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Florida QSO Party   2012   Apr 28   Comment Summary

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WØPAN   SOABMixed LP   2,2332012-04-28 19:35:46
Got the 15 special calls SSB/CW. Great QSO Party with lots of participation.
Looking forward to next year QP. Thanks for all the work needed to bring it
W2AJW   SOABSSB LP   1,2402012-04-29 09:12:43
Decided to work all the 1x1s first, then see who else was out there. Worked who
I could hear and called it a weekend.
W7PP   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   12,7362012-04-29 10:23:18
What a great contest. Enjoyed hunting down the 15 1X1 calls! Great idea! CU next
N7AT(K8IA)   SOABCW QRP   30,9062012-04-29 11:05:15
Fun time. Great activity. Kudos to all involved!

K3 at 5 watts to Bencher Skyhawk at 45'

CU all in 7QP next weekend

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
K4AMA   SOABMixed LP   7282012-04-29 11:43:18
Very limited time but thanks for the Q's and the efforts of the participating FL

Yaesu 857D / OCF Dipole at 30 ft.

73 Tony
K7JQ   SOABMixed HP   20,3682012-04-29 11:57:59
A little practice for next weeks' 7QP. Got 14 of the (15) special calls. Missed
W4T. Heard him on 20 and 15 (both modes), called and called, with no response.
Maybe he doesn't like old, retired bald guys :>)

Had fun....see you next week!

73, Bob, K7JQ
K6RB   SOABMixed HP   29,6002012-04-29 14:43:54
Nice state QSO party. But it seemed as if all the mobile stations were on 20 m
and only W4T tried 10 m with 30 minutes left to go.
AB1OD   SOABMixed LP   27,4622012-04-29 14:49:30
Just made a few Q's here and there while doing chores and getting the shack
ready for the arrival of a new transceiver.

Rig: Icom IC7000
Ant (15/20m): 80m Carolina Windom @ 20m
Ant (40m): 160m Carolina Windom @ 12m
W6SX   SOABCW HP   1,7762012-04-29 14:53:51
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with MB-V-A and Matchboxes, N1MM.
VY2LI   SOABSSB HP   9,4082012-04-29 15:05:42
Happy 15th!thanks for the Q's.73,Bill
KR2E   SOABMixed LP   8,0102012-04-29 15:08:14
HOA restricted antennas. 100W.
Got the 1X1 sweep on SSB by 0133Z 4/29.
Went to CW on Sunday but only found 7 1X1's.
Lots of Fun.
AD4EB   SOABMixed HP   572012-04-29 15:09:15
Limited operating time, just wanted to return the favor for all the FL stations
that worked the N4ZZ team in Georgia 2 weeks ago. Conditions seemed much
better than last year. Lots of really good operators down there in Florida.

73 - Jim - AD4EB
WA1FCN   SOABCW LP   35,3922012-04-29 15:09:39
Another semi serious effort.........Thank you to all the
mobiles, it makes qso party fun. there should be some nice
scores from this one. cu all next weekend in
New England qso party. I will be real serious in that one !
VA3GKO   SOABSSB LP   2,6282012-04-29 15:12:01
Great qso party but I missed L for the special call. Had a heck of a time see
you all next year.
Greg va3gko.
VE9AA   SOAB(A)CW HP   52,6622012-04-29 15:12:40
Wow- I am beat from spinning the VFO. This is one contest where you have to
really chase , chase, chase the mobiles. There was no way I could keep up
Especially on Sunday Every single mobile QSO was a pileup you had to wade
through. Looow rates, but fun just the same.

I wanted to put in the full 20 hrs, but no way to do it. Other things to do.
N1MM calls it 16 hrs + change, but probably a bit less. Phone calls, knocks at
the door, making lunches/suppers for the family + other honey-do's

15m was actually in real nice shape both afternoons. (a bit better Sat.). MOst
FLA signals mid afternoon were 20-60dB over 9, but very very few on. Scraped
for every last Q on 15m. I actually worked most of them on 15 with the amp OFF
(too lazy to keep retuning every time I checked the band -often- )

Heard of few of my Maritime brethren on like VE9HF and VE1RGB... band was full
of VE3', sure were a lot of VE3's on. No VE5's heard, but did hear Ed
VE4VT with a real nice signal shoulder to shoulder in the pileups. Heard 1 VE7
really weak.

Good thing we had decent prop to Florida ! I like the "OJ"
instead of "TU" that one op was sending. Neat idea.

All in all , a good fun test. Lots of home stations and of course, a lot of
credit goes to the mobiles. I am sure I worked some of them in 20-30

Was very happy to get F-L-O-R-I-D-A, Q-S-O, P-A-R-T-Y and also the sweep !

See you all from the mobile in the MQP ()Maritime QSO Party() early June !

Ic-746, 749.99 watts, low wire ground planes, N1MM
W4QO   SOAB(A)CW QRP   25,8722012-04-29 15:12:50
Lots of fun. Always difficult to work north half of FL on 20M from Atlanta in
mid-afternoon. Got 12 of the 1x1s. Missed K4L, W4R, and W4T. Heard first two
on the high bands weakly but never heard W4T on CW.
K9CT   SOABCW LP   176,8802012-04-29 15:14:30
Great activity from the mobiles...they keep you on your toes!! Too bad 10 and 15
really did not open between us. We had lots of storm QRN but still had good
signals on 20m.

K3, MKII and N1MM and antennas

Mobile QSOs

K4KG 47
NX4N 46
N5WR 46
N4EEB 45
K4OJ 43
K4M 40
W4AN 34
W5WMU 33
AD4ES 32
N4AO 29
NF4A 21
K5CM 15

73, Craig K9CT
WW9R   SOABMixed HP   23,8212012-04-29 15:15:54
This is a great QSO party! A BIG THANKS to the mobile stations for activating
so many counties. I really like the 1x1 special calls as well. You guys
really know how to through a QSO party!

Pat WW9R
Big Bend, WI

Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V
Ameritron AL-811H 600W
Gap Titan DX Vertical
W7KAM   SOABSSB LP   1802012-04-29 15:18:10
Only able to operate 1/2 hour this year at the end of the contest.
W4EE   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   94,2402012-04-29 15:20:18
TS-440S es G5RV
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
K6LA   SOABMixed HP   66,1262012-04-29 15:20:55
Thanks to all the mobiles. They make it fun.

73, Ken, K6LA
VE3AD   SOABSSB HP   4,0002012-04-29 15:23:52
A fun contest
K7IA   SOABMixed LP   93,7902012-04-29 15:23:55
This is one of the largest QSO Parties of the year, and the turnout was
great--lots of action for both in-state and out-of-state ops. The Rules offer
a real treat--setting aside 10 kHz on each band for mobile running
frequencies--and there was a gaggle of mobile ops who changed counties
frequently and remained on "their own" CW run frequencies. No need to tune
around for them--just leave them on the bandmap and loop around and around the
mobile sub-band. It was good fun, accumulating new mults and encountering new
pileups every few minutes!

Many thanks to all of the ops who turned out, and special thanks go to these
hard working, hard operating mobile ops:

Call QSOs
K4KG 13
K4M 13
K4OJ 16
N4AO 10
N4EEB 15
N5WR 11
NX4N 13
W4AN 11
W5WMU 8 (plus a drive from Louisiana--tu Pat!)

Wonder what it would have been like had 15 been better and 10 were open.

Hope to see y'all in next weekend's Arizona QP--I'll be breaking in a new
county line (if actual terrian looks as good as Google Earth!

73, dan
N4CW   SOABCW LP   37,4182012-04-29 15:24:33
First time operating FQP "from" Florida (St. Augustine, St. Johns County). Set
station in a hurry...CCR's in this subdivision so needed "stealth" antenna.
Picture this: a 40-meter dipole folded like the letter "Z" with the diagonal
across the widest/diagonal part of a two car garage, mounted on the ceiling
electric fence insulators! The center of the dipole was 6 inches from the
garage door opener (unplugged from AC mains during the contest!!!). Coax fed
with RG-8X to a tuner...very high SWR! But never mind worked! I even
worked as far as HA and VE7 with it! Rig was a K3, barefoot. I forgot to bring
my parallel port keying adapter, so did all my CQ'ing with either the paddle or
K3 keying memory!
All exchanges were by hand.
I don't know if it was conditions or my setup, but copy was tough in the
afternoons. Wish I could have operated more on Sunday morning...
Great working old friends here and there! Maybe next year I'll do better. 73
and thanks for your patience if my signal wasn't loud and my apologies if I
couldn't hear you.
W1EQ   SOABCW LP   1,4402012-04-29 15:25:29
The 3 EL SteppIr and wire antennas are on the ground. I'm doing some maintenance
on the tower.
I decided to try and load my 160 inverted L with 29 radials using my K3 and the
ATU. Worked just great. Most everybody I heard I worked.
See you all in the NEQP next weekend.
KØPC   SOABCW HP   41,5402012-04-29 15:29:33
I enjoyed chasing the mobiles around this weekend. They are outstanding
operators who know how to handle the pile-ups.

I needed three counties after Saturday and picked those up Sunday morning. I
missed K4F & K4L so I couldn't spell Florida, maybe they weren't on CW.

Thanks to the FL Contest Group for sponsoring this event.
N2CU   SOABMixed LP   97,0082012-04-29 15:32:10
Great party. Tons of activity, just wish I had more time to spend in it.

