came
unhinged and I wired up a second set instead, remote coax switch issues, New
beverage broken, . . ..and a few other things.

Still, I had a real blast ! Worked over 100 stns and just about every
single station I could hear.

Biggest DX signals: UU4JMG, G4AMT
Biggest surprise/thrill: Being called by KH6LC ! wow, thanks..
Biggest west coast signal: VE7VV (near his sunset)
Biggest DX qso I heard: K7RAT work a G just after my QSO with him...wtg Tree
Biggest dissapointment: Not many EU and almost no W6/W7 (but I did go to bed
early...just after sunset on KH6).
The one Carib I did work never gave a grid, so I scratched him from the log.
No SA or AS stns heard.

My first Stew (even though it was only a warmup).

Hope to be back for the full deal in December.

Mike VE9AA FN66
W1UE   Single Op LP   2,3852008-10-19 07:12:18
My first effort from the new QTH. Not enough activity to keep me from the Red
Sox baseball or the Boston College football games.

Put up a full size 160m dipole with the apex at 20ft; it worked about as well
as expected. Did hear G4BUE, LY2IJ, UT7QF, S59AM and EI2CN, and managed to
work G4AMT. The other Euros couldn't hear me. Kudos to K7RAT, who pulled my
sigs out of the noise; W7AT and W7AWA couldn't hear me.

Lotsa fun. Looking forward to putting up that inverted L and adding the linear
for the real Stew in Dec.

Thanks for the Qs.

Dennis W1UE
NØAC   Single Op LP   3222008-10-19 07:39:11
Got on to hand out some points. The band seemed very good with lots of signals.
I hope to operate the big Stew Perry from N0NI's again this year.

Bill, N0AC

Butternut vertical and Orion
AH8DX/W7   Single Op LP   7132008-10-19 08:23:32

Station: Icom IC-7000
TX Antenna: 1/4wave sloper hanging from a tree
RX Antenna: None
Tuner: Nye Viking MB-IV-A
# of Ground Radials: 3
Best Distance Worked: JH2FXK, Shige
South Pacific Worked: KH6LC
Heard 549 But Not Worked: VK9DXW

My score doesn't look right but anyway here it is...

After reading Tree's blurb on the Top Band Reflector about the upcoming Stew
Perry Warmup, I decided to get my traveling sloper out of my luggage and hang
it from the tree on my city property on Wednesday night under moon light so
that my neighbors couldn't see it. It is ground fed and slopes to the north. I
didn't know how this was going to work since the last time I used it I was in
the Carribean operating as FS/AH8DX on the beach. I could not get the swr lower
than 3:1 so I needed to use my Nye Viking tuner to get the swr down to 1.5:1.

I was amazed at how well everything played. I was able to hear very well on my
IC-7000 with all of the filters set up just right for my ears. I was not able
to get any RX antenna put together so had to rely on my TX antenna to do it and
it did well.

I tryed to work tons of US guys back east but to no avail. The 100 watts just
wasn't enough I guess. Sunday morning rolled around and at around 7 a.m. my
local time, I tuned across Shige, JH2FXK with a true 599 signal. I got him on
the first call but he didn't have the portable but after the next transmission,
he was able to copy fb. Thanks for hearing my 100w sig Shige, you made my day.

At the same time VK9DWX was coming in 559 working split and listening 3 down. I
tried forever to work him but it just didn't happen. I will have to get my amp
set up for the next Stew Perry.

That was a fun night. (When there's a will there's a way). Thanks Tree for
putting something up on the Top band Reflector; that's what it took to have me
put up something and get on.

Gud Dx,

Craig, AH8DX/W7 & 8R1EA
KØEJ   Single Op HP   5422008-10-19 08:24:02
Turned on the AL1200 to warm up a small helping of Stew.
73, Mark K0EJ
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   2,6872008-10-19 08:33:17
We used a K3 with subreceiver and dual Beverages, so JA and KL7 were in the left
ear and the US mainland was in the right ear. We transmitted on the shunt fed
vertical. We all like the radio. Conditions seemed somewhat worse than last
year, but if I remember right we came up to about the same score. See you all
at the end of the year.

aloha from Hawaii,

the crew at KH6LC
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   7882008-10-19 09:05:03
Well, at least we got the dust off the equipment
and got most of the wires off the ground.

To those of you that called and couldn't
get our attention, send us an email.
We'd like an opportunity to apologize and
make excuses.

We running fast as we can,
but old age is catching up with us.
Only about 7 hours in this one.

