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Florida QSO Party   2007   Apr 28   Comment Summary

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DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   SOABMixed HP   2,8842007-04-29 08:20:02
TS850, TL922, 3el tribander @ 25m, Dipole
VE3XD   SOABMixed LP   130,5722007-04-29 11:29:43
Kudos again this year to the mobile ops who gave many contacts and counties.
K4KG(17), K4OJ(14), KI4TG(8), KN4Y(9), N4KK(14), N4PN(14), NF4A(10), NO5W(9),
W4AN(10), W4F(7), W4SAA(9) were especially active. Thanks to all. Maybe we'll
get 15m next year.

73, Don VE3XD
N9FC   SOABCW LP   24,7002007-04-29 14:18:16
VE3SY   SOABSSB HP   26,7152007-04-29 14:52:38
All Qs were made on 20m with Calhoun and Liberty Counties evading me. Cdx
on 40 were short so never spent much time hunting for FL.

Thanks to everyone in FL for the Qs and especially the Mobiles and Rovers
who took the time to find me again for new multipliers.

I hereby certify that no spotting assistance of any type was used during
this contest

Paul VE3SY
W1UE   SOABMixed HP   20,5742007-04-29 15:03:30
Only had a few hours to spend this weekend. Good participation, a sweep would
have been possible if I had the time to spend.

Hope to see everyone in the NEQP next weekend!

Dennis W1UE
VA3DX   SOABMixed LP   258,2502007-04-29 15:14:13
Conditions were good and poor at times...

Worked a guy in Florida , he was using a
handheld with a rubber duck antenna ...

Finished Saturday night with 66 counties.
Got the sweep , with GADSTEN cty , just after
starting up Sunday morning. Thanks to KI4TG/GAD ..

Zero heard on 15 mtrs , except some LU's..

Zero on 10 of course...

The mobiles did a great effort this year ...
too many to list ...

cu all next year..the 4 element SteppIR worked great !

Points for Contest Club Ontario - Glenn VA3DX
WB8JUI   SOABCW LP   62,0002007-04-29 15:15:01
I missed the first 6 1/2 hours of the contest due to family commitments, but
still ended up beating my last year's score by over 12%. I'm sure I missed a
few multipliers during those first hours of the contest.

15 sure was a huge disappointment and 10 was MIA. We sure could use some

10 or more CW QSOs with the following:
K4KG (20), N4PN (18), N4KK (16), KN4Y (13), W4SAA (12), W4AN (12), KI4TG (11),
K4OJ (11)

Once again, thanks to all the mobiles for keeping things going Sunday

Kudos to the FCG for a well run event.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
W4ARM   SOABMixed LP   191,0702007-04-29 15:19:31
FT-2000 Low Power to Inv Vee on 40, and Mini-32A tribander for 20-15-10.
W7WHY   SOABMixed HP   1802007-04-29 15:32:13
Just a few minutes before church this morning. Conditions were pretty punk this
weekend and temps hit 65 and sunny so spent time playing outside. See you all
in the 7QP.
KØHC(JONATHAN)   SchoolSSB HP   3742007-04-29 15:34:05
Bob, w0bh, made a quick trip back from the Nebraska QSO party to control op for
me in the FQP. I managed to make a few contacts in the first hour that I
operated with really bad operating conditions. The second hour improved and I
was able to get more for a grand total of 22 Q's. I hope to be able to work the
entire party next year and should have my own call by then.

73, Jonathan (Hesston College Student)
Hesston College ARC

Good work, Jonathan .. now you also know how to post to 3830! -- Bob, w0bh
WA2MNO   SOABCW HP   3,8502007-04-29 15:45:59
I had the Nebraska QSO Party listed in my calendar but I didn't hear one NE
station but I did hear quite a few FL stations so I switched gears and worked a
few hours of the FL QSO Party. I only worked 20M CW which was good fun.

Maybe I did hear any NE stations because I only operated 20m.

73 - Bob
W4NTI   SOABCW LP   7282007-04-29 15:51:04

Really poor propagation this year. Never heard a thing on any band but 40.

Wish they had 80m, and extend the time on both days. Give us close in guys

a chance. Guess they don't need Alabama, eh?
K5YAA   SOABMixed LP   151,7822007-04-29 15:53:33
Overheard on 20 Phone after it was over.....

Luigi -
20 anda 40 dey hadda gud seegnals. 15 anda 10 dey hadda suma too.
Larcha crowda to contenda wit. No excusa for not having a mucha funna.
Ciao, Vitorrio

My sentiments exactly Vito. Gear, conditions, Florida mobiles and fixed
stations all performed well. A sweep by getting GADSDEN at the opening bell on
Sunday AM.

Florida roads ( or maybe it's the FQP ) must be fun because a lot of foreigners
went there to run their mobiles. Continuously scanned for new counties as they
moved around the state. Great coverage of every county.

Had a two or three hour opening on 15 Saturday afternoon but not many finders.
Did get to move with 3 ops to ten meters for some "rare" QSOs.

I count 19 mobiles in my log. Here's a tally of Qs with each. A lot of
operating and some really fine counts from all of them.

N4PN - 61
K4KG - 50
N4KK - 39
W4SAA - 36
KI4TG - 34
K4OJ - 32
NO5W - 31
W4AN - 31
W4F - 28
AD8J - 21
KN4Y - 20
N4OO - 12
W5WMU - 11
N4EEB - 9
AD4Z - 8
K2CIB - 6
KC4HW - 4
W4ZW - 4
K1RQ - 3

Thanks to the Florida Contest Group for putting on another great show!

N2WN   SOABCW QRP   61,2002007-04-29 15:56:20
Wow! Lotsa action, considering how little time I put into it. Plenty of mobiles
and base stations to keep us busy. Was really happy to have some time to play
between yardwork, putting together an antenna and other home stuff, it was
loads of fun!

