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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2012   Dec 29   Comment Summary

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YU1ZZ   Single Op HP   3242012-12-29 15:59:29
Milan YU1ZZ
WØPAN   Single Op LP   162012-12-29 19:55:21
Antenna is a G5RV with a tuner - 18ft at one end and 5 foot at the other,
anchored in a fruit tree. HOA antenna community so have to get by with what I
can. First time in a Stew Perry Contest.
AE4O   Single Op LP   782012-12-29 20:08:06
Eagle @ 50W to random wire. N1MM. S&P.
W7WHY   Single Op LP   1912012-12-29 21:23:14
That was fun while it lasted. Band seemed in pretty good condition at the start
but kinda died out.

It amazes me how the same stations in the midwest and east coast can hear me
every contest. I can always depend on K9NW, NO3M, K1LT to pull my peanut
whistle signal out. They must have some great receiving antennas. 73 and
thanks for the Q's
WW9R   Single Op LP   1,1972012-12-29 22:28:54
Wow, that was fun. My dipole was working overtime tonight. I especially
enjoyed working all of the great fists out there. I heard some excellent Ops
on their bugs and some straight keys too. Thanks for all those that stopped by
to say hello and give me a Q. There is nothing like a 160 meter contest to
bring out the cw men (and women).

Pat WW9R
Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V @ 100 W
160 mtr dipole at 25ish feet.
N1MM logging software
E77DX   Single Op HP   4,0832012-12-29 23:01:28
OG4T(OH4MFA)   Single Op QRP   1,1462012-12-29 23:38:53
Thank You to whom heard me.

73 HNY
Jukka OH4MFA, OG4T
LY7Z(LY2TA)   Single Op QRP   4232012-12-29 23:59:14
Best DX was TF4M.
Only EU QSO's in log.
Hrd 3 UA9's, ZC4LI, 2 USA and CE1 station,
but no luck
TNX QSO's and HNY to all of You!

73! Andy LY7Z
OL1A(OK1CW)   Single Op QRP   1,7492012-12-30 00:20:33
Nice contest, as usually...

HNY, 73!

Vlada, OK1CW
DF1LX   Multi-Op LP   5382012-12-30 00:56:42
Never wkd in Stew Perry before - did not read the rules before - did not put up
a 160m antenna -
Start looking for friends to pass some points - oh - my G5RV - 10m up max. -
works fine on TopBand - WoW -
Start Skimmer - worked 50 QSOs - start reading the rulez
OH BOY - special point nr. 6: ... Very long and shift me to Multi section or
Ok - no problem for only check how my antenna works ( :) )
Decided to go on with skimmer - and new high score for this location and poor
antenna - unbelievable :)
Next year - I will follow rule Nr. 6 + build up a 160m Antenna
HNY and thanks to all who copied my LP/G5RV signal
S53M(S51FB)   Multi-Op HP   8492012-12-30 01:30:35
Tnx for QSO and HNY de

Miha, S51FB
N8XX   Single Op QRP   3182012-12-30 02:14:25
Interesting challenge. Running 5 watts to a cloud warmer was a challenge. Only
had 4 Q's with 3X distance multiplier, many (most) were 1X multplier.

Tnx to all who "stuck with the puny signal" - you got a bonus!

It seems I'd work out all the possible stations who could hear me within an
hour or so, so time in chair was limited.

Tnx to the organzers of this event. First timer, but it will be on the list
for 2013!
DL8MBS   Single Op QRP   3272012-12-30 02:20:59
Many stations seem to had a competition who used the fewest milliseconds for
listening. Sounded ridiculous sometimes, so better play MorseRunner instead.
But most of the time some outstanding ears and receivers - even if the visitor
had to come again and again during the evening to have the door finally opened
Thanks to all for taking up with the signal from a provisional 45m lw running
down from the second floor and up as a sloping V to the mighty 12m again. N1MM
says score 327, so I believe in.

Why not have a power designator for the exchange, giving it a part that MUST be
copied and clearly indicate the point value of every station during the contest.
It clearly can increase the motivation for difficult qsos.

Hny es 73,
VE1OP   Single Op LP   8012012-12-30 02:29:44
Found myself staring at the ceiling at 2:30am, so decided to get up and see what
was happening on the radio. Forgot all about Stew perry being on. Good way to
kill a couple hours.

Remind me to NEVER do low power on 160m again though. Doing some shack
renovations so the amp is offline this weekend. Discovered that my new 80m INV
V is a great RX ant on 160m. Makes life easier with a much better SNR than the
1/4 wave sloper. Whoda thunk it.

73, Scott VE1OP
OM5ZW   Single Op HP   2,7692012-12-30 02:41:44
Condx was worse then I expected let's say below the average. Just 8 JA's in the
log no propagation to the east. V55V (Dietmar) called me once but I can't
manage to copy him. Had 4 beverages, but south beverage was missing. Band was
very noisy this time. No West coast US. Highlights was CE1/K7CA as usually

Thanks for all QSO's and wishing HNY 2013

YU/S56A   Single Op LP   3042012-12-30 02:50:54
W8JI writes on Topband reflector: The use of coax cannot change the electrical
length of the antenna mode by way of the cable velocity factor. I read G3TXQ
measurements of coaxial dipoles and wrote EZNEC model with transmission line.
It shows good SWR with wires shorted by 2/3 velocity factor. So I used 27 m of
RG-58 shorted at the far end and fed by central conductor only. Grounding was
provided by second floor balcony fence at 10 m level while the end was at 4th
floor 15 m height. Lot of manmade noise pick-up from two big lights
underneath. SWR was 1:1 at 1,9 MHz and this simple antenna operated down to
1825 kHz with inbuilt TS-480 tuner. I intend to use it in a month time as
portable Z6 with my 10 m fiberglass mast on quiter tophill location!

I worked all the signals that were above the noise level reduced by TS-480
efficient NR2 remembering my first USA QSO with Stew, W1BB as YU1PCF in 1972!

73 & HNY de Mario, YU/S56A, N1YU
EU1AA   Single Op QRP   2,0642012-12-30 03:23:12
Soviet military TCVR R-104 produced in 1960, add 4-pole 690 kHz crystal filter
+ Kantronics Signal Enforcer Dual cw-ssb-rtty. Antenna's - two V-beam long 160
meters each with Z-tuner, angle 60 degrees, feedpoint 45 meters up the ground
on top 9 floor's building + 12 meters mast (see Google map my location). Local
trub time at time S9, 15 db front end attenuator. Heard several USA, better
K1LZ from FN42, during 3 hours stable S5-S9 (02 UTC), VE3, VO1, W4,W5,CE (no
complete call), JA's, BD No QSO, longest TF4M, ZC4LI, UA9MA.
Thanks all for nice contest QSO. Happy Merry Xmas!
VE9AA   Single Op QRP   1,0352012-12-30 04:33:04
It was a lot harder running QRP than I remember, though condx were pretty good.
Little QRN and even made a handful of DX contacts.(which was pretty

I only spent a few hours at it, as I had just done 13hrs in the RAC Winter test
@ QRO levels, so wrestling with 5w on Topband was a Distance (& mental)Challenge
indeed .


Mike VE9AA
IC-746 (5w), inverted L, N1MM
VO1HP(FRANK)   Single Op HP   1,4552012-12-30 04:43:49
Didn't get on 'til 23:30....missed early evening when hundreds of Eu very
strong. Best DX: CE1/K7JA. Stayed awake until 0730Z when I gave up and
missed SR time frame!

Condx were very matter of fact using my remote Softrock SDR rx and
80M OCF dipole near the ocean I was hearing signals from LY7M; OM5ZW; G3BJ;
OL7M; G4BWG ;G4AMT et al at 14:08-14:13 local time just after the contest
started.! This is the earlist time that I have ever heard signals on 160M.!
These signals were non-existant on my K3 in the city.

Didn't use the remote rx for QSO's later as it wasn't needed...signals were so
strong here.

K3 (single rx)- finally figuring out how to use "SHIFT LO-CUT-HI WIDTH"
Inverted "L" (no load coil & 17M vert) with K2AV FCP - the FCP really works!
ACOM 1010 - just love it
K9AY - noisey
Pennant to north.- vy quiet
Pennant to east.- vy quiet
KY4F   Single Op LP   3592012-12-30 04:52:09
Not much time available to play in this one. Was nice to get a distraction from
the holidays. I'm no Humbug, but it was great to get a break!

73's and thanks for the Q's.

K1PX   Single Op HP   5042012-12-30 05:01:53
I operated only the last four hours before sunrise which
resulted in this paltry score. This was too late for any EU QSO's.

DX: CE1/K7CA, TF4M, FM5CD and 4 KH6's.

Station: New TS-590S and AL-1500 with coaxial inverted L at 75' with
26 elevated radials. Beverages: NE and W (580' long) with full sized
RX loop (548 ft.)

All antennas were broken due to Hurricane Sandy so I'm glad to finally
have them repaired.

Thanks for the Q's and Happy 2013 to all.

Jim, K1PX
R5GA(@RT5G)   Single Op HP   1,1552012-12-30 05:04:37
BestDX calls: V55V, ZS6EZ, ZS1REC
KØRI   Single Op HP   1,5022012-12-30 05:06:34
All S&P QSOs.
IC-7700 new Tee Ant 35ft vertical.
W7ZR   Single Op HP   3052012-12-30 05:07:04
Happy New Year to all....thanks for the Q's in 2012
N1EN   Single Op LP   3782012-12-30 05:31:04
Second-highest point of the evening: Hearing plenty of DX quite well, even in
spite of the storm.

Low point of the evening: Seeing my usual 160m antenna, a 160m Carolina Windom
zig-zagged through trees at the back of my lot, with the bottom of the vertical
section dragging on the ground, have its SWR turn nasty as snow accumulated.

High point of the evening: Discovering that the random wire I had chucked out
among trees, mostly for shortwave receive and to get slingshot practice, works
pretty darn well as a top band antenna.

Best DX of the night: RL3A. Heard CE1/K7CA a few times, but was usually
unable to get through the pile.
W1UJ   Single Op HP   1,1142012-12-30 05:38:30
For the limited time available- Testing new antennas in the line of fire is
always great, especially when they work!

Tried running a bit and DXing a bit. Really fun to work so many top-notch

Happy New Year 2013!


K3+Diversity / Titan
TX Ant New 100' tall x 60' wide Inverted L fed against K2AV FCP
RX Ant - ~500' 2-wire Beverage with Clifton Labs Preamp
KCØW   Single Op HP   12012-12-30 05:39:11

The Alpha 8410 pooped out early Sunday morning, (local time) not sure what the
problem with it is. Chances are it will be on it's way back to Colorado for
repair though. HIGHLY disappointing.

Great to work so many good op's!!! Sorry for the weak ones that I just
couldn't pull out. Stew perry is A LOT more laid back than it's ARRL or CQ
counterparts. Really didn't have any QRM issues from other stations firing up
their 1500W at 1 Kc away, hihi. The K3 is good but sometimes just not THAT

Lost my 160 meter 140' phased tower array early last month in an ice storm
from hell. This was 1/2 of my future 4 square for 160 I had been so feverishly
working on. Antenna in SP was an inverted L along with the former phased
array's 3+ mile radial system. Seemed to work OK. It HIGHLY favors the West
Coast for some reason or another. Was working the W6's at 3 PM local time on
Saturday. Worked a TON of JA's in the ARRL 160 test but didn't work a single
one in SP.

Nice to hear so many familiar calls from other Top Band enthusiasts. Will look
for you all again in the CQ 160 'test in January. Hope to work other digi guys
next weekend in the ARRL RTTY Roundup. Will be using the mighty Alpha 77SX in
that 'test, you can guarantee it.. Contests where individual states are
multipliers are my specialty...........VERY few other serious operators here in
North Dakota which makes things really, really fun.

Check out my info regarding the latest propaganda about my big stations
construction. Once completed it will be open for other amateurs to use 100% free
of charge including accommodations & meals. Kinda my way of giving something
back to this wonderful hobby.

As always, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

**** I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to
collect any awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program
track the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ****

Tom KC0W

N3QE   Single Op HP   1,1522012-12-30 05:42:34
First time with an amp (500W). Marconi "T" up 75 ft for transmit. single K9AY
loop for receive (NE and SW). Went until about 1:30AM local when rates dipped,
hoped to get up the next morning for KL7 or KH6, but got up much too late.

Pretty fun! About twice as many QSO's as last year. Best DX: YT8A, CE1/K7CA
(who were both clear as day) and RL3A (a little harder to copy). Had several
calls from EU while running, but not as much as I had hoped for during eastern
EU dawn. Worked a lot of west coast, only a few west coast stations I could
hear but couldn't work.
W1UE(@W1KM)   Single Op HP   3,0302012-12-30 05:46:34
Now, that was fun! Best DX was ZS6EZ (26 pts), followed by V55V (23 pts).
Worked 121 Europeans, 1 SA, 3 Afr, 2 KH6, and 414 NA. Europeans signals were
as loud as I can ever remember hearing them. OM5ZW was S9+20 for hours, EI7M
just as loud. KH6LC and KH6ZM were pretty much ESP, but both were solid. It
was a good thing that signals were loud, as I had a constant S6 noise level,
rising to S9+20 several times when snow static seemed to set in. During the
contest, we had 10" of snow fall outside, so it was nice to be able to operate
from the warm house!

Thanks to all for the Qs, and thanks to Greg W1KM for the use of his KB

Dennis W1UE
NA6E(WT6P)   Single Op QRP   3872012-12-30 05:51:35
1st attempt at any 160 shindig and had a great time. Added the challenge of QRP
which prompts me to thank everyone for their patience, great antennas and good

I extended the 80 meter dipole for this contest and the 'gull-wing' look seemed
to work pretty well. Better antennas to come!

Tks all, 73's Mark WT6P/NA6E
HC2UA(W6NF)   Single Op LP   592012-12-30 05:53:14
Life is too short for LP...especially on TB! A whole host of stations were
heard, grid locators copied, and called: VE3TA, VE3MMQ, FM5CD, 4O3A, YT8A,
E77DX plus more than a dozen state-side stations with no joy on any of them.
Thanks to the few who were able to pull me out. Even an OM, whose call I did
not jot down, at was loud at 2300Z, 20 minutes before SS.

I was amazed that one Caribbean station could not hear me while he was S9 +15db
at times! 50db F/B receive antenna, maybe? ;>) Serious AC power issues continued
with random variations in voltage from 85 to 110 volts. I have been told that,
with the start of the holiday season, there are many occupying their summer
beach homes and running A/C, which the local power grid cannot handle.

After 8 weeks my self-sent care package arrived, which includes my N6RK loop.
I'm looking forward to putting that up to see how it works in this noisy (S5-6
noise level) environment.
N4DJ   Single Op LP   4892012-12-30 05:53:25
Rig : K3 running 75 watts

Antennas : Inverted L, Bent Half Square. BOG for receiving

Not sure why, but after exactly 48 years on 160, I think this was my first
real Stew! I left off the L7 Amp which made the shack cooler than normal, so I
warmed up my first 160 transmitter, the 1964 Viking Ranger II to compensate. I
thought that was fitting, since it is the one I used to work W1BB the first
time. What surprised me was I had some good runs with 75 watts, but missed a
few strong easy ones because they could not hear me.

N5XJ   Single Op HP   8922012-12-30 05:59:17
Best DX was CE1/K7CA and a few KL7s es KH6s. Got on after EU sunrise and mostly
a NA contest for me.

Yaesu FT-2000 /w NS Roofing Filter es Alpha 99
Inverted-vee for transmit
K9AY Loop for receive.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Mike N5XJ
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   2,4132012-12-30 06:03:56
I've decided to get a day job.
We are putting up a 5 element 15 meter beam.