Legal limit and 40 acres full of wires.

Thanks to all for making contesting so enjoyable,

Doug, n5ect
W6NF   Single Op LP   382008-10-19 09:06:23
Antenna problem...possible bad coax. Had hoped to try my new 65-foot,
tee-loaded, vertical but Murphy had his/her way :<(
K8UT   Single Op HP   3172008-10-19 09:43:14
Ran the TopBand Challenge warmup to test my new 160m vertical in preparation for
the real thing this December. Was VERY worried when I managed only 1 QSO (yea,
ONE! Thanks, KY4P) in the first 5 hours. Fortunately, things got better after
KD5J   Single Op LP   152008-10-19 10:26:03
Didnt have much time to operate but this contest was the first for me, look
forward to next time.
K8MM   Single Op LP   1,0002008-10-19 10:32:20
I had a few EU's call me at their sunrise which was a nice surprise. KH6LC was
louder than most of the W6/W7 guys I worked. It was one of those nights where
stations were stronger on the beverage instead of the transmit vertical. Not
just quieter, but stronger according to the S meter. I stayed up too late to
get up for my sunrise, so I'm not sure if there were any VK/ZL stations worked
from my part of the world.
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   5072008-10-19 10:55:32
Score does not include the low power multiplier.

There seemed to be more activity this year as compared with last year. Condx at
this QTH were quite good. No QRN, though a lot of QSB. Glad to work KH6AT and
KH6LC as well as several European stations. Looking forward to the real thing
in December.

TX: Drake TR7 100 watts with home-brew autotuner
Antennas: inverted L and one Beverage
W1NN   Single Op LP   8462008-10-19 10:57:19
Trying out my new full-sized dipole fed with ladder line up about 50' in the
middle. Seemed to play pretty well for low power. Band was very quiet but QSB
was sometimes very pronounced. Nice to be called by F and GW at their dawn.
Only other DX worked were G and KH6. KH6LC was very loud at my dawn and was
CQing with few answers. Heard two VKs pretty well but they couldn't hear my
100 watts. Only worked one EL grid. Where were all the FL gang?

Went to bed around 10 PM local when things slowed down and got up at about 1:30
AM for the EU sunrise. That seems to be a good strategy when you don't feel
like staying up the whole night.

I really like the format of the TBDC. It's a lot of fun to watch the points
pile up on those distance contacts.

Thanks to Tree for all his work on the Stew. Already looking forward to the
December event.


Hal W1NN
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   2,0212008-10-19 11:35:53
A very nice night - stayed up for the whole thing which I haven't done in some
time. The QSOs kept coming through. Worked three Europeans (G4AMT, UA4LCH and
SP5DRH). Heard one or two others, but the opening seemed really spotty. Nice
to hear OA4TT on, along with a couple of ZLs, VK3IO and three VK6s (at 30
points each). VK9DWX knew their grid square for 23 points and I worked 25 JAs
plus RW0CR. However, T33ZZ only came up with "T30" for their grid, so no luck

It felt like activity was much more solid than the previous running and a great
warm-up for the main event coming in December.

Rig: Elecraft K3 + pair 3-500Z to loaded tower with some parasitic reflectors
for a couple of directions - but mostly used in omni mode. Various beverages
for receive.
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   1,2022008-10-19 11:39:41
Score as calculated by N1MM.

Glad this was just a warm-up. I definitely need to rethink my strategy. After
watching the Ohio State-Michigan State, Penn State-Meechigan, and most of the
LSU-South Carolina games, it was 2348 before I made my first contact. While
working N2WN @ 2357, Julius told me conditions to Europe were very good earlier
- AAARRRRGGH! I did get a few Europeans later, but missed the earlier opening.
Guess that's why they call this one a warm-up, eh?

No South America or Caribbean. Best DX signal belonged to G4AMT. When VK9DWX
showed up early Sunday morning local time, most of the remaining activity
pretty much elected to join the pile-up, so I QSYed to bed.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and let's hope for a great 160 meter contesting

73 - Rick WB8JUI
WA1FCN   Single Op LP   5882008-10-19 11:50:10
First time ever in this event.....I think low power gets a 1.5
multiplier ??Thanks KL7RA and KH6LC for returning to my CQ's.
K1IB   Single Op LP   5202008-10-19 12:17:01
Put in a few hours before quitting to pay attention to the Red Sox.