K3 @ 100w.
TH6DXX @ 48'
40m sloper

Tom N2CU <><
K3 #3582
VA3KAI   SOABCW LP   7,2602012-04-29 15:32:54
Passing time on Sunday afternoon - just a few more points for CCO.

Rig: Knwd TS2000
Ant: 132' OCF dipole, inverted-vee up 40'
Logging: N1MM v.12.1.3
K6MM   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   60,4502012-04-29 15:34:55
Congrats to the FQP organizers for a very well-run State QSO party -- you guys
did a great job. This one was a blast. Started as a casual effort for me, but
then the Counties started filling nicely, so I decided to hang in there. My log
shows all 67 counties worked on CW, and 26 on Phone. Also worked all the "1x1"
stations for the clever FLORIDA QSO PARTY certificate. Tremendous effort by
mobile stations K4M, K4OJ, K5CM, KN4Y, N4AO, N4EEB, N5WR, NF4A, NX4N, W4AN, and
W5WMU. Just an outstanding job by all, with some of the best CW operators on
the planet. Thanks for a fun time and all the Qs. 73, John, K6MM.
N4UC   SOABCW LP   7,3442012-04-29 15:39:12
Band QSOs Pts Sec
7 35 140 23
14 19 76 11
Total 54 216 34
Score: 7,344
K1TN   SOABCW LP   41,0402012-04-29 15:41:32
Low temps here the past few mornings have been in the high 20s so I was thinking
about Florida. Just a casual operation with 100 watts and a dipole. Competition
in Wisconsin was brutal! -- WI9WI, NS9I, N9AUG, N9CK, and they all just ran
roughshod over me in every pileup. I need to move.

Heard 62 of the 67 counties. Heard K4M in LEE and N4EEB in STL but could not


Great job by the mobiles; worked:

K4OJ 14
W4AN 13
N5WR 13
W5WMU 12
NX4N 8
K5CM 7
NF4A 5
K4M 5
AD8J 5
KN4Y 5
N4AO 5
K4KG 4

I filled in "10 hours" of operation but probably a lot less. I might have
checked the bands ten times, I was busy outside chipping ice off the feedline.
I can't imagine staying in the chair long enough to catch all 67 counties.
Knowing my luck I'd probably get dinged for mis-typing a call sign anyway.

Jim Cain
At The K1TN Superstation
Northern Wisconsin
W4ARM   SOABCW LP   170,6842012-04-29 15:45:12
A lot of complaints, but won't bore you with all of them. Conditions on Sunday
were challenging and surprising at the same time. Thought I was going to fall
asleep calling CQ. Ended up with more qso's & mults than last year. Not going
to complain about a certain strong FL 1x1 who started calling cq on my run
freq, where I had been for over 30 min. Or, the woodpecker radar heard on 20m
(maybe)for the wx cancelled air and sea show, for the F16's going in and out of
opa-locka airport. And, if it wasn't for the guys I worked on 3 bands, I wonder
how many other unique stations I worked. Looking forward to reading other FL
soapboxes to see if my take is right about out of state participation being
down? Of course, I was only on for Sunday so not sure how Saturday was, except
for the last hour, where my rate was over 100. Despite the negatives, it is
always nice to be a wanted station from Miami-Dade. More FUN than not!
N3RD   SOAB(A)CW HP   30,3662012-04-29 15:47:33
I started with the goal to work the 15 special calls, but got sucked into an
attempt at a clean sweep of all the counties. I didn't spend enough time
following the mobiles to find the last four: BAK, HAM, LAF, and TAY, but it
was great fun chasing them for the few hours that I spent. Great show, FCG!

73 - Dave N3RD
N4PN   SOABMixed HP   64,5602012-04-29 15:48:53
Another fun 20 hours....20m a struggle from next door but 40m was
a blast...

Charlie, NF4A, led the way 36 Q's, followed by all the other great
mobiles...John/Jeff, W4AN/14, K4KG/9, N5WR/8, NX4N/7, AD8J/6, K4FCG/5,
KN4Y/4, N4EEB/4, K2CIB/4, and K5CM/N4FCG/W5WMU/2...thanks to all..

Bettered my score over last year by 15k....didn't think that could
ever happen, as last year lots of short-skip made 20m sound like
40m from here...

There will be some monster scores....with all the activity...

73, Paul, N4PN
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOAB(A)CW HP   72,3602012-04-29 15:49:10
Well that was fun!

Successfully spelled FLORIDA QSO PARTY about 3 hours in. (W4P)
County sweep (CW) about 5 hours in. (N4AO/PAS)

Missed K4I on 40 for a dual band FQP spelling exercise.

Strong work by the mobile fleet!

Unfortunately, I had to bail out with 5 hours left to go.

73, Mike K9NW
K5LH   SOABCW LP   128,1042012-04-29 15:53:38
Party way too long. Swept counties by first night. Sunday eternal, just
chasing mobiles around state. Sympathize with fixed stations who were
essentially confined to 20 meters as everyone else. Strange QSB from here on
stations in western panhandle on Sunday night (W5WMU, N5WR, KN4Y).

Most admirable performances by mobiles (QSOs in parentheses): NX4N (40), N5WR
(37), N4EEB (36), K4KG (34), K4OJ (33), W4AN (30), K4M (28), W5WMU (27), AD4ES
(23), N4AO (23), KN4Y (17), AD8J (15), K5CM (12), NF4A (12), ND9M (5).

Stone Age rig: Ten-Tec Omni V (90 W), wire dipoles, Aetherlog for Mac.

73, Chris, K5LH
KK4EIR   SOABMixed LP   15,7502012-04-29 15:56:10
The band conditions on Friday night until around 1500 utc on Saturday were
terrible. I could hardly find anybody on the bands let alone Florida. Things
opened up after that on 20 meters. I was hoping for 10 meters to open but it
never happened.

73, KK4EIR
K3WW   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   992012-04-29 15:58:32
Main goal was to work all the 1x1 calls, but as usual lots of counties real
quickly so stuck around long enough to get the sweep. Beautiful weather rather
than the predicted rain, so had to get outside some of the time.
N2MM   SOAB(A)CW HP   8,9782012-04-29 16:01:23
I didn't think I would do this qso party. Changed my mind at 2030z since the
signals were loud. By Saturday night I had 58 mults. By early Sunday morning I
had 66 mults, just needed WAK. The mobiles were nowhere near WAK when I had to
leave for food shopping. Came back at 12:30 PM, spun the dial on 20m and heard
NF4A/WAK, Talk about luck!!!!! Due to family issues, I just decided to work all
67 in 67 qsos.

Thanks to all the mobiles....You made this contest.

W9RE   SOABCW LP   56,9502012-04-29 16:02:20
As always great, great activity and great ops! Didn't plan to put in so much
time but was drawn in by cold wx outside and did I mention the great activity.
Didn't get the sweep until W5WMU was on his way home and gave me Hol and San. I
couldn't work him in Was but luckily caught N5WR there about the same time in
the last two hours.

Good test for a new radio. I didn't concentrate on the mobile window until
Sunday which worked out pretty good. Didn't even realize the mobile window on
40 was much lower in freq guess I should have read the announcement

Tnx to the FCG for all the work and tnx especially to the mobile ops and
drivers for making this happen.
NN3W   SOABMixed HP   53,4602012-04-29 16:03:16
Great contest. Missed the first four hours owing to weekend commitments, and
then missed the lion's share of Sunday. This likely caused me to miss both
Jackson and Hardee(!)

I was missing about 8 afer the evening intermission. Started to plot who would
start off the morning in those areas and waited for round 2. Worked most all of
them within the first 30 minutes, and then waited in vain for the last two.

Terrific mobile activity. Too bad I didn't hear anything on 15. I guess the
band was long.
W1AW(KX9X)   SOABMixed HP   20,8562012-04-29 16:03:50
Found myself with a couple of pockets of time over the weekend and decided to
hand out W1AW in the FQP. Good level of activity, and had a great time tracking
the mobiles.

Sean KX9X
KCØW   SOABMixed HP   12012-04-29 16:06:14
Had a good time providing the North Dakota mult for the deserving. Nice to hear
all of the CW activity in your QSO Party!!!

As always, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

************ I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to
collect any awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program to
track the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ************

Tom KC0W

K4D(@N4UU)   M/MMixed HP   574,7562012-04-29 16:06:32
I want thank AJ4RW and KM4HI for an outstanding effort. Thanks for all the q's
and I hope everyone worked the D !! The special 1x1 calls had no mults so real
score was 2253.
K6CSL   SOABMixed LP   1,5962012-04-29 16:08:36
Saturday conditions were much better than Sunday, but still a fun and fruitful
event, yielding 5 new Florida Counties. Bert, K6CSL
K5WAF   SOABMixed LP   18,2122012-04-29 16:12:18
We are spending the weekend in northern Arkansas with Cal (WF5W) and Paul (W5PF)
and decided to bring a couple of rigs so we might try operating while the XYL's
did some shopping. So thank goodness FQP was this weekend.

Though a meager result I am fairly pleased because it was done with a FT897 and
a buddipole -- and thats it. Frankly it was a struggle with S9 noise level and
I am sure my signal was pretty weak. Anyway it was fun and kept from being the
shopping chauffer!