The A index was pretty lousy, did manage on Q on 15, no one heard on 10. Think
more Fl folks should have tried 15, heard a bit of activity there outside FL.
It was really strange having some folks pinning my S meter and other almost

Kudo's to the road warriors: N4KK (17), N4PN (10), NO5W & AD8J (9), K4OJ (8),
W4SAA (7), W4AN (6), N4EEB (5), W4F, KC4HW & AD4Z (4) and K2CIB (2).

Nice going and I'm sure I'll se a bunch of you in the TnQP.

NG7Z   SOABCW LP   1,0802007-04-29 16:09:01
Didn't have much time as the xyl and I were on a second honeymoon to Las Vegas
and didn't get back until early Sunday morning. So wasn't really pumped to work
the contest like previous years. Besides, condx were not so hot here on Sunday.
The mobiles were esp and could only hear the fixed stations. So will have to
wait until next year for a good showing in one of my favorite contests. I'll
have a beam up by then and will be better prepared.
Thanks for the q's
Paul NG7Z
KT4PD   SOABCW LP   65,2802007-04-29 16:17:55
Force12 Flagpole Vertical. Very poor band conditions, especially Sunday. Missed
some easy mults (MS, AR), but got DC.
K3WW   SOABMixed HP   86,1002007-04-29 16:37:14
Spent more time than expected, mobiles changed counties enough to keep me busy.
Very little 2nd radio, mostly doing other chores around shack between working
the guys. Thanks to W5WMU for coming back when he got to OKA, on SSB, then
moving to
CW for the CW county sweep.
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOABMixed HP   100,5902007-04-29 16:42:37
Final score is a rough guess since I didn't have FQP compatible software.
Missed first three hours and last three hours. I think I got a sweep.

Strange to lose 20M to FL from W9 before dark but that's exactly what happened
around 22Z on someone threw a switch. Fortunately, 40M was
useful somewhat earlier than one might expect and carried the load for the rest
of the night.

Great efforts (and signals!) from all the mobile ops....thanks! The usual fine
turnout by fixed stations on CW and the seemingly endless stream of casual FL
ops on 20M phone makes for plenty to do while waiting for the rover fleet to
change counties.

73, Mike K9NW
VE1RGB   SOABCW HP   74,7722007-04-29 16:48:16
Great job done by the mobiles again this year! I worked W4SAA in 17 counties,
for instance. Thanks to them, I got my very first ever sweep in anything, the
final county being Wal, courtesy of KN4Y. Congratulations to FCG for another
good one.

Rig: IC-756 PRO III
Antenna: SteppIR Vertical ("BigIR")

Gary, VE1RGB
K1BV   SOABMixed LP   44,6882007-04-29 16:49:21
Great turnout.
K8IR   SOABCW LP   112,0242007-04-29 16:51:39
Another great event!

20 was not it's usual self this year. Mobile signals were often weak,
especially on Saturday. There were some great ears out there! 20 was gone by
2030 Saturday, much earlier than in past years. On the other hand, 40 was much
better than usual, providing some of the strongest mobile signals of the weekend
in the last hour on Saturday.

There was plenty of activity, with 12 mobiles hitting double digits in my log:
K4KG 30, K4OJ, NO5W, and W4SAA 28, N4KK and N4PN 27, W4AN 25, KI4IG 21, KN4Y
19, NF4A 18, AD8J 15, N4OO 11. These stations and all the other mobiles and
fixed stations kept me busy all weekend.

Thanks to the FCG for putting on a great party.
N2ZN   SOABMixed LP   22,9682007-04-29 16:54:02
Probably should have gone all CW. Condx not so great, so calling phone stations
was like agony. Only 12 phone qso's, but at least they were all mults. Good
activity from the mobiles.
N2NC   SOABCW LP   89,5122007-04-29 16:56:10
Last county HEN around 20Z. Funny how 3 different mobiles showed up in HEN
around that time.

- John
VA3DF   SOABMixed QRP   164,8352007-04-29 16:57:29
First time for the sweep! Thanks for all the qsos..

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!
VE3BLH   SOABSSB LP   1,1022007-04-29 17:09:30
I enjoyed the FLQP. As a newbie contester, I found everybody very friendly.
I look forward to next year's contest.
Betty VE3BLH
K4BAI   SOABMixed HP   17,8802007-04-29 17:14:46
FT1000MP, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole. Skip was too long for GA to FL QSOs on most
bands for most of the weekend. Most QSOs on 20 and 15 were with big stations
in far south FL. Same was generally true for 40M, but a few times N FL
stations were worked with very weak sigs. It would help to allow 80 Meter QSOs
in this contest. Sorry conditions were so bad. Hope to do this contest mobile
from FL again some year. 73, John, K4BAI.
K8MR   SOABMixed LP   39,4502007-04-29 17:14:52
I was busy with other things on Saturday, and did my usual FQP multitasking with
yard work on Sunday. I probably should have turned on the amp when people did
not hear me, but I was too lazy.

If you got to have a solar disturbance, at least it was good to have if during
FQP, when all you can hear anyway is Florida.

73 - Jim K8MR
VE3CRU   SOABSSB LP   1622007-04-29 17:15:26
Had lots of fun in a limited time, as I was coaching a newbie for the rest of
the contest who really had fun too. Thanks to all for your patience and your
points. Thanks also to the organizers for another great contest.

As always, looking forward to next year.


W1UJ   SOABCW LP   21,5042007-04-29 17:17:11
Missed 3- MAD UNI BRA
2006 Missed 3- CAH GAD HOL
The rovers were fun, Tracking them on a map would've been benficial for those
last 3 missed.
Fun breaking in the new call.
See you in New England QSO Party.

NS3T   SOABCW LP   1,2602007-04-29 17:38:54
Propagation just wasn't there this weekend. I turned on the radio a couple
of times and could barely hear a few of the mobiles - and they could barely
hear me....but I could hear the pileups great! So I played golf and worked
on my antennas instead. In a few years...the sunspots will make this fun
again in MDC.

73 Jamie NS3T

N4BAA   SOABCW LP   49,2002007-04-29 17:41:47
Great hearing so many friends from my HOME STATE!
Sure would be nice to have 80M in this contest...Propagation for the most part
on 20 was WAY over us here in VA!

See you next year FULL BORE!

