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August UHF Contest   2011   Aug 6   Comment Summary

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K9JK/R   Limited Rover LP   10,8002011-08-07 20:12:58
An issue with a family automobile that required the rescue of a damsel in
distress (my wife) thwarted the 10 Grid Rove that I had planned but at least I
was still able to "rescue" some activity in the "local" 4 Grids.

I only managed to link up with 19 different stations, but thanks to ALL who
were on and active.

Have I mentioned that I'd LOVE to see 250 Logs Submitted in this year's UHF
Contest? As if my last check of the Logs Received Report, only 216 to go!

Don't forget to post things in the ARRL On-Line SoapBox for the UHF Contest or
feel free to drop a note directly to me, hamk9jk (at) ameritech (dot) net,
about something unusual or different that you did or experienced. I will be
writing the Results article for this contest, to appear in the January, 2012,
issue of QST (and "extended" article on the web).

73, JK
K2DRH   Single Op LP   156,7802011-08-07 22:31:30
The usual flurry of getting stuff ready and broken stuff fixed occupied the week
before the contest. Amazingly it all came together and everything was working
pretty well except 902/3 which still didn’t hear as well I think it should.
Wonderful high pressure and thermal inversions yielded great tropo conditions
right up the day before the contest. Of course the bands were pretty much
summer average for the contest.

The Rovers were out and I was able to track 5 of them in all the grids they
worked (plus a bonus rover that I don’t normally hear) on Saturday but lost
two of them completely on Sunday. Only 3 had multiple SHF bands and I was able
to sweep one from 222-3456 from all the grids he visited, then almost sweep the
other two (missed a 3456 contact with one and a 2304 with the other due to them
being around 300 miles out and the conditions/terrain not cooperating at the

Almost all of the rovers I work are at least 100 to 300 miles away and many are
very well equipped. With good time schedules, favored operating frequencies and
6 digit grids published on the internet reflectors and spreadsheets before the
contest, they are a lot easier to hunt and find. We consider 100 miles a chip
shot in the Midwest and run the bands on SSB. Every once in a while (once
every couple of years) someone will come into my grid and I’ll actually get
to work it on SHF! I’m still waiting for an EN41 3456 contact though. While
none of them make specific skeds with me (unless it’s something like - come
back in 15mins I’m band running stations in a different direction now), they
know the station can reach out to them, so they will look my way in every grid.
I just have to be there when they do.

It’s a good thing the Rovers were there because pretty much the only other
stations I worked were the 3 or more band stations. Participation from the
single or 2 band ops seemed almost non existent. The totals on 432 were way
down from a few years ago. I usually work about twice as many stations on 432
as I do on 222 in an all band contest, and maybe a third as many on 1296. Even
in the UHF a lot more 432 Qs go in the log than on 222. But this contest 222 and
432 were just about equal and 1296 was not that far behind! Either more folks
are finally getting on 222 or only the better equipped stations are playing in
the UHF contest.

73 De Bob
W9SZ   Single Op LP   27,5312011-08-07 23:43:49
I operated portable from a hilltop. I ran mostly 10 watts or less; I had an amp
for 432 but it had problems.

Conditions not great on 222 and 432 but seemed to get better the higher in
band. 3456 and 5760 saw really good conditions. There seemed to be fewer
stations on this year than there were last year; I don't know where they all

Weather wasn't too bad, the thunderstorms in the area missed me and I had fun.
K1RZ   Single Op HP   43,8182011-08-08 05:37:18
Too many scattered rain storms made the condx fairly poor over the
whole weekend. Glad that so many came on in spite of the condx.
See everyone in September. K1RZ
N1PRW   Single Op QRP   3362011-08-08 07:03:18
Another QRP operation from the summit of Pack Monadnock in southern New

Station Equipment

- Yaesu FT-817ND
- Elk 2M/440L5 portable log periodic antenna
- 8' Tripod
- 12V gel-cell battery

- Icom IC-3AT 220 MHz HT

Max power: 5 Watts

I returned to Pack Monadnock for a short afternoon with my standard FT-817ND
QRP kit. The summit was a few degrees cooler, though humid and lost in hazy
skies. Weather remained dry until 2200 UTC when light rain began to fall.

I brought a non-ham friend to the Pack Monadnock summit on Saturday afternoon.
Within a few minutes of arrival at the summit it was clear there was an
situation involving two lost teenagers who had wandered from their family so we
asked police if they needed help. They were short of personnel so we walked the
trails with other volunteers near the summit in the search effort. The lost
boys were found within the hour, so we returned to setting up.

My Yaesu kit doesn't have 220 MHz so I brought a IC-3AT just in case I found a
way to use it despite it being an FM transceiver with a rubber antenna. I
actually made 4 Qs with it on 223.5 MHz FM picking up 3 grids in the band.
Definitely worthwhile. I'll bring 220 FM to the September VHF.

432 was going well and I was able to work FN22. Almost all Qs made by calling
CQ and letting them find me. After the summit closed I set up again at the
Miller State Park base lot. The base lot has a good shot to the west so I
thought I'd make an effort while the band seemed hot. Light drizzle had started
to fall. No Qs were made.