Found something on page 792 of the new Obamacare plan
wat say any fool over 81 ain't covered on a night shift.

cw op at wd5r
WX7G   Single Op HP   4132012-12-30 06:09:22
600 watts to a 30' base loaded vertical made for a fun contest. Two JA's were my
best DX.
ZC4LI(STEVE)   Single Op HP   6512012-12-30 06:12:46
Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.
Furthest I reached was the UK !!

Log is on LotW and EQsl, for a card please see QRZ.COM

73 Steve.
KØVXU   Single Op HP   6582012-12-30 06:20:15
Thanks to all for the QSO's. This was a very limited activity....mostlly
S&P...just stuck my toe in the water for a few minutes and ended up working 4
hours over a 9 hour period. Who needs sleep anyway.

Bands seemed reaasonably good however I missed the JA opening on Sunday
morning. Because of my limited time available, missed any European opening but
did work a couple of KH6's Sunday morning. Also, it was nice to work CE1/K7CA
once again as well as KL7RA...a couple of regulars on the top band.

Hopefully, next year there will be a better effort. Happy New Year to all and
see you next year.

Russ - K0VXU
Kansas City Contest Club
W2GPS   Single Op HP   3482012-12-30 06:22:58
Antennas :
A design by W3ZZ. It is an inverted-L that loads the tower (85' with mast) and
uses the lower guy wires as part of the "ground plane". I also have a new
3-element Hi-Z receive antenna that seems to work very well.

Rig :
Elecraft K3, P3, KPA500 (500W) and AL-1500 (1500W)
I used both amplifiers at different times and both worked well.

Soapbox :
This was my first Stew Perry contest as I am new to 160. I operated search and
pounce only. I worked a few stations in western Europe and at least one
Caribbean so I was pleased.
G3BJ   Single Op HP   3,1522012-12-30 06:32:12
I was wondering whether I would be able to enter this year, after the
predictions of fierce gales last Friday night. In the event the gales came, but
the vertical remained ! So I had a moderately serious entry, but with some
unexpected challenges.

I started around 17.15, planning to go through to 08.15 with an hour's sleep
sometime when things quietened down during the night so as to end the permitted
14 hours operating exactly at sunrise. All went well initially, but then I
became aware of intermittent noise on the receive antennas (much worse on the
main antennas) which didn't appear to have an identifiable source direction.
Just after midnight, the penny dropped that we were the subject of vicious
static rain attacks and I got pretty dismayed that SP this year would be a
disaster. Whether it was conditions or my noise, I did not hear a single far
east station - no JA and no 9M/HL/DU which have been so strong recently. By
just after 02.00 the noise was masking all but the strongest of the US signals,
so I took the decision to take my hour's sleep and if still noisy afterwards, to
give in. An hour later the band was transformed. No noise, and very strong US
stations. So a blissful couple of hours running to the US put a goodly number
of state-side locators in the log. The only concern was "how long had it been
silent whilst I was asleep?"

Then a strange thing happened. Rather than the usual sunrise peak, the band
(for me at least) did entirely the opposite and quietly petered out before
dawn. Perhaps I'd worked the US down quite a way, but I heard none of the
"beacon" west coast stations (at least that could hear me), and there was a
concentration of locators in the East/Mid-West. By 08.15 it was just the
occasional Eu caller, despite regular S&P sessions to catch the few US stations
I could hear and had not worked.

But an enjoyable contest, nonetheless. Without the rain, the score would, I
think, have been quite a lot higher.

High points: Being called by V55V early on (good for the motivation) and
getting CE1/K7CA first call in the early hours of the morning. Also, using
locators - makes this contest something different and refreshing.

Low spots: Apart from the incessant noisy drizzle, some very clicky signals.
Also a scrum for prime frequency real-estate in the JA window until the
possibility of JA propagation was over.

Oddity: Russian signals peaking South-East for a goodly while around midnight.
Seems rather close for a skew path, but it was very pronounced.

Ended with 513 Q's and 3152 points. Not as good as it should have been, but in
the circumstances probably OK.

Thanks for all the Q's and the fun.

Rig: FT5000 + linear. 90ft vertical and beverages and K9AY
WU6W   Single Op HP   5412012-12-30 06:47:06
From the H.O.A. Stealth Location
K1TN   Single Op HP   9582012-12-30 06:48:01
Suffering from the heartbreak of Low T -- my antenna.

Tnx to EI7M, my only EU worked (and only one heard).

Jim Cain
At the new downsized K1TN Superstation
Rancho Lakeview Villa Estates, Wisconsin USA -- EN 55
N5RZ   Single Op HP   2,8702012-12-30 06:50:03
Poor EU condx. Good Stateside activity for first 7 hours. Loud JA's but not
very many. Best DX = VK6GX (33) & ZL3IX (25).

Thanks for the Q's!

K3 + Alpha 99. Inverted L for Transmit antenna, Hi-Z 8 circle array (a
keeper!) & 580' beverage to EU for RX antennas. N1MM Logging software.

Happy New Year!

KE3X   Multi-Op HP   6202012-12-30 06:51:37
David, N6AN was visiting DC this weekend - nice to team up for a Multi-Single
for the first time since we did CQWW from Mexico City back in in 1992. Wow 20
years went by fast! The weekend was mostly spent sightseeing but we made some
QSO's in the Stew to test a new Diamond Coaxial Loop RX antenna for 80/160
(KC2TX design).

Preliminary results showed the loop was louder than the pennant, but to hear
the weak ones the TX antenna Inverted-L was still best in relatively quiet
conditions. Still needs some more testing in various conditions and turning on
a rotator to fully evaluate it.

Farthest DX was RL3A, also a handful of other Europeans plus CE1/K7CA. Mostly
S&P, just a little running. Thanks for the Q's,


- FT-1000MP with ALpha 76A
- TX Ant: Inverted L at 50 feet
- RX Ants: Coaxial Loop, Pennant NE
N4YDU   Single Op LP   5152012-12-30 06:58:08
Activity was great and conditions seemed fair.

Station: Ten Tec OMNI VI, 100 watts to 270' inverted L.

Happy New Year,

N4XD   Single Op HP   1,5792012-12-30 06:58:30
182 Grids
Alpha 91b
115' shunt fed tower
7 beverages

As always a fun contest. Conditions seemed up and down. Pretty good at the
start to Europe but then slowly seemed to get worse. Not a lot of DX on. Tree,
thanks as always for creating this contest.
Of note:
DL6RAI very patient as I had trouble copying well, everything!
N6RO loud as always.
A couple noticeable clicky stations. Noticeable because it was rare to hear

73 and Happy New Year!
N5UL   Single Op HP   1,2622012-12-30 07:03:32
NX5M   Multi-Op HP   1,3362012-12-30 07:03:33
KU5B flew in from MS Saturday morning. We started setting up only to discover a
bad beverage cable and a filter had failed. By the time that was all repaired
it was much for resting in the afternoon.
We both had trouble being focused and because the band did not sound good we
lost even more focus. After the first three hours or so we started having a
discussion about upcoming contests and just grabbed a qso here and there. We
were basically done!
After we had decided the station layout for the upcoming NAQP's I turned the
radio back on and made one more qso at 0558z....then hit the "off" switch and
went to bed.
For what it's DX was 4O3A.
N7XU(K4XU)   Single Op HP   2,8282012-12-30 07:04:43
Band was quiet and QSB was deep. Only one European and nothing in Asia but JA.
Best DX: VK6GX.

Thanks to Bob, WS7N for letting me play with his nifty station. 3 rx 4-squares,
and four reversible Beverages. Almost too many, got tangled up on a couple of
calls listening on the wrong direction. TX ant: 75' inverted L with 85
Rig: K3 and Tentec Centurion ~800W.

See y'all for WW160CW.

Dick, K4XU
W1EQ   Single Op QRP   932012-12-30 07:04:51
Best distance: KH6ZM at sunrise.
N7TR   Single Op HP   1,4092012-12-30 07:09:35
Great JA Opening Saturday Morning. Just a few JA's Sunday AM. 73 Rich N7TR
WJ9B   Single Op LP   1,2802012-12-30 07:11:44
73, wj9b
VE3KI   Single Op HP   1,6042012-12-30 07:13:45
K3+KPA500, inverted L, K9AY receive loops
Best DX: CE, KH6, UA, 4O
W7RH   Single Op LP   1,9012012-12-30 07:14:13
Mother nature has a strange way of doing things her own way. Conditions were
fair going into the contest with a quiet sun and relatively low solar wind. But
that all changed and progressively got worse.. At times there were big dark
holes from W7. DX was very scarce in 6 and 7 land.

Just days before there was the seasons best opening to Europe. A few heard here
in the test but hardly at a workable signal level.. Only a few JA's most likely
due to dateline and no other Asian DX was heard.

There is hope in all of this. Solar activity is well below average estimates
and it looks like the peak is either now or sometime in 2013. I think a bunch
of us are spoiled by the last solar minimum!

All in all still a great contest. I find it much easier to do one night rather
than two..


Bob W7RH
KG7H   Single Op HP   1,9032012-12-30 07:16:00
The way this contest is set up is lucky for me as I am at mid grey line at both
the beginning and end of the contest, giving me 2 shots at Asia.I worked
several JAs at the begining of the contest, but only one in the last 3 hours of
the contest. Conditions were poor at end - I heard some working the VK but not
audable here in northern Idaho. Best DX was the CE1 at 20 ponts, and several
JAs at 17 and 18 points. Good conditions in the evening to east coast, many New
England stations. No Europe this year.

Best 73's to all who worked me - de Craig KG7H
K7ZO   Single Op LP   1692012-12-30 07:17:02
That was fun. Most ever QSOs in a 160M contest from the home QTH. Threw up a
lame antenna on Friday. A Butternut HF2V with 160M kit, top loaded with four
15' pieces of speaker wire. Made up sixteen 30' radials out of wire stripped
from CAT5 cable. Then crammed the whole thing into my backyard. Most of the
radials didn't fit and had to be bent down the fence line. Still managed to
work almost everyone I could hear over my S9+ local noise level with my 100W.
All S&P. Best signal and best ears award goes to K3ZM.
N7IR   Single Op QRP   1,6982012-12-30 07:19:47
The band seemed to have rapid, fluttery QSB most of the evening. Had to rack out
for a few hours when the rate died around 0600Z. Best DX was CE1/K7CA at his
sunrise. Heard some Japanese stations but they didn't hear me.
Thanks for the contacts and your extra patience in this one.
Gary, N7IR
W6IZT   Single Op HP   1,6982012-12-30 07:20:58
I had planned to operate the full 14 hours but ran out of energy and took a
break to catch a few Zs. EU, JA, and OC stations were weak here in GA. Thanks
to the contest organizers and participants for a great time! There was plenty
of activity.

Special thanks to ZL3IX and JH2FXK for sticking with me to complete the
exchanges for my two longest, and toughest contacts.

Elecraft K3
Alpha 77SX
75 ft top loaded shunt fed tower
4 Beverages

NR4M   Multi-Op HP   1,7332012-12-30 07:22:08
Was looking forward to this contest, but my outlook changed.
I caught a cold just after Xmas and I had moved into the 'miserable' stage. Had
been taking over-the-counter cold stuff, and I can attest to all, that is NOT
the way to go into a CW contest! At one point, I heard the CW, but it made no
sense to my drug dulled mind. ( I think I remember having a QSO with Jimmy

My apologies to all.
AG4W   Single Op HP   8342012-12-30 07:28:58
FT5000D, AL1200, 58 ft top loaded vertical
Best contact was Japan answered my CQ this morning 20 minutes before sunrise. I
enjoyed putting in a casual effort this year. Thanks to all who answered my
CQ's. Next year I plan to have a better receiving antenna.

Steve AG4W
K8MFO   Single Op HP   1,0142012-12-30 07:31:19
What a great way to spend 8 hours on a wintry night in Amish Ohio. My intention
was to operate about 4 hours, but I got caught up in the fun, and I continued
until N1MM said I had 1000 points. To honor Stew, I used a 1941 McElroy bug,
which was made in Boston, just like Stew Perry! For the first several QSOs I
actually used a 1925 Vibroplex, which was used for 80 years by recent SK friend
W8VSK. The McElroy came from another OLD TIMER, Pat - N9RV !!! The only
other bug CW I heard came from pal Ralph - K8RYU, who uses one every single
day. Conditions were fair with a number of Europeans worked. KH6LC was
also worked, as well as many West Coast stations. It was terrific to hear
KV4FZ (old W0VXO) and W0AIH, still pouring it on after so many years. Herb
and Paul were worked in the first CQ 160 Contest, many years ago. Thanks for
all of the fun guys. Happy New Year. Don K8MFO
W3EF   Single Op LP   5012012-12-30 07:43:02
Always a pleasure to work the Stew, even though I didn't hear a single European
this year. Heard some of the big guns working them, so I guess I have some
beverage work to do. Used the second radio to listen up the band and got a few
extra Qs this way, but most of the evening was spent supporting my daughter with
her college applications!
N6GQ   Single Op QRP   842012-12-30 07:48:11
Thanks to those with ears that could hear my signal - I'm sure it was in the
noise for everyone. I had a full-size wire vertical all set to hoist into the
tree, which I had planned to do on Saturday afternoon, but in the process some
things went wrong (as Mr. Murphy always seems to make sure of) and about
sunset, my support rope came apart and my vertical came crashing down as I was
hoisting it up. So I punted, and took the vertical wire and ran it horizontal,
about 6' off the ground, around a perimeter fence. That, plus one 90' wire for
a counterpoise, and I was on the air. I had planned to do this QRP, but had
hoped to have at least a decent antenna to do it with. Oh well :)

Rig: KX3, 5W
VE5UF   Single Op HP   8602012-12-30 07:53:32
Sorry to leave a few callers hanging Sunday morning at 1254Z. My trusty 746Pro
died a quiet death in the midst of a decent run.

HNY to all
VE1ZA   Single Op LP   1,0552012-12-30 07:56:19
Nice conditions, my best Stew so far due to RAC contests. Worked this contest
with my TS-520S--what a difference the receiver makes. I just love this radio
receiver & filter combination. The selectivity was great and the static
crashes were much easier on the ears compared to the FT-1000. Thanks to all
who heard my 100W. Using N1MM, Inverted-L with 4 elevated radials, and
TS-520S--No receive antenna! Tnx to all EU who heard me. Tony
VE4VT   Single Op LP   1372012-12-30 08:00:36
The challenges here were many! S9+10 noise, the magnetic RX loop was just about
as deaf.Having to keep under 100W for fear of setting off the neighbors alarm
system. And the main reason for such a short effort was I had just finished 20
hours of RAC contests and was exhausted and felt the need to spend some time
with the family.

Conditions seemed good despite the noise. Worked east and west coast stations
on the first call usually and was never asked to repeat the exchange. Only dx
heard was FM5CD but he didn't hear me.

HNY to all!

AA5VU   Single Op LP   1642012-12-30 08:01:45
Total score left to the contest robot. Guess for 3830 is 41 Q's x2 =81 x2 (low
Power)=164. I did not log the distance.
G4BWP(A65BD)   Single Op HP   9162012-12-30 08:02:00
Happy New Year
KS4L   Single Op LP   2652012-12-30 08:02:32
Elecraft K3/100 with 80m inverted vee @ 45'.
K9CT   Single Op LP   1,0012012-12-30 08:13:33
I was not able to operate the best times, so just had some fun. Band was quiet
and condx seemed good. This is a fun cw contest with the mystery of unknown
scoring...just work the weak ones!!

126 grids and CE1/K7CA was the farthest for me. He had a great signal!

Happy New Year...