KD2MX   SOABCW LP   18,9882007-04-29 17:43:00
I had to work at it to beat my score from last year when I was a qrp entry. Did
get more Qs and multipliers but conditions seemed mostly lousy.
K5NZ   SOABCW LP   36,9602007-04-29 17:48:48
Fun event, wish I could have operated more..Had to miss Sunday after about 9am
KR8V   SOABCW HP   9,5202007-04-29 17:58:24
Wish I could have put in a few more hours. Had a great time.
WJ9B   SOABCW HP   113,0502007-04-29 17:59:44
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
K4CZ   SOABCW LP   69,6962007-04-29 18:18:14
My first FQP. Missed Collier (CLR). Thanks to the organizers and mobiles for a
great event.
K6LA   SOABMixed HP   99,1252007-04-29 18:34:46
Lots of mobiles made it fun. Most of the mobiles were piss weak most of the
time. It often took 5 or 6 shots at hearing a call and county before getting
it. Nada on 15m. No SO2R opportunities. My first county sweep in FQP.

It was fun learning what the new Icom 7800 can do. Great radio.

73, Ken, K6LA
VE3KF   SOABCW HP   12,9322007-04-29 18:36:22
Just a part time job.

73, VE3KF, Alex.
K2SX   SOABCW HP   33,7682007-04-29 18:58:47
Strange condx on Sunday. Could only work FL stations along northern border on
40 and cudn't hear anyone except WJ9B on 20 with nil on 15/10. It took me 4
hours to get the last county and then worked two of them within 15 minutes.
VE4EAR   SOABSSB LP   1,8402007-04-29 19:06:15
I have no idea what the conditions would have been like on the FL end, but here
in MB. conditions were very rough. With the A index over 30 for most of the
contest, the QRN was very high and only the stronger base stations were
copyable here. It was in the final 1/2 hour when I heard my first mobile. Still
had fun. Hopefully next year we will be back with a real antenna and some

100 W, IC746Pro and 130' doublet.


NF4A/M   SO MobileMixed LP   100,0002007-04-29 19:16:56
Thanks to all that worked me....went thru 20 counties.

Best run was FRA on Saturday night with 103/40 on CW and 3/3 on SSB.
Second was GUL on Saturday night with 92/31 on CW and 8/7 on SSB.
Wished the FL fixed stns would have stayed out of the mobile window....oh well.
I had a ball...hope you did too. Score is not correct...just entered something
to satisfy the 3830 web be determined by scoring computer since mults
have to be sorted out.
N4CW   SOABCW HP   27,7522007-04-29 19:37:54
Mobile stations did an outstanding job! Wow! Makes me want to try it.
W9RE   SOABCW LP   39,5202007-04-29 21:06:56
Saturday operation only. Wanted to get all the mults and with 1 hour to go both
NF4A and KN4Y were next to the 2 counties I needed but I didn't hear them in my
needed counties (WAK and GAD) (maybe they were going to start there on Sunday
morning). It seems like those northern counties are always hard for
me-sometimes they are right on the edge of the skip zone thus not so loud.

Thanks to all the mobiles they sure make this contest one of the "top tier QSO
parties". 99% of the time the mobiles ID'd in what county they were in (which
is great)and 96% of the time gave their callsign. It is fine to not give your
county when you are working stations but when calling CQ it is a must. It is a
little confusing when some home stations use a "call/county" because we keep
looking for it to change (but never does). The mobile window worked pretty
good but would be great if the fixed (read strong) stations stayed out of the

Thanks for fun for a day and hope to see many of you at Dayton.
VA7ST   SOABCW LP   3,0002007-04-29 21:55:50
Terrible conditions on 20M -- most FL sigs were almost too weak to work, and I
could tell by the many repeats, it was bad both ways. Still, always a pleasure
to jump in for as many Qs as I can find.
W2LHL   SOABCW LP   64,9442007-04-29 22:29:21
Couldn't break through the Collier pile-up. Oh well.
Top Mobiles: Top Counties:
K4KG (22) ORA (9)
K4KK (18) VOL (9)
N4PN (17) SAR (8)
W4AN (16)
AA4FU   SOABCW LP   39,3602007-04-29 22:37:35
I picked up 16 new counties thanks to the mobiles, but I still need Calhoun,
Dixie, and Gilchrist to work all 67 counties. I'm not sure how I missed Dixie
and Gilchrist. I worked each of the surrounding counties at least 3 times.

The mobiles were great! I logged 15 different mobiles in 2 or more counties.
N4PN was easily the strongest mobile signal and was stronger than many of the
fixed stations.

Alan - AA4FU
KE1F   SOABCW HP   102,8202007-04-30 03:47:57
S9 + power line noise and poor propagation. I hoped to do much better. Perhaps
next year.
K1RX   SOABMixed HP   80,2402007-04-30 04:43:24
Missed only one county - great activity. Wish I could have done the whole
event. 15 only opened for a very brief time on Sunday, midday. The mobile
guys did a fantastic job - they all have it down to a science in the
logging/IDing and just plain good operating.

Next weekend is the New England QSO party - hope to work you all again during
our event!

Thanks for a fun weekend. (My xyl spent much of the weekend with friends out
of the house, so left me to be a bachelor all weekend!

73, Mark, K1RX
N2CU   SOABCW LP   140,9682007-04-30 04:59:33
What can I say but - WOW! Things started out pretty slowly and band conditions
were so bad I almost threw in the towel Saturday evening. But at the break I
had 66 counties and NF4A said he would be on Sunday morning from the last I
needed - GAD. About 15 minutes before the start on Sunday I was in QSO with
NF4A when KI4TG broke in and said he was already in GAD. Got the first QSO with
him at 12:00Z and the sweep.

