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Michigan QSO Party   2016   Apr 16   Comment Summary

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AG2AA   Single Op LP   5252016-04-16 17:35:42
Bands pretty crowded with several QSO parties. Lots of fun!
K8MR   Single Op LP   9,6992016-04-16 21:13:54
After 12 or so MiQPs from the roads of Michigan, it is quite a switch doing if
from Florida with a 53 foot vertical wire and a dipole in the attic of a condo.
Still fun if challenging. Spent some time imagining K8IR driving down some of
the same roads I've been on more than few times. Good job by IR, NE9U, W8UE,
and AE8M. All of them were pulling out what must have been a very weak signal
from me.

I will be back in Ohio in August. Sadly, after five months in Florida, we have
to head back before the Florida QSO party, as our daughter is having a wedding
shower next weekend. But in future years we should be good for some hot weather
mobile contesting in late April.

73 - Jim K8MR
N2CU   Single Op LP   54,2402016-04-16 21:19:33
Good first hour on 40 m, so I stuck with it. Glad I did. Although not many
mobiles, enough fixed station activity to fill in the voids. Fun chasing NE9U
and K8IR through the counties.

K3, 40m Inv V, 80m wire vertical, N1MM

73, Tom N2CU
KT4Q   Single Op HP   4082016-04-16 21:20:56
Just an hour to play at the end of this QSO Party. Only 40m/80m alive,
K9NW   Single Op LP   4,0802016-04-16 21:23:33
Not much time but dropped by the radio when I had a chance.

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
N4PN   Single Op HP   41,8562016-04-16 21:26:48
Thanks to all who made it out to the party....didn't seem like as many
mobiles as usual, but NE9U, AE8M, W8UE, K8IR, N8I, and many great fixed
stations kept the action going...
Thanks to the sponsor, Mad River group, for putting on another great show..
Thanks to all who made into the log...
73, Paul, N4PN
KØRI   Single Op LP   32,6552016-04-17 04:10:50
As always the mobiles are the life of the party. Blizzard QRN here in CO this
K8AJS   Single Op LP   4,0502016-04-17 05:00:53
Rig: Elecraft K3/P3 100 watts
Ant: Inverted Vee
Software: N1MM+ v1.0.5605.0
KE9V   Single Op LP   3,4852016-04-17 05:03:14
40 and 80 meters in good shape. Lots of activity. All S&P. Fun!
WO9B   Single Op QRP   6,0162016-04-17 09:46:02
WI into MI was a solid 40 meter event in the daylight hours. Good band
conditions at night for 80, but 40 goes a bit long. Running QRP on Phone can
be a lesson in humility, but not at all for this contest. The pipeline was
very good. Only worked a few mobiles, but then did not make a prolonged event
of the contest. Working with a new radio that has not been fully integrated
into the shack automation system. Next time we will get a bit of a run going
and lose the manual keying. My apologies to the hard working MI Hams that had
to put up with my poor fist late in the contest.

Thanks to the organizers for all the hard work. Nice job for the mobiles that
I found. And a big thanks to the stations that I worked. Each one was just
down right friendly and good to work, as a Q-Party should be.

Next year will be a gas. Thanks.
W1NN   Single Op LP   3,5202016-04-17 09:46:38
I had to get up at 4:45 AM Sunday morning for a flight to the West Coast so I
couldn't put in much time this year. I really wanted to go mobile in Michigan
again but the schedule just didn't work out. Conditions on 40 and 80 sounded
fantastic (ie good short skip) so I might have missed really good conditions
this year. I won't be surprised to see a lot of new records. Really amazing
activity on 40 phone. I even worked a couple of stations above 7295.

I heard a weak W8UE/M on phone calling someone but couldn't snag him. K8IR was
really booming in on 80 CW.

Nice job, everyone.

73, Hal W1NN
NF8J   Single Op HP   32,8702016-04-17 10:38:31
only operate 4 hrs, unfortunately. Always a fun contest.
N4LZ   Single Op HP   812016-04-17 11:50:49
Band conditions not the best. Allot of QRN!
KT8K   Single Op QRP   68,9062016-04-17 14:31:21
I wasn't sure how conditions would turn out, but they were not too bad. I was
surprised how many stations could hear me (running 4 Watts to dipoles) that I
could barely hear at all. I typically expect the "ESP QSO"
phenomenon to be happening to the stations I work, not to me, but there were a
lot of stations down in the noise who could apparently hear me a lot better
than I could hear them. I wondered "are there really THIS many QRP
stations in the QSO party this year?", but I knew better.

I love this event because, being in-state, I get to run a lot more than on any
other contest, and I took that to heart this time. 187 of my 321 QSO's were
logged during 8 runs, and a third of those were logged on phone. Longest run
was from 2230 to 2312z on 7194 kHz, at a rate of 65.9 per hour. I am stoked!
Best hour was 55, and best 10 minute rate was 138/hr.

