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Mississippi QSO Party   2014   Apr 5   Comment Summary

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WN4AFP   Single Op LP   9502014-04-05 20:43:41
My first MSQP! Thanks to all for the QSOs, especially the mobiles... W3DYA,
K4ZGB and NO5W. 73's Dave
NA5NN(@W5UE)   Multi-Op LP   167,7722014-04-06 06:26:03
Unfavorable solar activity put a damper on overall conditions. The 599DXA
decided to experiment more with RTTY this year. Results were mixed with the
bulk of RTTY QSOS coming from other DX contest activity.

K2FF/W5UE/AG5CC activated from W5UE's QTH with 3 stations. It was a fun event
despite challenging condx...

de W5UE
W4II   Single Op HP   16,1042014-04-06 08:35:21
Great fun, but a tough go from Southwest Alabama border State. A special thanks
to the terrific rovers: W3DYA, N5NA, NO5W, and K4ZGB.

And......GO 599 DXA
WQ5L   Single Op HP   108,3602014-04-06 08:46:14
Mults were 47 states (no VT/HI), 3 provinces, 23 countries, and 47 counties. Big
thanks to the mobiles -- K4ZGB, N5NA, NO5W, W3DYA -- for making so many counties
available on CW. DX conditions started out good then became disturbed a couple
of hours in. As much as I would rather play on CW, the seemingly endless well
of callers that 20 meter phone provides is just too much to pass by. Thanks to
all who participated...73,

-- Ray WQ5L
NM5Z   Single Op HP   19,3802014-04-06 13:40:55
KCØDEB   Single Op LP   1872014-04-06 14:05:36
I was working the 3 MQP's ( MO MS MT ), and had a great time looking for you
guys! 73 de John KC0DEB

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul
7 CW 3 3 3
7 LSB 3 3 1
14 CW 4 4 2
14 USB 7 7 5
Total Both 17 17 11
Score: 187
N5BO   Single Op HP   116,0502014-04-06 14:12:08
Thanks to Floyd, N5FG for opening up his shack and home once again for a contest

I wanted to work more CW, but the activity just didn't seem there at times and
with a constant flow of callers on PH I worked that mode for most of my Q's.
My multiplier count is lower than I had hoped for, but it was hard to walk
from 20M at times to look for counties on 40M during the day. A second radio
would of come in handy, as well as a second yagi to look west because I had
many callers from that direction that were probably missed while working N/NE.

Also, I was pretty unfamiliar with the N3FJP software and ended up having to
answer calls with a straight key followed by computer keying for the report!
It sure kept me awake!!
KN4Y   Single Op LP   5852014-04-07 08:43:14
Bowled in a Bowl for Cancer tournament and missed some prime time. Did not hear
many stations on CW.
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op HP   7,2452014-04-07 14:14:35
First time in MS QP. Maybe my score would be higher, if it is only 1 QP on this
weekend, but I hunted also MT stations (10 QSO) and MO stations (244 QSO) ...

On 20m many times I heard only the pileup calling the mobiles, but no peep from
On 15m/10m excellent condx with FB signals.

Thank you very much for the excellent QSO's.

Most QSO's with mobiles:

N5NA 17/13 (QSO/Cty)
W3DYA 11/11
NO5W 9/9
K4ZGB 8/8

73! Laci OM2VL

p.s. I used N1MM and all my QSO's was counted as 1 pts QSO. On Official Rules I
red, that SSB = 1pts, CW = 2pts. It is right? I must correct all my CW QSO
points one by one?
N5NA   SO Mobile+Driver LP   70,0602014-04-07 14:31:29
After experiencing tremendous power line noise in the first few counties it was
nice to enter the Natchez Trace Parkway. There are NO power lines along the
parkway. The parkway does have two drawbacks though - 1. the speed limit is 50
MPH (but there are no little towns to slow you down) and 2. there are no county
line signs. Since I use CQ/X for logging it magically knows what county I'm in
so no signs are no problem. The parkway was a pleasant drive.

The MSQP was a small detour on our trip to SC. My son recently moved to
Charleston. I half jokingly told my wife (driver) we can operate the MSQP,
drive to SC, and then operate the GAQP on the way back home. She took me up on
the offer so here we are!

The following counties were activated with indicated number of QSOs: Lee(75),
Chickasaw(58), Prentiss(52), Pontotoc(43), Madison(40), Attala(37),
Washington(36), Clay(34), Choctaw(32), Warren(28), Webster(28), Hinds(27),
Itawamba(25), Leake(24), Sharkey(22), and Issaquena(9).

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSO's:
W4II(19), HA8IB(18), DL5ME(17), OM2VL(17), OH6NIO(15), DL3GA(14), LY5A(14),
WA2VYA(14), NU0Q(13), WA6KHK(13), SP5SA(11), DL6KVA(11), W4SIG(10), DL4CW(10),
SM6VR(10), DK3BN(10), G3XVR(10), DL5MU(9), WQ5L(9), K4BYN(9), WA4GQG(9),
N1API(8), K8MFO(8), and N1NN(7).

Activity seemed slow most of the day. The initial ten minute hourly rate was
the highest in my last few counties: Prentiss(174), Lee(168), and

Thanks to everyone who called and a big thanks to my wife, K5AKS, for driving.

73, Alan N5NA

P.S. Look for me in the GAQP!
W3DYA   Mobile LP   56,0562014-04-08 08:46:19
Good weather all day Saturday; Sunday had terrible rain all the way back to TX.
I only operated about four hours and ended in Smith county (MS) about two hours
before the end of the contest.
Stations with most QSOs: 17--WA2VYA, 14--W4II and AA4GT, 13--DL5ME and K8MFO
12--KB4FS, LY5A, OM2VL, PA3ARM, and WA4GQG, 11--K0DEQ, and 10-HA8IB.
Obviously, results were not anywhere near the usual individual QSO count.
Don't know if MOQP was attracting more attention or spotting for MSQP was
Still a fun contest as always. And I hope some got the counties they needed!
73, Norm, W3DYA
N7MZW   Single Op LP   772014-04-15 00:39:32
Kenwood TS-950SD, Heil ProSet with HC-5 mic element, and "home brew"
G5RV up 50 feet running N-S from 6,053 feet elevation in Cheyenne, WY.