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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2016   Summer   Comment Summary

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K9MMS   Single Op LP   2332016-06-18 22:54:26
K3 at 100 Watts into Inverted L

Score calculated by WinTest logging -- not adjusted for QRP and LP stations.

92% of QSOs via CQs. Activity seemed very low when tuned across the band.
Best DX worked was KV4FZ (Thanks Herb -- also for the recent 6m QSO).
Most QSOs central and eastern USA.
Very few western USA stations heard (none on west coast).

Discovered that the Hi-Z, 3-element, receive antenna array did not work. It
was last used about 2 months ago, and it had worked very well all winter and
spring. Suspect possible ESD damage from Thunderstorms in recent weeks.
Fortunately, the EWE and reversible window line RX antennas were useable.

Noise level not as bad as in past few summer Stew events. Fortunately, no
T-storms in the area this time.

Thanks for the Qs. Top Band is fun anytime.

Gary . K9MMS
W9AV   Single Op LP   792016-06-18 23:05:53
Testing a new inverted L antenna at second QTH in EN43. I worked almost everyone
I could hear in the short time I spent. I don't have a good basis for
comparison, but conditions seemed poor with limited activity.
K1ZM   Single Op HP   3652016-06-19 02:16:12

VE3CV   Single Op LP   2172016-06-19 03:52:15
During contest we had SF-A-K of 84-8-2. Conditions couldn't be better here
because we were under a warm high pressure zone with absolutely no wind. This
means that the #$%#@!!! wind towers were not turning so my noise floor was
mostly zero. (Goes up to 1-2 with tower noise!). Best DX was the amazing
station at CW5W...a 27 pointer! Thanks to Herb KV4FZ for pulling me out and it
was great to be called by KH6ZM while running at 0930Z. But no 6 or 7's on the
west coast were heard.

My only RX antenna still "standing" for the summer was my 200ft.
west-facing (270deg) BOG, which worked great for most directions, most times
without the preamp on...nice and quiet and easy on the ears. Went to the TX
antenna (80m doublet at 50ft used as top loaded vertical with 11 radials)to
pull out a few on the East coast. Amazed how my TX antenna gets out with
100W...Uruguay! K9TF had a great QRP signal, so at least I have one in the

Thanks to BORING for running the Summer Stew. I hadn't been on the air much
since April! You could tell if you listened to me struggle to send with the
Bencher! Need to nail it down..... N1MM worked great.

Lots of fun as usual. Thanks for the Q's. Will be better conditions next
N4IQ   Single Op HP   1932016-06-19 05:17:08
Band QSOs Pts
1.8 84 193
Total 84 193
Score: 193
Total Time On 05:54 (354 mins)

Rig: TS590s; 52 ft Top Loaded Tee Vertical; K9AY Rx Loops; 1KW; N1MM+
Band noise was reasonably quiet for summer condx. Farthest DX - CW5W.
Thanks to all for the Qs.
K1PX   Single Op HP   1402016-06-19 05:17:35
Best DX: CW5W. Thanks to all for the Q's.
N3QE   Single Op HP   3082016-06-19 05:23:54
By far the best summertime conditions for Summer Stew I've enjoyed. Slept way
too late to take advantage of stuff on my Sunday morning. I worked more
Europeans in this summer running than I have in some winter runnings!

Low QRN, nicely open to EU, great signals from SA. Wow, that was fun. Only a
handful of callers from 6 and 7 land but the ones who called me were loud.
WQ5L   Single Op LP   1922016-06-19 05:26:24
Best DX was 8 points. Good copy on CW5W and KV4FZ but not vice versa. 73 de WQ5L
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   3252016-06-19 05:48:40
I really felt like an alligator in early hours.
It's really frustrating to hear someone calling
and not be able to get them in the log.

Thanks to CW8W, KV4FZ and KH6KG for sticking with me.

Ok, OK, If it was easy it wouldn't be any fun!!

OH! Now there is an idea.
I can play back 4 hours of this
recorded QRN during the December SP.

That will surely enhance my experience!

Doug, n5ect
Handy Man at WD5R
NJ4F   Single Op HP   592016-06-19 06:28:59
IC-7800, Alpha 9500, Palstar AT1500DT
Inverted L, Shared Apex Loop Array (RX) (160/80)
N1MM Plus
S&P only
KS4X   Single Op HP   322016-06-19 06:43:35
Just a short time to play
K9JWV   Single Op QRP   542016-06-19 07:06:37
Wow - miserable condx here in s/w Utah!! Went outside several times to ensure my
antenna was still up!! Band was fairly quiet for being summer time but few sigs
- guess summertime ops on 160 isn't popular!