73, Craig K9CT
K9AY   Single Op HP   7202012-12-30 08:14:51
Nice to say "HNY" to a fine group of gentlemen Topbanders! Band was quiet -- so
was my usual local noise to the SW. Made QSOs easier with best DX of the 'test:
VK4YB and ZL3IX.

1500W, 100' top-loaded vert, (4) 525' Beverages (half-buried after the recent

73, Gary
NQ6N(@K8MJZ)   Single Op HP   12012-12-30 08:29:40
Back in Michigan for the holidays, got a chance to operate from the station of
Stan, K8MJZ.

I had to take a few hours off in the prime rate hours b/c my 2.5 year old
daughter got a stomach bug. After the interruption I resumed and operated
through the EU sunrise and then calling it a night. Had a tiny "run" of EU
callers (two in a row).

The EU stations I worked were mostly fairly easy to work, but there appeared to
be another layer of stations that were too far below the noise to pull out. It
is always surprising to me how much the S/N ratio can be improved by adding the
K3's attenuator, backing of the RF gain, and using a 150Hz filter. The K3's
Noise Blanker was not helpful at all (usually it's very helpful).

I learned a lot and look forward to future Stews.

Station: K3, Alpha 87A, Inverted Vee with apex at 100'
WØPV   Single Op LP   9492012-12-30 08:32:50
Better band condx to the west then in ARRL 160, worse towards Europe. Glad the
QRN was tame. Many thanks to all that worked so hard to copy my low power small
antenna (45ft tubing) signal!
K3WA   Single Op HP   6112012-12-30 08:32:52
Fun as always
AA3B   Single Op HP   1,3602012-12-30 08:40:18
Happy New Year!
W3LL(ND3D)   Single Op HP   1,8102012-12-30 08:49:08
Thanks to Bob ND3D for piloting W3LL in another CW contest!


Bud W3LL
NS9I   Single Op HP   1,3772012-12-30 08:49:27
ZL3IX was the frosting on the cake. Great performance from my inverted L with
K2AV's FCP. Even snagged two new ones for me on 160. Great contest!
KØPK   Single Op QRP   2,2442012-12-30 08:49:57
Fun time as usual! Even worked a bit of DX (G, EI, GM, TM, FM, KL7, KH6, KV4)
which is always a thrill with QRP from the heart of the Black Hole. Conditions
were fairly good and the band was quiet. Activity seemed a bit less than past

Station: FT2000 @ 5 watts, 95' slant-fed vertical TX, short Bev. & CF Zepp RX

Thanks for the Qs! 73 - Paul, K0PK
G4BYG   Single Op LP   1,2742012-12-30 08:55:46
Band conditions only fair with few dx stations heard.
My 100 watts struggled amongst the High Power signals.
A small RX loop helped a lot when noise levels got high on TX antenna.
Thanks to all who persevered copying my puny signal.
Could not use my call history file as it was almost useless with many errors.
Classic case of "Log What you Hear" or suffer the consequences.
100 Watts from my K3 with 60ft toploaded vertical and small coax rx loop.
Almost exclusive S&P which helps one stay sharp and aware of whats happening.
Didnt miss using a Cluster or RBN.
See you in the next SP.
OK3C(OK2ZC)   Single Op QRP   1,7072012-12-30 09:07:59
HRD 4x UA9/0 ONLY, but not worked

hrd ZC4LI, ZS6EZ, KV4FZ, many USA/VE

worked only TF4M, FM5CD, K1LZ, K3ZM

thanks for QRP QSOs

I have only simple GP 20,5m high, 1,5km radials buried, FT-1000MP, no bvgs

EU1AA/qrp and OL1A/qrp has very big signal here, yours antennas must be
effective then my

72 and HNY

de Ludek OK2ZC OK3C
OK2BFN   Single Op LP   5392012-12-30 09:14:07
IC746, Inv. L, no bev.
Best ears FM5CD, K3ZM this time.
73 and a HNY, Tom
K8MR   Single Op QRP   1,4102012-12-30 09:14:22
Still having fun with the KX3. Goal tonight was to run down the new internal
NiMH batteries to then give them a full recharge. Mission accomplished fairly
early. I was just about finished with a QSO with W9XT when the radio kicked
off; an insurance QSO later on made sure i was in his log.

Running a full 5 watts on external power went well. Made it across the pond to
EI7M and G3BJ. Not much west coast worked - only N7XU and K2PO. I heard lots of
others but they didn't hear me. A nice run while reading the Sunday NY Times on
the other computer made for efficient use of my time.

Happy New Year to all. I hope to see you early and see you often in 2013!

73 - Jim K8MR
KV8Q   Single Op LP   1,4842012-12-30 09:16:26
Wow!!! What fun!!! Conditions here were great. With this little
setup for 160 and no receive antenna, I couldn't believe all of the
Q's I got. Best catches were CE1, E7, DL, KH6, and KL7. Left very
little on the table. Lots of new DXCC on 160 for me. Lots of
real good ears out there. Only one dupe. I am already looking
forward to next year.
Rig = TenTec Jupiter @ 100 watts
Antenna = K6MM 27' vertical for 160 meters with two radials
(Is that a lame antenna?)
N4DU   Single Op HP   1,0062012-12-30 09:19:08
Inverted L up 60 ft and 500 watts, Thanks for the qso's.
KE8M   Single Op HP   6212012-12-30 09:23:01
STEWPERRY Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2012-12-19

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : 160M
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : EN81
Gridsquare : EN81RG

ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger V12.11.1

Band QSOs Pts
1.8 212 621
Total 212 621

Score : 621
Rig : kenwood ts 2000

Antennas : inverted l 40 ft vertical @ 500 watts
500 ft magnet wire beverage east west

Soapbox : 1st time working the tbdc
W3USA(K8MR)   Single Op LP   1,1962012-12-30 09:25:59
Fired up with "QRO" 100 watts after my QRP stint earlier as K8MR. Good rates,
but with packet/skimmer discouraged I did not get the big pileups that fresh
meat often generate. But that was fine.

Had several Europeans call in, a rarity from my place especially if not HP.
Good conditions, a good time.

I like grid squares as an exchange in an HF contest. I can think I'm doing six
meters with fantastic conditions.

Happy New Year to all!

73 - Jim K8MR
K1TR   Single Op LP   6652012-12-30 09:28:35
K3 to K2KQ "double L"

Band was nice and quiet with what seemed to be good propagation.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   4302012-12-30 09:41:05
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, tee vertical. Thanks for all QSOs. Best DX were
VE7SL, W7EW and N7XU. Nice to work KV4FZ and FM5CD too. Have a bad cold and
limited time. Heard a loud EI7M and several other European stations, but
didn't stay up until European sunrise. KU8E has put up a new 160M inverted L
for me and we hope to get it hooked up and working early in the new year.
Happy New Year to all. 73, John, K4BAI.
TF4M   Single Op HP   1,9012012-12-30 09:54:56

See you next year in better conditions.

73 de Thor, TF4M
KØTI   Single Op QRP   4712012-12-30 10:00:14
KX3 - Inverted L
9A5W(@9A1A)   Single Op HP   3,3032012-12-30 10:02:09
I expected a little better CONDX, maybe because I had nice openings in WWCW when
I participated on 160m as 9A1A team member. In SP nothing comparable, worked
only 20 JAs, no any other Far East stations. From South America 2 PY, one HK
and CE1/K7CA, QSO with him has the longest distance. Thanks to V55V and 5H3EE
who called me,two new ones on 160m for me.
Propagation towards USA/VE stopped arround 0430, after it a very few stations
Thanks to all others who called me.
OHØR(OH2PM)   Single Op HP   1,4892012-12-30 10:05:59
Stew Perry is always an exciting event. On Saturday afternoon I had to shovel a
1 meter snow bank from the entrance to get into the cabin.

This year Top Band was not in the best shape here 60 deg north.
I was just reading comments from W1UE. He reported copying best Europeans
S9+20dB. Well, here in the north we have instead of bands conditions better
cross country skiing conditions in the winter and more gnats(mosquitos) in the
In Brando, Aland Island, the best NA signals were K3ZM, K1LZ and W1UE, none of
them was exceeding S7 mark, 6-15 dB over the noise level. Rainy weather made a
lot of static noise. My eastbound antenna was broaken, got only one JA into the
log. 5H3EE was a nice surprise.
During the weekend, after a cold period the weather turned warm and rainy.
Roads went slipery, I had to QRT after 7z and and drive to the feryy terminal
and try to get home in daylight. It took 40 mins to drive the 15 km route to
the ferry terminal, I think a char sledge had been a faster and more safe
Before CQWW 160 contest I need to figure out and fix the problem of the 2nd 160
Very happy for being able to participate after afew years break in SP.
Many thanks to all who could hear me and hope see you in the next 160 contest.

Pertti, OH2PM
KV4FZ   Single Op HP   3,1972012-12-30 10:09:45
Started hearing DX stations at 5PM AST and all were Europeans very clear but
none could hear my many calls except for DL5AXX who gets the "Golden Ear
Award.". But an hour later things started to improve with a nice European run.
There must have been a bee hive of activity over there as working anyone was not
easy until NA East Coast started up. A few hours later Murphy decided that my
Alpha 87A was not going to work on 160 anymore sending back to me fault 17
(drive mismatch) but the other bands are still fine. Normally here a herd of
white tailed deer decide that during the beginning of the contest they must
romp through the Beverage field leaving the wires in shambles. So after trying
to work stations with 100 watts I realized that was not going to go to well.
hearing nice DX and not even getting a QRZ or ? after many calls is not fun as
the QRP stations experience. So into the closet for a backup 3-500Z amp which
gave me 800 watts or about 3db less than the Alpha but worth every moment with
the short TBDC event not being very forgiving to equipment failure.

Best DX was Greg ZL3IX (28 points),Dietmar V55V along with KH7X and RV4AB who
are 20 pointers. There were many Eastern Europeans that gave me 17-19
pointers. But most prolific this year was the many west coast station who are
almost as valuable as Western Europe with 11 and 12 pointers. So before the
football games starts in a few hours let me get out the battery operated
screwdriver and take a look inside the Alpha as there are only a few components
that are exclusive to 160 meters in the input circuit where I think the problem
might be. I have a few weeks to get the problem resolved.

Happy New Year and a special thanks to Lew and Tree for putting together the
best 160 meter contest ever conceived by mankind where the metric for success
starts with distance between stations and where getting the grid square
correctly means so much more than logging 5NN which is meaningless when I know
my signal is maybe 339 at best.
N9NB   Single Op LP   1,3062012-12-30 10:10:55
Was great fun to be on CW for the Stew Perry top band challenge. I put down
ground radials last month, but the new job got inthe way of being able to put
up the planned vertical element,so had to use the inverted vee with apex at 40'
and a loop antenna for receive. Bands seemed quiet and not extraordinarily good.
What a nice way to end the year -thanks to all for putting this on.73 ted
KU8E   Single Op LP   1,1832012-12-30 10:16:26
Kenwood TS850S- Inverted L with four 130 ft elevated radials

Best DX were CE1/K7CA (21 points) and KL7RA (18 points). Heard a lot more
(EU etc..) but impossible to work with 100 watts and a mediocre antenna.

HNY, Jeff KU8E
K2PO   Single Op LP   2,6442012-12-30 10:18:24
KIØI   Single Op LP   1,3602012-12-30 10:56:33
Top Band Distance Challenge is the best test on the air. The true test of your
efforts to improve your radio station is how far your signal reaches, and in
this contest you are rewarded in points!
Always fun to work the Stew runs.
The QSB here made some repeats necessary on both ends of Q's.
Only a few EU hrd here and no JA to the west.
Just where is the DX window anyway, seems they have to scatter to find a quiet
spot to work in.Maybe U.S. ops could pay a little more attention to who they're
stomping on.Well that horse has been ridden to death I suppose.
Rig IC 746 100w to a Hytower converted to INV L..530ft unterminated low rcv
wire and a 1/2 wave inv vee @ 55ft. N1MM Logger. HNY everyone CU in 2013
N1KWF   Single Op HP   5982012-12-30 11:00:51
Very Fun. Wish I had had more time.
Elecraft K3
Alpha 76PA (w/(2) 3cx800 conversion)
95' shunt fed tower (not enough radials)
HI-Z 4sq RX array (awesome!)especially using diversity RX w/ TX antenna
W4MJA   Single Op LP   6432012-12-30 11:06:03
This was a lot of fun! One of the few contests I'm home for and it sure didn't
disappoint. The days prior to the contest had been spent rebuilding the L
network on the 160 antenna and adding a few more radials. High Power was not an
option as an RFI problem above 150 watts on top band had been discovered earlier
in the week - that didn't really matter though. Worked 99.99% of everything I
heard and the thrill of the night was being called by N7XU while I was CQing.
As always, the K9AY loop is a huge help. I'm still really getting my feet wet
on 160 and having a blast!

FT-1000MP w/Inrad, 20M Lazy H w/ feeders shorted, fed against radials, K9AY
loop, N1MM.
K8IA   Multi-Op HP   2,1732012-12-30 11:17:52
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion II with RX366 Sub Rx
Amp: Alpha 8410
Tx Antenna: 78' Shunt Fed Tower (Omega Match) with 60 radials
Rx Antennae: K9AY two-loop system; 35 degree firing DHDL
QTH Noise Category: Semi-Rural (Rural-Suburban), 1 acre, 35 miles east of

Many thanks to close friend, and fellow Arizona Outlaw, Mike KC7V for again
sharing the operating duties. We have been a multiop team in three of the last
four Stew's and enjoy this contest very much.

Although our score was lower than past efforts, the heavy QSB heard at times
and a new noise here contributed to some of that.

What this years event seemed to lack, however, was the level of activity
experienced in the past. With the uniqueness of distance based scoring, plus
additional points for working LP and QRP stations, the Stew ranks right up
there with other maximum fun contests! All it lacks is a booster shot of
activity. Let's try and interest others to join in this fun contest.

One highlight this year was a very short time period where 89 points were won
in only four consecutive qsos (VK6-31, JH1-19, JA0-19, JH3-20). How's that for
points/QSO efficiency!

Big thanks to VK6GX for sticking it out to complete the QSO, even though I was
fighting heavy noise in that direction. TNX PHIL!

Apologies to others we just couldn't pull thru.

Here is our qso/country breakdown;

6Y 1
CE 1
F 1
FM 1
JA 16
K 380
KH6 6
KL 2
KP2 1
VE 16
VK 1
XE 2
ZL 1
Total 429

The Stew is always a great tune up time for ops and equipment for CQWW160 CW,
only four weeks away. CU then!

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   1,9992012-12-30 11:19:24
Band was pretty noisy here with precipitation (snow) generated static, but
overall pretty decent conditions if you were patient and willing to dig.

DX worked - CE, KP2, G(x3), EI, F(x2), E7, SP, OM, DL, FM, ON, OE, GM, KH6(x4),
XE. Heard, but no joy - KL7RA & JA3YBK

Thanks and I hope to work you all again in the CQ 160 next month.

73 - Rick WB8JUI

Elecraft K3
Inverted L @ 50' - 36 radials (50-75' long)
W6SX   Single Op HP   7802012-12-30 11:22:29
Never heard Europe, Africa, or South America. One Caribbean station worked.
Heard two faint JAs--worked only one. Sure could have used some JAs to add

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A, N1MM.
K4IKM   Single Op HP   8462012-12-30 11:24:53
This was my first Stew Perry contest. Had a really great time!

Steve...K4IKM...Go FRC!
KM6I   Single Op HP   2702012-12-30 11:35:52
K3, KPA500, base-loaded vertical (tx), G5RV + vertical (diversity rx)
AF6O   Single Op HP   4282012-12-30 11:43:55
My first Stew, a lot of fun.
K7IA   Single Op HP   1,2262012-12-30 11:44:40
Mr. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection paid a visit on Friday evening and knocked
the pins out from under me quickly. Both the RAC and SP yielded to frequent
naps in the sack.