Best DX: UU4JMG in KN-85 for 32 points.
K1GU   Single Op HP   2112008-10-19 12:34:59
Getting called by two Eu and KL7RA made for an interesting hour.
K1LT   Single Op HP   1,1962008-10-19 12:44:35
This soapbox documents my continued adventures with contesting
with software defined radios and beam steering on 160 meters.
For previous installments, see

I continue on my quest to eliminate the Beverage wires from my
field. The goal this contest, besides to beat last years score
and besides staying awake all night, was to try and operate
using the beam steering phased array and not use the Beverages.

One part of the plan to meet that goal was to complete another
phased array to cover NW and SE, which is the weak directions of
the existing NE/SW broadside array. So, to that end I have
constructed a 4 element end-fire array. While 3 elements are
operational, I haven't finished the software to properly phase
an end-fire array. Also, I need to invent a mechanism to
instantly switch from one phased array to another.

So I allowed myself the use of the Beverages in the right ear,
and the phased array in the left ear. During the first half of
the test, when not expecting calls from JA & KL7, I tried
alternating between the two following search strategies:
frantically push buttons during the 3 seconds between CQs versus
listening in two directions simultaneously.

The frantic searching strategy replicates the same situation
with 12 Beverages. If the caller is strong, then rapid button
pushing usually finds a suitable antenna on which to receive.
If the caller is weak, rapid button pushing may miss the one
antenna (or direction in the case of the phased array) that
hears him.

The listening in two directions simultaneously exposes the
problem that the SDR receiver has some latency compared to the
analog receiver. The latency at this point is only 5.3
milliseconds, but that's enough to make weird echoing sounds on
strong signals. But one can get used to it. At least at 5 ms
the dots and dashes don't overlap as they did at 21 ms from last

The solution would be to "upgrade" the phased array software to
allow receiving from 2 or more directions at once. This is
perfectly feasible, except that I mechanically switch from east
to west in the broadside array. When I am able to build a
circle array (or some other radially symmetrical array), then
the simultaneous multiple directions should play very well.
sdr-core seems to support multiple receivers, although I don't
think sdr-shell makes use of that capability, yet.

The other issue I observed with using digital radio in a contest
was the "focus, pocus, who has the focus" issue (sorry, couldn't
resist the bad pun). That is, I have two windows on the screen,
one is the sdr receiver interface (sdr-shell), and the other is
the beam steering control interface (my phasor program).
Several times during the test, the focus would be on the wrong
window while my fingers are pounding on the keyboard, which
would often screw up one or the other program. If I use the
mouse exclusively, then the problem does not occur, but one
cannot make rapid and precise motions with a mouse. If I use
the keyboard, then I can change settings quickly, but only if I
notice where the focus is located before typing.

BTW, the main receiver control issue is tuning for off-frequency
stations, which can be done with a mouse gesture, or extremely
tediously with the keyboard. The second main receiver control
issue is adjusting the pass band to avoid interference and
accentuate weak stations, which can be done tediously with the
mouse, or reasonably expeditiously with the keyboard.

The main beam steering control issue is changing the beam
direction, which can be done very rapidly on the numeric keypad
(I've programmed the outer-edge keys to resemble a compass rose,
see below.) The beam can be steered with the mouse, too,
although not quite as precisely.

So ultimately, I would like the keypad to always control the
beam direction, and the rest of the keys and the mouse should
control the receiver, without having to worry about which window
has the focus. So, I have some research to do.

In general, I enjoyed this contest, because the activity is
light enough that everyone can find a frequency without
overlapping. However, the European attendance seemed lighter
this year that last, although that may have been conditions, or
maybe the Worked All Germany test drew away some participants.
So, my score went down this year compared to last.

Best DX was ZL1AIH. Couldn't find any VKs except VK9WDX, and I
assumed he was not looking for grid squares. Missed KL7FH's
grid. Didn't look very hard for JAs because I was getting quite
sleepy by that time of the morning. I took only a 45 minute nap
around 0330Z so I could stay awake for any Pacific activity.
Didn't work Asia or Africa, but OA4TT supplied South America,
once I figured out to point a beam in his direction.

