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Makrothen RTTY Contest   2012   Oct 13   Comment Summary

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VA2UP   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   1,893,0302012-10-13 20:06:22
Very bad conditions from here , unable to hear DX on most bands, heavy flutter
on 20M and you name it. Thank God for good domestic NA activity that provided
some fun time.
Cut things short saturday and went to play with the rest of the family.
It happens, too bad because I really like this contest.
Thanks organizers and all participants and hope for better conditions next

73, Fabi va2up
N2KI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   479,9302012-10-14 04:56:08
Only a small window to play today.
NK7U   MO/Single Xcvr HP   39,6762012-10-14 08:36:05
Planned to play around in this during the weekend but awful propagation
conspired against that plan. Will try again in JARTS next weekend.

VE3XD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   369,5612012-10-14 08:41:19
40 watts into attic mounted 20 and 15 meter Par end-fed dipoles. Tough going but
nice bounce in conditions into Europe Sunday morning on 15 meters.
N8BJQ   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,442,2042012-10-14 08:49:18
Best DX was E21YDP on 20 about 30 min before the end.
S56A   SO/Single Xcvr LP   943,1722012-10-14 09:04:57
Timeshare with OC CW and SAC SSB. I like distance scoring but I'd also include
DXCC mults.

W6SX   SO/Single Xcvr HP   462,3082012-10-14 09:06:49
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, N1MM
N2FF   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,812,5852012-10-14 09:07:13
Conditions were not good for most of the contest's three periods, but Sunday
morning things improved. There was a small opening into Europe on 10 meters and
I was able to work a few stations on low power when the amp started to spit at
me. I don't think too many caught on to the fact that 10 was open. Once again
15 was the main band.

I decided to throw in the towel with 45 minutes to go after working E21YDP for
13,994 point. That was going to be hard to beat. Sure wish I could have had
more contacts like that. I saw a DJ stattion work him and swung the quad at him
and sure enough I could print him. Fortunately there was no EU wall calling
him. After working him I listened to him call CQ for about 3 minutes with no

Thanks to all the stations that worked me though the noise. I had some nice
KA2D   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,971,5382012-10-14 09:10:49
F12 XR-5 @ 20 meters, F12 D-140 @ 23 meters, wire vertical for 80.
WN6K   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,460,3412012-10-14 09:13:42
Ever try to skip a rock across the Brea Tar Pits? It won't happen...that is
what it felt like doing this contest with no relief from the High A index. I am
beginning to wonder if poorer SSN but a more stable Sun is better than higher

For score wise, this one boosts your early ego as they add the kM between
maidenhead points - so it was fairly easy to get to 1M+ but if you couldn't not
find any DX, it took a lot longer to get the totals up.

The DX was sparse here in the lower corner of the Left Coast and I was
disappointed to work so few JAs - especially Saturday/Sunday morning.

The other unique feature of this contest was it's division of 3 distinct
periods with everyone being off at the same time. Good for resting - but only
the last two hours brought ANYTHING of value of the last eight hour session.

K1SFA (she works at the League) was my only ALL-BANDS contact and when I looked
her up on QRZ, it shows that she is an accomplished RTTY contester.

Thanks for all the Q's

WN6K, Paul
W5DQ   SO/Single Xcvr HP   864,4832012-10-14 09:16:22
Activity and propagation was lacking this year. Only got in about 16 hrs and 80M
and 40M really never broke open like I had figured they would. In fact Heard
almost nothing the first half of the 3rd period then 40M opened some and 15M
open up right afterwards with lots more activity so I switched to 15M and
stayed there most of the last half of the 3rd period.

But fun as usual.
K4GMH   SO/Multi Xcvr HP   3,094,8182012-10-14 09:28:56
Thanks for the Contest. Also, thanks to all the QSOs from those kind enough to
work me.

Like the format - true DX contest!