73 Bill K5WAF
K2ZR/4   SOABCW LP   54,6722012-04-29 16:19:59
FT900 @ 50Watts and 40M Windom Vee
N1MM in Manual Mode
73 to all,
Dick, K2ZR/4
Key West IOTA NA-062
N4NW   SOABMixed LP   132,0762012-04-29 16:26:42
N9AUG   SOABCW LP   121,4042012-04-29 16:30:44
What a fantastic party. Lots of activity and a great bunnch of mobile operators.
Mobile contacts - Tie for first were K4KG, NX4M AND K4OJ with 30 Qs each. N4AN
was next with 29 (He would have also had 30 but he couldn't hear me on 40
Sunday afternoo). Next in order were N4EEB - 27, N5WR - 25, N4AO - 24, W5WMU -
22, AD4ES - 21, AD8J - 18, K4M AND K4NY with 16, NF4A - 12, ND9M - 8 AND K5CM -
Used my new rig (FTdx-5000) for the first time. Ran 150 watts to an A3S up 33'
and a G5RV.
73 and thanks for a great weekend of opeerating
Larry N9AUG
NG7Z   SOABCW HP   19,1162012-04-29 16:35:50
Beautiful day in the Northwest corner but got several hours of time at the radio
chasing those pesky mobiles. I don't know if I worked all the 1x1 calls but had
enough fun for the weekend anyway. One of the best QSO parties...besides the
Salmon Run. Many thanks to the sponsors for their hard work making this contest
happen. 73 Paul NG7Z
NI7R   SOABCW HP   3,1902012-04-29 16:45:50
With poor propagation to Florida this morning and my HOA limited antennas, I
decided to do HP. Less frustration that way, but my power mult is only 1.
Missed the S and T.
VA3DF   SOABMixed QRP   214,8902012-04-29 16:50:34
What a gas! CW sweep courtesy of K4OJ at 1443Z. Bands seemed noisy but still
managed a new personal best - courtesy of all those wonderful mobiles...

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


WA8REI   SOABCW QRP   50,0402012-04-29 16:57:08
Lots of fun. Got all 15 1x1's. TNX all the gators for sucking me out of the
AA1AR   SOAB(A)CW LP   68,8762012-04-29 16:58:05
Finally got all the counties in the last hour, thanks to the mobiles.

FT-847 100w
3-el Tri-Band Beam & 40m dipole
N1MM logger
N4JF   SOABMixed QRP   38,9842012-04-29 17:02:57



K7HP   SOABCW HP   38,7262012-04-29 17:11:01
Left 40 phone qsos in log for check log.
WQ8RP(N8XX)   SOABMixed QRP   25,7402012-04-29 17:22:21
Interesting Party. Sometimes difficult, if not impossible to "break the
cacophony of the pileups when finding a mobile in a rare county, but many times
I beat out "the big boys" with and accurately timed drop of a call sign.

Using WQ8RP was a challenge, especially on phone, because it's much longer than
my own call, and probably not in the "call history database" for logging
programmes like N1MM. Operating with a "cloud warmer" wire antenna @ <5 watts
doesn't help breaking any pileups either. :)

Didn't calculate if I made the "Spell Florida QSO Party", but there are several
1X1 calls in the log,

Thanks to Ed, AB8DF, and the Michigan QRP Club for the use of this call for the
weekend. I originally borrowed it for the QRPTTF contest, but found that 14060
KHz and other "QRP Watering holes" were overrun with Florida QSO parties, so
quickly changed tactics.

Kudos to the organizers of this event! Jolly good show!
K4A(@K1PT)   M/MMixed HP   2,1832012-04-29 17:23:46
A single 60' tower multi-multi. Lots of fun and thanks for the QSO's. Hope
nobody missed the "A" for the sweep.
KK4CIS   SOABSSB LP   14,9462012-04-29 17:26:41
Elecraft K3, 95 watts, dipoles cut for 10, 15, 20 and 40m. N1MM logger. It
really is possible to put up 4 dipoles in a small lot in less than 1hr and not
have them interfere with one another.

Many thanks to the FCG for a great QSO party, and thanks to all stations who
answered my call and/or returned my call.

Overall, cndx on Saturday were better than Sunday.

Sunday felt like everybody who could hear me had already worked me; just never
could get a good run going on Sunday -- 20m opened late, and was a mess when it
was open, Only FL stations could hear me on 40m on Sunday.

10m was dead both days, and not sure if 15m ever opened up (at least it didn't
for me).

Highlights included having Ireland, Puerto Rico and an SP4 come back to my call
during a run. Also, I very much enjoyed talking to my neighbors in Collier
county and a neighbor in Dade county on 40m when propagation was short. And
finally, thanks to the WV stations for nice QSOs during the contest.

See you next year and 73

N4DXI   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   6,2042012-04-29 17:30:22
Conditions not the best but at least no lightning storms and I did work all 15
1X1 special FL stations.
N8BJQ   SOABCW HP   53,7342012-04-29 17:40:26
Really great conditions on 20. 15 was decent. Think 10 was open but only
worked one station. With 20 being so good, 40 was down. Got the sweep in
about 6 hours on Saturday. Had to take over 5 hrs off on Saturday and several
hours on Sunday. Mobiles were awesome. K4OJ - 27, NX4N AND N5WR - 25, W4AN -
24, K4KG 23, N4EEB - 22, K4M AND W5WMU - 21, N4AO - 19, AD4ES - 18, KN4Y - 14,
NF4A - 12 and ND9M 6. Pileups were big on all.
K9ES(@AD4ES)   SOABMixed LP   636,1282012-04-29 17:58:29
Thanks to Chuck for letting me use his fine station as my antennas and tower are
still being put up. His FTdx5000 and SteppIR at 54 feet work well. I missed
Hawaii and Alaska for WAS. Worked some great multipliers including RI1ANF on
10CW, Frantz Joseph Land, 4S7 called me in a 15M SSB run, 7Q7 called me, worked
VK's and JA's, and tons of Europe, including HB9's and SP's. 15 was good and
bad, and 10 was almost not there. Cannot wait til next year when my antennas
are up. Thanks everyone for the contacts. 73. Eric K9ES
N4DU   SOABMixed HP   15,5252012-04-29 18:15:57
I am located 70 miles north of the FL line so 20M was a bust for me, 40M was
loud even in the early afternoon. I used an A3S Tribander at 45 ft and a 40M

Thanks for the qso's.

Jim N4DU
N4GG   SOAB(A)CW HP   9,7202012-04-29 18:21:14
This one is always fun and always frustrating. Saturday I was able to push
through to a lot of FL on 20 - its too far for ground wave - so a little very
short skip was available. On sunday I could not hear any of the mobiles on 20
and they were not working 40. This contest would be a lot more fun if 80
meters was included, and it would result in higher scores for both in and out
of state. Maybe next year? Congrats to the rovers -
Hal N4GG
WN6K   SOABMixed LP   6,9362012-04-29 18:23:56
Just a bit of time but I wanted to use it to 'learn' my new 3 day old addition
to the shack - an FT-5000 MP. Got a number of comments from SSB ops on the
audio (complimenting) and enjoyed the CW filtering scheme without trying to
learn all of this as baptism of fire in a bigger event.

WN6K, Paul
KB9OWD   SOABMixed HP   12,6082012-04-29 18:34:00
About 10 QSO's on Saturday evening right before the end and the rest Sunday.
Had very limited time to get on and the 3 1/2 or so hours is pretty accurate.
Never called CQ, all S & P, mostly working mobiles. Great activity as always
in this one, just wish I had more time to get on. Thanks to everyone for the
QSO's, see you in Dayton in a few weeks!


NF4A(@NF4A/M)   SO MobileMixed LP   459,1862012-04-29 18:40:48
Another GREAT FQP...I am sure that K4OJ is smiling!!

Counties Covered Saturday: SAN, OKA, WAL, HOL, WAG, JAC, CAH, GUL
Counties Covered Sunday: CAH, LIB, GAD, LEO, WAK, JEF, TAY, LAF, MAD

Special thanks to those FL fixed stations who operated outside the mobile
window.....and a special finger to those FL fixed stations fired up inside the

Best contact was Sunday afternoon in LAF when JE7YSS called me. Congrats to
K3WW for the sweep when he worked me in GAD Sunday morning. Thanks to N4PN and
W4IX for keeping up with me on 40 meters.
W4SVO   SOABMixed LP   627,1482012-04-29 18:48:33
I had a lot of fun in this one. I was going to do Phone only, but decided I
needed some CW practice before WPX CW. So second day did mostly cw. I am glad I
did . Score is best ever for me. Lots of DX worked. Two Ja's called me Sunday
after noon on 15cw. On Saturday ran Europe in afternoon onlt to have 4S7PRG
call in at 4:30 in the afternoon. It must have been midnight there!!!. CU in
W4UCZ   SOABCW LP   5,0402012-04-29 19:08:38
Truly and really, I was just fiddling around for a while between
Braves games. All I was really trying to do was to chip in a few
Q's to my many benefactors. I still owe vastly more than I'm due.

From Atlanta the FQP is usually just a one-band affair (40). I could
hear the soccer-riot on 20 when mobiles entered new counties but couldn't
hear the mobiles at all - they were "over my head" ionosphere-wise.

The FQP is definitely A-List .. too bad us Crackers can't skip into it.
Perhaps the IPA (Ionospheric Protection Agency) can remedy the Un-Fairness.

Congrats again to the organizers in Baja Georgia. Great party.