This was a two band contest for us up north. No propagation on 15 or 10,
although I kept checking just in case. 20m shut down early but 40m was workable
throughout the day. I do believe we are at the absolute bottom of the solar
cycle! The mobiles did an outstanding job. But one station in particular had a
hard time hearing me. He'd CQ over and over and almost never come back. Must
have had high QRN. Then there were a few that came back to me on my first call
almost every time - even when they were at ESP level and a pileup roaring. Good
ops! The mobile king this year is K4KG with 41 QSO's. Thanks George. Kudos to
all the other mobiles too: N4KK (38), W4SAA (37), N4PN & K4OJ (35), NO5W (34),
KI4TG (31), W4AN (29), AD8J & KN4Y (21), NF4A (20), W4F (17), N4OO (14), N4EEB
(10), AD4Z (8), KC4HW (6), and W5WMU, K2CIB and W4ZW (5). Total mobiles = 412.
N1MM says I put in 19.8 hours but a quick search of the log shows about 2 hours
off in 10 and 20 minute intervals, so I put in 18 BIC (butt-in-chair) hours.

Thanks FCG for another great contest and can't wait until the sunspots get
going again. Now to go look for BS7H...

FT1000MP, TH6DXX 50', 40m 1/4 wave sloper, 40m dipole 32', N1MM Logger.

Tom N2CU <><
K4KO   SOABCW QRP   8,5412007-04-30 05:01:56

Tennessee QSO Party
9 Sept 2007
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SOABMixed LP   21,1842007-04-30 06:24:40
Sorry I couldn't be on more my FL friends. Great operators as always. I could
only work the first 6 hours as Sunday was spent doing new antenna work. I hope
all had fun.

K4OD   SOABMixed LP   15,6982007-04-30 07:35:14
Category Power Mode License Class

40 59 13
20 18 0
15 0 0
10 0 0
------- ----------
Tot QSOS 77 13

QSO Points 154 13
Multipliers 37 10

Total Points 167
Multipliers 47
Subtotal 7849
Power Multiplier 2
Final Score 15698

Total Operating Time: 13.5 hours

80 Meter exclusion was a mistake in my humble opinion and should be corrected
next year.
EI5DI   SOABMixed LP   6302007-04-30 08:05:43
SD WinKey Pro3
N2AA   SOABCW LP   63,4882007-04-30 09:42:02
This is absolutely the most fun you can have with no antennas!

Great mobiles with real good ears.

Using my patented HOW (Hunk of Wire) up at 15 feet or so.

20 was awful, noisy and puny sigs. Band would go dead for
45 minutes at a time all weekend, then open up for 20 mins.

Sat on KN4Y (Holmes) for many minutes waiting for sigs to rise out of
the noise. finally was able to QSO. Same for many other mobile QSOs.

Did not use a computer so there are a few dupes. Wasn't planning to
operate but got sucked in by the whirlwind Saturday evening on 40M.

73 Gene N2AA
WØBH/M   SOABMixed LP   1,0362007-04-30 10:19:15
Enjoyed working FL stations while roving the Nebraska QSO Party from 25 counties
.. occasional S&P during slow times when FL was booming in which was most of the
hours I worked. Particularly enjoyed working N4PN mobile to mobile!

With modern log checking, don't be afraid to log a mobile in another QSO party
as a dupe when getting a second call from a different county. It doesn't hurt
your score and it would be very much appreciated on the mobile end. After a
number of B4s followed by quick CQs I decided it wasn't worth the effort.
Thanks to those of you who did figure it out and got some rare NE counties to
add to your collection. Sorry about not always sending NE first for your

One of these years I'd like to make it down and go mobile FQP .. soon I hope.
Thanks to the contest sponsors for another great event!

73, Bob, w0bh/m NE
N4PN   SO Mobile+DriverMixe HP   276,8002007-04-30 11:02:29
First time mobile in the FQP. Thanks to my friend Jeff (not a ham) for
driving again. We made four wrong turns on Saturday...better on Sunday with
only three errors but nothing serious. We ended up in CITrus county on
Saturday night which was a surprise and not on our list. Not a big problem
as was only two counties away from where we stopped for the night.
Bands were not good on Saturday and improved on Sunday.
Most Q's was in COLumbia (which I started out first few contacts
sending COL.), but we went thru there twice, once on Saturday afternoon and
again on Sunday morning. Totals: 71/27 cw - 28/14 ssb. Least Q's was first
county of contest, HAMilton. Only 16/12 cw - 4/4 ssb. We got behind on
Sunday and didn't get back to MADison, but know Charlie, NF4A was there.
Surprise was working G4BUE in last two counties (JAC & GAD) on 40 meters
on Sunday afternoon hours before sunset here....big signal!
K5YAA and W8MJ seemed to be there at the start of every county change.
Set-up this year allowed me to switch from CW to SSB much easier than
in the GAQP.
After finishing in GADsden, stopped for a "real" meal and headed back to
Macon arriving back home at 11pm...
Thanks for all of the Q' was fun!
73, Paul, N4PN

Rig: IC706MKIIG w/small linear (started out at 350w but after a few runs
the power would drop back to 250-300w). KB4ET has offered a KW Mobile amp
(draws 90amps) - that should allow me the opportunity to set the car on
fire or at least melt an alternator!! Hamoholics - never satisfied!!
Ant: High-Sierra Screwcriver
Mag-Mount w/Hustlers for 10/15/20/40 (Obviously didn't need the 10/15)
Other Stuff: MFJ Tuner, Dell Laptop w/CT, ETM-9C Keyer,
NA4K   SOABMixed LP   74,2902007-04-30 13:32:53
Good activity from mobiles and fixed stations.

Steve NA4K
W8MJ   SOABMixed LP   334,4642007-04-30 13:48:28
This year going into FQP there were reports of a solar disturbance taking place
on Friday evening, and going through the weekend. You would think that would
definitely have an effect on activity and signals. However, I thought the
activity this past weekend in FQP was exceptional. I thought the mobile
activity was the best I have ever seen it since my involvement in FQP. While
there were a few mobile cancelations schedule to be on that were not able to
be, there certainly was not a lack of mobile activity. There was plenty of it,
and my personal opinion it helped catapult the instate activity as well.
Compared to last year the in state activity seemed to be up more this year.