Not as much time as would have liked for operating. At the start of the second
segment, was adjusting the amp. when heard a "thunk". First thought was a short
and the RFC was a ceramic rod with molten copper all over it. Shutting down the
station, opened the amp. Turned out the shaft coupling for a vacuum variable
capacitor slipped. This allowed the capacitor to retract. The "thunk" sound
was the vacuum cap. retracting.

Mike, K4GMH
F5RD   SO/Single Xcvr LP   824,9122012-10-14 09:52:58
Transceiver : ICOM IC-751AF 80W in RTTY
Antenne : Dipole 80/40m and GP 20/15/10m
No great DX contacts for me. No VK, no ZL,
and no South American station here. Too bad !
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
N2WK   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,104,3212012-10-14 09:59:27
Man, was that a lot of work. K index 3-5 all weekend just not good for us above
43 Deg. Thanks to all for pulling my weak signal out.

73, Wayne
XE2B   SO/Single Xcvr HP   691,1502012-10-14 10:21:58
1st. time on this contest.
I enjoyed the format.
Thanks for the Q's.

Using FSK homebrew adapter.
FT-1000MP+AL800H @ 200~400 watts
10M: 3 ele yagi @27 mts height
15M-20M: Vertical tribander Force12 VR3

Logger by N1MM + MTTY
VY2LI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   2,760,8282012-10-14 10:35:40
Wow,this was tough sledding in what is one of my favorite contests.Love the
format.Scheduling is great for family and oldtimers like me.Condx on the higher
bands were nothing short of abysmmal on Saturday.Was going to op LP,but quickly
retought that.Best DX was ZS6WB,but VU2NKS came close.Hope we got into your

FT-950,Rigblaster Plus,N1MM
Wilson SY-1 tribander @60M
Rotatable DP @ 70'
1/4 vert on 80
Alpha 374A(v.Dick Byrd)
NR4M   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,868,6462012-10-14 10:38:50
Did not like what I saw re condx before the contest and after first 3 hours
decided I MUST have something better to do.
Worked on/off the rest of Sat and Sun. Put a total time in off just under 7
Beautiful wx this weekend, so found many, more productive things to do
Thanks to all for the contacts!

73 de Steve, NR4M
WB2RHM   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,801,6482012-10-14 11:02:42
SO1R effort only, because SO2R is not ready for prime time in my station yet.
We must have had magic propagation conditions year last year..... I worked
just as hard this year but only made half the QSOs and half the points......
never heard a JA or AK or HI from NC, but picked up Samoa and India..... think
it had to do with the U.S. cut in half by the intense weather front and the
solar storm. FWIW Love my LP-Pan hooked to the Orion via NaP3. No skimmer.
Now on to JARTS(no sleep) and WAE(wonderful QTCs). 73, Ben
HA5BSW   SO/Single Xcvr LP   912,8202012-10-14 11:18:30
This is the first time I attended this event.
There were no outstanding activity and propagation was outstanding.
In any case, the competition for what little time I spent a pleasant earmark.
RIG IC 746 Ant Stepppir 4 ele from 40 to 6 meter.
GMØFGI   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,024,3002012-10-14 11:54:49
Frustrating contest, conditions poor and an FSK intermittent problem lost me a
lot of time and contacts. Apologies if I lost you mid QSO.

Thanks to organisers and for all contacts.
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   30,0002012-10-14 11:56:57
Equipment used: K3, 5 meter wire on flag pole with ATU

Only an hour on Saturday morning just before heading to RSGB convention.

Like other "RST is not required" contest, I felt QSO is speedy and pleasant.
I use Win-Test for logging so claimed score is rough estimate.

Thanks for QSOs and see you in JARTS RTTY next.

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
K9MUG   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,291,1122012-10-14 12:08:28
Still my favorite format for a rtty contest.The distance factor plus the low
band multiplers are a big part of this test.

Unfortunately, the props on the low bands were not cooperative, but the
was still great fun.I always enjoy seeing old rtty friends in this one.thanks
to all who QSO'd with me and congrats again to the organizers.