East of the Mississippi, heard three stations (MA, IN and AR) but worked no

West of the Mississippi, worked 10 in NV, NM, CA and UT - that was it!!! No CO,
WY, ID, WA or OR even heard!!! Heard one KH6 but no joy.

Oh well - can't WAIT for fall/winter season to arrive.
W1UE(@W1KM)   Single Op HP   3352016-06-19 08:06:24
First Summer Stew. 4th contact was CW5W, for best DX. Other DX worked was G,
EI, KP2, and FY. Heard KH6 but no joy.

High noise level, not much activity. Listened for Europe a lot, but only 2 ops
called in.

Dennis W1UE
K8ND   Single Op HP   1622016-06-19 08:18:16
I have no Topband antenna nor any receive antennas as my station, so I
"made do" by using an old MT-2000A tuner on my low 80-meter
inverted-V. Conditions were quiet enough to allow me to hear and be heard
fairly well.

Radio: Elecraft K3
Amplifier: Alpha 91b
Antenna: 80-Meter Inverted-V @ 70-feet
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   2132016-06-19 08:57:44
QRN was low for once.
No DX unfortunately - heard CW5W, TM5X and KV4FZ but they couldn't hear me.
Tnx to K7CA for persevering with my grid.

TR7 - 100 watts
Inverted L for TX
Short Beverage for RX
TR Log
K8MR   Single Op LP   2082016-06-19 09:02:30
The band seemed reasonably quiet for summer. Downside is that by the time it
gets dark out west, I'm ready to go to bed. A good mix of pushing the F1 button
and pushing the page down button reading the Sunday news online.
NA8V   Single Op LP   3152016-06-19 09:40:33
Condx seemed pretty good except to west coast (again!?!) and the noise wasn't
all that bad especially compared to a few days ago.

Dx worked was CW5W and KV4FZ. I heard a G and an EI - both solid copy -
calling others. Furthest west was K7CA and he was harder to work than when he
was in CE! Did call W6SX and K7RAT but no joy, only west coast I heard.

score is multiplied by 1.5, raw points = 210

N4RJ   Single Op HP   2002016-06-19 09:45:14
QRN Maxed at 40db on TX antenna!
Did get excited when KH6ZM called at my SR.
Anenna: New and Improved ??? Bird House.

AB3WS   Single Op QRP   1682016-06-19 09:45:48
This was a great time to test out a new antenna and configuration. Thanks to
everyone who pulled me out of the noise! Claimed score is without necessarily
knowing what power the other station was running.

Center-fed lazy inverted-L @ ~45'
KV4FZ   Single Op LP   5492016-06-19 10:09:52
Surrounded by thunderstorms with 40 over 9 QRN made this a brutal event. Thanks
to those who stuck with me and especially to those who did not send slower
because higher CW speed was essential to getting a few characters between the
lightning strikes. My ears are still hurting from the QRN.
K1LT   Single Op LP   2412016-06-19 10:44:14
This year I probably should have operated high power. Normally low
power prevents alligator syndrome, but this year I could hear a lot
better than I could be heard. I heard lots of DX: CX, EI, F, (2) G,
(2) KH6, KV4, and LU. Of all that I only worked CW5W and KV4FZ.

I heard a couple of CN87 stations work K7CA who was my only DM grid
contact. All the other QSOs were in the EN-EM-FN-FM block except the
2 DX contacts.

I was sorely tempted to use the amplifier to make some of the more
distant QSOs. If I switched power categories during the contest
however, everyone that had to suffer my low power signal would be
denied the multiplier. Maybe we can kick around the idea of a
"variable power" category to handle this situation. It would be
if the logging programs could log the power used for each contact.

Possibly the relatively quiet conditions encouraged more activity as
this year I had almost 50% more QSOs than the previous best Summer
Stew. Some raw data:

raw raw points
year QSOs score per QSO
2011 86 223 2.59
2012 81 224 2.77
2013 72 141 1.95
2014 77 142 1.84
2015 64 136 2.13
2016 119 241 2.03

The K3 has developed a weird new problem: if I hit the escape key
interrupt a canned message, sometime the radio displays "KEY ERR"
locks the transmitter on. I have to initiate and immediately cancel
another message to escape the lock-up, but then the radio is listening
to the wrong frequency. A third transmission seems to restore sanity.
A couple of stations will have to excuse my weird behavior while I
learned to cope with this issue.