I figured it was important to hit the first day extremely hard given the solar
disturbance, and work has many FL stations as possible. You never know what the
2nd day will be like, but I ended up working it hard the entire weekend. The
activity kept me going. As I mentioned already, the mobile activity was
exceptional, the best that I have seen to date.

Right from the beginning I began moving people from fixed stations SSB to CW to
work, and was pleasantly surprised at the number of stations that were willing
to QSY. I want to give a big thanks to all the mobile activity, especially the
mixed mobiles for all of there efforts and there willingness to change band
modes when asked. Going from CW to SSB as a mobile is not easy, but done right
it really works out. K4KG, N4PN, W4AN, NF4A, and AD8J seem to have the master
plan on doing this. They would quickly QSY to work you and then go back to CW.
For all the out-of-state stations like myself trying to work both modes this
really helps trying to get the sweep both ways. Kudos's to KC4HW for giving me
my county sweep in CW, the last one was Oka. And to K4KG for giving me Gla for
the sweep on phone.

The band conditions on twenty did not seem too bad given the solar
disturbances. At times the mobile signals seem weak and at other times were
ok. At times it took a numerous attempts to get through, while at other times I
would get answered on the first call. One thing that did occur is twenty
shutting down early in evening the first day. Forty played extremely well and
helped make up for early close on twenty. Twenty played well the 2nd day until
the last hour when Forty was much better. The mobile activity kept you pretty
busy the entire weekend. I was pretty well spent when this one was over.
Congrats to K5YAA and VE3DX on big scores, I am sure there will be others as
well. Thanks for all the q's and the qsy's.

Over all it was a tremendous year in FQP given band conditions where they are
at. Who would expect huge scores like this at this band cycle? Hats off to
another great year by the Florida Contest Group.

Additional Information:

Uniques 261

Main Rig Q's 397
2nd Rig Q's 387

Mobiles & Rovers Worked

N4PN(54), K4KG (54), W4AN (35), N4KK (34), NF4A (33), W4SAA (32), KI4TG (27),
K4OJ (27), NO5W (26), AD8J (25), KN4Y (19), W4F (18), W5WMU (10), N4EEB (8),
AD4Z (8), N4OO (7), K2CIB (6), N1XC (6), K1RQ (5), KC4HW (5), W4AWP (3).
K2TA   SOABMixed HP   81,1892007-04-30 13:54:33
Started QRP..condx poor...went to LP..condx terrible...ended up HP.
How can I thank the mobiles????? THEY WERE EXCELLENT!!!
Sigs on 40CW during the day were just out of the noise.
Only made handful of Q's on 15M on Saturday.....Zilch on Sunday.
Did I mention the mobiles????? THANKS GUYS!!!!
This was my first Clean Sweep in any contest (ok..I did all 3 DE counties
Just missed St Lucie for CW only sweep.
I had 50k points in CW ONLY class but prefer to enter the 81k MIXED score
Rig: Elecraft K2/100 driving TenTec Titan II
Ant: 1/4 wave GP 40, A3S tri-bander on 20/15
VA3OR   SOABMixed HP   14,5862007-04-30 17:29:36
56cw and 31 ph and 51 mults = 14586
Only had a bit of time. Jumped in and out as I could.
Wish we could have so many FLA ops visit our OQP next year on 20 and 40.
KI4TG/MOBILE   M/MMixed LP   113,3122007-04-30 19:55:57
ALACHUA ALC 1 1 1 34 18 1224
BAKER BAK 3 3 9 54 24 2592
BREVARD BRE 7 6 42 90 32 5760
CITRUS CIT 4 3 12 32 18 1152
COLUMBIACLM 1 1 1 34 18 1224
DIXIE DIX 0 0 0 27 13 702
DUVAL DUV 16 12 192 69 31 4278
FLAGLER FLG 2 2 4 5 4 40
GADSDEN GAD 0 0 0 36 21 1512
GILCHRI GIL 1 1 1 18 11 396
HAMILTO HAM 0 0 0 35 19 1330
JEFFERS JEF 2 2 4 33 16 1056
LAFAYET LAF 3 3 9 47 24 2256
LAKE LAK 1 1 1 33 16 1056
LEON LEO 2 1 2 26 19 988
LEVY LEV 3 2 6 30 19 1140
LIBERTY LIB 0 0 0 34 23 1564
MADISON MAD 1 1 1 60 26 3120
MARION MAO 1 1 1 41 19 1558
NASSAU NAS 0 0 0 37 24 1776
ORANGE ORA 5 4 20 61 30 3660
OSCEOLA OSC 21 12 252 32 17 1088
SEMINOL SEM 0 0 0 10 8 160
ST.JOHN STJ 12 7 84 69 29 4002
SUMTER SUM 0 0 0 35 19 1330
SUWANN SUW 0 0 0 47 22 2068
TAYLOR TAY 8 6 48 58 28 3248
UNION UNI 2 2 4 45 21 1890
VOLUSIA VOL 8 8 64 50 28 2800
WAKULLA WAK 0 0 0 29 16 928
104 79 758 1211 613 55898
Points Mult 2 1516 111796
Radios / Stations CW IC756 Pro-2, 419A Filter, SGC232 Tuner / Whip
SSB IC756 Pro-2, 419A Filter, Hustler with 4 Resonators
All operation on 20 and 40M, Nothing heard on 15 and 10. Travel distance = 930
miles, covering 30 counties. What a blast !
K4KG   M/SMixed LP   361,9202007-04-30 20:00:40
This joint K5KG - VE7ZO mobile operation was similar to prior years with two
exceptions. First, our special weapon this year was a Force12 Sigma 5 vertical
mounted on a small steel trailer and, second, we did not try to maximize the
number of counties in our route. Last year we covered a record 50 counties,
but this year we did 44 counties at a more leisurely pace.