See you all in the main event in December, and all of the other
160 tests in-between.

keypad compass - needs work
| Mich | N Eu | Eu | N Af |
| | | | Conn |
| 00.0 | 35.0 | 45.0 | 75.0 |
| | | | |
| Minn | | | |
| 310.0| | | A |
| | | | f 9 |
| | | | r 0 |
+------+------+------+ i . +
| W7 | | | c 0 |
| 295.0| | | a |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| W6 | | | C |
| 270.0| | | a |
| | | | r 1 |
| | | | r 5 |
+------+------+------+ i 0 +
| Texas |South | b . |
| | | e 0 |
| 240.0 |175.0 | a |
| | | n |
KY5R   Single Op LP   7072008-10-19 14:41:20
1st effort in TBDC.Managed a few hours between college football games. Was able
to snag a few EU types plus KH6 and KL7. Good activity from the "Heart of
Dixie". Was able to checkout newly errected top loaded vertical(60+radials)
without the mask of QRO. Used to both rcv and xmit on as no rx antenna up yet
this season. I think my score should have been .707. An RMS score to be dealt

Hope to see ya'll in Dec for the real event. GD Tim, KY5R
W4ZV   Single Op HP   8822008-10-19 14:51:00
After a painful experience converting CT's VHF output to an acceptable Cabrillo
file for last year's Stew, I swore to never again use CT in this contest. The
Warmup was a great chance to test several things never used before in a

1. N1MM software (directly supports the Stew).
2. Winkeyer built this summer to run with N1MM.
3. Diversity receive in my K3 (TX antenna on Main, Beverage on Sub).

N1MM worked fine for this neophyte user other than crashing my computer once.
I believe this was caused by running too many other things in background and it
worked fine once I removed them and rebooted...always a fast process in Windows.
;-) Winkeyer worked fine for computer generated code but I also had my old
Logikey K-1 in parallel for hand-sending (and redundancy). Diversity was an
interesting experience and I'm sure it helped with QSB on some signals. I
distinctly remember one DX station sending his Grid as his signal moved from
left (TX antenna) to right (Beverage) in my headphones. I probably would not
have copied his exchange with either antenna alone.

Conditions seemed good but activity became very slow after the initial flurry
wore off. After 4 hours I quit at 0230z and returned at my sunrise for one QSO
with VK6VZ (my best DX for 26 points).

The Stew is always a fun event but, in the spirit of Stew Perry himself, I hope
some well-known stations will fix their clicks before the next one in December.

73, Bill W4ZV
K6VVA   Single Op HP   12008-10-19 14:55:42
(Actual Q/Score Count = 0)

Circa 0130 UTC, the only signal I heard on the band was an EXTREMELY L-O-U-D
K7RAT. I mean, REALLY L-O-U-D !!!

When I went to transmit, my SWR pegged and the amp went into fault status. I
did take a flashlight later and checked the low inverted L feedpoint to see if
something had broken, but no such luck. Never could figure out what went
belly-up so had to miss any fun to be had.

So much for NOT checking things out thoroughly in advance ;0(


Rick, K6VVA
KL7RA   Single Op HP   1,6342008-10-19 15:29:07
Left a few hours on the plate due to earholes blown out with loud QRN crashes
from the Pacific storms which was the general direction of the prop for Q's.
Getting the call is a challenge but trying for the grid is really hard
especially when they don't send one. Left the contacts that didn't send a grid
in the log for the LoTW upload and will remove them for the log submission.
Thanks to those that came back to the freq with their Grid. Had a poor East
coast run this year which I was hoping would produce some rate and log big
distance points. For the twelve hours I was in the chair there was always
activity in the contest and stations to call even if you did have to work at
it. I managed Q's from Europe at both my sunset and pre-sunrise which is always
fun. And for the other Europe stations that just copied "KL" or "7RA", yeah,
that was me, but thanks for trying so hard. Thanks to the BARC for their FB
topband contest. 73, Rich KL7RA Kenai Alaska
W7WHY   Single Op LP   1,6122008-10-19 17:30:25
Just a few Q's during the JARTS RTTY test. I was operating SO2C. JARTS on
radio 1 and SP on radio 2. 73
VE3CX   Single Op LP   4142008-10-19 17:47:21
Decided to try LP to test out the inverted L to see how things would work. Was
quite surprised to work KH6LC. He was not loud, but he must have some
impressive receive antennas!

Thanks for the QSO's, and see you all next weekend!

Tom - VE3CX
WI2E   Single Op HP   1392008-10-19 18:33:18
I had very limited radio time this weekend (three twenty minute periods), but
enjoyed seeing what the station could do on the top band. I definitely
underrated my 160M capabilities during the PaQP. I plan to put in a more
sustained effort in December, hopefully with a receiving antenna.