I got nice compliments from a number of ops on my youtube song "I Want a
Big Tower", which always increases my fun. Overall this wasn't a personal
best, but my score is in the area of past scores that placed in the top 3 (or
won the QRP category), so I have hope of a "podium finish".

Best 73's to all and thanks to all who listened hard to pull me out of the
audio mess.
- Tim, KT8K

- Tentec Orion set to 4 Watts (backed down 20% to "level the playing
field" (har har)
- MFJ Grandmaster keyer w Bencher BY-1 paddle
- WGA TR2000 headset with foot pedal
- ancient Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop (barely) running N1MM+

- vertical triband 10/15/20 dipole at 60 feet (not good, a trap is probably
full of bugs)
- 20/40/80 3 wire dipole, feed point up 45 feet
- 500 foot horizontal zigzag loop fed w. TV twin lead and LDG Z-11 autotuner
N8SBE   Single Op LP   53,8722016-04-17 16:37:21
Wow, what a blast!

Had short run rates of 240, 126, and 80 per hour during the first two hours.
First time I can remember actually holding frequencies for long periods running
barefoot on phone. Running a ZS6BKW dipole fed with ladder line on 40/80 up
only about 35 feet, with the recommended 75 feet of coax, to calm the SWR a bit
at the transmitter end, and the tuner in my K3. Had several stations tell me I
was loud stateside, especially on 40.

I ended up spending the whole contest on phone, so I gave up a bunch of
possible CW mults, and in theory a much better total score, but I can't
complain, since I was having so much fun on phone!

Thanks to the organizers, and of course, to all the stations that were on, both
in-state and out-of-state, that made this QSO party one to remember.


-- Dave, N8SBE
AE8M   Mobile Solo Op LP   67,1162016-04-17 17:36:23
I ended up with 360 Q's which is slightly more than my previous two mobile
endeavors in the MI QP. I had no runs on SSB in spite of a number of attempts
on the 3 bands I operated. This was not normal. I worked 34 states/provinces
and 41 MI counties. The rig was a KX3/KXPA100 with hamsticks, and for the first
time when mobile, N1MM+. I just discovered N1MM, and now feel like I wasted
time and money on my previous logging software.

Thanks to all who called. Every Q is appreciated. I worked many stations
multiple times; too many to mention them all. The leaders were N2CU (9) and
with 8 each K0RI, K8RYU, N4PN. It is always fun to work Europe when mobile, so
thanks to HA8IB, DL3DXX, DM5EE, DK2CF,DK2OY and DK3ZF. I also worked K8MR in FL
a number of times. It seems like all the snow birds should have flown north by
now, so I am wondering if Jim has abandoned OH.

Operating mobile or portable in a state QSO party is great fun. If you have
ever contemplated doing so, I urge you to give it a try. Start with a simple
setup, go to a needed county, and you will be hooked.

73, John, AE8M
NØIJ   Single Op HP   2,1422016-04-17 17:46:09
One of my favorite contests, but only had an hour or so late Sunday and there
just wasn't much still going on!
AD1C   M/S LP   11,3852016-04-17 18:00:14
Radio: Yaesu FTDX-5000, 100 watts
Antennas: Hy-Gain AV-640 vertical
1/2 size G5RV dipole in attic
Software: WriteLog for Windows

I was mostly trying to work MI counties I had not worked before from CO.
WriteLog does not score the contest correctly, so score is approximate.

Thanks to the mobile and fixed stations for getting on the air.
NE9U   Mobile Multi-Op LP   152,4832016-04-17 19:28:21
Another excellent up nort adventure with n9bca and kk9k!

conditions in the U.P. seemed rather poor....weak watery signals...sorry if we
werent able to pull you out through the truck or powerline noise!

TR4W says we worked 293 unique stations.

Our best rates were:

10 minutes: 132
20 minutes: 102
30 minutes: 84
60 minutes: 74
120 minutes: 63

These are considerably lower than our Minnesota and Wisconsin qso party rates.
Not sure if it was lower activity overall due to the beautiful spring weather
Michigan was experiencing, or something else?
The U.P. counties are so big, we would be in one around an hour, so that doesnt

Anyway, Ron, Art, and I had a fun time up north! Had a wonderful fish fry
friday night before the contest and a great pizza saturday night after the

As usual, had a half dozen people ask us what we were tracking! :-)


Scott NE9U
Ron KK9K


Elecraft K3 100 watts
homebrew base loaded vertical
TR4W software
NA8V   Single Op HP   211,9142016-04-18 03:38:02
Another excellent MiQP. Great turnout from in-state stations! 40 was very good
during the day, 80 was decent but noisy. 20 is always a tough band to generate
a lot of interest in this event. Ran a hybrid setup, low power on 20 and
mostly high power on 40 during the day and on 80 at night.