New since last year's SP: a shunt fed 92 foot tower replaced the 160m vee, and
the beginnings of a Beverage Ranch were laid out and completed a week ago. Two
bidirectional Bev wires point towards EU and JA and reciprocals. The books
state that "uneven terrain" offers little degradation in performance, compared
to flat terrain; however, the terrain here is better described as "rough,"
with two rather deep draws that the EU Bev cross. That, plus the canyon
location are probably responsible for what appears to be broad and multiple Rx
lobes (example: there is occasionally no difference between signals received on
the EU and JA directions). Canyon terrain must affect incoming wave angles
here. In any event, I heard and worked more weak signals than ever before, I
exceeded last year's Q-count and score in less op time, and I have a short list
of modifications to make on at least the EU Bev wire run. Many thanks to Milt,
N5IA, my 160m Elmer!

I heard no EU stations and worked only a handful of JA stations, so it will be
interesting to see how other 5th call area ops did. Best DX: CE1/K7CA, but
with his setup, anyone with a coat hanger antenna can work him!

My apologies to the several ops that despite all efforts and all Bev switch
positions, diversity Rx, and listening with stuffy ears, I simply couldn't pull
out either your callsigns or grid squares. Thank you for your patience!

73, dan k7ia
KQØC   Single Op HP   8062012-12-30 11:50:07
I was able to work all I could hear... except for the KE who fell asleep with
the radio calling CQ. And I ran for the first time in a CW contest. The
Inverted L seemed to be working well since I never took more than 2 calls to
get through. I used a Wellbrook loop as my primary receiving antenna, with a
BOG as the alternate. The BOG is quieter, but less sensitive. I heard East
Coast stations working Europe early in the contest but never heard Europe
myself. Did manage to work Chile, Alaska, Hawaii, and a few in the Carribean.
K7GK   Single Op LP   12012-12-30 11:51:37
First ever top band Qs from this urban tiny pistol station. A top and
inductance-loaded 25' vertical in the middle of San Francisco was used as the
only antenna. Best DX and the only contact east of Mississippi was K4PI.
Amazing RX! Also heard but couldn't grt through to K1LT, VE3TA and a few nearer
stations. Thanks for hanging in there.
73, Denis - K7GK/6
W9RE   Single Op LP   3,2622012-12-30 11:57:15
Running LP it is still amazing the number of stations that are pretty loud but
do not hear me well enough for even a 'question mark'. A lot of W6 and W7's
fall in this category. Only worked 22 over 10 pointers and of these 17 were
Europeans. YT8A, PA0O, F5CQ and IV3PRK didn't even know I was there.

Q's down about 15 from last year and down about 65 from 2010. Conditions here
were pretty good with very little noise. Not sure if the 12 inches of snow on
the ground helped any or not. We had a mini blizzard here on Wednesday and all
my top hat wires on rx antennas weathered the storm luckily.

Thanks for all the repeats and sure wish we could just drum up a little more
activity in this one as the last 4 hours are pretty brutal.
W1SRD   Single Op HP   6962012-12-30 12:00:11
First SP for me. Only able to get on 06:40 09:10. Still worked some DX. FM5,
HC2, ZL3, KP2, KH6, KL7.
AC6DD   Single Op HP   1252012-12-30 12:05:45
Only operated twice for about 30 minutes each session, transmitting with my
remote station and receiving locally. Initially I was going to go portable to
try out a new location, but the weather has been pretty wet lately, so I stayed

Local: K3, Rx Loop,
Remote: FT1000MP, Intech Com1000B(@1kW), Vertical

Niko - AC6DD
K7WP   Single Op HP   6032012-12-30 12:07:31
FT1000MP; AL811H; 160 Sloper; N1MM

Thanks for the Q's, and Happy New Year...!

John K7WP ..
K3ZM   Single Op HP   4,0502012-12-30 12:18:19
I did not operate QRP again this time, but developed the following tests to help
determine my power category:

If your signal level is mentioned in the Frequently Asked Questions section of
ISITLOWT.COM, you might be running QRP.

If you have come to learn that "QRL?" means, "It is time for you to QSY now,
OM," you might be running QRP.

If it seems unusually cold in the shack, you might be running QRP.

If the methane from the cattle on your neighbor's farm has a larger carbon
footprint than your transmitter, you might be running QRP.

If you go through a contest hitting the F4 key 400 times more than the F1 key,
you might be running QRP.

If you feel like the invisible man, you might be running QRP.

If you can hear great without your noise canceling headphones, you might be
running QRP.

If you work a local station and he says the line noise is louder than your
signal, you might be running QRP.

If the night light in your bathroom dissipates as much heat as your radio, you
might be running QRP.

If you can copy your brother's attic long-wire in Florida better than he hears
your full-sized array, you might be running QRP.

If you are going head to head against KR2Q in a DX contest, you might be
running QRP.

If your score is rising more slowly than global temperatures, you might be
running QRP.

If your father's pacemaker produces more energy than your transmitter, you
might be running QRP.

If your QSO total is approximately equal to the combined points in the latest
Knicks-Lakers game, you might be running QRP.

If you have the winning score in the Stew Perry TBDC and your name is not Al,
you might be running QRP.

If getting beaten to an ordinary DX station becomes as commonplace as finding
AA1K on 1820.5, you might be running QRP.

If you are having the most fun ever per watt of output power, you might be
running QRP.

EU was booming in at 2130Z and I began the competition at that time by
searching and pouncing. This quickly produced 38 DX contacts. All but Herb
were EU's. I rolled across Ben at DR1A and experienced hearing damage. E77DX
was also extremely loud at times. There was no QRN here throughout the
contest. I plainly heard ZS1REC calling EU stations at the very beginning but
never had a chance to work him.

A highlight of the contest was getting called by KK6ZM with K1ZM at the key.
This was excellent for two reasons. First, it was really cool to work Jeff at
Pat's place. See if you can guess the second reason that this was good news.

Worked a total of 171 EU's this time around. The second EU wave died at about

For much of the evening, I had my antenna pointed across the great states and
provinces of North America. The West provided a bounty of QSO's. Thanks so
much for answering my CQ's.

Worked JA8ISU and KH2/N2NL through the ether of a very weak opening to Asia on
Sunday morning. Thanks to KH6ZM, KH6LC, KL7RA and AL7TC for calling in. Rich
was louder than the last couple of times. No VK or ZL this time for me. Had
no trouble finding Al at CE1/K7CA who was loud as usual.

I worked 44 countries.

Thanks once again to the XYL for converting my CT log and calculating the
preliminary score.

Happy New Year to all.


Peter K3ZM
K1LT   Single Op HP   3,2142012-12-30 12:20:46
This year's Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge was a mixed bag of
results. I boasted on the Mad River Radio Club's email list that I
was going to "win" the contest, based on the success of my latest
receiving phased array. However, I've been too lazy to guarantee my
continued success.

Conditions this season continue to be sort of an average of the two
recent good seasons of 2008 and 2009. I started operating around
2100Z, about an hour before sunset here, and worked 3 Europeans in the
first few minutes. Activity was very good, so CQing was effective for
quite a while. I took a break as usual after about an hour to eat
dinner and consume off-time, since one has to be selective about which
14 hours of the 16 hours of available open-band time.

The first half of the contest seemed to be better than normal (for
varying definitions of "normal"). V55V and D3AA both called and both
had sufficient signal strength to be heard when I was not specifically
listening in their direction. I did accidentally bump the "east"
direction key and V55V was there, but his signal was very good. EA8CN
rounds out the African compliment. I don't think I've copied an EA8
grid before. It was very gratifying to collect some new grids for the
(unofficial) "list". (Some day, I'll fill in a map or something.)

Normally, European signals gradually get stronger as their sunrise
approaches, but this year the trend seemed to be flat. I worked a
number of ESP level DLs and OKs. (Central Europe seems to be harder
to work that elsewhere.) IZ3AZV was very persistent, to his
advantage. A number of other stations gave up before the QSB helped
them out. IV3PRK had a great signal, as I was able to hear him
through a couple of local callers.

After European sunrise, I took a 90 minute nap to consume the rest of
my off-time. When I resumed operating, I tuned the band first. I
heard ZL3IX calling someone who couldn't hear him, but I couldn't
attract his attention by going up the band and CQing. In 2009 and
2010 I worked ZL3IX at 1037Z and 1041Z and this year I heard him
around 1040Z. Is the opening to ZL from Ohio that narrow? I did not
hear any VKs.

This year, my "northwest" noise was particularly oppressive. It
stayed away from all of the contests so far this winter, which led to
some complacency on my part. The new phased array shows that the
noise if very close to my location since the noise is stronger on some
elements compared to others. I approached my neighbor about hunting
around his property for the source, but so far, I haven't figured out
a good way to actually search. The noise sounds like ordinary power
line noise, except that the noise blanker doesn't help very much the
noise spectrum also diminishes very rapidly with frequency. The best
method may just be poking around with an AM radio.

The new phased array was supposed to assist with reception from Japan
where both my Beverages and the existing phased array are rather weak.
The new array proved its utility during the ARRL 160 and my
expectations were high for this test. However, the only stations I
actually copied using the new array were Alaskans. I did work 3 JAs,
but they seemed to be arriving a from about 300 degrees instead of 330
degrees, and the old phased array delivered a better signal to
power-line noise ratio than the new array. There were a couple of
other probable JA callers, but I could just not hear them through the
noise. So, I can't tell if my moderate results with JAs this test
were because of better receiving capabilities (compromised by local
noise) or just unusual propagation.

Since this season demands comparison with the best of the past, here
is a breakdown:

raw raw points cooked cooked points ratio
year QSOs score per QSO QSOs score per QSO

2005 491 2033 4.14 483 2439 5.05 1.22
2006 604 2224 3.68 didn't submit log in time
2007 691 3712 5.37 669 4293 6.42 1.19
2008 633 3328 5.26 617 3895 6.31 1.20
2009 761 4006 5.26 737 4871 6.61 1.26
2010 642 2477 3.86 623 2931 4.70 1.22
2011 656 2501 3.81 642 3169 4.94 1.27
2012 679 3214 4.73

The "points per QSO" number seems to be a potentially useful figure of
merit. Also note that the "cooked" score is usually about 20% better
than the raw score, because of the points awarded for working low
power stations. Since that ratio is pretty constant, then the "points
per QSO" number looks like a concise measure of "conditions". 2012
seems not as good as any of 2007, 2008, or 2009, despite my memory.

My other mistake, besides not fixing the local noise, was probably not
tuning the band often enough. I seemed to have missed a number of
usually strong stations that were on for a while, according to several
3830 reports.

V55V and D3AA were the surprise contacts, especially since V5 was my
best DX this year. TF3DX/m was another surprise contact of a
different sort. I got a bit of a chuckle from his instance that I
acknowledge the "/m".

DX worked: 4O, 6Y, 9A, CE, D3, DL (22), E7, EA8, EI (2), F (6), FM, G
(14), GM (3), I (3), JA (3), KH (4), KL (2), KV, LA (2), LY (4), OE
(2), OH, OH0, OK (5), OM (2), ON (2), PA (5), SM (5), SP (2), TF(2),
UA, UR (4), V5, XE, YL, and YU.

Equipment: K3, ETO 91B (thanks Jeff!), 65 foot "Tee" over 70 125'
radials on the ground, 6 2-wire Beverages every 30 degrees varying in
length from 450 - 900 feet (didn't use them), 4x2 broadside/end-fire
phased array and SDR receiver, 2x2 broadside/end-fire phased array and
SDR receiver.
K5KC(W5TM)   Single Op HP   2,1502012-12-30 12:24:07
Lots of fun, again, at Ken's great station! Thanks to Lynn and Ken for their
N2IC   Single Op HP   2,5572012-12-30 12:32:05
I have been on 160 most every night and morning this month. Except for a few
good nights and mornings, conditions have been pretty much punk to EU and JA.
Unfortunately, this was again the case for the Stew Perry.

I recently took down my web of interacting 160 meter wires, and went back to
basics with shunt-feeding the 110 foot tower, which is loaded with several
yagis. Still working issues with common-mode heating of the 80 meter baluns, so
I completely disconnected those antennas to give the shunt-fed tower a fair
chance. I'm happy to report that all that 160 meter RF did not seem to hurt the
baluns on the yagis. While these mediocre conditions make it hard to evaluate an
antenna, it seems to be transmitting as well as the previous wires.

Only 5 EU stations worked (out of only 6 heard !). 4 of them called me, which
is a good indication that I'm being heard. Only 9 JA's, but I slept from
08Z-12Z. The best openings always happen when you're asleep, right ? No sunrise
enhancement whatsoever. Best DX was VK6GX. Sorry it took so long for me to pull
out your call. No beverage in that direction.

On the bright side, the band was quiet all night, in all directions. Seemed
like I could hear a pin drop on the beverages.

Thanks for all the QSO's. Be sure to tell everyone how much fun the Stew Perry
is. We could use plenty more QRM next year !

N3AM   Multi-Op HP   3382012-12-30 12:38:06
Search and pounce on RBN spots. Condx seemed marginal to me.
VE3OSZ   Multi-Op LP   1,8932012-12-30 12:51:33
Son (VE3SMA) and father (VE3OSZ) operation this year.

Conditions seemed pretty good this time. DX worked:
plus many 8-pointers from the west coast.