Mark, W4UCZ
K9DR   SOABMixed LP   7352012-04-29 19:23:07
Only had a couple of hours to operate, but had fun.


Dan - K9DR
WB8JUI   SOABCW QRP   86,4002012-04-29 20:14:50
Limited time once again. Missed BAY, DES, and GUL.

Frequent flyer list - N4EEB 23, N5WR 20, NX4N 19, W4AN 16, K4OJ 15, K4KG 13,
W5WMU 12, N4AO, 11, K4M 9, AD4ES 7, K5CM 6, AD8J 6, , KN4Y 5, K2CIB 5, NF4A 5.
A job well done by all. Great ops and ESP ears!

72/73 Rick WB8JUI
W5JR   SOAB(A)CW LP   10,9442012-04-29 20:27:28
Had fun going for the 15 CW stations for FLORIDA QSO PARTY. Had 8 within 30 min
of tuning in late Saturday night. Followed Rovers while waiting for the sweep
with N4Q being the last one needed. Sunday was real tough, working only South
FL stations on 20 and hearing none on 40 when I was able to get on but did
manage to work a few new ones. Not a peep out of the North FL rovers on 20.

I decided to go "old school" and used my Heath SB-303 / SB401 rig for this one.
Wow, even with a CW filter, there were MANY signals coming out of the speaker
towards the end on Saturday. And the T/R relay is just not fast enough for
contesting! I've got the Signal/ONE CX7B set up now, it has a much better
filter and QSK. Neither has "automation" configurable although I could send
the CW from the computer with a little effort, but no need at my QSO levels, hi

Discovered that several of the popular spotting nets didn't pass the 1x1 calls,
and found best reports for me were using an app on the iPhone - dxcluster.

SB-303/SB401, OCF in the woods, N1MM in manual mode
K9FN   SOAB(A)CW LP   64,4802012-04-29 20:31:55
My second year in the FQP. Last year I had a borrowed rig, and a new antenna
and operated unassisted. This year I used my K3/100 and was assisted. That
made it much more fun for me. I am not a SERIOUS contest operator, but
welcomed the chance to hone my CW contest skills before the INQP next week. I
was great to work long time friend K9ES as my first QSO... and to work the
W4AN/K4BAI team 16 times if I counted correctly. I had no real expectations
going in, so it was all a lot of fun. When I got home from Church Sunday, I
noted that NAS and SAN had both been spotted in the previous 30 minutes or
so... but I could find neither one, and never did through the rest of the test.
I often had to wait in line for stronger friends here in the midwest the get
through the piles before I could. My 30' Flag Pole vertical is a thing of
beauty, but I don't blow the doors off, and I has some weather related noise
problems both days. Very 73 to all. Dave - K9FN
W4IX   SOABMixed LP   118,4642012-04-29 20:39:22
I first heard this station before the party started, K4O on SSB, 59++ I thought,
boy that sounds like Dan, K1TO..hummmm. ( Thanks Dan!!!! ) First I would like to
thank all the guys who made this QSO Party a hit. The mobile and fixed station
activity was off the chart ( at least speaking from South Carolina standards ).
I usually don't get too excited about the FQP because of the close proximity to
the state and the fact that most of the mobiles will spend 80% or more of their
time on 20 meters which is very difficult to work from here, but I got fired up
about this one and went balls to the wall. Things started out as expected,
everyone on 20 meters and a few on 40. The fixed stations were pretty easy to
work on 20, at least the guys from say Palm Bch cty across the state to
Sarasota cty southward were mostly S9 the whole time while stations north of
the line were substantially weaker and mostly scatter type sigs. Well at the
start, there was only 1 mobile I could actually consider copyable, NX4N, in the
southern counties...the rest were all esp and noise floor level, so I just kept
poking around from band to band and mode to mode working anyone that could hear
me. The mobile ops were great, they actually pulled out my weak signal now and
then on 20 meters. Anyone who went down to 40 was easy, and a few did on and
off throughout the day until sunset and things on 40 went crazy. It was awesome
knocking out the mobiles as they changed counties and picking off a new fixed
station now and then. I will say, there was enough activity on the first day to
keep busy the whole 10 hrs. I just wish more of the mobile checked 40 meters
more often, I listened to them make many unanswered cq's while they were just
too weak to hr my weak signal, but 40 was open all day long, Thanks to NF4A/m
on Sunday, he kept me going on 40 with CW & SSB Q's for new mults, thanks
Charlie. Sunday was alot slower than staurday, I needed only 5 CW mults for the
first ever FQP sweep for me. I made a chart from the FQP web and NO5W pages of
who was going to be in those 5 counties so I can keep up with them. Well things
started good on Sunday morning with several guys going through NAS cty. Only 4
left. LIB & TAY soon went in the log. Only JAC and STL left. Well most of the
guys already went through JAC on Saturday and the ones who were going to it on
Sunday were on 20 by the time they got there and I thought " there goes the
sweep ". Well I was tuning through the mobile window and only hearing the small
pileups of out of state guys calling the mobiles when they changed to new
counties.. I tuned across K4OJ and he was giving out JAC but was esp at the
time. I turned my antenna around for 3-5 minutes until I found a spot that gave
me the best chance to work JAC. I called and called and he just cq'd in my face.
I didn't give up. I called again and again and finally when things were real
quiet, I got a ?. So I sent my call several times and lo and behold, he got
me..JAC in the log!!! That was pretty early in the day and I still needed STL
for the sweep. I looked at my chart and there were only 2 ops going there on
Sunday ( K4M & N4EEB ), but it was their last few counties and I knew I was in
for a wait. I continued to work these guys as they slid south from county to
county. As the day wore on, I saw a troubling trend. The further south they
got, the weaker the signals got until both were just esp when they were a few
counties away. I tried to get K4M's attn but he cud not hr me. I did get N4EEB
when he was in OKE, but soon after both he and K4M were both in STL and I
listened in awe as the pileups never went away even as they both crossed over
to IDR. Oh well, thanks to WB2REM, who was S9+10, getting on and giving out
STL...the SWEEP WAS HAD!! I want to thank all fixed stations ( Both 1x1 and
regulars ) who got on and gave out many qso's and some nice counties also.
Thanks to my other Florida buddies also at K4A ( K1PT and my dad K4MM ), W4Y (
AD4Z ), W4SVO, and more. I also want to thank all mobile stations for their
hard work and dedication to this excellent event especially the following
Mobiles: AD8J, my buddies at K4KG, The Mad Dog, K4M, K4OJ, KN4Y, N4AO, N4EEB,
N5WR, NF4A, NX4N, and W5WMU. All you guys and ops have great ears ( Like Me
)....It was also nice to get the few stations I worked on 15 & 10 meters in the
log, all via back scatter propagation to any direction that sounded gud. 73's
and hope to see everyone in CQ WPX CW at the end of May from NQ4I...W4IX
WI9WI   SOABMixed HP   70,0562012-04-29 20:49:56
Another fun FQP. I met my goals of a sweep and working the magic 15 letters. I
had 65 counties about 5 hours into the event. I worked HARdee about an hour
later, but LIBerty eluded me until Sunday. I got up early and found NF4A on 40
in CAH at the start. I knew he would move to LIB, and sure enough about 15
minutes later we managed an ESP QSO on 40. About 15 minutes after that we had
another on 20 where he was about 30 db stronger. Thanks Charlie. The "F" eluded
me on day one but I finally found him on 15 meters on Sunday, then worked him on
20. I spent a good deal of Saturday at it and bits and pieces on Sunday. Mostly
I left the amp off unless I had trouble working someone. Twenty was great from
WI, but 40 was pretty marginal.

Thanks to all the great mobile ops. QSOs (more or less) NX4N-33, N5WR-29,
K4OJ-25, N4EEB-25, K4KG-24, AD4ES-20, K4M-20, N4AO-20, W4AN-20, KN4Y-19,
W5WMU-19, NF4A-12, K5CM-11, AD8J-9, and thanks to the others not mentioned

Gear K-3, 500W amp, C-3S at 30 ft, 135 ft dipole 25 ft high.


K4O(K1TO)   SOABMixed HP   2,3282012-04-29 21:58:06
We threw a party and you came -- thanks!

73, Dan
WA2JQK   SOABMixed LP   6,9522012-04-29 22:30:07
Only got on for a short time on Sunday...Went Hamfest in the Morning and was
part of a Vession all morning..

Condx were lousy here in NY.. WWV no's looked good but nothing on 15 mtrs or

Too bad...So worked most of people on 20 mtrs and then went Fishing ! HI HI !

73 ! It was fun !
Bob de WA2JQK
W6KC   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   8,5802012-04-29 22:39:34
I just had a few hours on Sunday to jump in. Was fun as always.
W7YAQ   SOABCW LP   81,2042012-04-29 23:29:49
A wonderful QSO party put on by the guys and gals of FL! Wild mobile action on
20. Hard to break the pileups from out west. Wish more had operated on 15
where signal levels were much better here in the Pacific Northwest, but
understand that rate is everything. W5WMU in LIB completed the county sweep,
and K4I on 40 finished the spelling bee.

Cheers to the mobile ops and drivers! CTY count here: N5WR 21, NX4N 19, K4OJ
18, W5WMU 18, W4AN 15, N4AO 13, N4EEB 10, NF4A 10, AD8J 10, K4M 9, K4KG 9, K5CM
8, KN4Y 7, AD4ES 5.