Good mobile support. I had good success finding them early and late, not as
much in the middle. Congrats to AE8M (6 qso), W8UE (10 qso). W8RU (2 qso),
NE9U (4 qso) and K8IR (8 qso).

Had hoped to get to 800q and 200 mults, came up a little short. If 20 had been
a little more productive for me I might have gotten there but the combination of
LP and in hindsight a poor beaming strategy probably made things harder there
than they should have been.

It was good to run into so many friends on the various bands, both in and out
of state.

Thanks for all the contacts!
KN4Y   Single Op LP   5,7602016-04-18 06:08:43
Four QSO parties reduced my nap potential, but I had limber fingers to enjoy
finger snacks. Weird band conditions complemented the neighborhood. Mobiles
made the party fun.I cannot believe I did not work Cook county.Lord Lord why
has thou forsaken me?
K8IR   Mobile Multi-Op LP   125,3762016-04-18 11:20:32
It was certainly a fine day to be driving across Michigan. 74 degrees is
probably the warmest we've had on a MIQP trip.

Conditions seemed to be better for us this year, especially during the early
afternoon. The QRN was louder than I was hoping for at night, but people
continued to be able to hear us.

We completed all 25 counties planned, and hit the end of Luce County with 1
minute to go. Another excellent job of driving and navigating by Eric, KG9GH.

My apologies to those in the pileup when we occasionally ran into some very
noisy power lines. In one county, we actually drove off the main road to get
to a spot where I could hear again and work down the pile before proceeding.

Thanks to all who called in, especially those who followed us around through
the whole 12 hours.

It was nice to hear K8MR several times from FL. We miss you mobiling up here
with us.

Jim K8IR and Eric KG9GH.
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   4,6642016-04-18 12:19:53
Enjoyed another MIQP! Thanks to all the MI stations for the Qs, especially the
mobile ops that went the distance! 73s Dave AFP
K8MQP(@W8MJ)   M/S HP   199,1882016-04-19 14:42:56
FT-1000MP, AL-1200, 40M dipole, 2L Telrex 40M yagi
FT-1000MkV Field, AL-1200, TH7DX 3Stack, 80M & 75M dipoles

Condx on 40M were perfect for MiQP. No noise, crystal clear signals, and good
in-state skip. Still producing QSOs as late as 0330Z before everyone went to

But as good as 40M was, 20M was junk. High noise levels in most directions,
peaking S9 to the west. Not at all typical for this QTH.

Switched to 80CW for the first time at 0006Z with the station owner away, but
AL-1200 arced over loudly. Testing with the barefoot xcvr showed both 80M
antennas had infinite SWR. Both antennas tested good at shack end of their
feedlines with an SWR analyzer. Lost time diagnosing an unfamiliar station
setup before problem was isolated to failed AlphaDelta antenna switches.
Bypassed switches with a barrel connector, but AL-1200 would not key. Returned
to contest barefoot on 80M after 45 minutes off air. After another hour, the
station owner returned and diagnosed non-functional amp as a problem with relay
keying cable. Finished the contest on 80M/75M at full strength with the
occasional mult on 40M.

CW mults up from last year, due to better mult chasing (particularly the
mobiles) but phone mults down. Compared to 2015, QSOs down 26%, but score down
only 12%. The time off air due to antenna switch failures hurt us.

Activity sounded great. Thanks to everyone who got on.

K8MQP Crew
N8I(N8XX)   Single Op QRP   26,7962016-04-20 06:03:15
Operating from a remote site, Tom's Lake Cabin, in Hiawatha National Forest, at
46° north was considerably different than operating 250 miles or so south.
Propagation wasn't nearly as good as previously. It could have been because
the place is not a "prominence" - i.e. probably negative height above
average terrain, though the hills were gentle and the cabin is on a knoll above
the lake. I didn't look carefully at a topo map. The antenna was better than
normal, maybe a bit high for 40 - being about 70 feet AGL.

Never got a "real" run going, though there were a few spurts from
time to time of 5 to 10 in a row.

Bob, KD8HNF asked to join me, and his help was essential to the setup. Bob set
up his rig in the other room, and operated a second station, mainly SSB.

If anyone missed SCHOolcraft this year, it wasn't because we weren't there!

Thanks to the organizers of MIQP. What a blast!
W8MMM   M/S HP   125,7682016-04-24 12:51:42
This was our third year operating from LEEL--had a great time again. We had
plans of using a second radio this year, but did not get our act together early
enough to test the system, so just ran one rig at about 300 watts as we have
done in the past. Operators were Bob(K2YAZ), Liz (KJ6RQU) and Ryan (K6RQT).
Antennas were a hexbeam at about 25 feet on the high bands and dipoles at 50
feet for the low bands. Thanks to everyone that came out and worked us and to
the organizers for putting on another great event this year!