I had expected poor results given my low power and band limitations. My
expectations were exceeded with 16 Qs. Equipment worked perfectly. FM on 220
proved much better than nothing. I should consider a light rover effort next
year between FN42 and FN32.


Thanks to all, and also thanks if you tried for the FM Q on 220.
K4LY   Single Op LP   2,7452011-08-08 08:03:35
Could not get my 2304 to work after getting stacked 45 el loop yagis on tower at
73'. My 902/903 doesn't work very well! The old 8/8 skeleton slot (circa 1968)
on 222 works FB. The stacked M2 14 wl yagis on 432 worked FB. My 10W to the 55
el LY on 1296 with my only mastmounted preamp worked FB.
I have used the internet in some recent V/UHF contests so haven't been
submitting scores. Wish they changed the rules because it's more fun to make
more contacts! Thanks to the rovers and portable operators. Wish the guys in
the Washington/Baltimore/Philly megalopolis would look down this way. Stations
I can always work with a sked were never heard, though I listened and called CQ
that way frequently. I worked 2 staions in PA, none in MD or northern VA, and 5
stations (6 grids)in Florida with at least 7 contacts on 222/432 over 400 miles
with 100W low power (2 contacts over 300 miles with 10W on 1296). Conditions
were typical summer- a little early morning enhancement out 300 miles or so.
AF1T   Single Op LP   23,2322011-08-08 12:22:04
Conditions and activity level didn't seem very good. I'm planning to improve my
station and get the antennas above the trees.
WZ1V   Single Op HP   1,1312011-08-09 05:12:51
Operated just a few hours Saturday and a few more Sunday on 432 only.
Activity was sparse Sunday. Did OK considering, mini-station here is
just a Directive Systems 11 el on 5.5 ft boom at 40 ft + 400 W.
Thanks for the QSO's.
73, Ron WZ1V
WØZQ/R   Rover LP   141,4262011-08-09 07:50:07
The 81 mults include 7 activated grids. Saturday afternoon/evening I operated
from SE MN in EN44/43/33/34. We had good weather and above average "local"
propagation until a cold front and corresponding thunderstorm chased me home
around 9:30 pm. I did miss the hail. Sunday morning I operated from just west
of the Twin Cities in EN35/25/24. Morning conditions were subpar with cool
temps (67), a low ceiling, damp, and no wind. Conditions did improve though
the morning hours. For the contest I worked from EN08 to EN51, and from EN74
to EN32 and had a hoot. Thanks for all the Q's. 73, Jon.
WA6ZTY   Multi-Op LP   7,3502011-08-09 08:07:59
Operated portable from a 6000' fire lookout in the Sierra's. It's 1400' lower
than last years site, but has a much better view, we doubled last years score!
Doing a hilltop expedition is a major effort, antennas, food, masts, generator,
food, tables, chairs, food, shade tent, 15 miles of gravel roads, not to mention
setting up camp. Even though our score doubled,I would have hoped to work more
stations considering the effort expended!
WA2FGK(K2LNS)   Single Op HP   145,5302011-08-09 09:17:43
Slightly lower score from last year. Not sure if it was a sign of the times or
the weather here in the North East. Constant rain on Saturday from the
beginning of the contest for many hours. Equipment seemed to work OK. So sad to
have so many grids not being operated in. Especially with all the equipment that
sits on shelves. The less activity will bring less activity in the following
years. I look forward to the 10 ghz and September contests
73's Herb at FGK
K3TUF   Single Op HP   70,6022011-08-10 08:07:39
Great contest, I love the length. Thanks to the six rovers that I worked:
VE3CRU, W3BC, KJ1K, W1AUV, WA3PTV and Packrats finest, K1DS.
It was great to work out to EM89 and down to EM95. Always nice grids on the
microwaves from FN10.
Had hoped to get 5, 10 and 24 working on the new tower but the three H's kept
it from happening: Hornets, Heat and Help. Maybe September.
73, Phil K3TUF FN10we
K1TEO   Single Op HP   112,0142011-08-11 08:06:27
I was hoping to be on longer but in the end operated about 7 hours on Saturday
and a couple on Sunday. During the June contest I experienced problems on many
bands which took a good deal of time to fix so it was helpful to get on and
test drive the bands. I found that everything except 3.4 ghz worked normally
again, though after torrential rains Saturday night and Sunday morning the swr
on 432 was 3:1 (found a good deal of water in the rotor loop after the
contest). Not sure what's up on 3.4 ghz so back to work....Anyway, nice to get
on as always in the UHF test. While activity is always modest here in the NE it
is fun to work on these bands. Special tnx to the rovers who account for a lot
of the interest - I worked W1AUV, K1DS, VE3CRU, AB2YI, KJ1K, and AA1I this time

73, Jeff K1TEO
VE3CRU/R   Limited Rover LP   8,7002011-08-14 10:49:14
Score includes 4 mults for 4 grids opened. The decision to rove came late so
bands were limited to 3 and grids to 4. Conditions were poor and I am happy
with the results. High Q's went to K1TEO FN31 10 and VA3ST FN03 11. Worked
K1RZ FM19 southeast but heard nothing past EN92/EN93 in VE3.

Many thanks to all who participated and made the contest fun.
Thanks also to the ARRL for sponsoring the contest.

73 Bill VE3CRU/R