NX8G   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,027,0482012-10-14 12:34:37
I appreciate that this contest has a class for single transceiver. Those of us
that can't, or don't wish to operate multiple tranceivers are at a distinct
disadvantage in other contests.

Propagation seemed poor. 0800Z - 1030Z on Sunday was really quiet. I only
made 4 contacts, then went back to bed for a couple of hours.
NC5O   SO/Single Xcvr LP   258,7242012-10-14 12:37:07
Wish I had more time good contest.
NA2M   SO/Single Xcvr HP   970,4762012-10-14 12:52:21
Poor condx on 20-15-10
Station: Elecraft K3/KPA500 300W
Antennas: 15M Colinear on 80, 40, 15
Cushcraft R5 Vertical 20-15-10
K2YG   SO/Single Xcvr QRP   517,0602012-10-14 13:10:12
1 Watt Elecraft K2 Tribander & Wires
KD9MS   SO/Multi Xcvr LP   171,8002012-10-14 13:39:54
Band conditions wer bad thanks to old Sol! Couldn't really decode much
on 40m late because of it. even the stateside stuff was bad. Only got
to work a little while due to work and keeping the kids. This was
still fun and I will try to work this one next time!

73, Craig KD9MS
5P9X(OZ9GA)   SO/Single Xcvr LP   1,806,9942012-10-14 14:15:13
Tnx fer the Q's - Had only 8 ours to play.

73 de 5P9X (OZ9GA)
WW4LL   MO/Single Xcvr HP   4,260,9542012-10-14 14:38:46
First time entrant into this contest but I like the format very much.
Conditions not good Saturday but much improved on Sunday, particularly on 15
meters. Not a lot of participation in this contest but I'm very thankful to
those that did and made it enjoyable.

Thanks to Eric, W4DXX for flying up and performing station maintenance on
Friday. It was fun having Jeff, KU8E join us after the Georgia Contest Group
breakfast Saturday morning.

Next test from here is CQWW SSB and looking forward to another fun contest
season. Good health to everyone!

Fred, WW4LL
LTØH(LU3HY)   SO/Single Xcvr HP   5,089,8502012-10-14 15:09:08

No very good Condx, TNX all QSOs

73 Juan LT0H (op LU3HY )
N2BJ   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,040,3202012-10-14 16:03:28
poor conditions again
AL9A   SO/Single Xcvr HP   505,8582012-10-14 17:06:10
Disappointing weekend. Had many family conflicts during the first 8 hour
session that limited my time at the radio. Then late Friday night we had a
major Aurora display that was awesome to look at, but turned out to be a RF
killer. When the A index is 36, time to pack it in. The bands from AK were
utterly dead for the rest of the weekend. See you next year - I hope!
VA7ST   SO/Single Xcvr HP   968,6662012-10-14 17:06:44
What a waste of a perfectly good contest -- bands were in terrible shape for one
of my favorite events of the year. A index was above 40 for a while, and Aurora
hit 10 at least twice.

Band QSOs Pts
3.5 4 5954
7 92 412786
14 128 454910
21 25 95016
Total 249 968666

The rotten conditions must have deflated a lot of operators, because activity
seemed to be far, far lower than previous years. It wasn't just conditions
hiding signals -- 15M was strong to NA but the band wasn't exactly full of

JA and Pacific stations were too scarce (Oceania CW was on, too). Would be
great to get them out in greater numbers for this one (partially offsetting
some of the advantage the non-polar path to Europe gives to those east and
south of we auroral-zone denizens).

No Europe from here on any band until the final hour on 20M. And sure enough,
after watching 20M all weekend, when it did open I was up on 15M making no Qs
-- until I checked 20M with 20 minutes to go. Made as much as I could of the
late discovery, but I fear I missed a lot of points by bleating pointlessly on
15M when 20M was finally opening over the pole.