Drake TR7 100 watts
Inverted L
One Beverage
TR Log
K5OAI   Single Op QRP   1112012-12-30 12:52:16
K3 5w x .06 (6%efficiency) = 300mw ERP
7' tall Hi-Q 6/160 @ 20' with 16 radials ea. 13' long

160m CW 12/29/12 2308 N7GP 599 DM91 599 DM52 2 764

160m CW 12/30/12 0017 K5KC 599 DM91 599 EM16 2 667

160m CW 12/30/12 0018 N4OX 599 DM91 599 EM60 3 1343

160m CW 12/30/12 0027 N0NI 599 DM91 599 EN21 3 1237

160m CW 12/30/12 0030 K5BG 599 DM91 599 EM12 1 394

160m CW 12/30/12 0056 K8IA 599 DM91 599 DM48 3 1201

160m CW 12/30/12 0100 W0UO 599 DM91 599 EM12 1 394

160m CW 12/30/12 0104 K4RO 599 DM91 599 EM66 3 1409

160m CW 12/30/12 0130 K0HA 599 DM91 599 EN10 3 1067

160m CW 12/30/12 0132 N2IC 599 DM91 599 DM52 2 765

160m CW 12/30/12 0142 W7RH 599 DM91 599 DM35 3 1202

160m CW 12/30/12 0151 KE0UI 599 DM91 599 DM78 2 862

160m CW 12/30/12 0157 WB9Z 599 DM91 599 EN60 4 1612

160m CW 12/30/12 0221 N5RZ 599 DM91 599 DM91 1 1

160m CW 12/30/12 0237 K7NJ 599 DM91 599 EN35 4 1711

160m CW 12/30/12 0243 NX5M 599 DM91 599 EM10 1 398

160m CW 12/30/12 0249 AA5B 599 DM91 599 DM65 2 715

160m CW 12/30/12 0252 N4ZI 599 DM91 599 EM55 3 1202

160m CW 12/30/12 0344 W5WMU 599 DM91 599 EM40 2 963

160m CW 12/30/12 0349 N0TT 599 DM91 599 EM29 3 1046

160m CW 12/30/12 0352 K7IA 599 DM91 599 DM62 2 579

160m CW 12/30/12 0404 WD5R 599 DM91 599 EM45 3 1032

160m CW 12/30/12 1006 K5AF 599 DM91 599 EL09 1 295

160m CW 12/30/12 1008 N6KI 599 DM91 599 DM14 4 1534

160m CW 12/30/12 1015 NO3M 599 DM91 599 EN91 5 2107

160m CW 12/30/12 1030 VE3TA 599 DM91 599 EN93 5 2212

160m CW 12/30/12 1034 K4PI 599 DM91 599 EM73 4 1522

160m CW 12/30/12 1042 K9AY 599 DM91 599 EN53 4 1707

160m CW 12/30/12 1052 N8UM 599 DM91 599 EM07 4 1518

160m CW 12/30/12 1117 K1LT 599 DM91 599 EM89 4 1860

160m CW 12/30/12 1122 N5XJ 599 DM91 599 EM10 1 399

160m CW 12/30/12 1151 W6IZT 599 DM91 599 EM74 4 1534

160m CW 12/30/12 1212 N5UL 599 DM91 599 DM82 1 220

160m CW 12/30/12 1217 W5RYA 599 DM91 599 EM23 2 607

160m CW 12/30/12 1226 XE2S 599 DM91 599 DL49 2 988

160m CW 12/30/12 1227 W5KDJ 599 DM91 599 EM20 2 585

160m CW 12/30/12 1240 K0VXU 599 DM91 599 EM28 2 955

160m CW 12/30/12 1247 K9YC 599 DM91 599 CM87 5 2127

160m CW 12/30/12 1310 KE5AKL 599 DM91 599 DM65 2 715

160m CW 12/30/12 1323 KØHA 599 DM91 599 EN10 3
160m CW 12/30/12 1347 N0KE 599 DM91 599 DM69 3 1046
N7US   Single Op HP   3062012-12-30 12:55:33
Had fun playing in the stew for the first time.
CE1/K7CA   Single Op HP   6,3822012-12-30 12:59:32
Another fine contesting year is history. The Stew Perry contest is a great way
to end the season. Thank you Boring Amateur Radio Club for putting on the best
contest format around. One night contests are great as I am getting a bit too
old for serious 2 day contests.
The contest started great with early openings to the US. Signals were strong
all night long from the US and summer time QRN levels were not too bad.
However, European signals were down and only managed 16 EU qsos. Where were
all the great EU signals that I was hearing in the ARRL 160 contest which
couldn't be worked for credit. KL7RA called in early with a very nice signal,
W7 stations seemed extra loud, and when I started working strong KH6 stations
(6 in all) I thought there would be a great JA opening. Wrong. Topband just
shows us that when you think you have it figured out, it will do something that
you are not expecting. There are only 7 JA stations in the log as compared to
about 40 from last year. JA qsos are nice for the score as my longest qso was
with JA4CUU at 36 points. Hope to see you all next year in the CQ 160 contest.
73, Al CE1/K7CA
Rig: K3 using diversity
Ten-Tec Titan amp 1200W
43 ft top loaded vertical w/ 40 quarter wave radials
500 ft beverage at 340 degrees
Broadside/Endfire RX array north
K3KU   Single Op LP   12012-12-30 13:07:56
No idea what my score is. I was using a version of CT that did not have this
'Test. I used the NAQP module -- enter received grid in Name field, and enter
MD in state field for every QSO; then tweak the Cabrillo log.

Family fun took priority. No time for pre-contest prep; rushed into the 'Test
Sat nite for a few hours of fun. Several station glitches getting started.
Notably, the filter selection on the TS-850 had, unnoticed, gotten set to
wide-open. Made the band sound like I was using my AR-3 from 52 years ago.
After I got that straightened out things went OK. I called CQ until it so slow
that even I was bored, then did S&P until I found a new CQ freq.

Condx must have been great for knowledgable op's with real stations. I got
called by VE7, Ore, and Wash. I worked CA. I heard F5VHY call a RI stn (first
EU I ever heard on 160), and then -- mirabile dictu -- I worked a G, my first
European on 160.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   6282012-12-30 13:10:10
Spent half an hour on Friday afternoon before RAC Winter making some changes to
the 160M inverted-L.

It is fed using a Hygain 18AVT/WB all-band vertical with about six 50' radials
on ground. The 160M wire is attached to the aluminum housing of the 10M trap.
The wire runs for 30' at a 45-degree angle, then straight up to a 67'-high
catenary cable (slung between Ponderosa pines) before sloping down to 40' or so
at the far east end. A bit of a zig-zag to be sure.

Friday, I connected one 50' radial to the chainlink fence around the back yard
(about 150' of fence). Quite a stretch of the fence is closer to the vertical
portion of the wire than the radials under the actual feedpoint (the
aforementioned all-band vertical).

It seemed to have improved things a great deal. This was my third-best outing
in the Stew. FN and FM stations heard me (somehow), and copy was quite good on
the E-W unterminated 260' Beverage.

Did not get on the air until fairly late Saturday evening. Put in 3 hours off
and on, ending at about 2 a.m.

Best and only DX was KH6LC.

The reward for those who worked me from the Midwest and further East is the
multiplier for hearing my 100W. Thanks for braving the QSB to make the

-- Bud VA7ST
NE7D   Single Op LP   9442012-12-30 13:25:56
K3, MAV-160 vertical with elevated radials, N1MM
S57EA   Single Op LP   1932012-12-30 13:35:53
HNY,73's and thanks for the Q's
Miran S57EA

Yaesu FT-897D @ 100 W
G3YCC (20m wire + 20m helix),7m up
N1MM logging software
WS7L   Single Op HP   1,4652012-12-30 13:37:34
Nothing too remarkable. Band was not as noisy as it has been. Results are better
than last year mainly due to time in the chair. As is typical for me in the
Stew, not much DX was heard: My usual two Caribbeans KV4FZ & FM5CD, JA, KH6,
KL7, plus my traditional max DX winner CE1/K7CA. No UA0's this year which is
unusual. And I could SWEAR that I heard just one CQ from VK4YB and then he was
gone. Too bad for me, I could use a VK for my 160 DXCC. My big mistake this
year was not getting on and working some JAs the first hour. Might have racked
up a few hundred more points. Best hour was about 50 Q's, also pretty normal.

Antennas: 15 m high top-loaded vertical, plus loop on ground ~ 1 wavelength.
The loop doesn't help with directivity but it's quiet and makes great diversity
with the TX antenna.

73 and thanks for the Q's
Carl WS7L
KU7Y   Single Op QRP   152012-12-30 13:40:26
One side of the antenna broke and was laying on the ground. No wonder the rig
wouldn't load right and no one could hear me!
I2WIJ   Single Op LP   8222012-12-30 13:46:12
Very limited time and no RX antennas.
The only one I actually have in place (K9AY) has to be broken
because I could hear better with the TX INV-L.

Happy New Year!
Bob, I2WIJ
KH6LC   Multi-Op HP   2,7512012-12-30 13:48:44
We recently doubled the number of radials under our TX vertical. Were we any
louder? Ha!!! While the band was nice and quiet, conditions weren't the
greatest with signal strengths radically up and down. Our perception was that
overall participation seemed a bit less this year. It was still BIG FUN.
Thanks for all the contacts. Hope to see everyone in the CQ-160 Test.

K3, Alpha 77, TX Ant= Vertical, RX Ant= Beverages & 4 Square.

73 & Aloha, de Lloyd KH6LC, Curt AH6RE and Roby NH6V.
N4ZI   Single Op LP   9332012-12-30 13:58:35
Had intentions to play longer, should have run High Power! Conditions
were good, no static crashes! I heard a several DX stations, but they
couldn't hear me! I didn't have my K9AY loop up either this year! The
2 ele 40 seem to hear pretty descent though! Thanks for the Q's

Equipment: Elecraft K3, P3 100 watts and Inverted Vee

73 and Happy New Year!
Bill N4ZI
K5BG   Single Op HP   1,7122012-12-30 14:03:34
Managed 8 hours in the chair. Double the time spent on all other contest
combined this year!
I can hardly wait to see the LCR and busted calls in my log!
Many QSO's especially early on were very marginal. The band seemed
good at times and very poor at others.
Only EU was E77DX...Great ears. I went to bed before EU sunrise.
Best DX was ZL3IX with a great signal once on the proper beverage.
Worked several JA, 3 KH6, and a KL7 early Sunday morning.
Thanks to all for the QSO's.
HNY to all and CU next year.
N4PN   Single Op HP   8652012-12-30 14:11:49
Not much DX this year...only a few EU...nice to catch Mike at
Very little left in "the tank" here after 18 hours in the RAC
Still 160m is always fun..
73, Paul, N4PN

INVERT V (Apex 85' in pine tree)
Logging w/NA
VE7SL   Single Op LP   1,8582012-12-30 14:16:05
Condx out in Western Canada were not great...poorer than normal. From the sound
of things, the propagation was much better from the central states eastward.
Only three or four JA's heard on Sunday morning and none of them very loud. No
matter the conditions, the SP is always an enjoyable affair and with the
fairest scoring system yet devised puts us 'left-coasters' on par with the rest
of the continent. Thanks for all the fun guys!

Steve / VE7SL

WEB - "The VE7SL Radio Notebook":
W8KTQ   Single Op LP   1,5032012-12-30 14:16:08
Lots of fun and contacts due to the good conditions for this one. It always
makes you feel good when you can work DX on 160 with 90 watts! Thanks to all
and Happy New Year!
HA8BE   Single Op QRP   6432012-12-30 14:24:24
K4LY   Single Op HP   1602012-12-30 14:25:11
Started with high expectations since my inv L with top at 90' had been working
well. Ran a few staions for 10 minutes before sunset, then some S + P with
Europeans already fair to strong by sunset. About 45 minutes later my Ten Tec
Titan quits, showing an infinite SWR to the TS-850 exciter although the SWR
direct to antenna was close to 1:1. This happened once before- a bad relay?-
and the next day it worked OK again. I tried turning the amp off for 1 minute,
5 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, but same problem. With an hour operating at
high power (and I only run high power on 160M), I was too crestfallen to
continue at LP. Best DX was SN7Q 16 pts and 4O3A 17 pts. This morning the amp
worked again! HNY.
OU2I(OZ1BII)   Single Op LP   8252012-12-30 14:39:32
SOAPBOX: Elecraft K3 at 80W
SOAPBOX: 20 mtr LW as Inverted-L up 12 mtr

OZ1BII Henning
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op HP   2,5522012-12-30 14:46:38
Band was quiet. Condx seemed at least about average. EU was in early but not
in quantity. Some DX was easy copy while others required considerable effort
to complete the QSO. Best DX = 2 JA and ZS. Always nice to have a one evening
WAC! Not motivated enough to stick with it all through the night so I shut down
after UK sunrise until about an hour before W9 sunrise.

503 NA
35 EU
2 AS
2 OC
1 AS
1 SA

222 Grid Squares

Thanks for the QSOs!

73 es HNY!

Mike K9NW
VE3CV   Single Op LP   1,3392012-12-30 15:05:38
Pulled an all-nighter for the first time in awhile as the band was amazing. Not
the best, but with QSB and changing propagation things were always interesting.
Decided to go for the ALL S&P Award as that is what I enjoy most and continuous
trolling did some good. I think I worked KL7RA, TF3M, and 3 KH6 stations as
they were just being heard (barely a whisper in VE3 land) as I had all the time
to work with them to hear my 100W and no competition and QRM. I guess few
people use spots in the Stew..glad for that! Also some EU DX was nice to work.
Heard one JA at sunrise (my reason for staying in the chair after the band was
mostly dupes), but no go. Having the beverages sure made it easy on the ears
because a snow storm had the static loud on the doublet TX/RX antenna. Best DX
was CE1/K7CA, with E77DX and LY7M also a close seconds.

So how many of you wasted time calling KE@UI on 1.815 who had his CQ machine
going all night long with about 3 seconds between calls. Never heard him make
a Q despite many strong stations calling! I hope he hadn't died at the key!

This is a great contest with excellent OPs. Only heard tuner uppers twice on
top of DX and many times folks allowed Qs to be made instead of constant
calling...just like the old days.

Thanks for all the Qs and thanks to Boring ARC for running such a great Top
Band DX Challenge!

Jeff, VE3CV
N4NW   Single Op HP   1,0292012-12-30 15:42:46
This was my first Stew Perry 160m contest. My biggest grip was US stations
calling CQ and working non-DX in the DX window. The proliferation of lids was
on display by this lack of perception to DX.

I used a recently re-installed (to stay within the KE3X plaque requirement -
this removed less than six feet from the original vertical length!) 70'
vertical with tee-top base loaded with a Collins 180T coupler enclosed in a
RubberMaid 20gal tote. The antenna worked well on transmit and if I could hear
a station I worked them. The main issue is the the IF.

Although I had installed two 600+ft beverages facing NE & SE last month, I was
disappointed in their performance. Strong signals came in fine on the beverages
- the NE one seemed better. However at times, it was like the antenna was
shorted and I could hear no stations on it, other times it performed as I would
expect a beverage to perform. Noise, would go from bad to really bad to worse
when receiving with the vertical but this was the only antenna that I could
consistently hear stations on.

Best DX Grid from FM-18 was JN-82

Hope some deserving k-12 educator qualified for the Sandy Hook Elementary
School memorial plaque that I sponsored.

In spite of all lids in the DX window, it was fun contest.
N6RO   Single Op HP   2,4872012-12-30 15:57:21
Couldn't muster the energy for 14 hours after an all-nighter on 160 in the RAC,
but couldn't stay up for the first hour of the STEW, which is usually
productive to JA/ASIA. No local or precip. noise this year. Good prop to
eastern US, but no EU or AF. Heard a trace of G, GM, EI but no Qs. Poor prop
to JA, logged only 10. In RAC Friday night, JA was much louder and worked two
Gs at their sunrise. Prop to the southern hemi was good; CE, HC, ZL, VK. VK6GX
was the loudest and my best pointer at 30.

K3 (diversity RX and semi SO2R in-between CQs), P3, AL1200, wire 4 SQ,

CU on RTTY next weekend. HNY!
K2AXX   Single Op HP   5492012-12-30 15:57:27
Still haven't hooked the beverage up. Need to do that ASAP. Just got on to hand
out some points, love the grid format & distance scoring. A great way to spend
a few hours.
OLØA(OK1CZ)   Single Op LP   7392012-12-30 15:59:26
Operated for about 6 hours from Praha - city QTH, with Windom OCF antenna and
barefoot IC9100.
Due to low modest antenna not much DX was heard.
The only DX worked were RT9S, K1LZ and RG9A, whom I worked 20 min before the
end of the contest, still during daylight before my sunset.
KL7RA   Single Op HP   2,2512012-12-30 16:23:56
Never schedule a travel day right before the contest. Missed all my connections
and got home too late for the sunrise Europe peak. Band sounded very good and
stations I called could hear me this year very early after our sunset. Missed
the 0500z Europe run to go back to the airport to get missing luggage. JA's
were very loud and easy to work but not very much activity. I didn't get the
east coast sunrise pileup which can be fun and good for a 100 Q's but the
stations calling that were very weak became readable after a few "overs" and
all coming in on the right Beverages. For awhile the band was packed with very
loud stations, (all dupes!) but by 1200z it was fading quickly so I quit
early this year as the previous 24 hours of flying or stuck in airports
sucked the fun out of it. N2IC and N5RZ were by far the most consistent
and loud running stations. Steve installed a new transmit and Gator put up
a new 8 circle receive. Both new systems worked to/from KL7.

Note to W7DRA, keep doing what you just did as I didn't have to chase
you with the RIT this year for the QSO. Using old gear on topband is
extra cool.

73 Rich KL7RA -- now completely rested I would like to try this all again!
WF7T   Single Op LP   1,2632012-12-30 16:24:53
I missed the Big Stew last year so I made sure to devote as full an effort as
possible. B.I.C. was goal one. goal two was to make more Qs over my 2010
effort. I like attainable goals!