Station: TS-940S, AL-80A, 43 ft. DX Eng. vertical, N1MM Logger
K9MMS   Single Op LP   5842008-10-19 20:35:37
Did not start until 0130Z due to doing antenna work. P.A. (100 W) on K3 died at
QSO 102 during a CQ run. (Basic 10-watt P.A., and rest of K3, still worked OK.)
Went to old TS-940S to finish. Activity dropped way off, so called it quits
around 0715Z. Did not hear many stations in western half of U.S.A. Only DX
worked: KH6LC, KL7RA, and G3FPQ. Never heard a Caribbean station -- very
unusual for a 160 contest.

Thanks for the QSOs.
73, Gary
N6AJR   Single Op LP   1322008-10-19 22:30:25
A couple of hours on the bad end of the Gap Voyager, ( It resonates at 1.870)
so about 50 to 70 watts and about 2 hours of casual operation. I need to get
something decent up for 160 . but it was fun :)

used the Orion and a Gap Voyager.
ZL1AIH   Single Op HP   12008-10-19 23:05:13
For upcoming CQWW and Stew Perry I needed to check a new 160m antenna - just
wish I could have stayed awake to make more QSOs but after 14 hours of
shack/160m antenna work I was happy to hear and work a few big signals from
Of course KH6LC had an outstanding signal here but working G3FPQ removed all
doubt that this small vertical is pointed in the right direction.<G>
Thanks and see you on Dec 27 in Stew Perry and RAC.
73, Ken ZL1AIH
N6RO   Single Op HP   3312008-10-19 23:08:58
Limited time due to music gigs and setting up the station for M/M in the CQWW
SSB next weekend. First contest on 160m with K3, worked great! CU for serious
STEW in December.
MDØCCE   Single Op HP   1052008-10-20 02:40:11
Force 9 gale conditions and the tower was cranked down. The antenna was a
dipole just above head height over the ground. The advantage was that it was
very quiet on receive (almost like a Beverage). The disadvantage was that it
was very quiet on transmit! Still, a few North Americans in the log and one
UA9 in 30-something minutes of operating. Contesting for 1/2 hour is better
than not contesting at all; thanks for the sharp ears and see you in the next

K6CSL   Single Op LP   782008-10-20 02:50:01
The conditions seemed not as good as last year and it seemed to me that
participation was down from last year. I think my best distance this time was
KL7RA. I did contact KH6LC but he was having trouble copying my grid square and
just went on to other calls, so I just deleted him from my log. I sure wish he
would have tried a little harder to get the fill. Either that or other stations
were just calling over the top of me, which I think might have been more likely.
TNX to the KB'ers who gave me points. Bert, K6CSL
N2WN   Single Op LP   1,0702008-10-20 04:51:12
Had my first QSO with K8JQ who was just starting to climb out of the noise. No
special Rx antenna used, I did get one short beverage up but with pending tree
work didn't run feed into the shack. Still mowing so the EU one isn't up yet,
everyone worked was heard on the Tx marconi. Conditions Saturday afternoon and
evening were quiet, noisier Sunday morning for a while.

First DX was GW3YDX, who sounded local, VERY solid signal, even with the
adjacent QRM. Best DX was S56A, who I heard earlier, when he started calling CQ
almost on top of me. Tired calling him then and when he slid up the band, but
wasn't 'til about an hour later I caught him in the DX window. Seemed to be a
lot of US running in the window, which doesn't bode well for the bigger Top
Band contests.

Rag chewed with Rick, WB8JUI and Peter, W3ZM for a few. Think Rick made a good
move working the EU sunrise, judging by his score ;o) And I'm quite sure he
won't be watching fooooball during prime hours of the "real" thing *heheh*

Looks like we'll have a good turnout for the coming 160M contests, look forward
to logging everyone.


Elecraft K3/100
72' Marconi with many chopped up radials (gotta love mowing uneven bone dry
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   1,0002008-10-20 06:00:35
Quiet condx. Western EU stations had nice signals, just not that many of them.

Best DX: UU4JMG to the east, VK6VZ to the west. (Thanks for hanging in there

See y'all in the fully cooked Stew in December.

73, Mike K9NW
KØPK   Single Op LP   1,3802008-10-20 06:11:59
Had a good time despite rather poor DX conditions up here. Briefly heard one
Irish station but no other EU. No Carribean or SA heard (unusual). A JH2 called
in around sunrise but faded away. Tried for VK9DWX but the pile was too big. By
the time it thinned out a bit he was being soaked up by the D-layer. Was nice
to work KH6LC and KL7RA.

Alternated between the FT-2000 and TS-940. I still like the sound of an analog
receiver. Switching over gives the ears a break, especially on a noisy band.