VA3OR   SOABMixed LP   5,1002012-04-30 01:04:51
A lot of fun packed into only one hour of free time for operating.
KO7X   SOABMixed HP   15,7442012-04-30 04:22:49
The path to Florida on 20 meters was poor most of the time, but 15 meters, when
it was open, was excellent. 40 meters was good Saturday afternoon/evening.
Nothing heard on 10.
K4R(N6AR)   SOABMixed HP   1,6012012-04-30 04:59:42
Great first 10 hours- 1200 qsos- second day rate was down.
Worked all the special calls except K4L, and of course,
myself! Some of Euros gave me S9+30, but pileups were sparse.
Lost some time Sunday to attend Granddaughter’s First Communion.
10 was dead. Could have worked more 15 if I were motivated to
chase multipliers but the rules for 1 x 1’s encouraged rate only.
Log loaded on LOTW and already have 200 QSLS!
W4A(WD4AHZ)   SOABMixed HP   1,5742012-04-30 05:14:17
Thanks to George, K5KG, for letting me borrow his station while he was
out mobile.
VE4VT   SOABMixed LP   142,0082012-04-30 05:24:45
As always this QSO party is a blast. The organizers and mobiles make this
contest the premier QSO party. Not enough can be said about the mobiles and the
effort they put in.

As if listening to CW for 20 hours isn't bad enough, they do it while sitting
in a moving vehicle contending with endless pile ups, major QRN I am sure and
frequent deep fades. With the price of gas now, they all deserve our thanks and

The propagation for this contest was a little tougher this year compared to the
last several I found. With lower solar activity the last 5 years or so, the MUF
between VE4 and Florida never really climbed much above 20m during the
contests. This year it went above 10m and the result was 20m levels dropped
through the floor during mid day here. This mean that during sunrise, sunset
times, the signals from Florida were booming, Around 1800z, they almost
vanished. The upside, was 15m produced the booming signals. I wish all the
Florida would have focused on 15m rather than 20.

I managed the sweep on CW but it was late Sunday afternoon (2040z) by N5WR. WAG
was the last one needed and I had missed it twice earlier in the day when I got
stuck in pileups and the op changed counties on me before I made it through. I
started Sunday needing 7 counties and thought LIB would be the tough one. AS is
often the case, I ended up working several of them.

Speaking of pileups, Sunday afternoon they were crazy on the mobiles
frequencies. I don't know how many times VE9AA, VE3KP, VE3RZ and all the other
VE3's would show up on frequency and one or two calls later they would get
through and I was still left trying. I felt so "knee high" next to these big
guys. I have to give credit again to the mobile ops, many of them were barely
detectable during mid day times but somehow the managed to pull me out of the

This year I decided to run low power figuring 6 dB less should not be that big
of a deal. I was wrong, I am sure it would have helped and I am sure that many
of the mobiles would have appreciated that little extra help in pulling me out
of the noise.

With the spectrum scope on the 7700, it was trivial to spot the big signals on
15m so it took little time to scan for activity up there. repeated the same
patter many times. Sweep between 14.04 and 14.05 twice, then sweep 20m phone
and then quickly 15m and repeat. For variety extend the 20m sweep looking for
base ops outside the mobile window.

Thanks again!

VE3KZ   SOABMixed LP   295,6802012-04-30 05:49:08
Decided to try both modes this time. The logistics become much more complicated!
Finding and using effectively an SSB frequency on 20m was not productive.
Mobiles and CW made the score. The top ten mobile operations from here were:
K4KG-62, NX4N-44, N4EEB-42, W5WMU-36, N5WR-35, K4M-33, W4AN-32, K4OJ-32,
N4AO-26, and AD4ES-24. Thanks for the fun, guys!
Good to hear all that VE3/VA3 QRM! There should be some great scores from ON.
15m never really opened here. Only certain stations in certain locations
punched through. I suspect western stations a little farther away had better
propagation to FL.
I had to wait for WAKulla well into Sunday to complete the sweep on CW and
Mixed then it was a matter of digging for SSB Mults for the rest of the day.
Set-up here:
TS-950SDX, 40m-Vertical, 20m-4el@50', 15m-5el@70'

73 Bob VE3KZ
W4Y(@W4UH)   M/MMixed HP   2,9522012-04-30 06:35:25
No multipliers or extra CW QSO points for the 15 special 1x1 stations, so the
score is 2952.

Yes sir, it was a party with a huge turnout, what a blast! Thanks to everyone
for coming and making this QSO Party such a special event!
N4EK   SOABCW LP   161,7002012-04-30 06:45:02
Great conditions on Saturday. Had only three hours due to another commitment.
Sunday was slower. Decided to do CW only. having to much fun and did not want
to go to phone and ruin it. Had lot's of dupes again for some reason.
VE3HG   SOABMixed QRP   8,4182012-04-30 06:57:44
QRP on CW is no different than 100 watts IMHO. SSB can't say the same :) When
the bands are noisy or there are deep fades QRP is really tough. Had lots of
both on both days but late afternoons were golden.
N2WN   SOABMixed QRP   92,7422012-04-30 07:11:50
Saturday was, by far, the best day here. The bands were quiet and we had decent
paths into FL on 20 and 40. Little was heard on 15, nada on 10.

The mobile piles seemed denser Sunday, but that may be due to poorer conditions
and fewer options for those outside of the "zone". New it wasn't my day when I
missed HAM and GAD and K4OJ (and the pileup) were virtually in the background
noise. C'est la guerre!

Thanks to the mobiles: NX4N (16), K4KG (13), N4AO (11), K2CIB (8), N4EEB (8),
K4OJ (6), N5WR (6), W4AN (4), NF4A (3), AD4ES (2), and I'm sure I missed

Congrats to the TCG folks who put in an effort from FL, wish we had connected
more times.

My best FQP to date... The QRP numbers are darn good, tough competition.
Congrats to Doug, VA3DF for an outstanding score!

W1FJ   SOABCW LP   63,4882012-04-30 08:02:02
Hats off to all the mobiles, they greatly enhanced the fun. Too bad not more
activity on 15m. Thanks to all
K4FCG/M(K1KNQ)   SO MobileSSB LP   54,3662012-04-30 08:02:34
I covered 18 counties of the originally planned 19. Skipped Hernando as it
seemed to be well represented by KH7XS/W4 (Hi). Everything went well, no Murphy
visits. The Florida Police checked on me twice during the operation. They wanted
to know if everthing was OK. So then I lost about 20 minutes each time
explaining about "Ham Radio", always with a smile on my face (good Karma).
There was very little generated rf noise in the car, so the time I invested in
bonding with ground straps on the frame, engine, muffler etc. was well spent.
Thanks for all the qso's. I had a great time.
Jack K1KNQ
N4Q(N4GI)   SOABMixed HP   1,7382012-04-30 08:19:53
Tnx to everyone for the Qs, what a party!

Blake N4GI
K4OJ/M   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   820,6522012-04-30 08:34:58
Ops: N4KM (Kevin) and K0LUZ (Red) - Just a couple of Midwestern farm boys out
for a spin.

This is Kevin's and my 7th FQP together and each year we try to improve the
conditions. This year Kevin upgraded the computer which also required a
converter from 110 to 20 volts. Previously we used a dos machine that operated
at 12 volts using CT. The new machine with N1MM made scoring easier, but no
matter what converter we tried, we had issues. The converter we used (a big
thank you to Art, N4PJ) did not have any hash but had little birdies floating
by the run frequency bringing the noise level to above s9. This wasn't so bad
when the birdies just floated by, but sometimes it would decide to just sit
there for awhile. So for all of you that wondered what on earth was going on,
there were times when all we could do was wait or hope the stations calling us
were 599 + 20 db! Our apologies to some of the weak stations we just couldn't
pull through. This will be our major project for next year.

Found 40 to be slower than usual until quite late in the evening. Perhaps a
result of 20 meters being open longer. Sunday morning we were running Calhoun
county with the N1MM 10 minute rate meter consistently above 300 for few
minutes when suddenly there was no one there and we had to call cq for about 3
or 4 minutes before a return call. That had to be something significant of a
solar sort. Things gradually returned to normal although I question if it was
as hot as early Sunday or Saturday. Fifteen was slightly open with west coast
and as far east as some esp 9 stations. Couldn't get any decent rate on 15.

Overall, everything went fine although we missed Dixie and we didn't realize
it until we were too far to go back. Sorry about that! Also interesting when
we would work a county a second time, dupes were experienced in abundance. Why
is that? Thanks to all that stood by when I would give a couple of letters and
hope only stations with that criteria would answer. Thanks all!

73 Red K0LUZ
K1GU   SOABCW LP   80,6682012-04-30 09:22:15
Operated from my mother's back porch field day style. Antenna was a
semi-stealth 40m Inv-V up in a pine tree. Mom's house is one of ten backed
around a small alligator pond. I worried that someone might call the Sheriff
to report a strange dude casting golf balls into the tree. Once or twice the
laptop USB port lost the radio and locked up the WinKeyer and I left people in
the lurch while rebooting and sometimes the cw speed would change spontaneously
but otherwise the hardware and software worked. I played kid with a radio
forcing my wife and mother to enjoy some "quality" time together and wonder if
I'll ever grow up.