Trailering the Sigma 5 proved to be a challenge. In advance of the FQP, we
reserved a small U-Haul trailer. However, upon showing up to rent it with a
Ford Explorer, we were greeted with "we don't rent to no Ford Explorers". I
explained our situation to the U-Haul manager, but he was not amused, nor would
he budge. We ended up finding a trailer dealer who had a lot full of trailers
for sale, but none suitable to rent. After a lot of discussion about the
importance of this "emergency communications excercise in preparation for a
hurricane", he worked a deal (and such a deal it was!). If we purchased a
trailer ($500+, ugh), he would take it back on Monday and refund all but a
rental fee. We thought this was fair, or at least as fair as we were going to
find, so we took the deal. Bottom line: the trailer worked fine, and we did
get our money back, sans the rental fee on Monday morning as promised. Early
concerns about the Sigma 5 holding up physically with all of the jostling on a
tralier proved to be unfounded. It survived beautifully, didn't clip any
trees, and it now sports an abundance of bug splats! We would appreciate any
reports on how our 20m Sigma 5 signal compared to other mobiles.

The equipment set up was as follows: IC-756Pro2 (which never did more than 60
watts), Microham CW Keyer, Vaio running WriteLog, Targus power adapter for
laptop, High Sierra Screwdriver on the Explorer, Sigma 5 on trailer, and 15m
Hamstick on a roof mag mount. We installed a new battery in the Explorer on
Friday. This proved to be a good move, as the Pro2 would kick off when keyed
due to low voltage unless the engine was running. Once set up and fully
checked out, we experienced no equipment problems to speak of. We did have a
minor problem at the beginning with the computer locking up, but a reboot cured

I won't go over any details of our route, other than to say that we dropped a
few counties out of the plan in order to stay on schedule. Our plan was for 48
counties, but we only managed 44 when it was all said and done. The route over
the Skyway bridge and the causeway into Tampa was a thrill; the signals peaked
beautifully over the salt water and the rate to picked way up. We felt loud!

As others have mentioned, 20m petered out early on Saturday. We went to 40m at
2200z, and this was probably an hour or so too late. On Sunday, we went to 40m
at 2139z which, again, may have been a bit late. We experienced a great deal
of electrical noise along many of the roads, and we know there were times when
folks were calling, but we just could not pull them out of the S5-S7 noise
grinders. We had no noticable vehicle noise.

On Sunday morning, we erected a dipole on a zip up MFJ fiberglass mast.
Signals were 2 S-units stronger on this antenna compared with the screwdriver,
and we enjoyed a nice run for an hour on so using this antenna.

Our most worked station was Ken, W8MJ, who made it into our log 60 times.
Running a close second was K5YAA at 50. Consistently loud signals were Mike,
K9NW, Mark, K1RX, and Chris, G4BUE on 40m. We appreciated all of the many
regulars who were always there: W7SE, K2TA, W9IU, K3TW, K3WW, K4LTA, K6LA,
K8IR, K9LJN, N2AA, N2CU, N2NC, just to mention a few.

Being mixed mode to get the SSB mults is a challenge. It is difficult to get a
run going on SSB as a mobile, and we only managed a few brief runs there. But
what was most exasperating was trying to get stations to move from CW to SSB so
we could pick up their multiplier. Stations consistently refused to move up to
SSB, in spite of the fact that they could still have submitted a "CW Only" log
with SSB contacts in it. One guy said "no mike", and that is ok, but mostly we
think that the CW only ops either don't understand the rules, or they just don't
want to bother with the QSY...who knows? Each time we would ask for a QSY from
the stations whose mults we needed, although we knew full well that we would
most likely be turned down. Eventually, we got VE1OP to give us a SSB Qso, so
we jokingly asked if our requests had finally worn him down!

We want to thank everyone for all of their participation. See y'all next

73, George, K5KG
W4SAA/M   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   151,4002007-04-30 20:38:48
We had a great time in the FQP covering 39 counties in the contest van. We put
about 1200 miles on the odometer and 1514 contacts into the log. The mult count
looks to be 50. Our totals are lower this year than the last two outings, but
we still had a great time. Murphy did play a few tricks on us and condx were
awful. Of course we can't wait to do it again! A more in depth write will
follow as time permits.

40m 574 Q's 20m 940 Q's Total Q's= 1514
3,028 points X Mult=50 : SCORE 151,400 points

FT100D Ham sticks & tuner WriteLog, 2 Lap tops (Radio Log & GPS)
Driver, Navigator and Operator all rolled around in the Green Contest Machine

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Thanks for a great contest!

73 Joe W4SAA op, David KI4JKO driver & Bob navigator
NO5W   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   187,1242007-04-30 21:27:52
Radio: IC-7000 x 2
Antenna: HI-Q 4/80 with MFJ 1924 controller
Software: CQ/X de NO5W ver. 1.7
Serial Keyer: WinKey by K1EL
GPS: Garmin GPS 18PC

We're on our way back to Houston now with a stop near New Orleans to take care
of some business. The trip odometer is reading about 2500 miles and will be
around 2800 by the time we get back to Houston. About 900 of those miles were
spent having an absolute blast in this year's FQP.

Originally we were going to start the FQP in Pensacola (ESC) and end up with a
vacation in south Florida on Sanibel Island (LEE) but the requirement to be in
New Orleans on Monday following the FQP forced us to rethink the plan and
either cancel the trip or put the vacation on the front end and work the FQP as
we headed back. After a few seconds thought we decided on the latter. One
advantage to this approach was that we were able to scope out part of the FQP
trip on the way down and to test out the software on some of the coastal
counties. But easily the biggest advantage to being in the Fort Myers area
prior to the FQP was the opportunity to have dinner with K5KG, VE7ZO, K8NZ, and
K1TO about midway between Sarasota and Fort Myers on Friday evening before the
FQP. Thanks guys for taking time out to get together. It was a real treat
discussing mobile contesting over dinner with some real pros.

