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RAC Canada Day Contest   2008   Jul 1   Comment Summary

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N6RO   SOSB/40 HP   16,9802008-07-01 13:04:59
Activity seemed good in the first few hours, but nothing by 07Z. Didn't stay up
for the sunrise opening to the eastern provinces.

VE's need to listen more in the USA phone band. Heard but missed many mults
who only operated below 7100.

Looking forward to the Winter RAC.
W6SX   SOAB HP   12,9582008-07-01 14:58:43
Omni VI+, AL-1200, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, TRLog.
VE3NB   SOAB/Ph LP   48,7682008-07-01 17:18:06
Bands could have been better,alot of noise on the lower bands as usual.

"Murphy's Law" came by and overheaded main computer ( CPU fan quit )but was
able to copy log file to jump drive before system shut down and copied file to
Thanks to everyone to take time and make a contact with me .
73 Mark VE3NB
VE1NB   SOAB/CW LP   74,7602008-07-01 17:33:33
Where was PEI ? Basking in the sunshine somewhere, I'm sure.
Great fun.
W2LHL   SOAB/CW LP   35,0902008-07-01 18:02:01
worked only VE stations this year.
Took a 15 min. nap that lasted hours, Oh well.
100w, 40' 40/80 vert. + 4BTV.
VO1RAC   M/S HP   67,5282008-07-01 18:08:05
Band conditions were not all that good but we slugged it out to the end. Happy
Canada Day from the operators of VO1RAC(VO1KVT,VO1MX,VO1JNS)
N3ZL   SOAB/CW LP   50,6522008-07-01 18:25:26
FT857D/100W + Wires

It's always fun to get on the radio, but for whatever reason I really, really
enjoyed this event.

I missed the first 45 minutes or so at the very beginning, but once I did get
on I made my first 100 Q's in nearly record time. Things slowed down greatly
after that point, but that's another story. My original goal was 300 Q's, but
once I had as many points as I got last year with nearly 300 Q's with only 130,
I decided to shoot for 50k points instead.

I did this and still was able to get almost a regular night's sleep and get a
moderate amount of work done around the house, so this is a win-win all around
this time.

Happy Birthday Canada!

73 de Greg N3ZL
VA2WDQ   SOAB/CW HP   119,0642008-07-01 18:33:42
Yaesu FT-1000, Ameritron Al-80B 750 watts
ANT: 2 el. MQ-26 (20-15-10-6-2) Inverted L (160-80-40)

I was surprised how many HAMs could participate during working day outside
Canada! The propagation was moderate. Anyway it's always HAM fair))

CU in the next one test!


VE7NS   SOAB LP   38,2162008-07-01 18:34:54
Conditions were marginal. At least there was some activity on 15M.
VA2SG   SOAB LP   144,3242008-07-01 18:58:22
Tnx for all the Qs.
WB8JUI   SOAB/CW LP   11,8442008-07-01 19:02:27
Always a pleasure to participate in the RAC Canada Day Contest. Having to work
July 1st cut my operating time to just a few hours this year.

Great activity by our neighbors to the North, accounting for 52% of my total

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VE3CX   SOAB HP   559,5802008-07-01 19:05:44
Had a few hardware problems during the contest – could not get the voice keyer
to work, and then the Six Pak started acting up when selecting antennas. Ended
up installing a manual coax switch outside, so had to go outside to change
antennas in the afternoon. On a brighter note, the weather was nice, so it was
only a minor problem. It will be taken care of before the snow flies, so it
acted up at a good time of the year. Lots of QRN on the low bands, so it will
be nice when things cool off and the low bands get quiet again.

On a brighter note, it was wonderful to see so many Canadians on the bands
celebrating Canada Day! Even the high bands showed some life. Always a good
W4PM   M/S HP   69,7202008-07-01 19:28:49
QSO Points: 1,992

Rig: Ten Tec Omni VII, Ameritron ALS-600 400 Watts
Antenna: 176' CF Zepp at 60'

I was single op, all band, DX Cluster assisted, CW only so I guess that makes
me M/S which I chose above.

I downloaded N1MM software and got it running for this contest. I'm quite
impressed with this full featured contest program. I still have a lot to learn
about it but I loved the "ESM" mode while running.

Band conditions were not the best but it was good to find 15M open much like it
was during Field Day. Ten meters didn't open for me except for one single QSO
with a rather local station.

Thanks for the Q's. See you in the next RAC contest.

Puck, W4PM
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   69,8642008-07-01 19:29:04
I am not sure how to extract all the band, qsos, mults from N3FJP software, but,
215 qsos, 1704 points with 41 mults for 69,864 points. Late start due to
military activities. Dog tired, so packed it in early. Off and on throughout
the next day. Lots of folks still remember Skip, previous holder of the Royal
Canadian Navy callsign. 73 all. C U AGN next year.
VE3OSZ   SOAB/CW LP   94,4162008-07-01 19:56:07
Drake TR7 100 watts
Dipoles for 10, 15, 40
Elevated ground plane vertical for 20
Inverted L for 80, 160
TR Log
N4PN   SOAB HP   601,0682008-07-01 20:01:58
Great Day for the VE's....Happy Canada Day!
This was fun with plenty of activity..
Had 489 LESS Q's this year and only 2 MORE Mults but 74K more points.
Lots more VE's worked this year for the higher points...
My best score ever in this event..
Thanks to all who moved around, i.e., VE3EJ and VE9DX. Along with
several others...
73, Paul, N4PN
VA7ST   SOAB/CW HP   46,2562008-07-01 20:27:48
I had a good first few minutes on Monday afternoon, including two RAC stations
for my first two Qs. Then, just 12 minutes in -- at 0012z -- we got hit by what
I can only describe as a microburst from the leading edge of a massive storm

It slammed us with hail and sheets of rain you couldn't see through, and wind
so severe it snapped five Lombardy poplars on the neighbour's property (there's
carnage 30' off the ground), and downed one of my pines (naturally, one holding
up a 40M half-square). Have another 70' pine leaning 30 degrees that'll come
down in the next storm. (Both pines were my only two beetle-kill victims, three
years ago, so no great loss other than the clean-up they'll require).

Tree movement snapped my steel-cable catenary rope for the 80M and 160M
verticals, so they'll have to be reconfigured now. Vacation at the end of this
week, and it couldn't come at a better time. The tower was cranked down,
tribander at 25' the whole contest.

Got back on at 0225z for a while. Had everything rigged up to try SO2R, so gave
it a whirl running 20/40. 20M wasn't much good that late, but 40M seemed OK.
Lightning in the area put me off for another hour a bit later on. Just bad
weather for a contest.

Thanks to VE8RAC for 20M and 15M on Tuesday, and to those far-away Maritime
stations who can be so hard to find from here -- good signals in this one! I
managed 3 more mults than ever before, but Qs are exactly half of last year's
well-attended weekend contest. Definitely saw the hit in participation for a
weekday contest. That, combined with really bad propagation on the high bands,
might put me on the beach next year (unless sun spots are better and I can work
EU's evening to fill in for the work-day Ws... worked just a handful from
Europe, all in a bunch late Sunday morning).

Used the remaining side of the twin half-square array on 40M for a while, but
the unused coax feed to the missing half-square made it a bit flakey. Later in
the evening I turned to my trusty two-element vertical array, pointed roughly
40 degrees with wide ears. Still, I was down about 90 Qs on 40M due to the
train of storm cells that moved over us for several hours Monday evening.

80M was noisy with static crashes, but signals were big too. Only had 19 Qs for
4 mults last year, but the new dual vertical array netted 27 Qs for 7 mults this
year, and one of the vertical wires was rather compromised (it usually hangs
from the 75'-high catenary rope.) SWR was still good, so I used it, hi.

All in all, plenty of fun. Sure need this solar minimum to be over, though.
Seems we've been dragging along at the bottom for at least a couple of years

Year CW Ph Mults Score
2008: 306 0 29 47,908 HP
2007: 612 0 25 61,750 HP
2006: 445 0 23 45,218
2005: 167 0 16 12,800
2004: 160 0 15 13,800
2003: 126 0 23 19,642
VE4EAR   SOAB/Ph HP   67,6002008-07-01 21:04:47
I couldn't let this one go by. Rigged up a couple temporary antennas and wanted
to put a decent effort in, at least until family plans called for non radio

Started out on 20m right at 0000Z. After 1 hour, I had managed only 5 QSOs abd
2 of them were to other VE4's in town. Condistions were very noisey. AL1G, a
VE7 and a VE9 were the only stations that I could hear and I heard them working
plenty of other stations so I knew this was not going to be a fun event. When I
heard a couple US stations giving out numbers in the 40 and 50 range after 1
hour, I knew I was wasting my time. So being a beautiful sunny summer eve,
took my gorgeous XYL and went for a 90 minute walk. When I came back, 20 was
dead but 40 was alive and soon found a hole and starting working some rate.

Well after about an hour of that just when the band was in great form, the
children decide theywant to watch a rented movie on the home theater. That
would be great except the rear speaker leads are almost perfect 1/4 wave at 40m
and I do terrible RFI to the system when operating on 40m. Soo to keep peace in
the family off to 80m I go.

It was kind of early but managed a few Qs and was surprised at the conditions.
Relatively quiet for a summer evening with a minimal number of static crashes.

By the time the kids finished the movie, 40m was either dead or had been
abandoned by everyone for 80m.

Couldn't find anyone new on 80m or 40m so pulled to the plug around 0600Z with
128 Qs. Hit the air just before 1200z and thought I would get an early start.
The family had plans for the afternoon and evening and I knew I would miss the
last 7 hours of the contest. I had to make some rate to catch last years

20m opened slowed as expected but was surprised to work a VE5 off some very
short back scatter very early, a rare occurrence. Managed one good hour rate of
about 140Qs and then it stopped. Not a lot of new calls and I guess being a
workday for our United States friends, the number of available Q's was way

Finally pulled the plug around 1700z. I was a little dissapointed thst more
stations didn't take advanatge of 10 and 15m. 15m was open early to the SE
states and 10m was open to the SE and SW via E's propagation. Listend on the
11m band and it was jumping with stations. Maybe more people checked these
bands out as the afternoon went on.

Another bonus was working a ND station to complete my WAS on 80m!

Thanks to the sponsors and RAC for this contest. It is a shame in a way to
share this contest with Canada Day and the family festivities as it makes a
full effort difficult. But nonetheless, a fun contest and great way to say hi
to all the other Canadian amateurs.


K6GEP   SOAB LP   14,0502008-07-01 22:18:49
Lots of great participation up in Canada. Always a fun contest.
I hope I didn't confuse too many people by sending HCD for Happy Canada
Day in CW.

Obviously, it was a smaller effort for me since it was during the work week.

Software: N3FJP RAC Logger

Rig: FT-990

80 meter sloping dipole at 50 feet
40 meter inverted vee at 50 feet
20 meter dipole at 20 feet facing NE
15 meter dipole at 25 feet
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SOAB/CW HP   88,1602008-07-02 03:23:33
Very noisy at my location throughout the contest on 20m and below. Hope all had
VO1HE   SOAB/CW HP   15,4702008-07-02 05:08:06
Bands not good in the morning. Lots or QSB and such. Nice to see the activity
despite being a week day.

CU next year.

73 -- Paul VO1HE
VE3KZ   SOAB LP   328,9442008-07-02 07:18:37
Murphy had his timing down pat for me this weekend. After a lot of work on
antennas including a new 15m yagi and the beverages and switching system, I was
all ready for ABHP on Canada Day. (Against VE3EJ? - Dream on!) The beverages
were probably the source of the problem when the front end of the 950 finally
went dead after several months of slow desensing. A quick review of my
resources meant that my QRP/VHF radio, the IC-706MKIIG was going to be pressed
into service on ABLP. (Against VE3DZ?) That or take the S-Line out of
mothballs! Alas I had no computer interface to the 706, which was never a big
deal in its normal role. The receiver selectivity however was not meant to
survive mixing with the block busting stations present in this contest. The 706
seemed to want to head for 14.060 to get away from it all! (or 432.100) I set
the keyer for 28 wpm, grabbed the hand mike and away I went! Not a winning

Congratulations to John, VE3EJ, for what looks like a new SOABHP record for
Canada Day. A great way to celebrate being Canada's Amateur of the Year, John!

Activity was great for a Tuesday contest. Outstanding contributions by such as
N4PN and those intrepid DX stations like G3ORY whom I even worked on 15m! The
atmospheric noise on 80 and 160 was fierce at night but on 40 it was there for
24 hours! The main noise on 20 was local power line buzzes and listening to
about 30 kHz of overload signals. Contacts on 10m and 15m other than local were
nice but not like the Field Day weekend!

Thanks everyone for all the Q's. Despite the last minute adversity it was a lot
of fun as usual. Great to work VY0HL and VE8RCS and the 12 RAC stations that
were active, specially VA2RAC who was omnipresent! Good show!

73 Bob VE3KZ
YW7A(VIC)   SOAB LP   1,5262008-07-02 07:22:40
PWR: 100W

The rain was intermittently present day Monday. The antennas were to be
standing waves. Work stations for some moments. Thanks to those who contacted
me. QSL to yw7a OK ...VIC
VE6AO   M/S HP   525,7682008-07-02 07:48:36
Great fun again this year!
VY2RAC(@VY2SS)   M/S HP   300,0402008-07-02 08:33:05
Ops VY2SS, VY2LI. Both had fun. Thanks RAC!
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   47,5002008-07-02 09:36:26
K2, 5w, verticals and wires. Glad to hear so many on from outside of Canada, and
on a weekday. And some great scores. Thanks for working a small signal!
VE7XF   SOAB/CW HP   161,7862008-07-02 12:16:41
As we say on this side of the 49th - "Tough sledding".
I'm starting to think that Cycle 24 will never arrive :-(

Everyone knows the bands are bad, but the static crashes on 20m on Tuesday
afternoon were a real nuisance. I had difficulty copying the weaker stations,
particularly Eu on 20m, especially with the beam initially on NA (90 degrees to
them). I checked 15/10m often, but heard only one opening each.
(Insert my usual whine about plasma TV here.)

I certainly missed the W/K gang who were probably at work on Tuesday - I wasted
a lot of Thorium on all the lonely CQs.

FT-1000mp, Acom 1000, NA software (never a problem)
3el SteppIR, 40m rotary dipole above it, 80m inv.V, 160m inv.L

Ralph, VE7XF
VE3CRU   SOSB/20 LP   15,4282008-07-02 12:37:56
This contest was run totally out of the Rovermobile, at 2 locations in town.
High on a hill east of Town Hall first 2 and last hour of the contest. All day
Sunday at a park and beach south end of town and 200 feet north of waters edge
of Lake Ontario. Hundreds of celebrants in the park, if not over a thousand,
picnicing and kids enjhoying the water park area, beats sitting alone here in
the shack for the test. Many curious about what I was doing, including a lady
who came to see if I was doing anything illegal. She left very happy, along
with her relative over on a visit from Italy and taking a qsl back to show what
we do here.

Rig was 756 ProII with hamstick on the roof inches away from 45 looper for
Power was 600 amps of batteries independent of auto system, charged at night.

There was 11 RAC qso's made in total, 9 on ssb and 2 on cw. Never heard the
Territories, not surprised either. The ratio of mults per qso for ssb was
71/10 vs 22/9 cw so cw does pay big dividends in this contest. DX was 26
qso's, Canada yielded 54, including CY0X on Sable Island on 14.332. When I
stumbled onto CY0X they had a pileup and soon went split. I got them quickly
on split. A great qso too, thanks Pete.

Comparing my mults to others operating from home, I am very happy with my total
and final score on a cheap $25 hamstick.

Thanks to RAC for sponsoring the contest, and to all who enjoyed being there
for points and friendship. Happy Canada Day!!!

73, Bill VE3CRU
VE6FN   SOAB HP   91,8842008-07-02 14:10:54
80 metrs was poor with lots of noise and static crashes. 15 m barely showed any
opening and 10 meters didn't come alive. 160 m was also quite noisy with no
openings for me. Not a lot of calls from the east coast on 20m with the
majority from Ontario. In the last 1.5 hours of the contest, I lucked out and
got Nunavut as well as the Yukon for the first time on this contest.
VE3IAE   SOAB LP   62,7122008-07-02 15:25:50
A new kind of manmade noise came up just as of the beginning of the contest. It
was S9+30 on 40 m and somewhat less on other bands, popping up every 10-15 min
also for 10-15 min and wiping me out completely... I could only maintain some
patience for couple of hours and then went off. Then, Tuesday was a business
day for me. All this ended up in a very casual participation. Anyway it was a
nice event, as always, with quite a number of VE participants.
VE1SKY   SOAB LP   14,0282008-07-02 16:04:07
Just a few more for MCC...
VE3GSI   SOAB/CW LP   75,6702008-07-02 17:29:34
Thanks to all who played the game.
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks.
VO1NFLD(VE3CW)   SOAB QRP   2402008-07-02 17:29:36
Uncooperative weather made for a limited operation portable from an isolated
fishing village in southern Newfoundland. Poor conditions made it tough
VE3MPT   SOAB LP   37,3562008-07-02 17:58:40
Thanks for all the QSOs. Nice to see many Canadians on the bands celebrating
Canada Day!
KE7DX   SOAB LP   33,0462008-07-02 20:57:55
Fantastic reason to take the day off work! Enjoyed the contest
very much. Thanks to VE5MX for my single 15m QSO. Maybe
more would try the high bands if suggested times were specified.
Thanks to the folks running the RAC stations!