Starting to hear new local noise on 160 & 80....sounds like "ripping fabric."
I'm guessing it might be from the proliferation of new HDTV's in the
neighborhood. The noise blankers take it out, but they don't do well when the
bands are active with strong signals. :-(

Looking forward to the Main Event in December! Thanks for the Qs.

73 - Paul, K0PK
VY2SS   Single Op LP   582008-10-20 06:20:35
Rig : 100W

Antennas : Up-side-down 'L' (55 feet vertical)

Soapbox : Sorry. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

-Robby VY2SS
PA5KT(@PI4Z)   Single Op HP   9772008-10-20 15:13:57
Sorry for the long story, but here is my report:
TX: K3, Alpha 374 (400 watts). T-antenna with some radials. 220m beverage

Most of my activities are taking place at the clubstation PI4Z. PI4Z is a
conteststation which was the latest years mostly active on VHF, UHF and SHF.
144MHz - 24GHz. Antennas for HF were rebuild slowly after the broken tower in
January 2007.

Because of the small lot we have, it is not possible to have large wire
antennas throughout the year. Outside the farming season we can use the farm
land to make some antennas and to layout radials. The start and the end of the
farming season is depending on the weather. Last year they already started the
day after the cq 160 cw contest, so sometimes we have a short topband season.
Hopefully this year it starts freezing in January for 2 months.

Last week the new Elecraft K3 arrived. The kit was built in 3 evenings and the
first qso's were made. Tested RTTY and CW modes.
Superb receiver! Also nice weight, small frontpanel with just enough knobs.
Have the K3/100 with KXV and KAT options. 2nd receiver is backorder, and I also
have not (yet) bought x-tal filters.

This weekend was the Stew Perry Topband DX Challenge warm up contest. A good
contest to test the 160m capabilities of the K3.
One of my goals is to have WAS on 160m.
I used a Inv L for several years now. Most of the time without radials, just a
copper rod. Normally it was no problem to work into the east coast USA. For the
CQ 160 CW I added some (8) radials. Now I finally heard also lot of mid-west
station. During the topband dinner in Dayton I got the suggestion to change the
invL to a T-antenna. So this is what I changed last weekend. Also added some
more radials, mostly at the southside of the antenna. I have now heard and
worked for the first time WA, N7UA called me earlier in the night, but he
disappeared. Later he called me again and we exchanged te locator. Worked
W7AWA. I thought I also was called by a KL7, but openings were too short to
exchange the locator. I have the idea that it works better, but this could also
be better conditions, better receiver etc. Best DX was JA from PM84. No contact
over 10000 km.
Also managed to work VK9DWX on 160, 80 and 40, but they were not in the

Another addition is the Beverage, I made a W8JI 2 direction switchable version.
Length of the 450 Ω parallel feeder is around 200 meters. Directions are NW
(USA) and SE. Works also fine.

So I enjoyed the weekend and even worked a new state. Will be trying 160m more,
but I have to get to a (cold) club, and sometimes it is difficult to get out of
the warm bed .

During the contest also tested the 23cm EME dish which we finished this
weekend. Heard nice signals reflecting from the moon! We have to work on the
transmitter, so hopefully PI4Z will be active from JO11 during EME contest in

Coming weekend it is CQ WW SSB contest. Plan is to be active as M/S from PI4Z.
Probably with call PA5KT.

If you have heard me and called me but I did not hear you please let me know. I
am interested in other reports as well.

Overview of which locators I worked are here:

N8MR   Single Op LP   7702008-10-20 15:21:17
Conditions weren't the greatest, and I battled QSB and local QRN, but this
contest (even the Warm-Up) is always a lot of fun. Heard lots of weak signals
out there, many of which returned later with a much stronger signal. Only DX
heard/worked were G4AMT (Excellent signal!), EI2CN and KH6LC.

Looking forward to the real SPTDC in December.

Mike, N8MR
K8DD   Single Op HP   4832008-10-20 17:57:38
Great to see all the activity!
N8EA   Single Op HP   6002008-10-22 05:17:11
thumb area contesters
VE3TA   Single Op HP   4242008-10-23 18:43:27
Best DX VK3IO 16,121 KM
OH6K   Multi-Op LP   102008-10-27 11:31:04
Small operation from OH6AD's autumn camp. Pleasure to work with FT 2000 first
time. We use T-vertical from my operations in Iota and Field Days. Thanks go to
OH6VV for helping with antenna work. Hopefully Topband bug was spread around.
Thank you for OH6AD for welcoming us. It was nice meeting, sauna, food and good

73 GL
Jukka, OH4MFA