I have been non-plussed by my old inverted U antenna so I decided to use my
trusty G5RV (again) as a Marconi. I have 1500 ft of radials in the yard, and
two 1/4 wave raised radials snaked on the lot. I am not sure of the
effectiveness of my ground implementation but it seems to be OK for now. I
also took some galvanized fencing and made a little ground mat; about 30 ft
long or so. Ignorance is bliss. With a little auto-tuner at the base I found an
SWR I could live with.

I also managed to get the G5RV into the trees a little bit higher, maybe 40
feet or so.

My little half derriere'ed receiving loop; now there was a disappointment.
Lesson learned from this contest is to work on the RX side first, then bother
with the TX. The loop was too close to the house and non-rotatable. I thought
it was pointed toward EU, but I didn't hear any this outing. It must have been
pointed fine since the W3s were booming in. Then again, I can hear those W3s in
my tooth fillings. I had plans to revamp the RX side but I poorly managed my
pre-contest time.

Thus I start my never-ending (and apparently none too lonely) quest for a
usable low-band RX antenna that will work on my puny little in-city lot.

I was no speed demon but did manage some fun rates for several 1/2 hour periods
throughout the contest. Worked 139 grids or so, and finally managed to complete
a Q with CE1/K7CA around 0725z peaking very loudly while RX on my Marconi.

It was wonderful to hear many calls friendly and familiar during the contest. I
appreciate each contact. Many thanks to the club and all those who work to make
this such a great event.

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year.

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


IC-7600 & IC-756Pro2 @ 100w
Marconi-ed G5RV @ 40-ish feet (for reals)
RX loop ala-KC2TX but very shoddily built
N1MM v12.12.2, YCCC SO2R+

Every 25Qs beyond 100 I got a reward: A dark-chocolate covered espresso bean.
K1HTV   Single Op LP   1,8952012-12-30 16:32:20
Conditions were not as good as a few weeks ago but were not bad.

DX worked: KP2, DL, E7, G, F(3) EI, CE, FM & KL7. Checking the DX Cluster
archives after the SP Topband Challenge shows that I missed a number of DX
stations that other low power stations worked. Such is life w/o the DX

TX antennas: Shunt fed, house bracketed 75 ft tower w/8 quarter wave radials.
35 ft high Inv-L for close in stations

RX antennas: 3 bi-directional 520 ft Beverages
50 ft high Inv-L used as quieter RX antenna at times

Transceiver: Elecraft K3
The K3 worked great, especially when using the sub-receiver in the diversity
mode with my 3 Beverage receive antennas. I've used the same setup at W3LPL on
160M (but with 8 Beverages). Its amazing to hear weak DX signals fading up and
down into the noise on one ear while fading down and up in the other ear, often
resulting in FB copy rather than intermittent loss of signals when using only
one RX antenna.

Thanks guys to all for the Q's. See you in the upcoming CQ 160 Meter contests.

73 & Happy New Year
Rich - K1HTV
VE3TA   Single Op HP   3,8482012-12-30 16:49:31
Longest was VK3QK in QF22 at 16,121 km

Also two other VK, two ZL, JA8, D3, five KH6, two KL7,
FM5, KV4, CE1, HD2, three PY, YV, XE and about 140 EU

Thanks to brother Bob, VE3CWU for helping a lot with antennas.

Thanks to all who called.

73, Paul
IK8UND   Single Op HP   5872012-12-30 17:00:01
Nice to work this funny contest,
even with my poor 11 meters base loaded vertical.
Best dx was K3ZM (the only NA signal I heard).
HNY es 73

DK6XZ(E77XZ)   Single Op QRP   1,1822012-12-30 17:09:27
Who once operated in Stew have falled in love with it. I chosed spontaneously my
challenge to be in working with 5 Watts output power only. People, belive me,
you must try it!! You will be generously (self)rewarded for every single QSO
you make with as QRP(!). Finally, it is all what we are looking for, a "feeling
good" about what we are doing. Topband otherwise may appear frustrating if you
are not well equipped with serious RX/TX antennas.

At the beginning, I did not know which expectations and figured targets may be
set and/or if it is going to work at all - while letting it stay a fun. Having
only a FT920 onboard ( PWR knob twisted full to the left ) and a couple of
switched resonant guy ropes on the 33m-tower was not promissing any demanding
entry. At the end, I was surprised what everything was possible to pull out of
it if running QRP. Heavy man-made-noise from the nearby industry was well
managed inter alia by an only 90 m long Beverage. Generally the Yeasu RIG have
convinced me with the effective RX & DSP-filter ( big knobs at the down right
side ) too. One would FT920 actually not count to a serious contesting TRX. I
dare to desagree. A contester will quickly find it very useful and a good
performing transceiver, simple and handy to use.

To be mostly solidely heard in Baltic & Scandinavia, UK & UA/UR was my greatest
satisfaction. All of that are QSOs across 1200-2600 km distance. You made my day
guys! ODX was some time TF4M, than UA1OMS (2766 km). I lived ( and loved ) it as
any 2m VHF contest. It was nice experiencing your HF operation visually on the
grid map. UA9MA, W1UE, K3ZM, K1LZ, were very strong and present most of the
time with good signal levels ( up to S9+ ), but countless Eastcoast and Midwest
stations were heared well too. Calling those previous again and again at times
without pile-ups on their freqs was a clear sign that my only chance to
eventually work a DX would be at the sunrise. Despite the expected, the
conditions seemed then to drop. DX: it was not to be. At the other hand, many
EUs answerded my CQ, even a few UA/URs with QRB ~2500 km. A great feeling. I
feel like only two dozen of EU stations I was able to hear somewhere on the
band, while going through it, were not logged. Just a few of them were not able
to copy me, once I succeded to find them calling CQ.

All in all, a nice experience and a pleasent weekend. Many thanks to all of you
for sharing your time with us on the Topband! Special thanks to QRP entrants
from Europe, to get someone to compare with. Congratulations to the top
performances showing up in the preliminary scoreboards of 3830!

Best wishes for the coming year
& see you in the contests!

73 Suad, DK6XZ

Some details:

Contest : Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge
Callsign : DK6XZ
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 160
Class : QRP
Operating time : 11h57

160 188 7 394 2.1

Alle Bänder - Alle Betriebsarten
QSOs (ohne Dupes) - Nach Zeit

| Hr | |
| 14 | |
| 15 | |
| 16 | |
| 17 | 2 |
| 18 | 33 |
| 19 | 26 |
| 20 | 16 |
| 21 | 15 |
| 22 | 16 |
| 23 | 18 |
| 00 | 10 |
| 01 | 13 |
| 02 | 8 |
| 03 | |
| 04 | |
| 05 | 8 |
| 06 | 13 |
| 07 | 10 |
| 08 | |
| | 188 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.6.0
K9YC   Single Op HP   2,0222012-12-30 17:48:28
Although propagation wasn't great, it wasn't bad, and activity seemed better.
Recent storms had done minor damage to the radial systems, but a break in the
rain allowed me to do repairs, and everything in the station seemed to be
working well. Except the operator, who QLFed and took two hours more break time
than was required by the rules. On the other hand, having those breaks made the
operating time much faster paced, and the operator fresher. So who knows.

Station was a K3, P3, Ten Tec Titan, and switched arrays of three verticals
with some directivity to the east, south, and west.

Thanks for all the Qs. 73, Jim K9YC
N5AW   Single Op LP   3132012-12-30 18:30:57
Very little DX - did not even hear a European. Band was pretty quiet though.
WB2ABD   Single Op HP   6092012-12-30 18:49:57
K3 KPA500 inv vee @ 60ft N1MM GHE Radio Boss
AA4LR   Single Op LP   1,0302012-12-30 19:00:37
160m Inverted L up 16m, with eight 38m (125 feet) radials

Elecraft K3/100 running 100 watts


The K3/100 was a Christmas present from my XYL. Although it arrived three days
after Christmas, I was excited to get it built and on the air. By the time the
contest started, I hadn't read the operating manual yet. Just enough to work
the contest.

I must say that this little rig impressed me. I only have the stock 2.7 kHz
roofing filter, but I was able to dial down to 300 Hz with no problem. There
were only a couple of situations where nearby signals caused pumping of the AGC
-- a narrower roofing filter is definitely under consideration.

My K2/100 would definitely feel extremely warm after calling CQ for 10 minutes.
The K3/100 didn't break a sweat. It was relatively cool and silent the entire

The inverted L was erected just before the ARRL 160m. I added four more 125
foot radials the day before the contest. I also trimmed 9 feet from the element
to bring the resonance up from 1740 kHz to something in-band. This must have
improved the radiation efficiency quite a bit. The received noise went up
considerably after these changes -- this antenna sounds much more like the
shunt-fed tower I have in Gwinnett County.

As in the ARRL 160m, the antenna worked well. With a few exceptions, I could
work most everyone I heard.

I started a little early. I didn't expect to work anything until the sun went
down at around 2230z, Imagine my surprise when tuning around with the K3 around
2030z and finding stations on the air. Another 20 minutes, and I had the
computer set up to log and worked a handful of stations. Then I found a nice
spot and started calling CQ.

This contest was mostly a CQ-fest for me. Rate was pretty slow at first. I was
reading e-mail on my second laptop between Qs. After sun-down, things picked up
considerably. This was an absolute blast. There were a couple of times the rate
really kicked in for a brief period. I found out later that these coincided
with a couple of spots I got.

Not a lot of DX in this contest. NP2, and VE were about it. I did hear a couple
of europeans, as well as CE, but the couldn't hear me. (Well, it sounded like
they couldn't hear anyone)

This would have been more fun with a little more activity. I've never
understood why the Stew Perry isn't as active as the ARRL 160m.

Looking forward to the CQ 160m contests.
K7VIT   Single Op LP   862012-12-30 19:08:07
Tree and others,
Thanks for this contest and for the memory of Stew W1BB. I love getting on
where our predecessors were pushed those many years ago, when we hams were
limited to 200 meters and down. My J-shaped 80 m dipole on our small city lot
couldn't compete for "lamest ant," but it allows me to play a little bit.
Thanks to N0TT for my best DX this outing. Thank you to all who dug deeply and
answered my calls.
73, Jerry
N6KI(@W6HCD)   Single Op HP   1,5462012-12-30 19:20:20
My best score in Stew Perry since 2005. Band was mostly quiet and worked 2 new
countries VK and 5W. Had to quit at 3 AM local as I felt a cold coming on and
decided I better get some rest after 10 hours of operation. I know I missed
some good DX between 3 am and Sunrise.....wait;ll next year. Nice surprise was
5W1SA calling me and hanging in as the QSB was a bit tough. I am sure I missed
a bunch of guys calling me from the 900 ft hill with 1500 Watts to Full size
160 MTR Inverted-V dipole with Apex at 70 ft but my 6 ft Diameter RX loop just
was actually picking up some QRN that I did hear on my dipole !
K3, ACOM 2000A, WinTest - 73 and HNY 2013
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op HP   5042012-12-30 19:22:07
This is my entry to double my fun in the SPDC. This is my ALL DAYLIGHT entry.
All contacts were made while the sun was above the horizon at my location.

At the opening bell the sun had already been up in the southeastern sky for
about 40 minutes. I logged 31 contacts in 71 minutes of operation; nothing

I started again in the afternoon at 3:20 local time, a bit less than 2 hours
before sunset. I logged 55 contacts in 95 minutes. The band was sounding good
and I must congratulate the stations back east for listening west at this time
of day. I only CQed for the 95 minutes which means the following stations,
among the 55 total, heard my signal and called me.

WB9Z, Jerry, in EN60 called in at 22:49Z, a full hour and 20 minutes before
sundown and broke the barrier to east of the Mississippi.

K1DQV in FM19 was logged at 22:52.

W1UJ in FN42 was logged at 23:03.

W1FV in FN42 was logged at 23:18.

W1WBB in FN41 was logged at 23:30.

WA1Z in FN42 was logged at 23:44.

W1CRP in FN33 was logged at 23:52.

I especially want to thank the ops at these stations for paying attention to
signals from the setting sun direction, and for their great stations to make
the haul at that time of day.

I switched to the core QRP operation as N5IA at 0000 hours and operated the 14
hours until 1400 Z.

The sun was just above the horizon when I started HP operation again as N7GP
for the last 50 minutes of the contest. Three JAs and three KH6s were logged,
with KH7X contacted at 1444 Z. Again nothing spectacular, but a total of 30
more Qs in the log bringing the daylight log total to 116.

I would encourage more operators to take advantage of the opportunity to add
more contacts and excitement to an already fabulous TopBand contest. Use a
club call as the callsign for the 2nd operation, which is what I do. Borrow a
call from a friend who is not operating.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts. CU next in the CQ 150 CW at the end of
January, 2013. HAPPY NEW YEAR for everyone.

de Milt, N5IA
K5AF   Single Op LP   2602012-12-30 19:22:11
Wanted to get on for a while to test the Inverted L with FCP, and it seemed to
work fine. The band was very quiet and most stations were worked on the first
call. I did not feel very loud, but was able to enjoy a couple of short runs.

My Inverted L is 30' vertical and about 100' of wire that slopes downward to a
fence and then zig-zags along the fence to use up its entire length. I'm
wondering if a high-Q inductor at the base of the antenna and less wire at the
far end near the ground be a better alternative.

I'm also hoping to try a helically-wound vertical for the CQ160 test and see
how that plays. 30' is about the most I can get away with in this
neighborhood, so I'll consider all options.

This is a very great contest format and I hope other contests will eventually
evolve into something similar.

73, Paul, K5AF
WO1N   Single Op LP   1,1212012-12-30 20:14:08
Rig : FT1000D, N1MM
Antennas : INV-L @ 60', 3000' Temporary radials

Soapbox :

2005 was the last time I made any Q's in this contest. Planned a more intense
effort than usual; ultimately achieved. Finished deploying the rotatable
shielded loop during the day but it was only when I connected it up to my aging
FT1K that I learned the RX ant port has an issue. That took some
of my initial motivation and smashed it on the floor.

Still, though, I let myself get sucked in and finally kept the butt
in-the-chair for a good 4 hour stint. Listening on the vertical with all the
attenuation I can crank in but still hear signals. Tried running with AGC off
and riding the RF gain only to result in the proverbial bleeding eardrum
when a LOUD 8-lander stopped by. Ouch!

N1MM says 5.5 hrs total.Highlight was working CE1/K7CA for a new band country.
Best hour was a 70. Pulled the plug at 0900Z, set the alarm for local sunrise
+/-15min and did a few more Q's.

Nice to be back on Top Band,

N5IA   Single Op QRP   2,8052012-12-30 20:15:50
This report is for my core operation in the QRP category. The 14 hours is
sandwiched between the N7GP operation at HP during the daylight hour. Since
the contest is for only 14 hours out of the 24 hour contest period, I make use
of some daylight propagation periods immediately before and after this QRP
operation to double up on my TopBand fun. See the separate report for the N7GP

The band appeared to be in good shape at the start. No QRN and as already had
been demonstrated in the HP operation immediately proceeding this operation,
signals from the eastern USA and Canada were easily heard and generally
workable with QRP.

My best hour was 25 Qs during the 0200 hour. But the rate was relatively even
throughout the night. I had a few 'runs' of more than 25 Qs with the best
being 37 in a row without being run off a freq by a single QRL followed 1
second later by the CQ machine.