I noticed this issue in a couple of the previous 160 contests but that
was while I was trying to operate SO2R. Also the problem did not
occur during the ARRL DX test. Now the problem does occur during a DX
contest. (I was making QSOs in the All Asian contest from time to

The surprise not-a-multiplier was when CW5W called me after I tried
calling him several times without success.

Equipment: K3, P3, 2x4 phased array of short lossy verticals and SDR
receiving system and a second 2x3 array of the same. Computer
controlled audio routing apparatus to feed each SDR output to a
distinct ear. Transmitted on a 65 foot "Tee" antenna with somewhat
less than 75 radials 125 feet long fed through 800 feet of 3/4 inch
cable-TV hardline lying on the ground. It is getting to be time to
revamp the radial system.
W6SX   Single Op HP   82016-06-19 10:52:52
Only a few stations heard, even fewer worked.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
N8UM   Single Op HP   1662016-06-19 12:24:23
Stew Perry was fun. First time in a while that Summer conditions were quiet
(QRN) and lots of activity. Even had a KH6 respond to my CQ at sunrise.
CW5W(CX6VM)   Single Op HP   9852016-06-19 16:24:43
W9RE   Single Op HP   2272016-06-19 17:10:20
Best Q was CW5W. Conditions were not too bad for June.

Nice to see some activity on the band.
KIØI   Single Op HP   2202016-06-19 17:19:47
N1MM says 74 but I had at least two ops who were dupes so I logged em anyway.
I started out trying to make q's low power but that soon proved to be a lil
less than needed to make solid qso's . Noise from T-storms in Kansas was giving
me fits on rcv , the Beverage is down for summertime but a K9AY loop is still
up. with no preamp used on the loop the noise was bearable but sigs had to be
pretty strong for me to hear them well. I agree this was a much quieter summer
stew than last year, and the band was fair with qsb the worse problem here.
CW5W was pounding in and I got him to copy 3 outta 4 of my characters,but he
had KE0I and gave up ! Almost made it !
Best DX was Herb, KV4FZ ,who cudn't hear my low power calling but abt 800w made
it thru , Thanks agn Herb !
I'm looking at a bi-directional BOG for this fall when grass mowing is
over,hope that will help my ability to hear.
Rig : IC 756 Pro 3 and KNWD TL922 to a Bazooka fed coaxial inv L , RCV loop
K9AY style. N1MM logging
I look forward to the next 160m season and the Stew Perry Challenges, the best
contest on the air!
73 and thanks for the Q's, Mark KI0I
W4IX   Single Op LP   1872016-06-19 18:14:36
Just testing out my antenna system, been away from the shack since February.
Things were ok. Lots of summer QRN but some stations were quite loud. Need to
do some work on my NW Beverage. 73's and hope to see everyone during the IARU
Radiosport form J77HQ in Dominica. I will be using J79IX outside the contest.
N3HEE   Single Op LP   1262016-06-19 18:15:31
My 160 antennas are down for the season so I just loaded up the 300 foot
horizontal loop and made a few Q's. I was surprised at how well the loop
worked. Only worked 2 hours before giving up for the night. K3/100 & Loop
KN4Y   Single Op HP   1282016-06-19 19:24:27
After wife went to sleep close to midnight I went out to the shack ready to do
battle in the Stew Perry challenge. I turned on the radio and was greeted with
noise and found signals just barely above the noise level. I called and called
and every once in a while I worked a station. This was too much like work. I set
25 QSO's as my goal and then go to bed and dream of better band conditions. I
did just that.
N1LN   Single Op HP   1932016-06-20 03:17:57
Haven't been on much lately so thought it would be a great time to try out the
station and see how bad the summer time QRN on 160 was.

Best DX (only DX) CW5W. Thanks for the Qs.

Bruce N1LN
KF3B   Single Op HP   3302016-06-20 16:58:20
Thanks to all who were patient and worked with me to complete the exchange. My
woods were logged two years ago and haven't re-hang Beverages. Will be this
Autumn's antenna project. Great fun.
W8WTS   Single Op LP   2212016-06-20 20:23:02
Short time, non-serious effort.
K5OAI   Single Op LP   182016-06-21 06:55:02
[log removed from comments]

SOAPBOX: K3 100w = 7w ERP from 7' tall Hi-Q screwdriver vertical @ 20' with 16
radials each 13' long.
VE3FAS   Multi-Op HP   692016-06-21 15:21:00
Always fun. Forgot to get up in the morning though...Hi.