Conditions seemed to be pretty poor the entire weekend and our numbers were
about 400 shy of our goal of making at least 1500 Qs. Saturday started off
poorly in Collier near Immolokee near the intersection of Highways 82 and 29
with some of the worst line noise I've ever heard. After searching around
unsuccessfully for a relatively noise-free spot and with only a few Qs in the
log we decided to head on out. Things picked up as we headed north with
Charlotte (CHA) being one of our best counties. On I-75 on the northside of
Tampa in Hernando we got delayed about an hour by a traffic jam due to an
accident and about the same time the radio cratered. So we sat in traffic with
a dead radio until we could reach an exit and find a good spot to put in the
spare. With the second radio we decided to turn the output down to 50 watts in
order to improve our chances for remaining on the air until the end of the

With the exception of Union, Bradford, and Gadsden we covered all of the
advertised counties missing the first two due to driver fatigue late Saturday
and the latter due to my failure to include a brief detour into Gadsden in
Sunday's driving instructions. The following counties were activated with
indicated number of QSOs: Charlotte(54), Columbia(49), Levy(46), Gulf(44),
Hendry(42), Sarasota(40), Pinellas(39), Manatee(39), Alachua(38), Franklin(38),
Calhoun(38), DeSoto(36), Lee(35), Citrus(34), Santa Rosa(33), Hillsborough(32),
Taylor(30), Bay(30), Escambia(29), Gilchrist(29), Liberty(29), Okaloosa(27),
Jackson(27), Suwannee(27), Walton(26), Madison(25), Leon(25), Hamilton(24),
Jefferson(24), Sumter(24), Holmes(22), Pasco(21), Washington(19),
Lafayette(18), Hernando(17), Wakulla(17), Marion(12), Collier(8), Dixie(8).

Best initial ten minute hourly rates were in Charlotte(186), Pinellas(162),
DeSoto(162), Columbia(156), Bay(150), Calhoun(150), and Gulf(150).

Thanks to the following stations for tracking us during most of the weekend and
contributing more than half the Qs: N2CU(34), K5YAA(31), K9LJN(30), K8IR(29),
W8MJ(27), N2NC(25), NS9I(24), VA3DX(23), K4CZ(22), K3TW(20), K3WW(19),
K2SX(18), K6LA(18), W7SE(18), K9NW(17), WA2VYA(16), K4LTA(16), K2TA(15),
VE3KP(15), VE1OP(15), VA3DF(15), VE1RGB(14), WA3HAE(13), W8WVU(12), N2CQ(12),
W0NTA(11), K4XU(11), N5PO(10), N8NA(10), CU2JT(10), N6MA(10)

None of this would have been possible without the excellent driving of Keri, my
wife and driver, who did her usual excellent job of keeping us moving in the
right direction on one of the most aggressive routes we've attempted in about
four years of working QSO parties. Just imagine getting behind the wheel at
noon on Saturday and wrapping up Saturday night around 8 pm after about 450
miles. Then getting back behind the wheel at 8 am and staying there until 6 pm
Sunday evening after another 450 miles. I think that's pretty awesome.

Finally thanks to the organizers of FQP for putting on a really fine party. And
thanks also to the other mobiles who create the excitement that makes the FQP
the fun event that it is. We hope to do it again in future years.

WØETT   SOABMixed LP   8,0462007-05-01 08:36:40
Congrats to the FQP organizers who assembled a large number of state ops to get
on for the test. Condx fair to poor on 20m at times.

73 Ken, W0ETT
AD8J   SO MobileMixed LP   339,3602007-05-01 17:52:46
RIG: IC-746PRO and Hamsticks
VEHICLE: 1993 Saturn Coupe, 190,000 miles, MOSTLY PLASTIC !!!
Sure was a lot of smoke, from the fires, in the north part of Florida. I did
better than I did last year but couldn't get anything going on SSB. As a
result, I was just able to work the out of state big guns that were calling CQ
(some calling CQ in the mobile window!)so my phone mults were rather
K4XU   SOABCW HP   25,7402007-05-01 23:07:12
Mobile sigs were so weakened by conditions that several exchanges were conducted
by ESP. However, there was never a mobile signal I could not copy eventually.
However, there were big differences in how well they could hear. Kudos to W4SAA
KN4Y, K4KG, N4PN, W4AN and NO5W all of whom were worked in 11 or more counties.

This was a fun test even though conditions were about as bad as they get. My
thanks and continued admiration for the ability of the organizers to run a
first class outing year after year.

See you in the 7QP/NEQP/IQP this coming weekend. I'll be mobile in 25 counties
in SW Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Dick k4xu
K2ZR/4   SOABCW LP   33,5962007-05-02 11:11:10
Conditions were poor in Key West on Saturday. On Sunday, conditions were fair.
Rig: FT-900 run at 75 watts to a 40M Windom Dipole up 15' to 25'.
As always, lots of fun!
CU next year from the Southernmost Ham Shack in the Continental USA - IOTA
Oldtown Key West, "The End Of The Road" - US Route #1, Mile Marker 0
N4JF   SOABMixed QRP   85,0502007-05-02 15:45:18

N4EK   SOABMixed LP   111,5202007-05-03 07:23:27
Well, not as good as last year. again heard nothing on 15 or 10 meters anytime i
checked. fun time was had a fun run on 40 meter cw on saturday between 0110 and
0150z. had a run of about 64 qso's on about 7031khz. shortly after i called and
had big pileups, here comes a rtty station right on top of me. well, i just kept
running until the qso's ran out. i bet a cw decoder could have copied anything ?
what a racket.

anyway, there's next year!!

73, ed

W4AN/M   SO MobileMixed LP   411,1802007-05-03 07:25:48
Multi-op Mixed Mobile (class not listed above)

It was fun to operate mobile in the FQP again after a two year
absence. The W4AN/m setup was the following:

Icom 756PRO

40 meters -Hustler RM20 with DX Engineering Hot Rodz capacitance hat
(Six 24 inch rods)
20 meters -Hustler RM15 with DX Engineering Hot Rodz capacitance hat
(Four 6 inch rods)

These were on the 4.5 foot MO-2 mast which was mounted on trunk.

20/15/10 meters - Hustler MO-4 (22 inch) Mast with VP-1 triband adapter - Had
RM20S, RM15 and RM-10 resonators. On trunk lip mount of my Toyota Avalon.

Also had K4BAI's Alinco DX-70 as a backup radio. Also had his MFJ tuner to
tune the 40 meter antenna to SSB. The 20 meter antenna with the Hot-Rodz
had a SWR below 2:1 from CW all the way to about 14.300.