How short is the baud count for N5IA at 25 WPM? Well, all I know is it is
longer than the interval between CQs used by a LOT of stations last night.
Perhaps two dozen stations I called last night, that never responded, were past
the 'C' and on the 'Q' of the next CQ by the time my single call was sent and my
receiver recovered. Hmmm. I set my CQ interval at a full FIVE seconds and find
that interval too short at times to LISTEN CAREFULLY for callers. One station
that I called perhaps five different times NEVER made a single contact during
all the times I was listening to him. Oh well, different strokes for different
folks. You can't work 'em if you don't take time to listen for 'em. Now off my

The surprise of the night was at 0212 while S&Ping, lo and behold in a totally
clear window I encountered G4AMT CQing without any takers. No interference on
either side. Just G4AMT and me alone in the world, he waiting for me to call.
And on the 3rd call, he was in the log for my longest contact of the contest.

QRP operation takes patience and technique. Although KV4FZ and CE1/K7CA were
loud and clear early on there was no chance to be heard with all the eastern
USA activity and the EU window still available to Herbie and Al. So I visited
their frequencies about every 30 minutes and tried calling them on a few
sequences. If no success, then continue CQing or S&Ping and try again later.
Most times this works, and late in the evening both stations were in the log.
Thanks to you both for your good ears.

Later FM5CD and HD2A were added to the log. A total of 3 KH6's and KL7RA
rounded out the DX for me.

Another SPDC has come and gone with great success. Thanks to Tree, Lew, and
the BARC for an outstanding contest format.

73 to all and the best for a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

de Milt, N5IA
NE9U   Single Op LP   8652012-12-30 20:54:30
Had wanted to put in a full time effort to test out my "new" FT1000D, but things
didn't work out as planned.
Helped move my son KB9TTO from Minneapolis to Eau Claire, then had to travel 4
hours to get up to cabin where I've been doing my 160 efforts. Thought I could
get up there by 3:00 or so but didn't make it until after 6:00 (didn't help that
I put the Jeep and the U-Haul trailer in the ditch along I94!!!!!) First time
in 38 years of winter driving that I've ever gotten stuck. Guess the heavy
trailer didn't help matters.
Finally got on around 7:30 and stayed on until after Europe sunrise. Then
since I'd been up since 4:30 am, decided to pull the plug as I was falling
asleep at the key!
Bands seemed pretty good and had my best success ever with working DX on low
power. Seems everything I could hear could hear me for a change!
The "new" FT1000D seems like a winner.
W5JR   Single Op HP   3742012-12-30 21:01:59
Drove from DFW back to Atlanta, then DX Club Holiday party and then SP.
Surprised I lasted 2.5 hours! Timing usually means I miss The Stew, but it
worked out this year even though road conditions due to weather almost forced a
delay in the trip home.

Band conditions seemed great, very low noise at this QTH despite the rain in
the area. None of the usual industrial noises. Worked a few on the West Coast
easily. Missed the EU sunrise and the JA sunset, oh well. The inverted L
survived the high winds while we were away. I could hear faint stations
answering my CQs but were at my noise level. Will have RX antennas on line by
CQ time or operate from another station if this house sells before hand.
Building in a beverage friendly location in time for next season.

IC-756 Pro II, Power by Alpha 78, Inverted L (TX & RX), animal crackers by
K6CSL   Single Op LP   1842012-12-30 22:53:14
Wow! This is the best I have done in a Stew Perry event. The band was mostly
quiet with good signals. I could hear numbers of stations just at my noise
level, which was less than S-1 on my FT-450 and my 40M Delta Loop. About 11:00Z
I heard NO3M, East Brady, PA, but after several calls I couldn't get his
attention. My guess is he was running a KW and my 100W just couldn't make it.
About an hiur later I heard KH7X, the only KH I heard. I called several times,
a couple of times he questioned K6?, but he couldn;t pull my full call out. I
did briefly hear one JA. I have in previous Stews manage to work KH6 and one
JA(back in 2008) but then my total event QSO's were only 28. I was very happy
to log CN94, DL49(XE2S), and DM69, way out in New Mexico. One of the biggest
signals on the band was Steve, N2IC, DM52, who I worked at 13:13Z.
Stew Perry is really a fun event. I especially like the score being tied to
distance worked. TNX to all the KB'ers who gave me points. A good safe and
happy new year to all. Bert, K6CSL
S53F   Single Op LP   6222012-12-30 23:58:40
73 de Vinko s53f
W1NN   Single Op LP   1,6382012-12-31 00:34:29
Remote from Tokyo much like last year. I am using a full-size dipole this year
compared with a shortened G5RV last year, but it is only about 40 feet high in
the middle, so it can only do so much. For a remote station in Japan, this
contest mostly takes place during the day so you don't have to stay up all
night, but we had to take visitors out to lunch and again sightseeing in the
middle of the afternoon so I missed the European sunrise and some other good
operating time.

The band seemed very quiet at my QTH. Conditions seemed much better than in
the ARRL 160 contest. Worked EI, G, GM and F but didn't hear much other EU
while I was on. Finally got CE1/K7CA to hear me. I have tried to work him
many times in the past but it was always fruitless. He must have one great
receiving antenna and fantastic ears. Made it through to KH6ZM but KL7RA was
too weak to even bother calling.

The west coast was really loud from Ohio and I think I worked 20-30 sixes and
sevens. In ARRL 160 I think only 2-3 stations could hear me.

I love this format. It's very interesting watching the grids fill up in the
Win-Test grid map and seeing where the stations you are working are located.

Thanks to the Boring ARC and Tree for all the work and support.

Happy New Year to all!

Hal W1NN
G3SJJ   Multi-Op LP   8092012-12-31 02:40:30
My first time in this event. Good fun and interesting to see how the points
increase with distance. I will be back for more next time with better tx and rx
antennas. K3, Acom 1000 amp and a dipole at 60ft. N1MM Logger
F6ARC   Single Op HP   1,8922012-12-31 04:07:08
First entry in the Stew Perry Contest. My goal was to test a WKUSB interface
(worked great). Only spent a short time: started at 1630z and stopped at 1900z,
then from 0230z to 0730z. Conditions seemed unstable with heavy QSB.

Thanks all for calling, sorry for those I could not pull out of the noise. I
had no choice but to listen on my transmitting antenna!

Rig: IC-7400 + linear
Ant: 43 ft top loaded vertical with 110 radials, 33 to 80 ft long
No Rx antenna
DL6FBL(@DR1A)   Single Op HP   3,0632012-12-31 04:49:35
Happy New Year to all!

73 Ben
VE3MM   Single Op LP   802012-12-31 05:13:34
Only daylight operating time here.
W2XL   Single Op HP   2272012-12-31 05:57:23
Just for fun , I used my new "Classic Station" consisting of a Collins 75A-3 (no
Mechanical CW Filter) a Heathkit DX 100 and a HB amp with a pair of 572b
This old stuff actually works pretty good ! I tried running and had the rate
meter up to 114 for a few minutes. Best DX was DM68 in CO. I apologize to
anyone that I wasn't quite zero beat with. 73 and HNY , Bob W2XL
W1CRP(@NJ1F)   Multi-Op HP   4332012-12-31 06:00:52
Fun as aways...
also was a training session for K1RQ to use N1MM and get away from using paper
to write calls down.
TM6M(@F6KHM)   Multi-Op HP   3,8492012-12-31 06:06:49
Nice to be called by ZS1REC,V55V.
Dx : CE1/K7CA.

Nothing far east as MO06 this year !!!

Few w7,0 in the log.

Conditions looked better some week before contest.

Congrats to EI7M , E77DX for good scores.

HNY see you next year
NZ1U(KB1H)   Single Op HP   5362012-12-31 06:51:05
Only a little over 1 hour operating. Other than the first 2 QSOs all the others
were answers to my CQing.
25 Europeans

Wish I had spent more time.

Thanks for the QSOs.

73 Dick
W8RA   Single Op HP   1,7042012-12-31 06:54:19
Good contest - good operators, real gentleman for the most part. First time I
tried much running besides just S&P. It was a real hoot to get calls from the
DX! But I am still receive limited here from local noise. I went to bed at 2:30
AM local time, didn't set the alarm and missed the sunrise altogether - darn!
NNØKE   Single Op HP   6352012-12-31 08:29:20
Very part time effort
W1TO   Single Op HP   5082012-12-31 09:03:14
I should have put more time in. Europe was coming in well when I quit for the
K6TA   Single Op HP   9792012-12-31 09:59:56
Wasn't able to make it back to Aruba for this years contest. CU as P40TA in

Ken, K6TA
IK3ORD   Single Op LP   3962012-12-31 11:01:03
Many thanks to all the stations that have had the patience to listen to my
signal is not very strong
my Yaesu FT920, dipole antenna and inverted L-rtx and K9AY to receive
Happy 2013 to all!!
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   9142012-12-31 11:32:21
Score includes 1.5 LP multiplier, which did not appear in WL-generated Cabrillo
file, which reported 609 points. Conditions a little bit worse than last year
except 1st hour at West cost sunrise with a fairly robust Asia opening.
Somehow missed most of the DX this year. CE1/K7CA not even heard; About 0900Z
the band got very, very quiet helping LP QSO's from Eastern US around that
time. Good to see lots of KH6's active. Wish my call was just N6FO .. the
"Z" is trouble with a weak signal. And because "R" is embedded in "F",
stations often reply N6RO?.
FT1000MP MkV at 100w; Inv L with 10 on-ground 1/4 wave radials; NE terminated
650 ft Beverage and 500 ft unterminated NW SE Beverage.

HNY to all and 73, Bill N6ZFO
Mt. Dali-Dona CA
W7YAQ   Single Op LP   12012-12-31 11:55:34
Called by 2 JAs. Shunt fed tower w/ 60 radials seems to work ok.

73 and happy new year to all,
K1DQV(@W3LPL)   Single Op HP   2,0572012-12-31 12:18:51
First Stew using "Ham Heaven" @ W3LPL, 4 Square, 8 beverages. Thanks for the Qs
VY 73, Roger
W3TS   Single Op QRP   9482012-12-31 13:04:50
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion at 5 watts
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: none
Logger: N1MM
N9RV   Single Op HP   2,6762012-12-31 13:05:20
First hour of the contest was best to Asia. The end of the contest was
disappointing in that direction, although it was great to work N2NL/KH2.

I thought Saturday night (local time) here was great. The band opened right
away to the east with very good signals. Several EU were audible and a few
even heard me. Most EU were copied here when they fired up CQ-ing on my run
frequency. Since it wasn't too hard to find another run frequency, I usually
moved, but after it happened 3 times I stayed. (Of course the EU that was
running couldn't hear me call them). It was mostly OK, and the strength of the
signal underneath me was a good indicator of propagation.

Lost some motivation when the activity petered out. I thought I'd take a nap
and work a bunch of JA's when I awoke, but the band was noisier here and there
were very few to be found. Only worked 18 here during the entire contest, with
most of those coming in the first hour.

Thanks for all the Q's.
W1FJ   Single Op HP   1,0752012-12-31 13:23:52
Good conditions, had some fun. Thanks all for the Q's and a Happy New year to
W4PK   Single Op HP   5832012-12-31 17:27:28
I came down with the flu just before the contest and then a few hours into the
test my computer had experienced a "Memory Parity Error" and it started
shutting down as soon as I turned it own. I finally solved it by going into
"Safe Mode" in Windows XP and restoring it to a point about a week earlier.
Needless to say between my flu and the computer problem I did not get much
operating time in. On top of all this my Internet service has been pretty much
non-existent for the past week. I finally have it up for a bit now so I am
sending this while I can.

Thanks for all the Q's, it was fun while it lasted.

73, Sam W4PK
K7NJ   Single Op HP   1,9632012-12-31 17:49:08
Very poor conditions to Europe - only heard a few of them who were quite weak.
Conditions to JA seemed quite good, but activity seemed very low.
Lost more than an hour due to mistake in tracking operating hours. Next year...
K9MMS   Single Op HP   1,0462012-12-31 18:19:56
K3 + AL-80B 800 Watts ; Win-Test Logging
TX: Inverted L ; RX: EWE, Short reversible, and Hi-Z 2-3 triangular array.

100% S&P

Score calculation via Win-Test and subject to adjustment by Tree's analysis.

DX (26 QSOs): CE1/K7CA, DL7ON, E77DX, EI7M, F5IN, F6ARC, TM6M, FM5CD, G3BJ,
KH7Y, KL7RA, OE9R, ON4ATW, ON9CC, and XE2S. Best DX was CE1/K7CA --
fortunately, I have worked him in many previous 160 contests -- Thank you for
regularly being there!

Band did not open much to EU until later. From about 0630 - 0730 UTC, heard
many EU stations, and most had good signals. A few other EU were heard outside
of that time window, off and on, for quite a while, but they were near the noise
level. Never heard any Africa stations, and KH6s were the only Oceania stations
heard. Was hoping to hear JA, KH2, E51, and D3 among others, but nil here.
Only heard KL7RA for a short time, but the KH6 stations were copyable off and
on for a few hours. Took a nap and then got back on around my sunrise, but the
DX was about nil then.

Thanks to Tree and the BARC for a great format. Any contest on top band is
great, but the TBDC format is one of the best.

Thanks for the Qs and fun.
9A7T   Multi-Op HP   9612013-01-01 03:56:34
First time in SP contest. Conditions were not very good. Happy New Year 2013 for
all contesters!
73 de Zlatko, 9A2EU
JA1XMS   Single Op HP   8342013-01-01 07:15:40
My first entry for this contest with 1kW (except WarmUp).
Hour and continent Matrix is as follows.

UTC 15 16 17 18 21 22 10 11 12 13
JST 0 1 2 3 | 6 7 | 19 20 21 22 Total
------------ |------ |------------
AS 3 2 1 | 1 | 2 1 10
EU 8 2 1 | 3 2 | 16
JA 3 | | 3
NA 5 4 | | 1 7 7 1 25
OC 1 1 | | 1 1 4 (KH6 and one VK)
sub 17 7 5 2 | 4 2 | 4 7 8 2 58

accm 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 | 0 0 0 0
1 2 2 3 | 3 3 | 4 4 5 5
7 4 9 1 | 5 7 | 1 8 6 8

Almost all were S & P.
First hour was really nice. Both EU and NA were
open. The best DX was with K4PI 11,080km (2nd day).

Thanks BARC for supporting really nice contest,
and thanks for QSOs, especially patiently picking up my signal
(KG7H :-)
See you again in CQ 160m.

Alpha 87A 1kW
110 feet (35mH) Inverted Vee
Winkey USB
N1MM Logger
Windows XP
W1WBB   Single Op LP   1,2702013-01-01 09:14:13
Another enjoyable Stew Perry TBDC...the scoring/exch format remains one of the
best in contesting! Concur with others that more activity is still needed,
esp. during these 'down years' on the low bands...I expected a bit more
participation post-Holidays and with the favorable solar/geomagnetic condx for
the contest period. Recruiting of others to get active in this fine event for
next year should be a goal of many Topband contesters.

Overall rate 'running' at the start for me @ 2130Z (10 mins after S/S) was
GREAT...had 100 QSOs in about the first 100 mins! Over 1/3 my final contact
total. Much of the susequent 9 1/2 hours was spent S&P with just a few very
short runs able to be generated in-between.

Had a couple nice runs in my 2 hr pre/post S/R activity period...unfortunately
KH6ZM never peaked enough for him to hear me as he called CQ without answer.
Missed XE2S too near my S/R as pileup was too big when I found him.

Worked 14 total DX stns (11 Eu and 3 NA/SA): 9A, E7, EI, F(2), G(2), GM(2),
SP, UA + FM5, KV4 & CE1. Had 28 total 10-Pt or > QSOs (per N1MM Logger). All
improvements over previous year 2011, but not as good as peak years 2009-10.

Longest DX worked: 1) CE1 2) RL3 3) E7

Mild Nor'easter hit here just before start...Inv 'L' became ice/snow covered
and required *much* more frequent tuning due to high SWR. Apparent snow static
combined with an intermittent (mostly "on") S-6 to S-8 hash noise across all but
lowest few kHz of band really kept my rates down...could only S&P on louder stns
during these long periods - quite frustrating. Took multiple breaks during
mid-evening until noise mostly abated after local midnight.