Must reiterate the sad state of 80M. This is a lost opportunity for all of us.
Just 4 QSOs despite 80M being a band that is open for two-thirds of the contest
and offers double distance points. What a wasted chance to really break open the
points vault.

Very disappointed to receive my lowest average points per Q since this contest
began in 2004. But bands can't be this bad again next year, right?

Thanks for the contacts, and to DK3VN and the Makrothen Contest Group for
organizing the event.

I spent some time on Sunday afternoon in the Pennsylvania QSO Party. Checking
10M around 2000z I found it open with booming signals from all over -- if only
Makrothen had been a day later, scores would have been extraordinary.

-- Bud VA7ST

------------- Points/QSO ---------
Year Qs Points Hr 80M 40M 20M 15M All Pwr
---- --- --------- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ---
2012 249 968,666 10 1.489 4,487 3,554 4,921 3,890 HP
2011 357 2,088,392 13 3,606 4,922 4,835 5,810 5,221 HP
2010 198 1,007,226 8 2,646 4,763 5,359 2,642 5,087 LP
2009 335 1,798,316 13 4,690 4,748 5,741 0 5,368 HP
2008 250 1,156,332 10 5,251 4,732 4,071 0 4,625 HP
2007 374 2,051,462 13 4,534 5,026 5,745 0 5,485 HP
2006 220 876,480 11 3,015 3,860 4,174 3,820 3,984 LP
2005 184 809,920 10 3,139 4,168 4,703 0 4,402 LP
2004 272 1,522,626 19 3,361 4,540 6,033 5,506 5,598 LP
VE4EAR   SO/Single Xcvr HP   429,4342012-10-14 17:53:03
This turned into a NAQP type contest with very little DX. Ran out of stations to
work Friday night after 3 hours. Too many other commitments Saturday and only
about an hour of time Sunday morning. It got real tiring hearing the East Coast
and VE2 stations working EU pile-ups and not a peep of them here. The bands
started to sound like they may open up with about 2 hours to go in the

Hope conditions improve significantly for the "BIG ONE" in a couple weeks.

KI7MT   SO/Single Xcvr HP   439,8642012-10-14 20:28:06
This is a fun contest, wish I could have done all three sessions fully.

Condx here were terrible all weekend, possibly the worst I've seen in the last
couple years here.

Participation seemed a bit off, but it always is when there DX / CW contests
running at the same time.

Gotta hand it to 3D2XB, jumped right in the soup on 20M and cleared a spot
working up 1-2, I was impressed with that brave move LOL.

Anyway, had fun, will see you in the JARTS (Hopefully with Much better Condx

Helena, MT
K9OM   SO/Single Xcvr HP   1,660,4042012-10-14 21:37:16
Band condx on all bands were very dissapointing at my WI QTH compared to last
year. Final score was down 60% this year though I operated the same number of
hours. So much for being near the sunspot peak! Sure hope next year is
NØKE   SO/Single Xcvr HP   972,0282012-10-15 08:33:59
I like the time format of 8 hour segments
VU2NKS   SO/Single Xcvr LP   2,177,9382012-10-15 09:10:31
Elecraft K3/100 @ 80W

3L Steppir
CE4SFG   SO/Single Xcvr LP   3,322,9422012-10-16 11:29:03
Yaesu FT-950
90 watts
K1SFA(@K1TTT)   MO/Multi Xcvr HP   6,664,2102012-10-17 11:20:34
Conditions went from bad to worse and back again. Still, it was a fun contest.
Just when I thought I would never work JA, I had a 20+ run of JAs on 20 late on
Saturday afternoon (with quite a few 599+). Thanks to everyone who worked us and
thanks to Waldemar for sponsoring the 'test.

88 de K1SFA
W9ILY   SO/Single Xcvr LP   752,7422012-10-18 11:04:39
Poor conditions! Only able to operate during one period.
WA7LNW   SO/Single Xcvr LP   411,1682012-11-06 18:42:13
Fun contest.....enjoyed excellent band conditions.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW