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RSGB International Sprint Contest, CW   2012   Apr 14   Comment Summary

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IK4VET   Single Op LP   212012-04-14 13:14:56
Just few minutes...
SPRINT IS FUNNY: we need to do something to increase EU partecipation !

RL3A(RW3FO)   Single Op HP   1082012-04-14 13:59:58
Looks like we have a problem with email address for logs.
Please stay tuned. Dave G4BUO, we're looking for you!
GWØETF   Single Op HP   772012-04-15 01:46:56
Worst conditions I can remember for this contest, plus problems with rain/hail
static at times. Certainly my worst score!

K3/Acom 1000
80m - doublet
40m - vertical or doublet
20m - dipole (Cobwebb)
F6FYA   Single Op HP   492012-04-15 07:51:22
I had only few time to be in, but I enjoyed a lot. Best 73 and thanks to all
station for calling. 73' John.
OH9A(OH1NOA)   Single Op LP   222012-04-15 11:32:49
The BEER operation.
FT1000D + dipoles 5 to 7m up

Missed 80m because we were in sauna and after it noticed that contest is
already over :)
YU/S56A   Single Op LP   342012-04-15 14:25:48
Just a few EU sprinters :-( No antenna for 80 m. It was fun!

73 de Mario, YU/S56A
I2WIJ   Single Op LP   1002012-04-16 14:42:38
Very low participation.
It has been a pity not having the beam on 20M, just my rusty R7 vertical.
Dipoles on 40 and 80.

Bob, I2WIJ