We left my QTH around 8:30 AM and drove to Dothan, AL. Had lunch there
before the contest started at noon. We started the FQP at the Florida
welcome station just south of Madrid, AL (at the AL/FL border) First county
Jackson county. At the start it was apparent the propagation from N FLA was not
very good to anywhere. We had many unanswered CQ's. At that time we decided to
alter our planned route and head south towards the Gulf coast. Headed toward
the St George Island area. We drove across the causeway over to the island so I
could show Pat where N4PN's house was. It was interesting that the signals
peaked when we were on the causeway (over the salt water) and when on the
island. The condx were much better this far south. 20 meters died very early -
around 2230Z or so and did mostly 40 meters after that. We headed east on US 98
from St George toward Perry. From Perry south on US 19 towards Fanning Springs.
Went over to I-75 and ended day one in Kissimmee, FL. We ended day one driving
around 600 miles (414 of those in Florida) 800 somethig QSO's in the log and
about 14 counties at the end of day 1.


After a good nights rest at the Best Western in Kissimmee we started out at
8:00 AM sharp. Took US 192 over to the Florida Turnpike and headed southeast
toward Ft Pierce. First hour only 40 meters was open. We were working W6 and
W7's on 40 almost a couple hours after our sunrise. 20 meters finally opened
around 9:00 AM. We spent the morning hours switching between 20 and 40.
After about noon we were mostly on 20 meters where the conditions were much
better than they were on Saturday.

We had decided before hand that since there were so many mobiles on and most
of them would cover all the counties that we would not rush to get from county
to county. Driving north from Ft Pierce we spent a lot of time on Florida A1A.
I think being close to the sea water might of enhanced our signal. We stayed on
A1A from Ft Pierce to Coca Beach. We bypassed Daytona Beach and headed back over
to I-95 and then back over to A1A around Ormand Beach. Stayed on A1A all the way
to St Augustine. We then cut back over to I-95 towards Jacksonville and then
west on I-10. We ended the FQP in Baker county. Day 2 yielded about 800
somthing more QSO's and about 12 counties.

Hopefully Pat, N8VW had fun in his first FQP from Florida. We got to see some
places in Fla that we had never been to before. The conditions were not very
good by FQP standards but still we had a good time. Thanks everyone for all the

Some Statistics:

About 1250 miles driving during the weekend. (about 900 miles of that in

5 tanks of gas - It was around $3.00/gallon in most of Fla. I can't imagine
what you guys in those big SUV / Pickup trucks spent for gas !!!

Other Mobiles spotted : We had KK4TA drive by us in Levy county. I think we
were on Alt 27 at the time.

Hope to be back (with K4BAI !!!) next year....

73, Jeff KU8E
KN4Y   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   30,4112007-05-04 13:02:17
Nice run Saturday on 20 and 40 meters, nothing on 10 or 15 meters. Sunday
morning had to fix stupid before going again. Sunday mostly 20 meters. Did not
do entire time due to butt fatique.
K4FCG(@WK2G)   M/SMixed LP   527,0582007-05-05 18:00:16
Operated LOW POWER with Merrill at his home station, WK2G. We used WriteLog and
our summary score sheet did not even come close to reporting and scoring what we
achived. In trying to straighten it out with an EXCEL conversion of the log, I
still wasn't able to determine our true number of CW and SSB MULTS but feel
fairly confident the the total MULT of 143 by the WriteLog Summary is at least
on the low end. We'll let the log checking committee do their majic and make
the final determination. Needless to say, using the FQP CLUB CALL -- K4FCG --
the fun we had over the weekend during the 2007 FLORIDA QSO PARTY was wonderful
comradship. My thanks to Merrill, MaryAnne, the "good" dogs (who didn't bite
me) and the StarBucks coffee! We kept the chair warm as best we could !

And thanks to all stateside and DX stations that parcipated in the GREAT 2007
FLORIDA QSO PARTY again this year.

73 / OJ FRANK (K4EJ)
KC4HW   SO MobileMixed LP   24,0532007-05-06 12:27:29
ok this is my unofficial score. I was surprised to do so well. Just used an
old 97 Ford Crn Vic with 280,000 miles, IC706MKII, Screwdriver, microKeyer
interface and a HP laptop. Unfortunately, I did not get the rig control
working until after the contest (with W4TV's help--Thanks!) No coffee on the
radio this week so everything worked pretty good.

I had a real good time, thanks to everyone for slowing down for me, maybe next
year I will get a little better. Was better this year, but still have a long
ways to go..

Shameless Plub: Look for the Alabama QSO Party on Jun 2nd.


Single Op no driver!!!
W4LT   SOABSSB LP   78,7202007-05-06 12:42:11
As usual, lots of fun for a low power station.
K4QD   SOABMixed LP   63,2482007-05-07 07:01:43
I operated portable from a friend's home in Wauchula, FL in Hardee County. I
used a compact vertical dipole on 20M and a dipole on 40M. I tried several
times to get things going on 15M, but had no luck there. Jan, K4QD
N8II   SOABSSB HP   16,4562007-05-09 06:01:35
At this point near the bottom of the cycle, it's impossible to be
competitive in the FQP from this area because of skipping over FL on
20 M. By 21Z Saturday 20 was virtually dead to FL. Sunday, 20 didn't
really open until about 1430Z and then northern FL was skipping over
my QTH near DC all day. The closest I could work was BRE/CIT/PIN and
briefly into ESC/ALC. My main focus was the NeQP; with a full blown
effort maybe 50-70 more phone QSO's would have been possible. 40 meter
phone was a very lonely place Saturday night at the same time the CW
end was loaded with strong mobile signals, so I started a check log
on CW and ended up making 100 Q’s about half on 40. I didn't have my
5 el 20M yagi until after 17Z Sunday due to rotator problems which
hurt as well.
I do appreciate the calls from the mobiles and all the casual ops on
20, but can't really say it was fun. Phone mobile activity did seem
to be up and thanks to K2CIB and NX1C for searching me out. I
probably won't be back until 2009.