Good showing from the Thursday night NS Sprint crowd of fellow geezers.
W8CAR   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   76,1042012-04-30 09:56:39
Kudos to all the mobiles - wrked all counties for first time!
W4AN/M(@K4BAI/M)   M/SCW LP   739,2002012-04-30 12:36:47
The score submittal page again this year has no place to select multi op, mobile
or rover, but that's what we were. IC756Pro at 100W to Hustler antennas and on
20M a DX Engineering top hat. KU8E and I have enjoyed mobiling in this contest
(and in GA, AL, and TN QSO parties) in recent years using Jeff's car. We missed
FL last year due to scheduling difficulties. Jeff has since sold his car that
was equipped for mobile operating. In the week before the FQP, Jeff installed
wiring for power and antennas in my newest car, a 1997 Buick LeSabre.
Everything tested out perfectly beforehand with resonant antennas for 40, 20,
15, and 10. The only downside was that we would have to stop to change bands
(and often that is impossible to do safely, particularly on interstate
highways). Some times in the past we have had two masts and could go to two
bands without stopping. Sorry that we advertised that we would be mixed modes,
but we decided for a first test of the new installation to use CW only, avoiding
antenna loading problems on the different mode frequencies. We have in the past
logged on paper or used NA, which requires a separate contest log for each
county. This year, we used N1MM and it was great to be able to change the
county with a few key strokes and have full functionality without having to set
up different files ahead of time and it took only a few seconds to change
counties. As a result, we had some very short runs (only one QSO on our first
of three passes through NAS. We made a few 40M QSOs around 17Z on the first
day and everything seemed OK. We made only one QSO (N5NA in TX) on our only
outing to 15M on the first day. Otherwise we were running on or about 14044
kHz Saturday until about 22Z when we went back to 40. Almost immediately the
computer had problems and we determined that they were related to RF on 40M.
Strange that we had not had the problems earlier. Eventually, we determined
that we could log on 40M if we disconnected the rig control and computer CW
keying from the USB port. I sent with a paddle and the internal keyer of the
rig for the rest of the evening. When we went back to 20M and plugged the USB
cable back in, it didn't work. I think we could have shut the computer down
(again) and rebooted it and it would have been OK on 20M, but we didn't take
the time to do that.

We had arranged before the contest to stay at the same Holiday Inn Express west
of Jacksonville that the K4KG team (K5KG and VE7ZO) had reservations at so we
could eat dinner and breakfast with them. We were much later than they
arriving at the hotel and talked to them on the telephone, but didn't see them
until Sunday morning. They got up early to work on computer logging problems
they had encountered and we hoped to put a choke in the coax and add some
toroids to try to cure our RF problems with our computer on 40M. In the
process, we discovered that our mag mount had been broken the night before when
Jeff had tried to take it off the car to lock it in the trunk for security. We
had ended up leaving it on the car, but didn't realize that we had broken the
coax connection to the mount and therefore to the mast until we found infinite
SWR just before the Sunday session started. God bless George, K5KG. He had
purchased a new mag mount just in case one of theirs failed and he loaned it to
us. Jeff thinks he could have repaired our mag mount, but we would probably
have lost hours of the Sunday session. So, thanks to George and Jim we got
started Sunday on time.

We started on 40M Sunday and were there for about a half an hour with only a
few RFI problems, but it was clear that the problem was not cured by the new
mount. We stayed on 20M for most of Sunday with a couple of forays to 20M
where we worked one station each in CA, AZ, and CO and a number of Europeans
plus one in Puerto Rico. The rate was so slow on 15M that it seemed best most
of the time to stay on 20M calling CQ after the rate dropped rather than stop
and change the resonator to check 15M. We went back to 40 again just after 21Z
on Sunday and encountered the same RF problems. Again the rig control and CW
keying lines were disconnected and I sent with a paddle on 40 and 20 until the
end of the contest. I apologize for poor CW sending. I was trying to send
with a K8RA mini paddle on the left side of the computer (I am right handed)
while logging with my left hand. Hardly an ideal set up for sending CW. We
had no desk in the car and the key was sitting on a yellow writing tablet on
the seat of the car.

Band conditions seemed poor to fair on 40, 20, and 15. But activity levels
seemed to largely make up for poor propagation conditions. There were a lot of
DX QSOs made, but signals were often weak and 40M seemed weaker than I ever
remember it. We had almost no west coast QSOs on 40 and only a few Europeans.
Our best DX was UA9FAR who called in toward the end of the Saturday session. I
am almost certain that we have never made as many QSOs as we did this year,
although our score may been higher when we worked both modes.

I think we missed VT, DC, MS, UT, NE, HI, and AK. In Canada, we worked VE1-4,
7, and 9. Thanks for all QSOs.

Special thanks to the DX stations who hung in there chasing us from county to
county when our signals must have been very weak. Thanks to FCG for organizing
another great QSO party. Thanks to the fixed stations who did, for the most
part, observe the request not to CQ in the "mobile window." And my special
thanks to Jeff, KU8E, for installing the set up for mobile operation in my car
and providing his rig and interfaces.

W4AN is the club call for South East Contest Club, which covers most of GA, SC,
and a portion of NC. It is in memory of the late Bill Fisher, W4AN. All W4AN
QSLs go via K4BAI and I will be pleased to answer any QSL requests for this or
any previous use of the call.

Hope everyone is planning to be QRV in CQ WPX CW. We expect M/M operation from
NQ4I and M/2 or M/S opertion from WW4LL and possibly W8JI.

For those who might be interested, here is our route. We were sorry that we
didn't get to all counties as planned, but the number of "sweeps" being
reported indicates that coverage of all counties was excellent this year.
Congratulations to all who achieved a sweep of 67 FL counties. And congrats to
many QRPers who were QRV and some had very high scores and even sweeps.

LAF, DIX, TAY, JEF, WAK. Total of 33 counties.

I should say that I agree with comments made by participants from VA south to
the FL state line that 80M would be a great addition to the FQP allowing for
more QSOs from the close in states. We might not make many (or even any) 80M
QSOs from the car, but the fixed stations could work each other OK. And, in
the GA and AL QSO parties, we have successfully run stations from the mobile
(and the AL QSO party is in June when 80 is weaker and noise levels higher).

Unfortunately, I have a judicial meeting that conflicts with the Dayton
Hamvention this year, so I hope to see many of you there next year.

73, John, K4BAI for the W4AN/M team.
W1END   SOABCW LP   89,5122012-04-30 13:03:31
The great mobile activity kept me in the chair for most of the party. By Sunday
morning I had only five more counties to log. Walton and Charlotte were the
final two logged during late morning. This is the first time I have made a
county sweep. That kept me fueled for the remainder of the activity. Sunday
afternoon conditions were not too great for me and I was unable to crack some
of the mobile pile-ups. But I finally ended up with my best score ever. It's
amazing how the mobiles kept same frequencies; I was able to tune up and down
the band and work new ones as they came. Great activity, Thanks to all and
especially the FCG For continuing this super event. Rig was an FTdx5000 (150w)
amd a Butternut HF6v all-band vertical. Eldon - W1END
NA4K   SOABMixed LP   57,5642012-04-30 13:26:07
Good activity from both mobiles and fixed stations.

Nice to catch TCG members N4O (Ric, Wo4o), K1GU/PIN (Ned) and
N5WR (Erik) for a few contacts.

Steve NA4K
W9QL   SOABSSB LP   15,6882012-04-30 13:31:03
I had a lot of fun this year, since conditions were pretty good. This was my
best score ever, with a record amount of counties worked. The rovers deserve
special recognition, since they really helped improve my score. Special thanks
to K5CM/4, K4FCG/m and N3AWS/4. K5CM/4 activated Liberty with 5 minutes
to go in the contest, for a extra multiplier! I was also able to work all 15 of
the 1x1's on SSB the first day on 20. Family commtments caused me to miss a lot
of time on 40 the first day, but I am still happy with my results
overall. Ran low power, with a Yaesu FT-1000MP and a G5RV at 35 feet. Hope to
see you again next year.

AD8J(@AD8J/M)   SO MobileMixed LP   500,8642012-04-30 14:42:29
What an experience! This was single op, NO DRIVER, mixed mode and low power. I
live in Asheville, NC so had to add 525 miles each way. The Saturday route was
eight (8) counties with only about 70 miles of driving. Spent about an hour in
each county. The Sunday route had seven (7) new counties, 100 miles of driving,
and a repeat of ALC from the day before. I was able to make multiple visits to
some of the Sunday counties and this really helped the numbers. This confused
a bunch a guys, including some of the big guns who probably got red in the face
when told it was a DUPE. The equipment, antennas and Honda Accord all held
together. I only made one wrong turn which wasted about 20 minutes getting to
NAS which was the last county. As a result, I only had about 40 minutes there
but it shortened the trip home by 20 minutes. All operation was while parked.
Got back to Asheville at 12:30AM after 1,220 miles of driving. The guy at the
car wash wanted to know where I’d been when he saw all the bugs stuck to the
front of the car. I did see two other mobiles. One was a white van with what
looked like a hustler stick and three band radiators. I heard the clicking but
couldn’t find their frequency. The other was W5WMU in a sedan with three
antennas on the back. I was able to work them as they flew by my shady parking
N4FCG   M/SMixed LP   386,0582012-04-30 15:17:26
Rain and storms plus family obligations kept us out of the contest for a little
over 6 hours.
Got very good play from the 4 el yagi at 42 feet and 20 meters turned out to be
the money band.10 meters did not open, and 15 meters was up and down. I never
had so many DX stations call as in this years FQP.
We had a lot of fun and plan on being even better next year.
Kevin, K4PG, and Warren, W4WR
AA4PP   M/MMixed LP   276,1002012-04-30 17:00:12
ARASWF club members operated Field Day style at the local Red Cross. We had many
members, new to contesting, man the stations during the many lulls over the
weekend. The bands could have been a little more exciting than they were, but
we had some good runs... and that's 'fishing' in SWF!