The N7GP 10-pt QSO out west to DM52 @ just 2330Z jumps out as pretty amazing
considering it was well before sunset there. Nothing else to the West worked
nearly that far until N2IC, N7DD and N5RZ over 1 1/2 hrs later!

Propagation to the westerly grids seemed quite good this year. Not sure it was
always 2-way as many 'alligators' were out there...easily 50 plus louder stns
just CQ'd away without even a "?" to my calls! Very low A/K indices, low solar
winds and quiet geomag readings along with no NA thunderstorms appeared to have
band in pretty decent shape this night. Signals not as strong as two nights
earlier though when Eu was quite loud/workable on one call with LP.

Thanks to all I heard and worked... and to the sponsors/donors for their
support of this FB 160m event.

-- Equip: 'tired' Icom 737 at 100w, 3/8 wv Inv 'L' TX/RX ant (<40' up, 150'
over) with vy compromised on-ground radial system on 100' x 200' lot, N1MM

73 & HNY, Bill W1WBB
RL3A(@RK3AWL)   Multi-Op HP   3,8682013-01-01 11:08:04
It was nice to hear our frends! Prop was no so good as previus days. Some data
you can find on our Site.

CU in WW 160!

73's Yury RL3FT
K4PI   Single Op HP   2,4542013-01-01 15:27:46
First time entry for me. Not many EU to be heard in the southeast USA so a lot
of lower point Q's for me. Shakedown for the newly installed Hi-Z 8 vertical
array. Unfortunately the F/B is so good could not hear many that would be
calling off the back. Used K3->Alpha 76PA 1300 watts -> Comtek phasing 4
square using 90 ft verticals with 50 ft top hats.
OL7M   Multi-Op HP   2,3732013-01-01 15:29:36
PC5A(@PI4TUE)   Multi-Op LP   1,5882013-01-02 07:18:45
TRX: TenTec Orion I barefoot (JO21RK)
TX Ant: sloping 1/4 wave vertical with feedpoint at ~210FT (65M)
Remote RX: K2 (JO21VF) controlled by HamRadioDeLuxe (HRD) and Murmur/Mumble for
audio transport
RX Ant: 5M tall matched vertical

Because of a connection to RBN I entered the Multi Single category, as last
year. Since I believe the TX antennas perform above average I ran again with
100W. Not starting at sunset proved to be a good choice, hardly anyone worked
distant stations from the far-east and Asia at or right after sunset. Luckily
Rens-PA3FGA managed to get the remote RX setup up and running a couple of days
before the contest; a K2 and a 5 meter tall matched vertical for 160m literally
in the middle of nowhere, about 35km S-SE from the TX station at PI4TUE. The
audio was transported by Murmur/Mumble which has a very small latency. To
remotely change and set the QRG on the K2 HRD was used. It was the same proven
setup as in 2011.

The first QSO was logged at 17:39Z. The first hours passed with the highest
hourly rate of 42 between 18-19Z. In the next hour LO88 square was worked,
which would remain the furthest for the evening towards the east. The lowest
rate was 8 between 02 and 03Z. The first US station I could hear was W1UE just
before 21:30Z but it would take several hours before working him since he seemed
to have some difficulties with RX (I heard many EU’s calling him). The first
US station that called me was K3ZM, just minutes after I had heard W1UE, good
ears and or my TX antenna and 100W was loud enough. ODX worked was Dietmar-V55V
from Namibia on the second time I heard him that evening. He was not as strong
as ZS6EZ but I could not make it to ZS unfortunately. ODX heard was without
doubt K7CA in Chili. He was real Q5 copy for quite some time but the 100W just
couldn’t break through his QRM / QRN / US stations. It was frustrating
hearing him CQ all the time while many were calling him. Amazing what you can
hear on a short vertical. There were a lot of US stations spotted on RBN but
most were not audible. In total 21 US and 3 VE stations made it into the log.
The furthest away were N0NI, N4RJ, followed by K1LT and the very last QSO of
this contest WB9Z at sunrise.

Although sending a 5nn is not required in this contest I noticed that under
poor conditions I was able to copy the locator better when it was preceded by
the report since it acts as a kind of alert “pay attention, now the important
part will follow”.

I finished the contest with about 10% more QSO’s 10% higher score than 2011
but was a bit disappointed not to have heard nor worked any long haul DX like
Japan or VK.

For those that are interested I have audio clippings of each QSO.

CU all in CQ160M from ON9CC.

-- Aurelio, PC5A
WA5POK   Single Op LP   3312013-01-02 08:39:04
At my apartment in Tampa, I selected the category of <60' base-loaded vertical
antenna. I have the ideal tree in front of my unit and pulled it up. I managed
to hide one radial in the bushes around the building. Well, with my 100 watts,
the performance of this antenna was ... well ... much less than stellar. BUT I
had fun building, sneaking the antenna up (I got caught putting a 10m
"Hentenna" up.)and making Qs. Bless that K3 for getting rid of rubbish around
the complex so I could hear. Hmmmm ... Hide a rx antenna now???
AA5B   Single Op HP   2,0002013-01-02 12:08:21
The rcv antenna situation still needs a lot of work, but it's coming along bit
by bit. I think a 4-sq is next.

Inverted L on xmit (65' vertical, 70' horizontal).
K9AY loops on rcv.


Bruce AA5B
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   2,7992013-01-03 10:40:20
Station Location: On Barnagat Bay near West Creek, NJ, 20 miles north of
Atlantic City
Run Position: K3, IC746 RX only, Alpha 99, 1.4 KW
Mult. Position: FT1000MP MK5
ACOM 2S1 Interlock Switch.
Contest Software: Win-Test
TX Antenna: 2 element Vertical Wire Beams NE and W/SW @ 240 feet on A 300 foot
Rohn 55G tower (back-up inverted-L still damaged and on the ground)
RX Antennas: Beverages NE 900' (2 ele phased array), East/West 560' (unterm),
South/North 465'(unterm), SW 560', West 560', and NW 560'

COMMENTS - "Murphy" Visits Murphy Drive Once Again (Warning: A rather long

As reported earlier this month, the W2GD/N2CW 160M station co-located at
WYRS-FM sustained significant wind and flood damage during Super Storm Sandy
back in October. Ongoing repairs to site infrastructure at the time of the
ARRL 160 prevented our participation for the first time in several decades.
You can read about the site damage at:

Our procrastination installing 160 antennas this season probably saved our
bacon. If we'd raised the three element 160M TX array in October on the
weekend before CQWW PH, which we'd often done in years past, we probably would
have had to rebuild everything. Hurricane Sandy was a historically powerful
storm, and would have easily ripped the antenna to pieces ... it's no where
near as robust as TF4M's "Arctic King".

On Friday and Saturday, December 14 & 15, members of the SJDXA and our core 160
CW Team held work parties to test cabling, raise the TX array onto place on the
300 foot tower and make repairs to beverages and cabling systems. Follow-up
work parties were also held this past Friday and Saturday, just prior to the
Stew Perry.

Before arriving last Saturday morning, all of the beverages and cabling had
been repaired and tested, so we were positioned to focus our work party efforts
on final configuration, cabling and tuning of the 3 ele. TX array (two element
vertical beams that shared delta loop reflector which fires NE and WSW).

Unfortunately the week preceding the Stew a strong coastal storm with 80 mph
winds pummeled the site. When we arrived Saturday morning what we (K2TW, W1GD,
W2CG, W2GD, N2HM) found out in the marsh was an unexpected "mess". A 300 foot
rope that pulls away the center of the NE vertical sloping dipole DE had
snapped in the high winds. When it let go the main NE tower pull rope (secured
to a pulley suspended from a yardarm at 240 feet) became snagged around tower
obstructions at 100, 200 and 220 feet, and could not be pulled free of the
tower from the ground. To make things really miserable, instead of the hoped
for snow storm we had to deal with a cold hard rain. Yuck!

Once W2CG found the other end of the snapped rope several hundred feet away in
the marsh (and spliced it back together), yours truly climbed the tower in a
heavy rain to unsnag the main pull rope (which supports the NE sloper and delta
loop reflector)....there being no alternative way to make the NE antenna
functional for the Stew. Climbing Rohn 55G in rubber wadding boots is not
exactly the safest thing to do but with 2 feet of standing water around the
tower (and the tide still rising), there was no feasible way to put on climbing
boots. I just took my time climbing, moving the rope around the three
obstructions as I ascended to 220 feet, and then slowly retreated down the
tower to 80 feet to direct the ground crew while rerouting the bottom leg of
the delta loop reflector around guy wire obstructions. Totally saturated
gloves made this task difficult....and cold.

Later while testing the delta loop, we discovered a new problem in one of the
hardline connectors which had tested OK just 3 weeks earlier (all of the cables
to the tower had been submerged in salt water for an extended period during the
big October storm). Disassembling and reassembling the 7/8 inch hardline
connector somehow cleared the problem. We proceeded with array tuning at the
100W level .....a procedure that we'll change in the future to include high
power testing (the reason why will be self-evident as you read further).

After spending five plus hours out in what can only be described as harsh
conditions the team had completed installation and testing of the NE driven
element and the delta loop reflector. Attempts to improve the geometry of the
SW driven element were abandoned due to the weather....all five of us were
suffering from borderline hypothermia after spending so much time in the cold
rain and treading around in two feet of frigid saltwater. We gladly retreated
back to the station building to get dry and warm....... hoping for the best.

The station setup team lead by W2NO had managed to resolve almost all of the
station wiring and networking issues by our target 2130 UTC start time. But a
nagging issue with a keying line required troubleshooting and then some cable
prep work so we delayed our start until 2200 UTC. While waiting we observed
signals from EU were coming through at well above average signal levels before
our local sunset and the repaired beverages were performing well. There was
every reason to think we would later make a good showing in the Stew as our
final prep for the CQ160 CW just weeks away.

But then disaster stuck. After 5 minutes of high power operation, 'Murphy'
paid a visit which brought our fledgling TBDC operation to an immediate halt.
In the time it took to make 11 qsos, the SWR on both the NE and SW driven
elements had gone sky high. The amp tripped whenever we tried to run over 175
watts using the NE array, and immediately tripped when we tried to fire the SW
option. Damn......

You could sense the feeling of despair and defeat in the room. We looked at
each other and silently asked ourselves the question "what now"? It was clear
something had failed in both of the feedlines going to the TX array. What
were the odds.......

It was dark, damp, cold, and the wind was increasing no one was
terribly eager to jump right up and make the 550 foot trek back out to the
tower to investigate. I could tell some team members were entertaining the
thought of just packing it in and heading home.....we all felt exhausted from
the many hours already spent in the marsh earlier in the day. Most of us were
just starting to feel warm and "normal" again after changing into dry clothes.

We somewhat reluctantly began a group discussion about what to do next and how
to approach the problem. With 230+ years of experience in the room, there was
no shortage of suggestions. Eventually we agreed to test the feedlines from
the shack outward, knowing the fault could be anywhere in four discrete cable
segments (50 foot RG213 runs from shack to hardline connections located in the
crawl space of the station bldg, two 500 foot runs of 7/8 inch Andrews Heliax
out to the tower base, 50' RG8X extension cables added to the driven element
feedlines, and finally the 225 foot RG8X driven element feedlines). Using a
VOM we measured the two feedlines in the shack, the SW element line was a dead
short and the NE driven read about 120 ohms. Not a very encouraging starting

K2TW and I gathered together some LED lights, a KW dummy load, VOM, wrenches,
wire brushes etc. and ventured down into the building's dark and dank crawl
space. The RG213 cables to the hardline connections tested OK on the dummy
load at 1 KW. We then disassembled the two 7/8 inch heliax connectors.
Despite being submerged in saltwater for several days following Hurricane
Sandy, the inside of the connectors were in pristine clean and dry condition.
The potential easy 'fixes' were behind us.....a trip out to the tower would now
be needed to continue the search for the source of the faults.

At this point (2320 UTC) the team decided to take a break and get back on the
air running 100W using the NE antenna. We also took the opportunity to order
some dinner since we were all starved. It was encouraging to have so many EU
stations respond to our low power CQs. We even logged our longest distance
contact (with UU4JMG) during the next hour. On the plus side, the NE array was
exhibiting very good forward gain (the models suggest it has 8 dbi over salt
water) and the expected F/B. The downside, we knew it would be a long night
without a TX antenna that favored stations to our west once EU sunrise arrived.
Our delay in repairing the backup Inverted L was proving to be a serious
tactical error.

After enjoying several slices of hot pizza and some coffee, at 0200 z I
convinced W2CG to make the trek out to the tower with me to continue cable
tests. Armed with LED lamps, the KW dummy load, a knife, wrenches and tape we
trudged out and put the dummy load on the two hardline runs. Everyone enjoyed
a moment of tremendous relief when both of the 500 foot 7/8 heliax runs tested
good at a KW output (replacing these cables was not something any of us wanted
to contemplate). The problem was finally isolated to the RG8X cabling and we
ultimately determined water had gotten into the extension RG8X cable PL259s and
quickly shorted out after just a few minutes of operation at high power. CG and
I pulled the extension 8X cables out of both driven element lines and we were
finally good to go at full power. SUCCESS!

By now we'd missed 3+ hours of prime time propagation to EU so there was no
possibility of posting a competitive multi-op score. Nonetheless at 0242 UTC
we restarted the operation, this time running full power. For the most part
everything remained stable . Although the best opening to EU was well behind
us, we enjoyed some very good mini EU runs from time to time over the next
several hours. under less than great conditions. Signals from the western USA
were reasonably good and stations seemed to respond immediately when called on
the less than optimized W/SW array. But we didn't exactly enjoy a pipeline to
KH6 or anywhere else in the Pacific during the deep night. Never heard a VK,
ZL or JA this weekend.

But all in all we felt very good with our final QSO total and score given the
problems we had overcome over the course of the prior 20 hours.

After sunrise, we cleaned up the site and headed out to breakfast for our
customary operation debrief.

Here are some of the positive aspects of the Stew effort mentioned by team
members over breakfast:

We had managed to get the station put together and on the air, despite
unexpected storm damage and the worst weather conditions we've dealt with since
the 2000 CQ160 CW operation (ice/snow).
We stuck with it (didn't quit) and successfully made emergency repairs when it
would have been just as easy to head home.
Confirmed performance of the NE TX array - we were competitively loud into EU
at both low and high power. This antenna is ready for CQ160 CW.
Confirmed the six beverages were performing properly after repairs to damage
sustained during Hurricane Sandy.
There were no line noise issues at all....this is always a threat in tis salt
rich environment.

And we also came up with a few things to do differently next time:

Always test the TX antennas at both low and HIGH power. Faults would have been
identified sooner and repairs made under far more favorable conditions if we'd
done this. Lesson learned.
We need a backup TX antenna in the event one of the primary gain array's fail.
We'll repair the L before the CQ160 CW.
The unexpected damage and poor weather conditions didn't allow us to complete
final installation of the W/SW TX array (some tree and rope work remain to be
done). We'll need to be prepared on CQ160 CW weekend to complete this item
under potentially adverse weather conditions.
We still need to make a final decision on which antennas to use for diversity

If you've manged to read this entire report, you know our team is composed of
diehard 160 guys who are willing to do whatever is necessary to be competitive
(or you may now think we're just plain crazy).

Look forward to workng everyone in the 2013 CQ160 CW.


John, W2GD (for the Team)
N3RS   Single Op HP   1,4492013-01-06 15:16:01
First time in this one. Just a few hours to test some new rx antennas. Good
conditions and FB ops.

73 de Sig