Rig: Kenwood TS-520
Ant: G5RV-style homebrew
VO1AA   M/S LP   42,3602008-07-03 04:31:00
A bit of fun for a bunch of relatively new contesters. Worked out good that this
contest was so close to Field Day.

73 -- Paul VO1HE
VE3DZ   SOAB LP   483,4802008-07-03 06:16:38
I did not intend to do the contest seriously, considering very good weather and
working day for the rest of the world, however, when I heard John VE3EJ making
very serious effort, I decided to stay for as much as possible to support our
national HAM Radio event.
I have not been doing serious contesting from home for months... In fact, last
serious effort from my home station was last August in CW NAQP... All antennas
are still working, however, still no antenna for 75 m, so had to use extra
tuner to tune my 80 m antenna - my aplogies for puny signal on this band.
The noise level has just increased in time, in addition to my usual line noise
and neighbour's washer/dryer, a good half of 40 m band was wiped out by some
kind of whooping noise, the source yet to be determined... Very frustrating. I
know I had to be more agressive in moving mults and 10/20 pointers from band to
band, but sometimes I just couldn't push myself enough to do so...
Well, time to search for new QTH???
Thanks to all for the Q's and especially to those who agreed to move for me
(VE3EJ, VE3KZ, VE3XB, VE3EK, VE3NE, VE9DX - to name just a few). Conditions
were quite fair and activity was quite decent for a working day.
Waiting patiently for Sam's VE5SF score. Seems like we were in the same
category this year again.
VE2DWA(LU7DW)   SOSB/20 HP   2,9342008-07-03 07:21:06
All reports sent were 59 QC, unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: Kenwood TS-930, TH7DXS @ 15 meter

Comments: Only operate one hour in the contest to celebrate my 25th
anniversary as a HAM (I got my LU7EMZ license on June 30th, 1983) and to try my
new antenna a TH7DXS, installed as my anniversary present :-).

After one hour in the air I went to Ottawa to celebrate Canada Day with all the

See you in IARU, I'll be as VE3AP SO AB HP from VE3RM

73, Claudio LU7DW-VE2DWA-VE3AP
VE4RAC(@VE4XT)   M/S LP   90,2302008-07-03 19:55:43
Good fun from Field Day-like location: 5btv on ground and R5 at 12 feet at
cottage near Grand Marais, Manitoba, about an hour north of Winnipeg. Thanks to
Rich, VE3KI, for coming out and joining the fun.
WØBH   SOAB HP   311,0802008-07-04 15:55:50
RAC contests are really friendly, busy and fun, so even after 24 hours of Field
Day a few days before, couldn't pass this one up even though I didn't put in
full time. Started 2 hours late and know I missed a lot, but when I did get
going, bands were in good shape. With Field Day so close and Canada Day falling
on a weekday this year, total Qs were down from over 1250 last year, but much
higher percentage of VEs (68%) gave me a nice improvement in score.

Overall, worked all mults but VY1 this year. Special thanks to VY0HL for
surprising me (and probably lots of others as well) with NU near the end after
I'd all but given up hope. 10m was open from Kansas for only a short time, but
helped out with a few more mults. Also enjoyed working VE3MXJ and VE4CCA, both
of whom I met first during travels to Ontario and Manitoba the past several

Thanks to VE7RI for 7 Qs, KO7X for 6, and VA2RAC (heard everywhere), VE3DZ,
VE4YU, and VE6AO for 5. Congrats to N4PN for an outstanding effort from the

Already looking forward to the RAC-WINTER!

73, Bob, w0bh
VA2RAC   M/M HP   709,6322008-07-07 14:09:36

Thanks for ALL QSO's for a CANADA DAY JULY 1st CONTEST DURING working day's !!

73' VA2RAC Team 2008
VE5CPU   SOAB HP   358,6562008-07-07 15:00:58
Thanks to all those who dropped by and exchanged a few QSO's to celebrate
Canada's birthday party on the air!
VA3SY   SOSB/20 LP   5,5442008-07-23 17:13:07
Tnx all for all qso on canada day 2008 Cul.



OP: Syl