We had a lot of fun and exposed some new members to the world of contesting.

A success by any measure!
WM3O   SOABMixed LP   16,7502012-04-30 17:14:47
just a few hours of playing around.
N4AO/M(WC4E)   SO MobileCW LP   610,4002012-04-30 18:06:44
Another Great FQP!!! WOW!

A huge THANK YOU to all those that followed the mobiles around Florida and
called in!! Thanks for making it a true party!

Missed VE5, VE6, UT, AK, MS, NV, PAC and NE (Even with the Nebraska QSO Party
going on!) I feel like I missed out on some EU Mults as well with so many
people saying there were lots of European QSO.
Maybe they couldn’t hear me.

No major Murphy stories this year. Thought I had all the noise licked when I
got all 12V power supplies and totally eliminated the need for a power
inverter. Nope, the loud swooshing hash kept drifting in around my freq all
weekend. I eventually learned (Late Sunday)to plug in the laptop charger when
running loud stations and unplug and battery power later in the county. So if I
had to ask for repeats, it was all the QRN fun. Maybe I’ll encase it in a
metal case for next year.

N1MM’s “Enter Sends Message” kept making me sound like a lid all weekend,
sorry but I had to keep it on because it much easier to hit the large enter key
then find the tiny half size insert key on a laptop KB. All while twisted
sideways in the driver seat and typing in passenger seat side. (It was all an
operator issue) Overall the program work flawlessly!!

Adding in a couple counties was much better, especially when condx took a dip.

Drove in very heavy rains in South FL on Sunday , first time I had to do that
mobile in FQP. I’ll take the rain way over the famous black swarms of “love

Very happy to beat my last years’ score. Preliminary results are about 2180
QSOs and 70 Mults.

2006 Nissan Frontier
750 miles added while driving 22 Counties
Rig: IC 7000
NI7J Scorpion SA-680 (This antenna Rocks!!)
N1MM 12.4 on 10 Year old 20lb DELL Laptop

Thanks again to all!!
Jeff N4AO/m (WC4E)
Jeff at
K3TN   SOABCW LP   13,7282012-05-01 03:08:58
Beautiful weather in Maryland kept this to a spot check on 20 in various 10
minute chunks over the weekend. Does get addicting, though, when W4AN or NX4N
or N5WR would pop up in a new county.
K8MR   SOABMixed LP   109,1802012-05-01 05:47:28
Missed Jackson on CW. As usual, great mobile participation even with K1TO
sitting at home.

At what point is a choppy CW signal that ends a qso with "dit dit" considered
sufficient identification?
VE7IO   M/MMixed HP   19,3202012-05-01 09:32:21
This was another contest training weekend for us here at VE7IO. We got off to a
late start and then suffered the loss of one radio so now down to one radio
training was somewhat minimal. However, we had two new Hams for this session
and at least one had a chance to make a few Q's on 20 meter phone under the
watchful eye of Jim VE7FO. Watching the new participants make their first
contacts in a contest very rewarding.
Fifteen and twenty meters held up well but we could not find anything ten.

I am sure we will be back for the next one

Fred VE7IO
KØRC   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   100,9842012-05-01 15:06:10
Rig : IC-756 Pro III, IC-2KL @ 300 Watts

Antennas : HyGain TH-11DX @ 70' and a 40m vertical wire dipole

Soapbox : This year (2012) the added attraction to the Florida QSO Party was
the "Spelling Bee" which consisted of 1x1 call sign stations, each with a
suffix to help spell out FLORIDA QSO PARTY. This added another challenge to the
event for the first time in Florida. I didn't know how difficult this would be,
having to find and work the 14 stations. In reality, I worked all of them and
logged this "mini-sweep" on both CW and phone during the first day of the

My second and third goals were to work the 67 county sweep and try to
accomplish this on the first day. I fell one county short of the single day
sweep. I got the last county (Charlotte) in the log on schedule Sunday morning,
followed by 4 "back up" QSOs later in the day. If my log survives
cross-checking, this will be the fifth FLQP sweep I have made. I was way short
of making a double sweep (CW + Phone) with only 37 counties worked on SSB.

Propagation was decent and provided the normal RF pipeline between our two
states, especially toward dusk on 15m and 20m. I found 15m was open during the
day but was not as active as 20m. Fifteen meters added 34 QSOs for the log. I
checked 10m a couple times but never heard any stations. The 40m band seemed to
be late in opening on Saturday evening. The 20m stations started to thin out but
were not yet workable on 40m. When the RF path finally "engaged", I found the
signals to be stronger on my vertical wire dipole compared to the Telrex single
element at 65' even though the vertical picked up a little more background

I added an unplanned goal toward the end of the contest. The QSO Points were
approaching the 100K mark so this helped push me to keep on top of all the
mobiles. They added about 200 points to the score with each new county they
entered. Some of the mobiles were "revisiting" counties I had already worked
making me have to skip them at that time. This certainly added some suspense to
the 100K quest! The QSO Points were advancing slowly and it was going to be a
photo-finish ending. When the final bell rang I had made it over the 100K mark
by 4 QSOs. But that's not much of a cushion to stay there after log

I had only one station confuse my call sign as KØRF on CW. I never heard Chuck
during the weekend so that must have been a "best guess" reply. We got my call
sign straightened out quickly.

There was a different twist from this end. Both myself and Pat, KØPC would be
calling mobile stations at the same time. There might have been a little
confusion about these similar calls in the beginning, but after a while it was
like playing leap-frog to see which one of us would be picked out of the pileup
first. I enjoyed this "RF partnership" with Pat.

Another MWA member, Dick, NØIM, mentioned he was in some of those same
pileups. But his QTH near Duluth is about 120 miles to the north of me and off
the back corner of the yagi when pointing to FL, so I never heard him.

There are a number of attractions that draw me to the event each year. I find
the FLQP "fast paced". Another thing is there is enough activity to keep things
"hopping" both days. (It certainly helps to have a large population to draw
from!) All the mobile operators are top-notched and play an important role in
the event. I enjoy the high speed CW exchanges. The "mini band plan" is
excellent and helps keep stations from landing on top of each other when they
cannot hear each other. And personally, my wife is a native Floridian, born in
Ocala. I feel like I get a few kudos when she calls me for lunch and I can tell
her how many counties (and name drop some from the area she grew up) that I have
worked so far!

Thanks for another great one this year. The FCG does a fantastic job with their

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN
N4EEB   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   806,8442012-05-01 15:27:21
A big thank you to the many stations that followed our mobile around the state
and kept our rate high. You guys make the FQP fun.

A big thank you to the organizers of the FQP for putting on a first class
party. You're the best.

Vy 73

John N4EEB and Driver XYL Tracy
VA3PC   SOAB(A)SSB LP   3,5102012-05-01 16:14:39
The 1x1 special calls were a nice touch. Worked my last "letter" at 2011z on
Saturday. Thanks to all the Floridians for being on the air. 73, Paul
K4KG   M/SMixed LP   1,319,7502012-05-01 20:08:29
W4QN   M/SMixed HP   176,2502012-05-02 13:32:01
The Q's are correct, the score is per N1MM, not sure about Mults.

Band conditions were pretty poor on both days for 10m, 15m did only a little
better. 20m was the 'go to band' and 40m produced some fair runs. A late
start and early ending limited the time. This also was a operator practice
session and to that end it was a very good experience.
K4I(WF3C)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   1,7202012-05-02 20:27:22
Thanks to N4WW for hosting my last-minute operation, and to all the FL and
non-FL stations who made this an FQP to remember.

N1MM says the actual score is 216,468, but as a 1x1, the final score is raw
QSOs only.

FT-5000 + Alpha 77

40m: 4-ele @ 160'
20m: 4/4/4 @ 150'/100'/50'
15m: 5/5 @ 100'/70'
K7QQ   SOABCW HP   40,1942012-05-02 21:34:15
Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
7 CW 31 62 1
14 CW 232 462 55
14 LSB 1 1 1
21 CW 44 84 9
Total Both 308 609 66
Score: 40,194
N2BJ   M/SMixed HP   54,2812012-05-03 15:10:57
My computer crashed and even with Writelog I lost over 100 Qso's from 2300 Sat
thru 0259 Sunday GMT. I apologize for those that worked me and not in my log,
sorry if we tried to rework and duped you.
My score is really low due to this issue.
KH7XS/W4(K4XS)   SOABSSB HP   380,9822012-05-03 19:21:50
First FQP from FL since 2006. Set out to break the record of around 340K.
Great condx, 1200 DX contacts for the contest. Thanks for all the Qs.
KØHC(WØBH)   SchoolMixed HP   157,2062012-05-03 21:29:27
Sorry for the late post. My dad caught a near miss on a tornado with lots of
tree damage down in Oklahoma, so that's kept me busy.

This weekend, I invited several Hesston College aviation and air traffic
control students to take a break from studying for final exams and try out the
FQP. Two were planning to come and I kept hoping they'd appear, but they must
have kept their noses to the grindstone instead (can't fault them for that!).

The goal was to get close to the HP record, have some fun with the 1x1 calls,
and of course chase mobiles around the state. I wasn't really trying for the
SSB county sweep on Saturday or I would likely have picked up the only county I
missed : DESOTO. I caught five mobiles through there on Sunday, but no luck on
QSY to SSB requests. With a contest that counts mults by mode, a QSY to SSB is
really really appreciated, and you can still enter as CW-only.

Chasing 1x1 calls was fun. It took me about 4 hours to complete the mixed 1x1
call sweep with the last one K4F. From the rules, I couldn't tell if they all
had to be the same mode, so I kept listening and finally found W4T to get all
the 1x1 calls, both CW and SSB. The mixed county sweep took less than five
hours. The county coverage was really impressive this year.

I have to complement both the organizers and the mobiles for a spectacular
mobile showing. The mobiles each had their "own" frequency, and all but one
stayed there the entire time making them incredibly easy to find. Not sure who
coordinated that, but it worked. K4KG/m, K5CM/m, NF4A/m, and AD8J/m were more
than happy to move to SSB which really added to the fun. Here are the numbers.
There might be a few dupes included since my duping didn't seem to sound off
like it usually does in my logging program. If I missed writing down a call, I
apologize in advance .. it's late here and there were lots of you!

52 K4KG - fastest SSB switch!
35 N5WR
34 NX4N
32 W4AN
30 N4EEB
30 W5WMU
28 K4M
27 K4OJ
25 N4AO
25 K5CM - consistently loudest mobile signal into Kansas
21 AD4ES
15 NF4A
14 KN4Y
13 AD8J
08 K4FCG
08 K2CIB/p
05 KF4OJA - thanks for WAG / HOL on SSB, Richard.
05 N3AWS - called me on SSB from several needed counties.
03 N4WA
03 KJ4ERZ - thanks for changing your route through OSC on SSB, John
02 ND9M

N4S pulled top honors for a fixed station with six contacts. They were also the
consistently loudest fixed station into Kansas and were about everywhere I

Congrats to the FCG for pulling off a memorable 15th. I'm on leave from Hesston
College next spring, so I'm hoping to join you all down there for the fun.
We'll see ..

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC
K7HP   SOABMixed HP   57,5922012-05-03 22:07:41
Decided to enter as mixed instead of cw only
W1TO   SOABCW LP   34,7162012-05-04 12:30:07
Missed Franklin. I thought I might be able to catch one of the mobiles there at
the end of the contest, but no joy.

73, Tom, W1TO
K5CM   SO Mobile+DriverMixe LP   520,6082012-05-06 09:46:35
Great Fun!!!
Next time a little better planning will allow Pam and I to make the 14 hour
drive with a little more time to relax before the party starts. We did have
some good beach time afterwards however :>)
Connie and Pam
K9OM   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   232,1022012-05-06 21:32:53
The best QSO Party- thanks in large part to the good number of terrific mobile
ops! This years Special Event 1x1 Callsigns made it a ton of fun too! It was
fun hunting for 1x1 sweep on both CW & SSB as well as the county sweep.

Great job FCG!


Dick- K9OM
KN4Y   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   96,8802012-05-07 07:28:06
Operated Saturday with a driver, Sunday without a driver (got sick), Great band
condition with pile-ups galore. Heard nothing on ten meters.
K4F   M/MMixed HP   1,6232012-05-08 05:26:20
Enjoyed being one of the 15 1x1 Anniversary Stations. Our score is the net
total Qs.
N5WR   SO MobileCW LP   677,3042012-05-09 16:32:41
I have been wanting to do the FQP since I moved to the southeast 3 years ago,
and finally this year I was able to get the time off to make the trip down. I
drove down Friday night and stayed in Jackson county and started the contest
there. I spent the first 4 hours generally heading east across the northern
part of the state towards Jacksonville. Rates the first 2 hours were ok but not
great, less than 100/hr, and on 20 meters signals seemed fluttery. I wasn't sure
what this meant, there is a lot of noise while operating mobile, so I wasn't
sure if it was engine noise, power line noise, or propagation. Conditions on 20
meters got better and I had 100+ in hours 3 and 4 of the contest. 15 meters was
open also but was long, I worked several EU stations and W7s as well.

Getting closer to Jacksonville I was having some intermittent problems with my
20 meter antenna. Normally I use a Hi-Q 4/80 screwdriver type antenna which I
park on 40 meters and then a 20 meter hamstick. The hamstick was giving me high
SWR so I had to stop several times to troubleshoot. I finally tracked down the
problem as a bad coax. I pulled over to the side of the road in Putnam county
to work on this, and was leaning over to get something out of my trunk with my
hand on the ground, when suddenly I felt a burning sensation on my hand. I
looked down and my hand was covered with ants that were biting me. I quickly
shook them off, but I still have marks on my hand. I don't know what kind of
ants they were but they sure hurt - some aggressive tropical ants that only
live south of I-10 I guess.

I had no further equipment issues after this. I ran into a little traffic jam
in Orange county driving past Disney World, and Polk county seemed to go on for
a long time (long enough to make 106 QSOs there), but otherwise there were no
issues with my route. As the evening hours came, 40 opened up and was able to
work more of the closer W4 stations. I ended the first day in Sarasota, one
county shy of my goal but still with 26 counties in the first day. Was very
nice to meet Dan K1TO for the first time as we met up for dinner near his home
along my route.

Day 2 started north of Tampa in Hillsborough county and I headed north across
the Gulf coast counties and then west across the Panhandle. Conditions were
good on 20 and I seemed to get off to a better start on Sunday. I really do not
know how I am doing during the contest because I do not create the log until
after the contest. The audio is recorded with a digital voice recorder and the
log generated post-contest. To me this is the only way to safely drive and
operate at the same time. This way my eyes are always on the road, left hand on
the wheel, right hand on the keyer.

I passed a couple of other mobiles on Sunday, driving past with antennas
sticking off their vehicles, so I knew I wasn't the only crazy one out there.
It is always amusing the looks and the comments I get when operating mobile.
Including one from a guy who pulled up in his Ford dually truck and rolled down
his window - 'Hey man, is that for a CB radio?' 'Ham radio.' 'How far can you
talk with that thing?' 'Pretty far'. As far as UA9 in this contest, in fact.

Late Sunday afternoon, as I was making my way across the panhandle, it become
apparent to me that quite a few stations still needed Gulf county, as I had
several stations asking when I would be there. I had quite a good pileup when I
finally made it there. But then, right in the middle of the pileup, my GPS
decided to have me turn down a county road that turned into a dirt road that
turned into a dead end, and I had to just stop running the pile for a few
minutes until I could figure out where I was. This happened to me in Bay county
as well, which was really quite pretty driving along the Gulf coast, until the
GPS led me down an unpaved road that was more sand than dirt and I nearly got
stuck before finally making it back to the highway and getting back on track.

Finished the contest heading towards Pensacola on I-10 and it ended with a
flurry of pileups and 212 QSOs in the last hour. I did not quite make it to
Escambia county but finished with 24 counties on Sunday and a grand total of

Top NA QSOs: N9CK (49), K9CT (45), K9NW (40), VE3KZ (37), K5LH (37), K0HC (36),
K5WE (35), VE3TA (32), W1END (32), K9OM (30), WI9WI (30)

Top DX QSOs: DL3GA (22), HA8IB (16), SP5SA (9), NP2X (8), DL5MC (7)

There were some great signals from W9 and VE3. Thanks to all the DX stations
who stuck it out and called in. Also was pleasantly surprised to be called by
the mother ship - W1AW. Any DX station who would like a bureau card just send
me an email. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs.

73, Erik N5WR
N3AWS/M4   SO MobileSSB QRP   21,5502012-05-10 14:03:05
Conditions on Saturday were unbelievable! For the first time I was actually
able to run successfully on 20 meters SSB while QRP mobile. I activated 16
counties and gave one op his last for the SWEEP!

I used my Icom 756 Pro II, Hustler antenna, and 2010 Kia Soul. Biggest problem
was RF getting into the computer and deleting previous QSO's. Thanks to all the
patient OPs who stood by while I tried to get the Acer Asspire to behave!

This will likely be my last year as a mobile for a while. I am transferring to
Goodfellow AFB as Chief of the Medical Staff for my next assignment. I love
handing out the counties. Just wish I were as good as some others!


Thanks to all the FCG who make this wonderful QSO Party possible each and every

Jim N3AWS/m4

73 & OJ!
W1WBB   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   16,1172012-05-13 18:27:38
Casual effort trying for all 1x1 FQP calls -- got them all (with K4M as an
add-on) ...then trying to sweep the counties (primarily on CW) later on Sunday.
Missed 1 cty, 2nd year in a row...this time Hamilton!

Again, amazing effort by the many mobiles!! Sigs fm FL to New England seemed
better on Saturday. Tnx to KK9K and K2ZR/4 for activating MON on CW this year,
the only cty missed hr in 2011. CLM and LIB were only worked on SSB; thus, 64
CW mults found this year - my primary focus.

Icom 737 @ 100 watts; 5-band Hexbeam up at 35'; 88' wire doublet (EDZ on 20m)
up @ 45'; N1MM logger + spotting network.

73, Bill W1WBB